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Jared Leto directs trailer for HARD Summer 2012. Has he captured the American Electro Zeitgeist?


Jared Leto can do it all. He is a singer, rock band leader, actor, alternative icon, fashion icon, deity in the majority of Asia, and director. He is widely regarded as The Most Alternative Man Alive. It seems like he is 'spreading his wings', looking 2 take on new challenges. He directed the 'trailer' for HARD SUMMER 2012. Hard is a popular electro festival rave brand that puts on some of the most important American electro raves in the world. They are the people who recently brought u HOLY SHIP: A Very DubLectro Cruise Ship.

Anyways, as u can see, Jared Leto really captured the zeitgeist of the American Electro Movement. Do u believe that modern rave culture is the last festival movement that embodies the spirit of Woodstock? This blipster does.

Do u want to go to a HARD event and 'lose urself'?

If u were to die at any American music festival/rave, which 1 would it be?
Being trampled to death at Lollapalooza, or ODing at a random ass rave in a barn in the middle of nowhere?

Say what u will about Jared Leto as an actor/musician/artist, but maybe his true calling is directing commercial clips 4 clients....

Leto usually directs under the name "Bartholomew Cubbins." Do u feel like Jared Leto ripped off the work that Bartholomew Cubbins did for the epic 30 Seconds to Mars video for "Closer to the Edge."


Do u appreciate the way that Jared Leto uses the power of the 'random ass teen fan interview' in order to convey the spirit of youth and hope in his videos?
Does it make u wanna go to HARD SUMMER 2 see a #JaredLetoDJset?
Is Jared Leto the voice of every generation?


I wish I could just go 2 Tommorowland...
Get lost...
It looks like Electro Utopia...


What is the greatest modern rave in the world?
Did Jared Leto 'nail it' or does he need to ride more fantasy-waves?


Jared Leto

Actor, Buzzband

Jared Leto is an alternative actor, and the lead singer of the band 30 Seconds to Mars.

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Meet the World's First Tween Dubstep DJ: Aiden Chance

We've seen tween singers, dancers, actors, and other internet tweens get famous by appealing to emerging markets of tween-centric audiences. What if I told you that there was an up-and-coming tween DJ? His name is Aiden Chance, and he is from somewhere in Utah. We have not confirmed whether or not he is Mormon or how many brothers and sisters he has, but we CAN confirm that he is a fun loving electro dubstep house lover who is here to do big thangs in 2k12.

Can Aiden Chance become the world's first tween DJ?

He has 'DJ-style' press photos where he looks like he is playing the VIP section of heaven.

[RIP Chris Benoit]

Is this the era of the tween DJ?
Is this the year that Aiden Chance become the next big dubstep DJ?
Will Aiden Chance become the Rebecca Black of DJing or the Justin Bieber of DJing?
Can tweens do anything?

Is Aiden Chance as swag as it gets?

As you can see, Aiden Chance has all the right DJing moves. He can work the knob board emotionally, raise his hands to tell people to 'get the eff up', and most importantly, drop the bass.


The Tweens are Truly going crazy 4 Aiden Chance. Who knows what festivals, clubs, and sponsored events he will headline in 2k12.

There is truly no stopping Aiden Chance in 2k12. Filling up limited capacity clubs on the reg, it is clear to see the youthful enthusiasm that DJ Chance brings 2 the crowd, proving that the art of DJing is not just about the music you play, but about the true energy and passion behind it.


Will Aiden Chance take over the world in 2k12?
Will we see more Tween DJs now that electro/dubstep/DJ culture is so prevalent?
Can Tween DJs become more successful than topless DJs and/or masked DJs?


Will Tween DJs become a 'must book' act at festivals, clubs, and high-priced sponsored events?

Wanna Come 2 My DJ nite? [via Fred Armisen-wave Portlandia-level cultural commentary]

Do u ever wish u had more supportive parents who knew how to help u perform/DJ at music festivals?
Is Aiden Chance a buzz human 2 watch in 2k12?

This has been Buzz Humans 2 Watch presented by HIPSTER RUNOFF.

Check out Aiden Chance at this year's Bamboozle.


'Wuddup?' -a tween bro

Skrillex, Diplo, Steve Aoki, & A-Trak play a Rave Cruise called HOLY SHIP. Was it the Electro Titanic?

Photos by Rony's PhotoBooth
holy ship haircut
What if I told u that there was a magical ship that was filled with the most relevant DJs in the world: Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Diplo, A-TRAK, and MORE setting sail, heading towards destination: PARTY ISLAND, but then while u were on the journey to PARTY ISLAND, u realized that PARTY ISLAND was in fact a destination that lived inside ur heart? Would u jump on board this ship with the opportunity to bronoodle with premium nip slipping bikini BBs, dubstream tatted up bros, relevant DJs, hot altbagettes, and the most relevant ppl in the world? What if I told u that the entire ship was a metaphorical VIP area?

This was Holy Ship, some sort of 'electro rave cruise' that happened last weekend. It was an 'epic hang', although it could have ben widely referred to as 'the day the dubstep died' and/or 'Electro Titanic' if there was some sort of iceberg-wave tragedy.

Did u go 2 Holy Ship?

'Pick me up on Monday, mom.'

'Behind me, we will make DJ/dubstep history. Molly dealers will arrive to the ship in tugboats.'

Me and my best dubstream altbros were prepared to die on Holy Ship.

True or False: This is a picture of the most relevant DJs in the entire world.

Such SICK glowstick moves could only be legal in international waters...

How many Skrillexes can u carry?

Me and a Wizard! #selfpic

One thing I love abt Diplo is that he is always willing to expose the Western World to the 'savage, sexual dance moves' of foreigners and ethnics.

The Dubstep Guy from Korn and the guy from the Pamela Anderson sex tape were both there trying to improve their DJ careers

'One time I made a sweet sex tape with my wife, Pamela Anderson Lee on a boat. This boat is not as fun.' -Tommy Lee, future dubstepper of America association.


It was 'cheat day' at the Carnival Cruise buffet.

Steve Aoki and his usual 'Yes, I am paid to be here. You are not.' face.

Ray Liotta was there.

NIP SLIPS & HOT B00BZ AHEAD! AHOY! ----------->


Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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Alternative Celebrity, DJ

A-Trak is a popular alt DJ who is also mainstream.

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DJ, Alternative Celebrity

Diplo is a relevant alt DJ and producer.

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I convinced my parents to turn our house into a Magical Christmas Dubstep Light Show


Every year, my family tries to do something special with out Christmas lights. We'll usually go to Target, Costco, WalMart, and other Christmas specialty popup stores to find the most innovative lighting and lawn sculptures that can make our house the most unique Christmas display in our subdivision. In recent years, I felt like my father had been 'falling off his game.' I took matters into my own hands.

I turned our house into a magical dubstep Christmas light show, to the tune of "First Of The Year (Equinox)" by Skrillex. At first, my parents wondered if we could use a different song, like something off Michael Buble's Christmas album. Then I told him, 'It's what the kids are listening to, dad. It's the dubsteps.'

For the first time in the past 10 years, I felt like I had a reason to be 33 years old and still live at home with my parents. There was a reason that I went to a local 2-year Technical College. This was my time to shine. My time to show my father that I could turn our house into a magical Christmas light show, pushing the boundaries of what Christmas lights could be, without betraying the classic xmas light aesthetic.

I'll never forget the look on my father's face as every movement of lights perfectly matched every womp-womp, wah-wah, and bass drop. Despite complaints from our neighbors for having the song on repeat for every minute of darkness, there was no denying the beauty of our house. Our house lit up the streets, like the Daft Punk pyramid in the center of Coachella. We sipped hot cocoa and basked in the glow of our dubsteppy house.

