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What should I get my alternative son for Christmas?

Product via coolcats

I love my son. He truly is the mirror image of me. It's kinda weird how kids are so impressionable... sorta reminds me of consumers... Maybe kids and consumers have the same kind of brain... all of us have so many wants and needs, and maybe products really can fulfill us/make us happy. Srsly though... u should see his iPod... we have a lot of the same pop-electro sensibilities, but also an appreciation of indie conceptual ballads.

I feel like I might buy these Daft Punk dolls for my son. I never really let him watch traditional kid programming (crap like Sesame Street, Muppets, Dora The Explorer, etc). Mainly just put art films/indie movies 'on repeat' in his play room DVD player. He absolutely loves the hit film Electroma. I don't really think it is healthy for him to identify with characters that every other kid on the planet has identified with for the past 20+ years. I want him to be a pure alternative spirit (This is why I made his mother birth him in a pool of Sparks while listening to Animal Collective's hit album "Sung Tongs").

I want my son to have a 'special' Christmas, and not just because it is Christmas and kids 'get kewl shit.' I need my son to have a truly unique Christmas that he will remember forever. I am considering 'booking' a relevant buzzband to play a few of their hit songs when he comes down the stairs on Xmas morning. Might also commission some sort of mp3 to be created by Sufjan Stevens.

////beginning 2 brainstorm my xmas list
////what do u want 4 xmas?
///worried about getting 2 many iTunes gift cards from relatives who don't 'get' me

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ChillwaveGate--Do u feel violated/misled by sample-based music?

You might have heard of the recent genrefication of the 'chillwave movement', which was basically a non-collective effort by producers around the world who created mp3s that were lofi, chill, electro jams. Because all of this music was released within a 2 month period, the music media was fortunate enough to be able to 'group it together' in order to 'make it seem more meaningful/coverable.'

I was kinda sad when I found out that some of my fave chillwave hits were actually 'sample-based songs.' Apparently this is a 'problem' that has caused many indie music purist bros to 'shit down upon' much of the conceptualcore era music and chillwave music. I am conflicted. I feel like the music is 'good' and 'chill', but something inside of me 'wants 2 believe that all artists are responsible 4 coming up with their own riffs/melodies/ditties. Not sure how to feel about this 'epic chillwave scandal.'

Original Chillwave Hit: Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer
Sampled Song: Todd Rundgren - Izzat Love?


Original Chillwave Hit: Washed Out - Feel it All Around
Sampled Song: Gary Low - I Want You


Do u feel like a metaphorical rug has been pulled out from under U?
When u find out that music is 'sample-based', do u 'respect it less'?
Or do u say that 'finding a sample to use is an art that few musicians can master'?
Is chillwave 'bullshit' or 'legitter than ever'?

I know that rappers and mainstream artists use samples, but it makes me sad to know that 'indie musicians' aren't 'creative enough' to come up with their own melodies. Feeling misled, like it might be more authentic to

Seems like you can become 'a very lucrative artist' if you sample shitloads of artists from the past. Seems like Kanye West made 'a shitload of money' by ripping off songs that were already good.


I feel like I am supposed to consider Daft Punk to be 'authentic' even thought their entire albums are electro-fied reinterpretations of classic samples.


Maybe the best musicians in the world aren't actually 'original.' Maybe Girl Talk is a chill bro after all, since he only 'mashes up' songs, and doesn't 'rip them off.'

Hope that the chillwave era wasn't just a sham. Feeling naked (metaphorically), not sure who or what 2 believe. Just thought I was listening to good/chill/relevant music, but I guess that it is no longer just 'buzzworthy mp3s.' Seems like the mainstream has 'finally found out' about chillwave, and we might have to 'say goodbye' 2 those artists now that Rolling Stone 'wrote a profile on Washed Out.'

Chillwave was a genre created by the internet, 4 the internet?
Do u support sample-based music?
Is ur life a sample-based life?
Should there be some sort of indie music standards committee that limits the extent to which samples can be used in 'our scene'?
Should CDs/MP3s make it more clear that a song is sample-based, kinda like how products must list nutritional information/cigarettes must tell u that they will kill u?

Searching for a 'new aesthetic' now that summer is over. Want a new 'movement' to 'get jacked up about'/listen to on my iPoddy.

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Just spent 4 hour trying to get past the boss on level 10 of DAFT PUNK: ELECTRO WARS an 8 bit video game

Meme hijack via pedestrian.tv

Feel like u've proven that ur a meme worth blogging about if some1 makes an 8bit video game about you, possibly for their final exam grade at the community technical college that they are attending. In the game, u r a Daft Punk robot who has 2 steal back samples/records from Justice. Feel like if I were a blogger from the year 2k7 (the golden era of electro/bloghouse), my head would have 'exploded' from this meme. Think that this game is more fun/worth ur time than Electroma.

Here is my feedback/'constructive criticism' for the game:

  • Enable weapons, including electro lightning bolts
  • Utilization of the Daft Punk sound pyramid as a 'home base'
  • Show France experiencing some sort of Earth quake
  • Have manager of both bands "Busy P" get 'held hostage' or use him as a gimmick in the story line
  • Make both forces come together to fight against Australia in the electro war
  • Have the band 'assassinate' another non-electro band, or something
  • involve Obama/ Osama Bin Laden
  • Have a level where u have 2 'take down electrosnark bloggers'/have 2 navigate through

After u play the game, feel free 2 leave ur suggestions.

Damn. Sort of would be 'pissed' if some1 stole all my samples.

