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Ezra Koenig

Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig named the #1 alt celeb on Instagram


Some say that photography is the master art.
Some say that tweeting is the master art.
Some say that photoshop filtering is the master art.
Some say that indie music is the master art.
Some say that digital photography is the master art.

But what if I told you that Instagram has emerged as the master art of our time?

Recently, Rolling Stone Magazine Website made a list of artists and musicians who use instagram, and indie's own Ezra Koenig was the TOP of the list, totally pwning all the other wannabe-deep instagrammers in the world. Koenig's feed is an indepth look into his own life, documenting the process of recording the upcoming Vampire Weekend LP.

There is also original cultural commentary.
VISIT And Follow Koenig's fabled Instagram feed!

Congrats on topping the list! We'll see if Instagram is even around in a year...

Does Ezra Koenig have the #1 instagram in indie?
Did Instagram 'go lamestream' [via FB acquisition]/android launch?
Is this the Vampy Weeks' greatest accomplishment since their Best Buzzband Grammy?
Who is the #1 indie personality on twitter/instagram/fb?

Happy Birthday, Ezra Koenig! #ThankUEzra

On April 8, 1984, a chosen indie soul was brought into our world.
His name was Ezra
He went on to obtain an Ivy League education
but more importantly, he is the most coveted indie hunk in indie mindie rock.

He is one of The Chosen AltJews.

Today is not Easter.
It is not the day to celebrate Jesus.
Today is Ezra's Day.
The day to celebrate Ezra Koenig.

File Photo, Ezra Koenig celebrating his 27th Birthday 1 year ago

Where would indie be without Ezra Koenig?
Will he save us from the buzz drought?
Does Vampy Weeks have a 'secret' album cycle gimmick up their sleeve?
Will Vampy Weeks rebuild the indie world after the LDR-pocalypse?
Can Vampy Weeks save us from the dubstep invasion?


Ezra Koenig gives us first sample of Vampire Weekend's LP3 in intimate bedroom vlog


Ezra Koenig is widely considered the #1 indie hunk in indie, and the entire indie internet has been eagerly awaiting to hear Vampire weekend's LP3. For the LP2 album cycle for Contra, they took out mysterious ads on blogs with the image of Kirsten Kennis's face. Now it seems like they have gone with a 'lofi diy social media approach', with Ezra just riffing in his bedroom.

The video description might have some clues about their album or its release date:

Uploaded by ezrakoenig on Mar 20, 2012
yello ledbetter late afternoon trying my best to know new techniques. the paths of glory lead but 2 the grave. shout out all my u-tub friends. haters, u know the deal by now
Movie on 2012 03 20 at 17 39
Standard YouTube License

I feel like these might be the main clues:

  • 2012 03 20 at 17 39
  • "yello ledbetter late afternoon"
  • "the paths of glory lead but 2 the grave"
  • u-tub

Can u figure out Vampire Weekend's new cryptic code?

Does their new album sound like it will be good?
Does Ezra look HOTTER than evr?
Does Vampire Weekend have the BEST or WORST fans in indie?

Do u <3 Vampy Weeks?
Will their upcoming album 'save' us from the buzz drought?
Will their album 'kick the shit' out of Beach House's 'samey' sounding album?
Is Ezra Koenig the best riffer in indie?

Is this girl Ezra Koenig's Valentine and/or girlfriend?

Photo: Ezra Koenig's girlfriend (right) and friend [via Twitter]

Ezra Koenig is one of the most desirable men in not just indie rock, but in the entire musical landscape. Women and tween entry level alt girls are ALL DYING to know who is Ezra Koenig's girlfriend? It seems as if the Vampire Weekend frontman 'went public' on Twitter, announcing his <3, making Valentine's Day plans with a BB of his own.

We cannot CONFIRM nor DENY this rumor, but every one is clammoring to know who @geniaa is. Apparently her name is "Genia Simok", but details on her are scarce. She does, however, enjoy steak!

R u jealous of Ezra Koenig's rumored GF?

R u jealous of Ezra Koenig and his girlfriend?
Do u wish Ezra was ur BF? [via that 1 best coast song]


Are they the next indie power couple?
Do u <3 the era of Twitter-based journalism?
Do u wish Ezzie would take u out for steak?
Does Ezra Koenig's girlfriend realize that she has the most desired alternative man outside of Jared Leto?

Genia Simok

Genia Simok claimed that Ezra Koenig is her boyfriend. He asked where they should go on a date.

