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Disposable Cameras


After being bombarded with so many blogposts and traditional media outlet BLURBS about THE DEATH OF THE POLAROID, it was refreshing to see some one taking the initiative to utilize a new form of outdated technology for the sake of being unique.

Disposable Cameras: Big in 2009?
Disposable Cameras: A threat to the DSLR industry?
[Photo by KissAtlanta]

Polaroid cameras and film will never die, so please don't max out a credit card hoarding boxes of Polaroid film to sell on eBay in 7 years. Polaroid is probably going to license out the production capabilities to some ass hole businesses (like a subsidiary of Urban Outfitters, the yet-to-be-founded Chinese rival of American Apparel, Dim Mak, or HipsterRunoffCorporateHQ), and those companies will sell Polaroid cameras and film to target markets consisting of your less-than-artsy friends, and also parents looking to get their 'spoiled, yet creative' child a Christmas gift that is more authentic than the traditional digital camera.

UnChill AZN Bro purchases disposable camera, captures 'the moment' in an unchill way

Not sure what ur trying 2 do bro
Just vibing out with my bros
But then u should up
with a gddmn disposb

How r u so unchill?
Wish u'd just vibe out with some digital photography
maybe buy a low-end point and shoot
or a DSLR
Feel like even a polaroid would be chill

Dear Lord
Jesus Christ
Sweet Mother Mary of God
Pray for us Chill Bros
and at the hour of our death

Wish u'd just drink a cold brewski with us
but I guess ur too sophisticated in an unchill way
Bros who 'can't just drink a beer'
are so intensely unchill

Just need a mini bottle
of Sutter Home wine
Want to be a cultured wine connoisseur

Our UnChill AZN BRO, Who art in unchill vibes
Unchill be Thy Name;
Thy chillness come,
Thy torn sweater be done,
on Chill as it is in Bro Alt heaven.
Give us this Chill our daily chillwave mp3,
and forgive us our unchill vibe harshers,
as we forgive those who unchill against us;
and lead us not into unchillness,
but deliver us from unchill azns & miscellaneous unchill people, places & ideas. Amen.

If u stick ur tongue to an Unchill AZN bro
Do u get stuck 2 him 4ever?
[via sticking ur tongue to a frozen pole in winter?]

Are bros who 'dont drink brew dogs' unchill?
Do u drink wine at bars?
Is 'drinking wine at bars' for moms?

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