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The 2011 MTV VMAs: tons of human memes trying 2 produce memes

Did yall watch the 2011 VMAs? It is actually a relatively successful mainstream awards show because they are looking to facilitate and proliferate as many memes as possible. This year, they allowed Lady Gaga 2 dress up like a man, and basically let her roll around in her own feces on stage 'trying to be deep', just because they knew that would help them 'win' twitter.

Tons of pretty standard mainstream memes happened.
Did u watch?
Are the VMAs 'too mainstream'?
Did they 'take over' ur social media feed?
Who was 'the big winner' of the VMAs?
Did any indie bands 'go mnstrm'?

I am watching the throne, yall!

"ODD FUTURE STOLE THE SHOW AND THEY RULE THE WORLD 4EVR!" -an odd future fan after odd future does anything

Katy Perry looks hot enough 2 work at my local Chinese Food Buffet restaurant

Beyonce turned her womb child in2 a meme.

'I have 99 problems, and the common problems associated with a pregnant wife's frequent mood swings and emotional needs account for the vast majority of them.'

Lil Wayne 'sags' AND 'wears skinny pants'

Nicki Minaj looking like she rolled around on the floor of a day care center.

We will never forget how he beat the shit out of Rihanna.

Britney Spears is turned on by the Guido-wave Mexi Kevin Federline

Kanye West is happy drunk

"I'd like to thank not only God, but also Jesus" -he actually said that

Kreayshawn looking like swag ass white trash

Unfunny Black Comedian Bro of the Year

The Guy from Entourage

'Yes, my meme power might not be as strong as it used to be, but this face means I still make more money than u.'

'Check out our new website--new artist.biz' -the Good Charlotte bros

Have u lost weight, Jonah, bb??? #LeanCuisine


Foster the People bought their suits at Mervyn's.

It's Leto Time!

The Manager at my local El Pollo Loco

Ur so classy, Miley BB! Did u get that dress at JC Penney's?

"Justin Bieber loves to motorboat my Cha-Chas!"


I found out about Kanye West after his 10.0, so I went to see him perform live at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade


Kanye West recently received a 10.0 from Pitchfork Magazine [link], making him the #1 indie artist of all time. I felt really confused, because I had never really checked out his mainstream ass. I am a predominately white indie music listener, but I am open to all musical experiences in the post-AnCo world, so if they say the shit is legit, I will check it out 4 sure. I went to see Kanye West's live performance at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. He sang some song that had a bunch of layers, but there was no backing band. It was kind of weird. Like a bunch of female voices were singing, but he was the only bro on the float. There weren't even little elf people dressed up pretending to sing.

s0 confused.

Felt really disappointed. Just really couldn't see 'greatness' in this song. Maybe I am not at the correct performance where he can really spread his wings and show us his stuff, but I am just an irrelevant American consumer who is trying to 'stay culturally connected' without many high level connxns + having 2 save money on concert tix. This was honestly going to be the only opportunity I would ever have to see a 10.0 artist perform live, and after that 1 minute and 30 second performance... it might be my last.

Feel like maybe his album isn't as good as every1 says it is, but maybe I am just judging by this performance and that is not fair. Not sure why he went on this Thanksgiving Day Parade to 'pretend he is singing' when he already has all of the indie cred in the world. Maybe it is 'performance art', but maybe he jut needs to sell more records 2 mainstreamers. So conflicted. Honestly this shit 'ruined my Thanksgiving.' I was thankful that there was another 10.0 artist in our world...but at the same time, maybe that 10.0 was just a sweet, sweet illusion to try to get us thru the great buzz drought of 2k10.

So confused by his modern post-apocalyptic blipster brand.

Should I get a Kanye West headband that says "10.0" on it?

Are Corey Feldman Lost Boys headbands the 'new shuttershades'?

Kinda bummed.
Was chanting "TEN POINT OH" as his float pulled up
but no1 knew what the hell I was talking abt
then ppl started laughing at him during his performance
bc of what he was wearing
and how he was 'clearly lip synching'

Really just a sad day for the state of modern indie music
I am not thankful 4 the state of my indie life right now
Stood in the cold
To see a failed 10.0

He seems so proud of his 10.0. On top of the world. Jeal/sad/devastated.

At least there were some pretty chill huge balloon thingies.
Decided 2 just rate them instead of being bummed about my 10.0 experience.


Kool Aid Bro: 9.4
Really solid effort skate boarding on chillwaves, living a kool ass lifestyle.

Dora the Explorer Broad: 1.5
Failed sophomore effort by indie songstress Dora. H8 females who think they are relevant balloons.

SpongeBob Lamestreamer Pants: 3.2
H8 ppl who are in2 spongebob 2 be all 'quirky.'

Ronald McDonald: 8.4
Smelled like a McDonalds franchise location. Transcended the genre of balloons with sonic posturings in the transcendent foodgaze genre.

Kung Fu Panda Bear: 9.9
Brilliant duet with Jack Black bringing to life the whimsical world of a Panda who could perform Kung Fu.

Kermit the Frog: 7.8
A disappointing followup performance by the once relevant Muppetcore artist.

Mr Potato Head (Señor Cabeza de Papa): 6.8
A valliant effort by the Latino sample-based artist Señor Papito

Pillsbury Dough Boy: 10.0
An introspective masterpiece in puff pastry wave by the Pillsbury Bro Boi. A true journey into the soul of the Dough Boy, with a matured production process demonstrating evolution beyond that bake-wave genre.

Who deserved a 10.0?
R u sad abt this Kanye West performance?
Do u think he 'ruined his brand'?
Do mainstreamers care abt the 'brilliance' of the Kanye West album or will they 'buy anything'?
What is the best balloon of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?
Is Kanye West 'full of hot air'? [via journalistic-wave balloon metaphor closing line]

The Negrofication of Pitchfork and the Death of White Man's Indie

Before I was born
into an authentic alt indie music maker
I heard an old legend / old wives tale
abt some 'cool dad' band called Wilco made an album
that received a 10.0 from Pitchfork

I was still incubating in an alternative womb
and wasn't able to appreciate 'the genius of Jeff Tweedy'
I still don't even know what Wilco sounds like (but I would probably find them 2 be boring)
so I didn't really have any sort of 'foundation' for what 'indie greatness' was

This means my modern life
Has been all about 'searching for that 10.0 buzzband'
Selecting 'unknown' bands before they even have an entire album to sample
Watch them grow
Watch them create new genres/memes/mp3s/mediocre music videos
Watch their debut album get a 8.0 - 8.7
Wait for their second album 2 disappoint/exceed expectations

I wanted 2 be there the whole way
Until a buzzband got a 10.0
Sort of like how u 'root for a sports team 2 win a championship'
It doesn't mean as much when u tune in to the final game
to celebrate as a 'bandwagon fan'
U want to be there opening day of the regular season
I wanted to be there the whole way
Watching a buzzband earn their alt-cred

Tons of bands picked 'the easy way out'
and just 'went mainstream'
instead of 'catering to authentic indie audiences'
Trying to get that 10.0

I guess it makes more sense from a 'financial perspective'
Because u have 2 make money in order 2 buy groceries

Just wish I was born 5 to 10 to 20 years earlier
and started a music website when the internet was 'first learning how 2 blog'
I feel like I have a unique perspective
that can be turned into an editorial site
offering news, reviews, and unique writings
on relevant musical themes

I feel like I could have had the chance to be 'Pepsi'
where p4k = Coca Cola
It seems like all blogs are just a bunch of
Mountain Dews

In a world where bloggers change their last name to the name of their blog
I wish I could be 'Carles Pitchfork'
and be 1 of the most relevant ppl of all time [link]

Back in the late 2k0s
mainstream media outlets wrote a bunch of articles about how
'a great Pitchfork rating can make or break ur career'
(not sure if that is still true or if Pitchfork ratings are just another internet meme/talking point 4 people who read 2 many blogs)

Felt like they had 'won' the indiesphere
Got 'tons of hits' + mainstream coverage abt how 'indie websites are relevant'
The rest of the internet online indie scene was/is an 'afterthought'
They banded 2gether as a unit 2 battle for relevancy

Tons of lil MP3 blogs began 2 pop up
(way 2 many, probably)
Hype Machine made them a lil more powerful as a unit
But then Hype Machine made them all seem kinda long-tail-y
Then a bunch of crappy lil alt snark blogs emerged that don't really offer that much value

And now we are in a stagnant phase of mp3 blog innovation
the niche exists
People know what they are getting
But maybe it is all 'stale' and 'boring'
now that the buzz + buzzband manufacturing process is so established

Who will offer a disruptive indie-blog experience
and 'take online music journalism'
and buzzing
2 the next level?

