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What is the future of the music video? Do they 'help' internet-centric indie artists?


I just watched this music video for Grizzly Bear's "Ready, Able", and it felt very conceptual. Like a genuine video artist bro made it. I wonder if Grizzly Bear videos could be considered more/less conceptual than AnCo's videos. Both seem to have visual brands of being 'pretty out there.' Just see a lot of melting and stuff. Might be a metaphor.

Wondering what the future of music videos will be in 2k10. Do people 'really care' about watching a lil video on a tiny portion of their computer screen? Will indie labels still 'bankroll' 'that shit', or will they say 'we encourage you to find a friend/group of hopeful college students who will do this video for free'? Do people really care about music videos by new bands, or do music videos only really 'work' for already-established bands?

I just watched the video for Girls - Lust For Life Hardcore XXX Edit, and it seemed to maybe shed some light on 'what we can expect in the future' when it comes to music videos within the indiesphere. 'NSFW'

This video is 'pornography', I think. Feel like it is supposed to 'shock' outlets into blogging about it, but there might also be another agenda. Maybe the Girlsbros are trying to say 'indie rock fans are fggts' since they utilized two homosexual males 'rollin around bein HarveyMilky 2 gether.' Feeling a little bit sad that they created this video gimmick not for the betterment of the indie scene, but because they wanted to create a 'search engine optimized meme' that got a ton of porn traffic. </embed>

In 2k10, will we see Animal College - "Song Title" Lesbian XXX Cum on Tits Scissoring Edit?
Will we see the Arcade Fire - "Song title" Twink Hardcore Gay Sex Bear Anal Dirty Sanchez XXX Edit?
Will we see Vampire Weekend - "Horchata" bukake milf big titted whore 3some XXX edit?
Will we see Washed Out - "Song Title" Real Amateur Barely Legal Fucking XXX edit?
What porn-themed music video do u think is most likely to be made in 2k10?

Wondering if 2k10 is going to be all about 'cock microphones.' Will all indie bands utilize a penis as a microphone, or will they stick with traditional microphone technologies?

Do u think that female indie stars will utilize pee pee mics?
Do u think that 'being into indie' means that ur a lil bit ghey?
Do u ever wish that u just had a sun tan/pizza/bottle of wine/miscellaneous lil gifts described in lyrics by GIRLS?
Do u have a lust 4 life/blogs/indiebands/______?
What will be the purpose of music videos in the year 2k12?



Girls is a buzzband from the San Francisco Bay area that writes fuzzy buzzy pop songs abt how girls broke their hearts.

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The new GIRLS Season 2 trailer looks hella boring. Ppl only watch 2 #FatNakedShame Lena Dunham

Every1 knows that the whole 'online hipster culture' is pretty effing dead and played out. #MillenialProblems are becoming middle aged now that the tweens are becoming self-aware, so I'm not sure why every1 pretends that GIRLS is a great/funnie/innovative tv show. It's on the same level as a failed late-night MTV teen sex drama, except it is on HBO so people watch it to jerk off 2.

Is Lena Dunham an 'effing genius' or is she basically like the star of a 'scripted docu-drama' like 'The Hills'/Laguna Beach?

Here's the Season 2 trailer, and it looks about as tired as 'The Hipster Olympics' vintage meme.

That's the thing about female creators. They aren't really 'that talented', they just bitch abt having a period and wondering why so many guys use them as cum receptacles as if there is some 'sense' 2 make of it. They eat, cry, laugh, love, pray, dance, and do other shit that seems 'euphoric', but it is all just a temporary distraction from the eternal sadness inside of all women. The idea of being a 'GIRL' just means that u haven't given up ur will 2 live just yet.

Props 2 Lena Dunham for 'exploiting her tribe' of 'empowered women.' I'm more of a Dr. Laura guy myself bc at least she h8s stupid women and isn't pretending to be part of the 'creative class.'

Do ppl only like Lena Dunham bc they 'fat shame' her naked body?

Is this show 'mad overrated'?
Is GIRLS a band or a tv show?
R u hornie 4 Lena Dunham?
Is GIRLS like reading a shitty Thought Catalog post, except in 'tv show format'?
Are ppl who like GIRLS kinda like the ppl who share a shitty Thought Catalog post on Facebook as if it is 'meaningful' and 'pertinent' 2 their own lives, like it CoMpLeTeLy UnDeRsTaNdS them?
Should GIRLS be cancelled and Entourage brought back eternally?

