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Meme Content Breakdown: "The Evolution of the Hipster."

Meme Content by PASTE MAGAZINE

As yall know, magazines enjoy covering 'hipster'-related content. Was reading Paste Magazine and saw some sort of scientific/sociological/cultural timeline that represents the 'evolution' of 'hipsters.' Sorta makes me wonder what alternative ppl are searching for. Humanity has a goal (trying to figure out how 2 live forever, and escape from the Earth before the sun explodes), so it seems natural that cultural subgroups have goals, as well. Maybe we just want to create the perfect playlist, and do other stuff that helps to express the real U.

It seems like mainstreamers who don't consume the internet and fringe alts who 'would like to be more culturally relevant' use exposes like this to plan their future adventures into the heartland of Altmerica.  Wonder if the world 'hipster' is even still relevant.

Seems like if I had a magazine, I would make sure to have at least one issue each year that had one of the following gimmicks:

  • Something about twitter
  • Something about 'hipsters'
  • '100 bands/people that u need 2 know about'
  • 'list of young ppl who are good at business/technology' (make sure that you pick an age, and use it in the gimmick, like '25 ppl under 25', or '100 entrepreneurs under 100 years old.'
  • Something about 'culture being dead' because of a demographic/generation whose influence is abt 2 get stronger.
  • something political/about a new, young politician who is 'different'
  • Some sort of list that reflects on the year

Carles will break down what each of the stages of alt in the 'hipster timeline' are attempting to represent.

2000: The Emo
Magazine Provided Blurb:
The proto-hipster’s white belt and guyliner make for a soulful combination.

Carles Blurb: Damn. Can barely even remember this era. Sorta glad that the internet wasn't very developed during this era so that it wasn't a strong foundation to build upon for the future of alt.  I feel like this sort of provided the 20 year plan for the popular goth/emo/punk tween retailer "Hot Topic."  Back then, I think most alts were true failures at 'being a functional member of society.'  Definitely closer to juggalos than 'relevant members of societ.'  Most alts were probably mistaken for homosexuals.  Even though modern authentic alts frown down upon this era, it was probably rlly important in forming how we are 2day.

2001: The Emo Redux
Magazine Provided Blurb:
The skulls on her tour-only Death Cab tee don’t match the skulls on her Vans, so it’s not like she’s trying too hard.

Carles Blurb: Back then, I don't think entry-level alts existed.  I am not sure if attractive females even considered being alt back then, so the pickings were thin.  Like portly girls wearing hoodies and van slip-ons.  I think the Starbucks cup is supposed to represent the consumerification of America/'the scene'/personal brands.  2001 was probably right on the threshold before the proliferation of Am Appy.  This is probs the last time is was 'kewl' 2 wear a band t-shirt. I sorta miss the early day, back when it was more difficult for people to find 'good music.' These days, inauthentic ppl can find buzzworthy music too easily.

2002: The Ashton
Magazine Provided Blurb:
His PBR trucker hat and faux vintage t-shirt reveal an obsession with “irony.”

Carles Blurb: A bro in transition. A bro growing up.  A bro becoming a bro.  A bro with a forgettable humble alt aesthetic.  Nothing about his wardrobe really tells u that he is worth getting 2 know.  Maybe we weren't worth getting 2 know back then.  Feel glad the the electro era happened to kill off this aesthetic/ship off this aesthetic to represent a more traditional bro.'  Not sure if iPods existed back then.

2003: The Scenester
Magazine Provided Blurb:
A gaudy tattoo appears on her chest, and she is never spotted without her iPod.

Carles Blurb: This is when music began 2 'really define' alt.  We were finally getting our content aggregations systems ready 4 hi-usage, and we could fill up our iPods with hundreds of songs, instead of carrying around Sony discmen.  Not sure if tattoos were happening yet.  Not sure when hi-life/pbr became 'the official beer of alt.'  Sorta weird how they used the term 'scenester', but now u would think a 'scenester' is a mexican pokemon alt tween with an asymetrical haircut and intense myspace photos.