November 22, 2010
Kanye West's "My Dark Twisted Fantasy" receives a 10.0 from Pitchfork [link]
Review by some bro named "Ryan Dombal"

I googled the name Ryan Dombal
Because it seems like this is 'the defining moment of his journalistic bloggy life'
Even though I don't know anything abt him
And possibly will never know anything more abt him

It seems like he tweeted abt the reaction 2 his article
Wonder what it feels like
2 monitor twitter
knowing something that u wrote
'resonated' with hundreds/thousands/millions of ppl

Wonder what resonated more
the 'writing'
or 'the number'

"Life is all about numbers."
-probably some smart person / business person / mathematician

I never thought I'd live 2 see this day
a 10.0 on a new album
via the Pitchforks
(until Merriweather Post Pavillion is re-issued in 5-20 years)

But I feel 'a little bit effed'
Like there is 'no where to go' now that I have experienced perfection
It would be kinda like of God descended from Heaven
and was like 'Sup it's me--God.'
Then every1 would be like 'well, I guess we know who God is now.'
and there would be no more problems + drama
no more unanswered questions
no reason to keep searching 4 truth
Because God bro was like 'sup, I'm truth'

Perhaps this will lead to a 'reactionary sect'
creating 'even more backlash' [via hits] for the Pitchforks
But also
It might get 'rlly boring'
And no1 will even care any more

Maybe 'white man's indie' has been killed
and mainstream African American hip hop for white people will 'crowd out'
altbro internet market share
We live in a time where humans use tastemaking websites
2 construct their identity
Maybe alternative ppl will 'disconnect' from the internet
now that 'online perfection' has been experienced

We already know that in the 2k10s
only rappers can be 'brilliant' / produce perfection
so groups of 1-4 white dudes
can't make relevant albums any more

As a white skinned bro
Who used to think indie music made me 'unique'
I'm not sure why I am alive any more
I no longer believe that 1 day I will create the_perfect_buzzband

I sorta want to pull a 'reverse Michael Jackson'
and become black
not to play in the NBA/NFL,
but instead to write a relevant album

Somewhat confused about the decision to co-brand with Kanye West
Attaching ur credibility 2 Kanye West
unless u think he is gonna 'tragically die'
and then people will overrate him
and they can say 'we were on board b4 he died'

I thought that Kanye West = mainstream
And he didn't really make albums, he just gave outlandish interviews
and generating troll-wave memes
Waiting for a dude to implode/die/commit public sucide/overdose
I guess maybe he is 'more like Radiohead'
where every1 has to say they are 'amazing' whenever they release something

I thought Pitchfork was a place for white skinned people 2 chill
But I guess now they will probs start blogging about video hotties, sneakers, and the NBA
I respect them for going after 'the negro mainstream'
Kanye West represents an amazing land bridge
2 those 'random black avatars on twitter'
who are tweeting about mainstream stuff + trending topics

It takes a socially transcendent moment to remind us what makes life worth living [link]
But sometimes
It might make us think that life is worth giving up on
[via having 'no identity'/no reason to 'go on']

Really don't care abt Kanye West
This is 'just another meme'
in the Top 20 memes of his career
I still rank 'banging Amber Rose' ahead of getting a 10.0 from Pitchfork

"I'd rather pound an ass like that than a 10.0 from Pitchfork' -a bro

Today is not abt Kanye West
Today is about Pitchfork.com
An important day, a celebration of greatness

'making a bold decision'
'shaking up 2k10'
'shaking up the decade'
'shaking up indie'

Taking time 2 celebrate Pitchfork.com's blogzine career
Behind every blog/website is a spirit
and they were waiting for a 10.0
even longer/harder than u were

Back in the day
It used to take a 'revolutionary piece of journalism'
an interview where 'some1 famous said something controversial'
or a 'behind the scenes look at a public figure who is relatively secretive'
to make a splash

But today
It only took one number to transcend the modern state of music journalism
four characters 1 0 . 0
1 meme

(sorta wonder if they should get the rights to a 10.0 sponsored by a brand)

10.0 brought 2 u by Old Spice / Heineken / Bud Light Amber Wheat

My life is totally different
My life is totally the same
My online existence where I search for relevant bands, albums and mp3s is no longer a journey
I have reached my destination

Maybe Pitchfork
Should give themselves a 10.0
For winning the battle 4 hits]
The battle for relevant memes
The battle for editorial weight in a world where bloggyspots just post reactionary crap and forgettable mp3s on the reg
Transcending the long tail
and the bottlenecks of content generation
and 'making the leap'
to 'mainstream'
riding the human meme
that is Kanye West

Do u think this 10.0 will 'revitalize' Pitchfork's brand?
Does a 10.0 mean anything to people who already listen to Kanye West?
Is the new Kanye West album 'bold' and 'amazing'?
Do u wish u could be a journalist/blogger/online web presence?
What is the future of online music blogs?
Do u think Pitchfork will take away Wilco's 10.0 because they are white?

When an authentic black artist writes an authentic album, does it 'transcend race' or should it only resonate with 'fellow black ppl'?
R u proud of Pitchfork for 'doing something bold'?
Do u think P4k will ever give a modern buzzband a 10.0 now?
Can a 'crappy new white buzzband' get a 10.0, or does this introduce a theory where u first have to 'go mainstream', then make something that 'is bold/innovative' that makes u more relevant/10.0worthy?
Is Pitchfork 'done' with the Animal Collective brand?
Will ppl begin to associate P4k with Kanye West instead of AnCo?
Does this mean 'less Animal Collective = the face of indie' jokes will ultimately hurt the band?
What's next for mp3 blogs? Will they find a new 'indie darling'?
Is indie music dead?
Do u buy into any of the 'conspiracy theories' abt this 10.0? [link]
Does any1 even 'give a shit' abt p4k ratings any more?
Has pitchfork 'rebranded' and 'opened up a new era' in online journalism + the evolution of their reviews?
Is this the greatest moment in Pitchfork Reviews history?
If Pitchfork could rate ur life, what do u think they would give u?

Kanye West and LeBron James celebrate their global personal brands/being ass holes

LeBron James celebrates his new life with Kanye West, creating a controversial meme / think piece for the internet 2 analyze.

2 ass holes
trying 2 hard
2 be 'global brands'
2 be 'universally loved'

Working out their insecurities in public forums
In surreal contexts
One bro 'makes kewl sounds and raps over them
The other bro puts bouncey balls into hoops

As a society
we have told them that they are valuable because of their gifts
and they are both trying to 'make us happy'
Since they believe the fruits of their labors will help them to
inspire us to buy shit with their names on it.

Both mix art, sport, and commerce
trying to build a brand to 'sell shit'
Jerseys, albums, shoes, art
Trying to transcend demographics
Black, white, Chinese, Indian
Poor, Rich, Russian Billionaires, kids who can't afford shoes
tons of middle class white kids

Feel like we've been 'betrayed'
These bros are just so unchill
They are all about 'me'
But they are sort of like 'Me 1.0'
Me 2.0 exists on the internet
in the twitter/facebook status update era

Me 1.0 bros are just baffling
because they lack 'the self-awareness'
/are 'too insecure' to just chill out
Not make everything s000 contrived

Me 2.0 bros react fast on the twitter
It's not even that difficult to be Me 2.0
Me 2.0 bros 'get it' in a mainstream way
and are quick to share their snarky observations with the world

Me 2.0 bros really 'get off' to exposing Me 1.0 bros.

R u Me 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 or ____.0?

Feel like Kanye West and LeBron James don't really want people to h8 them
The bros are motivated to 'be loved'
to 'get their dicks sucked'
both physically and metaphorically

Think they might just need 'friends'
a solid network of bros who aren't lost in their inane talents
A network of bros who won't bang their moms [via Delonte West]
Some1 to help them understand who they are
sort of like a life coach

Might just vibe out,
listen to some vintage ironic non-ironic positive vibe rap
Brought to us by the ultimate African American personal brand
Will Smith


Will Smith was truly the first African American
that young white people 'let into their homes'
(Most were too young to really bro down with Bill Cosby, except 2 eat Pudding Pops)
(And Steve Urkel wasn't really kewl enough/was just a gimmick)

So we have learned to love Will Smith
He has become an even more likable black version of Tom Cruise
So positive that it is difficult 2 believe
He even created a mini version of himself [via the Black Karate Kid]

N e ways
just wanted to say
LeBron and Kanye are ass holes
Don't really wanna get too insightful
or even 'give them advice'
because I think I enjoy watching them 'do dumb shit'
and create bloggable internet memes

But I feel like they have emerged as a 'new version of a black stereotype'
Maybe a Super-Sized Racial Stereotype that is only achievable in the modern world / internet era.
More than just an 'Uncle Tom' who wants to bro down with white people
or the 'sambo' who loves to perform for white people
or even the 'gorilla' who is commonly associated as some sort of 'beast' / 'bad guy' / 'violent, uncontrollable black man'

A new stereotype seems to have emerged,
and LeBron + Kanye are the 'poster boys'
of this African American Human Meme Stereotype

Feel 'racist' for suggesting this
But here is the criteria
a) Considered 'great' at their profession in a superficial kind of way
b) High level of fame across races
c) Trying super hard to 'expand their personal brands'/make every1 love them
d) Clearly never going to be as 'great' as others in their profession
e) Does shit that 'makes them h8ed' on the reg
f) They have evolved past the 'thug' stereotype and are more interested in appealing to white people with $$$ to buy stuff
g) Get tons of blog coverage
h) Ultimately symbolize some sort of 'tragic figure' still searching for an identity in an absurd, post-racial world.