Would u 'hit dat' doggie style?

Christopher Owens releases new solo song bc he thinks he is too famous 2 be in GIRLS any more.

Christopher Owens is famous for looking like some drugged up dude from the 60s/70s playing indie music that sounded like 'vintage music.' He was raised in a cult, so every1 thinks he is kewl and interesting since every1 else in indie came from uppermiddleclass families, sent to expensive private universities. Every1 creamed their pants over Girls for the past few albums, then while their stock was hot/overrated, he 'quit the band.' Walked away from all that buzz. No1 knows WHY for sure (until the other bro from Girls speaks out about the REAL reason), but for now, we can assume that he is a self-obsessed diva who wants the spotlight all to himself.

PREVIOUSLY: Christopher Owens quits Girls because his ego is huge and he wants to be more famous

Anyways, he has some new song out. His album will come out in January, which means he wants to have the 2k13 album of the year. I don't know if I like this song "Here We Go." It sorta sounds like some Winnie the Pooh puff the magic dragon ass shit, but maybe that is 'kewl'/'big in 2k13.'

Also, not sure why he quit when he got all pissed that the HBO show 'Girls' 'stole his band's name.' Once u do something like that

Should he just keep posing shirtless?

Have u ever JOed 2 him?

Is this song good/relevant?
Did this song 'kill it'?
Is a HUGE mistake 4 him to leave GIRLS?
R u on #TeamGirls, #TeamChr55yOwens, or #TeamHBOGirls?
Will Girls (without Christopher Owens) next album be better than Chrissy Owens solo?
Is it 'too fairy'/does it miss that edge of Girls?
Does this seem like depressing 1970s music from a movie about a boy and a dog where the dog dies, but the boy learns more about life from the dog dying after all?

Christopher Owens quits Girls because his ego is huge and he wants to be more famous

Saying goodbye to Lena Dunham now that she quit HBO's GIRLS

This article was written by Holly Davenport, blogger and contributor to many female publications since 2007. She is a pop culture fanatic with an undying love for pugs and Arnold Palmers.

I'll never forget that first Sunday when I turned on HBO and found a hidden gem that was GIRLS.

Finally, a show for a girl like me, which was coincidental, because the show was in fact called GIRLS. As a journalist, I approach everything with a unique, challenging perspective. But after a few minutes of the quirky, realistic dialogue of Lena Dunham's beautiful characters in her realistic world of Girls, I was hooked.

I even set my DVR. I watched religiously every week. A lot of people said that those girls were cunty racist bitches, but in a way, ALL white girls ARE cunty racist bitches who just want to get their pussies slammed, but also find meaning behind that process. That's why I love GIRLS, and Lena, for telling the TRUTH.

And now, its all over. Lena Dunham has quit Girls to pursue more challenges. Some say it was over money, others say it was for more creative control. Knowing Lena, she probably has a brilliant new project lined up.

That's what makes Lena special. Women have few opportunities to have their opinions heard in this world where Mad Men celebrates hate sex, and Breaking Bad is about cooking meth and killing people. Girls was a place where we could talk about having sex with guys, and the emotions that go behind casual hookups.

Nora Ephron.

I was dating this guy, and he would only come over after 11 pm, then he told me he liked to choke girls out, and it got him off, so I let him do it, but I didn't really like it that much, but I still thought it was hot. He told me he had mommy issues. Out of nowhere, he told me that he didn't think we should have sex any more, and I was totally pissed because he was the first guy who ever came inside of me. I had to go to a women's clinic, and thought I was pregnant because I my nuvaring was sliding out of my snatch, but it turned out I just had some diseases, and I was PISSED that he rawdogged me when he had chlamydia, but I guess I should have been able to tell because of the green discharge.

Plus I hate my friends and love them at the same time, like all GIRLS.

But that's why Lena is brilliant. Real stories for real women like me. I feel like I'm just a girl sometimes. UGh what do I want to do with my career? I have this voice, just like Lena, but I need to make things happen. I just want to love my body more, like Lena.

Lena Dunham: Gone too soon. She really told the truth about spoiled white bitches who think that their shit doesn't stink and expect bros to worship their vaginas that they will give to any random bro who tells them that they are pretty or interesting. Sigh...

This is the worst news ever. What am I gonna do on Sunday night now?

Lena Dunham: 1979-2012. Goodnite.

