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Is Animal Collective the most unfashionable buzzband in the world?

photo via Abby Portner

Itemized List of Unfashionable Clothing & Accessories

a) hemp necklace
b) friendship bracelet
c) cargo shorts
d) bro cap
e) entry-level neon wayfarers
f) trendy religious/spiritual bracelet
g) front-pocket cargo shorts
h) brown clogs with black socks
i) flip flops
j) sk8r boi Vans

We all have a concept of 'what we expect a band 2 look like'. Do you feel like Animal Collective is attempting to transcend our expectations of 'buzzband appearance', or are they just chill bros vibing out in cargos? It seems like they are way 'unfashionable.' From what I have heard, most buzzbands have their own 'personal stylist', and companies who give them 'free swag' just in case they wear it on Fallon or something.

Sorta wish I could be in a buzzband that was so relevant that I just got to lounge around in comfy, chill bro clothes. It's like when you 'get too comfortable' in a relationship, gain 20 lbs, then start lounging around in pants with elastic bands and big, baggy t-shirts.

What do u expect a buzzband 2 look like?
Should they look 'cool'?
Does AnCo dress like cool dads who are escorting their kids to a regional Six Flags theme park?
Is this 'the new aesthetic'?
Are they just a modern druggie jam band?
Should they start dressing up in costumes like Coldplay/Arcade Fire so that misguided mainstreamers take them more seriously?
What is the ultimate buzzband uniform?

Are big zany hats + expanded craniums the future of fashion + human anthropologie?

Photos via Easy Fashion

I was just looking at some fashion blogs about a fashion week somewhere in some fashionable city, and I noticed this new 'fashion trend' that is possibly authentic, but also possibly just trying to be some sort of zany internet fashion meme. I sorta feel like huge heads are the future of fashion. Like, this is supposed to represent some sort of drive for knowledge + information until our heads swell up.  Also might be possible that we are evolving into 'super humans', and our heads must expand so we can embed computers in our body.

I am very inspired by the fashion of Walter Van Beirendonck, who will probably be known better as 'the bro who designed huge hats + heads.'

Sorta wish I could go to a fashion show that was clearly attempting to be 'all zany.'

I feel like the designer bro must be inspired by the cranial structure of aliens.

Must be some sort of commentary on how our information economy + concept of 'me' has evolved so much. Like swollen heads.  Maybe commentary on tween culture, and the concept of 'me'/'ego.'

Wonder if I could be a horse jockey if I had a 'huge head' of if that would weigh down my horse.   There are probably downsides to our evolution into huge-headed creatures.

I feel like the era of earbuds is over. We are headed back towards 'huge ass' headphones/earmuffs/head accessories.  Also might carry a lil machine gun in our jogging pants.

Kinda cold. Have 2 keep ears warm (possibly jam to a new mp3 downloaded from the formerly alt hypingmachine mp3 search engine).

Need some huge head accessories + a belt that is 'fly.'

(honestly might buy some of these progressive cargo pants if Old Navy releases a similar style in 2k15.)

Honestly confused. Do yall think this is a trend or some sort of commentary on society/humanity/evolution/information?

Hope I can commission one of these huge head+hat combo deals in a 'lil douchebag faux military hat.'

What kinda hat would u get?
Zissou red beanie?
Barry Bonds post-steroids enlarged head + baseball helmet?

Feeling hopeless. Untrendy. Might just 'melt my face' like the broad from the Knife. (This may or may not be a global warming metaphor.)

Will probably just 'stick my head in the oven' and see if I can implement the new melty face trend/off myself.

Will FUPAs be a relevant trend from 2k10-2k20?

Photo via GirlsofEbay

I am sure that 80% of the world is familiar with the FUPA, an acronym for 'Fat Upper Pussie Area.' It seems like after the mom jeans resurgence of 2k7, FUPAs were really just 'inevitable.' As females continue to grow older, their metabolism will slow down, and they will begin to gain weight. Usually women gain weight in their ass and thighs first. (Men are more likely 2 get 'bellies'.) It seems like this FUPA trend might be 'metabolically driven', as opposed to just a 'viral marketing gimmick.'