Feel confused and scared for them
Like 'they can't win'
But they are trying really hard 2 'win'
Not even sure what they do

Heads up their own asses
Becomes 'fun to h8 them'
Cuz every day I browse the internet
for people/memes to <3
and people/memes 2 h8

Seems chill to be able to 'hate' these bros so hard
I feel 'more interesting' when I can react to negative vibes
instead of just trying to spread positive vibes all the time.
As chill as chillwaves can be
sometimes u gotta get harsh on some bros to have a 'dynamic personality'

Welcome 2 Miami
Bienvenidos a Miami.

Who is a bigger ass hole: LeBron James or Kanye West?
Which bro is more self-aware?
Do they represent a complex new stereotype / genre of 'famous African American bro' that the world has never seen before?
Who got 'fucked over' more: Taylor Swift or Cleveland?
Is LeBron James an ass hole 4 taking this picture?

Will Kanye West + males + African Americans 'change' in the 2k10s?

I saw this picture of Kanye West and his 'number 1 ho' Amber Rose at Paris Fashion Week. It seems like they have really 'turned over a new leaf', and are possibly growing stronger as a couple. In the past, she used to wear skank gear to show off her ridonk curves, but now her man has her in check, making sure that she stays covered up, like a beautiful/pure & unique Muslim woman.

Kanye West has sorta been laying low. I was worried about him, like he was depressed, and writing sad, deep songs with an autotuner. He used to be one of the top 5 human memes on the planet, but now he has retreated from the internet sensationsphere.

The 2k0s seemed like an amazing, yet kind bummed out/tragic decade for Kanye West. He got famous, and ppl treated him like the black male Lady Gaga. Went through some hard times... George Bush doesn't care bout mulatto ppl... Mom death [via Heidi Montag plastic surg]... Shafting Taylor Swift... doing other controversial stuff. Wonder if he is going to 'pull it 2gether' this decade, and just try to write songs that change/heal/inspire the world [via Michael Jackson]. Wonder if Justin Timberlake will make us forget about Michael Jackson this decade.

Do u think he still chills with these bros, or are they just enablers?

I wonder if all men + African Americans + rap hiphop superstar moguls will begin to treat women with more love and respect. Are yall tired of women being 'pieces of meat', or do u think they like it like that?

Do yall think black people are going to 'ball over all' at the Academy Awards this year?
Heard that 'Precious' is a beautiful movie that inspires tons of white guilt.

Worried that they'll lose out 2 blue ppl [via the avatar]. Feel like 'Precious' might be the black version of 'Milk.' Like giving the African American community something to 'be proud of' since it represents a realistic tale of hope in their community.


Just got hella bummed out. Relieved about my way of life on the internet + how easy my life has been.

Just sorta riffing on this post, doing some 'pop culture musings', talking about race. Talking about the Oscars. Really just wanted to ask one important question.

What's the difference between Wyclef Jean and Will.I.Am?

If u were stuck on an Island, and u could only be Wyclef Jean or Will.I.Am, and take 1 musical instrument, and bring one broad to sing over ur music, who would it be?
The person who answers this question correctly will receive a free genre shirt.

It takes a socially transcendent moment to remind us what makes life worth living. Kanye West is a valuable member of society.

Last Sunday night, I was browsing the internet, and all of a sudden, everything came to a halt. It was as if one moment 'made the world stop.' This single moment demanded the instantaneous attention of the every human being in the Westernized world. After experiencing this moment, every human 'came up with an opinion' on the event, and felt obliged to share this opinion with the world [via life stream/social network/ real life interaction]. It was truly one of the greatest live moments in the history of the world because 2009 has given us the proper tools to instantaneously reflect on a moment in a group setting. It was as if 'social media' finally had a reason for existing (besides helping 2 elect the black President).

Apparently the famous African American rapper 'Kanye West' interrupted some little white girl (Taylor Swift) when she won a prize at a fake awards show which celebrates mainstream music videos (hosted by the Music Television Channel ). From what I understand, the concept/goal of an Awards Show hosted by a television networks is to 'create content', where 'something that gets the whole world talking' can happen since you are bringing together some of the world's most famous/volatile people. Viewers tune in, expecting to 'see the unexpected' and sometime the network manages to 'create' bloggable/reflectable moments. Ultimately, the brand of the tv network becomes 'more relevant' based upon how much content they can produce.

From what I have read, Kanye West walked on stage to interrupt her acceptance speech, making it clear that Beyonce Knowles had one of the best music videos in the history of art + video + media.  It seemed like she reacted as most white women react when a black man approaches them, since she metaphorically 'clenched on to her purse tighter than ever before' [via black man passing u on the streets].

I disagree with Kanye West's message (but wholeheartedly approve of his actions)--Beyonce's video is nothing special. It seems like it is just African American women showing off their figures and 'getting they dance on' for the world. I am bad at 'valuing dance' as a legitimate artform because I feel like if I wanted to 'see dance', I would go to a 'titty bar' to see some 'live, nude breasts shaking' and bodies contorting in a sexual fashion, directly simulating the act of sex. The video seems like it was just a marketing gimmick, attempting to create a 'dance craze' and also possibly some sort of feminist propaganda anthem, which accidentally reinforced the concept of 'marriage' as a gateway to a perfect life.


Since Kanye West is a 'cool black person', Taylor Swift probably thought he was going to do something to make her 'seem cooler', but then he 'took a shit' on her perceived sense of self within the entertainment industry.

It seems like 'American citizens' are 'deeply disturbed' by Kanye West's actions, and can take one of the following viewpoints on his behavior:

  • He was right, but u have 2 pretend it is real cuz she's a white lil girl who is taking showbiz seriously. U have no right to ruin this 4 her.
  • Kanye West is a bully.
  • Kanye West is 'a fucking retard'/'jack ass.'
  • Kanye West is African American/slur word for African-American which would inherently explain his actions.
  • 'Aww... Poor thing.'
  • 'Team Taylor! Let's boycott buying the records of black ppl.'
  • 'I think I will vlog about this to get youtube hits.'
  • Taylor Swift 'deserved her moment.'  She did not need 2 have her reality harassed by this "negroid."
  • I am 'above' reacting to this event.
  • I 'understand' what Kanye West has gone through in life, but I am a human, so I will still 'hold him accountable' 4 being a 'meanie head.'
  • Taylor Swift represents everything that is wrong with show business and the arts. We must respect Kanye West and his neverending quest to express his true self to the real world. He is genuinely trying to transcend fame, pop culture, and the arts. No one will ever understand him. He is truly the most artistic person in the world, and when he goes on tour with Lady Gaga, we will finally experience art that is on the same level as the greats like Andy Warhol, Michael Jackson, and Michael Jordan.

I do not believe that Taylor Swift 'deserved to have her moment.' It doesn't matter how young she is, and we do not need to enable her sick perspective on the world. While she has a sweet exterior, possibly 'more talent' than the traditional Disney-mafia star, and an ability to 'handle' everything 'with grace', we have to understand that we are harming these manufactured pop stars by continuing to let them exist. Many of them will have identity crises where they turn to substance abuse + sexual experimentation when their whole world comes crashing down around them.

When I look into their eyes, I srsly feel like there is 'evil' inside of these people.

It seems like it is beneficial for these Disney stars to 'believe in the Lord', because believing that a higher power 'gifted  them' with this 'opportunity' to touch the lives' of millions of tweens [via the power of music] would be the only way for some one to take their absurd job so seriously. It seems important to remember that these tween stars are possibly 'mentally ill' in ways that make them highly functional within the entertainment world.  I feel like I will finally 'like' the Jonas Brothers when they have a reality show when they are in their mid-30s, similar to Corey Feldman and Corey Haim's show "The Two Coreys", a show about two child stars who still have a very stupid perspective on the world (and are recovering addicts).

I was alarmed when Beyonce bypassed her own acceptance speech and 'called Taylor back on stage' so that she could 'complete her speech', and Taylor Swift failed to realize that it 'was still a fake award' + failed to realize that 'she was just involved in a meme that could have been taken to the next level by indirectly calling Kanye West the n-word.'  Instead, she 'carried on' with her generic speech/theme [via thank yall], as if 'everything was made right' and 'honor' was restored to the Awards show/the Entertainment hierarchy.  It honestly seems like there is 'something mentally wrong with her' to 'fail to recognize the magnitude of the moment she is in.'  I do not like this moment, because people in the 'Entertainment World' actually think they are 'real people' with 'real feelings' in this clip.

My fave part of this video is at 1:29 when Perez Hilton 'puts his hand over his heart, as if he is watching 'a truly meaningful moment.'

While many people believe that Kanye didn't deserve to 'ruin her moment', they are neglecting to remember how much they 'h88888 pop culture' and how it's 'suuuch a guilty please to consume gossip blogs and the E! network.'  Do u remember when it was trendy/insightful to have a cutting edge opinion on 'what a terrible person Paris Hilton is' and link it to 'the deterioration of the moral fabric of our society'? It seems like this Kanyegate 3.0 moment will always be remembered as when tweens learned that it was 'okay' to treat celebrity entertainment like it was 'real news' instead of gradually learning sports+entertainment are more fun to consume than 'important news' over the course of their lives'.

