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BREAKING: Tyler the Creator arrested by police, potentially in the slammer...

Tyler the Creator was arrested somewhere in Los Angeles yesterday. I think he was apparently trying to promote his new album GOBLIN around some local high school, but he was probably cursing, skateboarding, and basically being 'publicly intoxicated' even though I don't think he consumes substances. The dudes arresting him look like rent-a-cops, so this was probably a PR-constructed hiphop meme, built to try to get him 'some street cred' in the hard-to-please, stop-snitchin' rap community.

Fresh off the release of his album Goblin today, Odd Future’s frontman was cuffed earlier this afternoon while promoting the project at Westchester High School. The exact charge is unknown, but he was released shorty after wards. Over a week ago, his OFWGKTA compadre Frank Ocean was detained as well.

R u worried abt Tyler? Is he going 2 the slammer 4evr? Is Odd Future 'trying too hard' to appeal 2 thug hiphop culture, or do u think they are just perceived 'as blipsters'?

Is this a 'real cop' or did he just get detained at a strip mall 4 skateboarding in front of the Old Navy?

'We're taking ur skateboard away, son.'

Do u believe this 'arrested' meme? Does Tyler the Creator think that he is 'above the law'?

Is this the beginning of a downward spiral 4 Tyler the 8er? [via 8.0]
R u worried we will see some sort of dark suicide/murder attempt by a member of Odd Future?
Do they all need 'serious counseling', instead of just sharing their poisonous ideas [via 'art'/rap]?
Do u know why he was arrested?
Do u think Tyler the Creator could 'make it in jail'?
Is 'going 2 a local high school' a good way to generate organic word-of-mouth buzz, or just a 'waste of time'/sillie idea by a 'PR genius'
Are we about to see tons of dark/erratic behavior by Tyler now that his buzz is no longer marketable/meme-able?

Tyler, The Creator

Alternative Celebrity

Tyler is a teenage producer, rapper, and the leader of an experimental lofi shock-rap crew called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

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Does Crystal Castles have grounds 2 sue Coachella 4 misspelling their name on the official flyer?

When the official Coachella lineup .jpg was released last night, many people were focused on the headlining buzzbands. However, they didn't realize that 1 of the indie-est bleepy bloops buzzbands in the world had their name misspelled on the flier. As u can see, they added an extra "t" 2 their name, making ppl think that the name of their band is "Crystal Castlest."

This begs the question, does Crystal Castles have the right to 'sue the fuck' out of Coachella for misleading and misrepresenting their brand? Is there a contractual obligation 2 'spell their name correctly'? Did Crystal Castles lose out on hundreds of thousands of new fans because of this typo?

We went ahead and asked a legal expert who knows a lot abt buzzband rights, the indiesphere, and festival .jpg laws, and this is what they had to say.

It's really not a big deal. They already fixed it. Why are you trying to turn this into an internet meme? U should just drop it. No1 really cares. Crystal Castlest sounds kewler than 'Crystal Castles' anyways. Have u evr eaten at that restaurant Krystal? They make pretty terrible lil burgers.

Should Crystal Castles 'sue' Coachella?
Is this a 'dark moment' for Crystal Castles?
Did they lose a lot of fans who googled "Crystal Castlest" instead of "Crystie Casties"?
Is the Coachella lineup 'terrible' or 'mad buzzworthy'?
Is Crystal Castles losing thousands of fans bc of this 1 typo?

R u a legal expert?
What is ur legal analysis of this 'massive typo' that could change the course of Crystal Castlest's career?
Should more buzzbands add a 't' 2 the end of their name?
-the xxt
-Best Coastt
-Twin Shadowt
-Panda Beart
-Death Cabt
-Death from Above 1979t
Is Crystal Castlest ur new fave buzzband?



Coachella is a music festival held in Southern California that turns into a gathering of the world's most relevant buzzbands, artists, designers, celebrities, and internet personalities.

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BREAKING: Wavves is arrested in Germany for carrying dank, stuck in the slammer


WAVVES is a buzzband, but also a human named Nathan Williams. I think he is one of those ppl who is 'addicted to marijuana' even though weed isn't addictive, so maybe he is just one of those depressed ppl who just has to smoke tons and tons of weed in order

For some reason, he was carrying 'tons of dank' on a European Tour, and he was pulled over, and drug dogs 'caught his ass' and then he was in the slammer, but I don't know what happened after that. Can only assume that he wil be stuck there for the next 10 years since Americans who get arrested abroad are usually 'effed ovr' because foreign ppl h8 George W. Bush.