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RECAP: Alt Celebrity Halloween Costumes [from Best Coast 2 Skrillex 2 Kickball Katy 2 Chrissy Owens]

Were u wondering what ur favourite alt celebs were 4 Halloween?

Sorta wish I coulda gone to a relevant Halloween Partie where I saw tons of alt celebs, DJs, and CEOs of buzzbands :-(

At least I can look at pix of them on the internet and pretend they are my friends and pretend we went out and had fun and ate candy. :-)

Ezra Koenig hosts EXCLUSIVE video chat sesh, wears mock turtle neck sweater


Ezra Koenig is known as indie rock's most approachable 'front man', willing to interact with fans on twitter and with foreign fans thru his Orkut account. According to sources, he is also considering launching a vyou presence. It seems as though Ezra hosted an EXCLUSIVE live video chat. Vampire Weekend's most dedicated fans crowded into this livechat and bombarded Koenig with deep, dark questions.

Is Ezra being 'too accessible' 2 his fans?

Does he look good, bb?
Will he 'regret' this?
Did u vibe 2 his 'preppie look'?
R u gonna by a mock turtle neck?
R u scared of Vampire Weekend fans?
Will Ezra Koenig end up living out some sort of 'real life' indie version of Misery with a Vampire Weekend fan who looks like Kathy Bates?


Ezra Koenig spotted bronoodling with The Cobrasnake

Photo via The Cobrasnake

Ezra Bro?
Where've u been, bro?
I know ur not on tour....
Why are you ignoring me?

Are you mad at me or something?
Did I say something wrong?
I saw you were VIPing with Cobrabro
What's up with that?
I thought we were all VIP?
Why didn't you list me?

I texted you a few times last week.
Did u get a new number, bro?
Why'd you unfollow me on twitter?
I can't direct message you any more

Where've you been?
Do you still get on gChat, or are u just ghosting all the time?
I searched for you on facebook
But I'm not sure which one the real you is
Do you operate your own fan page?

Bro? Ezra Broenig?
Can we talk soon?
Why are you ignoring me?
I thought we were bros
Then I asked Rostam what was up with you
and he was like "Yeah he's not going out much any more"
But then I hear you are out all the time.

Let's just try to clear the air.
Please talk to me.
I miss bronoodling with u. :-(

Am I not AltJew enough 4 u?

The Cobrasnake

Alternative Celebrity

Mark Hunter is the Cobrasnake, some bro who travels around the world taking pictures of alt shit so now he has a lifestyle brand.

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Ezra Koenig 'goes solo', creates new vlogMP3.


Ezra Koenig is widely known as 'the hottest hunk in indie'. His keut looks attract any alt, and he can basically just point at girls in the crowd, then they come backstage 2 pleasure him and feed him alt grapes. Then he has them executed so that they never tell the story of 'What Really Happens in VIP.' All of these are rumors, so I'm just letting yall know what the insider vibes are.

Anyways, he seems to have released a new hymn-wave mp3 that is all abt sending positive vibes 2 ppl who are impoverished. I sorta feel inspired 2 live life, sorta like a Dirty Projectors song or something. I just want to ride an orca to the moon and chill with God and have a feast. Not sure what that means, but it sounds like something the DPs would sing abt.

OMG Ezra? U have a sexy poster up in ur room? I have a Cindy Crawford sexi bikini poster in my room that I 'beat off' 2 as I fall asleep, but Ezra seems to have a more artsy fartsy 'tug off' poster. I might have 2 upgrade my poster to something 'more alt' so it will reflect itself in the relevancy of my buzzband. I hope he doesn't have some sort of sex dungeon!

The song seems to indicate that he 'sampled' some previously existing song, but made it better, because it is in the tone of 'white man's indie' instead of 'tropical liberation dank wave'.


Do u <3 Ezra?
Do u miss him?
Have u ever been in VIP with him?
Is he the next Chris Martin if he finally writes a Clocks-like anthem?
Do u <3 this song?
Is Ezra the #1 vlogger in indie?

Plz don't determine my life...
-Ezra Broenig

Crazed Vampire Weekend fan writes song begging Ezra Koenig 2 follow her

You know the old saying, "There's something about Ezra"... That statement seems true-as-hell today, after a crazed Vampire Weekend fan wrote an entire song begging for the Vampy Weeks frontman 2 follow her on twitter. Ezra Broenig is known for maintaining a peer-2-peer-sharing-wave online personality, where he interacts with fans and answers their questions and concerns. Now it seems like this Ezra super fan really wants more than just a 'reply' from Ezra...

