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Flight of the Conchords

The State of Bro Comedy in 2k9

We are all searching for media that 'makes us laugh' without having to think about 'why we are laughing at it.' We just want something that isn't 'trying too hard' and isn't 'too bitter and self-aware.' We want comedy that is smart and a lil bit dumb at the same time. We just want to relax, but feel 'progressive' and 'current' with what we find humorous. The 'stuff u find funnie' is just as important as the mp3s on your iPod.

This is a post about Bro Comedy in 2k9 that is kinda disguised as offbeat comedy which is lumped into an alternative comedy genre. (Tweens love bro comedy because it makes them feel like they 'fit in'.)

Yall. I'm just wondering if yall know if 2k9 is gonna be a good year for zany movies with zany characters. If u think about it, we haven't had a movie that resonated deeply with Gen-Y since the hit film Napoleon Dynamite (aka NAPPY DYNABRO).

n e ways....
I recently saw a trailer for a film that looks kind of zany with one of the zany bros from FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS


Does this movie 'seem funny' 2 u? Does something inside of u feel like u need 2 see it because of how it emulates popular comedic aesthetics, looks sort of meaningful, and has a character/actor from a popular TV show who is playing a different character/actor? I wonder what type of bro is inside of the ConchordBro from this movie. What inspired him to play these 'oddball characters'? Does he think that he is making the world a better place by delivering a message through these quirky characters? Should we all just lighten up and laugh a lil bit? Do we really need to see another movie about 'sad, dumb people' to realize that life is precious in a meaningless way?

What's the deal with the Flight of the Conchords? Are they supposed to be 'funny'? I remember I watched an episode, and it wasn't very funnie, but there were quirky characters who wrote songs about zany stuff. The songs borrowed popular aesthetics from music over the past 50 years, sort of 'parodying' these genres while musing about the dilemma that the characters found themselves' in. Not sure if I should 'respect them' for writing their own songs that sound like old songs, or if I should find them to be inauthentic.

This is a funnie song by them where they are being kind of zany.


Does any 1 'get' why people find comedy in music format to be 'funnie'? Do you appreciate the craftsmanship + innovation of some one who can 'play a guitar' while singing funny things? Is that more valuable to society than a guy who plays guitar and say serious things about relationships/life ?

Have u heard of this group of bros called THE LONELY ISLAND?

I feel like the Lonely Island bros are sort of like 'class clowns who were also jocks/alpha mainstreamers.' There is an expectation for comedy/comedians to be 'progressive' or point something out about how society is sooo messed up and how ur perspective is different. But not with Funny Alpha Bros. Because they choose to be 50% zanier than they are expected to be, packs of mainstreamers feel comfortable 'laughing at' the zany humor presented by a group like the Lonely Island Mainstreamer Bros. Laughing at the relatively safe, non-progressive humor of a Lonely Island bro makes you 'belong' a little bit more--but you also get to feel like you are sort of rebelling against the standard alpha bro. Even though alphaBro humor is usually 'shock humor', it isn't the kind of 'shock humor' that is like taking a shit on an American flag. It's more like 'poop+curse+reference from the past+extreme sexual innuendo.'


The Lonely Island kind of remind me of WEIRD AL except a bro-version that appeals to the type of people who 'buy complete seasons of DVDs', watching them multiple times while 'getting stoned' and 'chilling with friends.' Just the kind of people who aren't very fascinated with 'being alive' and would rather be able to carry on conversations with other people about popular mainstream media in video+audio format. As you grow old, you can compare various media and rate them historically. For example, "The Simpsons in its prime is way better than _______(Adult Swim show)." <3 the Bromedy demographic.

Is there something inside of alts that feel the need to 'fit in' and find this humor 'funnie'? You can also see that Alts like the Arcade Fire enjoy cobranding themselves with the Mildly Alt Comedy Jocks.


I suppose that these bros have 'worked hard' to 'be successful', but kinda makes u wonder if they should be doing more with their 'platform.' Or are they being 'progressive' since they are doing something kind of zany when everything else is 'conforming' to previous concepts of comedy? It's just hard for me to take them seriously when I feel like they seem like the type of bros who are only capable of feeling validation from things like 'performing a skit that made fun of the teachers at our high school' or 'my mom thinking that I have a funny personal brand.'

Does n e 1 else find 'comedy albums' to be kind of weird and uncomfortable? I feel like they are purchased by people who don't 'get' the memesphere. Like of course you can see something 'oddly delightful' in a zany song the first time you hear it. But should it inspire a sane person to buy an entire album full of lil sillie songs. Do you plan on listening to this album for the rest of your life? Or will you just put it on when you feel like having a laugh? Or is there something inside of you that wants to create bro-humor + be an alphaBro who makes the ppl laugh?

Anyways, yall. What's the deal with BRO MAINSTREAMER BUTT BUDDY FGGT COMEDY? (this is a new genre term that I invented)
Everything has changed since Weird Al 'sold out' and got a nose job.

Should I only value altComedians like David Cross and Bob Odenkirk?
Is Will Ferrell the #1 comedian of all time?
Do u miss Phil Hartman?
Is Steve Martin overrated?
Was George Carlin overrated? Should I eat pizza until I die while watching reruns of Seinfeld/Curb Ur Enthusiasm?
What type of comedy do u respect more: College Humor or Lonely Island Bros?
Do comedians owe it to themselves to do more than 'mock' popular aesthetics, and try to change the world by pointing out what's wrong with it, and helping us laugh through troubled times?
Is Chris Rock better than Eddie Murphy better than Richard Pryor?
Is there like some sort of 'science'/'psychology' to what people find 'funnie'? (can some1 who went 2 college please answer this)
Has the meme economy cheapened 'comedy'?
Is it easier for nonfunny comedy in non-sitcom format to thrive simply because it's not in 'sitcom' format? [this question is trying 2 say that the Office sux]
Do yall wish we could just appreciate sitcoms again?

What makes something 'funny' and 'authentic'?
Just trying to preserve my personal brand, yall.


We live in a world where things change every day. One day u r famous, the next day no1 knows who u r. One day u r a viral internet meme...the next day ur just another person who uses the internet too much and understands the concept of a 'meme.'

I just wanted to know what happened to stuff from the past. Some of the stuff we should miss. Some of the stuff we shouldn't miss 2 much.


The band that dressed up in suits (the Interpolice)

The Zany Female Jewish Comedian

The Postal Services

Uffie 1.0

Girls who were attracted to Jared Leto's personal brand

The guy who played 'The Terminating"

Mark Hunter, Photographer for thecobrasnake.com, before he 'changed'

Conan O'Brien style humor

The song with the whistling about not caring about young people

What happened 2 the days when we used 2 all get along and only care about partying 4 the sake of partying? Back before money, reputation, and personal brands were on the line. Will things ever be authentic again?

The guy from the band ZanyTown (Crazie)

The nice guy from Friends

The Fat guy from SNL who was on drugs

The modern philosopher/minimalist web designer/human internet meme, Jakob Loadwick

The Flight of the Quirk-chords

Girls with personal brands that emulated Lisa Loeb

The sillie bass player from The Fred Durst Band (FDB)

People who go to music festivals 2 see Jack Johnson

SRSLY yall...what ever happened 2 all of this stuff?
Is society getting better or worse?
Does the internet make things less meaningful?

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