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What is the future of chillwave? Have new chillwave bands emerged?

Sometimes I get worried about the emerging/emerged genre of 'chillwave.' Tons of pressure on me because I 'invented it.' Maybe even more pressure on me as a 'tastemaker' than on the bands that actually have to use their computers to make new MP3s. Feel like I have a 'social responsibility' to chillwave, to 'stay on the metaphorical surfboard' until the chillwave thaws, and takes me under [via Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow]. Maybe I should do more to 'keep it alive', and box more artists into the genre. Maybe it would be good for their careers. Maybe it will lead to the chillwave bubble 'bursting' hard.

Here are some mp3s that 'show promise' and/or represent the challenges of importing new bands into the chillwave genre.

*** Chillwave MP3 #1 ***

Small Black Photojournalist

Small Black has been riding chillwaves for a while, getting 'mad coverage' from Pitchforks, but I was 'resentful/'cautious' abt covering them because the three best chillwave artists had already been established (Neon Indian, Washed Out, Toro Y Moi). You just don't want to expand too fast, then weaken the genre by letting in 'any old Brooklyn Buzzband', then the chillwave bubble bursts, and ur stuck covering bands that are as irrelevant as Interpol, Blonde Redhead, and Broken Social Scenes [via the death of indie / buzzband euthanasia].

Since Memory Tapes 'sucks' / only has 1 or 2 'solid' MP3s, it seems like Small Black is 'prepared' to be relevant as long as they 'deliver' a listenable album, which will 'come out' in October. I am 'rooting for them' because Twin Shadow probably needs some 'competition.' Was skeptical of Small Black but "Photojournalist.MP3" shows promise, and they can probably have a fruitful 3-5 year indie career as long as their album is 'chill study music' or better.

Small Black Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix)

Remember when Small Black was 'blog famous' for being Washed Out's backing band?
Should Washed Out have 'bought them out', or will Washed Out 'survive' playing solo shows/hiring a new band?

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*** Chillwave MP3 #2 ***

[MP3] [via IGIF]
Palmbonen Moon Children

Not sure how to really feel about this MP3. Palmbomen is apparently from Holland/The Netherlands. I can't tell if it is 'chillwave' or just some Euro bro with tons of vintage synths. Chillwave is 'pretty self aware' so u sorta gotta know that ur making music to fit into some weird electronic, sampled, nostalgic genre that earns u the 'right' to have the 'chillwave' label slapped on u during a writeup. Palmbomen means 'palm trees' in some foreign language, so maybe he knows what is up, but he'd probably have a better chance of 'making it' if he was some random place in Brooklyn / South Carolina / Texas / California / New Mexico / Colorado.

Feel like if u were told that this was a Neon Indian MP3, it would be 'easier to buy in2' / it would melt some blog servers or something. Don't think the rest of his stuff is 'that good', so u can sorta just file this mp3 away as a 'blog hit wonder' [via chill European bro]

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*** Chillwave/lofi MP3 #3 ***

[MP3] [via gvb]
Waskerley Way Cat Alert

This mp3 is apparently by some cat concept band. Not sure if they are chillwave or catwave. This mp3 might be more 'post-Ariel Pink lofi.' That genre really throws me off because I want to say it is 'crappy' but also say it is 'amazing' [via pop sensibilities]. Wonder if this would be a 'song of the year' if it was actually by Ariel Pink.

Do u think 'indie music' is in trouble if you can talk urself into this mp3 being a 'relevant blogworthy mp3'?
Has our 'taste' degenerated in the post-AnCo era of indie music?
Has 'the shit' hit 'the fan'?

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*** Lofi/vintage MP3 #4 ***

TEEN INC Fountains

'Indie' music has degenerated so much because so many alts have a 'need' to discover new, fresh yet nostalgic sounds. This usually means 'working backwards' and re-importing aesthetics into the indiesphere. Feel like this brand of new age / post-jazz lofi has a 'chance' to emerge if bands can execute. Not sure if these bands can ever monetize very well, but they have an opportunity to get 'tons of coverage' from websites that think they are authentic/represent 'the new sound.'

Sorta feel worried about Ariel Pink's career. Feel like he might already have 'all the fans' he will ever have, so some sort of lofi prodigy might 'overtake him' and brand themselves to 'crossover' instead of just have some 10-15 years as a 'lofi legend' who is portrayed as an 'acid-wave recluse.'

*** Do yall know about any more kewl new indie-wave chillwave post-post bands? ***

What is the future of chillwave?
Will it die? Is it dead?
Will new chillwave bands emerge / join the genre?
Should there be a 'chillwave meeting' where chillwave leaders discuss the future of the genre?
Has 'shitty lofi' ruined the blogosphere [via 'trying 2 hard' 2 sound 'unique']?
Can the Small Black 'make the leap' and do they 'deserve' it?
is catwave more relevant than chillwave?
Is lofi music 'ruining everything'?
IS the conceptual lofi era going to end, and will consumers swing back 2 appreciating mp3s with a high production value?
Are nostalgia wave bands 'cheapening' the indiesphere?
Should we just 'hand over' album of the year to the Arcade Fire? [via mnstrm indie]
Will Small Black 'beat' Best Coast / Wavves on p4k?
Should chillwave 'die' or 'live on' forever in the spirit of new buzzbands?
Should new buzzbands 'try to join' chillwave, or aspire to create a new sound/genre?
Do u believe in buzzband reincarnation?
Can chillwave/ post-chillwave bands write 'sweet albums' or will chillwave morph into the bloghouse experience [via only expecting sweet single mp3s+remixes]?

CHILLWAVE OIL SPILL: When Natural and Man-Made Forces Collide To Form an Indie Disaster

Every morning, I walk out on to the beach and dig my toes into the sand. The sand feels fragile, malleable--as if I could shape the entire coast line into any desired land formation by myself. The waters are calm and blue. I put on my waterproof iPod and go for a swim in the chill waves of the ocean.

It's important for me to do this every morning because it keeps me in touch with Mother Indie (the sister of Mother Earth), who is responsible for creating the indiesphere's natural wonders. We live in such a jaded post-blog era, where we would like to theorize that all organic buzz is manufactured by man-made forces. People try to be cutting edge by saying that websites, blogs, PR agents, record labels and other man-made companies are the forces that control the indiesphere.

But they don't realize that there is something 'organic' about at the heart of the indiesphere. They don't honor Mother Indie as the lady who bestows indie gifts upon us--mp3s, zany album art, music videos, and other buzzband related memes.

"Authentic buzz is organic. U can't create man made buzz--true alts will see thru it."
-Mother indie

Mother Indie is the natural force that creates buzzbands. She keeps the waters chill, waves crashing against the coast in a powerful, yet chill manner. She governs the natural processes of the album lifecycle. She has a direct relationship with Jimmy Fallon that keeps him in touch with the internet indie zeitgeist and helps him to book relevant buzzbands on his show. Mother Indie is the chil force behind everything beautiful and relevant in the buzzosphere. These ugly incidents in the buzzosphere are usually the result of human error and misguided judgment + action.

There are natural laws which guide the indiesphere. No one band, genre, website, blog, or any other buzz entity has more power than Mother Indie. A circle of memes has been created in the buzzosphere, and all participants in this beautiful process have a natural life & a natural death.

As consumers, we try so hard to 'manage our personal brands', and make educated decisions about relevant bands. We try to predict trends. We do our best to invest in buzzbands before they are mainstream bands. We ask 'Why?' We feel entitled to know 'How?' When a buzzband 'breaks thru', we want to understand the flow of data + information from band --> blog --> consumer, and how that creates a sustainable business model.

We need to stop asking 'why?' and learn to trust Mother Indie again. There is no explanation for the natural wonders of the buzzosphere.

So many snark critics accuse high level alts of being 'trend hopping mother fuckers', but they don't understand that the true authentic alt is in touch with Mother Indie. While an outsider sees some1 who is constantly evolving, searching for new sounds, mp3s, and aesthetics, they don't realize that Mother Indie is the one guiding us on our quest for authenticity. We aren't just regular consumers, there is a spirit guiding everything that we do.

"AltLife is more than just collecting mp3s."
-Mother Indie

Sometimes I wonder how man-made forces can 'contaminate' our alt blog world. I feel like sometimes bands are 'forced down our throats', getting 'buzz status' when their music isn't even 'that good.' These man-made bands have numerous detrimental effects on our buzzosphere. The voice of the tastemaker is weakened. Our festival lineups are weakened. The 2nd and 3rd tiers of indie music fans are left 'confused', accidentally purchasing these albums because they trust indie websites.

Buzz pollution caused by man-made buzz is going to thaw our chill ass o-zone layer, exposing us to many hardcore rays from the sun, eventually ending the buzzosphere as we know it. Some could say that this is 'natural', but it is not up to one man, one blog, one band to decide the fate of the indiesphere. We can preserve our ecosystem as long as we'd like it to exist, but I worry. I worry that our time might be nearing, and our buzzosystem will begin to die.

Mother Indie is responsible for so many natural indie wonders.

Sometimes new genres are created. Some 'make it.' Others die as soon as they were created. We must trust in Mother Indie, knowing that she lets the 'culturally relevant genres' last forever.

Blogs come and go.
MP3s accumulate on your computer/iPod just to be lost in a hard drive crash/spill in2 water.
Buzzbands go into hibernation every 1 year.
Consumers are inspired to share their fave buzzbands with groups of their closest friends.

"Remix others as you would like to be remixed." -Mother Indie

It seems like there are a lot of questions about the origination of 'chillwave.' Is chillwave a 'man-made' phenomenon, or is there something organic about it, created by Mother Indie? Were chillwave buzzbands created by man-made forces, or were they gifts provided by Mother Indie?

Some say that chillwave is a 'bullshit blog microtrend.' Others have invested their hearts in it, and have disconnected from the core spirit of 'indie rock.' Critics are so divided right now, unsure what is 'real' and what is 'bullshit.' There is always a desire to 'move on.' It is natural to try to find security in what we once cherished (the Arcade Fire, Panda Bear, etc), but we can't be afraid any more. We can't be afraid of the unknown. We can't live each day on edge, praying for a new buzzband to provide us with some relevant MP3s.