Kinda hope this game 'gets green lit' for a Wii/Playstation/Xbox version so that I can sue them [via usage of the original HRO term 'electro war']

Play game at website.


In the future, will all bands have video games instead of 'albums'/'EPs'/'myspace pages'?
do u think 1 day a band will make music from 8bit video game chips?

Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

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Did yall watch the Grammys?

Yall.. I didn't watch the Grammys cuz I'd rather just read reactions to it on the internet, then pretend that I watched it/was there/I am connected to the modern world. Seemed like a real celebration of things that are kinda mainstream but letting more alt artists in2 the show. Some of my favourite bands like MIA, Radiohead, and the Jonas Bros were on display. Maybe next year I'll be invited?

Question 1) When an alt artist wins a grammy, I feel

a) validated
b) like I accomplished something
c) a lil bit sad that I am losing a part of me
d) pissed off about my fave band selling out
e) just wanna 'get buzzed' and dance to bloghaus + ironic pop

Question 2) M.I.A. is

a) just a meme
b) pregant
c) should have stayed home
d) trying too hard 2 reach out 2 mainstream audiences
e) just taking care of herself/her career

Question 3: Deadmau5 will be remembered as

a) a zany masked DJ
b) just some weirdo at the Grammys
c) "what is that bro doing at our show?" -Taylor Swift
d) being responsible for bringing 'masked djs' to the mainstream
e) just a meme on the day after award shows

Question 4: This is a picture of

a) the coldplays
b) a band that steals songs
c) the writers of the rock album + song of the year
d) bros who need to retire their gimmick
e) Cool dads searching for meaning

Question 5: These bros are chilling at

a) the Grammys
b) A Cool Dad convention
c) A Kidz Health convention
d) A McDonalds playgrond
e) A liberal arts professor conference

Question 6: When I see this single, I think it is

a) Just another bloghouse mp3
b) just another crappy mp3 posted by a lame entrylevel blog on the hypemachine looking to get hits
c) worth a Grammy
d) the best Remix of all time
e) other

Question 7: Kanye West won a grammy for

a) Best frollet
b) Best blogger of the year
c) Worst black person of the year in America
d) JackOfAllTrades/Renaissance Man of the year
e) Best guy who sounds like a robot on his albums

Question 8: Who wore it better?

a) the broad on the left
b) the broad on the right
(this is a test 2 see if ur a racist)

Question 9: The Lonely Island Bros are

a) going to win a Grammy in 2k10
b) a gimmick for bros
c) comedy for bros
d) glorified bro Weird Al bullshit
e) really funnie
f) really progressive
g) going to make the Flight of the Conchords obsolete for bros
h) something for people who smoke weed and watch dvds/ funnie youtube vids

Question 10: This bro won a Grammy for

a) best assault of a broad
b) best knuckle sandwich 2 a broad's face
c) Best job of 'putting a woman in her place'
d) Most likely 2 be the next OJ Simpson
e) Future Ike TurnerBro
f) Strongest Pimp Hand
g) Artist of the Millennium who Hits Women
h) Bro Who is above the law
i) bro who is above society's norms

Question 11: Daft Punk won some Grammy because

a) they deserve it for this live album thingy
b) there are too many Awards categories
c) people only heard of them after Kanye West cobranded with them for that meaningful duet about becoming stronger on the inside

Question 12: Christian Bale won a grammy for

a) being Heath Ledger's BFF
b) being in Batman
c) becoming a viral meme on audio
d) pretending 'to get angry' as a marketing gimmick for the new Terminator film so that Entertainment Magazines will profile him as being 'complex' and 'deep' and 'really into his craft'
e) he sang a lot in Newsies

Question 13: The name of this band is

a) 3 Tweens and a Blind Black Man
b) Blind, Black, and Musical: The Band
c) Searching for Our Sexuality thru the blindness
d) Bro Circle Jerk in a room with a blindman
e) Guy Who Should be able to see + need Talent Managers who protect their brands a lil bit better
f) The Grammys: Where Legends go to Make Bad Decisions
g) Steve WonderBro
h) Tweens Who Might be GheyBros

Question 14: This band in this picture is

a) the Spice Girls
b) Paramore
c) Blink 182
d) Girls Aloud
e) The Pussy Cat Dolls
f) Aqua
g) Jen Aniston and the Skanky McSkankBroads
h) Chris Brown's "Pimp Hand"

Can't believe I missed the Grammys. Feel really 'out of the loop.' Just want to connect 2 'pop culture' since it is kind of the fabric of society that relates us all.

Kinda feel like this picture represents the state of modern music.
In this picture is everything that we want.
We want bloggable content with stars who attract viewers by saying zany things and being progressive enough to blurb about.

Did yall hear M.I.A. is pregnant?
Are yall excited about how twitter gives u such direct and instant access 2 ur fave celebs while they are at a meaningful event like the Grammys?

[via diplo's drunken memes during the Grammys blogspottwitter]

Should I get a tattoo that tells the world what I am after all?

For the past 100 blog years, I have been searching for the most authentic tatty that represents who I am. A tattoo will be on me forever, and I plan on living 4ever, so my tattoo will live forever.

Should I get a tattoo that tells the world I am human after all?

Did Electroma prove that we're all robot after all? (h8 that m0vie)
When we are captured by the opposing army during the electrowar, will they tattoo electro bloghouse catchphrases+lyrics on us to identify who we are? Hope I can be "I fucked my American Cunt" or "Lights and Music r on my mind" or "Ready to Uff." What do yall want 2 b?

