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Jose Mourinho

Alt Soccer Coach Jose Mourinho is on the cover of Rolling Stone

Jose Mourinho is widely known as 'the alt-est' and the most authentic soccer coach in the world. It seems as though soccer has 'finally arrived' in America now that he is on the cover of Rolling Stone. Mourinho is widely referred to as 'The Special One', having coached Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milian, and Real Madrid to championship upon championship, becoming both the Arcade Fire and the Kanye West of soccer. Mourinho is better than every coaching great, from Vince Lombardi to Phil Jackson to Joe Paterno to Coach K to Greg Popovich to Jim Boheim to Herm Edwards to Tiger Woods old caddie.

Jose Mourinho was named the Rock Star of the year. I am not sure if he launched a buzzband or if he just embodies the rockstar lifestyle.

Oh wait, this is from Rolling Stone Spain [via Espana].

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