We have to trust. We have to trust in Mother Indie.
Or else buzzbands will get soaked in oil, unable to move/evolve. We will all die.

I feel scared. I feel like some1 is going to cause an oil spill into chill waters. It will be some sort of 'man-made' force, trying too hard to create a new trend/band. Maybe a blog oil spill, leaking an album before it is in high quality format. Maybe a mainstream indie band buzz tanker will 'spill', contaminating the chill waters. Maybe a business that is 'trying too hard' to reach alts will cause a Mountain Dew/soda/liquor/oil spill.

So much 2 clean up.

So much pressure to 'evolve', for music to 'move forward' and find a new aesthetic/trend to rally behind.
But maybe Mother Indie just isn't ready for that yet. She knows what she is doing. Bands, trends, genres will all die one day. But man made pollutants / unchill vibes might prematurely end what we have.

R u gonna be a part of the solution, chilling in harmony with Mother Indie?
Or are you part of the man-made indie machine?

Just want to chill
avoid man-made indie pollutants
Utopian style chill
where all buzz is organic + authentic

It's time to start cleaning up the blogosphere

It's time to start letting Mother Indie do her thing.

Have u ever been touched by Mother Indie?
Remember that time you felt goosebumps when you saw a buzzband at a music festival as the sun was setting? Mother Indie made that possible.
Do u remember the time you made out with the band member from _______? Mother Indie was your invisible wing man.
Do u remember that time you clicked on a link accidentally, but you found a really sweet buzzband? Mother Indie's hand was on your mouse.
Do u remember when you wasted 2-5 years of your life reading indie music blogs? Mother Indie wants you to know that you weren't wasting time--you were broing down with her.

Tomorrow morning, I'll start my day like I start most days. I'll take a walk out of my Brooklyn-based duplex apartment, thru the conceptual forest, down to the beach, and soak in the chillwaves. Tomorrow will be different though. Because today I realized that Mother Indie is under siege from man-made evils.

Mother Indie is more than just a connected wired + wireless network. Mother Indie is more than just data encoded in an mp3 file. Mother Indie is everything & nothing.

What man-made indie disasters are ruining the blogosphere?
What one website/indie band thinks they are bigger than Mother Indie?
Is chillwave a 'bullshit trend', or is it one of Mother Indie's many gifts?
R u worried about a metaphorical oil spill?
Who is the BP of the indiesphere?
Can Kevin Costner save buzzbands?
Do u believe in Mother Indie, or is the buzzosphere just an incubated network of websites + PR agents + record labels?

An Entry Level Guide To Chillwave: The Latest Post-Indie Genre That Every1 is Talking About

Hey yall. I still have a weekly show on Sirius XMU. Do yall listen 2 it? Do u give a shit or just want 2 read blog memes?

I did a special on 'the emerging genre of chillwave' for them. I think it is basically meant to explain 'why chillwave is so buzzworthy' to rich people who can afford satellite radio, but just casually listen to 'indie rock' instead of following it intensely on the internet.

Here is the Generic Info:

SIRIUS XMU to Broadcast Special on “Chillwave” Music Genre
Carles, SIRIUS XM Blog Radio host and creator of the popular indie culture blog Hipster Runoff, will present “An Entry Level Guide to Chillwave” on SIRIUS XMU. Carles has been credited with coining the term “Chillwave” to describe bands like Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, Neon Indian, Small Black and Memory Tapes. For this SIRIUS XMU special, Carles will select the music and detail the brief, but influential, history of this emerging sub genre of indie music.

The “Chillwave” special will premiere on Friday, April 23 at 6:00 pm ET and will be rebroadcast on Saturday, April 24 at 9:00 am and 3:00 pm and Sunday, April 25 at 12:00 am, 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm (all times Eastern). Carles can be heard every Monday on SIRIUS XMU’s Blog Radio, the music show hosted by a different influential music blogger every weekday at 12:00 pm ET on SIRIUS XMU, SIRIUS channel 26 and XM channel 43.

Show times:
Friday 6 pm ET
Saturday 9 am + 3 pm ET
Sunday 12 am, 12 pm, 6 pm ET

In this audio content, I confront various chillwave issues:
How did chillwave start?
How do u determine whether or not an artist is chillwave?
Do rock n roll critics hate chillwave?
Will chillwave go mainstream, kinda like indie?
Is chillwave a 'ghey ass' / stupid genre name?
Do music journalists h8 chillwave?
What happened 2 'indie' music?

Who invented chillwave?

After the recent Wall Street Journal article about chillwave that cited Carles as the inventor of chillwave, many chillwave purists have been 'pissed off', because there is no way that one blog/human could 'invent' a genre of music.

I have always wondered how genres of music r invented. It seems like there hasn't really been a good genre name for the past 10 years before chillwave. Everything is 'alternative _______' or 'indie ______.' Most stuff involves the words "rock", "wave", "core", and "gaze." What does it take to get a genre to 'gain traction' and evolve from something that '1 random ass hole made up' to being a hot topic worth discussing?

What are some of the most important elements in the art of genre naming?

  • Timeliness
  • Relevancy
  • Quality of Product / Artists / MP3s
  • Effectiveness/Utility of generalization
  • Stupid name that makes u giggle
  • Entry level music critics/regional publications that really 'buy in' to the name
  • a roster of artists who are actively touring and promoting their product

Who deserves the credit for 'inventing' a genre? Do the artists deserve the credit because they actually made the music, or is it the responsibility of a music critic / music blog to determine these genre names?

Does n e 1 know how other genres of music were invented?
Was it just one bro from a popular magazine saying something sounded like 'shoegaze', then it catches on?
Is it the responsibility of a band to make up their own genre?
Is it the responsibility of a publicist to determine how to classify the artist?

Did chillwave catch on since there was an underlying controversial element about 'sampling'/authenticity?

Just trying 2 figure out what makes a 'genre' meaningful....
Just trying 2 figure out what makes a 'genre' a real 'genre'...

Full Disclosure: This post was an advertisement for the Genre Shirt.


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Has Chillwave Gone TweenStream?

Yall might be familiar with the popular tween Disney sensation 'Demi Lovato.' She is basically the 'latina Miley Cyrus', meant to appeal to the Disney tweens who have minority bloodlines, giving them a reason to 'dream' that one day they can be kinda white & famous, just like Miley/HannyMontanny.

Recently, I saw her tweet about her new favourite song, Neon Indian's "Deadbeat Summer", possibly the feel-good hit of the former year '2k9.'

It seems like she massively approves of this former indie-'it'-buzzband, and Neon Indian will soon be on iPods of tweens all across the country. For all we know, she might 'throw down a sweet collab' with Alan "NeonIndianVegaBro" Palomo, then they will have an on-again-off-again relaish that plays itself out in the tweenbased tabloids.

Because of these new fans, Neon Indian's next album may or may not outsell any AnCo debut, and prove to be 'music that tweens use to experiment with drugs.' As we learned from the 2k0s decade and the success of Radioheadian legacy, it is important for the legacy of a band to be 'music that an entire generation listened 2 when u first started experiment with _________(drugs/alcohol/handjobs)' so that it can leave ur fans with a bloated legacy. People will associate ur band with positive memories of 'feeling alive/free/open-minded' 4 the first time.

Feel like I h8 the 2k10s already. Like I'm losing everything that once belonged to me. Next thing u know, Lance Bass/Moby will join AnCo. Next thing u know, the XX will be tweeted about by Ashton 'PUNK'd' Kutchers. Next think u know _________(band that I haven't heard yet) will be blogged abt on pitchforks.

Wonder if she and the Jonas Brothers will team up to write some chillwave influenced songs in 2k13. (h8 this decade already)

Seems like Demi Lovato already lives a 'chillwave' lifestyle.

Recently watched her music video, "La La Land", a song about tween alternative individuality. In the song, Demi Lovato sings, "Who said I can't wear my Converse with my dress ....Well, baby, that's just me..."


The song has become an anthem for girls who 'wear tshirts' instead of 'short skirts' [via Taylor Swift metaphor abt the spirit of individuality].

'Guess we lost another 1, yall guys...' -indieBro after the Kings of Leon went bro-stream


Chillwave music
So 2k9....
Afraid of losing everything
that once made me 'me'

2k10///losing my edge
to all of // the tweens ///
in Hot Topic // post Nappy Dynny ///middle America // outdoor mall

Are old ppl 'the future of music journalism'?


I recently watched this video of some old broad interviewing the popular 2k9core buzzband Neon Indian. (Note: Neon Indian has also been lumped into the now defunct "chillwave" genre by web pundits and blogzines.) It's kinda weird to see this old lady in a position that so many younger alts would love to be in. I feel like since MTV created the VJ (video jockey), there has been a demand for 'a person who looks like they are kewl/'in a band'' to interview the actual band. The interaction of two 'interesting/kewl' personal brands are meant to create synergy, making the interview seem 'really kewl', like two inherently-fascinating people who genuinely respect one another interacting to build a scene/brand.

Feel like this ceremony of bros between Bradford Cox (indie musician) and John Norris (MTV alt journalist) is sort of 'the gold standard' in two bros simulating a stimulating convo, inspiring 'common-folk' to connect with their brands.


2 bros // laughing // sharing // being relevant
makes me yearn /// 2 be close to 'the music'/'scene'/'city'
becoming bros with musicians // and learning the stories behind the music
///creating the stories behind the music ////

I have always read that being a 'music journalist' is sorta a coping mechanism for not being a talented/buzzworthy musician, therefore you should always take any sort of reviews/widely-read opinions with a 'grain of salt.' Music Writer Bros use the opportunity to let the world know that they understand what makes a 'great band', even though they don't necessarily have the technical skills or personal connections to legitimize a music career on a level that they would find to be respectable. Fortunately, in our modern world, the music journalist/blurber/blogger has an important role in 'creating content', and sometimes can be more (self-)important than the actual musician. I am not sure if it is still 'romantic' 2 be connected to artists, since most of them end up being shitty/uninteresting/boring/strategic/simple people, and the ones 'worth getting to know' usually end up talking about charity/global causes.