For the first time in my life, my dad put his hand on my shoulder. I had never felt physical affection from him. He told me, "Son, I'm proud of you. For Christmas, I got us two tickets to go see Skrillex. You and your old man, enjoying the music that brought us together."

Even my little sister got caught up in the spirit of Christmas, but more importantly, the spirit of Dubstep.


'Every time a dubstep mp3 streams, an angel gets his wings.'


Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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Every morning, I start my day with a bowl of dubstep cereal.


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day
It is also an important buzz meal
fueling your body
for you daily quest 4 eternal relevance

Recently, I started eating a very dubsteppy cereal
The vibe is authentic, American, British, underground, ravewave
It's so good that both James Blake AND Skrillex could enjoy it
without arguing abt what makes 'authentic dubstep'

They say whenever ur cranky
ur really just hungry
and u really just want to vibe out
with some dancing bears.

Start ur day off right
with a bowl of DubCereal
Frosted MiniDubs
Rice Krispdubs
Cocoa Dubbles
Lucky Dubsteppies
Honey Bunches of Dubs
Special Dub
Captain Dubcrunch
Cinnamon Toast Womp
Kashi Go Lean Dub
Raisin Bran Dub
Fruity DubLoops
Kellogg's Smart Dub

What kind of dub cereal will u start ur day with?

Listen to the Snap, the crackle, the pop, the drop, the womp
the bass
Take some E
vibe on some molly
enjoy ur cereal

This is a brand new day
Don't skip the dubbiest meal of the day.

What kind of cereal do u eat in the morning?
Is 'cereal' for poor, unhealthy Middle Americans?
Is dubstep a relevant branded aesthetic for emerging Gen Z markets?
Has dubstep gone 'mainstream' [via tween marketing campaigns]?
Have u ever had this cereal?

James Blake is a Dubstep Classist: The Problems with Modern Indiecentrism

For a while, I have been joking about the quest for a position called 'The Prince of Dubstep.' An ongoing battle for supremacy between artists like Skrillex, Deadmau5, Jamie xx, Burial, and James Blake, who are basically some of 'the most famous' dubsteppers in different realms of the genre. Usually, I would include James Blake in the conversation even though I always figured that his music 'wasn't really dubstep', but it was just funny that he considered to be a member of the genre. Always seemed more like a conceptual soft rocker to me. I figured it was just the indiesphere mislabeling something, just because labels are effective writing tools to appeal to ppl who don't really listen to music.

James Blake 'made indie shockwaves' yesterday in an interview with The Phoenix. He basically said that Americans ruined dubstep by taking it to inauthentic raver-bro markets.

The things that drew me to dubstep in the first place weren't necessarily the kind of testosterone-driven environments that you got from say, late jungle or some of the drum 'n' bass stuff that was happening after that. I think the dubstep that has come over to the US, and certain producers — who I can't even be bothered naming — have definitely hit upon a sort of frat-boy market where there's this macho-ism being reflected in the sounds and the way the music makes you feel. And to me, that is a million miles away from where dubstep started. It's a million miles away from the ethos of it. It's been influenced so much by electro and rave, into who can make the dirtiest, filthiest bass sound, almost like a pissing competition, and that's not really necessary. And I just think that largely that is not going to appeal to women. I find that whole side of things to be pretty frustrating, because that is a direct misrepresentation of the sound as far as I'm concerned.

James Blake dropped a massive, Anti-American bomb.

James Blake is above American dubstep.

James Blake hates Americans.

James Blake thinks dubstep can be lumped into the 'North American Scum'-wave demographic [via Deadmau5 being from Canada].

James Blake hates dubstreamers.

James Blake doesn't like his drop TOO dirty.

I am not really even very familiar with the genre of dubstep, and I am not a dubstep historian. I just remember there used to be some mysterious bro in a hoodie who every one creamed their pants over then dubstep became a bit more 'prevalent.' Like any genre other than chillwave, we argue about the history, influences, and try to project some sort of 'optimal trajectory' for the genre. Like we are some sort of watchdog and historical preservation society. However, there is something 'troubling' about James Blake's statement. I applaud him for 'saying something with balls', which is something that the majority of artists avoid ever doing and just 'try to sound cool and quirky' in interviews, but I feel like his statement perfectly embodies the white man's indiesphere's problem with dubstep.

Has the indiecentric mindset's rejection of Dubstep culture exposed the impending obsolescence of the indieblogosphere?

Indie is facing a harsh reality. Many of our most beloved indie bands have evolved into 'what they are going to be.' They will not take many risks in the future, and their lack of innovation is likely to leave us pretty disinterested in their product. There aren't that many great personalities in indie, and the way we perceive modern indie bands as 'artists' actually works against them. It feels like every modern indie band is expected to 'play by our rules', debuting their albums on boring NPR streams, existing to us in the context of familiar widgets and strategic brand alignments.

The newest 'buzzworthy' indie bands are just decent replicas of who they think they are supposed to be, replicating the same tactics of the old indie guard. Are you really that excited about the next Animal Collective album?

As we enter our alt-middle ages, we are at a crossroads. Do we want to go fall asleep at a Bon Iver or James Blake concert, or do we want to watch people who are younger than us have the same kind of fun that we used to have at a dubstep concert? Immersing yourself in dubmericana culture makes you wonder if the same joy and excitement that we once felt for music might have been just as impersonal and contrived.

What does the old guard white man's indiesphere even 'value' in the music that they honor as 'authentic'? Why has American dubstep been deemed as 'inauthentic'? Is it the people who enjoy the music? Has music tastemaking just become a classist exercise?

What are you afraid of, authentic indie blog? No longer 'being cool'? No longer controlling the ability to tastemake future generations? Become the same stale voices that we thought we had avoided becoming 5-10 years ago? Has indie 'peaked'?

James Blake claims that American dubstep is too crunchy, too wompwomp, too contrived, too bro-y, too testosterone-y, too ravey. It is 'just a pissing contest' 2 impress simpletons who are not 'students of dubstep.' Every genre of music eventually becomes a pissing contest. You can call it 'evolving' or 'the corruption of the genre.' You can call it 'attempting to make music that people enjoy/relate to', or you can call it 'manipulating the masses.' Ambition = Success = Marketing = Pissing.

I pee every day, competing for relevancy. My stream is long, thick. My prostate does not interfere with my ability to pee a consistent stream...yet.

It is also important to talk openly about the quick rise of dubstep DJ culture and the resentment and jealousy that it can inspire from buzzbands. Face it. You're an indie artist driving around Middle America in a van, and your best business model is taking handouts from megabrands. You're not going to make too much money this tour. The critics are on your ass. Some ass hole blog makes fun of you weekly. You wonder if 'being alt famous' is even worth it. Should you just get your master's degree and a decent job? Will you ever be the Arcade Fire? Do you even want that?

Then you see a popular DJ making more than you make in one night because they sold out a massive venue to people twirling glowsticks. You say the music sucks. You say their fans are less authentic than your fans. You say they have 'corrupted' something pure for the sake of money, success, fame & glamour. They see Deadmau5 headlining Coachella and wonder if the indie infrastructure could even get them there in a rewarding/fulfilling way. Maybe the jealousy isn't that simple, but it's a natural extension of human nature.

How did Skrillex reach Bono/Coldplay-level resentment levels so quickly?

I have more questions than answers.

Indie Buzzbands can question the talent & authenticity of dubsteppers. Dubsteppers can question the talent of indie buzzbands. Right now, the majority of 'genuine enthusiasm and excitement' is in the dubstep genre. Maybe it's 'youth', 'simpletons who just want to dance' or something else that James Blake hates.

