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Should I button the top button of my collared shirt?

I bought a collared shirt
but I just don't know how 2 use it any more.
I used 2 think it was kewl 2 unbutton a button or two

Now I realize that if I unbutton a top collar button
I will look as oldstream as this dude

I am not sure if I am ready to resign myself to the 'relaxed fit' lifestyle
via wide legs
buying jean brans with forgiving waist sizes
getting old, fat, ugly, shitty, pathetic, out-of-touch, unfashionable

But I'm not sure if it is 'swag' and 'classy' 2 button ur top ur top button
It feels like it might be a #streetwear trend, which is 'too blackish' 4 me
but also potentially 'too young' 4 me

Maybe I shld button my top button
bc this dude seems like a tool

Look at that collar.
He looks like some pirate ass Antonio Banderas motherfucker

Maybe the whole 'unbuttoned look'
happened because of fatties
they kept outgrowing their shirts
and the only way they would fit
was by relieving some of the pressure of their fatness
on the buttons

Maybe buttoning ur top button proves
'I'm a skinny bro, not a chunker'

Look at popular DJ 'Jamie xx'
He buttons his top button and looks 'kewl'

But he used 2 be a chunker, and probably had to unbutton the top button
or even wear 'crew collars'

I don't want to look like I bought a collared shirt bc I have a 9-5 cubicle job
I don't want to unbutton my top button
I don't want to look like 'a poor fattie' who shops at Mervyn's

When we were young
the 'top button' used to symbolize 'geekdom'

but maybe these swaggy streetwear bros
wearing UrbieOuttie-wave 'cheap ass overpriced shirts with kewl designs on them'
are being ironic
or post-ironic

I really just can't tell what I'm supposed to do
What it all means
Who I am n e more
What I'm supposed 2 wear

Should I just get a 5 panel cap
purchase a gun
and shoot myself in the head
bleeding all ovr my swag ass five panel cap?

Remember 'plaid'?
Remember Am Appy?
Remember Urbie Outties?
Remember Jay's Crew?

I just don't even know any more
Should I just button the top button of my collared shirt?

We already know women should always expose their titties
so at least they have an answer

Should I cover up my manliness? I guess I cld just unbutton all the way down 2 my pubes.

I just don't even know n e more.
Am I #streetwear or #menswear?
How #SWAG am I even trying 2 look?
Is buttoning your top button 'tweeny'?
Or does it look 'phresh' and 'now'?
What if ur a 'fattie' and it chokes u 2 death?
What kind of ppl button their top buttons?

Should I button my top button?
Should I button my top button?
Should I button my top button?
Should I button my top button?
Should I button my top button?
Should I button my top button?
Should I button my top button?
Should I button my top button?
Should I button my top button?

Where have all the AltBros gone? [Rise of the SWAG BROS and MENSWEAR POST-BROS]

White NBA Player Steve Nash dresses as blipster for Halloween

Steve Nash.
WTF bro?
Ur dressed as a typical NBA blipster?
Must be some sort of Halloween costume

Ur a 40 year old white dude
not a swag ass 20something post-urban NBA player
trying 2 have Kanye-ass rapper swag
This has to be some sort of joke.

Halloween or something?
Dude. Where the eff r ur dumb glasses?

Woulda been a better costume if u really dedicated urself to it
Did some goddamn research.

Cmon Steve Nash
Trying to look all modern rich blipster
Go get in line for the Air Yeezies, brah

U used to be way more legit #alt

Sorta have a #seapunk vibe.

Is Steve Nash racist for being an NBA blipster for Halloween?
Is he trying 2 hard 2 be #swag for an old ass man?
Will he 'effing tank' on the Lakers?
Is he the most alt player in the NBA?

Another NBA player tries 2 be alt, wears blipster-wave glasses to press conference

From what I understand, 'being a blipster' is 'in' right now in the NBA. I don't really have my finger on the pulse of African American culture, so I don't know if they are 'authentically alt', or if they are just utilizing zany accessories to strengthen their personal brands. This bro is named "Russell Westbrook" and he seems kinda alt. Like he could be a rapper who gets a lot of indie buzz, but he doesn't look 'hateful' enough to be an indie horrorcore rapper [via Tyler the Creator].

Does he seem alt 2 u?
Is he replacing Matt Bonner / Steve Nash as the altest NBA player?
What is more alt: a high-end swaggy blipster NBA bro or a white NBA bro?

Russell Westbrook had, indeed, worn the glasses before. They weren't borrowed from Kevin Durant, thrown on in a celebratory fit after Westbrook reset the Thunder-as-contender template. There exists photographic evidence of Westbrook, and the kooky, face-swallowing blipster frames that evoke, in no particular order, a literal Urkel; Mars Blackmon; Preach from Cooley High (thanks, Alan Siegel); Harry Carey (h/t Royce Young); and if it's late enough, Clarence Thomas. Westbrook isn't the only NBA player to have been caught sporting faux frames. Besides Durant, Amar'e Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, and Rajon Rondo have all been consumed by the trend. And that's just the tip of the ice-berg.