I wonder if the old_hag interview is more/less 'compelling' than if some other alt person interviewed Neon Indian. It seems like when some standard alt 'talking head' interviews a bro, it sort of takes away from the artist for participating in such a hokey procedure just to get 'press' ---> get attention from lesser-connected people. I possibly find the old_lady+neon_indian_bro video 'refreshing', because it shows how disconnected and lost old people are. Maybe it kinda says 'Interviews are rlly stupid and no1 asks original questions', so it might be a better format to have clueless old ppl

Worried about growing older, losing relevancy, but this sorta gives me hope that I can still find a way to be appreciated by young, trendy ppl even when I am old. Worried about getting dementia/alzheimer's and losing all of my memes/memories. Going to start taking life more seriously, appreciating NOW. There is no guarantee that the dementia-core genre will take off when the Neon Indian bro turns 72 and releases his 24th EP.

Wonder if AnCo will still be able to 'show growth' as musicians past age __, or if they will plateau?
Will we live 2 experience alzheimer-core unintentionally lofi retirement community bedroom rock?
What do u look for in a 'good interview'?
Who is the greatest living music journalist/indie-writer/weblogger/zine-page-creator?
Do u want to be a music journalist 2 get closer 2 the music?
Is it kewl to 'stand in the front' at shows since u r legitimately 'close 2 the music'?

What are the perks of being in a relevant buzzband? What are the pitfalls of being in a relevant buzzband?

I just watched this new video made by the Washed Out Bro (aka Ernest Greene). In the video, he showcases HD video footage of his honeymoon, featuring his newly acquired wife, on their vacation to some exotic location. You can see the beautiful images while listening to a promotional chillwave track. Juxtaposing the smooth sounds of chillwaves are a series of telephone messages from people who are looking for Ernest.


It's kinda weird how once you become a relevant, marketable product, covered by all of the most relevant eCommerce recommendation sites (altblogs), so many people want stuff from u. Whether it is a record label (Modular), a brand that puts on alternative concerts (the KIA soul tour), a 'relevant booking agency' (Billions), a pseudo-buzzband (Josh from the Small Black), miscellanous bros who 'want something from u', or even just friends, it seems like every1 wants a piece of Ernest Greene.

However, WashedOutBro is 'chilling' on his honeymoon with his wife. He is only accessible to the woman that he loves.

I wonder if 'having a wife/serious GF' makes you a better artist. Like you can focus on your craft, instead of seeking out rewards [via tugjobs] from entry-level alt fan girls at every stop on your North American tour. I feel like we could call this theory the AnCo Relationship Theory. All three members of Animal Collective are in 'serious relationships/marriages' (some with kids). It seems like they have only become 'mad relevant/successful' since they have found people who probably give them the space and support system that they need to be 'artists.'

It's kinda weird how Washed Out 'gave up on alt celeb perks' before his touring/entire career had even taken off. Do u think he will begin 2 regret 'what could have been', or will he be happy with his decision since it will allow him to 'truly chill' for the rest of his life?

Maybe the chillwave genre is more about 'moving forward with family values' as opposed to 'escapism' [via chilling]. Maybe chillwave is more about 'chilling with a wife' as opposed to 'chilling with a group of bros.' Maybe chillwave will help the former altbros of electro begin to transition into adult life.

What would do if u were in a budding hype-band? Would u 'use it to get alternative sex'? Would u try to marry some1 who 'knew u before u were an alt celeb'? Would u try to marry some1 who 'only loved u because of ur status as an alt celeb'? Were Ben Gibbard + Zooey Deschanel married for 'public relations/marketing' purposes?

When u become a buzzband, so many ppl who u don't know 'want something from u.' Maybe u just need some1 who wants/likes/loves u for u, even if you weren't a buzzworthy, monetizable artist.

See unwatermarked photo here.

(wonder how much pitchfork paid for these exclusive wedding photos. wonder when an alternative website will pay for baby photos. Can't believe the alt blogosphere has entered the paying for wedding/baby photo meme era.)

Wondering if Panda Bear 'invented' chillwave back before we even knew it...

Panda Bear Untitled (eventually AnCo's Guy's Eyes)

I really want to do just what my body wants to
I really want to do just what my body needs to
I really want to show to my girl that I want her (and I do)
I really want to show to my girl that I need her (and I do)
If I could just hold all the thoughts in my head and just keep them for you
If I could just purge all the urges that I have and keep them for you
I really want to show to my girl that I need her
I keep it locked right now

Need her
-Panda Bear/Animal Collective

//////feeling it all around
////maybe being alt famous/artistically relevant is not a gateway to a meaningful/sex-filled life...
////maybe u need to 'shack up' with some1 before u r 'successful.'
////LoVe iS a HiGhWaY

ChillwaveGate--Do u feel violated/misled by sample-based music?

You might have heard of the recent genrefication of the 'chillwave movement', which was basically a non-collective effort by producers around the world who created mp3s that were lofi, chill, electro jams. Because all of this music was released within a 2 month period, the music media was fortunate enough to be able to 'group it together' in order to 'make it seem more meaningful/coverable.'

I was kinda sad when I found out that some of my fave chillwave hits were actually 'sample-based songs.' Apparently this is a 'problem' that has caused many indie music purist bros to 'shit down upon' much of the conceptualcore era music and chillwave music. I am conflicted. I feel like the music is 'good' and 'chill', but something inside of me 'wants 2 believe that all artists are responsible 4 coming up with their own riffs/melodies/ditties. Not sure how to feel about this 'epic chillwave scandal.'

Original Chillwave Hit: Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer
Sampled Song: Todd Rundgren - Izzat Love?


Original Chillwave Hit: Washed Out - Feel it All Around
Sampled Song: Gary Low - I Want You


Do u feel like a metaphorical rug has been pulled out from under U?
When u find out that music is 'sample-based', do u 'respect it less'?
Or do u say that 'finding a sample to use is an art that few musicians can master'?
Is chillwave 'bullshit' or 'legitter than ever'?

I know that rappers and mainstream artists use samples, but it makes me sad to know that 'indie musicians' aren't 'creative enough' to come up with their own melodies. Feeling misled, like it might be more authentic to

Seems like you can become 'a very lucrative artist' if you sample shitloads of artists from the past. Seems like Kanye West made 'a shitload of money' by ripping off songs that were already good.


I feel like I am supposed to consider Daft Punk to be 'authentic' even thought their entire albums are electro-fied reinterpretations of classic samples.


Maybe the best musicians in the world aren't actually 'original.' Maybe Girl Talk is a chill bro after all, since he only 'mashes up' songs, and doesn't 'rip them off.'

Hope that the chillwave era wasn't just a sham. Feeling naked (metaphorically), not sure who or what 2 believe. Just thought I was listening to good/chill/relevant music, but I guess that it is no longer just 'buzzworthy mp3s.' Seems like the mainstream has 'finally found out' about chillwave, and we might have to 'say goodbye' 2 those artists now that Rolling Stone 'wrote a profile on Washed Out.'

Chillwave was a genre created by the internet, 4 the internet?
Do u support sample-based music?
Is ur life a sample-based life?
Should there be some sort of indie music standards committee that limits the extent to which samples can be used in 'our scene'?
Should CDs/MP3s make it more clear that a song is sample-based, kinda like how products must list nutritional information/cigarettes must tell u that they will kill u?

Searching for a 'new aesthetic' now that summer is over. Want a new 'movement' to 'get jacked up about'/listen to on my iPoddy.

Previous 'Chillwave' Coverage

Is WASHED OUT the next Neon Indian/Memory Cassette?

Washed Out Feel It All Around
Washed Out You'll See It

It's kinda weird how the musicsphere is searching for a new 'authentic, undergroundish product' that isn't a huge brand like AnCo/GrizzBear/etc. People who 'love music' need new music to 'get excited about.' It seems like these 'conceptual, chill projects' are really 'starting to become mainstream alt rock' or something. Think that these are apparently the next artists who we will 'go to see at music festivals' before 'every1 finds out about them.'

I think that it demonstrates that a 'new band' can't have too strong of a 'personal brand'. It seems like if you start out being 'somewhat mysterious', then ppl can write abt u when they 'unmask' u. It's too easy to 'not take a band seriously' if you see pictures of them, and they look like dweebs/people who are 'trying too hard.' It seems easiest to have a chill project, that is somewhat 'conceptual' but also demonstrates that ur band has 'pop sensibilities' or something. Not sure what the 'ceiling' for these types of bands are. Seems like they will probably have to build their 'live brand' as being something that is 'artistic.' Most of these bands exist with 'a few strong singles', but seems like they will get enough 'promotion' [via maltstream weblogs+webzines] to be relevant in the market of people who 'buy songs off iTunes.'

Not sure if this genre has a name. Seems like it needs to have a name that is 'serious.' Here are some ideas for this 'genre.'

  • no-fi
  • post-AnCo rock
  • post-bloghause
  • GorillaVsBearcore
  • Chill Bro Core [via Butterteam]
  • Kewl Boring Music
  • Music 2 smoke weed 2
  • Synth Computer Pop Atmospheric Wave
  • GazeWave
  • ShitWave
  • CumWave
  • WaveWave
  • ShoeWave
  • Chillgaze
  • Pitchforkwavegaze
  • Blogrock
  • No-gaze
  • Blowgaze
  • GazeStep
  • post-electro
  • conceptro
  • ChillHouse
  • Browave
  • Conceptual Blog Core
  • ForkcastRock
  • Forkshit
  • No-fork
  • ZanyCore
  • Industrial
  • post-freakfolk
  • freakgaze

Feel like I might call it 'chill wave' music in the future. Feels like 'chill wave' is dominated by 'thick/chill synths' while conceptual core is still trying to 'use real instruments/sound like it was recorded in nature.' Feel like chillwave is supposed to sound like something that was playing in the background of 'an old VHS cassette that u found in ur attic from the late 80s/early 90s.'

Not sure if this genre is 'emerging' or if it is only just becoming 'properly monetized' now that there is a 'demand for it.' Do yall prefer 'Neon Indian' or 'Memory Cassette' or some other chillwave band? I feel like Washed Out might be my favourite chill wave artist, so far, but Neon Indian might have the 'strongest brand'/'highest possibility of becoming a legacy indie artist.'