It seems like if ppl really wanted to 'stop caring about the practice of turning the actions of rich+famous people into coverable news', they would have embraced Kanye 'taking a shit on this white girl.'

If I had black skin, I would be insanely ashamed of Beyonce Knowles for 'giving Taylor Swift' her spotlight. The truth is, if you want to sell albums in the modern world, you must appeal to the white tween. All apologies issued in thie 'controversy' are meant to appease the white tween. You cannot cross the white tweens (note: minority tweens enjoy pretending to be white, as well). If you 'piss them off', they will not buy your mp3 on iTunes, or use their Best Buy gift certificate to purchase your album. They will not go to your concert. They will tweet about you, but it will not be positive. It seems like some1 should create an acronym with the same dark connotations that "W.A.S.P" has, except for White.Tweens.

As a society, we must come together and root for Kanye West to continue to create content & headlines. While he is genuinely pursuing greatness, his narcissistic qualities will surely lead to his premature death. This is more than about needing 'good guys' and 'bad guys' to create conflict and news. We need a stream of content that we can continually reflect upon. This is why we miss Michael Jackson so much, we had the opportunity to have fun watching him fall apart together. It was legitimately a bullying process that rallied all humans together. It didn't matter how smart or how dumb u were, there was something inherently funny about making fun of Michael Jackson's racial, sexual, and social identity. A type of humor that transcended educational levels and class divisions.

If you analyze Taylor Swift's 'award winning video,' you will realize that it is a 'fucking sham.' I think the gimmick/theme of the song, is supposed to be some sort of plea to a boy to like her because she has a beautiful+interesting+creative soul instead of the generic 'hot ass cheerleader type.'


It seems like this video is supposed to appeal to 'tweens who feel left out'/like they don't 'fit in.' It is a song about sexual desire and obsession over one perfect boy, declaring that he 'belongs to you.' You are entitled to him. Feel good about who you are, because if he really got 2 know u, he would love u 4 all of the right reasons. Concepts like these lead to teenage obesity since kids are told that some1 will like them for 'what's inside.' They neglect to take care of their health, and eventually become mopey college students who sit around in a 'dreamworld' waiting on their modern Prince Charmbro.

I prefer Beyonce's  artsy booty video to Taylor Swift's high school puff piece.

Do u sometimes like 2 get drunk just 2 'see what happens'? [via alcoholism]

We must applaud Kanye for silencing the sweet,  yet poisonous essence of Taylor Swift.
Kanye West is a simple, raw human being. When it comes to 'love and relationships', he is not interested in creating some sort of meaningful quirky bullshit. He is a man who wants ass and titties. He is an honest man.

We must accept Kanye West as the true heir to the King of Pop--not because of his talent or his artistic interpretation of the world, but because of his ability to create content. He can rapidly produce albums as well as public incidents that are indicative of a deeply troubled human being. He transcends 'right and wrong' because he truly 'acts from the heart/soul' in a world where most people are too smart/deliberate/PR-managed to act upon their emotions. We must encourage him, embrace him, watch him accomplish great things, but most importantly, watch him truly start to 'panic' when he reaches his middle ages and the fear of mortality will drive him to seek more attention than ever.

Realistically, Kanye West seems to be the next 'big celebrity' who might die 'prematurely' in some sort of tragic/misunderstood event. As a society, we must rise up to create+seize the opportunity to experience the deaths of numerous famous people. We are 'regular people' but when some1 'famous dies', regular people finally get a chance to publicly reflect about the gift of life.

We have learned in 2009, that there is no greater news story to react to than the death of some1. Many of these death victims are not even very 'relevant' to Generation Y. But the process of digital mourning is too 'fun' to let some1 die without talking about them. When some1 'famous' dies, u get to share the meme with your friends, and ponder the person's realistic effect/impact on your life. It seems to be fun when you 'don't give a shit' that some1 famous died, but it is also 'equally enthralling' to experience the death of some1 who 'was a big part of celebrity culture' (thereby directly impacting ur life).

A lot of people say that twitter is a 'useless and boring display of humanity.' These people don't understand the true value of twitter--twitter is an instant window into the lives' of people. A chance to track the distractions that are filling up people's lives', momentarily taking over their brains. An impact significant enough to process a lil thought/meme about it. Whether it is a human, a product, a political scandal, a television show, a movie, or a celeb death, the twitter's portal into a generalized human psyche is priceless.

We must embrace the power of this tool. We must embrace all tools that allow us to reflect/share/digitally mourn.

We are growing up, learning how to use social networks to experience life together. We are learning how to mourn, celebrate, and crucify miscellaneous celebrities. We are learning that death memes are the memes that unite us. The internet/internet meme is a coping mechanism/opportunity. While events happen in 'reality' our opportunity to reflect upon them in a 'sillie lil online world' helps us to cope with how deeply rattled we are by the underlying themes of highly bloggable events.

When you say 'I don't give a shit' about this KanyeVs.TaylorSwift meme, it's like you're turning your back on humanity. You fail to realize that these are the only moments that we can all share together. These are the moments where you feel comfortable with the 'whole world' reacting. Even though it is a 'sillie lil award show', maybe everything in life is 'silly.' Maybe it's 'silly' that we elect a President of the USA every 4 years. Maybe it's sillie that we use 'money' 2 make our economy work. Maybe it's 'sillie' that we live life.

But u need 2 embrace this silliness with all of the ppl around u. We have been given the ability to analyze and interpret the world around us, and many social barriers are created by the content which you can analyze+interpret. When megamoments happen, you let your guard down, and find a lil bit of solace in knowing that 'every1 knows about this.' Sometimes you'll get mad if some1 has a dumb opinion, or if some1 uneducated tries to 'act like the have an authoritative perspective on real life.' You need to stop being so angry/exclusive with your thoughts, and surrender them to the collective consciousness which exists on the internet. Your thought/opinion is more valuable as part of a whole which can be analyzed as 'raw data.'

Sometimes, I wish the internet/twitter/meme distribution systems were more developed when Justin Timberlake ripped off Janet Jackson's breast-cover.

Sorta wish I had seen OJ Simpson as a trending topic during his car chase/trial.

We just want to share life with the people around us.
We just want to laugh at humor that every1 'gets.'
We just want the whole world to unite, kinda like how Michael Jackson used to help us unite around content, before the internet enabled every1 to go into their little niche. It seems like the internet has finally 'helped us 2 connect' with every1.

We just want to send a funnie picture 2 a friend.

We need to know that the leader of our country has the same values as us.


We need to use memes to 'cope.' We need the internet.  We need to share ourselves and the world that we see.

We must design more memes.

Make them laugh. Make them remember their youth.

Make them laugh. Tie in a meme with another meme.

Appeal to all  humor levels, letting the meme move upmarket and downmarket.

We must always take the opportunity to objectify women.

Strive for the most absurd meme possible.

The vast collection of Kanye Interruption Memes will live forever.  They are modern cave paintings, capturing the way we communicate and tell stories.

Should Kanye 'be sorry'?  Did he dishonor himself, his brand, and the perceived 'love' that he had for his mother?  Did he take his brand to another level?  Is Kanye West depressed?  Will Kanye West 'kill himself' after his 5th South Park appearance?  Will Taylor Swift become a lesbian/star of a celeb reality show?  R u worried about tweens/the world, or are you starting to embrace the world as it is?

Kanye West has nothing to be sorry for. He did the right thing for himself. He did the right thing for the betterment of America. He did the unintentionally did the right thing for the advancement of 'the arts.'

Kanye West made me realize why life is worth living. My life is 'better' when I have better content 2 share with u.

How long am I going 2 have 2 wait for another socially transcendent moment?

Just saw Kanye West shopping at Am Appy.

Photo via Am Appy Daily Update

Can't believe Kanye West shops at Am Appy. Not sure if this makes me want to wear it more/less. Not sure if this means that American Apparel is meant for people of all races, or that they are trying to be some sort of upscale blipster brand. Feeling very confused, like I want to burn all of my Am Appy/try to think of new conversion projects.

When I see Kanye looking at Am Appy shirts, it seems like he is saying that he could design them better than Dovathan Charney. It seems like he 'likes the aesthetic' but would probably 'tweak that shit' to make it more 'epic' somehow.

Can't believe he brought 'his skank ass girlfriend' with him. Wonder if her curvie figure can even fit in2 Am Appy. Feel like I might need to find a new brand. Has any1 heard of Anthropologie / Hollister / Ammy Eagle?

would have guessed that Kanye was 'above' generic retail bullshit. Guess he's just trying to chill. Apparently he bought 2 hoodies & sunglasses. Seems like a sillie purchase, since summer is coming up.

I remember Kanye West had a song on his first album where he talked about being a black dude who worked at the Gap. He rapped about 'murdering his boss' and 'smoking blunts at work.' He was just a disenfranchised black bro, still hungry to 'transcend society.' Now that he is 'famous' I feel like his content is 'totally different', and he just sort of sings about 'generic hip hop greatness.'


Feels weird that Kanye West used to have a 'different image.' Wonder if he was still 'demented' back then. Feels weird to 'look back' on 'rappers who we thought were going to be different than every other rapper', but eventually all 'hip hop stars' turn in2 the same thing.