Just wanna showcase who I am, yall.

[Photo via Whp Ths]



In the future, will all AZNs have fade mullets? (unisex AZN theory)

[foto via Azn Dan]

Are French Robots Allowed 2 Vote?

Does n e 1 know how elections work? I have been reading news websites and there is one coming up. Does ne 1 know how to 'create.my.own.vote'? I'm not sure if there is some sort of iPhone app that I am supposed to add to my Blackberry, or something like that. Also, I am friends with a few robots & creatures from the electro jungle. Are they allowed to vote if they weren't born in the United States?

Does the election happen every year?
Do the candidates ever release mp3s that get posted on hypemachine?
Is every blog on the internet supposed 2 'endorse some1' kinda like a newspaper?
How does this stuff work, yall?

I'm also kinda worried about what will happen 2 the world after a 'new bro' is elected? Do u remember the personality type of your fellow classmates who 'wanted to be a politician' when they grew up? Have yall ever chilled with politicians in real life. Are they like a (High School Class President)^10000 ?

Hope the w0rld doesn't end. :-( Just want 2 beLIEve.

Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

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Which Busy P Empire Spinoff Product Should I Buy?

Should I buy these Daft Punk loafers?

Or these Daft Punk Dolls?

Or the Busy P + SoMe sneaker?

Don't u h8 FRENCH PEOPLE BANTER in English?

Should I buy the Ed Banger ED PHONES?

Should I buy this FEADZ Mighty Kids Meal // Happy Meal?

Or should I get the Uffie McFlurry maker?

Or should I just 'cum' with an an androgynous McDonalds character? <3 Grimace <3

[Photo by GVB at Grimace's DJ Set @ Pitchfork Music Festival (2015)]

Or should I be Justice in a Palestinian scarf for Halloween?

[Shoes via Sean Ahern Tumblr]
[FGGT Dolls by Daily Swarm]

Or should I just buy a pack of Sharpies and huff them until my brain starts leaking out of my nose?

What are yall gonna buy?

Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

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Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Uffie is a French bloghouse rapper who is known for hanging out with her titties out.

Read more>>>>


DJ, Buzzband

Justice is a popular banger house electro group from France on Ed Banger Records.

Read more>>>>


In today's Mainstream=Alt eInstallation, the blggr/webartist "The CRLS" attempts to connect with humanity by using a 'lil guy' from the hit film Electroma. In this tiny robot, we can all see a bit of ourselves'. We all have hopes, dreams, fears, wants, needs, and more questions than answers. Maybe there is more 'yall' in humanity than we even realize.

H U M A N   A F T E R   Y A L L

H U M A N   A F T E R   Y A L L

H U M A N   A F T E R   Y A L L



Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

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Is Daft Punk's ELECTROMA a big pile of p00p?

Electroma is a meaningful story about 2 robots who want 2 be human. As you can see from the 10 minute highlight reel below, the robots drive in cars, put on plastic human skin, and then burn themselves' alive.


I can't even remember when Daft Punk's film ELECTROMA came out (in 10 total theatres). Is it still in post-production? Is it coming out soon? I know that as an electroDescendant, I must find Daft Punk to be 'authentic'/'a respected elder', but just unsure about this lil robot film thingy.

Maybe because of the Masked DJ era, it's more difficult to take a film about masked DJs who put on human masks seriously. I'm sure it provides relevant commentary on technology, humanity, and other important teen issues, but I don't know if I will ever 'get' it. Maybe it's a concept film like that one Wall-E.

Maybe I can identify with scenes like this where you feel like an alt in a mainstream world. :-(


h8 it when I go out in the sun & my face starts to melt.

SRSLY THO... who has actually SEEN all of ELECTROMA?

Do u know n e 1 who has actually sat through Electroma?
Do u know n e 1 who owns Electroma?
Do u know n e 1 who went to a [RARE] screening at an authentic movie theatre in a major metropolitan area in order to see it? Do u think they wasted ___ minutes of their lives' watching a sillie robot film?
If this film was made in the 1960s, would we have seen it on Mystery Science Theatre 3000?

When a movie has a 4 minute long face-melting suicide scene, should we take it seriously?


(do scenes like this make ELECTROMA the greatest film ever made?)

I'm in crisis, yall. Don't know how to feel about Electroma. Was it a landmark in filmmaking? Just wanna know if people have actually seen it. Have yall?
Why do all of the modern electroActs just make documentaries? Why can't they make fictional stories about themselves and their quest 2 b __________.

Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

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How to break free of your alt-bro herd and finally get some PU$$IE

Turning into a robot will fix most of the problems in your alternative life. This former alt-bro found the love of his life.

This robobro lost his alt-AZN-virginity.

Please be careful, though. Dressing up like a robot doesn't guarantee automatic tug-fests. You might just end up an an alt-robobro junkyard. :-(

View more robobros at DanceOnPartyOn


This is what the members of Daft Punk looked like before they converted into robots.

They didn't even know how to make music before they were robots. They were just some vagrant French men. Now they make transcendent records in the genre of 'robot rock', and one of the robots (Thomas Bangalter) is married to alt-foreign-artsy-hottie Élodie Bouchez.

She used to be a muse for Marc Jacobs, back before he got into 3rd World Rappers.



Bands that 'stand the test of time' end up looking like Cool Dads

I remember in my interview with popular internet personality, MC Steinberg, he talked about not know who the Shins were when he interviewed them, and he thought that they were just some 'cool Dads.'