It seems like FUPAs are some sort of rare phenomenon, possibly caused by the form fitting structure of most altPants. Maybe as u gain wait, the tightness of ur pants 'shape' where fat is distributed. Seems like it might be a 'major health risk' or something. Wish that Parsons/Pratt would do some sort of 'study' about that, instead of just generating 'designers' who will work for mainstream brands. Seems like FUPAs might be 'trendy' but also 'unhealth.'

From what I understand, they sell 'butt pads' for women with no asses. I wonder if some1 will market FUPA pads, for skinny girls with a Skinny_Upper_Pussie_Area. I might add this as a product to, in order to capitalize on tween females who are still 'rain thin' but want that extra 'padding' to achieve an older aesthetic.

(Did yall used 2 stuff ur bras when u felt like u had no titties?)

Feel confused about FUPAs, mom jeans, skinny jeans, and how health + fashion can counteract one another. Might buy velco orthopedic shoes for old people to have a post-ironic prsnl brand, but more importantly, to give feet/arc/ankles proper support, ensuring the load bearing capabilities of my footwear are optimized.

Do yall think that FUPAs will 'catch on' in the next decade?
Will alternative women gain weight in the next decade?

Will altwomen have to 'retire' leggings in 2k10?
Will the current alt generation 'gain weight' and how will it alter the future of fashion?
Do u have any health tips 4 'staying thin' besides 'shopping at Holes Foods and 'doing lines of blow'?
R u a bro with a FUPA?

Should I buy clothes designed by the lead singer of Oasis? [via Gen X]

meme hijack via hypebeast

I am looking for a new summer wardrobe, and I was thinking about buying some clothes that were made to make me look like a British chill rock'n'roller. I remember the first time I heard the song "Wonderwall." I think it was the most meaningful song I had ever heard in my young life. Within the next year, I bought an acoustic guitar, and learned the simple chords to "Wonderwall" and told myself 'u can make it as a musician. just stay simple and put ur heart in.'

I have read in magazines that Liam Gallagher is 'an asshole.' Just felt like blogging about oasis since they're so old. Sorta miss the days when bands were 'a big deal.' They were 'larger than life' and u would compare them to the Beatles. But these days, u just admit that a kewl band won't be around for that long.

Think ur just supposed to be 'chill' and wear these clothes.

He also made some sort of promo video for the clothing line, where he talks about how authentic it is, and how it is 'all stuff he would actually wear.' I feel like it comes across like some sort of parody of himself, as played by Ben Stiller in 2001, but I think British people 'actually see the world like this', which is why they are into things like soccer clubs, Ricky Hatton, and Oasis.


I think that British people only know how to 'be into something' that they like by treating it like it is a soccer team. They like to get drunk and sing, and 'see what happens' [via violence]. Glad that British people aren't racist Euros, like French, Italians, and Spanish. Sad abt the after-effects colonialism.

Damn. Need a chill track jacket.

Need a hat 2 wear with sunglasses

Do yall think Oasis are 'the next Beatles'?

I remember reading in a magazine that they are 'the next big thing.'

Just wish the entire world had the same definition of 'cool.' Feel like British people enjoy weird stuff for some reason. Like they grew up thinking that ur supposed to appreciate some gritty aesthetic. I think maybe cuz it is s0 rainy over there.

Flags are metaphors worth protecting.

I was looking at pictures of hotties, and then I 'got kinda pissed.' I hadn't felt an emotion in such a long time. Had been feeling 'numb' and shit. But then got 'enraged.'

Saw these two laggards laying around on my flag. This is America. This is our flag.

Photos via Bad Kitties

I feel 'fucking enraged' that some1 would deface my flag like that. I feel like this is what people in Iraq and Iran do whenever George W. Bush makes bad foreign policty.