This article was written by Holly Davenport, blogger and contributor to many female publications since 2007.



Girls is a buzzband from the San Francisco Bay area that writes fuzzy buzzy pop songs abt how girls broke their hearts.

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Christopher Owens quits Girls because his ego is huge and he wants to be more famous

Hey, have u heard of Girls? No, not the popular cuntwave TV show, but the buzzband from the ~2k10s. The San Francisco-based band was 'the brainchild' of these 2 dudes, Christopher Owens and 'some other dude who isn't the lead singer.' They first came to prominence by selling the angle that Chrissy Owens used to be in a Cult. They wrote good songs, then they 'made a leap' to jizzworthy critical relevance in their latest album, "Father, Son, Holy Ghost." Even though the album was boring/not as good as their previous work, every1 was all like, "Whoa! They have flowers and soulful black women on stage!"

Well, it seems as though there will be no more flowers and no more soulful black women. Christopher Owens has quit Girls.

Dear all, This may come as a surprise to many & has been an issue of much thought for me. My decision was not easy to make. I am leaving Girls. My reasons at this time are personal. I need to do this in order to progress. I will continue to write & record music. More will be announced soon. I thank you all for everything. Sincerely–Christopher

He quit on Twitter, which means that he was trying to boost his follower count by 'releasing big news.' He's one of those dudes who tweets all the time, like when he has a dingleberry hangin' out his ass crack, so this might not even be real.

Why did Christopher Owens quit Girls?

It is clear that Christopher Owens has one of those 'artsy fartsy' egos. He wants to be more like an insane/prolific character like Ryan Adams or something.

Here is a video of him being insane in his dungeon apartment.


Here he is whistling like an insane person.


Owens is also known for being a bandwagon poser-ass Spain/Barcelona football/soccer fan just to 'claim glory' while the whole Spain soccer fad is 'kewl.'

Christopher Owens has left Girls, but that doesn't mean he won't stop making music that ppl can overrated and be like, "This sounds like the rocknroll singersongwriters from the old days.'

Is this worse news than Lena Dunham quitting the TV show 'Girls'?
Do u think the other bro in GIRLS is hella pissed?
Is Chrissy Owens self-obsessed and looking to build his own brand?
Does he have a huge ego?
Do u care?
R u sad?
Will blogs try 2 pretend that this is 'historic indie news' even though it is just some 'flavor of the month' buzzband that tricked the world into thinking that they were some transcendent band just because they appealed to white dad ass critics and NPR old folks?
Is this a bad business move? Will he ever 'make up' for lost brand momentum?
Will GIRLS be better without Christopher Owens?



Girls is a buzzband from the San Francisco Bay area that writes fuzzy buzzy pop songs abt how girls broke their hearts.

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Girls frontman Christopher Owens claims HBO tv show "Girls" stole his buzzband's name

This weekend, some new HBO tv show called "Girls" premiered on HBO. I am not sure what it is about, but it is probably one of those 'high end' shows for women that is ultimately as dumb as any other show, but females will be like 'OMG this is TOTALLY REAL and it ACCURATELY DESCRIBES MY LIFE!' I guess it is just like 'Entourage' for people with vaginas and quirky feelings, or something. Anyways, the lead singer of the BUZZBAND Girls (Chrissy BB Owens) has a problem with the TV show being named "Girls."

Owens believes that his band was EFFED OVER, and his band has the cultural rights to the name GIRLS.
He angrily tweeted:

Do you think that TV show even thought twice before using our band's name for their show? I 'll bet they were just like 'fuck it, fuck them'

Here are some more of his tweets on the issue.

I have not gone to law school, so I am unfamiliar with naming rights practices and intellectual property naming buzz laws. Maybe Chris Owens has a point... Could a TV show be named "Vampire Weekend"? Could another TV show be named "The Neon Indians"? Could a movie be named "Washed Out"? Could a tv show be named "Twin Shadow"? Could an Indian Restaurant be named "Nirvana"?

Bands deserve 2 own their band names... but maybe they should do some legal research 2 make sure that no1 steals their names.

Is Chris Owens 'overestimating' his band's place in culture?
Do buzzbands with 'generic names' not own their band names?
Should a group of neon indians sue Neon Indian?
Should real estate brokers 'sue' Real Estate?
Should _________ sue _____________?
HAve u seen the TV show 'Girls'?
Is it 'relevant' or overhyped?
Are both the buzzband and the tv show overhyped?
Do u know if they show graphic nudity [via HBO vibes]?
Is it just 'the female Entourage'?
Should 'actual girls/females/young women' sue Girls (band) and Girls (tv show)?