Now, whenever I see a band mature and age, I can't help but think of them as 'cool alternative parents.' While some of these dudes are probably actually parents, it's just pretty interesting to think of these guys as transitioning between holding a guitar to holding a 4 year old daughter.

Sonic Youth

Blink 182

Daft Punk without their masks?

Is it weird when 15 year old girls relate to songs that a 'cool dad' wrote? Does Deathcab for Cutie still sing about themes of youth and blossoming love on their latest album?

I guess transitioning into a COOL DAD is better than 'trying to find the fountain of youth via partying too much.' Right?

"God bless the daylight
The sugary smell of springtime
Remembering when you were mine
In a still suburban town
When every Thursday
I'd brave those mountain passes
And you'd skip your early classes
And we'd learn how our bodies worked"

-Benjamin Gibbard, DCFC

Would u learn how ur body works with a cool dad?


An early frontrunner in the Party Pixxx Power Rankings has to be 1/2 Alive's photo sets.

One of the main strengths is their recent 'WE HEART DAFT PUNK PHOTOBOOTH.' With gimmicks as strong as these ones, it's hard not to recognize a 'scene creator' that seems to do more to 'bring the community together', as opposed to focusing on creating a douchebaggy personal brand (like this guy: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDff0dFphxw&rel=1] ).

Wouldn't you want a DaftPunk CutOut at your local partie?


There's also a rumor circulating around the blogosphere that 1/2ALIVE is shooting an unauthorized sequel to Daft Punk's ELECTROMA. According to my sources, it's a robot snuff film, and there will be sex scenes, but they will be tasteful, like The Brown Bunny.

[View the Daft Punk Photobooth Set here]


This song's pretty PHAT

I don't know anything about the Bloody Beetroots. They sometimes wear masks while DJing, so maybe the world isn't supposed to know that much about them.
They look pretty cool, though. They sound good. This draft of the track "Butter" sounds pretty solid. Maybe 2008 will be the year of the Bloody Beetroot, because I could kind of hear this song being remixed a lot.

The Bloody Beetroots make bangers that are have more pop appeal than a Justice song.

The Bloody Beetroots Butter (Draft)

MORE PIX of the Bloody Beetroots
In tha studio

Like Daft Punk, without $20,000 masks and a million dollar pyramid

Oh damn they chill with Justice and Fluo Kids? They must mean business.



ROCCANOVA is another solid product out of Miami. The bloggable music economy in Florida seems to be booming as of late.

ROCCANOVA was mentioned at at Discobelle but got lost in a huge grab-bag style post.

Roccanova's Remixes certainly have their own aesthetic. He manages to add a solid HOUSE feel to all of his tracks. ROCCANOVA remixes = worth invading your iTunes Library + spinning in your next DJ set.

Hostage I'm High (ROCCANOVA REMIX)
Daft Punk Television Rules the Nation (ROCCANOVA REMIX)

Visit Roccanova's Myspace

SymbolOne: You Need Them on Your iPod

SymbolOne is the best band you haven't heard of yet.
I think their music is as satisfying as Justice, travels a complete journey like a Daft Punk song, and has the pop appeal of Chromeo jams.

Their song 'Everything Louder Then Everything Else' will probably end up being one of my top songs of 2007. It reminds me of the Van She remix of "Gravity's Rainbow" by the Klaxons, but better.

MP3: Symbol One - Everything Louder Then Everything Else [You MUST DL this song] [As highly rec'cd as it gets!]
MP3: SymbolOne - Love Juice

Their limited edition vinyl is coming soon. The EP will be A side "Everything louder then, everything else" + one more song, and the B side will have 2 remixes. We'll post buying information when it becomes available.

SYMBOL ONE's Myspace

A Daft Punk Interview Worth Blogging About

It's nice of Daft Punk to clear up our motives when it comes to why we should appreciate electronic music VS. why we should enjoy electronic music.

From Pitchfork's Interview with Daft Punk:

Pitchfork: What's your opinion of DJs like Justice, who are obviously hugely influenced by you? Do you feel any sense of friendly competition with them?

TB[Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter]: Justice are talented. They make good tracks and have fun doing it. We come from a generation that wanted to make electronic music accepted, at a time [when] it was not. The place of electronic music, culturally and socially, is today completely different-- it is now everywhere, and it has been totally accepted. Consequently, there is now a younger generation that is more focused on making great electronic music, good parties, and having fun, where there is not any more so much need for cultural and ideological statements in electronic music itself. We're genuinely happy if some musicians of this younger generation are influenced by our music, as we were ourselves influenced 10 years ago by older musicians.

This quote makes me feel REALLY Generation Y-ish. Do I listen to good music to have fun, or do I really appreciate it?

MP3: Daft Punk - Face to Face
MP3: Justice - Waters of Nazareth

Buy Justice at Amazon.
Buy Daft Punk at Amazon.

Why are we REALLY up all nite? [not 2 get lucky]

There are times in our lives when we must stay up all night. But we do it for various reasons. Most of those times are not in fact to 'get lucky.'

Sometimes, college students stay up all nite in order to study for an important exam. Other young people stay up all night to talk with their friends. The idea of 'getting lucky' doesn't cross their mind. Some people stay on the internet all night, browsing and chatting with friends or strangers.

Other people actually work at night. Janitors, overnight doctors, Wendy's employees are all people who must work at night to keep our society going.

