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Chelsea haircut

Do u think girls who buzz off sections of their hair are sexie?

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Have yall ever seen girls who have regular girl hair, but then they use men's clippers to shave off part of their hair? It seems weird to me, like they are trying to break free from some sort of societal norm. Women are supposed to have long, beautiful, healthy hair, so any time a woman has short hair, there is a 'backlash' agains them, since they are 'trying to be a man.'

Do u think progressive sectional buzz cutting of women's hair is sexy / authentic?
Feel like this trend is for a type of altbaguette who are more than just rich girls pretending to be alt / tragic.

Should I buy my GF a set of hair clippers for her birthday to 'send a strong message' that she needs to step up her game and buzz off some of her hair?

Seems like u can buzz any section of your hair, and it will make you 40-60% more interesting

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Does n e 1 know if Rihanna is alt for buzzing off part of her hair, or is it less authentic when a black girl buzzes off their hair since their hair is 'less manageable' than the soft hair of a white woman?

Should I buzz off the majority of my GF's hair against her will?
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Should I just give her a sensible fade / wedge haircut with hair clippers?

What is the most authentic hair style for a woman? Are bangs still sexy, or did Zooey Deschanel 'kill' that trend?

Is it time for women to start buzzing of sections of their hair?
Should all women be required to shave their pubic hair?
If a girl shaves off part of her hair, do u think she is probably a dyke?
Will women ever become as powerful as men?
if Hillary Clinton had a buzz cut, would she have won the President of the World Vote?
Are women with short hair 'intimidating', or does it make u want to tell them to 'grow their hair out, stop wearing pants, and get in the kitchen'?

Alice Glass explains her Personal Brand

I was reading my local newspaper, the Independent, and I saw a section with fashion tips from one of my favourite female vocalists of the post-Feist musicsphere. Here are a series of quotes that help us understand why Alice Glass is s000 sexie.

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On why she didn't get a breast augmentation & keep her hair blonde:

I'm feminine: I'm wearing a skirt, I own a bra. I think that whole big blonde look has been taken over by transsexuals now. I'm a natural blonde, but that blonde hair, big tits idea of what men want, it's now really unfeminine.

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On her keut haircut which she has had 4 a long tyme

I've had my hair like this since I was 13. Before that, it was much shorter. I had a Chelsea, which is bangs [a fringe] and then the rest is shaved off.

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On wearing little boys clothing...

My top is from a sports store in Dalston. It's a sweater for little boys

On coming out of her mother's womb with a pre-established personal brand:

I must have come out of the womb wearing Converse.I just wear them until they rip and become sandals. I like the white ones when they get that awesome brown shade.

On the dangers of playing to crowds of entrylevel alts:

I can't take anything valuable on tour; kids jump on stage and steal my stuff.

On what happens 2 u if u never have a real job:

My make-up routine involves putting a bunch of black stuff on my eyes. I've worn lipstick before, but I'm not big into it. I don't really care or think about how I look. I wouldn't wear something I didn't like, but I've never had a real job so no one's ever told me how to dress.

[Read more personal Alice quotes]

I feel kloser 2 her now, since I understand where she is coming from. It's kind of like when u r dating some1, then 1 night u just have an 'amazing conversation' where u get vulnerable with them, find out about their childhood, and learn to understand & value them on a totesally deep level.

'I need u s0 much closer'
-death cab for Crystie Cutesle

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