Why is the indiesphere so afraid of American dubstep?
Are we in the middle of the Electro Vs. Indie War?
WTF is dubstep?
Do we really care abt the authentic preservation of genres, or is that an 'old timer's mindset'?
Why is the modern indie media resentful/negligent of these new markets when 'rap'/'hip hop' is deemed relevant/authentic/worth covering?
Did James Blake just 'bastardize' the sounds of Michael McDonald, Stevie Winwood, and Rick Astley?
Did James Blake 'speak the truth' or should he 'shut his goddamned pie hole'?
Should he be 'effing deported' from North America?
Why do we buzz the bands that we do?
Do indie blogs h8 any band that isn't created on their terms?

There was potentially a lot of truth to what James Blake said. But if you agree, maybe you should initiate a musicstential crisis relatively soon. As caught up as we can be in preserving the indieblog ideology on a day-to-day basis, the general conclusion that we always come to is, 'Let's not think about context. Let's think about how this music makes us feel.' Dubstep is making a lot of people feel something.


American Dubstep/ElectroRaveCore/Branded_House is here.
It is more popular than the Best-New-Music-wave bands.

What's so wrong with dubstream?

Is h8ing dubstep 'classist'?
Is indie already dead?
Have u been 2 a rave/dubstep concert? How did it make u feel?
Does the buzz drought just mean the indie model 'ate itself' and there is nothing left?
How obsolete is the once buzzworthy indie blogosphere?
Are indie music blogs just facilitators of sponsored experiences?

#TeamAmericanDubstep #Dubmericana

James Blake

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

James Blake is a solo buzzband from London. Some call him 'the prince of dubstep.'

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Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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Buzzband, DJ

Deadmau5 is one of the top DJs in the world who is taking dubstep 2 the mainstream.

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Fallen Dubstreamers: We Shouldn't Have Crowdsurfed :-(

So there I was...
At my first relevant music festival that showcased a top tier dubstep DJ
Vibing hard with my hands in the air

I felt a force picking me up
Was it the spirit of dubstep
crunching the ground we walked on
lifting me up

I was surfing!
Surfing on the crowd
Making my way towards my fave dubstep DJ

Hands all over me
Grabbing my body everywhere
Carry me! Carry me 2 dubstream salvation!

I was approaching the mainstage
I felt alive
I reached out my hands
I see an angry, buff security guy looking all pissed off at me


No, those were not the sounds of a dubstep breakdown
I fell down on my head
All of a sudden I began to feel dehydrated
I have no energy

One moment, u feel on top of the world
The next, you are sitting next to a dubstream bro checking his pulse


No, once again not the sound of a dubstep breakdown
That is my indistinguishable pulse
Am I dying?
Is my heart still beating?
Am I concussed?
Am I dehydrated?
Am I exhausted?
Is this why my parents didn't want me to go 2 a music festival?
Is dubstream too hardXcore 4 me?

All I wanted was a meaningful crowdsurfing session 2 never end
Instead, I got severely injured
My mom came to pick me up
We had a quiet meal at Taco Bell.

I am safe.
Save us from the dangers of dubstep!

I am a fallen dubstreamer.

Bro in a dubstep shirt eats at Chili's. Has dubstep gone mainstream [via dubstream]?

An overgrown tween bro sits in a Chili's stuffing his face with sliders, boneless buffalo wings, chicken crispers, SXSWestern eggrolls, and spinach artichoke dip. He wears a shirt that says 'DUBSTEP' on it multiple times.

Is he a mainstreamer?
Is he a lamestreamer?
Is he an alt?
Is he a raver?
Is he a tween alt?
Is he a dubstepper?

No. He is a dubstreamer. An emerging genre of suburban bros who are vibing to the recent 'trendy' electronic music called 'dubstep' that is going mainstream. Sure, he might listen to other bubble gum indie, but he understands that 'being into electro/dubstep' means that his vibe is on the cutting edge of modern partying. He goes to festivals to take some mollies, then feel the deep bass in his tummy, shaking his Chili's food within him as he digests.

Look at this effing dubstreamer. [Photos via the cobrasnake]

Raver or dubstreamer?

Looking keut in some dubstreamer gear

"The highlight of my life was watching Skrillex and an unmasked Deadmau5 dropping some heavy dubbeats at an exclusive impromptu VIP performance."

In the future, dubstep will be played at Chili's.
Dubstep is already on top 40 radio.
Brit Spears is already dubsteppy.
Dubstep DJs are becoming the most popular humans in the world.

Dubstreamers are a new relevant genre of alternative humans.

Yes, some ppl are still 'ravers', but the majority of these ppl are probably 'dubstreamers.'

Let's meet up at Chili's with our dubstream bros.

R u a dubstreamer?
Do u h8 dubstreamers?
Is dubstream 'the new punk'?
Is there a difference between 'dubstep' and 'dubstream'?
Did dubstreamers ruin dubstep?
Are the forces behind the dubstream explosion taking advantage of alternative middle markets in ways that high end indie never could?
What's the difference between a raver and a dubstreamer?

Welcome 2 the dubstream era!

RAVE OR DIE 4EVR & EVR: The Middle American Commercialization of Rave

Photos by thecobrasnake

Apparently, 'raves' are totally hot right now, and there is some alt music festival going across the country called Identity Festival. Basically, they are taking the high-end marketed commercial rave vibes to Middle Americans who like to vibe out to LEGIT DUBSTEP like effing ROCKSTARS with SWAG who like to RAGE. SO CA$H. It seems like the spirit of high-end California wave marketed electro is sweeping across the nation thanks to acts like Deadmau5, Skrillex, and Steve Aoki. S0, S0 very CA$H.

It's great to see juggalos evolving beyond horrorcore to get into electro, dubstep, house-wave, and bangercore. 'It really feels like electro is the modern punk' -some bro who is really proud of being into electro

Have Middle Americans 'ruined' electro rave vibes?
Has 'electro music' become more popular than boring ass white man's 'indie'?


One of the creators of South Park, Steve Aoki, and Diplo share an intimate moment backstage 2gether.

i am JACKED on Rock Star Energy Drink!


Waiting til nite to pull out the glow sticks

This is groovier than Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza after a series of bong rips in my suburban apartment!

$11??? for Coors Light? What a rip off!

So blazed... SO CA$H...

Rave Devil Horn bro

My dubsteppy cool dad is S0 CA$H

Lookin good, bb!

I don't give an EFF... but I am kinda pumped that Steve Aoki autographed my head.

Save the hulahoop for Marleyfest, bb [via ppl who float between alt events just to do drugs]

I am safe from radioactive non-electro vibes

A keut lil rapegaze bb!


Go back to the Gathering, friggin Juggalos!

Go back to Myspace, friggin myspacer!

Not sure where yall came from, so can't tell u where 2 go back 2....

'Meet me in the bathroom, bb' -The Strokes


What kind of ppl are in2 dubstep?


I gotta be honest, I am not really that into dubstep, I am basically just 'reacting' to it invading the mainstream indiesphere. Artists like James Blake, Jamie xx, Thommy York, and Skrillex are trying to go 'dubstream', but at the same time, there are probably tons of other totally authentic underground dubstep artists like burial, and the tranny bro in this video, hyping up her new single that is totally hot!

I am sorta interested in the future of the dubstep aesthetic. Figuring out who will ultimately 'own' the genre, who will be remembered as the #1 dubstepper of all time? Is it an authentic genre, or just a 'flavor of the week' aesthetic that Britney Spears utilized and then tons of lamestreamer Middle Americans tried too hard to be like, "I'm totally gonna pump this out of my car stereo."

Really into this dubstep tranny's dubstep single 'dropping' on iTunes. It gives me hope that instead of starting a chillwave lofi buzzband, I can just hire a random ass electro bro producer and then sing nasty lyrics over it with really dark vocal effects. Is it time to become an authentic dubstepper, or is this trend totally lamestream now?

