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Jared Leto directs trailer for HARD Summer 2012. Has he captured the American Electro Zeitgeist?


Jared Leto can do it all. He is a singer, rock band leader, actor, alternative icon, fashion icon, deity in the majority of Asia, and director. He is widely regarded as The Most Alternative Man Alive. It seems like he is 'spreading his wings', looking 2 take on new challenges. He directed the 'trailer' for HARD SUMMER 2012. Hard is a popular electro festival rave brand that puts on some of the most important American electro raves in the world. They are the people who recently brought u HOLY SHIP: A Very DubLectro Cruise Ship.

Anyways, as u can see, Jared Leto really captured the zeitgeist of the American Electro Movement. Do u believe that modern rave culture is the last festival movement that embodies the spirit of Woodstock? This blipster does.

Do u want to go to a HARD event and 'lose urself'?

If u were to die at any American music festival/rave, which 1 would it be?
Being trampled to death at Lollapalooza, or ODing at a random ass rave in a barn in the middle of nowhere?

Say what u will about Jared Leto as an actor/musician/artist, but maybe his true calling is directing commercial clips 4 clients....

Leto usually directs under the name "Bartholomew Cubbins." Do u feel like Jared Leto ripped off the work that Bartholomew Cubbins did for the epic 30 Seconds to Mars video for "Closer to the Edge."


Do u appreciate the way that Jared Leto uses the power of the 'random ass teen fan interview' in order to convey the spirit of youth and hope in his videos?
Does it make u wanna go to HARD SUMMER 2 see a #JaredLetoDJset?
Is Jared Leto the voice of every generation?


I wish I could just go 2 Tommorowland...
Get lost...
It looks like Electro Utopia...


What is the greatest modern rave in the world?
Did Jared Leto 'nail it' or does he need to ride more fantasy-waves?


Jared Leto

Actor, Buzzband

Jared Leto is an alternative actor, and the lead singer of the band 30 Seconds to Mars.

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Meet the World's First Tween Dubstep DJ: Aiden Chance

We've seen tween singers, dancers, actors, and other internet tweens get famous by appealing to emerging markets of tween-centric audiences. What if I told you that there was an up-and-coming tween DJ? His name is Aiden Chance, and he is from somewhere in Utah. We have not confirmed whether or not he is Mormon or how many brothers and sisters he has, but we CAN confirm that he is a fun loving electro dubstep house lover who is here to do big thangs in 2k12.

Can Aiden Chance become the world's first tween DJ?

He has 'DJ-style' press photos where he looks like he is playing the VIP section of heaven.

[RIP Chris Benoit]

Is this the era of the tween DJ?
Is this the year that Aiden Chance become the next big dubstep DJ?
Will Aiden Chance become the Rebecca Black of DJing or the Justin Bieber of DJing?
Can tweens do anything?

Is Aiden Chance as swag as it gets?

As you can see, Aiden Chance has all the right DJing moves. He can work the knob board emotionally, raise his hands to tell people to 'get the eff up', and most importantly, drop the bass.


The Tweens are Truly going crazy 4 Aiden Chance. Who knows what festivals, clubs, and sponsored events he will headline in 2k12.

There is truly no stopping Aiden Chance in 2k12. Filling up limited capacity clubs on the reg, it is clear to see the youthful enthusiasm that DJ Chance brings 2 the crowd, proving that the art of DJing is not just about the music you play, but about the true energy and passion behind it.


Will Aiden Chance take over the world in 2k12?
Will we see more Tween DJs now that electro/dubstep/DJ culture is so prevalent?
Can Tween DJs become more successful than topless DJs and/or masked DJs?


Will Tween DJs become a 'must book' act at festivals, clubs, and high-priced sponsored events?

Wanna Come 2 My DJ nite? [via Fred Armisen-wave Portlandia-level cultural commentary]

Do u ever wish u had more supportive parents who knew how to help u perform/DJ at music festivals?
Is Aiden Chance a buzz human 2 watch in 2k12?