What's yalls fave genre of music?

Washed out Myspace

Should have taken acid with yall...

Neon Indian - Should Have Taken Acid With You

Grade: 7.267 out of 10 runoffs
Review: Neon Indian is apparently a new band that 'might cross over into the internet mainstream.' Have heard some of their songs, and they seem 'sort of electro' but also 'modern in a way that isn't 'predictable bloghouse bullshit' that 'people frown down upon.' Sort of like the 'lofi authenticity required to take Ariel Pink seriously' and 'authentic sampling that proves a band from myspace is more than just some electro altbros.'

Think that their song SHOULD HAVE TAKEN ACID WITH YOU is probably the best 100% 'new' song that I have heard this year. It is short and pleasant, which is probably 'what more songs should try to be' in the modern world.'


Download more Neon Indian Songs

Have yall heard n e good [bloggable] tracks lately?

You'll always be my chillwave bro, Ernest Greene [via Washed Out].

Ernest Greene
I'd like to personally apologize
for inventing chillwave
All these 'journalist hacks'
will ask u abt it 4evr
and that's my fault for coming up with some a chill ass genre name

Sometimes I wonder
when I finally 'die' from the internet
and I've written my last piece of content
Will 'chillwave' be my legacy?

The last thing ppl still talk abt
after my blog is flushed down the toilet
deleted from 'the cloud'

Broski? Is that u?
Holding a guitar?

Can u surf on chillwaves on a guitar?
I thought that brand of chill was 'Jack Johnson'-vibes
I guess that's trillchill

I remember u were a member of the maligned 'bleepy bloop' generation
Every1 was like 'those guys can't play instruments'
'they are just bedroom musicians'
But I guess ur proving all of 'the haterz' wrong

That's some tasteful merch

Even tho 'flower prints' are so0o0o urby outtie ~2k13.25
Ur all abt chill aesthetics
In a world where 'vibes' have been ruined [via losers excessively using the world 'vibe(s)']
U give us a vibe that we can all vibe 2

You've gotten so mnstrm
A fixture on 'sportscenter'
as a member of popular culture


All I know
Is that u've never let me down.
All I know
Is that ur <3 is pure

I've always felt it all around, bro
You've kept me feeling it.
We will nvr 4get

Thank u, Ernie Greene.

Remember the failed genre 'glo-fi'?
Remember when blogs 'mattered' in terms of 'curating' music?
Is chillwave the only thing 'authentic' from the consumer-indie generation?
Do u miss when things were abt chilling, and not abt heroin?
Who is the greatest historical chillwaver of all time?
Who is the most underrated chillwaver of all time?



Who invented chillwave?

Tyler the Creator claims that Toro Y Moi is NOT a chillwaver. Is he wrong?

Tyler the Creator is a horrorcore indie buzz rapper whose 15 blog posts of buzz totally died just died soon after his record came out bc he barely broke the 8.0 barrier. Anyways, he has some Formspring, which is basically a tool that u can use to cyberbully people who hate themselves and want people to ask them mean questions so they can give snarky, strong, empowering replies 'to the haters.' For some reason, outlets like the NYTimes and P4k are really into glorifying his social media presences but I have seen 14 year old tweens with more compelling misguided online presences. Some1 asked him "do you like chillwave like Toro y moi, Neon indian, Panda bear kinda stuff ?"

I would have expected him to respond with something involving words/phrases like "nigga", "fagg*t", or "suck mah dick", but instead, he claimed that Toro Y Moi is not a member of the chillwave genre. Really would have expected him to say "That is some wack ass faggot nigga shit and all of dem can ess my dee."

What do u think of his statement?
Is he standing up for Toro Y Moi??
Is it bad 2 be a chillwaver?
Does he think his horrorcore rap is more valuable to indie society than chillwave?
Does this mean that he thinks Neon Indian and Panda Bear are chillwave?
Is Tyler the Creator still relevant?
Do u feel sad abt ppl with active formsprings?
Who is still a chillwaver?
Is chillwave dead?

Tyler, The Creator

Alternative Celebrity

Tyler is a teenage producer, rapper, and the leader of an experimental lofi shock-rap crew called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

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BREAKING: Washed Out releases new MP3... is he still chillwave?

Washed Out Eyes Be Closed

Ernest Greene is a chillwave crooner from the Southern United States, and is widely credited as being the 'founding father of living a chillwave lifestyle.' I am not sure what 'crooner' means, though, but I think music journalists get 2 use that word to describe bros who sing. Anyways, Washed Out released the [BREAKING] [NEW] mp3 called "Eyes Be Closed".

Now he is on a mainstream indie label called SUBPOP, so they probably have some 'expectations' on him to 'sell mad records.' Do u think this is a 'strong' lead single? Does it 'capture' ur interest... or do u want him to just write a new album that is 10 'Feel It All Arounds' back-2-back-2-back [via the MGMT-KIDS theory]?

Many relevant music critics are monitoring the sophomore releases of Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, and Neon Indian... wondering... "Is chillwave dead?" "Did Chillwaves ever exist?" "Will part of the chillwave never die?"

...only time will tell.....

Do u <3 this song?
Have u ever romantically looked in2 some1's eyes and said... "May ur eyes... be"?
Is 'chillwave' dead?
Will journalists still 'go hard' after the 'r u still chillwave' angles on this album cycle?
Is Ernest Greene still one of the hunkiest hunks in indie, and will his hunkiness help him 2 get more fans and go more mainstream?

Does his album art 'turn u on'?

BREAKING: Pitchfork gives Panda Bear's TOMBOY a lukewarm 8.5, attacks chillwave genre

Many industry insiders were wondering if the indiesphere would 'turn its back' on Panda Bear or commit to another 3-10 years of Panda Bear as a relevant artist. However, it seems like after this tepid/lukewarm 8.5 score from Pitchfork, we can confirm that 'markets are cooling' on Panda Bear. Many Panda stockholders are looking to unload their shares in this once valuable bear before the AnCo buzz bubble completely bursts. The popular indie site bestowed a 'Best New Music' label upon the album, but decided to use the review as an opportunity to launch a full-scale attack on Panda Bear's 'crappy' chillwave imitators and by-products.

The highlight of the interview was the part where they called him the KING OF CHILLWAVE NATION.

Lennox has found himself the unwitting king of the chillwave nation, hero to a whole generation of underground kids drawn to his mix of heavy reverb, sun-woozy synths, droning kraut-surf-ambient-pop songs, high childlike voice, and psychedelic-cum-nostalgic sleeve art.

In addition, they made it clear that chillwave artists can't actually sing, but Panda Bear can.

Unlike many chillwave and dream-pop artists (and Spacemen 3), Lennox is blessed with the ability to actually sing, and he knows enough about crafting harmonies to do more than vaguely nod in the direction of 60s pop.

Do yall think Panda Bear was the original 'bro who couldn't sing but convinced ppl he had a good voice'?

Then they talk about how Panda Bear's audience just wants him to keep 'writing the hits' like BROS and COMFY IN NAUTICA. Then they said that every crappy chillwaver who wants to be Panda Bear sux and could never achieve anything close 2 TOMBOY:

The trouble with recording a ramshackle epic like Person Pitch is that you set up a portion of your audience to expect the next album to be at least as grand in both scope and design. There are certainly no obvious peaks on Tomboy like "Bros" or "Good Girl/Carrots", where the 12-minute lengths announced them as attention-demanding stand-outs. So Tomboy's smoothness will likely be mildly divisive among Lennox's fans. Many might have hoped that Lennox would have recorded something less accessible to separate him from the beach-obsessed glut of bedroom pop. But the scaling back on Tomboy in no way represents a scaling back of ambition on Lennox's part. In a way, what he's pulled off here is even more difficult. He's condensed the sprawl and stylistic shifts of Person Pitch into seemingly tidy songs. The fact that he's able to make music that's both otherworldly and familiar-on-first-listen is something that all of his followers would like to achieve, and very few have the chops or inventiveness to pull off.

Do u buy into the take that 'Panda Bear made a complex record that not all of us can appreciate', or do u think it is more challenging for an artist to make an album that every1 can appreciate [via Michael Jackson]?
Do u think Avey Tare is pissed that his solo album only got a 7.9? [link]

Did Pitchfork 'pan' Panda Bear's TOMBOY or did they 'give it a free pass' [via alternative tenure]?
Is Panda Bear the #1 album of 2k11?
Do u think this review was just an attack on CHILLWAVE NATION?
Did it deserve 'at least' an 8.6?
R u unloading ur stock in Panda Bear?
Is TOMBOY a 'flop', 'a success' or 'chill'?
Is TOMBOY 'overrated', 'underrated' or 'rated rated'?

Panda Bear

Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

Panda Bear is a member of Animal Collective. He wrote the hit album "Person Pitch" but failed to deliver in 2k10 with TOMBOY.

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Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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Toro Y Moi gets higher score than Radiohead, Pitchfork craftily avoids using word 'chillwave' in review

Yesterday, Pitchfork Media, a popular indie reviews site 'panned the fuck' out of the latest Radiohead album [link], giving it a lackluster 7.9, which is basically like a 5.0 (adjusted for buzz inflation). It seems like they have returned to 'giving out 8.4s' to overperforming albums by artists that might be prolific (Toro Y Moi) but on the other end, might just be buzz flameouts (Best Coast, WAVVES).

Many experts projected this album to get between a 7.9 to an 8.7. Do yall <3 this album, or do u miss the vintage Chaz pure chillwaves of 'Causers of This'?

Anyways, for some reason the reviewer 'refused 2 use the word chillwave.' Maybe they are just in denial abt the prevailing story lines of the Neon Indian, Washed Out, and Toro Y Moi albums being 'Is this chillwave or not?' Or maybe just sad that 'glo-fi' didn't catch on.

Here is a paragraph where they talk abt the chillwave lifestyle without saying chillwave.