Srsly though....What kind of ppl are in2 dubstep?
a) electro bros
b) altbros
c) UK bros
d) tweens
e) tranny bros
f) tranny broads
g) lamestreamers
h) mainstreamers
i) post-chillwavers
j) Hot Topic tweens
k) buff dude bros who partie hard
l) Pitchfork-wave music critic bros
m) ppl who read NME
n) ppl who hang out on mssg boards and talk abt music
o) ppl who don't listen to internet music
p) ppl who used to listen to Linkin Park
q) Britney Spears fans
r) ppl who think Radiohead is the best band in the world
s) Bros are are still into the whole Banksy/Burial anonymous aesthetic
t) Ppl who drink Mountain Dew
u) Ppl who used to be into Taking Back Sunday
v) Bros who wear cologne
w) Bros who want vagines and bosoms
x) Bros who own headphones that cost over $300
y) Ppl who play violent video games
z) Choose.Ur.Own.Response

Is dubstep 'relevant' or just a 'BS electro fad'?
WTF is 'dubstep'?
Who invented dubstep?
Does the Tranny Bro's dubstep single seem amazing?

Please share any info abt dubbystepp that u have in the comments section of this post.

Has Jamie xx replaced James Blake as the Prince of Dubstep?

Jamie xx - Far Nearer


It seems like we are in the middle of some indie Dubstep Wars, perhaps a new war that was born from the Electro Wars. I really don't know anything about dubstep, music, electro history, or anything that gives me any authority to genrefy or even analyze music, but maybe that makes me a lot like u... just another bro searching for relevant mp3s that send positive vibes in2 ur life, inspiring u to connect a USB cord from ur compy 2 ur iPod phono, loading a relevant buzz mp3 to stay with u 4evr [via on-the-go].

I just heard this song "Far Nearer" by Jamie xx, the drummer bro from the XX. His gimmick is that he usually just taps on some drum pad thing and wears all black and usually wears a black cap that a conceptual gang member would wear. In addition, he got tons of authentic press after the Gil Scott-Heron death, so u have to give him props for hopping on that inevitable death meme. Anyways, I think when it is 'all said and done' Jamie xx might be remembered as one of the greatest drummers and producers in the history of modern indie, and potentially in the modern dubsteppian genre.

I am not sure if he can go mainstream like Skrillex [via Hot Topic tweens], but maybe the XX is already mainstream in Europe. I feel like James Blake probably heard this song, and was all like 'I wish I had used more steel drums', but I also kinda wonder if Jamie xx really played steel drums, or if he just tapped out some steel drum samples on his lil pad sampler iPad app. It seems like James Blake is sorta like a 'hype buzzband', but he might flame out, or just turn into one of those fallen buzz humans that no1 really cares about even though blogs still blog abt them.

Pictured: Steel drumming bros from an indie concert in 2k19

It seems like Jamie xx has really asserted himself as 'the backbone' of the xx. Sure those other 2 people can sing in sexie voices that give u an erection/wet vagine, but at the end of the day, Jamie xx provided the conceptual vibes that helped 2 make ppl 'take them srsly'.

Jamie xx realizes that steel drums are the future of indie.


We sold our guitars and pirated Ableton Live
We ditched Ableton and purchased chillwave lofi synths and 4-tracks
We put our synths on craigslist and purchased authentic Carribean steel drums

Are steel drums the future of indie?
Is Jamie xx the #1 drummer in indie?
Who is the #1 drummer in indie?
Is he a better producer than Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor?
Is Jamie xx overrated/underrated?
Is he getting 'too famous' for the xx?
If he goes solo, will he drop the 'xx' and just go by 'Jamie _ _'?
Is James Blake no longer the Prince of Dubstep?
Is Jimmy Blake overrated?
Should James Blake and Jamie xx merge into a dubstep supergroup called Jamesie xx?

Jamie xx

Alternative Celebrity

The drummer bro who taps on the pad for the xx

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James Blake

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

James Blake is a solo buzzband from London. Some call him 'the prince of dubstep.'

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Skrillex's hair catches on fire. Is this an omen 4 the dubstep EDM scene?

Happy Birthday dear #Sonny (That is what his real friends call him)
Happy Birthday tooo youuu
(OH MY GOD!) [via the sample from 'Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites']
Skrillex, bb!

Ur hair caught on fire!
If only all of ur close friends #sidestage
[via bros selling footage to TMZ]
helped u 2
drop [via the bass]
and roll [via on #molly #e #shouldatakenacidwithyall]

I would dump water on ur hair, Skrilly
even if it shorted ur entire on-stage visual audio system
BC I don't want the fire 2 get in2 ur brain
I don't want 2 lose u

Ur a living alt legend
And even though the rise of dubstep and ur sideshave
were exploited as a meme that positively contributed
2 the rise of dubstep
They don't <3 u like I <3 u [via 'wait']

I remember in 2k12,
EDM stormed the world
U ascended 2 the throne
as the true Prince of Dubstep
invigorating the scene with positive vibes
making tons of old music critics be all like
"U know what, the dubstepping kids are having fun, and god bless em"

But ur hair caught on fire
on ur Birfday.
Is that some sort of

Is this symbolic 4 the attack on dubstep/EDM?
Where will all the DJs go?
Will EDM culture become too 'middle american'?
Are we still in <3 with the singular DJ as the symbolic image of the vintage rocknroll lifestyle?

Do we need 2 #SaveDubstep?
Can EDM continue 2 grow, or will there be a recession?
Are all of the Civil War Re-enactment Wave Bands 'fighting against' dubstep and EDM?

Is 'dubstep' dying?
Is it true that TRAP MUSIC is 'taking ovr'? [TRVP]
Can raves stay alive?
Will raving youth mature
much like boring cool dads who listen to honkie indie 'grew up'
and 'indie music' turned into 'adult contemporary'?

What's next 4 the dubsteps?
Is Skrillex's hair getting set on fire a bad sign / omen?



Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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OP-ED: Why Miley Cyrus's dubstep career is good for Obama's 2nd term

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Miley Cyrus has TOTALLY gone dubstep! This is just what I needed because I'm hearing SO much dubstep at the club. I absolutely LOVE new trends, and I am a very OPEN person who likes NEW TYPES of musica! (musica = Spanish for music)

I love this Bogore song! His name sounds like BOOGER, which is emberrissing because I usually have boogers STREAMING out of my nose. But on the other hand, it means that my body is HEALTHY and WORKING. That's what I tell myself after I take a HUGE bowel movement. I say, "Hey girl, u may be a big girl, but at the same time, u just dropped at least 5 lbs of excrement out of your body."

I need to Zumba to dubstep! That would prally help me burn A SHITLOAD of calories.

Yay Obama won. I wonder if he will do the thing where every one gets extra money if they file taxes this year. I hope I get a #surplus because I need a new DVD player, HD TV, and one of those mounts that you put it on the wall and you can connect it to your computer to stream Youtubes on the big screen. Then I can cancel my cable and have WAY more money. #ripoff

I wanna eat the cake with Miley! Let's dubstep soon, girl! Call me up!

Miley has the perfect body and the perfect hair and I think if I could just pick her brain for an hour, first of all, she would like me and we'd be friends forever, but also I think that she could give me helpful advice about being gluten free.

I wanna partie dubsteps with Miley! I gotta buy me one of those zany lil hats that look like an animal! #fun

Miley is the Princess of Dubstep!

Middle Aged Man goes to a Skrillex show, morphs into RAGING dubstep VIP dbag

Photos by The Cobrasnake

Middle Aged Man.
Searching for something more.
Middle Aged Man.
Career going very well.

Meet Mitchell. Go ahead and call him "Mitch." He is in middle management at a regional Samsung supplier, a liaison to partners in the Far East and a well-respected project manager within the company. Mitch posted huge numbers in 2012-Q1. The biggest thrill of his life was watching the birth of his only son, Mitchell Jr. Well, besides the time he had to go to Thailand and purchased sex from a she-male prostitute. Mitch has a dark side, tired of his life. Tired of his job. Tired of day to day responsibilities. Tired of the way he looked. The way he felt. The way young people looked at him as if he didn't exist, just a boring background face in their lives'.