Has this superfan 'crossed the line' or is this a keut, whimsical tribute to Ezzie?
Is Ezra the hottest hunk in indie?
Has Ezra Koenig wetted more indie panties per capita than any other alt celeb 'in the game'?

Here are the crazed lyrics... Soo many allusions/references 2 Vampy Weeks originals. U DEFANATELY got Ezra's attn, bb.

I'm not sorry
I don't have a username in all caps
but I'm a little sorry
I'm not as interesting as a cat
I've got a few things to say
in 140 characters or less
And I guess it's pretty cliche
but all I want is a little respect

I'm swallowing my pride
just to ask for a reply
I know my username isn't ezramarryme-105
but I think I deserve a simple hi

I know you're on a holiday
I know you're giving up the gun
I guess you could be busy with your cousins
but come on is Asher really that fun?
I know that I'm just a kid
so I don't really stand a chance
but if you send me a reply
corrected is how I'll stand

Just so that you know
I invited you to my sweet 16
about ten different times
and you didn't even RSVP
you reply to
the people
who scream at you
and all I do is ask questions
and all I do is ask questions

I'm swallowing my pride
just to ask for a reply
I know my username isn't ezramarryme-105
but I think I deserve a simple hi

I know you're on a holiday
I know you're giving up the gun
I guess you could be busy with your cousins
but come on is Jesse really that fun?
I know that I'm just a kid
so I don't really stand a chance
but if you send me a reply
corrected is how I'll stand

I've never been to Cape Cod
I like oxford commas
I don't know anyone named Walcott
the only thing that rhymes with commas is llamas
I know you're busy
in New York City
but I don't think it's too much to ask
to be mentioned like all the rest

I know you're on a holiday
I know you're giving up the gun
I guess you could be busy with your cousins
but come on is Asher really that fun?
I know that I'm just a kid
so I don't really stand a chance
but if you send me a reply
corrected is how I'll stand

Did this song 'crush it'?
Does bb need 2 ask her parents 4 a new Macbook Pro?
Should Ezra follow this qt indie bb?
Should he invite her backstage and give her 'the VIP treatment'?
Has this crazed fan crossed the line?
Does Ezra have 2 travel with a body guard?
What is it abt Vampy Weeks that gets so many indie panties so wet?

Ezra Koenig's frenzied fan base pressures him 2 strip nude on webcam

Ezra Koenig is the indie hunk frontman of the popular buzzband Vampires Weeknd. What you may not know about Ezra is that he has a MASSIVE PERSONAL FOLLOWING, and there are oodles of entry-level QTs who would love to bring Ezra home 2 meet their family 4 Xmas/Chanukah. It seems like some of his fans made some sort of 'petition' that may have crossed the line and could be turning Koenig's life into a complete nightmare.

His fan base is cyberbullying him to 'get nude' on webcam, and put on some sort of show 4 them. While Ezra IS a bonafide hunk, you have to hope he doesn't let the pressure to 'please' his fans...

For all of you Ezra Koenig fans who have questions or just to see Ezra's beautiful face ;D

While part of us would love 2 see this show, there is something wrong abt cyberbullying some1... Hopefully Ezra stays true to himself....

DO u think that VampyWeeks fans are tons of 'crazed alt tweens'?
Should I start a webcam pornography site where buzzband members live when they are not on tour? Should I install shower and toilet cams?
How much would u pay Ezra 2 get naked on webcam?
Which indie celeb do yall want 2 "get nude" on cam?
Have u ever lost hours of ur life on myfreecams.com cyberbullying women from former-USSR countries?

Ezra Koenig spotted bronoodling with the cast of Jersey Shore, rumored to be joining show

Ezra Koenig is the sexi hot hunky frontman from the hit buzzband Vampire Weekend. In addition, he sometimes 'goes solo' and 'collabs' with lots of different indie bands. However, now it seems like he is 'trying to take his career to 'mainstream levels' by bronoodling with the cast of Jersey Shore. The Situation, Pauly D, Snickers, J-Whoa, Sammi Sweet<3, Ronnie, Vinnie... and Ezzie!