When Chaz Bundick sang, "I found a job I do it fine/ Not what I want but still I try," on "Blessa", it became Causers of This' most-quoted lyric for obvious reasons. Not only can all of us relate to that sentiment at some point in our lives, but it also drew a direct line between the escapism of home-made electro-pop and the lives of most of the people creating it. Talk about Hipstamatic prints, Ariel Pink, and surfing all you want, but y'know, it's also the economy, stupid. Now, I've never shared a cubicle with Bundick, but that kind of resignation is completely at odds with his work ethic as Toro Y Moi, given the steady stream of remixes and side projects he's released in the time since. Just over a year later, he's already the first of the A-listers from this scene to release a follow-up. But if he was feeling any pressure to validate himself and his peers, Underneath the Pine doesn't show it. The album may be too lyrically opaque to have a line as bloggable as "Blessa"'s, but it's a far richer and more accomplished whole, and it makes a strong case for Bundick as an artist with scope, ambition, and a firm grasp of how to balance the two.

'escapism of home-made electro pop'
'Hipstamatic prints, Ariel Pink, and surfing'
'first on the list of A-listers from this scene'

Cmon bro... Just say 'chillwave lifestyle', broski. Really let down the criticism community by not directly confronting the main chillwave issue.

Here is another part where they list every chillwave buzzband, admit that they are grouped together in a genre, but still don't drop the term 'chillwave.'

Because Toro Y Moi is so closely linked with the likes of Neon Indian, Washed Out, and Memory Tapes, it's tempting to read into the success of Underneath the Pine as some predictor of those bands' collective staying power, or a direction others might take. But Bundick seems to be following nothing but his own internal compass.

Feel like the author of this review should have followed his own internal compass right to the chillest chillwaves, riding chillwaves and not being afraid of the chill water and waves crashing in2 his face.

Will Pitchfork avoid using the word 'chillwave' in the Neon Indian and Washed Out album reviews?
Is there a 'movement' by the blogluminati 2 kill chillwave?
Is chillwave dying?
Is it fair to these artists 2 ask 'are they still chillwave?' or does it take away from the discussion abt the quality of their albums?
What are some creative ways to say 'chillwave' without actually saying it?
-lofi bedroom pop
-spaced out bliss electro
-diy home recorded fuzz core
-South Carolinian-inspired post-pop
-floating in vibes
-post-Ariel Pink pop
-Music 4 alt 20somethings


Did Toro Y Moi deserve an 8.4? Is he on his way to an 'above 9.0 career' or has he reached his ceiling?

Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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Should Memory Tapes officially be kicked out of the chillwave genre after his new MP3?

Memory Tapes wrote a few buzzworthy songs back in 2k9, I think one of them was called "Surfin", and he was sort of lumped into the whole 'chillwave movement' before Washed Out & Toro Y Moi [via the South Carolina chillwave scene] really 'gained steam.' Basically only Neon Indian and Memory Tapes 'existed' as the sample population and the song "Surfin" sorta sounded chillwavey, but then he released more mp3s and it was all kinda zonked out and the live performances were kinda weird, and I'm not sure who even likes it, I think ppl are just like 'he sounds like chillwave' even though Meme Tapes isn't really chillwave.

What do u think of the new MP3?
Can TOMBOY save 2k11 or what?

Memory Tapes - TODAY IS OUR LIFE

Was Memory Tapes ever chillwave?
Will Mem Tapes be a '2k11 player' or is he doomed 2 be 'just a bedroom musician'?
Can Memory Tapes 'become the next Ariel Pink' in 10 years?
Should he be 'kicked out' of abusing the 'chillwave' genre label during his interviews?
Who are your favourite B and C list chillwave buzzbands?
Is Memory Tapes 'relevant'/do u enjoy the music?
Do yall miss 'Surfin'?

Who is OFFICIALLY in the chillwave genre (A-List, B-List, and C-List)?
Who will be a chillwaver when 2k11 is 'said and done'?

Some music journalist writes article called "Leave Chillwave Alone" abt how Ariel Pink is a 'sell out'

I just read some article that is entitled "Leave Chillwave Alone" that is by some authentic music journalist named Simon Reynolds. From what I understand, he is a pre-blog era music journalist who is even famous enough 2 have his own wikipedia page. Anyways, the article tries to talk abt Pitchfork Media, Altered Zones [link], and Ariel Pink and chillwave, and how 'the WhOLe MuSiC sCeNe iS a ClUsTeRFuCk!'

First he talked abt how Pitchfork Media's Altered Zones website is for lofi 20somethings who have only experienced music discovery on the internet, and have ended up in an altered zone of reality where 'bedroom musicians' are perceived as authentic, even thought it might all be 'bloggy blog bullshit.'

Founded by people whose formative musical experiences occurred before the Internet really took off, Pitchfork retains an attachment to notions like "importance" and "significance," along with such related pre-Web concepts as the geographically located scene, the gig as a privileged site where the community forms around a band, et al. But the Zones generation, artists and listeners alike, have never really known a time when music wasn't enmeshed with the Web. They have only a tenuous sense that music is something you pay for, and a much-diminished investment in live performance. In the '80s and '90s, Amerindie fans typically withheld judgment on a band's worth until they saw them "deliver" live. But when the Web is your primary new-music portal, live performance fades in importance. In the Zones, buzz bands are rarely bands as such: More often, they're just a guy in a bedroom.

Do yall chill out on Altered Zones, streaming some krappie lofi sample based wave mp3s?
Is Altered Zones going 2 become 'bigger than Pitchfork' when P4k 'goes mainstream'?
Is there a zone that is darker/rawer than Altie Zonies?

Then there is a 'setup' paragraph abt how Ariel Pink's hit 2k10 album was kinda lofi, but at the same time, kinda hi-fi. Ariel Pink is 'the king of lofi' basically or something.

Ironically, just as a legion of one-man bands emerged brandishing pre-faded sounds, Pink returned after a five-year silence with 2010's Before Today, an album recorded with a proper band, in a proper studio, and—in this realm, almost unheard of—with a proper producer. On songs like "Can't Hear My Eyes" and "Round and Round" (Pazz's #8 single, and Pitchfork's #1), Pink stripped away his trademark reverb-haze to reveal the formal perfection of his song structures in all their intricacy and ingenuity. As the title hinted, the album harked back to a lost golden age, approximately bookended by Rumours and Synchronicity, of professionally crafted, crisply produced pop-rock. That is to say, the very slickness and adultness that the lo-fi indie tradition originally defined itself against.

So I guess they are saying like "Ariel was ahead of his time, but now that the micromacrogenre is popular again, he returned 2 his throne."

Anyways, then the journalist bro starts talking about chillwave. He says he wishes 'glo-fi' had caught on as the name of the hit 2k9 genre.

I wish glo-fi had caught on as the name for the genre spawned off those three Pink albums (a sound that Before Today ultimately leaves behind), since it at least captures something of their gloss and mess. But "chillwave" seems to be what we're saddled with, a term coined as a joke and wielded most energetically as a brick bat. For 2010 wasn't the Year of Chillwave so much as the Year of Chillwave Backlash, a flurry of jibes almost as formularized as detractors make out the music to be: obligatory reference to Hipstamatic + snigger at the name + invocation of nostalgia as a priori Bad Thing = entire region of music dismissed.

Is this paragraph totally irrelevant bc he didn't name Carles as 'the inventor of chillwave'?
Was there a huge chillwave backlash in 2k10?
Why does every1 think that chillwave is a 'joke'?
Do u feel 'saddled with' chillwave?
Will chillwave last 4evr?

Anyways, the rest of the article goes on to name a bunch of other bands, genres, and other music criticismy techniques 2 sound all 'smart' and stuff. Then it 'closes up', saying that chillwave is an effing lie because Ariel Pink chose 2 go mnstrm, and all of the 'bullshit chillwave artists' that think he is authentic need to re-evaluate their long-term strategies: Do they want to chase the idea of being a 'respected lofi God' or do they wanna go mnstrm and sell tons of records 2 cool dads & impressionable alt tweens who 'trust tastemaking blogs' [via the NPRs].

This scene is about being engulfed and enthused, carried along by the currents of the new. Drifting not sifting. Before Today made the Top Tens of most of the blogs that make up this restless circuit, but, one senses, mostly out of sentimental loyalty to the forefather. Signed to a big label, touring to promote his big album, praised and profiled by big magazines, Pink no longer really belongs to the underground. Whether that now puts him in limbo, and whether any of his chill-dren (the most promising, Toro Y Moi and Neon Indian, both add Daft Punk to the mix) will follow him there, remains to be seen.

Does this bro h8 blogs, Ariel Pink, and chillwave?
Do u think 'glo-fi' is a 'kewl' genre name?
Is chillwave way more chill than glo-fi?
Is this piece of journalism 'authentic' + 'eye opening' [via 60 Minutes/Dateline NBC]?
Does Carles & HIPSTER RUNOFF deserve 2 be mentioned in any article abt chillwave, due to the fact that Carles 'invented' chillwave?
Has Ariel Pink 'sold out hard' ?
If 2k9 was the Year of the Chillwave, 2k10 was the Year of the Chillwave Backlash, does that mean that 2k11 will be the year of the Chillwave ____________?
a) death
b) Renaissance
c) Reconstruction
d) Golden Age
e) Depression
f) War
g) Famine
h) Tsunami
i) Tornado
j) Thaw
k) BIG FREEZE [via local news weather coverage]
l) holocaust
m) ______________ CHOOSE UR OWN RESPONSE

"I brought chillwave into this world, and I can take it out."
-Carles, losing relevancy, holding on 2 the past

Ariel Pink

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Ariel Pink is a 'lofi genius/wizard/mastermind' who has transitioned his brand to 'relevant indie buzzband status' in 2k10.

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Altered Zones


Altered Zones is a lofi mp3 discovery blog created by Pitchfork Media. It is rlly, rlly alt/underground/lofi.

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Pitchfork Media

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Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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Toro Y Moi talks abt how his new album is gonna 'crush it'

Toro Y Moi has some new album coming out called "Underneath the Pine" and every1 is all excited abt it, being all like "What's it gonna sound like?" "Is it gonna get a 10.0?" "Can Chaz recapture the magic?"