Girls is a buzzband from the San Francisco Bay area that writes fuzzy buzzy pop songs abt how girls broke their hearts.

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Real Estate & Girls spotted bronoodling, & 'partying like effing buzzstars'

Photos by Weird Biz dot Magic's Erez Avissar

Real Estate: You guys are awesome!
Girls: No, seriously, you guys are awesome! I love the latest album!
Real Estate: Dude, thanks! Your album is seriously amazing!
Girls: No, I swear, your album is MAJOR!
Real Estate: Well your album is huge!
Girls: I swear ur album is better than my album!
Real Estate: No, seriously beats the shit out of our album! Who produced it?
Girls: We got some guy who lives in a sewer in SanFran. How bout u guys?
Real Estate: Some dude who lives in a trailer in Jersey.

Girls: Dude. We HAVE to collab
Real Estate: That would be SICK
Girls: The blogs would go EFFING CRAZY for that shit
Real Estate: Dude, ur EVERYWHERE
Girls: What u guys got coming up?
Real Estate: Big thangs are poppin for both of us.
Girls: I KNEW u guys were gonna get big! IT was only a matter of time.
Real Estate: I knew YOU GUYS were gonna get big, it was only a matter of time.

Both: Let us celebrate this important moment. Tonight, the world belongs to us. Also, ur latest album was AMAZING!

Does n e 1 know what buzzbands talk abt when they are together?



Girls is a buzzband from the San Francisco Bay area that writes fuzzy buzzy pop songs abt how girls broke their hearts.

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Girls frontman Christopher Owens visits Santa 2 ask for buzz gifts

Photo via Twitter!/chri55ybaby

R u there Santa? It's me. The popular buzz human Christopher Owens from the buzzband Girls.

I promise, I have been a good buzz boy this year. I made mp3s, made music videos, got shirtless so alt QTs can 'JO' to me, and did my best to release as many memes as possible.

I tried my best to stay authentic, staying true to my artistic vision. I promise, Santa. That's why I came to visit you in this suburban mall. Not just to pickup a copy of my own CD at the local SunCoast / Sam Goody / CD Exchange / shit hole music and books store located at my local dying mall.

Santa... Plz give me....

  • Never Ending Buzz
  • Never Ending entrylevel alt QTs willing to give me handies at any moment
  • 10.0's
  • Major Magazine appearances
  • Magazine spreads
  • Opportunities to be in tween movie soundtracks
  • Million dollar video budgets
  • 5 star hotels and infinite tour buses
  • Private Jets
  • The ability to p00p buzz memes on the regs
  • a trash can filled with protein so I can 'bulk up' and ride Kings of Leon waves
  • Sponsored opportunities--private parties and MP3s curated by Mountain Dew
  • some bullshit show at MoMa
  • a lucrative solo DJ career
  • a choir of 10,000 soulful African American women
  • my first role as an actor (will settle for supporting role if the lead is an A-Lister who I can 'steal the show' from)
  • a new guitar
  • Merch deal
  • Gear deal
  • Walk the runway in a high end men's fashion show
  • Play the Victoria's Secret show on TV and get 'model pussie' at the models-and-bottles wave after party

I want it all, Santa BB!
Am I asking 4 too much?
I honestly feel like I deserve it.
I am Christopher Owens.
What buzz gifts do u want from Santa?
What do buzzbands get 4 xmas?


The Banginest Bod in indie?



Girls is a buzzband from the San Francisco Bay area that writes fuzzy buzzy pop songs abt how girls broke their hearts.

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Christopher Owens does another SEXI photoshoot. Is he the hottest hunk in indie?

Photo via GorillaVsBear

I honestly can't stop thinking abt u...
i listen to ur songs
dancing around my room naked
thinking of u

U honestly look good, bb! [link to sexi photoshoot #1]

I know I do this with the 'indie hottie of the month'
and soon I will move on to some other buzzworthy artist
but right now I belong 2 u
UGH u look so effing sexie
ur top buttons unbuttoned
Ur tie is loose, like u just came home from work
I want to be ur naughty housewife
I'll even have some meatloaf ready in the oven

Christopher Owens...
There's something abt u, bb...
U bring out this side of me that no other indie hunk has been able to...