Ezra looks 'right at home' because I think he is from the greater tri-State area. Even though he is 'Jewish', he can probably still vibe guido style. He was educated at a top tier American university, and is probably pretty good at 'learning about' and assimilating 2 different cultural vibes. If I were a betting man... I'd say that Ezra is about to 'make a splash' on Jersey Shore. Trust me. The guy can 'run mad game', end up in ur pants in 3 lines or less.

One day we'll look back to the days when Ezra was just an indie icon... Before he went mainstream and became a beloved Jersey Shore + Dancing with the Stars character.

Is reality TV 'a good move' 4 his career?
Does he look like he will fit in on the Jersey Shore, or will he have 2 'win the trust' of the other roommates?
Are Jersey Shore memes 'still relevant', or is no1 interested any more?


According to our fact-checking department, the Jersey Shore photo was ACTUALLY photoshopped utilizing a still image from this photograph.

Ezra Koenig spotted bronoodling with Danny DeVito

Ezra Koenig and Danny Devito were two of Coachella's most Very Important VIPs in attendance at Coachella. It seems like they had a chance to really bro down in a relevant VIP area, sharing ideas. Ezra chose to stay hydrated with a bottle of water, while Danny DeVito's 4'6" frame decided to 'get shitfaced.' They look like true bros, and I wouldn't be surprised if Danny DeVito was asking Ezra to 'make love to his daughter like a true rock star would' [via indecent/creepy proposals]. But that's just another day in the life of Ezra Koenig, the #1 indie hunk in indie....

Ezra looks good, bb!

Walking thru the crowds of Coachella
So many ppl recognizing me
Telling me I am beautiful and talented
I have earplugs in 2 preserve my hearing
Wearing a cap, to protect my skin from the sun
Life as a top tier indie celeb
Has its perks...
But there is a price 2 pay for buzz and relevancy
I am Ezra Koenig and this is my story...

Do Ezra and Danny 'look good'?
Do u think they talked about comedy?
Were they really 'bronoodling' or just 'standing kinda close 2 one another?
Do u wish u ran into Ezra Koenig at Coachella then made out with him in the back of a rented Jeep Liberty in the Coachella parking lot?



Coachella is a music festival held in Southern California that turns into a gathering of the world's most relevant buzzbands, artists, designers, celebrities, and internet personalities.

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Ezra Koenig throws down sax solo with Chromeo at Coachella


Ezra Koenig is considered to be one of the most-desired indie hunks in all of music. He has many fan blogs dedicated to his talent and good looks. These Ezra super-fans were treated to a delightful treat when Ezra Koenig sang "I Could Be Wrong" on stage with Chromeo at Coachella. In addition, he played the sax on stage, throwing down a 'sick solo' which might establish him as the 'Alt-Kenny G' even though Kenny G plays the sax that is shaped like a long, skinny peen.

Ezra looks good, bb!

Chromeo has played live with Darryl Hall, so u have to wonder if Ezra Koenig was a 'step up' or a 'step down' from the previous collaboration. One thing is for sure, these two Alt-Jewish hunks made every relevant altJew in the crowds pants nice and warm and creamie.

Did Ezra 'crush it'?
Should he play more saxophone in Vampy Weeks?
Who would yall rather sleep with: Dave 1 or Ezra Koenig?
Do u think Dave 1 and Ezra should both 'go solo' then 'collab' on a 'sick collab project'?
Is Ezra Koenig the #1 hunk in indie?



Chromeo is Dave 1 and P-Thugg. They are from Canada. They are Jewish + Palestinian, but put aside their conflict 4 the sake of indie.

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Indie Hipster Hunk of the Week: Ezra Koenig! Happy Birthday, bb!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Gonna start writing a new column called "The Indie Hipster Hunk of the Day". The inauguaeral member of that club is gonna be Ezra Koenig from the AWESOME band Vampire Weekend.

They are really unique and different, and I like that about their music. He also went to Harvard, which means he is SMART and TALENTED.

It is Ezra's 27th Birthday! Happy Birthday BB! U deserve another great year! I remember when I was 27 and I just had 1 year left in my community college program. I thought my whole world was ahead of me. Now I am WAY older and I am not even sure what I have done with my life. Maybe Ezra can be my sugar daddie

Ezra is so NICE and GIVING. U can tell that he is a GOOD PERSON. He is also FUNNY and I love funinness in a man.

Keep looking good, bb! Happy Birthday sweetie! #lovesit

Rostam who? #TeamEzra

Ezra Koenig 'goes solo', releases MP3. Will Vampy Weeks ever reunite?

