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WATCH: Pre-surgery Lana Del Rey was in a KEDS commercial before she was famous


Lana Del Rey apparently has a gimmick that ppl were trying to exploit for years. In 2009, she used her fake personality to star in some KEDS at, being all like "I love wearing KEDS at Coney Island." Props to KEDS for this MASSIVE score, now they have the rights to LDR's image, and they can get more buzz for their brand, trying to overtake Converse as the chill loafer tennis shoes vibe for chill shoe people.

In the video, Lana Del Rey does and says Lana Del Rey ass shit, being all like "I am inspired by vintage shit" and "I love beautiful things", basically beta testing her brand before it hit a timely niche and major label record labels were able to finally exploit her as a golden buzz cow. There are so many surgery rumors buzzing around abt her appearance, u have to assume that this might be the indie equivalent of footage of Michael Jackson when he was 'still black.'

Here she is stuffing cotton candy in her mouth bc it is vintage and nostalgic for an era where everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

And as we learned this weekend, for Keds – the no-nonsense All-American sneaker brand you probably last wore as a kid. In 2009, the brand reinvented itself by inviting up-and-coming creative talents to design a shoe for them. Grant was one of the lucky ones, though we're just now getting to see footage from the partnership.

In the promo, Grant appears chipper, amiable, and unfettered by impending controversy. She is portrayed as a bottle blonde in the iconic Coney Island amusement park, a place she cites among her favorite people-watching places. "I write about what I know," she says, as she preens in a sundress, peachy Keds and heart-shaped sunglasses while one of her early, jazzier tracks plays in the background. She compares her writing methods to Francis Ford Coppola's, referencing his famous advice, "If you sit down to write at the same time every day, the muse always knows where you are." Though the ad is about indulging in summer kicks, it's also an accidental pop artifact. You can almost see the Del Rey persona forming in front of your eyes. "I just want to do something I can be the best at," she says candidly, while she grins and munches on cotton candy.

Do u wear KEDS?
Are KEDS 'back'?
Do the KEDS gimmick belong to Alexis Krauss?

R u gonna vibe on KEDS now?

Should LDR 'sue the eff' out of KEDS?
Does she look different?
Is this pre-op LDR?
Do u think the Converse team that has been trying so hard to break into the alt shoe segment is PISSED at this development bc they missed out on the buzz?
Should we all just go pllllayyyy arrr veeehhdedeeooohhooyyooggghhaayymmmmesss?

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