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Does n e 1 know what G20 protesters are even protesting? Seems like they just want to make .jpg internet memes

Photos via Torontoist

Every year or so, some summit happens called the G20. I don't even know what really happens there, who goes, or what global leaders are trying to solve/talk about. Mainly just exists as some sort of opportunity for a city to 'waste tons of money on security' and for tons of rebellious spirits who h8 society to 'protest' against society/the government/the world/the Illuminati / miscellaneous constraints of the human spirit via 'bullshit'. It seems like a 'protest' doesn't even really mean anything any more. Like many 'real life' events, it has sort of degenerated into the kind of event that is mainly created to 'create sweet web media', whether it is a youtube vid, a .jpg, or even a dramatic gif. Feel like these protesters in Toronto are just 'internet meme generating ass holes' who don't 'give a damn' about the world, and only really care about making people on the internet LOL. Honestly feel like in our meme society, the lolcat might be the only universal currency. I guess the riot cops provide a great 'backdrop' to create a surrealist meme. Feel like it is 'human nature' to want to see people getting beat up by cops [via the Rodney King theory], then reflect on the power of the government. Bros who 'didnt graduate from high school' can unite with 'unemployed bros who graduated with a worthless degree from an expensive university' under the same goal: "H8 society for misleading me/leaving me trapped.' Just wish I could protest 'with song'. Brought my guitar to the protest hoping to throw down some Jack Johnson-esque vibes, but the cops totally killed our chill waves. Is it authentic to wear a Bob Marley 'One Love' t-shirt to a protest? Might start a meme blog called lesbians who look like little boys getting their asses beat by riot police . tumblr . com Maybe I'll just take my flip cam and 'vlog' live from the middle of the violent areas, putting a buzzband soundtrack to make my video seem 'more bad ass/bloggable.'


Worried abt Foot Locker. Thought it was our right as members of the Western World to own the &#39;sweetest pair of sneakers&#39; possible [via the Post Michael Jordan world] Glad the GAP stayed safe. Might go get some on sale t-shirts and socks later Sad that Am Appy didn&#39;t play it safe, and ended up with human feces in their store. [link] Do u think she h8s cell phone stores because of how much they charge for data plans? Maybe she wouldn&#39;t be so violent if she knew that Droid Does Apps. Wonder if there is a Home Depot / Lowe&#39;s nearby where u can pick up plywood / weapons / hammers / etc. Maybe an Outdoor shop is a better place to get a pick axe &#39;Totes gonna make this my facebook profile default pic.&#39; This bro seems to be getting &#39;mad air&#39;, Shaun White style. Wonder if he got those boxers at The Gap / Old Navy. Wonder if they are really &#39;anarchists&#39; or just people who want to &#39;fuck shit up.&#39; Really hope 1 of these g20 things comes to my city soon. Want to go to my local mall and &#39;break some windows.


Do yall believe in anarchy or capitalism? are these real anarchists, or just bros who eat McDonalds like every1 else? Keut cutoff + bandana combo I wonder which 1 has a longer-lasting psychological impact on u: getting arrested [via handcuffs] OR getting arrested [via plastic cord binding ur hands together]. (you probably aren&#39;t a legitimate threat 2 society if u can be restrained by a plastic cord.) Local Business Owners should probably h8 society. &#39;I proposed 2 my wife at the G20 protest. Our pic symbolizes love in the face of a mad world.&#39; ////CONTINUE READING///

Feeling sad that altbros got violent at the G20 Summit protests

Meme hijack via SeanAhern

Heard that there was some sort of economic and global rights summit for all of the world's most important leaders in the world to 'talk about important stuff', kinda like when tweens have a sleepover. Apparently, there were 'protesters' who wanted these leaders to know that 'shit was fucked', so they 'got all violent' to 'make a scene' and 'make sure that their voices were heard'. It was kinda like they were simulating 'anarchy', or other concepts from punk music. Not sure if I identify with them. Feel sort of resigned to not being in control of global policies.

Not sure why every1 wants 'things 2 get better.' Wish they'd realize that there'd be no more art if 'things were perfect' cuz most great art is inspired by 'how we wish the world was a certain way', or something like that. We just want every1 2 relate 2 our suffering and stuff.

Sad that the altBro in a Keffiyeh/neon palestinian scarf gave alternative people a bad name. Think these scarves might be dead. Not sure if I want 2 wear mine, or else riot police will break into my apartment and execute my family. Not sure why the bro is throwing a sweet ass flat screen through a window. Seems like a good screen to chill and watch DVDs on. Think this protest was in France, so not sure why he is wearing an Atlanta Braves baseball cap. Must be 'alt' to wear American caps in France.

Do yall 'believe' in anything? Or do yall just like 2 go to events with a lot of people because 'chaos might happen.' Was hoping that would happen at the Obama Inauguration, but I think every1 'pussed out.

Feel upset. Wish that instead of 'getting violent', the protestors could have done something zany, like 'a flash mob' [sponsored by T-Mobile].


flashmobs seem like the only way to 'really make people think' these days about how 'absurd' our world is...

More pix from the G20 protests via 'The Big Picture'

'we believe in something, yall. gotta update my fb status 2 tell people i'm chillin somewhere 'relevant' on a global scale.'

'gotta take some kewl pix for my flickr account. might live tweet about how 'bad ass' this 'shit' is.'

'Wish we coulda broken in2 a Mac Store.'

'feel angry about society and my parents.'

Sort of wish this was an American Apparel hoodie with the white strings so it could be 'like an advertisement.'

Man's Best Friend, yall!

'Feel sad about my iPhone breaking in a scrum. Wish I had bought the dorky case for it like my parents recommended. Didn't buy insurance for $5/month.'

What do yall believe in?

Toronto G20 protesters break windows of an American Apparel, spray store with feces

The G20 is some sort of summit that is designed to make the world a better place, uniting all of the world's leaders to make group decisions together to help our global society. Every year, tons of ppl who h8 society decide to 'protest.' Not sure what they stand for, or if it is just a good excuse to 'get crazy'. Wonder if they send strong messages to the global leaders/Illuminati who control the world, or if they are just a bunch of alts who are 'actin crazy' just 2 be alt.

N e ways, it seems like some anti-Am Appy protesters shattered the windows of a Toronto American Apparel retail chain store. Feel like maybe they disagreed with the vibe/message of the company. Maybe they h8 retail, and h8 Abercrombie Appy. Maybe they were angry stock holders or something. Seems like they not only broke the windows, but sprayed feces with some sort of Super Soaker for poop into the store. Wonder if this is just 'viral marketing advertising', a meme jpg planted by the Am Appy company just to get blog buzz. Feel like a 'broken window' probably costs less than an advertising campaign.

Rode by on my bike cuz I just wanted to buy some vnecks for the summer, but was mad bummed to find it closed + sprayed with feces.

Wonder if they have to wash all of their inventory because of all of the poop on the merchandise.

Sad 4 these mannequins. feel like they have alternative souls too, and don't really appreciate being shat upon.

Do yall think American Apparel deserved this kind of treatment?
Do u wish u could 'fuck with some riot cops' at a G20 summit?
Have yall ever protested with violence?
Have u ever thrown poop at a retail store?
Do u h8 Am Appy?
Should we 'silence the violence' and 'increase the peace'?
Should we 'silence the violence' and 'increase the poop'?
Do yall poop in toilets, or do u save it to throw at retail shopping stores?

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