Anyways, he was 'arrested' and 'thrown in jail.' I guess this is kewl because there is no way his album is going to be in the top 10 of the year, so he really is just trying to generate 'year end memes' to say 'hey, I'm still here' b4 disappearing in 2k11.

In a statement about the incident, Williams said, "We got stopped at a roadside check and I had six bags in the car and they only found one-- the fucking dogs never work. I bet it's high from all the fumes. Anyways, they put me in a cell which was a little nerve-wracking. More so because I was an American in a German jail and not because I have long gay hair. I did wrestle for four years in high school, so I could have fucked somebody up. So yeah, then I gave em €200 and walked out... not a terrible deal. And now I'm getting high again."

Does n e 1 have the email addy of the German police so we can 'snitch' on WAVVbro and get him put in solitary confinement?
Did u 'wrestle' for 4 years in HS?
Do u like WAVVESbro's 'long gay hair'?
Should one of his worthless band members have 'taken the fall for him'?
Do they deserve to be kicked out for not 'understanding' that WAVVbro is the most important member of their band?

Here is another notable line from the PItchfork writeup just cuz its funnie:

He's got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one, amirite?! Sigh.

Is it 'stupid' to do something illegal abroad?
Do European ppl care abt dank, or is that only in America?
Will WAVVES get in2 harder drugs and end up in the slammer?
Do all 'crappy buzzbands' drive around the world doing drugs because they are stuck in a van?

Do u hope WAVVES is stuck in jail until 2k15?
Do u even care abt WAVVES/his music, or does he just exist for memes like this?
Have u seen WAVES live? Is he rlly boring or amazing?
Do u think Bethany should use this as an excuse 2 break up with him?
If WAVVES is stuck in jail for a long time, who should she d8?
Do u think she will get conjugal visits?



WAVVES is a fuzzy buzzy buzzband that sings about aliens, marijuana and being a failure in life but laughing abt it because u r high.

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Nathan Williams

Alternative Celebrity

Nathan Williams is the frontman of the band WAVVES. He is in a serious relationship with Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast.

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UNCOVERED: Present Day Photo + Old Modeling Portfolio of Vampire Weekend Cover Cougar Lady

Kirsten Kennis is the broad on the cover of Vampire Weekend's "CONTRA" who apparently didn't agree to be on the cover. She decided to 'sue the band' for $2 million. Anyways, she seems to have done a 'tell all' interview with Vanity Fair. Wonder how much they paid her.

Seems like she has a 'nice house.' Not sure if she really needs to sue the Vampy Weekend bros. Feel kinda bad for them.

Today, Kennis lives in a gated community in Fairfield, Connecticut, with her husband, Jeffrey; their daughter, Alex; and their dog, Zach.

Not sure if she really needs $2 million dollars in buzzband dollars. Feel like her house already looks 'hella nice.' Heard Fairfield is a mad expensive place 2 live, and she even lives in a gated community.

Took a look around her old modeling portfolio. Seems like she had a thriving career. She was a 'Loreal girl.'

Rode chillwaves on the beach before 'chillwave' even existed.

Might have had the perfect alternative breasts before we were even born.

Chilled with tons of hot bros in high-end catalogs

'Had a 'totally hipster' sense of fashion, yall' -entry level blog looking for a 'unique scoop' on these pix

Gonna just go take a bath with my girl Kirsten, and use Vaseline products to lubricate our sexual organs. Not sure if they had 'his & her' warming gel back then.

Does Kirsten 'look good'?
Does she seem like a 'catch' back in the 70s/80s?
Was she a 'real model' or just a 'catalog model'?
R u feeling hornie for Kirsten?
Does Kirsten look better as a 'young lady' or as an 'alt cougar'?
Is she suing Vampire Weekend for fame + money?
Do u think she could get some modeling work for the Dress Barn / Ann Taylor / Steinmart?
Is it 'bullshit' that she probably was 'likely' to have been paid for this exclusive with Vanity Fair?
Does she deserve $2 million, or can she be paid with guaranteed modeling gigs in catalogs?

Legal Expert Says Vampire Weekend could see jail time.

Apparently some blogspot asked a 'real lawyer' about what Vampire Weekend was 'up against' from a legal standpoint, since they 'stole'/were misled about using that vintage cougar's photograph.