This has been Buzz Humans 2 Watch presented by HIPSTER RUNOFF.

Check out Aiden Chance at this year's Bamboozle.


'Wuddup?' -a tween bro

Skrillex, Diplo, Steve Aoki, & A-Trak play a Rave Cruise called HOLY SHIP. Was it the Electro Titanic?

Photos by Rony's PhotoBooth
holy ship haircut
What if I told u that there was a magical ship that was filled with the most relevant DJs in the world: Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Diplo, A-TRAK, and MORE setting sail, heading towards destination: PARTY ISLAND, but then while u were on the journey to PARTY ISLAND, u realized that PARTY ISLAND was in fact a destination that lived inside ur heart? Would u jump on board this ship with the opportunity to bronoodle with premium nip slipping bikini BBs, dubstream tatted up bros, relevant DJs, hot altbagettes, and the most relevant ppl in the world? What if I told u that the entire ship was a metaphorical VIP area?

This was Holy Ship, some sort of 'electro rave cruise' that happened last weekend. It was an 'epic hang', although it could have ben widely referred to as 'the day the dubstep died' and/or 'Electro Titanic' if there was some sort of iceberg-wave tragedy.

Did u go 2 Holy Ship?

'Pick me up on Monday, mom.'

'Behind me, we will make DJ/dubstep history. Molly dealers will arrive to the ship in tugboats.'

Me and my best dubstream altbros were prepared to die on Holy Ship.

True or False: This is a picture of the most relevant DJs in the entire world.

Such SICK glowstick moves could only be legal in international waters...

How many Skrillexes can u carry?

Me and a Wizard! #selfpic

One thing I love abt Diplo is that he is always willing to expose the Western World to the 'savage, sexual dance moves' of foreigners and ethnics.

The Dubstep Guy from Korn and the guy from the Pamela Anderson sex tape were both there trying to improve their DJ careers

'One time I made a sweet sex tape with my wife, Pamela Anderson Lee on a boat. This boat is not as fun.' -Tommy Lee, future dubstepper of America association.


It was 'cheat day' at the Carnival Cruise buffet.

Steve Aoki and his usual 'Yes, I am paid to be here. You are not.' face.

Ray Liotta was there.

NIP SLIPS & HOT B00BZ AHEAD! AHOY! ----------->


Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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Alternative Celebrity, DJ

A-Trak is a popular alt DJ who is also mainstream.

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DJ, Alternative Celebrity

Diplo is a relevant alt DJ and producer.

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Every morning, I start my day with a bowl of dubstep cereal.


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day
It is also an important buzz meal
fueling your body
for you daily quest 4 eternal relevance

Recently, I started eating a very dubsteppy cereal
The vibe is authentic, American, British, underground, ravewave
It's so good that both James Blake AND Skrillex could enjoy it
without arguing abt what makes 'authentic dubstep'

They say whenever ur cranky
ur really just hungry
and u really just want to vibe out
with some dancing bears.

Start ur day off right
with a bowl of DubCereal
Frosted MiniDubs
Rice Krispdubs
Cocoa Dubbles
Lucky Dubsteppies
Honey Bunches of Dubs
Special Dub
Captain Dubcrunch
Cinnamon Toast Womp
Kashi Go Lean Dub
Raisin Bran Dub
Fruity DubLoops
Kellogg's Smart Dub

What kind of dub cereal will u start ur day with?

Listen to the Snap, the crackle, the pop, the drop, the womp
the bass
Take some E
vibe on some molly
enjoy ur cereal

This is a brand new day
Don't skip the dubbiest meal of the day.

What kind of cereal do u eat in the morning?
Is 'cereal' for poor, unhealthy Middle Americans?
Is dubstep a relevant branded aesthetic for emerging Gen Z markets?
Has dubstep gone 'mainstream' [via tween marketing campaigns]?
Have u ever had this cereal?

