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If ur not willing 2 #cut4 n e thing, ur not living 4 n e thing. #cut4bieber

Sometimes I wonder
how much i rlly care abt n e thing
If I truly feel 'passionate' abt n e thing
If I would die 4 n e thing or n e 1

Am I truly willing #cut4 anything?

Bleed myself slowly
2 death
Bc I believe in something?
Bc I <3 something?
Bc I am a true #DieHard Fan of something?

How much do u believe in n e thing?
Do wear #TOMS so they give some money to 'the poors' in the Third World?
Do u wear #KONY2012 shoes/wristbands?

Maybe I just need 2 #cut
I need 2 #cut4something

"4 u I bleed myself trying."
-the coldplays, Chris Martin

Is #cut4______ the new #pray4_______?
Who do u #cut4?
R u willing 2
R u worried that if u have a tween, he or she will #cut themselves after being 'cyberbullied', '#slutshamed', '#sexting', or some other #tween_scare_trend?

Should Justin Bieber be able 2 smoke dank on the regz?
Should weed be legalized so tweens stop cutting themselves?

Do u remember ur first tween #dank experience?
Did u just smoke a bag of schwag in the back of a Honda Civic?

I 'cutting' down 40% since online eCommerce 'killed off' the door2door knife salesman?

Do u believe in n e thing enough 2 #cut4it?
If ur not #cutting, ur not #living.


[via death by 'staying alive' in our 'bullshit society']

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