Are these natural feelings, bb?
I wanna go 2 the beach with u and hang around shirtless
sit next to u like we're in a Corona commercial...

Ur my indie bad boi!

Is Christopher Owens currently the hottest indie hunk in indie?
Does every photograph of him 'ooze sex'?
Should he 'roid up' for his next album cycle so he can 'cross over' into Kings of Leon mainstream rock territory?



Girls is a buzzband from the San Francisco Bay area that writes fuzzy buzzy pop songs abt how girls broke their hearts.

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Girls frontman Christopher Owens does SEXIE PHOTOSHOOT. Is he indie's hunkiest hunk?

ChrissyBB! Is that U? I didn't know that u had such a BANGIN BOD. We had always assumed that Christopher Owens was 'taking his personal brand to the next level' by 'imitating Ariel Pink's personal brand.' Now we know he is more dedicated than ever to becoming one of the most important male rockstars in indie. Few other indie frontmen would dare to pose shirtless. Win Butler? Never. Ariel Pink? Maybe accidentally. That one white guy in that honky band? No way.

Christopher Owens is GOING 4 IT. Sorta vibing 2 his bod.... Having impure thoughts. I want to trace his tattoos with my fingers... I want him 2 feel like his body is a wunderland.

Honestly, I need to start working out, getting in shape.. I wonder if I should 'get buff' or if I should just start dieting [via vegan/pescatarian vibes]. I need to ask Chrissy 4 some tips.

Does Chrissy look good?
Is he officially the hottest hunk in indie?
Do u vibe 2 his bod?
Do u think the 'other guy' from Girls is pissed at Christopher 4 stealing the entire spotlight?
Do u wanna canoodle with Christopher?
If u r a girl/ghey guy, have u ever 'pleasured urself' while thinking of an indie frontman?



Girls is a buzzband from the San Francisco Bay area that writes fuzzy buzzy pop songs abt how girls broke their hearts.

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Girls frontman Christopher Owens says that Lana Del Rey sux bawlz, doesn't deserve fame & buzz

Christopher Owens might be the most 'outspoken indie twitterer' as of late, doing his best to brand himself as one of those 'over-sharing'/'quirky' alt celebs who every1 wants to follow in hopes of reading something controversial/quirky/etc. I support his pursuit of fame bc he seems more interesting/more informed than most of the self-involved alt celebs who bloggers always go 2 for an easy quote. Anyways, he went on a MASSIVE TIRADE against Jools Holland, but since Lana Del Rey is involved, it is probably better 4 headlines to interpret this as him saying that Lana Del Rey sux, and she doesn't deserve success, and he hates everything abt her, wishing her nothing but the worst, hoping her career goes completely down the shitter.

The truth is, we have to applaud Christopher Owens for speaking out against Unfair HypeBuzz and artists like Lana Del Rey. Lana Del Rey never slept on couches, touring across the country in a smellie van. Lana Del Rey will never refresh p4k at night, heart pounding, waiting to see a score that 'makes or breaks' their career. Lana Del Rey never sold plasma for a month to buy a legit PR services. Lana Del Rey just sips champagne as she has producers do all the work, then goes into the studio and sings with her sillie voice over the song and makes girlie faces into her webcam.

Ur better than Joolz, ChrissyBB! Don't sweat it. U will have ur time. U will play any show in the world that u want 2 play. Especially if ur next album sounds more Coldplay-y.

Don't live with h8 in ur heart... Forgive all the h8rz. Don't worry too much abt the unfairness of buzz. It could drive a sane man crazy. We must understand that there are buzz anomalies that the common alt cannot understand. We must be patient, understanding that Mother_Indie has a plan for all buzz artists. She has a plan for you, me, and every buzzband we know (and don't know).

Lana was created with the Devil's Buzz. The Indie Gods know this. They will rectify the situation. #pray4indie

Is Christopher Owens 'right'?
Is Lana Del Rey not 'paying her dues' [via artificial manufacturing process]?
R u on #TeamChrissyBB or #TeamLana?
Does he need to 'shut his trap' because he is already buzz rich? [via critical acclaim/indie tenure]
Did Jools 'eff up'?
Will he be 'blacklisted' from Jools Holland?
Who the eff is Jools Holland? Is he the Jay Leno or Jimmy Fallon or Conan or Craig Kilborn of the UK?
Why is buzz so unfair?
Do all indie artists h8 Lana Del Rey?
Is Christopher Owens the most followable artist on twitter of this buzz cycle, replacing Best Coast as the 'most likely indie artist to let us know that they are gassy after eating Mexican food'?

