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Will the Egyptian D.I.Y. helmet become a relevant alt fashion trend in 2k11?

Photos via the guardian

From what I understand, there is some 'intense Iran-style anti-govt riots' going down in Egypt. Some say it is because the President shut down the internet, but I am not really familiar with issues that exist in the real world (especially the non American suburban Arab world), mainly just alt issues that exist on the internet. However, it seems like the #1 meme of the riots has been the zany helmets that protesters are wearing in order 2 protect themselves from bricks / bullets / bombs / miscellaneous projectiles.

DIY helmets seem like they might catch on in the USA/Euro indie scene. I could see a lot of people wearing a diy helmet to a relevant music festival, a Crystal Castles show, or even just to grab coffee at a local, relevant coffee shop. I think it will give non-fashion+design majors an opportunity to create something beautiful, utilizing a meaningulf arts and crafts type of process.

Have yall ever 'raged against the machine' in alt diy art & craft helmets?
Which 1 of these bros seems like he has the most alt helmet?

Sorta hope I can vibe out with some Diet Coke bottles on my head and start a relevant alt trend that sweeps thru the Eastern world, and eventually hits the west by storm (like digipets/tamagachis).

Maybe I can put a vintage record crate on my head / some sort of box that used to transport organic bananas to a local Whole Foods.

Seems like this bro is just vibin with some concrete on his head.

Pretty mainstream bucket helmet. Has been around since the 1970s.

Standard 'pot on head' bro. Used to do this 1 when I was like 2 years old.

Entry level cardboard box over head bro. Dude needs 2 step it up.

This bro seems 'mad alt' because he is wearing an alt Palestinian scarf (aka keffiyeh). He can also use the salad bowl to serve a healthy dinner later in the day.

What are you going to craft your diy alt helmet out of?
Should we go to a local dumpster to try to find helmet building materials?
Are diy helmets 'too freegan' for ur brand?
Should I start an alt helmet making shop instead of trying to start a buzzband / tshirt line?
Will the Western world 'steal' this trend, much like they stole the keffiyeh?
What is happening in Egypt?
Why is there so much trouble in the Arab world?
R u worried about World War III against the Arab world, or do u think we will win because we have better technology [via real helmets]?

Happy 4th Of July (yall)!

Hope yall are having a good day celebrating how America is the #1 country in the world. I have been blogging [LIVE] from a picnic today, and I had a little bit of extra table cloth left over from our picnic table. Fortunately, I gave it to this alt bro so he could make an [EXCLUSIVE] Palestinian scarf. I spilled a lil bit of mustard on it, but I think he must have SHOUTed it Out.

[Photo by Facehunter]

But seriously, yall. America is the best country in the world. I don't rlly care if I alienate my alt readers from England, Australia, France, or Mexico. America is responsible for a lot of important alt culture. Without America, foreign bands wouldn't have a place to sell out & get truly commodified. In addition, most blogs and magazines are written in American language. American is the international language of the internet, so all of yall need to be thankful that your countries let you speak it.

America also has more impressionable tweens than any 1 else. I know there's a lot of weirdo European kids, and Japanese kids, but American kids are the best. They will grow up and make society a better place after they get their degree in Photoshop with a minor in iMovie HD.

America is kind of like the Girl Talk of countries. It is s0 mainstream and alt at the same time. It's beautiful. From the suburbs to the metropolitan areas, we are united as alts. When the world ends in 2012, every country will look back and wish they were a little bit more American.


Who should America go to War with next?
a) Iran
b) China (during the Olympics)
c) the southern part of America (remix)
d) ally with Australia and nuke France
e) Japanese teenagers in shuttershades
f) Bombay, India (stop stealing our jobs, yall!)
g) Scandinavia
h) Africa
i) any where that has brown-ish poeple
j) emo Mexican kids
k) rich Brazilians like CSS
m) Iceland (we will start the war by kidnapping Sigur Ros and Bjork)
n) Choose.Your.Own.Country+Alt reference

The Future of the T-Shirt Industry

T-Shirts are great replacements for having to spend money on more elaborate wardrobe or accessories. This shirt is crafty enough to feature a Keffiyeh AKA a Palestinian scarf AKA that A-rab Scarf that hipsters wear AKA an 'I hate Israelis' scarf.

If u were to start an alternative t-shirt designing company, what would u put on your shirts? (besides electro lightning bolts)

[Coolhunted at Fash Rash]

NYTimes writes article about Christian counseling 4 female porn addicts, includes photo of hipster porn addict

I don't think this post is even really that relevant. The NY Times wrote an article about female pornography addiction counseling. I don't think they really 'care about' porn addiction like it is a real problem, but it seems like something that could get a lot of hits, since it involves religion, females, and pornography. It also really helped that they had a photo of an entry-level alt girl as the physical representation of female porn addiction. Do u think she uses her keffiyeh as a cum rag?

I wonder if the journalist who wrote this had 'a laugh riot' when he/she attended one of these counseling sessions. Seems like it must have been crazy to go 2 Kansas 2 see this go down:

LENEXA, Kan. — It was the final session for the women at Westside Family Church’s Victory Over Porn Addiction group, and the youngest member, a 17-year-old named Kelsie, had not had a good week.

“I slipped two nights this week,” she said, to nods of support from the other women in the group.

“I decided that every time I’m tempted I’ll just let everything out to God,” she said, “then pray specifically for someone else, do selfless acts, to get away from being selfish.”

Damn. R u a Christian?
Do u watch porn?
How do u know if you are addicted to porn?

For the graduation ceremony, Ms. Renaud passed out balloons and asked the group to write down the things they were giving up. Out came the bad stuff: Porn, Masturbation, Lustful Thinking, Cutting, Feeling Useless, Dad’s Bad Choices, Self-Gratification, Self-Mutilation, Unhealthy Thoughts.

They finished by popping the balloons and hugging. Ms. Renaud allowed that the culture’s forces were against them.

“This group should be much larger, but they’re afraid to come forward,” she said. Even after seven years without pornography, she told the group, looking at it too long it might attract her. Recently, she said, she watched “Titanic,” including the nude scene, without a relapse.

Is this 'kinda like a Daily Show segment' except in written format?
Have u ever masturbated to the nude scene in Titanic?
What's the most amount of times u masturbated in 1 day?
R u addicted to porn?
Have u ever written all of ur problems on a balloon, then popped it to metaphorically represent 'overcoming' personal demons / problems?

Are all entry level alt girls from Kansas addicted 2 porn?
Can God help u get over any addiction?

Japanese Figure Skater wears keffiyeh at Olympics

Popular Japanese Figure Skater Daisuke Takahashi had a keffiyeh integrated into his cute little costume for his Olympic Contest. We cannot confirm if he is 'alt' or if this was actually an anti-Israeli message, showing support for the 1972 massacre of members of the Israeli Summer Olympic Team at the Munich Olympics. Based on his Japanese heritage, we find it safe to assume that he was

Do u think this was a real 'hipster scarf' or a politically motivated message? Is he 'just a harmless queen on ice'?

We can only assume that his Palestinian scarf gave him the warrior power that won him the bronze medal.

We cannot confirm that his checker shirt was created from a table cloth at a local diner.


Gawker 'forces' a Hipster Fashion at the Olympics Photo Gallery, showcases tons of snowboarding post-skater culture bros

Are the Olympics alt, or does it require too much dedication for an authentic alt to participate [via Hipster Olympics]?
If ur a homosexual, would u 'hook up' with this kute AZN flying twink?

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