Here he is at a relevant press conference with one of his bros, Kevin Durant. I would assume that Kevin Durant is wearing a 'boombox backpack' that has sweet speakers, and is just making sure every one has some relevant buzz tunes to vibe out to.

Are zany blipster glasses 'hot' right now?

Did NBA players steal all 'fashion trends' from alt?rajon rondo glasses

Do all global trends start in the NBA? [via Michael Jordan]
Would u rather be in the NBA or be in a relevant buzzband?
Is 'hiphop culture' more relevant than 'alt culture'?
Who is the alt-est player in the NBA?
Who will win the NBA championship?

NSFW: Some blipster shows off her perfect alternative breasts at a Smith Westerns show

One time I tried to listen to the Smith Westerns because some1 told me that they were good, but I got kinda bored and stopped the MP3 after about 10 seconds and have no desire to ever blog about them due to their artistic of fuzzy buzzy achievements. Anyways, I guess this blipster wearing a customized Smithson Western bra 'finally got our attention.' I sorta just looked at the pictures hoping 4 a nip slip, but at the same time I started to wish I had my own blipster super fan wearing an HRO bra and cheering me on...

Sorta wish I still felt this passionate abt buzzbands + the live music experience. I wonder if she wanted to be invited backstage.

Making kreepy eye contact with a member of the band and saying 'I <3 u'

Does she have the perfect alternative blipster breasts?

Are the Smith Westerns 'any good'?
Should I 'check them out' / 'give them a chance'?
Are they 'relevant' or just over-manufactured buzz?
Do yall <3 or h8 'crazy ass blipsters' who prefer indie bands over rappers?
Do u ever make ur own custom gear and wear it 2 a show so the band can see that you are an authentic fan?

Some blipster artist gets his own Cheerios commercial


For some reason, Cheerios has some marketing campaign that is supposed to appeal to blipsters, hipsters, alts, and artists about some blipster who drives around town in some sort of ART MOBILE.

He seems like he says everything that a 'failed artistic type' says abt trying to justify their lives' even though they will never be rich and probs shouldn't have majored in art.

  • "Any1 can be creative"
  • "I love what I do."
  • "I am bitter about society"
  • "I am too poor to afford real breakfast so I can't even afford Honey Nut Cheerios."
  • "Any thing with fiber theoretically lowers ur cholesterol."
  • "My kids are safe with u... I promise."
  • "They made me take the logo off my favourite Members Only jacket."
  • "They gave me a bucket of chalk in exchange for making this video."
  • "I live in this van down by the river."

Do u think this blipster is chill?

What is the most authentic brand of cereal?
Should this bro be all up on Kashi's nuts?
R u more brand loyal 2 Clusters or Honey Bunches of Oats?
Fruity Pebbles or Cocoa Pebbles?
Cocoa Pebbles or Cocoa Crispies?
Raisin Bran or Raisin Bran Crunch or Raisin Bran Extra?

Do u think Cheerios should have used 'black ppl'/blipsters to sell Chocolate Cheerios [via General Mills being all racist]?

Do u know any1 who started an 'art bus'?
Do artists make u sad bc they are all poor and no1 cares abt what they 'make' bc it is honestly kinda shitty?
Does art deserve 2 make money?
Are commercials 'the master art'?
Are Cheerios 'overrated' or underrated?
Are Cheerios alt?
Is this better than the Miracle Whip 'hipster' campaign? [link]
Is this bro an authentic blipster or a post-Kanye 10.0 blipster?

Kanye West spotted canoodling with Solange Knowles

Kanye West is a highly controversial rapper who does artsy fartsy things and every1 creams their pants abt it, saying that he is the next PDiddy or something. Nnot sure if I believe them. Feel like there can only be one Puff Daddy.

Anyways, Kanye loves women, and probably 'makes love' 2 one every night. I'll never forget the time he made love to that curvaceous woman named "Amber Rose" [link]. Anyways, just saw Kanye West hanging out with some female. If I had to guess, would say she is Solange Knowles, the alternative sister of the popular rapper Beyonce Knowles.

It seems like they make a good couple, like they are all being blipsters, chilling around town in modern fashion, writing buzz mp3s, trying to appeal to mainstream audiences and.

Hope they do a sick duet, invite some indie singers on stage to riff on guitar, then get a 9.8 from Pitchfork.

Will this hip hop royalty couple work out?
Are they the new 'Jay-Z and Beyonce'?
can they make more money than Jay-Z and Beyonce if they get a 10.0 of Pitchforks?
Does Kanye West deserve 2 be married in2 hip hop royalty?
Will this be 'Mr. Right' 4 Solange Knowles?
WTF is 'canoodling'?

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