This night had been a long time coming for Mitch.

The night it all changed was a Samsung Galaxy S III launch party. He had never heard of Skrillex. He had never heard dubstep. He had never even been to a sponsored event with an open bar. Over the course of the night, Mitch found a new scene where he truly belonged.


He felt the dub, the womp womp, the bass, the youth, the feelings, the vibes, the emotions in his entire body.

Mitch was finally free. The person he never had the opportunity to be. Tonight, Mitch was a bottle poppin VIP ass nigga, tearing up the club. The club truly could not handle Mitch right now.


Mitch had so much confidence in his new environment. He felt like any girl could be his. He approached with his failsafe Mitch 2.0 line, "Do you know who I am, bb?"

Young people looked at Mitch and at first it looked like he didn't belong. But the way Mitch partied was admirable. By the end of the night, every one was friends with Mitch. Mitch insisted on ordering rounds of shots for the entire party even though the alcohol was free.

We can learn a lot about the human spirit from Mitch. Maybe we're all just searching for a fun place, young, pretty people, and most importantly, an open bar. Maybe we're all just scavenging this Earth for a free drink, a good friend. A pal like Mitch. Even though something like a product launch is what brought us all together, maybe we need to focus on the pure vibes of a free spirit like Mitch.

Maybe we learned that the spirit of Skrillex can invade any one, despite their age, size, race, nationality, or sexual orientation. Perhaps the power of the Samsung Galaxy Android Phone is inside of us all.

O Mitch...
No1 does it like u, Mitch...
U truly have infinite swag

Last night, the entire world belonged to Mitch.


Did this Middle Aged Man turn into a VIP raver d-bag?
Or is he the purest, alt-est soul of 2k12?
Is 'craft beer' the only thing that a middle aged man can taste?
What did u learn from the Story of Mitch?


Alternative Celebrity, Meme

Mitchell, aka Mitch, is a partying middle aged bro.

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Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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Deadmau5 is on the cover of Rolling Stone. Has EDM stepdub finally arrived?

Rolling Stone Magazine is like a blog, except on paper, and for some reason it carries 'cultural weight' because this blog existed before the internet. I'm new to 'the industry' so don't ask me to tell you the difference between content farm methodologies. Anyways, DeadmauFive is a popular DJ and producer in 'the EDM dupsteb scene.' He is on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.

The reviews of the cover have been mixed.

Now, we can ask the question, "Has ______ finally received the recognition it deserves because it was on the cover of ________, a magazine that is sold to tweens and uncool dads who will probably pin the cover up in their garage as they dream of escaping from suburbia?"

"This is truly a great moment for EDM. Finally, we are being recognized. WE are more than just ravers."
-some1 who went to Electric Daisy Carnival and survived

"This is an outrage. Skrillex/Avicii/Davey Guetta deserved this cover way more than that mouseyFive."
-EDM contrarian

"Who is that Mickey Mouse DJ guy?"
-Middle American

"Remember the time Skrillex was on the cover of SPIN Maggyzines? We covered EDM first."
-SPIN Maggy

Has EDM 'finally' arrived?
Is this the moment where it crosses over beyond the mainstream?
Can Deadmau5 outsell Adele now that he has been on the cover of RS?
Is the guy in the DEadmau5 mask 'a jerk/prick'?
Or should he show off his HOTTIE HUNK BODY more often when he DJs?
Who is the most relevant DJ in the world?
Do u <3 dead mow five?


Buzzband, DJ

Deadmau5 is one of the top DJs in the world who is taking dubstep 2 the mainstream.

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The Little Raver Who Could [RAVE HAS NO SIZE]

Photo by the Cobrasnake

A little raver had a super important rave 2 attend.

He went along very well till he came to a MASSIVE CROWD. But then, no matter how hard he tried, he could not move the dense pack of ravers and dubstreamers.

He PUSHED and he PUSHED. He ROLLED and he MOLLIED. He backed and started off again. DUB! WUB!

But no! the little raver could not make it to the front of the crowd. He was stuck in non-VIP, General Admission hell.

The little raver understood that it was time 2 get some help...

"Surely I can find someone to help me crowdsurf 2 the front where I can see my fave EDM DJ playing some tunes," he thought.

Over the hill and up the track went the little raver. Choo, choo! Choo, choo! Choo, choo! Choo! DUB! BASS EFFING DROP! LEGIT SWAG DUBSTEP.

Pretty soon he saw a big raver bro standing in the middle of the crowd. He looked very big and strong. Running alongside, the little raver looked up and said:

"Will you help me over the crowd with my tiny raver body? I love this music just as much as any1 else."

The big raver looked down at the little raver. The he said:

"Don't you see that I am rolling my balls off and trying to make out with this bitch dressed up as a fucking Sesame Street character? I'm seriously frying here, trying to make MY way to the front. No, I cannot help you,"

The little raver was sorry, but he went on, Choo, choo! Choo, choo! Choo, choo! Choo, choo! DUB! WOMP! WOOOMP!

Soon he came to a second raver hottie broad wearing basically nothing. He was puffing and puffing, as if he were tired.

"That raver whore may help me," thought the little raver. He ran up to her and asked:

"Will you help me get to the front of this relevant show? There are so many ppl who are so tall, that I can't get over there."

The raver whore answered:

"I have been here since 3 pm, dancing my ass off, and I am really dehyrdrated, basically about to die. Don't you see how tired I am? Can't you get some other raver to help you this time?

"I'll try to do this shit myself," said the little raver, and off he went. Choo, choo! Choo, choo! Choo, choo! DUB WUB DUB WOMP BOOM BASS DROP.

Eventually, the little raver took matters into his own hands. He climbed up some raver's backpack, and had some guy who was on tons of drugs push him above the crowd.

Puff, puff! Chug, choo! Off he started! He began to float above the crowd to the front

Slowly the lil raver began to move. Slowly he climbed to the front of the crowd. As he climbed, the littler raver began to sing:

"I-think-I-can! I-think-I-can! I-think-I-can! I-think-I-can! I-think-I-can! I-think-I-can! I think I can - I think I can - I think I can I think I can--"

And he did! Very soon he was making his way towards the front-stage relevant VIP area loft with free access to unlimited Grey Goose alcohol, cranb juice, soda, OJ, and diet Red Bull.

Now he was at the front, and the little steam engine could make eye contact with his favourite DJ.

The DJ played, and throughout the whole set, the Little Raver who could continued 2 sing:

"I-thought-I-could! I-thought-I-could! I-thought-I-could! I-thought-I-could! I thought i could - I thought I could - I thought I could - I thought I could - I thought I could - I thought I could I thought I could --"


Pitchfork does feature interview on Skrillex. Has he 'crossed over' 2 indie audiences after being ostracized?

Up until today, Pitchfork has taken an anti-Skrillex and anti-American dubstep stance. In the early days, they supported James Blake's minimal bass version of dubstep, but then his buzz sorta died. Now, Skrillex has 'taken over' the modern American music zeitgeist, managing 2 appeal 2 mnstrm vibes AND moderately alt vibes. There's been a whole wave of old ass indie journalists doing dumb 'pieces' where they 'went to a Skrillex show', 'felt old', then 'gave Skrillex his due' for recapturing the authentic essence of music, even though it clashes with the old live-music-experience paradigm that is basically just 'white dudes with guitars, now with a few more bleep bloops.'

Anyways, he was 'featured' in a Pitchfork interview, so u have 2 wonder if P4k is going to start 2 'bail' on fringe/fake buzzbands, and instead focus on dubstep, music that ravers listen 2, and everything else that cool dad, white, indie NPR listeners are not really used 2. In a way, u have to say that Pitchfork is moderately responsible for the memefication of Skrillex into some 'joke meme', just the face of a rave scene for people who wanted to do molly and dress in small clothes, disregarding his art over the course of his rise to post-relevancy, Grammy wins, and mainstream fame.