Anxiety and stress keeps people awake. Without a quality night's sleep, people can lose years off their life. The idea of staying up and 'getting lucky' doesn't mean that a romance could last forever. Sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy also deter people from going to bed with the type of people who are up all night to get lucky.

Prostitution is an entire industry that has been built around people staying up all night in order to get lucky, except they are purchasing it. 'Getting lucky' does not guarantee happiness, or a fulfilling relationship. Most people will not stay up for it.

This vlogger also details excellent reasons why people would not be able to sleep. He seems very cool and down to Earth with many good observations about human nature and society, similar to 'VICE' on HBO.

Some people are homeless, they sleep under bridges, but they are actually awake under bridges because the ground is very uncomfortable. I wish every one could get at least 10 hours of sleep every night on a high-end mattress. However, most people cannot sleep that much because society has trapped them, and they have to wake up early to go to work.

The idea that people stay up all night to party, dancing and getting lucky is simply not true. I am tired of false stereotypes being celebrated in songs.

The truth is, people stay up all night for lots of reasons, and most of those reasons are not to get lucky.

Why r u up all nite?
Please let us know in the comments below.

NSFW: Pharrell Williams GETS LUCKY as he watches his fiance NIP SLIP!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Pharrell BB! U r ToTaLLy up ALL nite 2 get lucky!

I see ur fiance's NIP SLIP! U really got lucky seeing a b00b! U look HAPPIE and HORNIE abt it, bb!

I love ur new song with the robots! Those two robots are HOT. It is kinda true that technology is kinda taking over because I haven't made love to a man in years--i have only been able to use my lil rabbit vibrator that I bought at #SpencersGifts. I need new batteries soon, but I am also scared of the rise of the machines. But at the same time machines will never steal all of ur money, use ur kitchen as a meth lab or force u to live in a basement for 6 years.

But u know what? I was actually happy when I was trapped in a basement with 3 other women for 6 years. We were REALLY good friends, but I missed the POP CULTURE.

LOVIN the new GET LUCKY song, PharellBB! It sounds JUST like the music that I listened to when I was in my 20s. I can't believe how old I'm getting, but at the same time, I have a lot of wisdom from lots of heartbreak and painful shit that makes me who I am. But at the same time, I sorta suck at life. I wish I was Pharrels fiance! She looks SeXi and EtHnIc!

U rlly GOT LUCKY bb!

That's honestly a cute nip, tho! I wish mine weren't such ginormous saucers. Its emberresing. I wonder if they have nipple reduction surgery. #ashamed

Maybe u got NIPPY!

Rkelly who? #TeamPherrell
Chad Hugo who? #TeamPharrell
Slip who? #TeamNip

Fran Drescher goes to see Kraftwerk, ruins the vibe with her annoying voice

I'm FRAAAN DREESCHERRR [in annoying voice]

hehehehehehehe [annoying laugh]


Look at me THREEE DEEEE GLAAAAHSSSSESSS? [in annoying voice]

I'm watching KRAAAFTWEEERRRRHHHKKKK! They were FAAABUULOOOUUUSSS! [in annoying voice]

hahahahahahaha [annoying laugh]

Did they rip off Daft Punk? REEAAALLLYYY??

I'm FRAAAN DRESCCHEERR also known as THE NANNY and I'm watching KRAAAFTWEEERRRKKKK!!!! [in annoying voice]

I loooove krauuutrock. hahahahahahaha [in annoying laugh]

This has been the worst post in the history of HIPSTER RUNOFF.

Kraftwerk rips off Daft Punk, pretends they are bleepy blooping robots

Photos by Weird Magic dot biz
kraftwerk 3d
Dude. Who the FRIGG is Kraftwerk?
I've never heard of this new buzzband
But I guess they are 'getting all the buzz' or something
probably the latest overhyped blogosphere band

Don't get me wrong
I'm all about authentic buzz
But srsly...
Daft Punk did it first.

Ur trying to tell me ur robots
ur not human after all
U stand up there playing ur bleep bloop machines
acting all proud

when Daft Punk has BEEN THERE

Oh kewl, u went 3D?

I heard that 'going 3D' allows u 2 'charge more.'
I hate living in post-Avatar Society.
Thanks a lot James Cameron
U Terminator 2 ass hole

Srsly though...
What's with the costumes?
Ur bitter that Daft Punk got the Tron soundtrack?
Get over it, guys.

I don't know who this Kraftwerk band is
but I'm not digging it
find ur own gimmick
The robot dance music bleepbloop thing belongs to Daft Punk

Does n e 1 know who Kraftwerk is?
Are they relevant?
Why are the Kraftwerks ripping off Daft Punk?
Is the 'robot' gimmick 'over' anyways?
Is Daft Punk rolling over in their electro grave?
Do u h8 Jimmy Cameron 4 inventing 3D movies, or is he chill bc of Terminator vibes except for the recent ones?

Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

Read more>>>>

Daft Punk partners with Coke 2 release new flavor + 'branded experience'

It makes me rlly sad thinking abt how Daft Punk's career turned out. Sure they wrote one of the greatest electronic/dance albums of all time... but then they 'sold out' [via Disney] 2 do Tron. Now they are partnering with another billion dollar Fortune 500 company, Coca Cola, in order to go more mainstream and make more easy money.

I guess u gotta give them props 4 riding the robot brand all the way to the bank...but at the same time... sorta just wish they'd sample some solid dance music and make music worth blogging abt again, instead of just coasting off their pre-existing brand.