James Blake is a Dubstep Classist: The Problems with Modern Indiecentrism

For a while, I have been joking about the quest for a position called 'The Prince of Dubstep.' An ongoing battle for supremacy between artists like Skrillex, Deadmau5, Jamie xx, Burial, and James Blake, who are basically some of 'the most famous' dubsteppers in different realms of the genre. Usually, I would include James Blake in the conversation even though I always figured that his music 'wasn't really dubstep', but it was just funny that he considered to be a member of the genre. Always seemed more like a conceptual soft rocker to me. I figured it was just the indiesphere mislabeling something, just because labels are effective writing tools to appeal to ppl who don't really listen to music.

James Blake 'made indie shockwaves' yesterday in an interview with The Phoenix. He basically said that Americans ruined dubstep by taking it to inauthentic raver-bro markets.

The things that drew me to dubstep in the first place weren't necessarily the kind of testosterone-driven environments that you got from say, late jungle or some of the drum 'n' bass stuff that was happening after that. I think the dubstep that has come over to the US, and certain producers — who I can't even be bothered naming — have definitely hit upon a sort of frat-boy market where there's this macho-ism being reflected in the sounds and the way the music makes you feel. And to me, that is a million miles away from where dubstep started. It's a million miles away from the ethos of it. It's been influenced so much by electro and rave, into who can make the dirtiest, filthiest bass sound, almost like a pissing competition, and that's not really necessary. And I just think that largely that is not going to appeal to women. I find that whole side of things to be pretty frustrating, because that is a direct misrepresentation of the sound as far as I'm concerned.

James Blake dropped a massive, Anti-American bomb.

James Blake is above American dubstep.

James Blake hates Americans.

James Blake thinks dubstep can be lumped into the 'North American Scum'-wave demographic [via Deadmau5 being from Canada].

James Blake hates dubstreamers.

James Blake doesn't like his drop TOO dirty.

I am not really even very familiar with the genre of dubstep, and I am not a dubstep historian. I just remember there used to be some mysterious bro in a hoodie who every one creamed their pants over then dubstep became a bit more 'prevalent.' Like any genre other than chillwave, we argue about the history, influences, and try to project some sort of 'optimal trajectory' for the genre. Like we are some sort of watchdog and historical preservation society. However, there is something 'troubling' about James Blake's statement. I applaud him for 'saying something with balls', which is something that the majority of artists avoid ever doing and just 'try to sound cool and quirky' in interviews, but I feel like his statement perfectly embodies the white man's indiesphere's problem with dubstep.

Has the indiecentric mindset's rejection of Dubstep culture exposed the impending obsolescence of the indieblogosphere?

Indie is facing a harsh reality. Many of our most beloved indie bands have evolved into 'what they are going to be.' They will not take many risks in the future, and their lack of innovation is likely to leave us pretty disinterested in their product. There aren't that many great personalities in indie, and the way we perceive modern indie bands as 'artists' actually works against them. It feels like every modern indie band is expected to 'play by our rules', debuting their albums on boring NPR streams, existing to us in the context of familiar widgets and strategic brand alignments.

The newest 'buzzworthy' indie bands are just decent replicas of who they think they are supposed to be, replicating the same tactics of the old indie guard. Are you really that excited about the next Animal Collective album?

As we enter our alt-middle ages, we are at a crossroads. Do we want to go fall asleep at a Bon Iver or James Blake concert, or do we want to watch people who are younger than us have the same kind of fun that we used to have at a dubstep concert? Immersing yourself in dubmericana culture makes you wonder if the same joy and excitement that we once felt for music might have been just as impersonal and contrived.

What does the old guard white man's indiesphere even 'value' in the music that they honor as 'authentic'? Why has American dubstep been deemed as 'inauthentic'? Is it the people who enjoy the music? Has music tastemaking just become a classist exercise?

What are you afraid of, authentic indie blog? No longer 'being cool'? No longer controlling the ability to tastemake future generations? Become the same stale voices that we thought we had avoided becoming 5-10 years ago? Has indie 'peaked'?