Skrillex could have been our Lana Del Rey... except there wouldn't have been a backlash when he crested with Grammy success... Maybe 'indie blogs' should have gone EDM already?

Pitchfork: Do you have any theories about why you've been singled out as somebody that people hate?

SM: If you try to understand, that's diving in and reading what people say about you, and you can't do that because, fuck man, it's strange. It causes a stigma. For a long time, I was so oblivious to it because I play these shows and everyone's having a great time. I remember doing my first big Skrillex interview, where I talked with the writer for hours. We touched on everything. And then they chopped it down to a one-minute thing with the headline: "Skrillex Talks Back to the Haters" and it got like a million views. They made it look like I was just defending myself the whole time. It's strange because, before someone has a chance to have their own opinion about you, they already have an opinion about you. That's the thing about press and media, it's out of your control.
It's a shame. People are like, "Oh, I heard about him, he's the crazy dubstep guy," and they listen expecting that. But if you take a step back from the different connotations and you observe things for what they are... there are a lot of artists that might be misunderstood. If anything, I just want people to actually have their own opinions about me. I don't care if people hate me. I mean, I get it. When you were young, you were like, "The Backstreet Boys are gay!" And kids are on computers now. I'll post something on Facebook, and then, within two seconds, there are comments: "Fuck you dude... you suck... pussy... bitch... faggot... you ruined dubstep... emo." But if you look at their profiles, they're so young. To everyone else on the street, there's this really elitist, big group of haters everywhere. But fine. No offense to young kids.
To me, it's all about making music and playing shows. I think it's healthy to talk about why something is better or worse, but everything's connected with that, too. Like, I see someone take a photo of me and they [start typing on their cellphone] and they're putting it on Twitter and Facebook, and it's tagged "Skrillex," and now there are more people talking about me right away. It creates this discussion about so many things, but I guess that's just how it is.

Why didn't Skrillex initially appeal 2 Pitchforkian NPR markets? Is it just a matter of a new generation of 'young people' getting into something new that 'old people' can't call their own?
Has P4k 'caved' 2 the fame and success of Skrillex?
Does this mean random ass Brooklyn buzzbands are in danger of no longer being covered?
Is EDM 'taking over the world'?

Has Skrillex + America 'prevailed'?

Has Skrillex been 'ostracized' unfairly from the white man's indie scene?
Will Skrillex get a 10.0 from P4k?
Are they just being nice to him because he has a song with Kanye West coming out in the immediate future?
Is EDM 'kicking out' indie music?
Is 'indie' over/a dead dream?
Was Skrillex discriminated against?
R u going to listen to EDM so that you are no longer forced to listen to NPR and boring stuff like Bon Iver?
Has Skrillex 'grown on u' after unfair ostracizing him based on internet meme hatred?
Did 'indie music' get boring and overhyped anyways?
Is indie music 'too honky'?
Is Skrillex OFFICIALLY the Prince of Dubstep?
Is Skrillex the current sound of America + rocknroll?

I guess Skrilly was right... rocknroll will take us 2 the mntn top...



James Blake is a Dubstep Classist: The Problems with Modern Indiecentrism--Why do Americans h8 Skrillex?


Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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James Blake re-emerges with Bieber hair swoop, LASHES OUT at aggressive American dubstep once again.

Photo via P4k

James Blake was one of the most buzzed artists of early 2k11, playing one decent song that was actually ripped off from a song that his dad produced/wrote, except it had dark authentic dubbysteppy bass vibes. Every1 was like 'OMG he's the next big thing', then Skrillex basically 'blew him out of the water', winning the great Dubstep War [link]. Now it seems like journalists can only really ask him to 'talk mad shit' about Skrillex and aggressive American dubstep, or else there isn't anything interesting about him or his music [via Bon Iver zzzz snoooze waves].

(BTW his Bieber hairswoop is back)

You'll NEVER guess what the slowstep frontman said now!

I've been asked a lot about the state of dubstep in America, and everyone wants me to say something controversial, but I have no negative feelings toward anything really. There's a weird question you have to ask when you're talking about sexuality in music. Not sexuality, but gender in music. At the time I had this misconception that girls wouldn't go for that because it was so aggressive, but I was wrong.

While James Blake did not say much, he certainly said enough... He has finally accepted his loss in his title race for the Prince of Dubstep.

Has James Blake lost it all?
Is he sidestepping the hard questions?
Do journalists even 'actually care' abt the hard hitting questions, or are they just trying to 'start shit' and 'go viral' based on a blurb?
Does he look good with his Bieber swoop? or do u miss his school boy look?
Does he need 2 get over his problems with American dubstep?
Will he ever not be jealous of the fame, well-earned critical adoration, and album sales riches of Skrillex? [link]
Do u <3 or h8 the dubstep wars?
Whose team r u on?

James Blake

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

James Blake is a solo buzzband from London. Some call him 'the prince of dubstep.'

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Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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Deadmau5 wears Skrillex's cell phone number on Grammy red carpet. Did u send him a txt mssg?

deadmau5 skrillex phone number
Deadmau5 is cited as being responsible for nurturing Skrillex's career as a DJ, incubating him to bring him 2 the masses as a product that every1 would <3, similar to how Usher has harvested and enslaved Justin Bieber. Now it seems like Deadmau5 has 'struck back' now that Skrillex's haircut is more recognizable than Deadmau5's mickey moust head thingy mask. Deadmau5 decided 2 wear Skrillex's phone number on a t-shirt 2 the Grammys.

Is this the beginning of the 'DJ prank wars'?

R u going to call Skrillex at his phone number 626-319-1039?

Did Deadmau5 'go too far'?
R u sorry4Skrillex?
Is this worse than the time MIA tweeted out the phone number of that NYTimes writer lady?
Do u think this is really his phone number, or just a 'meme prank' 2 get them hits and virality?
Do these Grammys belong to dubstep?
Is Deadmau5 unchill 4 pulling this prank?
Did u call/text Sonny Moore just 2 say hi?


Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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Buzzband, DJ

Deadmau5 is one of the top DJs in the world who is taking dubstep 2 the mainstream.

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Skrillex, Diplo, & A-Trak arrive on the Grammy Red Carpet, look like hottie hunks!

Skrillex is an electro pioneer who took over for the failed buzz electro acts Daft Punk and Justice. While both were expected to take electro/dance/house music 2 the mainstream, both failed after lackluster albums. Now, it is Skrillex who has fulfilled the electro prophecy, already winning 3 Grammy Awards. He is still up for Best New Artist. Here is he with fellow relevant alt electro DJ producer bros Diplo and A-Trak.

Do they look good, BBs?

In a pre-telecast ceremony Sunday (February 12), the multiple nominee nabbed Grammy gold for Best Dance/Electronica Album (Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites), Best Dance Recording ("Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites") and Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical ("Cinema").

Does Skrillex have it all?
R u on #TeamSkrillex?
R u #pray4skrillex-ing?
Do A-Trak and Diplo look good, bb?
Has dubstep 'finally arrived'?
Is dubstep 'taking over' the boring old white man's indie scene?
Is he truly the Prince of Dubstep?


Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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DJ, Alternative Celebrity

Diplo is a relevant alt DJ and producer.

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Alternative Celebrity, DJ

A-Trak is a popular alt DJ who is also mainstream.

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Korn claims that they invented dubstep. Are they The Original Kings of Dubstep?

Korn is a band that sang about anger in the late 1990s, back when teens were all like 'ugh im so angry! no1 understands me and I wanna yell, but also kinda rap too!' Now teens are all in2 dubstep and they release their rage and social anxiety by doing molly at raves and escaping from their pain. That's why Korn is 'reinventing themselves' as a dubstep band. In fact, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis claims that Korn 'invented' dubstep.