Following a successful collaboration with Mika in 2010, soft drink giant Coca-Cola partners up with another major act in 2011 as they introduce the Daft Punk x Coca-Cola “Club Coke”. Produced in two distinctive colorways, mimicking the helmets worn by the French duo, the gold and silver bottles will see a limited production run beginning in March 2011. In addition to the general release at clubs, the bottles will be packaged in a collector’s box as a set, made available in exclusively through colette in Paris. Further information on this collaboration will become available through Daftcoke.com, which goes live in a few months.

Part of me only wants to drink Daft Coke 4 the rest of my life...
but at the same time... maybe it is time 2 switch 2 Pepsi.

Sorta get the feeling that the new Coke Daft Punk flavor tastes like rusty nails, ethernet cords, and USB flash drives.... Doesn't sound 2 tasty 2 me.

Here is some boring commercial/promo that features some new boring sounding Daft Punk music.


I wonder if Mountain Dew is 'regretting' Green Label Sound... Like 'we shoulda just spent all of that money on buying a Daft Punk album instead of wasting it on all of these low level blog buzzbands.'

Is Daft Punk 'the future of how bands will make money'?
R u sad abt Daft Punk's career, or happy that they will make money?
What's ur fave flavor of coke? Vanilla Coke? Coke Zero? Cherry Coke?
Did Coca Cola outsource their vending machines + fountain stations 2 robots? [via touch screen]


Can Daft Punk ever be relevant again, or are they just 'coasting' off their pre-existing brand?

Daft Punk's new crappy soundtrack album is their most commercially successful ever [via Disney]

Just found out that Daft Punk's new album called THE TRON LEGACY SOUNDTRACK cracked 'the billboard top 10.' Kinda makes me sad bc the album was 'such a big letdown', but ppl are still buying it. Must be because Disney 'marketed the shit out of it.' Rlly wonder who 'bought this album' and what they expected out of it. Maybe they wanted to 'have a party' in their car, or potentially they

Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy soundtrack debuts at #10. It’s the week’s highest-charting soundtrack to a theatrically-released movie...

I remember 'Discovery.' Seemed like a huge hit because every relevant indie electro fan 'knows abt it.' But I guess no1 bought it when it actually came out, because ppl were 2 young, and every1 was probs like 'WTF is this techno?' back b4 French Robots were totally 'kewl.'

This is the highest-charting album ever by the electronica-dance duo, which first charted in 1997. The duo’s highest-charting album before this was 2001’s Discovery, which reached #44.

Do u think this is 'bullshit'?
Does Daft Punk deserver 'commercial success' 4 this 'piece of poop'?
Did u see 'Tron: Legacy'? Is it 'bullshit'?
Do u think Disney can make 'any album' a hit [via the Jonas Brothers/Hannah Montana]?

Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

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One of the Jonas Brothers goes to the TRON premiere bc he thinks it is a Daft Punk concert

I'm Joe Jonas
Just another famous post-tween strategically growing scruff + soul patches
Remember the time I tweet abt chillwave buzzband Neon Indian? [link]
I'm pretty alt, recording a new indie-sounding album

Anyways, I hit up this kewl new Daft Punk concert
It's called 'The Tron Tour'
I heard they really 'bring it', tons of kewl visuals
(sponsored by Disney)

Feels really good to know that the Daft Punks are now in 'the Disney family'
The Walt Disney Corporation has been rlly good to me + my bros
(The Jonas Bros)
So having a few alt robots in the family
will definitely help us get a little bit more 'alt cred.'

It's a good company,
They'll take care of u
Not sure if they'll get you 10.0s on Pitchfork
but they'll expose u to one of the largest emerging markets in the world: tweens

I know Generation Y thinks they are all important + relevant
But u gotta think abt the future.

Do yall like Ducktails? (not the buzzband)

See yall l8r
-Hue-bro, Du-bro, and Lou-bro

Anyways, gotta go bang this tween
Trust me--uglier broads are 'better in bed' because they are afraid that if they don't 'go wild', they will 'get dumped.'

Joe 'Ass 2 Mouthin Tweens All Day' Jonas

Does Joe Jonas seem 'hella alt'?
Is Daft Punk losing 'tons of cred' because they are now branded with Disney?
Are the Daft Punk Brothers the new Jonas Brothers?
Will we see Daft Punk remix the Jonas Brothers?
Has any1 seen Tron: Legacy? Is it 'any good'?

Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

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Pitchfork 'pans the fuck' out of the new Daft Punk album, gives it a 5.5

Daft Punk has some new album out that is the soundtrack to the hit film TRON: LEGACY. A lot of ppl are confused bc ur supposed to be all like 'aw hell yeah! Daft Punks rules! <3 their new album', but then they realize this is just a movie soundtrack and Daft Punk got paid 'mad Disney dollars' to produce this.

Anyways, Pitchfork panned it with a 5.5, which is still probs 'very generous' because of what a huge letdown this album is. Really wonder if Daft Punk's career is 'ovr', at least in authentic indie alt circles. Worried that they are going to 'hit rock bottom' and end up having 2 DJ at Mexi electro raves in Southern California.


This is not the new Daft Punk album. It's a score for a Disney franchise film that cost an estimated $200 million to make. As such, there are lots of classical-inspired strings and horns played by an 85-strong orchestra. Most of the soundtrack's 22 pieces don't last more than three minutes; only a few could be considered actual songs. And while we knew this was going to be a score since it was first reported nearly two years ago, it's tough to shake the gloom of blown expectations while listening to the same ominous theme as it repeats in slightly mutated forms across the hour-long soundtrack. The French duo's current move is almost undeniably disappointing, but it's also not a surprise.