I remember when Kanye's signature gimmick [via 1st album] was a 'dejected bear.'

Seems like maybe he was 'less cultured' back then, and this was 'all he could think of.' Back before he met the Ed Banger crew/ traveled to France / started 'blogging' / 'going 2 fashion shows' / becoming an 'artist.'

Can ppl change, or are they always the same?

Meme that we must nvr 4gt

Meaningful Music Videos of the Past Blog Month

Just wanted to 'embed some videos' that are 'relevant', yall.

Music Video: Little Boots - New In Town


Analysis: I think that this video is about a girl from the United Kingdom coming to America, and getting dropped off in 'a black part of town', and exploring what 'black culture is like.' From this video, we have learned that black people 'live under underpasses', 'like to dance', and 'seem like thugs but might not always hurt u.' Not sure about the song. Think Little Boots might emerge into a female artist who I prefer listening to remixes of, as opposed to 'her actual songs.' But I think that there is 'a huge market' for people who want a product like Little Boots.

Music Video: Kanye West - Amazing


Analysis: I think there is a point where an artist 'becomes a brand.' Their music doesn't have to be 'good' or 'inspiring' any more, it just has to have enough elements for the common man to recognize the artist when they are scanning channels on the radio. So while this song is 'boring', 'uninspiring', and the lyrics 'seem like they were a poem written by an inner-city 2nd grader', it doesn't really matter because it is the recognizable brand of Kanye West.

"lets go out and film some amazing shit 4 this music video. Let's get some fucking helicopters and film me standing on cliffs and shit." - Kanye West in a conceptual brainstorming session about what 2 put in his music video for the song "Amazing"

Music Video: Bat for Lashes - Daniel


Analysis: It is weird when some1 has a 'really catchy first song' with 'a good first music video' like Bat for Lashes with the song "What's a Girl To Do." I'm not sure if her music is 'still appealing' or even makes sense that the male-dominated music memesphere consumes her/people buy her records. Just seems like a sort of 'aimless' sort of gothy soft rock to me. Think she might be more appealing if she 'wasn't so weird' and '38% more electro.'

Music Video: M83 - We Own the Sky


Analysis: Just like every other M83 video, this one involves 'teens who are trying to find themselves' or something like that. The song is 'pretty good', but I am not even sure if this video is 'supposed to be compelling enough to watch.'

Music Video: Moby - Shot in the Back of the Head


Analysis: This video was apparently 'directed'/'created' by the famous director David Lynch. Not exactly sure which movies he directed, but I think I read that he was 'Wes Anderson 1.0.' Think that this song is a 'chill' Moby song. I remember when Moby made that album that was strategically engineered to 'go mainstream' since he had a famous person sing on every song. Feel like Moby is an artist who is 'fighting hard' to be authentic/make authentic products. Think I would see this video when I was an impressionable teen staying up late watching MTV2, and 'watch the whole thing' or something.

Music video: The xx - Crystalized


Analysis: Never heard of this band, but I watched their video, and I think they have a bunch of 'aesthetics' that I might be able to 'like.' Boy+Girl Duet style. 'Minimal' guitar. Drum Pad. 'Shitty video that I might think is cool.' Both singers might be meme-able homosexuals/sex icons. Not even really sure what I'm supposed to think.

Music Video: Ed Banger Fight - those french people who got into a fight at Cinespace


Analysis: Some bro filmed a bunch of French ppl yelling at eachother at Cinespace. Not even sure what happened. Guess we'll never know. Seems important, though. Wish I had something in my life 'worth fighting 4'

Have yall seen n e good/relevant music videos lately?

h8 when u can't tell the difference between 'art' and 'advertising.'

Yall. Don't u h8 when u think something is 'beautiful', then u find out that it it being used 2 sell u something? That's what happened 2 me when I saw this picture.

Initially, I thought that it was a beautiful picture that was about 'ending racism', celebrating 2 beautiful people coming together as 1 [via interracial couple]. But then I found out that it is an advertisement for a tennis shoe/ strip club / slice of white ass. Sad that the tennis shoe isn't featured in the picture.

'ugh'. Think that sometimes I assume that everything Kanye West makes is 'beautiful art' and don't realize that he is actually just 'trying to make money', or what rappers call 'hustling.'

Feel manipulated. It's kinda like when I see a beautiful logo that I would consider getting as a tattoo, but then I realize that it is part of a global brand. Thought I was gonna get this tattoo, but then I realized it belonged to CHILI's.

(Fortunately, I found out that it is a kick ass restaurant.)

In my digital art class, I actually made a symbol that looked like the 'Nike Swoosh' without even ever seeing it. I thought it was beautiful, but then my classmates accused me of 'ripping off Nike' and wondering 'how could u have never seen the Nike logo b4?'

Feel dumb when art = advertising, and I appreciate it too much when it I thought I was just admiring something beautiful.

But I did like the recent Am Appy custom Woody Allen campaign. Feel like it really went viral.

wish websites had 'billboards.' Think 'billboards' might be the most authentic artistic medium.

Felt sad when I read that famous street graffiti artist Banksy was actually hired by a Coalition of the Eastern world to spread anti-American messages [via internet viral campaign].

Does n e 1 know where I can get an advertising/marketing internship?

Who is the most authentically chill bro?

Just saw a picture of three bros chillin', bein' creative. Wonder which bro would be the best bro the chill with?

Photo via Kanye Blog

Who do yall think would be the best bro 2 chill with?

Bro #1)
He seems like a bro who is into cool shit, like culture and rap and stuff. Might be awkward to become BFFs with a black person if ur parents aren't as progressive as they pretend to be.
Bro #2) Seems like a pretty cool post-Cobain type of bro. Might always be down to throw down an authentic rock n roll post-rock chill. Not sure if ur parents would want u hanging out with a bro who 'looks like a drug addict.'
Bro #3) Seems like he is a cool bro who is always down to play some kewl riffs on a no-wave tribute song. Not sure why he is wear a shirt for a 'flashy' 46 year old mom.


...BUT SRSLY....
Does n e 1 know why artists always have to 'collaborate'? Feel like 95% of the time, it is pointless 'co branding' 2 make people feel like ur really 'making new, beautiful art' cuz u 'don't care about what genre u fall into.' Maybe in the future we need 2 leave 'mashing up' to experts like The Girl Talks, and othe nite life DJs. Tired of these artists trying to piggyback off 1 another 2 'reach new audiences'/assuming that 'authenticity' or 'pop appeal' is a transferrable force.

Miss the days when collabs were 'authentic' and 'exciting.'


Who is the most authentic South Park celebrity interpretation?

Yall.  Started 2 watch South Park.  Need 2 catch up on a lot of episodes.
Helps me 2 formulate my opinion on modern issues and a lot of pop cultural issues.

Not sure who I should like the most/find the funniest. Feel 'jealous' of South Park for being 'so mainstream' but also 'being cutting edge.' Not sure if I should 'respect it', 'go out of my way 2 h8 it', or 'pretend I don't watch it.'

Who is an authentic celebrity interpretation?


The Jonas Brothers?

Tay Zonday + numerous internet memes?

Jennifer Lopez? [via Mexi humor]

Barry Obama?

Tom Cruise?

Crystal Castles? [via Canadian humor]

Kanye West being a 'fggt fish.'


Do yall think that South Park is more authentic than Family Guy, or The Simpsons, or are they the kind of people who just 'make fun of shit' but 'don't make the world better'?

Sometimes I feel like South Park is 'funnie' and that I am the only bro who 'gets it' like it is supposed 2 be 'gotten.' But then I get sad because 'every1 likes South Park and I feel like less of an individual who likes progressive comedy. Wish I lived in the mid90s, back when there wasn't a high demand for 'progressive comedy' and not every1 consumed it and made it a part of their personality.

Kinda feel _______ about a show that has 'become popular' but still 'being progressive' and 'attempting 2 maintain a cutting edge tone' with the 'mass audience that they have garnered.'

Just wanna go 'adult swimming', and laugh at progressive comedy, dreaming about how 'I am random and smart...maybe 1 day I can write this stuff... Might start a pop culture blog instead with political opinions.'

What’s the difference between Kanye West and Michael Jackson?

I read on wikipedia that Michael Jackson was 'the coolest guy ever' before he turned into a plastic man/went krazie/loved kidz 2 much. From what I understand, every1 wanted 2 be him, and he started a lot of trends without even knowing it. He invented aesthetics that he didn't even know were so popular.

I've read in some pop culture gossip magazines that Kanye is trying 2 'be the Michael Jackson of this generation.' Not sure if he can do it, cuz things are s000 different now. There wasn't really any sort of intranet/internet for things to go viral on, and 'design' was so different back then. We all just had such different expectations of cutting edge culture, and we weren't as reflective. MJ was 'a genius' back then, but kinda wish he was in his prime now so that our 'society' could basically 'execute him' [via pressure that he couldn't handle/grasp/cope with].

I feel like inside of Kanye and MJ are people who are 'kinda the same' but there's probably 1 core difference that I'm trying 2 identify. Do yall know what it is?

When u think about it, I think 'being cool' is just trying 2 b a tastemaker for people who still 'honor the concept of 'cool'.' (this means u r trying to be a white tween tastemaker).

