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Ezra Koenig's Girlfriend

Is this girl Ezra Koenig's Valentine and/or girlfriend?

Photo: Ezra Koenig's girlfriend (right) and friend [via Twitter]

Ezra Koenig is one of the most desirable men in not just indie rock, but in the entire musical landscape. Women and tween entry level alt girls are ALL DYING to know who is Ezra Koenig's girlfriend? It seems as if the Vampire Weekend frontman 'went public' on Twitter, announcing his <3, making Valentine's Day plans with a BB of his own.

We cannot CONFIRM nor DENY this rumor, but every one is clammoring to know who @geniaa is. Apparently her name is "Genia Simok", but details on her are scarce. She does, however, enjoy steak!

R u jealous of Ezra Koenig's rumored GF?

R u jealous of Ezra Koenig and his girlfriend?
Do u wish Ezra was ur BF? [via that 1 best coast song]


Are they the next indie power couple?
Do u <3 the era of Twitter-based journalism?
Do u wish Ezzie would take u out for steak?
Does Ezra Koenig's girlfriend realize that she has the most desired alternative man outside of Jared Leto?

Genia Simok

Genia Simok claimed that Ezra Koenig is her boyfriend. He asked where they should go on a date.

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