Pitchfork says that Daft Punk has moved to a 'smoke and mirrors' model bc they just hide behind their gimmicks.

Daft Punk aren't the same two guys who made Homework and Discovery. Over the course of the last decade, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter have increasingly relied on images to complement-- and sometimes justify-- their music.

Always used to think that maybe 1 day Dafties could get a 10.0... Guess I was wrong.

Wonder if Daft Punk made some sort of 'deal with the devil' and now they have eternal writer's block.

Here is another great 'pan quote':

Daft Punk haven't even attempted a can't-miss song in at least five years, and the Tron: Legacy soundtrack keeps that unfortunate streak alive.

Miss u Homework and Discovery.

So basically Daft Punk's whole 'robot gimmick' has gotten stale, and bc they haven't made any good mp3s lately, it looks more like it is a 'gimmick' that they are hiding behind so they can be all lazy and go after Disney money.

Watching the movie, I couldn't help but think that this was Daft Punk's attempt at topping their legendary pyramid tour. Theoretically, by teaming up with Disney and the most high-tech cameras and surround-sound systems and recording facilities known to man, the two could could dive bomb into the minds of millions of people in one immense opening weekend and stay consistent with their man vs. machine ideology-- all without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

Here is a 'sick closer' where they say Daft Punk has gone mainstream and no longer has authentic priorities and they should be effing ashamed of themselves:

Daft Punk used to be a couple of guys hellbent on making genius dance music who happened to wear goofy robot helmets. Along the way, though, their priorities seem to have changed.

Is Daft Punk's career 'over'?
Has Daft Punk 'lost it'?
R u tired of Daft Punk's gimmicks?
Are u so bitter abt the fall of Daft Punk that their 'good albums' now make u angry and don't allow u 2 party?
Will Daft Punk evr get their electro swagger back, or is it 'ovr'?
R u gonna see TRONNIE?
Is TRON gonna 'tank'?
Is Disney gonna be pissed that they hired robots to score their movie?
Has Daft Punk 'settled'/'given up' on their career?

Daft Punk

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Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

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Pitchfork Media

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Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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Daft Punk wants u 2 buy their $350 headphones instead of making any good mp3s

Daft Punk is in this new movie TRON, they made the soundtrack and it is a huge letdown, and I sorta just want them 2 'go away' until they write "Discovery 2.0", but now we are being 'barraged' by press from Disney because they made TRON and they are doing everything they can 2 let every1 know 'how kewl' this movie is gonna be.

I guess Daft Punk did this cuz they would be guaranteed 'mad bank' instead of running the risk of releasing an album that 'flopped' critically and commercially. U can respect them for that I guess.

Here is the dumb 'press release' where they really try to co-brand Daft Punk, TRON, Disney, and 'sweet ass headphones':

"To complement the futuristic TRON: LEGACY soundtrack created by Daft Punk required cutting-edge products that utilize the most innovative technology and high-end design,” said Chris Heatherly, vice president of toys and electronics, Disney Consumer Products. "We sought out true industry leaders to bring to life Daft Punk-inspired merchandise that will take the TRON: LEGACY experience to a whole new level for fans."

Glad they are thinking abt the fans so we can 'buy more shit' that is branded by our fave bands.

R u gonna buy these?

Will these 'transcend' demographics? Will gamers, electro bros, and ppl who think they live in TRON WORLD all buy these headphones?

Here is another paragraph abt more shit they are selling or something:

The Daft Punk Edition TRON: LEGACY headphones complement the extended electronics line by Monster which is designed to appeal to discerning gamers and audiophiles and features dark finishes, neon lighting and the cyber aesthetic of the film. The Monster TRON: LEGACY T1 over-ear headphones feature Advanced Noise Suppression Technology and ControlTalk™, for easy and clear hands-free calling (SRP $349.95). The TRON: LEGACY audio dock is inspired by the iconic data disk from TRON: LEGACY ($249.95) and delivers a world-class listening experience. TRON: LEGACY fans that have downloaded Disney Mobile's free TRON app (www.itunes.com/app/tron) will be able to use the TRON: LEGACY audio dock to unlock a special TRON-themed alarm clock feature.

Rlly let down by Daft Punk.
Wish they had actually 'made an album' 2 'blow us away' instead of wanting to go head-2-head with Dr. Dre by creating these headphones.
R u gonna buy these?
Do these headphones look like they were designed by Linkin Park?
Is TRON gonna 'bomb'?
Are Dr. Dre headphones the 'official headphone choice of the Rich Blipster'?

Did Daft Punk secretly ruin/tank in 2k10/2k11?
Can I borrow $350 from some1 so I can buy some _________?

Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

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Daft Punk made a boring new music video [via that TRON movie]

Really feel sad abt the indie content in the blogosphere in December. Feels like there is 'nothing' relevant/exciting 2 blog abt. Stuck blogging abt Daft Punk's new video from the TRON movie. Really 'does nothing' 4 me.

Feeling kinda 'ovr' indie. Daft Punk rlly let every1 down. Can't believe they just made 1 of those music videos where they just 'show movie clips.' TRON seems like a huge disaster. Can't believe Daft Punk has fallen so hard/far.
Don't feel like this is 'cool' at all. Maybe I am just too lofi/chillwave for robot gimmicks any more.
Miss u 'Discovery.'