Do yall think that if BLIPSTERDOM existed when MJ was an adolescent, he would have found a personal brand that would have prevented him from being a weirdo child preddy? Is Kanye West 'a ghey' or just 'too cultured' for other rappers to 'get'?

Seen n e bloggable music videos lately?

This post is a meaningful recap of the most bloggable music video memes of the last several blog weeks. I just want 2 find innovative ways for artists 2 express one song in video format.

r music videos 'dead'?

Video: The Presets - If I Know You


I haven't ever really listened to the Presets too indepth, except for this one Lifelike remix of them. But I have heard that they are 'amazing' live, and they probs are. N e ways, this music video is pretty meaningful bc it was directed by the same person who made M83's "Kim and Jessie." I think I can really identify with this music video because I am a teen from the suburbs who wants to go to the city and 'get my dance on' but then also get meaningful at a beach bonfire.
<3 serious videos for electronic music <3
<3 packs of dancing tweens searching for meaning <3

Video: The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - Everything With You


Think I might start 2 like this band because they sound like ______ and _______ (references to miscellaneous shoegazy artists from the past 100 years). The video is kinda meaningful. I wonder if that is actually the band, or just stock footage of meaningful tweens. Does n e 1 know? Do u think they sound 'good' or just kind of 'plain' and 'not as good as the stuff from the past that people say they sound like'?

The following 2 videos are representative of the future of music video gimmicks and technology

Seen n e pixelated-core videos lately?

Video: Chairlift - Evident Utensil


Video: Kanye West - Welcome to Heartbreak


These two videos are really pixelated. I think it is an emerging aesthetic, probably facilitated by some sort of update to a program that was made by Adobe Inc. It's kinda confusing. Makes me feel like my computer is messing up, but I think that's a metaphor for how our whole lives' are sooo pixel based these days. Not sure what I'd do without pixels. Feel like life would be pretty boring/a little bit too paper-based. Do yall think that MGMT and Dan Deacon wish this technology was available 1 year ago?

N e ways... seen ne keut music vids lately?
Which 1 of these is ur favourite? I think mine is defs the Presets, mainly because I am usually a shirtless tween dancing around Los Angeles. But u might be a pixelated bro, so who knows what u will prefer.

Is Kanye West a more significant role model for young, black men than Barry Obama?

I remember after the election, African American talking heads were 'totally pumped' that African American kids and tweens would no longer want to be rappers--they would want to be Presidents & CEOs & investment bankers & entrepreneurs for social change.

However, I don't think they really thought about the impact of Kanye "Paradigm Shifter" West, and how he is changing the way that all kids look at 'what makes rap cool.' Of course the ideals of Barry Obama are cooler than 'Gangsta+Violent Rap' and 'Having sex with big bootied women' rap, but I don't know if it is cooler than the consumer core ideals that Kanye West brings to the table.

I know that every rapper has a God complex, claiming that they are the 'best thing since sliced bread.' However, no1 has come even close to presenting a case quite like Kanye West. His desire to be 'the best' is unmatched, kind of like a rich tween whose parents let them get whatever they want at the local mall. This is way kewler+identifiable to white people who 'listen to rap' than any rap themes from the past.

This post may or may not be saying that Kanye West is the modern, consumer-core version of Uncle Tom.

Or is it a simple argument to call ever mildly successful African American in the arts+entertainment industry an 'Uncle Tom' because if he achieves critical or mainstream success, it will involve 'convincing white people that you are praise-worthy'? Or are they more like sambos?

Just trying to talk about race issues, yall. Sorry if this is 'too touchy 4 yall', but maybe u should go back to living ur anonymous life on the internet.

Does n e 1 know what happened to Barrack Obama? Is he 'not as cool as we thought' after all? Did we make a mistake?

who is yalls fave African American role model (besides Will Smith)? (Besides Michael Vick/OJ Simpson / Chris Brown)

Did yall watch the Grammys?

Yall.. I didn't watch the Grammys cuz I'd rather just read reactions to it on the internet, then pretend that I watched it/was there/I am connected to the modern world. Seemed like a real celebration of things that are kinda mainstream but letting more alt artists in2 the show. Some of my favourite bands like MIA, Radiohead, and the Jonas Bros were on display. Maybe next year I'll be invited?

Question 1) When an alt artist wins a grammy, I feel

a) validated
b) like I accomplished something
c) a lil bit sad that I am losing a part of me
d) pissed off about my fave band selling out
e) just wanna 'get buzzed' and dance to bloghaus + ironic pop

Question 2) M.I.A. is

a) just a meme
b) pregant
c) should have stayed home
d) trying too hard 2 reach out 2 mainstream audiences
e) just taking care of herself/her career

Question 3: Deadmau5 will be remembered as

a) a zany masked DJ
b) just some weirdo at the Grammys
c) "what is that bro doing at our show?" -Taylor Swift
d) being responsible for bringing 'masked djs' to the mainstream
e) just a meme on the day after award shows

Question 4: This is a picture of

a) the coldplays
b) a band that steals songs
c) the writers of the rock album + song of the year
d) bros who need to retire their gimmick
e) Cool dads searching for meaning

Question 5: These bros are chilling at

a) the Grammys
b) A Cool Dad convention
c) A Kidz Health convention
d) A McDonalds playgrond
e) A liberal arts professor conference

Question 6: When I see this single, I think it is

a) Just another bloghouse mp3
b) just another crappy mp3 posted by a lame entrylevel blog on the hypemachine looking to get hits
c) worth a Grammy
d) the best Remix of all time
e) other

Question 7: Kanye West won a grammy for

a) Best frollet
b) Best blogger of the year
c) Worst black person of the year in America
d) JackOfAllTrades/Renaissance Man of the year
e) Best guy who sounds like a robot on his albums

Question 8: Who wore it better?

a) the broad on the left
b) the broad on the right
(this is a test 2 see if ur a racist)

Question 9: The Lonely Island Bros are

a) going to win a Grammy in 2k10
b) a gimmick for bros
c) comedy for bros
d) glorified bro Weird Al bullshit
e) really funnie
f) really progressive
g) going to make the Flight of the Conchords obsolete for bros
h) something for people who smoke weed and watch dvds/ funnie youtube vids

Question 10: This bro won a Grammy for

a) best assault of a broad
b) best knuckle sandwich 2 a broad's face
c) Best job of 'putting a woman in her place'
d) Most likely 2 be the next OJ Simpson
e) Future Ike TurnerBro
f) Strongest Pimp Hand
g) Artist of the Millennium who Hits Women
h) Bro Who is above the law
i) bro who is above society's norms

Question 11: Daft Punk won some Grammy because

a) they deserve it for this live album thingy
b) there are too many Awards categories
c) people only heard of them after Kanye West cobranded with them for that meaningful duet about becoming stronger on the inside

Question 12: Christian Bale won a grammy for

a) being Heath Ledger's BFF
b) being in Batman
c) becoming a viral meme on audio
d) pretending 'to get angry' as a marketing gimmick for the new Terminator film so that Entertainment Magazines will profile him as being 'complex' and 'deep' and 'really into his craft'
e) he sang a lot in Newsies

Question 13: The name of this band is

a) 3 Tweens and a Blind Black Man
b) Blind, Black, and Musical: The Band
c) Searching for Our Sexuality thru the blindness
d) Bro Circle Jerk in a room with a blindman
e) Guy Who Should be able to see + need Talent Managers who protect their brands a lil bit better
f) The Grammys: Where Legends go to Make Bad Decisions
g) Steve WonderBro
h) Tweens Who Might be GheyBros

Question 14: This band in this picture is

a) the Spice Girls
b) Paramore
c) Blink 182
d) Girls Aloud
e) The Pussy Cat Dolls
f) Aqua
g) Jen Aniston and the Skanky McSkankBroads
h) Chris Brown's "Pimp Hand"

Can't believe I missed the Grammys. Feel really 'out of the loop.' Just want to connect 2 'pop culture' since it is kind of the fabric of society that relates us all.

Kinda feel like this picture represents the state of modern music.
In this picture is everything that we want.
We want bloggable content with stars who attract viewers by saying zany things and being progressive enough to blurb about.

Did yall hear M.I.A. is pregnant?
Are yall excited about how twitter gives u such direct and instant access 2 ur fave celebs while they are at a meaningful event like the Grammys?

[via diplo's drunken memes during the Grammys blogspottwitter]


YALL, I HAVE BEEN WONDERING is a new HRO gimmick where Carles presents a question that he has been thinking about a lot. Based on cultural observations and personal experiences, Carles will ask tough questions that directly relate to our society.

are black people a lil bit too cocky now?
Have they 'changed' ever since Barry Obama was elected?
Do yall know any African Americans personally?
How have they changed since the Inauguration?
Do yall think that they will cultivate 'pride' and market it in a new genre of positive hip hop?
Can we 'close the door' on saying that our nation is still feeling the aftermath of slavery?
Are all men created [via equal]?
If u are an African American child growing up in 'the projects', do u have a better chance of becoming a President, a rap mogul, or a drug dealer?
Will popular rappers 'piggyback' off the image of HOPE [via the Obama campaign], and add some 'swagger' to it, and market it to mature audiences who have grown out of 'cop killa' rap?
Is Barrack Obama 'authentic' black?
Are issues of 'race' over 4ever?
Is Larry Bird the best NBA player of all time?