It rlly offends me 2 see some super model/it-girl wearing our flag as a muu muu to a meaningful music festival. I know that fashion is metaphorical, but I don't think u should be allowed 2 wear a flag-shirt unless ur American, and unless it is [via Old Navy].

srsly think that this is a metaphor for the economie. Feel like young people are 'lazy' and 'don't give a shit about the economie.' This is like Generation Y, hangin out, layin around on Old Glory.

I think that the British flag might actually be a 'fashion statement.'

Sort of scared that the South will rise again [via Radical Christian bros who buy guns at Walmart]

I think it's kewl that even 'the dark side' of the world is a lil bit nationalistic. Think that we should limit their levels of 'patriotism' so that it doesn't cause terrorism.

Yall. I've been feeling really down lately. Just like 'fuck everything' and feelings like that. I decided that if u don't care about any thing, ur life will never be meaningful. Even though it is cliched, u have 2 FEEL something. U can't just go through life thinking that everything is a big joke. U have 2 take stuff seriously so that u don't implode.

It's okay to take stupid stuff seriously. Sometimes that makes life fun. Think I'm gonna change my ways and rally around America/God/bad ass mp3s/ 'the scene'.
What do yall believe in? What do yall do 2 get out of ruts?

Need 2 listen to more music that is more 'glam' and 'fabulous.'

'I have always been inspired by fashion.' -generic pop icons


I have always been kind of fascinated by music that is like 'glam' and 'electro' and 'not that good' but has like a 'devoted following, primarily in Europe.' I think it is easier for Europeans to get into songs where some1 says 'fashion' over and over again because it is one of the only English words that they know. I feel weird when I listen to this kind of music, because I don't think that there are very many 'pop sensibilities.' It usually either sounds 'grimey' or like it was 'produced by some1 in Fruity Loops' who don't really know much about music.

I want to write a song and include the following words
high fashion - dance - electro -edgy - makeup - international - Vogue - Fashion - Paris - Milan - New York - I am ______ - International - icon - magazine - cover - it girl

I feel like this 'glam-core' fashion music seems like it is written by a tween who is interpreting the world after he/she reads a magazine + they are exploring their sexuality.

I wish that I could 'get' fashion, art, and music like pop icons do.

I have read that Lady Gaga is 'very inspired' by Andy Warhol. I want to seem like a pop star who 'gets' that popculture 'means nothing' but still 'wants more fame' or something like that. I want to be a pop sensation who sort of thinks that my product is more artistic than it actually is. I want to be a 'sex object' but have it be 'artistic' cuz I 'realize that dudes wanna fuck me in crazie costumes.'

I want to make music that was meant 2 be played in 'gay bars.'


Looking 4 something that will protect me from Swine Flu [via American Apparel]

Yall. Feeling paranoid about 'germs' and 'catching the swine flu.' I have heard that if I wash my hands once every hour, I won't get swine flu. It is also essential to have some sort of mask that filters out germs.

Do yall think this mask might work? Do u think the moustache can filter out all of the bad germs?

Or should I actually buy a protective mask from Am Appy? Not sure which colour I want.

screenshot via the Am Appy Store

Can't believe Am Appy is actually selling protective gear. Feel like I might actually 'start taking the swine flu' more seriously.

Just want to protect myself without compromising my fashion sense. Might just buy a 'pakistani scarf' to cover my mask.

Does n e 1 have any tips for avoiding swine flu?
Does n e 1 know any other signature Am Appy / Urban Outfitters / H&M styles that might help 2 protect me from catching 'pig fever' without 'looking like a poor mainstreamer?

Might not find girls who wear Am Appy to be 'hot' n e more.

Yall. I remember the days when I would totally 'get a hard on' when I saw a girl wearing Am Appy. Whether it was a pair of leggings, a 'deep ass' v-neck, a pair of briefs on a lezbo core broad, or even just a bright coloured t-shirt, I always thought a girl who was wearing Am Appy was just as hot as one of the Am Appy models.