Here is the blog saying that the lawyer is 'real' or something.

...we’ve turned one more time to our esteemed and ludicrously well-dressed legal consultant, Nathan Soderstrom. His analysis is still very expensive.

Feel like the headline is misleading, since Vampy Weeks probably can't go 2 jail, but this story seems to need some 'spicing up' since every blog feels 'too bummed' about $2 million in potential losses to really turn this into a meme witch hunt. Would be kinda sad if they went to the slammer, though. They would probably be 'the whitest bois alive.'

The lawyer bro says that Kirsten Kennis is a 'straight up bitch' since she is filing suit in California, since she could probably find a nicer judge/jury + bigger settlement, since they are used to litigating 'stupid cases' over there:

First, if one is into that type of thing, this suit is a textbook example of forum shopping. The plaintiff (Kirsten Kennis) lives in Fairfield, Connecticut, and is suing New York City-based Vampire Weekend and their London, England-based record company in… Los Angeles. This is presumably because the California misappropriation of identity statute allows a plaintiff to recover both actual damages (whatever amount should have been paid for the misappropriated image, emotional distress, damage to the model’s reputation, etc.) as well as “any profits…attributable to the use” of the misappropriated image. This latter method of calculating damages is uniquely plaintiff-friendly, and is presumably the reason Kirsten’s lawyers chose to file suit in California. Or, she may have chosen to sue with her Beverly Hills law firm just to show the Vampire Weekend guys that she, too, is on that rich person shit. Or not. Regardless, because Vampire Weekend played shows in California during which they displayed the image, sold the album in California, etc,, it is an appropriate venue for the suit.

Not even sure if 'legal advice' really means anything. Seems like from what I have seen in the movies, you just need a sweet ass lawyer to make a passionate closing argument to 'get you off the hook.' Most of the evidence doesn't even matter. Not sure if 'lawyering' is a legitimate job. From what I understand, most people go to law school because they 'can't find careers with their liberal arts degrees.'

h8 the law... just wish we could all chill.

Then he says it is basically the photographer bro's fault, but Vampire Weekend bros are also 'effed' because they should have done more to 'verify that he took this picture':

Anyway, the complaint alleges that Vampire Weekend purchased the photograph of Kirsten Kennis from a photographer named Tod Brady for $5000. However, Brody had not actually taken the photograph, and no rights to the image. To get around this, he allegedly submitted a release form to Vampire Weekend, signed by “Kirsten Johnson.” (if California had a “lack of creativity” cause of action, choosing “Johnson” here would probably be actionable). In the event that Brody actually did submit this release along with an image to which he didn’t have the rights, this would be a pretty clear-cut case of misappropriation of identity. The complaint hooks in Vampire Weekend by alleging that the band had a “non-delegable duty to prevent or cure…the behavior” (basically, VW had an obligation to make sure the signed release was authentic/legitimate) and that “the Defendants… behaved in such a fashion that there existed a unity of ownership and identity amongst them” (basically, by retaining Brody to find/submit the photograph, Vampire Weekend became liable for any wrongdoing he might commit in that process).

It seems like the photographer bro could potentially be the bro who 'effed everything up' here, if he is lying. But Kirsten Kennis wants 'millions of buzzband dollars', they are suing the people who earned the most money off her image. Feeling bummed. I wonder if this is the end of 'commissioned photos' for album covers in the indie era. Feel like from now on, art work will either be commissioned or a member of the band will 'take the photo themselves.'

Will Vampire Weekend's record label 'take the fall' for Vampy Weeks?
Will Vampire Weekend lose millions of dollars worth of hard work?
Do yall still h8 Kirsten Kennis?
If Vampire Weekend gets 'taken to the cleaners, Elin Woods style', do u think they will sort of go thru a business + perception Renaissance, since people will sort of be eager to help them make more money + 'get more indie cred'?
Does being sued for millions of dollars make u 'more authentic'?
Could this lawsuit be 'good' for Vampire Weekend's long term brand?

Vampire Weekend MILF gives details/lies on 'background' of her 'stolen' photo

So that Vampire Weekend album cover woman is 'still pissed' that the band 'stole' her photo and used it on their album cover. Wonder if she is lying or telling the truth. Sorta think suing them for $2 million is kinda unchill, but maybe I am just a buzzband/new media apologist.

