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HIPSTER RUNOFF internship program

What HRO fans will look like in 2k11

U have officially 'made it' when teen boys will write that they <3 u on their bodies.

-the Jonas Brothers ft. Kurt Cobain


In 2k10, I will use the power of my tween+teen audience to inject a youthful, less jaded spirit into our modern world. We will reunite around a series of common goals, and won't quit our mission until our dreams become reality.

We can do this together, yall. Not gonna lie. I need yalls help.
This is my new internship program.

We need 2 put together a plan 2 'go viral' 2gether [via going mainstream].
Let me know if u have any suggestions so I can mail u a starter kit.

I have been considering getting a tattoo of a T-Bone Steak

But seriously. How do you feel about tattoos of organs? Is it a metaphor worth committing yourself to for life? Do you want an artist's interpretation of an organ drawn on you to represent your insides on your outsides?

*********BONUS CONTENT*********
If you comment on HRO, you are automatically enrolled into our internship program for being kute, smart, and funnie, and particularly for doing alternative internet research. Please contact me if you need a recommendation letter for your job interview with the local newspaper's arts & entertainment section.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Monitoring Emerging Lesbian Trends...":

please blog this nipple placement carles

We are all searching for the perfect alternative breasts. We don't know what to value...size...nipple placement...nipple style.

We have all roamed around forests without our shirts on.

[Images by LastNightsTittieFest]

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