Ezra Koenig Papa Hobo

This is an MP3 by Ezra Koenig for some soundtrack. I guess this means he 'went solo' and left Vampire Weekend behind. The MP3 is a cover of a Paul Simon song, but I would probably never listen 2 it bc it is all old, and every1 knows that Paul Simon was a 'streamer' and Garfunkel was 'pretty alt.'

As reported back in September, Vampire Weekend leader Ezra Koenig covered Paul Simon's 1972 track "Papa Hobo" for the soundtrack to the Max Winkler-directed film Ceremony, which stars Uma ThurmanAs reported back in September, Vampire Weekend leader Ezra Koenig covered Paul Simon's 1972 track "Papa Hobo" for the soundtrack to the Max Winkler-directed film Ceremony, which stars Uma Thurman

'Maybe I will go see this movie because of its awesome indie soundtrack.' -some bro b4 seeing Garden State

U can't help but wonder...
Did Vampy Weeks 'break up'?
Do yall <3 this song, or do u think it needs some Rostam-wave bleepy bloops?
Is there tension within the band?
Is Ezra trying to take his personal brand to Such Bono Heights?
Will Vampire Weekend reunite to retire and play their last show ever at New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey?
Who is the most important/keutest member of Vampire Weekends?

RUMORED: Ezra Koenig has dreadlocks, do u think he looks keut?

I was checking out some mainstream gossip blog websites, and I noticed that the lead story was that Ezra Koenig has dreadlocks now. It seems like a natural progression bc of his Afro-beat-wave influences and 'chill bro' Sunny-D wave vibes. However, photos of Ezra Koenig with dreadlocks do not exist on the internet yet. I am rlly hoping some paparazzi 'stalk him' so that the blogosphere can have these pictures.

The 'rumor mill' was fueled by a tweet he made... Now every1 is googling hard for these pictures.

Sorta worried abt him if he has dreadlocks... Maybe he is on a post-Contra 'bender' #pray4ezra... Sometimes it is a 'bad sign' when a white person has dreads... Like they've listened to too much Robert Marley....

But u never know. Maybe he's just riding positive Cobi Jones waves

Have yall seen Ezra Koenig's dreadlocks?
When will pictures of Ezra Koenig with dreadlocks emerge?
Does n e 1 know where he lives so some1 can stand outside his house with a DSLR to get these pictures that are even more coveted than the baby pictures of Panda Bear's son?
Is the mainstream blog pop culture media having a 'feeding frenzy' over #EzraGate?

Will Ezra Koenig 'make better music' with dreads attached 2 his brain?
Do u think Ezra Koenig looks keut with dreadlocks? #pray4Ezra

Some artist paints a creepy portrait of Ezra Koenig

Some artist is painting pictures of indie singers, and Ezra Koenig is probably the most famous person he has painted, so seems like this is a 'relevant' thing 2 post. Like many entry-level alt tween girls, I usually do a google search 4 Ezra every day and think abt what it will be like when I finally get to d8 him, and he takes me on tour and eventually makes me the 5th member of Vampy Weeks [via the indie Yoko Ono].

But until then... I guess all I can really keep doing is making my creepy fan art and mailing it 2 his parents' house (along with cutting off my hair, skin, fingernails and miscellanous extremities).

Artist Joe Simpson is working on a series of detailed paintings of his favorite musicians' faces. So far, he has completed portraits of indie royalty like Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig (above), the National's Matt Berninger, Iron & Wine's Sam Beam, and more. Each of the paintings is 60 centimeters by 60 centimeters, in oil on canvas. To create the paintings, Simpson meets the artist and takes photos. He'll display all the portraits in a solo exhibition later this year.

Who the hell is Joe Simpson? Isn't that the father of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson?

R u gonna buy this Ezra Koenig painting?
Do yall wish there was an 'indie painting' scene to complement the indie music scene?
Is Ezra Koenig the #1 indie hunk in indie music?
When will Ezra Koenig 'go solo' 2 try 2 prove to the other members of Vampy Weeks that 'they are nothing without him'?

Please use the comments section 2 share ur Ezra Koenig fantasies.

Vampire Weekend interviewed by lamestreamer d-bag talking heads on Grammy red carpet

Vampire Weekend didn't win anything at the Grammys, but maybe they will in 2k13/2k45. It seems like the still went to try to improve their market share in our post-Arcade Fire 'best band in the world' indiemainstreamosphere. Do yall think "Contra" was better than "The Suburbs"?