Feel like I'm growing up and valuing different things about a woman. Have yall ever made a new wardrobe out of nontraditional items, like 'wearing duct tape 2 prom' or something zany like that? Have yall ever made a body-suit from the skin of fat women?

Not sure if I'm even gonna wear Am Appy n e more. Might just start wearing the Am Appy bag. Need to brand myself better with Helvetty + something that showcases my body.

All I want 2 do
is live in 1 of the cities on the Am Appy bag
Settle down
Start a family
Be the person I want 2 be
and grow old without feeling old
Getting more meaningful with each passing day

Kinda sad. Not even sure what I think it 'hot' any more.
Might just start looking at 'a ton of porn'
because it's good 2 know that some girls 'just want 2 get pounded'
and only consider themselves' to be 'lil fuck holes'

What do u look 4 in a woman?
some1 who looks like Jessica Alba?

What’s the difference between fashion, design, art, and memes?

Photos via Today & Tomorrow

This is an image of a high fashion show where a hot model is wearing clothes with a sunny side up egg on it. I think she also has a baguette on her head. She might be some sort of transformer who transforms in2 a picnic. Not sure what the dress is trying to 'say', but I think it has sometimes to do with survival, and how we have to go grocery shopping to stay alive, instead of being a hunter and gatherer. Might also have to do with the death of the nuclear family.

I know that I am kind of a 'fashion blog' but sometimes I don't 'get' fashion. It seems like the most bloggable looks are stuff that are too expensive for even upper-middle class people to buy. And most people 'don't look like models' so they look like they are 'trying too hard' when they try 2 look 'all cool and fashion-forward.' It makes me sad when I see poor people who wear 'clothes for poor people that they think are cool, trendy, and sexy.'

Every1 is just trying their best to look presentable and modern. Kinda sad when people 'try 2 b sexie' when they aren't.

I feel like if I saw some girl with eggs on her, it would make me think she is 'trying too hard 2 be kutesy' and probably needs to focus on developing a more intense sexual identity, instead of seeking shelter in deceptive kutesy aesthetics which represent a reluctance to 'grow up.'

Designs by Agatha Ruiz De La Prada

UGH. Still haven't figured out what's the difference between design, art, and memes?

Sometimes I just feel like we live in a world where every1 is just trying 2 b blggd about. Kinda like that 'In the future, every one will be world-famous for 15 minutes' quote by Andy Warhol, except it'll be m0re like:

"In the future, everyone will be internet-famous for 15 blog minutes."
-Carles, blogger from HIPSTER RUNOFF (2009)

I am fashionable by being unfashionable.

I am fashionable by being unfashionable.
I am me by being some one else.
I am modern by reenacting the past.

I hope that non-fashionable fashion is big in 2k9. Not in a 'shuttershadey' way, but in a historical/old Russian woman way. I think we're approaching an era where 'bright colours' will be out. As opposed to dressing with the goal of proving that you are free-spirited/are 'an individual', I feel like we will start dressing like we live in an oppressed society. We will seek to look more 'uniform' as an alternative population. We have grown tired of the contest to 'try to look like the zaniest alt alive.'

Is n e 1 else excited about the future?

[Photo by The StreetWalker]

Are Step Dad Jeans Coming Back?

Are stepDad jeans/Standup comedian jeans coming back, yall? I thought they were something that was only popular for like a 1 blog month, but maybe they are gonna have some 'staying power' after all. Kinda like POGS and X-Men cards and 'The Harry Potter Twilight of the Rings' Series.

Should I go to design school to become a FactoryBro who is in charge of strategically fading denim? I've always wanted to 'make something beautiful' and/or be the creator of trends. Is this my chance?

[Photo by David Friedman Photo]

If I'm gonna work in a factory, it's definitely gonna be an AmericanAppyFacty. Or should I work for a company that doesn't give me benefits & works me 2 death? Is 'working abroad' the same as 'studying abroad'? Will I 'find myself' + 'meaningful adventures'?

