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Remember the girl with the really kute hip tattoo?

Well, she was spotted out again, by one of America's top DJ's, Johnny Love, who sent me a picture of her lower back tattoo, live from his sidekick LX.

Fortunately, theCobrasnake guy was there to get even better coverage of the girl with the tattoo. Here's a picture of Johnny Love trying to get a better view of that hot lower back tattoo.


Have any other blogs been in party pix?
Have any other blogs been in party pix with tattooed sluts in g-strings?
Will HRO be photographed in more party pix (in mobile browsers)?

By the way...What's up with those girls? Do you think they're terminally ill and trying to fulfill all of the crazy stuff on their bucket list?

[Photos by Mark Hunter Photography]

Are you in the market for a new car?

If I told you that you could buy a Mercedes Benz that was owned by a member of a powerhouse DJ duo who have remixed some of your favourite bands, such as The Teenagers & Chromeo, would you be interested?

If you had the opportunity to own a car whose Craigslist ad included photos that were taken by the Cobrasnake, would you be interested?

Are you looking for a car with a sun roof?

Would you like to own the car of some one who had a record released by Kitsune?

From Craigslist:

Serious inquiries at:

The car is owned by 1/2 of GUNS N BOMBS, Johnny Love.

If you buy the car, you'll basically be able to do this:

Negotiate With Johnny Love at his Myspace

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