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Should I buy a fixed gear bike?

Photo via HiStyley

Yall. I saw this bike, and wondered if it was a fixed gear, or 'just a cruiser.' Have yall heard of fixed-gear bikes? Does n e1 know how they work, and why people buy them? Feel kinda like it might be more advantageous to have a bike with multiple gears, but I think sometimes 'subcultures' can develop out of people 'being unreasonable.'

I think with only 1 gear, u have to do more work in order to ride ur bike fast. Might be some sort of new age weight loss gimmick, kinda like what 'large people' will do in order to shed some calories. Not sure how useful

One time I saw a group of fixed-gear alts riding around Austin, Texas with Lance Armstrong. Made me wonder if Lance is using fixed gear technology to win the Tour De France.



Thought about buying a bike for $2000, but then I just bought a used Kia and drove it into a lake. Made a video of it for my Senior Art Project, just cuz it was 'a metaphor' about 'spending/wasting money on transportation' and also 'moms who drove their kids into lakes 2 commit suicide with them.'

Does n e 1 know if biking 'saves the environment', or does it just 'create more traffic problems/dangers since bikers don't respect the rules of the road?'

Does n e 1 else 'like to ride bikes'? Or do u live in a city [via suburbia] that isn't very 'biker-friendly' except for ultra new rich neighborhoods that 'put in a bike lane' just to 'look rich' or whatever.

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