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Bucket List Humor

Stop. Breathe. Take some time to appreciate small things that are beautiful.

[Image by SharkVsBearVsKavin]
I remember in one of the worst films ever made, The American Beauty, there was a scene when a mildly alternative outcast focuses his camera on a plastic bag that is floating in the wind. The bag managed to represent life, America,beauty, and searching for meaning but being kinda lost.

I feel like the picture above represents how youth culture is moving forward. We r consuming, and just living. But there's something left behind--maybe a piece of u, me or every1 we know. Pieces of the people we love. We want 2 be young and listen 2 electro forever. We want metaphorical Grey Goose to be poured in our collective mouth as we bang our fists in unity. But that won't last. Or will it?

s0 worried that I'm not 'leaving my mark' on a group of people. I just have so much to offer. I want the world to see the way that I see it. I want them to see the cornucopia of humanity that I see when I hear BarryObama speak.

I want to go to Art School. I want to film things. I want to take pictures at provocative angles. I want to meet people. I want to have meaningful conversations with every one I meet, opening up a portal to truth that they cannot replicate with any other living soul. I want to share my life, and have people appreciate what I see. I want to challenge existing notions of what 'real' means. Most importantly, I want to be paid for 'being me' and 'sharing me.'

I want to buy an iMac. I want to learn Photoshop. I want to plan a trip by myself. I want to meet Che Guevara & Zach DeLaRocha. I want to watch Michael Phelps win a silver medal. I want to fill my autograph book with the signatures of all my favourite alternative celebrities. These are my dreams. What are yours?
Have u started assembling ur alternative bucket list? Life is short.

SRSLY tho...
Isn't it weird how stuff that people used 2 'take seriously' eventually ends up being a comedy? They should find a way 2 turn this video in2 a 'LolCat.'

American Beauty: A Movie that's basically a crappy, over-acted High School play that won an Academy Award or two.
<3 'beauty' <3

Fun Fact: Did u know that architecture students do not believe in 'beauty'?

Developing Story...

Remember the girl with the really kute hip tattoo?

Well, she was spotted out again, by one of America's top DJ's, Johnny Love, who sent me a picture of her lower back tattoo, live from his sidekick LX.

Fortunately, theCobrasnake guy was there to get even better coverage of the girl with the tattoo. Here's a picture of Johnny Love trying to get a better view of that hot lower back tattoo.


Have any other blogs been in party pix?
Have any other blogs been in party pix with tattooed sluts in g-strings?
Will HRO be photographed in more party pix (in mobile browsers)?

By the way...What's up with those girls? Do you think they're terminally ill and trying to fulfill all of the crazy stuff on their bucket list?

[Photos by Mark Hunter Photography]

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