Authentic Hipster Criticism/Commentary/Mockumentary of the Day


Ever since the Hipster Olympics meme died, I've just been searching for an embeddable video that accurately reflected the current alternative zeitgeist in trendsetting major metropolitan arts communities. Most of the time these videos are made by 'mainstreamers who go to film school who are releasing their inner-angst for not having an authentic personal brand which would give them credibility within their Film Criticism Class.' H8 when these mainstreamers get their mainstream/aging GenXer friends to play 'hipsterz' in these videos.

/// Just want something that I am allowed 2 identify with, bc it 'holds a mirror up 2 me' and reflects who I really am.



This video reminds me of the glory days of 2k7. Back when masked DJs were a gimmickable gimmick, and the world's ears were hungry for bangers. I haven't even heard a banger in 10 blog years. Will the world still want 2 'party' as hard as the people in this video in 2k9?
Will 'alt celebs' be 'celebs' in 2k9?
Will Uffie pour booze on my passed out, masked body in 2k9?

/// 2k9: Suddenly Every Thing Has Changed

What does ALT mean 2 u?

A lot of people come 2 my blog and comment with stuff like 'I h8 all of this hipster bull shit. I am so above it and h8 how all of yall r. Nvr want 2 b like u."

But this isn't a blog about hipsters. This is a blog about alt. A lot of people don't know what "alt" means. They are not sure if it is like "alt-rock" from the 90s, or some sort of zany interpretation of "alternative." Alt is authentic. Alt is sillie. Alt is a three simple letters that tie us together. We are alt. We are a part of something bigger than ourselves'.

I received an email from a concerned reader:

I kinda have a problem. My sociology class has been assigned a collective project; to assign twenty specific and significant stereotypes to our school. It was a fairly easy assignment until I was confronted with a question that I honest-to-godspeed did not know how to answer. Everyone was just sort of spitting out their favorite social groups to be written on the board. I finally got my word in for Alt, but it raised a bit of a tumult in the classroom.
People demanded to know what Alt was. I was dumbfounded by their idiocy...but then I realized that I really didn't know what to say.
I described an Alt to them.
I explained what an Altbro looks like, entry-levels too.
I told them about the characteristics of an Authentic Alt.
But I couldn't even provide a decent definition for any of the three.
I've been depressed ever since.
plz help


A lot of people don't know the difference between "HIPSTER" and "ALT."
It is ur job as an informed citizen 2 let the ppl know what the difference is. How is 'alt' different than anything else that has evr come b4?

"Hipster" is a term for mainstream news publications & startup 'progressive' journalistic outlets 2 talk about to cultivate interest in what they are doing with people who use the internet.

Remember that time that Adbusties wrote that article that every1 was s000 'up in arms' abt?
If ur going to write an article/opinion piece about hipsters, u must have phrases like these in ur writing:

  • "an army of drones wearing American Apparel"
  • "with a can of PBR/sparks in hand"
  • "nonchalantly gazing past the DJ"
  • [statement about lighting a cigarette]+ [statement about moving hair out of eyes]
  • "armed with their parents' money"
  • "after reading the latest blog post"
  • "coffee shop glistening with the glow of Macbooks"
  • "iPods filled with music from __________"
  • "blinded me with the brightness of his tshirt"
  • "vapid _______"
  • "hoping to end up on a party pictures site the next day"
  • "after inconspicuously coming out of the bathroom"
  • [Anecdote about how some bro doesn't take life seriously]
  • [Anecdote about selfishness]
  • [Anecdote about unprotected sex]
  • [9th grade English class commentary abt 'consumerism']
  • 'bohemian'
  • 'cannibalize'
  • reference to 'Vice Do's and Don'ts'

[Please note that from the years 2000-2015, every journalistic entity will be required to have a progressive opinion piece on the 'hipster' and what it means to 'society' which will cause ppl to be s00 mad abt 'hipsters' (& old people will ask u what a hipster is after they see it).]

Should I go 2 journalism skewl s0 that I can write hardhitting opinion pieces on 'why culture is s000 bad' and how 'things r worse than evr' cuz 'every1 is s00 full of shit' & we r just 'a bunch of consumers' kinda like 'another brick in the wall' but 'gen y thinx they r s00 special' but 'they're not' bc 'they all look the same' but they 'don't even realize it' cuz they 'didn't even g0 2 college' or 'they did but they don't care' and how in the end, 'we all eat at Chili's'?


