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Humans that might just be memes.

Sometimes I see a picture of a bro which has 'gone viral' on the internet, or a picture that is 'inherently funnie' to some1 with a 'morbid/sardonic sense of humor.' Then I wonder if I am trivializing their existence. Or if they have some sort of physical deficiency, I might be exploiting their flawed existence (according 2 me) on my lifestreamweblog to 'make people laugh' with me 'at some one who hasn't been as fortunate as me.'

This bro is battling morbid obesity. This battle might 'just be a meme', at least to 90% of the readers of this blog. However, the other 10% are probably 'arm chair commentators' who feel like the fact that this meme exists is 'wrong.' The meme exists--there is no right or wrong when something is 'going viral' in the memesphere. Even if the viral rate is not high, some memes can be 'timeless' and trickle down to the furthest reaches of the meme sharing universe.

It's just kinda weird how my life is important to 'me,' but to other people, it might just be a meme.
Searching for a way to live my life authentically without making things seem 'like I am trying too hard to be a bloggable meme' aka 'some ass hole who just wants attention.'

These are memes that comment on the fatbro meme, creating a memecosystem.

[Via Human After Yall]

Sometimes humans who turned into memes are kinda sad, but then I just 'lol' at them and find another meme to absorb into my stream of consciousness.

(WTF is a meme?)

blogging from Chili's

Yall. i'm at chili's. i like it a lot. Should I stay here eating all day and bcome a 'rlly fat guy' who turns into an internet meme? My whoel goal in life is 2 bcome 'famous on the internet."

do u think some1 will still love me enough to marry me? Do u know if there is a trucking service that specializes in transporting fat people to and from gimmicky chain restaurants?

Just wanna get my grub on.

might bcome a fatBro for xmas. not sure. let me know if I should stay at Chili's.

Probably gonna order a couple of molten chocolate cakes and pour ranch dressing on them.

remember when s00 random quirky alts used to do Mike Myers/Jim Carey impressions?

'get in my belly' - quirkyAlt after seeing the Austin PowerMovie
when u sniff kokaine, does it go into your stomach? is that why it makes u skinny?

Save America. End Obesity.

[Photo by HipsterDBag]

Is America really a FAST FOOD NATION? Is it ruining our great country? Does our country need more reality shows that help people lose weight since people can only lose weight if they are on TV?

Does n e 1 know if people outside of America are fat, or if only Americans are 'gettin a lil chunky'? I remember when NME tried to write an article about how American bands are awesome, but I think it is harder for all Americans because we have to do more to watch our weight. This is why we aren't involved in the Electro War--we are busy consuming, and not creating enough. There's more to life than McGriddles and reading blogs, yall Americans... Let's save our nation b4 it's too late and we run out of whatever that liquid they use to cook fries is called.

On every corner in America is a McDonalds, Pink Berry, Chili's, or Wendy's Frosty Stop. We drive cars a lot. Do we need to get exercise? Is America in trouble?

What can we do to save ourselves before our lives' end without ever proving that life is meaningful?

kinda scared...hope this doesn't ruin my Friday night...


What r u doing this weekend?

r u gonna have some PBRs, or r u just going to get some tattied on to your wrist?


I can't believe Jared Leto gained 67 lbs to play the guy who 'assassinated' John Lennon in a biopic. I wonder if it helped him write better 30 Seconds to Mars jams.

It's cool to blog about Jared Leto even though he's in a shitty band, because he was in Fight Club, American Psycho, and Requiem for a Dream, right?

View More Jared Leto Fattie Pixxx here

Personal Happy New Year's Wishes

Hey Readers. I decided to film a personal greeting for you. Next year you'll be seeing a lot more of me, doing vlogs and just gettin' buzzed and seeing what happens when the camera is rolling.

SHOCKING PHOTO: Zooey Deschanel has put on an alarming amount of weight!

Zooey Deschanel is the New Girl... but what if I told you that she had morphed into a completely new girl? One that is heftier, fuller, and still has that same lovable quirkiness (and bangs), except it is in a slightly larger package. She is still FASHIONABLE and makes it WORK, wearing a cutting edge black shirt and black pants. She still knows fashion, and underneath it all is that lovable #ZoZo.

Perhaps she needs to lay off the delivery tomato soup and start walking to a restaurant that only serves iceberg lettuce.... Sigh

While many blogs would be quick to shame Zooey Deschanel for this alleged weight gain, we believe that this is good for feminism and the feminist movement, and will have a larger impact than Pussy Riot. There's nothing wrong with being bigger and beautifuller. Zooey can still put on that trademark heavy eye makeup to make those eyes pop. Those bangs. That beautiful body.

Perhaps she's finally happy now.
And you know what?

We're happy for her too. Let's celebrate at the Cheesecake Factory.

How did ZoZo gain so much weight?
Does she still look good bb?
Is she sexier?
Is 'thick' the new alt?
R u gonna 'get thick'?
Do u think this means she is finally over Ben Gibbard?
R u #hornie4zozo?

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