Anyways, they were interviewed by some 'talking head gossip losers' who are trying to end up hosting Entertainment Tonight [via John Tesh], but right now they are stuck working 'the side stage' of the Grammys, interviewing bands that they aren't really familiar with even though Vampy Weeks sold mad albums.

Feel kinda bad 4 the band 4 having 2 talk 2 these schmucks. Wish they had the 'indie etiquette' of a music blogger, doing the proper wikipedia research and asking 'unique, innovative questions' that the band 'has never answered before.'

Here are some sample questions that these ppl asked:
-"So every1 here is more famous than yall...Who do yall want 2 meet that is actually famous?"
-"How did u get ur sillie band name?" -u can see Ezra Broenig pausing because he wanted to 'lie' and throw down a meme
-"So yall play basketball with Win Butler of the Arcade Fire?"
-"Short films can lead 2 something, huh?"
-"Blah blah bloo blee indie blah, right?"

Do u think it was a good thing that Vampy Weeks went 2 the Grammys?
Do u think enough tweens found out abt who they were, or did tweens stop watching because Justin Bieber didn't win anything?
Was Rostam 'too nice' 2 these lamestreamers?
Does Ezra Koenig look 'mad pissed' to be there? Do u think he is upset that they lost 2 the Black Keys?
ezra koenig angry cute

Is Win Butler the #1 basketball player in the indiesphere?

Win Butler Basketball
Really feel like I could take down Win despite his size if u just 'get into his head' with tons of trash talk abt Regine / Haiti / the Suburbs / "I know who u really are" [via playing hoops in ur driveway in Texas].

Remember last year when the MGMT was interviewed on the red carpet? [link]

Remember the time Phoenix was interviewed on the Grammy red carpet? [link]

Can Vampy Weeks write the next great indie album/reclaim glory 4 American indie music?

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Ezra Koenig does cover of "Crash" by Dave Matthews Band


I just watched this vlog video of Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig doing a 'sick bro-ed out cover' of "Crash into Me" by David Matthews Band. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like he really got the sound down, so u kinda get the vibe that Rostam is the 'Paul McCartney'/Panda Bear of Vampire Weekend and Ezra is the Deakin/Linda McCartney of the group.

Ezra Broenig sorta starts 2 crush it, but then it seems like the tab website he vibed on got 'complicated' and he sorta had to bail. But u know the old blogosphere saying: "You can never say no 2 a new Vampy Weeks MP3."
ezra koenig cute crash into me
Sorta wonder if he is just doing this cover to 'get ready' 4 the Grammies. Like he knows that this is Vampire Weekend's "big moment" to 'crossover' and double album sales, so he is just preparing an old familiar hit 4 every1. Sorta seems pretty bro of him 2 cover DMB, but u know the old saying "There's nothing better than a chill nite at your local amphitheater listening 2 Dave 'crush it' on stage.'

Also saw that he tried to cover this song in 2k9, before he was a 'top tier alt celeb.'

"Hike up ur entry level skirt a lil more...
and show ur lil pink contra 2 me..."

-Ezra Broenig, 2k11

Will Vampire Weekend win a Grammy for 'best indie band'?
Will Vampy Weeks win a Grammy for 'best new band'?
Is Ezra Koenig the #1 'indie hunk' in the world?
Do u think the Dave Matthews Band can get a 10.0 on the Pitchforks?
Is there tons of 'innerconflict' within Vampy Weeks?
Can u feel the AveyTare-Panda vibes sorta entering this band?
Should Arcade Fire and Vampy Weeks 'make a trade' [via sports] for Regine?
What's ur fave DMB song?

"#41" -Carles

Did Ezra Koenig look 'totally keut' on the Colbert Report?

The Colbert Report Mon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
MeTunes - Grammy Vote - Dan Auerbach, Patrick Carney & Ezra Koenig<a>
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog</a> Video Archive

I'm not sure who actually watches The Colbert Report. Feel like the era of people 'getting off' on 'comical snarky intellectual superiority' [via politics] is way ovr. Anyways, the Colby Reports did some sort of long winded skit featuring the Black Keys (a cool dad band that I haven't really ever listened 2 because they are basically branded as a more authentic Kings of Leon) and Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend. They basically 'made fun of themselves' 4 'being in so many commercials' but I am not sure if it was rlly that funny/enlightening.