Girls' lead singer Christopher Owens tries to act zanier than Ariel Pink in new video

Christopher Owens has the weight of the world on his shoulders. His band Girls is going sorta overground / NPR-stream, every1 is creaming their pants over the new album whether or not it is better than their previous work. Now Chrissy Owens has 2 'prove himself' as a top tier frontman of indie. Win Butler status. Ezra Koenig status. Guy from Fleet Foxes status. Basically, if this album cycle finishes, and he is not an indie household name, the entire album is a disaster.

R u ready 2 accept ChrissyBB Owens as a '1st-name-basis' member of indie celebrity society?
Will he ever escape from being known as 'that guy who grew up in a cult who has an indie band'?
Do u like the new video for "Honey Bunny"?
Does he 'rip off' Ariel Pink's personal brand?

Not sure why they debuted this video on a hard-to-blog NYTimes video embed format.

BB ur so skinnie! I kinda like ur boney body. :-* [via Lana Del Rey puckered lip impression]

That's why he is trying to 'out-Ariel-Pink' Ariel Pink at his own game in the new video for "Honey Bunny." The video looks strikingly similar to Ariel Pink's classic hit video "Are You Going To Look After My Boys."


At the end of the day, you can't out-Ariel Ariel Pink at his own game, no matter how Arielly you get.

Is Chris Owens 'making the leap'?
Is he a bonafide indie hunk?
Should he 'get buff' like a King of Leon?
R u still digging the new album?
Is the new album a little bit 'too white' [via stale indie], or can GIRLS do no wrong?
Is Christopher Owens a Hottie McHotHot?



Girls is a buzzband from the San Francisco Bay area that writes fuzzy buzzy pop songs abt how girls broke their hearts.

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Girls gets a 9.3 from Pitchfork. Have they 'made the leap' to timeless relevancy?

Girls is a buzzband from San Francisco that writes high-end lofi pop abt life. Their gimmick used to be that they lead singer grew up in a cult, then they sorta wrote good enough songs 4 ppl to take them seriously. Every1 was expecting their album to come in around the 9.0 range, but no1 knew exactly how close to perfect they'd end up. Basically, they 'didn't flop' on their new album, and because they have delivered 2 solid albums, they are officially let into the 'big boys of indie' club where every1 has to blog abt everything that they do, and even if they slip up a little bit in the future, their 'alternative tenure' will grant them forgiveness bc of past accomplishments.

Girls is good at making music that 'sounds old', but is 'actually new.' I guess that is a modern authentic indie gimmick:

Since the retirement of LCD Soundsystem, San Francisco's Girls, who return here after the terrific debut LP Album and an also-great follow-up EP, just might be the band best making use of the current situation. Their music pilfers from the past without shame but also manages to sound like no one else.

The first listen to Father, Son, Holy Ghost brings with it an almost eerie sense of familiarity, like these are songs you've been hearing your whole life even when you can't place them, and it's sometimes startling just how specific the references can be.

Chrissy Owens is an effing genius, yall!

But if Father were merely an exceptionally recorded album built on obvious nods to the past, it wouldn't add up to much. Instead, the record comes alive with color and personality largely thanks to Girls' singer and songwriter Christopher Owens. He has a preternatural gift for turning clichés into into deeply affecting songs, and as they jump from one style to the next, from delicate acoustic balladry to noisy rave-ups, Owens' voice and point of view ground the record and make it distinctive. He is the center. As long as he is writing and singing, no matter what else is going on and being referenced, the music will be utterly his.

He wants 'more than just sex.' He wants an eternal bond with some1.

Owens' songs often seem to have an undefined and undirected desire for love and sex and friendship that exists outside of any one idea of sexuality.

What score did FATHER SON HOLY GHOST deserve?
Will it be the album of 2k11?
Has Girls 'made the leap'?
Are they officially a tier 1 Grade A indie band?
Do they deserve it?
Are they secretly the 'best band in indie' right now?
Will they sell mad albums 2 cool dads and overgrounders?
Are they post-lofi?
Will ur buzzband ever achieve alternative tenure?



Girls is a buzzband from the San Francisco Bay area that writes fuzzy buzzy pop songs abt how girls broke their hearts.