Previous Wide Legged Jeans Coverage

Does n e 1 else hope that this is the future of fashion?

[photo by thecobrasnake]
Yall I hope that this is the future of fashion 4 women. I know that most Americans don't realize that 'less is more', but I feel like the world would be a better place if we all learned how to be 'authentic minimalists' instead of 'consumer minimalists.' I just feel like a lot of people pay a lot of money to achieve the 'minimalist aesthetic' when it doesn't have 2 be that way. Minimalism can be as simple as putting tape/bandaids/hearts over your nips, or even just wrapping a screen around ur body.

N e ways.. I guess I'm just trying to say that we're lucky that high end fashion shows have a 'NO ALTBROS ALLOWED' rule so that no1 was taken to jail for 'trying to tug one out' in the second row. (Guilty as charged, yall!)

I've never been to an authentic fashion show during a Major Metropolitan Area's Fashion Week, but they seem like a real circus!

[photo via every blog on the internet]

"Sasha Barry Cohey taught me how to ROTFLMAO again."
-a fan of progressive comedy in the RealityTV era

miss u Tom Green-era comedy. :-(

Alice Glass explains her Personal Brand

I was reading my local newspaper, the Independent, and I saw a section with fashion tips from one of my favourite female vocalists of the post-Feist musicsphere. Here are a series of quotes that help us understand why Alice Glass is s000 sexie.

[Photo by HalfAlive]


On why she didn't get a breast augmentation & keep her hair blonde:

I'm feminine: I'm wearing a skirt, I own a bra. I think that whole big blonde look has been taken over by transsexuals now. I'm a natural blonde, but that blonde hair, big tits idea of what men want, it's now really unfeminine.

Photobucket Image Hosting
On her keut haircut which she has had 4 a long tyme

I've had my hair like this since I was 13. Before that, it was much shorter. I had a Chelsea, which is bangs [a fringe] and then the rest is shaved off.

Photobucket Image Hosting
On wearing little boys clothing...

My top is from a sports store in Dalston. It's a sweater for little boys

On coming out of her mother's womb with a pre-established personal brand:

I must have come out of the womb wearing Converse.I just wear them until they rip and become sandals. I like the white ones when they get that awesome brown shade.

On the dangers of playing to crowds of entrylevel alts:

I can't take anything valuable on tour; kids jump on stage and steal my stuff.

On what happens 2 u if u never have a real job:

My make-up routine involves putting a bunch of black stuff on my eyes. I've worn lipstick before, but I'm not big into it. I don't really care or think about how I look. I wouldn't wear something I didn't like, but I've never had a real job so no one's ever told me how to dress.

[Read more personal Alice quotes]

I feel kloser 2 her now, since I understand where she is coming from. It's kind of like when u r dating some1, then 1 night u just have an 'amazing conversation' where u get vulnerable with them, find out about their childhood, and learn to understand & value them on a totesally deep level.

'I need u s0 much closer'
-death cab for Crystie Cutesle

Orange U Kinda Keut!

[GINGER ALERT] (possibly NSFW if u work in an anti-ginger environment)

[Photo by JustGlitterLust]

My favourite part about fashion is that it is a word that describes when people wear clothes. That means every1 is fashionable, kind of like that one party pix site ( It doesn't matter who u r or what u look like, u have the ability to put on clothes. Life is beautiful, yall.

Whether u r young or old, u can put on clothes and have dreams of being fashion blogged about. There is hope for every1. Let's start watching Project Runway every week and think seriously about attending design school in a major metropolitan area.