"We were dubstep before there was dubstep," Davis says. "Tempos at 140 with half-time drums, huge bassed-out riffs. We used to bring out 120 subwoofers and line them across the whole front of the stage, 60 subs per side. We were all about the bass."

Korn mines those roots on its 10th album, "The Path of Totality" (Dec. 2, Roadrunner), enlisting the talents of the aggressive electronic genre's top producers, from poster boy Skrillex (aka Sonny Moore) to Noisia, one of its most respected experimental collectives, for an 11-track set that signifies more than an urgent new sound for the almost 20-year-old band. The Path of Totality also stands as dubstep's first official smash-up with its obvious cousin, hard rock. And if social media tests are any indication, the kids are more than ready for it.

'No bro, some bro in the UK invented dubstep. Ur just ruining it!' -James Blake

But srsly yall.. who are the Original Kings of Dubstep?

According to Korn's manager, dubstep is what is relevant, and every1 who wants to be 'now' should turn into a dubstep artist.

"Probably the most active young audience out there is the dubstep audience, just as Korn's was when they first came on the scene," says Peter Katsis, the band's manager since its self-titled 1994 debut. "There's a reason why they're attracted to each other; why a guy like Skrillex went from [singing lead in a hardcore] band like From First to Last to doing what he's doing [today]."

The Korn bro is apparently mad chill with Skrillex. I wish I could call Skrillex and have him help me launch my dubstep career. Right now, my only contacts are in the chillwave and bleepbloop industry. :-(

Korn's interest in bass music started with Davis, a longtime DJ and student of new sounds. "I've been a fan of electronic music since the beginning," Davis says. "When I first heard Skrillex's stuff, I was blown away."

Earlier this year, Davis tried playing some guitar riffs over Skrillex tracks, liked what he heard and got the rest of the band's blessing. "That's when I called Sonny, and he was like, 'Fuck yeah,'" Davis says.

Some studio time with Skrillex-meant more as an experiment than a formal album session-yielded three tracks, including "Get Up!," which Davis says took three-and-a-half hours to write and record. The incendiary track blends Skrillex's loose, half-time break beats and growling, stuttering bass sounds with Korn's moments of melody and Davis' own demon roar.

Do u vibe to their 'collab'?


It seems like Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have A Dubstep Dream" speech has finally been realized now that metal bros and dubstep bros can exist 2gthr in harmony.

"These kids are onto something completely innovative and new," Davis says. "It's pure and awesome and underground and heavy and different, not like stale-ass metal and rock'n'roll. I love them all, but the old-school metalheads are not open to change."

"It's really cool to see glow sticks at the show, to see dance music culture infiltrating and becoming one with the metal community," he says. "At the last show, there was one mosh pit where they were moshing, and another with kids doing glow stick tricks. They were taking turns and shit. I think we've opened up a new style that both sides are happy with."

Do u wish Korn could still write classic hits like "Got the Life" and "Freak on a Leash"?


Have they evolved? Or 'sold out' by 'going dubstream'?
Who left a more relevant legacy on rocknroll: Jonathan Davis or Fred Durst?
Should we all evolve in2 dubsteppers?
Has Korn been the same since Fieldy 'went Christian'?

Korn Bassist Fieldy on the Christian Life - CBN... by cbnonline
Is dubstep the most popular music in the world right now?
Can Korn become a relevant DJ in the dubstep scene?
Do u know who invented 'the korn font'?
Is Jonathan Davis the Prince of Dubstep or the King of Dubstep or the God of Dubstep?
Should Skrillex start a dubstep consulting firm to help bands and artists transition their sound into the dubstep era?


Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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Pitchfork PANS the EFF out of failed dubstepper James Blake. Does a 6.4 mean his career is over?

James Blake got tons of buzz in 2k11, mainly because there was a buzz drought, and the 3 most definitive 'new artists' that 'blew up' this year are Odd Future, Jimmy Blake, and Lana Del Rey. Really just an apocalyptic situation. Anyways, P4k finally decided to jump off the Blake Buzz Wagon and 'pan' his a$$ with a 6.4, which might be the lowest score ever recorded for an overhyped buzzband. We must commend them for their regulatory measures to attempt to 'nip it in the bud' before he ends up on too many fake alt magazine covers. Back in 2k10, Jimmy Blake would have received above an 8.6 for the same snoozeworthy effort.

Anyways, the whole review just talks abt dubstep, and how James Blake makes 'pussy ass dubstep'. Even though his music is boring, he is still trying to sell himself as an 'authentic dubstepper' because it's the only way people will talk about him besides saying that his music is 'just as boring as Bon Iver's'.

When asked to give his definition of dubstep in an interview last month, James Blake said, "There's a very broad template, but it largely focuses on a bassline and the intricacies of drum patterns and it has an intense focus on a feeling-- and I think that's a separation from some other dance music." Ostensibly, the feeling Blake is talking about is that of heady isolation-- the shadowy sensation that Burial perfected with 2007's Untrue and Blake successfully brought into the singer-songwriter realm with this year's self-titled LP. As for the many dubstep artists who rely heavily on computers during gigs, Blake hates them: "To me, laptops have got no place on a stage," he told Pitchfork in March. And when he covers quintessential songwriters like Feist (on his album) or Joni Mitchell (on this EP), he's not trying to render them obsolete as much as join them within the canon of authentic artistes.

Even though his voice 'sounds distinct' because he is singing like a haunted old man, the tracks are still boring/plain/lacking anything compelling about them:

Without any of his signature, modern embellishments, Blake's take has the feel of a stiff recital, his vocal undulations ironically sounding less natural without those well-situated sonic accoutrements. The same can be said of the title track, an original piano-and-voice composition. Even though Blake has been slowly unveiling his singing voice over the last two years, these plain and flat tracks sound surprising. Perhaps they shouldn't. In an interview from April of last year, he said, "Although I'm making this heavy dance music, I sometimes just sit down at the piano and just sing. It's like that's my ultimate calling."

Wait, nevermind, his voice sux and no1 understands what the eff he is singing:

And even though it's pretty damn hard to understand a word he's saying, that melancholy core is present.

"Enough Thunder?... more like NOT ENUFF THUNDER!" -they actually make this joke in the review because the album is so bad

Only three-and-a-half minutes into the EP's penultimate track, "Not Long Now", do we get anything resembling a beat dropping. For those who adored Blake's heavier, more rhythmic early material, Enough Thunder could easily turn into Not Enough Thunder.

Unfortunately, James Blake still has 'staying power' because he will 'talk shit' in interviews, so we will still have to hear his boring music and read about him complaining abt how dubstep has 'gone down the shitter' like an old man. Really wish I could put a boot in his a$$ [via the American Way].

But one of the great things about Blake is how he's willing to make a statement: in his uncompromising music, in his candid and thoughtful interviews, or in his choice of titles.

Here is the 'conclusion' that provides commentary on modern dubstep. They had to bring Skrillex into the discussion.

But it could also indicate a sort of corrective to the abrasive and cartoonish strain of dubstep that has taken grip as of late, especially in America. To Blake, dubstep means something intimate and internal, but to the many fans of acts including Skrillex and Bassnectar-- who use their wobbling bass like hair metal guitarists used solos-- it means something exuberant and euphoric. And while Blake recognizes both feelings, he certainly prefers one over the other. Talking about the faster-louder-stronger evolution of the style, he recently said, "Those melodic basslines are insultingly simple and aggressive and annoying. That is now a valid genre, but it certainly isn't dubstep. It's turned into something else. That's cool, I'm happy about it. I'm not like, 'As soon as it became mainstream it became rubbish, or whatever.' It's just something different now." It's a refreshingly mature yet opinionated take from someone who turns 23 this month. Blake is fighting the respectable fight on Enough Thunder, though the EP's totally bass-less tracks show that he needs dubstep as much as dubstep needs him.