Anyways, Pitchfork did some interview with him, and he talked abt shit abt his new album.

First he is like 'I finished this album like 10 months ago.'

Pitchfork: So you're getting back from tour, you just put out single from your dancier alter ego Les Sins, and you've got this new album coming out early next year. It seems like you've been pretty busy.

Chaz Bundick: Yeah, man. [Underneath the Pine] was pretty much sort of written in between tours. I was already working on it when Causers came out. Everything was done pretty much in February and June [of 2010].

Still get kinda hornie looking at the album art.

Then he said that his new album is gonna be 'mad authentic' bc he isn't doing 'sample-based' stuff or something.

Pitchfork: Would you say the new record's a shift in direction, then, or is it going to be a continuation of the sound on Causers?

CB: The way I saw it, for Causers, the things I was interested in sampling-- I decided to make that kind of music. So the songs on it are disco and punk and spacey, the kind of stuff that I got interested in when I was sampling for Causers. I thought it'd be fun to just make that kind of stuff. There's no samples [on Underneath the Pine]. I think people that appreciate Causers can see where I'm coming from with this album. There are similar things going on with delays and arpeggios, and the overall funkiness and soulfulness of it.

Then he said 'what his influences were' so now every music journalist gets 2 reference them while they are reviewing his album:

Pitchfork: Any specific musical influences you were drawing from while making Underneath the Pine?

CB: A lot of horror movie soundtracks and a lot of space disco. There's one group called Mandre, they're really cool, I got into those guys. And then a lot of Piero Umiliani and François de Roubaix.

Pitchfork: Horror movie soundtracks and space disco can sometimes represent opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, light and dark moods.

Might start listening to more horrorwave soundtracks and disco space disco core just to rlly get in touch with 'the next modern aesthetic.'

The interviewer then asks 'the million dollar indie question' [via "What do yall think abt chillwave, yall?"]

Pitchfork: When people attach genre names on to this style you and others work in-- for example, "chillwave"-- do you react against those tags, or do you feel they help form some sort of a community?

CB: I tend to avoid those kinds of things. I don't put categories on music, myself. So either people go with it or they don't, and sometimes the names sound a little silly. But I don't mind genre names. "Chillwave" is probably the last thing I would think of [laughs], but I don't mind it. I just usually tell people I like to call it pop, or experimental pop, or something. Even on the new album, on "Elise", I drew some harmonies and melodies from a lot of Young Money stuff. It's fun to have that gray area and try to remain timeless, in a way. Like, take influences from Young Money and put it in a disco song or something.

Do u think Neon Indian, Toro Y Moi, and Washed Out should start a blog called so they don't have to answer that question in every interview?
Will all of the 2k9 chillwave artists have to talk abt chillwave for their next album cycle?
Is "Underneath the Pine" going 2 be the album of 2k11?
R u glad that 2k10 only has 1 month left?

What do yall think of chillwave--is it a 'bullshit genre name' or 'has it been great 4 the indie community'?

Lamestreamers on facebook discover the chillwave genre

Chillwave is a new and exciting genre that existed in 2k9, but now it is kinda dormant, and we are waiting to see how chillwave clashes with 'the big guns' of indie in 2k11. Gonna be a 'huge showdown', and there will be casualties. No1 knows what is going to happen.

So even though ur super relevant and ovr chillwave, there is an entire genre of humans who are still discovering it. They are like 'wow, these vibes are so amazing, have yall heard of this shit?' Glad facebook exists so we can discover these vibes.

Check out these laggard chillwavers vibing out on facebook

First some bro embeds the hit mp3 by Washed out "Feel it All Around." He is like, "Have yall heard of this band, they are called Washed Out. For some reason they remind me of Panda Bears.... I could rlly use some Neon Indians, yall!"

Then he comes right back and embeds another video. No idea wtf he embedded, but was probably something hella lame/hella chill.

Then some bro is like "Listen fggtzz, we call this lofi electro. U should check out Toro Y Moi. I'm the shit. Yall blow."

Another bro is like "Have yall heard of the Small Black? Heard they are chillwave, yall. Love buzzbands"


Is chillwave 'dead'?
Will chillwave live on 4evr?
R u excited for indie vs chillwave in 2k11?
Who is ur fave chillwave band/the band most likely 2 'live 4evr'?
Do u talk abt buzzbands/relevant genres on facebook?
Will lamestreamers ever talk about rape gaze on facebook?

Submit ur lamestreamer sightings utilizing the ALT REPORT TIPS SUBMISSION FORM.

Jessica Alba tweets abt Washed Out, rides chillwaves

Jessica Alba is a mainstream celeb who has a 'sweet ass body' and has a lil bit of ethnic flair to her. I think people considered her 'hot' back when she was 18-22, but now she is older and and there are younger people to 'pleasure urself while thinking abt' so her 'fame' [via sex appeal] has sort of died off because no1 wants to think abt some1 who has popped kids out of their womb.

Anyways it seems like Jessica Alba tweeted about Washed Out, specifically the chillwave sensation's hit Life of Leisure EP. She was probably vibing super hard, and was like 'I'm just gonna throw down a tweet so mainstreamers who are in2 me start to get in2 indie music.'

Do u know what race Jessica Alba is?
Did u ever understand why ppl found Jessica Alba to be attractive?
Was it her sweet ass? Her ethnic look?

Do u wanna ride chillwaves with Jessica Alba? Would u 'tap that' mnstrm ass, or do u prefer alt a$$?
Should Ernest Greene pull an 'Avey Tare' on his wife [via Divorce] and try 2 get with Jessica Alba?

Do u think she is an authentic chillwave?
Do u remember the time Demi Lovato tweeted abt chillwave [link]?
Do u remember that 1 time Joe Jonas tweeted abt chillwave? [link]
Will this give chillwave a second life, or is chillwave dead?
Is Ernest Greene going to 'crush it' in 2k11?
Is Washed Out the #1 chillwaver?

Does n e 1 know some #groovytunes that I can vibe out 2?

Indie singer Heidi Montag tries to ride slutwave, uses implants 2 float on chillwaves

Trying so hard
2 ride the slutwave
getting huge implants
tig ol bitties

utilizing them as 'life preservers'
and/or conceptual 'floaties'
That help my body 2 stay afloat
in this big, beautiful ocean of life.

tig bitties
perfect body
no worries in life
except riding chillwaves

Staying young 4evr
Nvr gonna die
always will be mad beautiful.

Just want to be part of a celebrity couple
have a hit show on the MTV network

'dear lord'
Need to motorboat those huge, firm breasteses
Stick my 'peen' between them
Feel 'alive'/erect 4 the first time in a long time.

Want to ride chillwaves
utilizing implant life preservers
so worried abt the death of chillwave
but maybe it will stay alive forever
if we < embed > flotation devices within our bodies

Do yall think Heidi Montag looks 'more alt' / 'more beautiful' than she used 2?

Would yall rather ride slutwaves or chillwaves with her?

Pitchfork writes article abt how bands take lofi photographs to brand themselves as ‘vintage’/authentic

From what I understand, high resolution digital photography is 'mad overrated', and modern humans associate 'vintage looking photographs' with authenticity. Many buzzbands choose not to utilize a hi-res photo, and instead choose to go 'lofi' because it makes their brand look authentic before u can even stream an MP3.

Do u like bands who have album art/mp3 photos that look 'vintage'?
Is it more alt to look like ur from the past instead of from the future?
Do buzzbands need to 'give up' on trying to inspire listeners to feel like they are entering nostalgic zones?

This is basically the 'thesis' of the article. Most other sentences attempt to explain what particular album covers look like + what 'aesthetic' they achieve:

A lot of indie artists lately have felt something similar, it seems. Artists who sound about as different from each other as Vampire Weekend and the Dum Dum Girls have embraced the look and feel of old, amateur photography, often featuring images of childhood and family. Stuart McLamb of the Love Language found a great image of his mother-- literally beaming in the unintended glare of a too-hot flash at night, and thought it the perfect album cover.

Wonder if I still need to go to design school, or if I can just browse indie blogs to learn abt modern bloggable aesthetics.

Wonder if bands are going to have to stop using vintage photogs in case their 'go mainstream' and some old lady from the 1940s decides to sue them for using her polaroid.

Here is some paragraph where the writer talks about 'getting turned on' when he first saw the Contra album cover because his peen 'gets hard' 2 vintage photographs:

Last September, a photo of a girl with a blank expression and a popped collar appeared online without any context. A few people assumed it was a viral ad, but most were drawn to it for reasons they couldn't quite place. Some combination of the girl's wide-eyed, deer-in-the-headlights stare, the Polo logo on her shirt, her slightly open mouth, the pinkish tone, and muted palette of the photograph suggested it was a "found" picture, or maybe a long-forgotten entry into Andy Warhol's Polaroid series. As it happened, the photo turned out to be the cover art for Vampire Weekend's second album. A few months later, an equally evocative, slightly older, and more private seeming snapshot of a woman, caught off guard while getting something from her closet, adorned the cover of the Dum Dum Girls' first LP I Will Be. As with the Contra photo, the questions arose quickly:Why her? Who is she? Why this photo?

Do u miss the Contra 'viral marketing' era?
Sad it turned out this way [via h8ing Kirsten Kennis].
Maybe there is a 'high legal risk' associated with stealing photos from the past.

R u 'bored' when u see another lofi photograph on an album cover? Does it make u think the album is gonna 'be awesome' [via inspiring nostalgic images of youth], or do most albums with lofi art end up 'blowing'?

Album art has long been a crucial multimedia component of popular music-- often the first image we associate with the sounds, its representational role makes it inherently evocative, a symbol

Here is some other 'deep' analysis sentence:

...these photographs echo back through the past few decades of indie and DIY culture as it intersects with amateur and art-world photography, changes in technologies, and shifting ideas of public and private. The evocative quality of an image presented without context, it turns out, makes for a interesting dialogue point between indie's aesthetic past and present.

Sigh.... H8 our evolving society. Wish we could just live in our ideal vision of the future, but never forget the chill vibes of the past...
H8 how technology makes information/mp3s more accessible, but 'cheapens' moments that we once thought were meaningful.