Which of the following is true about old people?
a) they don't know what the internet is
b) they think cameras can capture souls when they take ur pic
c) they don't believe in homosexuality
d) they call blogs 'websites'
e) they call websites 'internet explorer pages'
f) they only eat in buffet-style restaurants
g) they demand excessive service at restaurants
h) they will be eliminated in the electro wars
i) Choose.Your.Own.Response

[The Street Walker]

Mainstream Celebrity Makeovers

I'm sure yall have heard of the Ugly 'It' Girl named Ugly Betty. She's the star of a reality show on some Mainstream Television Network.

She dresses just like Agyness!

She partiez with Linz Lohan. (She is also tired of rumorz starting.)

Well I'm glad she got an alt-makeover! She looks sooo good now.

The short hair looks 'fierce' and she did a good job of keeping her quirky-authentic look with the new glasses frames. I also [HIGHLY REC] the skin lightening process for every1 who truly wants to look better. Kinda like Mike Jackson. But ya, she's AT LEAST 200% alt-er now.

Does n e 1 know where I can buy a puffy-sleeve shirt, hi-rise shants, and kute red shoes?

I love giving people makeovers. I think I want to go to the Project Runway University for Fashion, but I hear apartments in NYC are super expensive. Should I follow my dreams, or just go to a community college/state school and feel ashamed to be hanging around all of the mainstreamers I thought I was better than in HS?

This outfit is Social Commentary about Modern Society/Geopolitikal Issuez

I know a lot of people say that 'fashion is just clothes' and that fashion doesn't even matter...BUT THEY R WRONG. (They are not deep enough to 'get' fashion)

While a lot of street fashion bloggers wouldn't even notice this girl on the street, they don't realize that her outfit provides important commentary on life, society, terrorism, performance enhancing drugs, race-relations, the media, the blogosphere ruining journalism, divorce, GHEY marriage, and how humans are different & the same at the same time. It's a clash, yall. A constant 1, and the only way we can elect the President that God wants in office is to 'find ourselves' and the vote based on 'who we are.'

We need to find out who we are as soon as possible. We must enroll in Art Colleges, obtain design degrees, and change the world, and the way that we look at it, and how we can tell people to stop using gasoline to buy fast food, and go to more music+art+technology festivals.

When u look at the pictured female, ask urself what her outfit represents.
What do the dots repesent?
What do the stripes represent?
How do the stripes and the dots convey differences and similarities?
What's up with Palestine and Israel?
What's up with the USA and brown-ish countries?
What's up with France and Australia?
What's up with mainstreamers and alts?
Will we all ever co-exist and learn to live and love eachother?
Will movie studios produce more Existential Comedies involving Dustin Hoffman to make the world a better place?

I just want every1 to be able to think critically, like a college professor who has a 'rlly demanding' class where you get a "B", but you ended up finding yourself, your major, and what society is all about.

Fashion is beautiful, yall.
Life is beautiful, all yall.
Fashion = Life = Beautiful

Never Forget.

[Face Huntr]

Global Warming's Cruel Impact on Alternative Celebrity Fashion

Gaspard Augé, the guitarist from the rock band Justice, usually wears a leather jacket with sleeves. Since we live on an overheated planet, Gaspard is forced to utilize the sleeveless leather jacket look in the summer months.

Do you think it's okay for Justice to drop the sleeved leather jacket look when the temperature is too high? Or do you admire them for sticking to the bylaws of their personal brand? Or are they required to wear leather due to promotional obligations tied to their upcoming fashion line?

[Photo by ShadowScene]

Gaspard Augé

Alternative Celebrity

Gaspard Augé is a DJ/producer in the popular French electro house duo Justice.

Read more>>>>

M.I.A.: Will she be getting her contract with Marc Jacobs renewed?

Grids made out of electric tape: Big in 2k9? Does her eyemakeup consist of the bling diamonds that people with personality disorders put on their pay-as-you-go cell phones?

Do you think Marc Jacobs designed that outfit? Or can we assume that it's a preview of M.I.A.'s upcoming fashion line that will be released exclusively at Hot Topic?

M.I.A.: Fashion Forward?

[Picture by Shadowscene]


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

Read more>>>>

Public Service Announcement: Take Care of Your Clothes, Yall...