N e ways, there is some 'update' on who the hell she is, and what she says the background/history of the photo is:

Kennis retired from modeling years ago and now lives in Connecticut with her husband and daughter. According to her lawyer, the photo was taken in 1983, but not as part of her professional career. “It was taken by her family,” Neigher says. “It was a Polaroid, not a modeling picture.” So how did it wind up on the cover of a No. 1 hit album? Kennis isn’t sure. “Her mother was a chronic Polaroid snapshot taker, and used to sell whole archives of photographs to these shops, five bucks a hundred or whatever,” says Neigher. “Her mother may have given away to a charity bazaar a whole ream of photographs. We just really don’t know…She has no idea how that photograph got into the photographer’s hands.”

Was ur mom a chronic Polaroid snapshot taker?
Did ur mom sell family photos at garage sales to people who liked 'soft kiddie porn'?
Have u ever been an 'aspiring model'?

Then the photo bro was like 'hell no, i took that photo tall. she is a lying ass joke of a bitch':

“The photographer” is Tod Brody, who is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit. He laughed out loud when told of Kennis’ story. “Ms. Kennis’ claim that I didn’t take the photo is blatantly false,” Brody tells EW. “I took the photo in 1983. The photo was in my possession the entire time, for 26 years, until it was delivered to Vampire Weekend.” Brody declined further comment, citing his own attorneys’ advice.

Wonder who to believe. Wish we could all just get along, and make decisions that helped buzzbands instead of hurting them.
Hope this doesn't impact the cover art industry in 2k12. Worried that some 'visual artist' might sue Animal Collective for 'stealing' the Merriweather Post Pavilion album.

who do yall believe?
do yall care?
should they just 'settle out of court'?
do u think she is 'hot'?
do u think she is the type of insane person who will sue every blog, website, and album retailer on the internet who 'used her image without her consent'?
Do u think Vampy Weeks can just sign a couple of albums for her, and she'll go away?

Remember when Vampire Weekend was 'just a buzzband'?


The vintage woman on the cover of Vampire Weekend's album suing the band 4 stealing her photo

I remember when Vampire Weekend took out 'a shit load of advertisements' on alt blogs to launch a guerrilla marketing campaign for their new album 'Contra.' They put some vintage, creepy, sexy, slutty vintage bitch on the cover. N e ways, that creepy broad turns out to be 'real' and is named "Kirsten Kennis." Kirsten Kennis is 'pissed' and suing the eff out of Vampire Weekend for $2 million (US) since she claims they stole her photograph.

Is Kirsten Kennis an unchill bitch?
Would Kirsten Kennis be coming after their money if they weren't 'mad famous' after charting at #1?

This story was 'broken' by TMZ, proving that a) indie bands are mainstream bands AND b) there is an increased demand for 'indie band gossip' as opposed to just orchestrated album releases covered boringly by blogs.

Worried abt Kristen Kennis:

The model is Kirsten Kennis -- who claims she took the original photo way back in 1983 -- and had no idea it was being featured on the album "Contra" ... until after the band began to promote it back in November.

In a lawsuit, filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Kennis claims she thinks it all has to do with a "photographic release" that the band obtained from a photographer named Tod Brody.

Problem is, Kennis claims the signature on the release is a forgery. Kennis blames the band for not verifying the legitimacy of the release -- and is suing VW and the photog for more than $2 mil.

Worried. Good thing Vampire Weekend bros are multi-millionaires so that this will be 'no big deal.' They have sold so many records that the bros probably 'wipe their asses' with $200 bills.

Do u think Kirsten Kennis is a 'lying ass bitch'
Will Kirsten Kennis 'burn in hell?
What do u think Kirsten Kennis looks like now?
Is Kirsten Kennis trying to relaunch her failed modeling career 40 years later?
Do u think Ezra Koenig 'banged' Kirsten Kennis, and she is pissed that he moved on 2 younger pussie?
Will Vampire Weekend have to pay Kirsten Kennis $2 million dollars, or will this get thrown out?
Is TMZ 'the #1 indie source' in the world?
Is blog coverage of indie buzzbands 'changing' right before our eyes?
Do u wish u could build a time machine and travel back in time 2 'bang' Kirsten Kennis's spooky pussie?
Do u think Kirsten Kennis is 'pissed' because she hates the band's music, or does she just want money?
Do u think she walked into a Best Buy and saw her face all over the place?

If u r a lawyer or a judge [via Judy], please feel free to give any sort of legal opinion on this decision.

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