Here is some paragraph where they drop the terms 'chillwave' and 'Animal Collective' just to get u interested.

The music Greene and a handful of others are making has been called "chillwave," an appropriate coinage for humid, groovy stoner tunes, which surf the tides of lengthy afternoons and evoke the dreamlike feeling of melting into the earth under an unforgiving sun. Greene shaped Washed Out's vibe after relocating from South Carolina, moving back in with his parents, and getting married. In other words, he's evoking through his music and album art photography the quiet domestic life of the 2009-2010 indie/DIY creative class-- think Animal Collective's "My Girls", "Bluish", and "Brothersport".

Here's some other paragraph that says 'chillwave' like 100x:

And most of all, we hang. Greene's good friend, South Carolinian chillwave exemplar Chaz Bundick records as Toro Y Moi. The cover of his EP Leave Everywhere features a photograph of Bundick fueling up at a truckstop, taken with a disposable camera by his friend Christy. A bit later, when Christy discovered her friend was using her snapshot as an album cover, she took to her blog and posted a wonderful little evocation of chillwave, not as a type of music per se, but a specific lifestyle that merges real-life obligations with the desire to stay deliriously young. "Chillwave is when you're at a South Carolina beach with friends and while wading in the ocean far, far from the shore someone asks 'we need to head back soon?' And you have work in the morning, an 8 a.m. meeting maybe, but you emulate the quiet ripple of the tide and you say 'naw, we'll make it back,' and you're right. You do make it back. And you even have time to wince for a photo your friend takes with a disposable camera at the gas station, and you're so chill you'll even put that crappy photo on the cover of your 7" record people still call 'chillwave' the very next summer, and it looks good."

Is chillwave photography 'authentic'?
Can u call some1 holding a DSLR at a relevant show a 'n00b'?

Anyways, they go on to claim that gorilla vs bear invented the lofi aesthetic, both in terms of mp3s AND jpgs. Wonder if bands feel pressured 2 use a vintage photograph to get blggd abt on a visually stunning lofi blog:

The market for, say, out of focus M.I.A. Polaroids might be smaller than that for high-end photo-pit SLR images, and for Gorilla vs. Bear's Chris Cantalini, that's sort of the point. He respects professional photogs with nice cameras, but has no desire to compete with them. He lets the camera do a lot of the work for him-- he positions his subjects in particular locales and then relies on Polaroid's notoriously fickle relationship to light and color to do the rest. As a result, the pinkish hues, white borders, and "matte sides" of indie artists revealed by instant photography have come to define his blog's visual aesthetic. It fits perfectly with the music he most prominently features on his site, as well: a sort of ahistorical lo-fi that purposefully sounds out of time.

Wonder if gorillavsbear-core is not just a 'lofi' brand of music, but also a lofi photography aesthetic. When indie music dies, wonder if GVB will be 'the most important aesthetic designer' in the entire history of indie. [link]

Might just move to the Suburbs and chill with the Arcade Fire, creating a nostalgic image with the Adobe Creative Suite.

Getting kind of bored posting all of these excerpts. Kinda one of those articles that says a bunch of 'interesting sounding statements' and ur waiting for something 'revolutionary' 2 be said, but then u realize it is just about chillwave photography, and ur just like 'oh ya. Don't rlly even care. Shoulda just read the headline' and then kept searching p4k 4 new buzzbands:

Should I go to my local thrift store to search for rare vintage cameras, or should I just download the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone? Just want my images to look all lofi.

It also makes sense that tech capitalists would figure out a way to make digital photos look just like the snapshots your mother pulls out when you come to visit. Hipstamatic-- based directly off of the legendarily cheap, and long discontinued Instamatic-- is one of the most popular apps ever created for the iPhone. For $1.99, every photo you take can look a hell of a lot like it was taken in 1978-- the faded colors, the unpredictable light patterns, even the slightly askew border. When fleeting moments of our everyday lives are now more than ever before seen as fodder for extracting, showcasing, and archiving for others-- we are all Jandek-- it makes so much sense that we'd want these moments to appear as authentic and hip as possible. Amateur photography, meet pre-distressed jeans and iMovie's grain-and-flicker filter.

S000 crazy how we live in a modern world with hi-resolution cameras, but

Anyways, I guess the theme of the article is basically 'photographs represent memories. Indie album covers are photographs that represent moments frozen in time, kinda like pictures.'

It seems only natural then, that as technologies have helped render privacy and artistic mystique ever-rarer, and at the same time made it easier than ever to make and release music, that artists would look to the synthetic nostalgia of old photographs. It's right there in the DNA of so much indie music itself, really: taking the mundane facts of everyday life and reframing them as evocative shared memories.

Do u think bands need to quit with the lofi photograph album art bullshit?
Do u just want to live a life of leisure without any modern technology, just capturing moments with vintage cameras?
Should I ask my parents for a DSLR or for a rare polaroid camera?
Is the layout of the blog ALTERED ZONES the 'crowning achievement' of the modern lofi indie design aesthetic?

Should Gorilla Vs Bear 'sue the fuck' out of Alt Zones [via Kirsten Kennis]?
Should Pitchfork just make their blog a series of scanned writings + pictures just to look 'more authentic'?
Has technology 'ruined' photography/the internet/the indie buzz scene?
Do u feel like u 'get' indie more than ever after reading this article?
Are chillwavers/gorillavsbearcorers the 'future' of indie?
Is photography 'overrated' as an art?
Should more bands make GIF album covers?
Did Anco 'transcend' the album art discussion?
What is ur favourite album cover of all time?
Was it 'vintage' or 'commissioned art'?
Should Mountain Dew make a 'vintage' can 2 appeal 2 alts [via the blogosphere]?

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Neon Indian calls Carles a ‘ball buster’, debuts new MP3 in live studio session

In an interview with Sirius XMU, Neon Indian's Alan Palomo is pressured by some 'shock jock' to talk more abt chillwave. It seems like every artist who was 'unfairly bundled' in2 the chillwave genre has to answer 5-10 questions per day abt their chillwave existence. Even when they go to McDonalds to buy a cheesyburger, the human behind the counter probs asks them 'what's the deal with chillwave? U want extra cheese on that burger?'

The interviewer bro goes on to 'pan' Carles, calling him a ball buster. He goes on to say that Carles is a 'shitty journalist' and should 'stay the fuck away from scene.' Should Carles 'quit' being a blogjournalist?


R u relieved that Carles is still credited as having invented 'chillwave'?
Do u h8 the
Do u remember the time he baited Best Coast into 'talking mad shit' abt Carles / the HIPSTER RUNOFF brand? [link]
Is 'radio' still 'relevant' [via satellites]?
Does Neon Indian/Washed Out 'h8' Carles 4 ruining their lives'/artistic existence?

Anyways, sometimes u just gotta accept that as a blog, ppl are gonna hate u. Might just tweet at all my h8rs/give out their phone numbers.

Feeling relieved that Neon Indian 'debuted a new song.' We really needed this 1 after the great buzz drought of 2k10. Sufjy really let us down. Pandy lets us down every week. Really feel like I might put all of my buzz hopes + expectations behind Neon Indian 2k11.

Neon Indian I Really Didn't Need You Anyway (Live Sirius XMU Session)

Will this song 'save' 2k10/2k11?
Is this 'the first relevant mp3 of 2k11'?
Is this mp3 'breaking away from the chillwave genre'?
Did chillwave ever exist?
Will it take 2.5 albums for chillwave artists to evolve beyond chillwave/for uninspired local journalists 2 stop asking abt 'chillwave'?
Did Carles invent chillwave?
Does Carles 'bust balls' or 'eat dicks'?
What would Neon Indian/Washed Out/Toro Y Moi's careers be like without a 'loaded' genre term?
Do all indie/chilwave musicians h8 Carles/the HIPSTER RUNOFF brand?
Did I really need yall anyways [via not taking acid with yall]?

Washed Out holds live video chat, tons of alts bombard him with questions about chillwave

Artists are under immense pressure to 'use social media + technology' to give fans a unique experience and an opportunity to connect with their brand. Last night, Washed Out, aka Ernest Greene participated in some 'live video chat' where he was on webcam answering questions, and a bunch of alts popped up on webcam to ask him stuff.

The fans seems 'jacked up', in disbelief. They couldn't believe they were talking to one of today's most relevant indie stars.
Fans asked him a bunch of generic stuff. "What gear do u use?" "Where do u find ur samples?" "When's ur next album coming out?" "I'm 17 years old so I can't get into your show, but I am ur biggest fan. Can u let me in?"

Eventually, every1 started asking him questions about chillwave.  Ernest basically would answer with "chillwave is chill.  Genre names are okay, whatever.  Making some new material that is probably more alt/authentic than chillwave, but doesn't completely piss on my chillwave roots."

Ernie was pretty chill, just being a webcamming bro. Didn't do anything crazy like 'show skin' or 'take out his erect penis' [via chatroulette]. Was a chill time, but then his 'internet got disconnected' and tons of alts were sad/pissed. Not sure if he 'stormed out' and just pretended it didn't work because he got tired of it.

Do u wish u had webcammed with Washed Out? What would u have asked him? Do these Washed Out fans seem authentic?

Should artists use webcamming + social media, or should they just chill & make music
What indie superstar do u want to webcam with?
Do u want to webcam with Carles / Panda Bear / Avey Tare / Ezra Batmanglij?
Would u 'pay big money' to see WAVVES + Best Coast webcam?
R u worried about the next phase of chillwave?
Will chillwave evolve?
Is Washed Out going to release 'the album of 2k11'?
Can Washed Out 'make the leap' while Panda Bear is 'on the ropes'?

New Toro Y Moi video features a hot altbaguette getting murdered


It seems like 'sex and violence' are the only things that keep people's attention in the modern world, so u have to applaud Toro Y Moi for just 'going 4 it' with his new video that features some altbaguette getting brutally murdered. Not sure if it is just some zany dream sequence, but honestly could have gone for some brief nudity in this video. Kept waiting for it. Seems chill that he rode the violentwave, but probably shoulda rode it harder. Go 'darker.' Sorta like the movie Our Eyes Are Wide Shut, Yall.