Dipping individual items of clothing in unknown liquids: Big in 2k11?
I'm not sure if that Jesse McCartney look-alike intentionally dipped his cardigan into blue stuff... but just remember to take care of your clothes, yall. Don't leave them on the ground in your room, and don't just throw them on top a chair... take the time to hang them up. Accidents happen...

Maybe instead of alternative entrepreneurs starting their own 'clothing line' by screen printing statements about a particular target market's lifestyle on t-shirts, they will now only have to invest in a bucket + a colored substance. Is the 'dye running up the shirt' look more conceptually justifiable to mass alternative markets than a graphic tee?

Remember the time that Panda Bear (AKA Noah Lennox) and his wife designed some clothes?

Maybe they will move beyond 'cut shit up' process, and start using the 'dip shit in dye' technique.

[Photo via He Will Hunt Your Face]

Kid Sister Travels to Milwaukee

In a recent EVERY1ISFAMOUS photoset, Kid Sister traveled to Milwaukee, along with Flosstradamus. And OMG! What is Kid Sister wearing?

Do you think she took the small alternative market of Milwaukee seriously enough if she showed up in a floral print pool dress? Do you think she only dresses up for 'real cities'? When you're in the alternative entertainment industry, you have to sacrifice comfort sometimes, even if you just went swimming in a Holiday Inn pool, and don't feel like changing.

"Would U Hit Her On Her Beeper?" Do you think she should be more like Lil Kim if she wants to brand herself as an aggressive 'aw hell no-y' rapper?

Should she be required to always wear the clothes & accessories from the "Beeper" video?

Who is the real Kid Sister?

Bro in a Bow Tie

I was looking at theFaceHunter again, and I noticed a post where two out of five people were wearing bow ties. If you apply standard methods of internet trend forecasting logic, you will realize that 40% of the world will be wearing bow ties within the next several months.

I really like what this dude did with the whole bow tie and polka dot collared shirt. While the rest of his aesthetic would have you thinking that he usually wears a MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE shirt from Hot Topic, he really switched it up, and pulls off the clown-core look that I saw on Project Top Runway Model.

What's more obnoxious: The skinny tie or the bow tie?


(Editor's Note: If you did not find this post to be entertaining or insightful, please re-read it imagining that the bowtie dudes are naked except for bow ties, and delivering a monologue that includes the lines, "I just want a tug job. I just want to be loved.")

Does buying a Justice jacket make U a ‘poser’?

Are you interested in looking like Justice?
What if I told you that Justice is releasing some cute jackets and pants? I know these photos look like they are clothes that are made for dolls, but they are for real humans, like yourself.

Do you hang out with a group of people who will respect you more, because you bought a jacket that was designed by Justice?

Are you interested in jeans with subtle, yet loud neon orange buttons to make sure every one knows that you are in jeans designed by Justice?

Would you feel like a more unique individual if your clothing tag said "JUSTICE FOR ALL" instead of "American Apparel"?

If you bought this jacket, would you find a way to make sure that people could see the cross in the inner-lining?

I think Justice failed to capitalize on female markets. Much like professional sports teams make pink versions of their jersey to appeal to girls, Justice should have made a cute pink jacket. For example, NFL Quarterback Peyton Manning only became popular after the release of this pink jersey.

Justice: They Don't Care About Women?

What do yall think of the JUSTICE jackets+pants? R u gonna buy them? I am no designer, but I have watched several seasons of Project Runway. Do you support Justice's 'design collaboration' with Surface to Air? Would you rather buy a jacket at a different store? Just based on the pictures, I'd say they look like clothes for little ass hole 5-12 year old boys whose parents style their hair for them & want them to have 'girlfriends' at age 9.

[Via HypeBeast]
[AZNDAN HIGHLY RECCD that I blog about this]


After the emergence of the American Apparel briefs for 'guys who routinely showcase what type of underwear they are wearing,' do you think that same genre of people might transition over to the boxers that are blatantly from OLD NAVY?