Here is another keut piece about 'hipsters' and how it's 's000 sillie' that 'no1 admits 2 being 1.'


Video may not be viewable in ur RSS reader.
[via SB&TVC]

Remember when the HIPSTER OLYMPICS went viral? (h8 it when memes are no longer viral // miss u)


n e ways...
just trying to say, there is a huuuge difference between "ALT" and "HIPSTER."
We have a chance to get authenticity back from bull shit mainstream labels that don't even capture who we are.
Are yall with me? YES WE CAN.
This is the era of alt. I'm excited.

No more Bush. No more 'hipster.'
More Barry Obammy. More 'alt.'

h8 labels. Just want to be who I really am and transcend labels.

The winner's meme/essay/cmmnt/meaningful vimeo video will be published on the popular weblog HIPSTER RUNOFF. You will also receive a meaningful email from Carles.

"I'm not a hipster. I'm alt."
-Carles, 2k8

HRO in some cartoon about Hipsters on Al Gore’s internet TV station thingy

How do u feel about online media that 'makes fun of hipsters'? I feel like it usually appeals to people who are on the sidelines of hipsterdom, and have an unhealthy obsession with 'what is means to be alt.' Kind of like the people who bought $100 worth of American Appy, a pair of shutter shades, and other miscellaneous 'look@me' accessories, but only wear it once to an 80s themed party and spend the whole night saying, "OMG i look like such a hipster. hehe."

Here are two screen shots from the cartoon

I hope 50% of my readership has purple hair. Should I change the HRO layout/blog title? Did u connect with it on a meta-post-meta-alt-physical level?

Hey look that's me, yall! right next 2 my other fave site. "Loves it! That is all."

Watch the video just to hear the use of the words 'mainstreamer' and 'alt.' (Also if you like Nike spaceships and floating Steve Aokis.)


[Video may not be viewable in your RSS reader]

Did u like the video? What was ur fave part? Does it represent U? Is it for FGGTs?

How do u feel about 'hipster' themed videos? I feel like alt audience will always think this is ghey, because 'most of us' are alt-er than the entry-level, uneducated alts who are portrayed in this. Most mainstream-ish [HIGHLY PORTRAYABLE] alts who are REALLY alt aren't even smart enough to use the internet to do more than social network/upload photos/change user pics/write on walls.

Remember the Hipster Olympics? That went s00 alt-viral.

I was also searching for a video that was representative of the 'poor portrayal of American Apparel mockery' genre, but I happened to stumble upon an authentic gem that is better at showing
<3 entry level 'searching for my inner alt' alts <3
I wish I could have been there 4 this.
This video is so much deeper than stuff like this.

Does 'alt' even exist n e more?

Sometimes I wonder
Does 'alt' even exist n e more?
What happened 2 'counterculture'?
Did it die bc we thought it was a global scene connected on the internet
and now the internet is mnstrm?

How do we survive being on the last chapter of a trend cycle?
Will the next generation of 'self-aware tweens' be interested in 30 year old 'indie' bands?
What will their definition of 'alt' be?
Where will they find channels of 'independent' music
that isn't just some FGGT on youtube posting lame ass shit?

Where have all the alts gone?

I'm not sure where & when this 'diagram' is from
but it feels like it is some Forever 21/Hot Topic shit

Do bros like this even exist in the wild n e more?

Has 'the cultural movement' that is 'the internet' just turned into tweenbashing
& producing meme lists that make us say
'I can't believe we are so old, yall!'

Do all bitches dress the same now?

I guess this is just how bros look.

Where did all the bros who dressed like this '4 real' go?

In 2k13, can we rediscover how 2 be alt 4 the love of being alt?

Is 'indie' / alt = over?
Is 2k13 the last year of indie culture?
What happened 2 pure alts? Are they homeless?
Is it time 2 give up on the myth of 'the creative class'?
Did indie 'officially' end in 2k12?
Do u evr wonder what's left 2 document abt the indie/hipster/alt era?
Do u have good or bad credit?

'Is this it?'-The Strokesies

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