I feel bad for Ezra. He seems like he really 'half assed' his lines, showing a lack of trust in the Colbert Report writers. It seems like the audience is rlly 'timid' as the 'skit' moves incredibly slowly. Sorta just had to skim around since it had the writing level of 'high school talent show humorous act' or something. Feel awkward.

Really can't believe this segment is 9+ minutes. I feel bad for network late night shows that have 2 kill an hour instead of just 30 minutes.

Do u think Vampy Weeks 'getting self-aware' abt their commercial licensing is 'respectable'?
Did Ezra Koenig 'tank' on The Colbert Reports?
Do Jonny Stewart and Stefan Colbert think they are 'making the world a better place' or are they just 'part of the Washington machine'?
Is Stephen Colbert 'funny' or should he re-brand and move on 2 a new challenge?
Do u hope that 1 day u are in an uninteresting white couple who watches Daily Show/Colbert Show back2back every night?
Are the Black Keys 'an authentic rock band'?
R u glad the Vampy Weeks sold their song 2 Honda?
Does this point to Ezra Broenig going solo? [via taking his personal brand

Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend ‘ices his bro.’

"Bros icing bros" is a popular meme drinking game from the year 2k10. A bro hands another bro a bottle of Schmirnoff Ice, and the bro is forced 2 drink the bottle like it is cum coming out of a penis, making the 'iced bro' a homosexual.

It seems like the mainstream indie band Vampire Weekend is 'all about this', participating in an icing. Not sure if a Vampy Weeks bro iced some1, or if they are sorta just bumming around while some other streamer 'gets iced.' Seems like they are chilling with a mad browave group of bros. Sorta was hoping that they would just 'bang tons of sluts' on the road, and not deal with bros. WWKOLD [via What Would Kings of Leon Do?]

Will the Vampy Weeks win a grammy within the next 5 years?
Will Vampy Weeks evolve into the next U2 if they 'get humanitarian' enough?
Should Vampy Weeks utilize more 'black choirs' to strengthen their global brand?
Have u ever iced a buzzband?
Is 'bros icing bros' an effing ghey mainstream trend?

Alt Celeb Bros: Diplo & Vampy Weeks ‘become bros’ at Coachella

Photo via tweetphoto

Just saw this picture of Vampire Weekend and Diplo at Coachella. Seems like they really 'became bros.' Probably talked about their influences, Afro-beat stuff, and other great artists to sample. Maybe compared notes on 'how to get a coachella crowd fired up.' Feel like this picture gives me the right to 'erroneously report' that there will be a Major Lazer Remix of "Horchata" by Vampire Weekend.

Wonder if alternative celebrities are 'authentic bros' or if they are just gonna use one another for remixes.
Wonder if Diplo really cares about 'the indie movement' or if he is just trying to tweet out memes for music blogs 2 jump on.

Does n e 1 know Diplo's real name?
What do u think they talked abt?
Is Ezra Koenig the hottest bro in indie music?
Have yall ever chilled with Ezra Koenig and Rostam Batmanglij?
Does Coachella seem like a place where authentic artists can unite?
Are music festivals the best place 2 meet new artists who will remix ur tracks?


DJ, Alternative Celebrity

Diplo is a relevant alt DJ and producer.

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Coachella is a music festival held in Southern California that turns into a gathering of the world's most relevant buzzbands, artists, designers, celebrities, and internet personalities.

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Alt Celebs React to the Suicide of Alexander McQueen

From what we have researched, Alexander McQueen was a designer unlike any other designer, because he was innovative. Due to unknown reasons, the bro decided to end his life on his own terms.  Alt celebs who have personal connections to the fashion world turned to twitter in order to mourn his death.

Did you see any alt celebs mourning/namedropping/reflecting upon Alexander McQueen?

Cory Kennedy mourns.

Alt Designer Jeremy Scott mourns.

a bro from MSTRKRFT mourns.

Peaches Geldof mourns

Alt Celeb Tommy Hilfiger mourns

Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend turns to 'escapism' to deal with the pressures of being the #1 band in the world and the recent death of Michael Jackson.

Are yall sad that this bro offed himself, or happy that he ended his own pain?
Would u commit internet suicide before committing real suicide?
Do u feel 'out of touch' with high end fashion?
Is twitter the best way to memorialize some1 u care about?
Will Michael Jackson's death be the #1 celeb death of all time?

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