Do u think this video is 'mad authentic', or did u 'want something more' out of it?
Is this video 'MTV-ready', or just for 'assholes who read indie blogs'?

For the video to Toro Y Moi's latest single "Low Shoulder" the directors Elisha Smith-Leverock and Chris Murdoch have drawn inspiration from everything over pulp magazines and Cinderella to sploshing and mono-brows. It's a nod to Italo-horror flics form the 70ies and 80ies. It features an appearance by 60ies it-girl Daphne Sherman, wife of the legendary mod taylor Ben Sherman, who stars as a demented ballroom dancing reject/ waitress.

"According to Chaz the song was written for his girlfriend asking her to not fall asleep whilst driving. We based the video on the idea of this sleep-deprived girl calling at a roadside diner for a coffee. Next thing you know she's semi-conscious and experiencing some really weird sh**"

Low Shoulder was shot in studio and on location at the Marina Cafe on Mare Street, Hackney on a budget of £300.

Not sure how 2 convert £ to $. Seems like some sort of foreign 'savage'/Third World currency. If I had to guess, I would say that this video cost $3,000,000.

Do indie music video directors need to 'step it up' with their concept pitches?
Is M.I.A.'s "Born Free" the most authentic/buzzworthy music video of 2k10?
Should Toro Y Moi kill more gingers + show more tits & cock?
R u turned on by altbaguettes?
Has Toro Y Moi established himself as the #1 chillwaver?
Will chillwave die in 2k11? Did chillwave die in 2k9?
Will AnCo write a song called "Eff U, Chillwave"?

Avey Tare gets defensive, says that Animal Collective did not inspire chillwave

In a recent interview with Pitchfork, Avey Tare, the "John Lennon of Animal Collective" had numerous insightful insights about the status of his solo record, and the state of his popular band The Animal Collective. It seems like this interview was 'hella controversial', since he opened up on topics like

a) the Panda Bear vs. Avey Tare war
b) The Future of AnCo
c) The controversy / mystery behind Deakin's departure from the band
d) his thoughts on chillwave

First, he went ahead and said, 'no, we don't want anything to do with that chillwave shit.' Cant believe the interviewer 'had the balls' to ask him about chillwave. Not sure if this is a 'brilliant' question, or an entry lev question:

Pitchfork: There seem to be a lot of "bedroom" artists that have taken Merriweather as a sort of jumping-off point for their own ideas. Have you investigated that scene at all? I guess the rough term for it would be "chillwave," but the music obviously is a little more broader and less easy to corral than that. Do you have any thoughts about that scene? Anybody in particular you listen to?

AT: I don't really know a lot of it. I don't know what goes under the "chillwave" moniker. Sometimes I hear that it's stuff Ariel Pink influenced. When I hear stuff that's supposed to be "chillwave," it sounds really like 80s or new balearic, Italian prog, Goblin soundtrack kind of stuff. I try and listen to a lot of stuff that's out there right now. I feel like I heard a lot of sweet tracks this year. In terms of what feels to me like "bedroom," homegrown stuff, Teengirl Fantasy to me right now stands out as something I'm really super psyched on. I'd gotten their EP last year online and just jammed it a lot. Totally feeling that.

Did u write an EP in ur bedroom after hearing Merriweather Post Pavillion? Do u think Avey Tare 'respects' chillwave artists, or does he think they are 'full of shit'? Do u wanna vibe out to the Goblin soundtrack, riding the Golbin wave?


Anyways, then the interviewer asks him about the new Panda Bear record, TOMBOY, and Avey is all like, "I don't talk to that mother fucker--how the fuck should I know what he does? U think I wipe his ass for him?"

Pitchfork: Do you think Panda Bear's Person Pitch follow-up, Tomboy, is going to come out this year?

AT: I can't say. I have no idea. I think the reason I held back so long on saying anything about my record coming out is just, I know sometimes when you're like, "Okay." You just jump the gun. You're like, "All right, I'm gonna have this record ready and this is when it should come out." I always want to be really, really sure. I've always wanted to be that way with Animal Collective stuff. It's been like, "Let's not say this record's gonna come out until I'm out of the studio." You know what I mean? In the case of Noah's record, as far as I know, he's not even done recording.

Also he said Geologist had a baby, so An Co will probably tour less since they are 'homebodies.'

Pitchfork: Animal Collective's rise has been pretty meteoric in the past three years. Is that part of the reason why you guys are taking a little time off from touring right now? Was it all too much at one point?

AT: It wasn't really a strain. We all talk a lot about how we miss touring right now. We love playing live, but primarily we enjoy hanging out with each other, we enjoy hanging out with our crew, the people who go on tour with us. We're old friends, like a tight knit community. For our personality types, and the fact that we're essentially homebodies, we just felt like we were getting pulled away too much from being grounded and being able to move forward and think about new stuff. Brian just had a kid, actually, last week. Noah just had a baby recently. We knew that was coming. The most touring we've ever done for a record was for Merriweather. I don't think we'll ever be a band that will just tour and tour and tour. We'll probably tour less now, honestly.

Congrats Geo Bro! U gotta press release that shit, releasing pix of ur baby so the blogosphere can be happy 4 u. Sad u hid that shit from us. Will pay 'top dollar' for pix of Geologist Jr & Panda Bear Jr & Panda Bear III.

Really hope AnCo live show tickets are like $60 each now so that the low-end fans will be 'priced out.' Glad I am growing older and have more discretionary buzzband income.

Anyways, then the interviewer 'has the balls' to ask him to tell what happened to Deakin, and why he quit/was thrown out of the group for a while.

Pitchfork: Deakin [Josh Dibb] helped you produce Down There, and I saw you guys DJ at [Queens art museum] PS1 earlier this summer. It seems like he's coming back into the fold with Animal Collective.

AT: He's been doing a lot with us the past few years, especially working on Oddsac, honing his recording skills a lot. It's always a "time and place" thing for us. We don't really have a lot of concrete plans right now for what we're doing next. We know we wanna start working on new material early next year. Josh has definitely been out of touring for a while, but we're taking a break from touring right now and really don't have any plans as to when we're gonna tour next, so it's hard to say if he will or won't be on it. It's up to him too. [laughs]

Pitchfork: It's been a little vague, but can you explain why Josh took off time from the band, or is that a personal thing?

AT: It's not that it's hard to talk about. I don't think it's really my place. I think it would be more his decision. It was his decision and it was a group decision. It was just, recording post-Feels into Strawberry Jam-- it was a very transitional time for all of us, with Noah [Lennox, Panda Bear] having a kid and us working on having to travel around to start writing a lot in Lisbon and the U.S. I think it was just harder for Josh to really keep his feet on the ground. He just wanted to step away for a while. That's the best way I could put it.

Seems like Avey was, 'Listen bro. Stay out of our fucking business. We're humans 2. Stop treating me like I'm some sort of Win BUtler indie idol. I'm just an Avey Tare.'

Ultimately, it seems like Avey Tare gave this 'tell all' interview in order 2 get 'more buzz' for his album. It seems clear that it is his goal to outsell Panda Bear + win over the critics by giving them more info. By giving more bloggable bits in interviews, critics will see him as a valuable long term resource who they don't wanna 'isolate/piss off.'

Does Avey Tare h8 Panda Bear?
Does Avey Tare h8 bullshit chillwave artists?
Will we ever know the truth about Deakin? Maybe when he has to promote his own album?
Will Geologist Jr. pix ever 'surface'?
Is Animal Collective 'more authentic' than any chillwave artist?
Does AnCo have to 'trash' chillwave to make sure their brand is preserved?
Will chillwave evolve into 'the new AnCo', or will both brands 'go down the shitter'?

An altbro vlogs while driving, feels it all around, tries to drive on chillwaves


Feeling it all around
an altbro in the summer
headband + sunglasses + long hair
wind blowing in my face, windows down

Moustache + soul patch
Shit eating grin

I am driving to a local Chili's to meet with a group of my closest friends
but if I had my way
I would drive my Toyota Chillmobile
right on to a chillwave

ride the waves for a while
then take a deep dive into the conceptual ocean
hearing nothing but the drones of deep sea Panda Bears

Swim back up to the surface, lungs about to implode
Create a bong out of a snorkel mask
Get 'mad danked' on some Great Bro-rrier Reefer

Spend the rest of the day chilling on the best coast, watching the wavves
listening to summer beach jams, conjuring up nostalgic images of youth
and/or nostalgic images of the 50s/60s/70s/80s/90s

But as for now
I am just a bro
vlogging in his car
Feeling shit all around

Some bros feel things as they are and 'chill'
Great bros feel things all around and say 'mad chill'

If u could take a road trip any where in the universe, both physical + conceptual locations, were would yall drive 2?

Bro creates his own chillwave shirt, wears it to relevant music festival

I remember when the festival bro was first invented, he represented a simpler, chiller bro in an Incubus/raver kind of way [link]. It seems like the modern festival bro might be more of a bloggy bro--a hyperconnected bro with high level opinions on indie music who ventures out into the real world several times per year for relevant shows and music festivals. He 'creates his own merch', making it clear that he 'gets' the 'scene', hopefully looking to attract the attention of an entry level blog reader lil slut who giggles at his shirt. If that plan doesn't pan out, 'being blogged about by a festival blogger' seems like a 'decent consolation prize' [via getting to share it in your facebook feed.'

This bro seems to be 'Crazy For You' about Chillwave, the popular post indie genre which garnered critical acclaim in 2k9. Pitchfork Music Festival showcased chillwave artists Washed Out, Neon Indian, and Pavement. It seems like this bro was 'repping hard', just wanting "less chill" and more "wave."

Not sure if his shirt might have been 'anti-chillwave' though. Kinda confused now. Just want to know what this bro is all about to see if we are into the same vibes/walls of sounds.

Have yall ever made ur own shirt?
What type of shirt would u make?
What should the official chillwave shirt say?
Can 'wave' be a genre of music, or can it only be a genre suffix?
Does Pitchfork Music Festival seem like it is filled with chill bros?
Do u still ride chillwaves or what? R u worried about chillwave in 2k11?

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