Have u listened to this album?
Is it 'effing terrible'?
Does a 6.4 mean that no1 will take him srsly as a compelling buzz artist any more?
Did James Blake 'choke' his buzz away?
Is he more boring than Bon Iver?
Does he need to stop forcing himself into the dubstep conversation when his music is actually just 'really boring', basically making itself genre-less?
Is this review an indirect endorsement of Skrillex?
Should p4k be 'more American' and stop endorsing overhyped NME-core bands?
Should we boycott Jimmy Blake in America bc he h8s it so much? #BoycottJamesBlake
Is his new gimmick just going to be 'giving blogworthy interviews where he complains about dubstep' even though he is a complete snooze?
Does a 6.4 mean that he has been euthanized?

James Blake

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

James Blake is a solo buzzband from London. Some call him 'the prince of dubstep.'

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Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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Some dubstreamer gets a Deadmau5 haircut. What an effing dubstreamer.

Dubbro! Whaddup?
U headin 2 the rave?
Yea we're gonna crush it, bro
WHo u wanna see?

The deadmau5es?
Are those the dudes who were in Gnarlz Barkley?
That's cool, bro.
Yeah, I love his little helmet thingy

Now that Daft Punk sux/is retired
he is easily the 'king of DJs in masks'
I heard that Skrillex is playing on the Friendster stage
and Steve Aoki is vibing on the Pets.com stage.

We gotta stop by.
I took some Molly.
I am feeling affectionate.

Oh brobro...
Ur such a dubstreamer
I'll see u at the rave
And we'll dance real heavie

LoOk At ThAt EfFiNg DuBsTrEaMeR


Buzzband, DJ

Deadmau5 is one of the top DJs in the world who is taking dubstep 2 the mainstream.

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Does the new Skrillex music video prove he is the Prince of Dubstep?


To some, Skrillex is known as 'the guy who had the Win Butler haircut b4 Win had it. But to others, he is known as the Prince of Dubstep, bringing the sounds of dubstep 2 the masses, building a tribe of fans who truly love him as a DJ, and also as a person. He is Sonny Moore, the greatest American dubstepper in the history of Civilization.

This new video documents his VIP lifestyle. He really 'nails it', vibing with Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, Diplo, and any1 else who is a relevant electro DJ. U sorta start 2 get jealous of him 4 the power he has over so many electro bros who are constantly searching 4 a new sound.

Is Skrillex now the Prince of Dubstep? or do u still think Jamie xx / James Blake are the princes of dubstep?
Do u <3 his music?
Or is he 'everything that is wrong with trendy electro'?
Will Skrillex be inducted in2 the ROCKNROLL HALL OF FAME?
Do u <3 this video?

Fuck 1, Kill 1, Marry 1: Jamie XX, James Blake, Skrillex


Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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Thom Yorke rolls his sleeves up 2 focus on his dubstep DJ career.

Apparently, being a dubstep DJ is 'totally hot' right now, which explains why Thom Yorke is doing his best to distance himself from Radiohead's latest flop album, and trying his best to get some cred in the dubstep scene. It seems like he is just throwing down some DJ sets in underground locations, then some1 random takes lofi pictures of him and he comes across as 'more authentic.'

I have never really been in2 Thommy or Radiohead, so I don't 'get' what the appeal is, but I think this is just like the same as that time when Coldplay's Chris Martin married GOOP blogger Gwyneth Paltrow to 'go more mainstream.'

Here is some video of him DJing, and tons of dubstep fans being all like "whoooa dubbysteppy! yay! Radiohead guy!"


As u can see, he takes his job seriously. He rolled up his sleeves, showed off his guns, and got 2 work.

Can Thom Yorke make it as a dubstep legend?
Can he top the Prince of Dubstep James Blake/Skrillex/Jamie xx?
Do u 'get' dubstep?
Do u miss Radioheads?
Should Thom Yorke invent a new kind of music called Thomwave?

Thom Yorke

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Thommy Yorke is the lead singer of the Radio heads. He dances around like a free spirit.

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Thom Yorke continues 2 try to become a dubstep triphop DJ, plays live set

Thom Yorke is the lead singer of Radiohead, but I think he has accepted that their band's career is sorta 'swirling down the pooper', and no1 is really THAT interested in listening to over-branded abstract music that doesn't even mean anything and just 'sounds kewl' 2 do while ur on entry-level drugs. Anyways, Thom is doing his best to 'break thru' into the emerging dubstep DJ circuit scene. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a rabid fan base like Skrillex, who is widely considered the #1 DJ in the world right now.

It looks like he threw down some SWEET VOX too.

Here is some video of him singing.


Also bronoodled with some dude who we can all assume is a 'legend in the dubstep' community.

Can Thom Yorke 'rebrand' as a dubstep DJ?
Is he sorta like 'the Panda Bear of Radiohead'?
Is he sorta like 'the Avey Tare of Radiohead'?
Is dubstep 'hot right now'?
Is Thom Yorke the artsiest artsy fartsy bro in the world?

Thom Yorke

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Thommy Yorke is the lead singer of the Radio heads. He dances around like a free spirit.

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Pitchfork gives James Blake a 9.0. Has dubstep 'crossed over'?

james blake pitchfork
I don't know what James Blake sounds like, but I guess he is 'almost perfect.' Not really qualified 2 write a post abt this meme. Not really familiar with 'dubstep' or whatever kind of music James Blake is. Don't really vibe that hard 2 music from the UK. Sorrie. Guess I'll check it out. Seems to be 1 point less than Kanye West, so probably a 'big deal.'

Has 'dubstep' 'made it'?
Is James Blake 'the Prince of dubstep'?
What is 'dubstep'?
Is that like UK chillwave or something?
So confused...

Feels like...
A British Invasion...


'The British are coming.'
-Paul 'Indie' Revere

James Blake

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

James Blake is a solo buzzband from London. Some call him 'the prince of dubstep.'

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The XX does a boring / weird dubstep remix of a boring YACHT song

From what I understand, Yacht's latest album was a disappointment, since it yielded mediocre results critically and commercially. Apparently, they had the dude who plays the fake drums in the XX do a remix for them, along with some other people, but I think the XX probably can 'get the most blog hypemachine twitter action.'

Here is their flattering press release blurb:

4-20 marks the release of one of YACHT’s most sought after and acclaimed album cuts ‘the afterlife’. As the next single from their 2009 lp ’see mystery lights’, ‘the afterlife’ includes a healthy dose of eclectic remixes by dat politics, andrew wk, the XX and more!

1. The Afterlife (Radio Edit)
2. The Afterlife (DAT Politics Remix)
3. The Afterlife (Andrew WK Remix)
4. The Afterlife (The XX Remix)
5. The Afterlife (Joy Electric Remix)
6. The Afterlife (May Ling Version)

The XX bro (Jamie XX) is apparently really into dubstep, so he makes remixes sound dubsteppy, instead of extending the XX Brand by using their signature gimmicks in remixes.

Who is ur fave member of the XX?
Whatever happened 2 the one that they fired?
Is she pissed 4 being kicked out / choosing to leave a buzzband?

Feel like I still 'believe' Yacht can make 2-3 more bloggable mp3s before their useful life is up, but hope they just get things 2gether for the next album so that they don't bring down the DFA brand. They probably need to move out of Portland for a while so that they can 'clear their heads' and make a product that appeals to the entire Indie Alt Nation, instead of just Portland Apologists.

Is DFA still authentic, or were u disappointed by Yacht + LCD Soundsystem in 2k9k10?
Are remixes still authentic?
Should the XX jump on the chillwave bandwagon?

Original Video for "Afterlife" by YACHT


Is Jona Bechtolt a genius?

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