Just glad 2k10 is ending.
Wake me up when it is ovr.
Wake me up when it is ovr.
Wake me up when it is ovr.
Wake me up when it is ovr.
Wake me up when it is ovr.
Wake me up when it is ovr.
Wake me up when it is ovr.
Goodnite world.

U can now stream the new Daft Punk album, is it a 'let down'?

Daft Punk did 'the soundtrack' for the new movie "Tron: Legacy." Apparently u can 'stream' a mix of their new music now. Kinda afraid to listen 2 it. Feel like it is probably 'a huge letdown.' Kinda sad that they haven't been able to recapture the magic of Homework/Discovery.

Have u listened to their new album/the 'leak'?
Did it meet ur expectations, or is it just 'forgettable soundtrack music'?
Does Daft Punk have any alternative credibility left?
Has Daft Punk 'already done enough' 4 'the electro scene', so they can just chill out 4evr now?

Is it still 'kewl' to say that u listen to Daft Punk?
Is TRON gonna 'bomb'?
Is Daft Punk gonna regret being associated with TRON?
Did Daft Punk 'peak' 10 years ago?

Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

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Does the new Daft Punk mp3 sound like a crappy Justice MP3?


I remember when it was announced that Daft Punk was going to 'score' the TRON movie remake, every1 was 'creaming their pants' because TRON is 'ironic' and Daft Punk 'kills it', so it would be a meme that we could blog about forever.

Now the moment is finally here and I'm listening 2 this new song by Daft Punks called “Derezzed” and it seems pretty 'whatever.' Totesally not vibing to it at all. It sounds like it is 'too techno' 4 me, and I think of Dafties as some sort of bridge between 'pop music' and 'French House dance music.' I guess they are just cashing in or something. Have a feeling that this movie is going to be a huge flop and is going to lose a lot of money, but just as long as Daft Punk got paid, it'll probably be chill.

Honestly feel like the song sounds like a 'crappy Justice MP3', like there should be more BANGER in it, or some really rowdy filters masking how obvious/boring it is, then u can just say it is HARD.

R u 'excited' by Daft Punk's re-emergence with TRON?
Is TRON going to 'blow'?
Does it look like it is trying too hard to create a high-grossing film PLUS a cult classic?
Did Daft Punk 'peak' with Discovery? Should they just stay retired?
Do yall hope Justice comes out with a new MP3 soon?
Should Justice dress like robots to try to steal some of Daft Punk's market share?

Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

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VIDEO: Daft Punk joins Phoenix on stage, seems totally pointless/lame


Every now and then, 2 bands will 'collab' on stage just to produce a bloggable meme that every1 has to blog because there is so much brand synergy that u can't 'pass it up', u have to let ur readers know that it was a meaningful experience, and if ur life was meaningful, u would have been there 2 experience it. Just read a bunch of blogs 'flipping their shit' abt Daft Punk joining Phoenix on stage. Watched like 10 minutes of shaky youtube clips trying to ascertain whether or not this was amazing/bloggable, but decided to go ahead and post it so u can have the same empty feeling inside as me.

Check out these entry levelers 'flipping their shit.' H8 collabs of bands on stage where they are clearly just trying to 'meme' and don't really ever unify their sound.


I remember back in the day, before Phoenix was mainstream and Daft Punk wasn't rlly a universal brand, I probably woulda vibed to this. Maybe in like 2k4. But c'mon. It's 2k10. Not gonna get excited about this entry-level mainstream collab going down at Madison Square Garden.

Here is another snuff-esque clip. U don't have to watch it. Really unfulfilling.


Here is some video clip by some guy who is sitting in the last row of the mainstream arena, but still felt inspired 2 capture this moment 4 youtube.


Should Daft Punk join Phoenix?
Do u think these French Indie Wavers are 'taking over America'?
Should America prevent French bands from 'getting too mainstream' and stealing our buzz dollars?
Are French ppl better at music than Americans?
Do they 'get' pop music?
Is Phoenix the most successful indie band in the history of indie?
Do u wish u were at Madison Square Garden to be a part of this epic moment in indie history?
Do u feel insignificant cuz u weren't there?
Do u think they made 'beautiful sounds' or were they 'forcing it' and it ended up making them both sound/look dumb?
Are Phoenix + Daft Punk 4 lamestreamers?

Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

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Daft Punk writes new song except it sux & is nothing 2 get excited abt


Just read a bunch of blogs 'buzzing' about a new Daft Punk produced track. The band N.E.R.D. apparently sings the song, but Daft Punk wrote/produced it. They played it Live on Letterman. Tried to get 'pumped' when I watched this live performance, but it was pretty forgettable, and then I just started thinking about how Daft Punk's Discovery came out in 2k1 and that is probably the greatest album they will ever write. We need to stop kidding ourselves' thinking they can top it. Feel like we are all just waiting around 4 them to 'recapture the magic, but maybe we need to admit that their best days are behind them.

When did Daft Punk peak? Discovery? Homework?

Is the Tron soundtrack going to be crappy/gimmicky?
Is Daft Punk running out of money so they have 2 produce songs 4 other bands?

Are artists 'trying too hard' to differentiate themselves on late night talk show performances?

Was this live performance terrible?
Do u wish u had some sort of silent army of hot model slaves who just sat there quietly?
R u pissed that u were 'headline baited' into thinking that Daft Punk had released something worth getting excited abt?

Did Pharrell Williams peak 5-10 years ago?
Is NERD 'overrated' as a band / retail outlet / lifestyle brand?
R u gonna give up on Daft Punk?
Is Daft Punk entry level anyways?

Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

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