James Blake claims that American dubstep is too crunchy, too wompwomp, too contrived, too bro-y, too testosterone-y, too ravey. It is 'just a pissing contest' 2 impress simpletons who are not 'students of dubstep.' Every genre of music eventually becomes a pissing contest. You can call it 'evolving' or 'the corruption of the genre.' You can call it 'attempting to make music that people enjoy/relate to', or you can call it 'manipulating the masses.' Ambition = Success = Marketing = Pissing.

I pee every day, competing for relevancy. My stream is long, thick. My prostate does not interfere with my ability to pee a consistent stream...yet.

It is also important to talk openly about the quick rise of dubstep DJ culture and the resentment and jealousy that it can inspire from buzzbands. Face it. You're an indie artist driving around Middle America in a van, and your best business model is taking handouts from megabrands. You're not going to make too much money this tour. The critics are on your ass. Some ass hole blog makes fun of you weekly. You wonder if 'being alt famous' is even worth it. Should you just get your master's degree and a decent job? Will you ever be the Arcade Fire? Do you even want that?

Then you see a popular DJ making more than you make in one night because they sold out a massive venue to people twirling glowsticks. You say the music sucks. You say their fans are less authentic than your fans. You say they have 'corrupted' something pure for the sake of money, success, fame & glamour. They see Deadmau5 headlining Coachella and wonder if the indie infrastructure could even get them there in a rewarding/fulfilling way. Maybe the jealousy isn't that simple, but it's a natural extension of human nature.

How did Skrillex reach Bono/Coldplay-level resentment levels so quickly?

I have more questions than answers.

Indie Buzzbands can question the talent & authenticity of dubsteppers. Dubsteppers can question the talent of indie buzzbands. Right now, the majority of 'genuine enthusiasm and excitement' is in the dubstep genre. Maybe it's 'youth', 'simpletons who just want to dance' or something else that James Blake hates.

Why is the indiesphere so afraid of American dubstep?
Are we in the middle of the Electro Vs. Indie War?
WTF is dubstep?
Do we really care abt the authentic preservation of genres, or is that an 'old timer's mindset'?
Why is the modern indie media resentful/negligent of these new markets when 'rap'/'hip hop' is deemed relevant/authentic/worth covering?
Did James Blake just 'bastardize' the sounds of Michael McDonald, Stevie Winwood, and Rick Astley?
Did James Blake 'speak the truth' or should he 'shut his goddamned pie hole'?
Should he be 'effing deported' from North America?
Why do we buzz the bands that we do?
Do indie blogs h8 any band that isn't created on their terms?

There was potentially a lot of truth to what James Blake said. But if you agree, maybe you should initiate a musicstential crisis relatively soon. As caught up as we can be in preserving the indieblog ideology on a day-to-day basis, the general conclusion that we always come to is, 'Let's not think about context. Let's think about how this music makes us feel.' Dubstep is making a lot of people feel something.


American Dubstep/ElectroRaveCore/Branded_House is here.
It is more popular than the Best-New-Music-wave bands.

What's so wrong with dubstream?

Is h8ing dubstep 'classist'?
Is indie already dead?
Have u been 2 a rave/dubstep concert? How did it make u feel?
Does the buzz drought just mean the indie model 'ate itself' and there is nothing left?
How obsolete is the once buzzworthy indie blogosphere?
Are indie music blogs just facilitators of sponsored experiences?

#TeamAmericanDubstep #Dubmericana

James Blake

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

James Blake is a solo buzzband from London. Some call him 'the prince of dubstep.'

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Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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Buzzband, DJ

Deadmau5 is one of the top DJs in the world who is taking dubstep 2 the mainstream.

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Fallen Dubstreamers: We Shouldn't Have Crowdsurfed :-(

So there I was...
At my first relevant music festival that showcased a top tier dubstep DJ
Vibing hard with my hands in the air

I felt a force picking me up
Was it the spirit of dubstep
crunching the ground we walked on
lifting me up

I was surfing!
Surfing on the crowd
Making my way towards my fave dubstep DJ

Hands all over me
Grabbing my body everywhere
Carry me! Carry me 2 dubstream salvation!