Do they really have 2 use the N-word, yall?

...History, Black History
No President Ever Did Shit For Me
Had To Hit The Streets Try To Flip Some Keys
So A Nigga Won't Go Broke
Then They Put Us In Jail Now A Nigga Can't Go Vote
So I Spend Dough All These Hoes Is Trippin
She Aint A Politician Honey's A Pole-a-tician
My President Is Black Rolls Golden Charms
22 Inch Rims Like Hulk Hogans Arms
When Thousands Of People Is Riled Up To See You
That Can Arouse Ya Ego You Got Mouths To Feed So
Gotta Stay True To Who You Are And Where You Came From
Cuz At The Top Will Be The Same Place You Hang From
No Matter How Big You Can Ever Be
For Whatever Fee Or Publicity Never Lose Your Integrity
For Years Theres Been Surprise Horses In This Stable
Just Two Albums In I'm The Realest Nigga On This Label
Mr Black President Yeah Obama Fa Real
They Gotta Put Ya Face On The $5000 Dollar Bill ...
- Nas (from "My President Is Black")

Great Moments in African American Meme History


Are 'black people' cared about again now that Gerard Bush is out of office, yall?

Product Review: Kanye West’s New Zany Shoe

Yall. Just got back from Foot Locker. Asked them for 'the new Kanye West shoe' and fortunately they have one pair left in my size. I have been looking forward 2 these shoes since the Reebok Pumps came out. I am looking for a shoe that changes society. I prefer to buy products that challenge pre-existing notions of engineering/design.

Kanye West is one of the most brilliant minds of the past 200 years. He is a master of the arts, and he can 'do anything that he puts his mind to.' This is why I was surprised when my Kanye West shoes were so terrible.

s00 uncomfortable. They gave me calluses and I think I might have to get my feet amputated like I have diabetes aka 'the sugar.'

Also the design is a litle bit too zany. I am 'not sure how to fasten it 2 my foot.' There multiple laces, straps, latches, chains, fasteners, knots, and velcro apparatuses that I can't figure out. Kinda makes me wish that I was 'a special needs human' who only had 2 worry about 2 velco straps on my shoe.

Not sure if I should return the shoe, but I already wore it to the Presidential inauguration.

Might buy this zany shoe instead.

Might ride around on Katie Couric's back instead

Might cut out my eyes and replace my hands/feet with paws instead.

[Photo by EZ Fashion]

Also, a group of blipster gang members who were transitioning into the modern thug brand [via Louis Vuitton] mugged me and stole my shoes. Here is a picture of them but I am not sure if I can accurately describe them cuz they were s0 fresh.

Can yall understand this guy, or is he 'just full of babble'?


n e ways...
not sure what I should do about my shoe situation.
I kinda regret 'having idols' who make shoes. Ever since I was a little kid, I always had to buy a shoe that an athlete made. Now I don't know what 2 do. What can I do if I can't trust the celebs who I love?

Will probz just have to get a new pair of my MSTRKRFT Pumas.

or maybe just the SoMe + Busy P Nikes.

//// HELP
////2 many / not enough choices
//// consumer identity is s00 lost. :-(
(Should I become a Kanye West + ANCO only blog?)

What is the future of the music video?

I was watching this Kanye West video, and I couldn't help but wonder about the future of music videos. This seems rlly different and innovative, so I'm wondering if we're all gonna have to make music videos in 'generic cartoon' format instead of using video cameras. Should I return the HD camera that I obtained with a Canadian Art Grant?


Can black people identify with sillie cartoons and 'progressive production techniques' now that Barry Obama is in office?

Then I watched this KINGS OF LEON video for "Use Some Body."
I think this video is probably the most important video in the history of music videos. It's what the music video format has been working towards for over 50 years. It merges every important altRock aesthetic/gimmick into one video.


These aesthetics include:

  • meaningful tour documentary
  • singing into the camera and bein' sad/meaningful
  • live performance
  • staged live performance
  • aerial photos over meaningful city
  • metaphorical stock footage
  • embracing with a woman
  • staged 'candid' shots to represent the band being true bros

This video makes me yearn 4 more late 90s/early 2Ks uninspired altRock videos.  I feel like Kings of Leon might be post-meaningfulcore, because they appeal to a new subset of fanBros who are searching for meaning, but want something 'a little bit less indie.' The song "Use Somebody" is a power ballad that will hopefully fuel meaningful montages at the conclusion of television series' & sporting events.

I feel like they are probably the first band that 'started out as indie' but then somehow rebranded themselves as 'mainstream altr0ck', which now means ur going to get DCFC mainstream&alt news source coverage of them for the next 5-10 years.

///I //could //use//somebody///

But srsly...will Ben Gibbard's songs be as meaningful/humble now that he has lost a lil bit of weight?

Would DCFC have been different if Ben Gibb had a different body type since Day 1 (i.e. the Dashboard Confessional Lil Emo Man Theory)?

Does havin' 'a lil bit more meat on ur bones' make you easier 2 identify with/get vulnerable with because you have an easily identifiable 'shortcoming' and/or 'insecurity'?

miss u.

Is ElectroWar Propaganda unfairly influencing impressionable altBros?

Yall. I was watching PitchforkTelevision/CurrentTV/VBS/yewtewb, and I saw this ad that was encouraging alternative males to give their lives' for the electro War.  Are yall gonna enlist?

"I Thank God I'm a Soldier"


I'm not sure if I agree with the way that this advertisement glorifies WAR.  The ElectroWar is not going to be fun, games, and tecktonic dancing.  People are gonna die.  When it's all said and done, most of the world will be iPodless.

I wish people could see that ElectroWar soldiers are often unfortunate upper middle class males who will not be able to fulfill their parents expectations. After brief stints at art colleges, most electroWar soldiers are just searching for meaning by staring at death in the eye. They are victims of class, yall. Kinda like how poor minorities have 2 go 2 Iraq/Afghanny since they dropped out of HS but still want to learn technical computer skills and be in bad ass commercials with jets and cool stuff like weapons.

Should I become a 'news reporting blog'?

Hey yall. Posting MP3s and party pix and street fashion blogs is kute, but it doesn't appeal to mainstreamers enough. Should I spend more time 'reporting news' and other interesting stuff?

I guess I'll practice reporting news in a 'blogger style.'
Being a blogger is pretty fun bc I get to read a news story, and then re-blurb about what I interpreted from it, and ask a few relevant questions about how the story relates to society/past history.

Photobucket Image Hosting
Kanye West got the death penalty 2day! He's gonna be executed [LIVE] at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards! Apparently he slit the throat of some man who was trying to take a picture of him for a street fashion blog!

FCKNG SUX FOR THAT BLOGGER! /// Wonder if he took a pic of his organs falling out :-P I heard his last werds were 'I can haz breath (cheeseburgy lolcat)?'
Wonder if Kanye will go to heaven or hell/where his mom is residing! (miss her like whoa!)

[original story by GoogleNews]

Should I become a 'news source'?

MAINSTREAM = ALT: Kanye West has a personal brand that appeals to no1 &#38; every1

Today' e-Art Gallery focuses on famous R&B singer The Kanye West. He is a global icon who has convinced various demographics that he is an authentic artist/jack-of-all-trades. These demographics include black people, white people, 3rd world minorities who want to be American blacks, tweens, little white girls, music critics, people who go to music festivals, and at least 100 other categories.


Title: Life According to Kanye (s0 many choices)

Title: Bros Who Wear Pink To Get Attention

Title: Rappers, Athletes, and Politicians: The Barry Obammy Story

Title: American Recession (We Are In Debt [Help!])

Title: Kanye, Palestine, & Israel: The Sitcom

Title: Coldplay + Maroon 5 = Music That Uninteresting People Find Meaningful/Moving

Title: The Future of the Self-Obsessed Rapper

We Don't Care About The Black Folks (George =w= Bush Remix)

Title: "Imagine" by John Lennon makes me want to end my life in my closet while listening to "Adam's Song" by the Blink 182s

This has been a part of Mainstream=Alt: an eArt Gallery Presented by HIPSTER RUNOFF.

Click to view more MNSTRM=ALT content.

Lollapalooza: Alt-nited We Stand

I don't rlly know who exactly played Lollapalooza, but I did look at some pictures of it on some online website. It looks like it may or may not have been 'memorable' and/or 'meaningful.'

[photos by Every1isFamesies]

Mainstreamers+festivalBros got rlly mad at alts for 'taking over the scene' and attracting 'a bunch of artists that no1 has even heard of.'

I'm just glad the alts handled themselves with grace and post-post-ironically giggled it off. They also came prepared with headbands and bandanas to wipe up any excess blood.

Kid Sister, also known as Hillary Banks 2.0, looks to have played at the festival. I'm glad she got all dolled up 4 it, instead of treating it like 'a bunch of nobodies from Milwaukee.'

It seems like festival security was kind of lacking. Some old lady wandered up on to stage after taking too many of her meds. She was in a pair of golden granny panties.