Wasn't there an era when girls said 'boxer-briefs are the sexiest kind of male underwear'? Is that era still alive?

What is the best kind of underwear for a guy to wear in 2010?
-GAP Boxers?
-HANES briefs?
-HANES boxer briefs?
-Dockers pants?
-AA Undies?
-Banana Republic crap?
-Looney Tunes boxers?
-post-ironic adult diapers?



I'm looking to complete a team of bloggers for a trendspotting blog.

Please email me or myspace message me if you want more details.

No blogging or retail experience required. Perfect for people who always end up playing 'spot that American Apparel item' with a group of their closest friends whenever they go out. Knowledge of Urban Outfitters and Forever21 is preferred, but not required. Must be able to navigate through interfaces of popular party pix sites and social networks. Associates Degree in graphic design or fashion design from a pseudo-Art College is not required, but if you pursued that degree, and dropped out to party in LA or NYC after your parents paid the rent for the year, you might be valuable.

Please be willing to have strong opinions on trends like flannel, cardigans, v-necks, and silly glasses with no frames.

(This is not a joke.)



[Via the FaceHunter]
I saw this dress, and it made me yearn for a zigzagging striped shirt that represents the peaks and valleys of day-to-day life.

Do you think the zigzag pattern is too time consuming for the American Apparel factory workers to make?

I just want to express myself, and sometimes horizontal stripes just aren't enough.


What's up with dudes who dress like this:

Whenever I go to my favourite party pix sites, like the cobrasnake, I always see that there's 1 out of 10 dudes who dress like this:

or this:

Several years ago, you could say 'he dresses like he's in the Strokes!'

Others might say 'He looks like he's in one of those 60s/70s rock bands! I loove the Stones!!'

In 2008, we can boldly say, 'He Dresses like he's the bastardized Jonas Brother.'

What's up with THE JONAS BROTHERS? I feel uncomfortable when you find out these Disney phenomenons are a 'big deal.' I haven't really heard their music, but I'm sure it's in their best interests to start DJing/making bangers, if they want to stay alive in 2010.

They should also help Forever 21 launch their men's line.

Big in 2k8?

In search of the fashions that Forever21 will manufacture in 2009...


MEDALS: the next headband?

Girls in Davy Crockett-ish hats?

Via Glam Canyon (My Fave Street Fashion Blog)

How can you prove to your friends that YOU LOVED 'Person Pitch' more than they did

Panda Bear AKA Noah Lennox and his wife have launched a limited edition clothing line thing. You can buy one of their limited edition sweat shirts.

I wonder if you can ask questions like 'Was one of these used in the Peacebone video?' or 'Will this help me write a song like BROS?'

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Panda+Pandette say:

2ND is a second project for both of us and at some point a second chance for forgotten clothing...

Please note that I do support PandaBear's venture. I'm just glad 0% of proceeds are going to some cheesy charity.

Panda Bear

Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

Panda Bear is a member of Animal Collective. He wrote the hit album "Person Pitch" but failed to deliver in 2k10 with TOMBOY.

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Check out this broad

I will continue to scan the world's best street fashion blogs to bring you people who may or may not be worth taking seriously.

Meet Bethan

Glam Canyon says about Bethan:

Bethan works as a product designer and was just doing her christmas shopping. she's picked out the car you see below and some other toy as gifts for the family. in terms of fashion Bethan embraces the fact that she is short and so she likes to wear clothers that make her feel small. she gets inspiration from bjork and cracker toys. her advice for a happy christmas: "Buy cheap cracker toys." and why not.

What do you think about Bjorky chicks? I think they are a bit too post-contrived.


Give this baby some banner ads, because he does a great job of maintaining the right look.

HEATHER GREY is such a tragically hot color. It manages to really work on some people, and fail miserably on others. It adds the right amount of embatledness to most people with a nice skin tone or hair colour.

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