I was approaching the mainstage
I felt alive
I reached out my hands
I see an angry, buff security guy looking all pissed off at me


No, those were not the sounds of a dubstep breakdown
I fell down on my head
All of a sudden I began to feel dehydrated
I have no energy

One moment, u feel on top of the world
The next, you are sitting next to a dubstream bro checking his pulse


No, once again not the sound of a dubstep breakdown
That is my indistinguishable pulse
Am I dying?
Is my heart still beating?
Am I concussed?
Am I dehydrated?
Am I exhausted?
Is this why my parents didn't want me to go 2 a music festival?
Is dubstream too hardXcore 4 me?

All I wanted was a meaningful crowdsurfing session 2 never end
Instead, I got severely injured
My mom came to pick me up
We had a quiet meal at Taco Bell.

I am safe.
Save us from the dangers of dubstep!

I am a fallen dubstreamer.

Bro in a dubstep shirt eats at Chili's. Has dubstep gone mainstream [via dubstream]?

An overgrown tween bro sits in a Chili's stuffing his face with sliders, boneless buffalo wings, chicken crispers, SXSWestern eggrolls, and spinach artichoke dip. He wears a shirt that says 'DUBSTEP' on it multiple times.

Is he a mainstreamer?
Is he a lamestreamer?
Is he an alt?
Is he a raver?
Is he a tween alt?
Is he a dubstepper?

No. He is a dubstreamer. An emerging genre of suburban bros who are vibing to the recent 'trendy' electronic music called 'dubstep' that is going mainstream. Sure, he might listen to other bubble gum indie, but he understands that 'being into electro/dubstep' means that his vibe is on the cutting edge of modern partying. He goes to festivals to take some mollies, then feel the deep bass in his tummy, shaking his Chili's food within him as he digests.

Look at this effing dubstreamer. [Photos via the cobrasnake]

Raver or dubstreamer?

Looking keut in some dubstreamer gear

"The highlight of my life was watching Skrillex and an unmasked Deadmau5 dropping some heavy dubbeats at an exclusive impromptu VIP performance."

In the future, dubstep will be played at Chili's.
Dubstep is already on top 40 radio.
Brit Spears is already dubsteppy.
Dubstep DJs are becoming the most popular humans in the world.

Dubstreamers are a new relevant genre of alternative humans.

Yes, some ppl are still 'ravers', but the majority of these ppl are probably 'dubstreamers.'

Let's meet up at Chili's with our dubstream bros.

R u a dubstreamer?
Do u h8 dubstreamers?
Is dubstream 'the new punk'?
Is there a difference between 'dubstep' and 'dubstream'?
Did dubstreamers ruin dubstep?
Are the forces behind the dubstream explosion taking advantage of alternative middle markets in ways that high end indie never could?
What's the difference between a raver and a dubstreamer?

Welcome 2 the dubstream era!

Some dubstreamer gets a Deadmau5 haircut. What an effing dubstreamer.

Dubbro! Whaddup?
U headin 2 the rave?
Yea we're gonna crush it, bro
WHo u wanna see?

The deadmau5es?
Are those the dudes who were in Gnarlz Barkley?
That's cool, bro.
Yeah, I love his little helmet thingy

Now that Daft Punk sux/is retired
he is easily the 'king of DJs in masks'
I heard that Skrillex is playing on the Friendster stage
and Steve Aoki is vibing on the Pets.com stage.

We gotta stop by.
I took some Molly.
I am feeling affectionate.

Oh brobro...
Ur such a dubstreamer
I'll see u at the rave
And we'll dance real heavie

LoOk At ThAt EfFiNg DuBsTrEaMeR


Buzzband, DJ

Deadmau5 is one of the top DJs in the world who is taking dubstep 2 the mainstream.

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