Remember 'band photography'? R.I.P. He should trade in that lens, and invest in a Canon Party Pic 3000 lens.

I wish I could be young again and know what it means to appreciate modern culture for all of the right reasons. (I wish my parents had the money to encourage me to appreciate the arts when I was a kid. Do u think they got dropped off, or was a parent stuck there in the Dance tent watching bloghouse DJS?)

Lollapalooza set attendance records because there happened to be a MAINSTREAMALTBRO Convention going on in the ballroom of a nearby Holiday Inn.

Do u wish u had gone?
did u go? Who did u see? did any thing 'zany' or 'meaningful' happen?
Or was it just 'same ol shit'?
2ManyAlts? Not enough authenticity at music festivals n e m0re?
Who r u? U've changed a lot in the last 5 years.
What's the best Musie Festival?

More Lollapalooza coverage at


Beers with lime in them were made for Latino Markets & Popular Mashup DJs.
[Alt Polaroid by Gorillavsbear]

Remember the time I blggd abt Coachella?

<3 covering music festivals for yall <3

Monitoring Emerging Trends...

Is it cool to go out right after you have a cosmetic surgery consultation, or is it just commentary on 'our crumbling society that only cares abt looking like Barbie & Ken'?

Looks aren't everything, yall. Be happy with who you are. Maybe you can't change the way you look, but you can change the clothes you buy.

R I P Kanye West's Mom.

[Photo by Scene-There]

Cheer up, JusticeBro

Cheer up, JusticeBro! You've 'made it.' You're playing Madison Square Garden. You can smile in some of your party pix. No need to wear scarie t-shirts and belt buckles. The image might not go over well with girls who are growing out of Hannah Montana and into Ed Banger Products.

We're proud of you. You're turning the world on to this whole 'electronic music' thing, and even if the world rebels against the banger in 2009, we'll always stand by you. Even after Kanye raps over one of your songs, we'll be there for you.

And even if the general public isn't enough for you, at least you've formed a rat pack who will love you forever. We'd all give anything to have a 'core group of friends who have learned to express themselves, and are having some fun while doing it.'

Photos @ CobraSnaker


Consequence Mix Tape with DJ Whoo Kid

If you're looking for some rap/ hip hop to add to your music library, this is definitely the mixtape for you. If you rave about the Ratatat Remixes, then you'll definitely enjoy this mixtape.
Consequence is boyz with Kanye West. You've probably heard Consequence on Kanye West's song "Spaceship" off COLLEGE DROPOUT.

In case you want to know why this mixtape is cool within your circle of friends, here is an excerpt from DJ Whoo Kid's Wikipedia Entry:

Based in Queens, he became popular not long after 50 Cent and G-Unit rose to fame. His new fame has enabled him to have his own radio show on New York’s Hot 97 as well as on Sirus Satellite Radio. Because of his close relation the G-Unit group, he was made their official DJ.
On January 15, 2004 DJ Whoo Kid won the award for Best Mixtape DJ at Justo Faison's Eighth Annual Mixtape Awards. He has appeared on magazines such as XXL, Tablist, Mixtape,[citation needed] and many others. He has also released DVDs and a clothing line in Japan.
Whoo Kid's mixtape musical selection tends to lean towards aggressive, New-York flavored gangsta rap, and his show features many new and unheard tunes, often exclusives from the G-Unit Records camp.

MP3: Consequence - Uncle Rahiem [Highly Rec'cd]
MP3: Consequence Ft. Kanye West -Don't Forget Em Remix

Download the entire mix here: Consequence Mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid - The Cons Vol 5 Refuse 2 Die [Share Bee]

Kanye West's Blog Hints at His Songwriting Process

It's good to be alive to enjoy Kanye West. He truly is a complete media experience.

I think the best part about Kanye seems to be his team of advisors. Whether it's some one telling him about "the cool new indie band" that he has to sample, or who ever updates his blog using his unique voice, I'm pretty intrigued by Kanye. His blog is a probably going to be more important to my Google Reader over the next year than Perez Hilton, especially if he keeps posting videos of his performances with comments like "peep the scarf."

It's also pretty funny to see his love for the Feist video "One Evening", and also Bat For Lashes' "What's A Girl to Do." Hopefully he'll rap over those songs like he rapped over Peter Bjorn and John's "Young Folks."

Kanye is a model hipster in that he seems to be "in the know" about "what to be into," like music, fashion, pop culture, viral videos, etc. It's just funny to think that, in theory, he doesn't have the time to waste on the internet like we do in order to "acquire" any sort of "taste."

Visit the Kanye Blog that you've already heard about:

MP3: Kanye West - Young Folks
MP3: Bat For Lashes - What's a Girl To Do? (You should listen to this if you haven't heard it yet).

Buy Kanye West's Graduation at Amazon.

New Kanye West Album Is Okay

I like the tracks that I've heard of Kanye West on Hype Machine. I'm pretty apprehensive about buying the actual album. I remember when "College Dropout" came out, I was pretty quick to buy it. I liked the songs with TWISTA. Eventually, I got pretty tired of the album. Maybe Kanye's samples are so good that they are easy to get tired of. Does that make any sense? Think about your relationship with his song "Touch The Sky." What kind of lasting power do his songs have, or do you just listen to them 20 times and get tired of hearing him talk about himself + his obvious observations about American society mixed with typical hip hop references?

MP3: Kanye West - Good Life (Feat. T.Pain)
MP3: Kanye West - Flashing Lights Ft. Dwele

Buy Graduation at Amazon.

Spoiled Blipsters & Swag Bros camp overnight to buy the new Kanye West shoe

Apparently there is a new wave of human beings who are addicted to purchasing 'swag ass' street wear that makes them look 'high end thug.' Sneakers, jackets, caps, knickers, baggy jeans, and basically any thing else that makes you look like a fruity thug. Anyways, Kanye West released a new shoe called the 'Air Yeezy II's.' A bunch of swag bros 'camped out' on different continents to have an opportunity to buy these shoes, then wear them, then get mad at people for 'stepping on my swag ass shoes!'

Do the shoes look swag?
Do these humans looks swag?
Has swag gone 'too far'?
Does this bro's sleeping bag look swag?

Are AZNs the most swag obsessed race/group of peoples?

'I dress so that I look like I could be friends with Kanye'

Swag Ass Bros

'I obtained the most VIP wristband of my life. The one that allows me to purchase Air Yeezies for over $250'

Do u want these swag ass shoes?
Would u wait in line overnight to put them on eBay?
Would u be worried that some1 would mug u 4 ur shoes?
Do swag bros 'care about material things' 2 much?
Who are the swaggest: AZNs, Blacks, Cali sk8r boi Mexis, LaxBros or BroDudes?
Do u hope all of these ppl 'get mugged' 4 their shoes?
Is 'swag' the most authentic realm of consumerism?
Has Swag 'gone too far'?

10.0 indie sensation Kanye West takes his GF Kim Kardashian's big ol' ass on a stroll!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Kanye and Kim! Yall are the PERFECT couple! I truely believe that Kim will inspire 'Ye to write the illest raps EVER!

I honestly don't know how Kanye does it, because Kim has had A LOT of black penises inside of her already, and he probably has the right to have trust issues. She even made a sex tape with one of them where he penetrated many of her holes. But I guess Kanye is FORGIVING, unlike my ex who NEVER let me live it down that there were nasty videos of me floating around on the internet of my ex and I doing the hibbity dibbity.

Kanye and Kim have a GREAT relationship! They go out for yummy ice cream, but at the same time, they WORK IT OFF! I remember my ex and I used to share a gallon of ice cream per night. But we DID NOT go on a walk to WORK IT OFF. Eventually, we both hated one another's body shape and images, and we never even made love any more. I had a big badonk JUST LIKE Kim, but unfortunately the rest of me was FAT, too. #ugh

Work it off, girl!

I wish some1 would take me out for an ice cream cone. I honestly believe that iced cream TASTES better than frozen yogurt, no matter what the health freaks say!

Ray J who? #TeamKanye!
Kris Humfries who? #TeamKanye!
Kourtney Kardash who? #TeamKimKardy!

Katy Perry NAILS a cover of 'Niggas in Paris'! Takes it 2 the NEXT_LEVEL

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Katy BB! Oops, u've done it again!

Honestly, I love 'N**** in Paris'! It makes me feel like I'm in the club with Jay and Kanye, except we are in Paris eating crepes! I love crepes because they are like a pancake that u wrap around YUMMY filling! U PERFECTED this song by putting ur SPECIAL mark on it. Honestly, it's sometimes hard to listen to big black men sing and rap because my ex was a scary big, black man. #dont ask

Rap would be WAY better if it was sung by female white women, IMHO. Katy PUTS AN ORIGINAL STAMP on this song, and takes it to the #NEXT_LEVEL. There really is NOTHING she CANNOT do, and on top of that, she has a BANGIN BOD! I honestly wish I had those milkers, but mine are just floppy pancakeys. :-(

u FIXED this song, and MADE IT BETTER, more listenable, and i wouldn't be surprised if it is even MORE successful now, bb! BTW, U look SO effing KEUT in ur viddy! I CANNOT even HANDLE #IT.

Jay-Z and Conway West who?

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