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The buzzband GIRLS gets an 8.7 from Pitchfork, have they made 'alternative tenure'?

Girls is a relevant indie buzzband who seems to have officially garnered 'critical darling' status after receiving an 8.6 on their hit EP. I think they used to write songs that u could say were 'fuzzy buzzy' but their new gimmick is 'growing up' and 'caring more abt production value.' I think at first ppl thought they were a gimmicky 1-album-wonder buzzband, but now it seems like they are going after 'Alternative Tenure', which means everything they produce is 'highly anticipated', 'highly respected', and the leak economy goes krazie 4 their .zip albums.

Here is a paragraph that talks abt how they have rlly grown up, and now they care abt 'production value'/'creating something beautiful.'

Girls have grown a lot in the past year. All that time on the road together has provided them with ample opportunity to develop into a tight, fire-breathing band. That's exactly how they sound here: serious and totally devoted to their craft, despite their image as drug-addled scabs. Album's handmade production values were often overlooked-- bloodshot at just the right moments, polished thoughtfully in others, haunting at every turn. But this time out, bassist/producer Chet "JR" White really goes for it, letting every flourish and lick sing without sacrificing any of the strung out, open-armed spirit with which he and Owens take to updating American rock'n'roll standards.

Do u buy into Girls?
Do u dig their authentic sound?

Girls Heartbreaker

did u used to think they were gimmicky because they had a video where 2 gay dudes sang into eachother peens?
Does this mean they have finally broken thru the 'fuzzy buzzy bubble'?
Is it difficult for a band that sounds like 'vintage guitar rock' 2 break thru because every band kinda sounds like that and they all use vintage videos / images / album covers 2 promote themeselves on blogs?


It seems like the front guy was in a cult, so that's rlly all any1 talked abt in their first album cycle, so now they get to talk abt other stuff and ppl will actually listen to their music instead of thinking they are being recruited in2 a cult.

Girls frontman Christopher Owens grew up in the Children of God cult. His older brother died as a baby because the cult didn't believe in medical attention. His dad left. He and his mother lived around the world, and the cult sometimes forced his mother to prostitute herself. As a teenager, Owens fled and lived as a Texas gutter-punk for a while. Then a local millionaire took Owens under his wing, and Owens moved to San Francisco. There, he and Chet "JR" White formed Girls, and recorded Album, their debut album, under the influence of just about every kind of pill they could find.

As band origin stories go, this one is so epically sad and squalid and ultimately triumphant that nobody could make it up. It's the sort of story that can overwhelm a band so completely that you never really hear their music; you only hear the story.

Is Girls destined for 'AnCo Status' after their first album got a 9.1?

What does it take 4 a fuzzy buzzy authentic pop band to 'break thru'
Did Girls 'crush it' at ACL? [link]

Is the lead singer of Girls due for 'indie heart throb status' or 'Ariel Pink zany bro status'?
Is this EP the 'album of the year'?



Girls is a buzzband from the San Francisco Bay area that writes fuzzy buzzy pop songs abt how girls broke their hearts.

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Ariel Pink 'crushes it' at ACL

Ariel Pink
I remember when u used to be an underground lofi sensation
but look at u now
ur 'crushing it'
and/or 'killing it'
and possibly 'sleighing'
at relevant music festivals.

Look at u now, Ariel
Chilling out with a bed of roses on ur microphone
like the relevant indie sensation that u r
U look good, Ariel
New series of tats on ur arm

Ur such an indie diva
Bet u were like
'I'm not going on stage til there are effing roses on my mic stand'
Really makes the music sound better
Find ur brand 2 be beautiful

Just wish we could chill together
and share a pizza
and a bottle of wine
in the VIP section
of a relevant music festival.

I can't believe how far u've come
Never thought u would 'crossover'
to the mainstream indie festival scene

Ur the best, Ariel
Ur the effing best
U 'crushed it' in 2k10
Taking ur brand to the next level

Welcome to the big leagues, Ariel
This is the mother effing festival circuit

Has Ariel Pink 'arrived'?
Did u ever think Ariel would make it this far?
Does Ariel look chill/different?
Will Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti win album of the year 4 "Before Today"?



Girls is a buzzband from the San Francisco Bay area that writes fuzzy buzzy pop songs abt how girls broke their hearts.

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Ariel Pink

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Ariel Pink is a 'lofi genius/wizard/mastermind' who has transitioned his brand to 'relevant indie buzzband status' in 2k10.

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