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Jack Antonoff: Hipster rocker that you need on your iPod

If you were like me in high school, you were definitely hanging out on the bleachers during the high school football game. Definitely not on the field or a popular cheer leader--you were hanging out with the nerds, geeks, cool kids, or somewhere inbetween. If you were like me, then you're gonna love Jack Antonoff, the hipster alt rock n roller that has ALL of the blogs buzzing, trending on Facebook, and even has his own Instagram hashtag. His new band Bleachers is climbing up the charts, and if you're not sitting in their section, then you might just get cyberbullied.

When Antonoff isn't having FUN in the band Fun., he is making more cool music with his band BLEACHERS. The band has been featured on VH1's You Oughtta Know Fest 2014 and is making big waves in 2015.

The new song by Bleachers is "I wanna Get Better", which is a song about the desire to get better--something we can all relate to, specifically after our new year's resolutions.

And ladies, I've got bad news for you. He's TAKEN by Lena Dunham, better known as the Millennial Rosie O'Donnell. She's going to be AMAZING on The View! This hipster power couple is exactly the breath of fresh air the scene needs.

Buy the song off iTunes, AmazonMP3, the Google Play store, or just turn on the radio. It's hard to miss!

Backlash Thinkpiece to Today's Hot Trend

So many people are going out of their way to praise today's trend. Every one is so fascinated, from Middle Americans to tweens to even the high-level internet. I say, "Why?" Perhaps this trend has become out of control, clouding the way we usually think. Today's trend has run wild, and even the persons who I once thought were self-aware have malformed opinions concerning today's trend.

In a way, many of their points are valid, but at the same time, they are all so wrong. If anything, as a people, we must backlash against this popular trend in order to protect the sanctity of tomorrow. However, the backlash must be real.

I wrote this piece in order to make us think.

It appears as though as a society, we have reached a point where trends are everything, especially today's trend. I think that we should step back and ask ourselves what we are really consuming, because our inherent consumer culture of Amazon.com 1-click shopping has brought us to a point where instant satisfaction is necessary at all times. Mixed with a smorgasbord of social media culture, it is clear that our society overreacts to 'now.'

I ask, "What about the past?"
I ask, "What about the future?"
I scream, "Why is NOW so important?"

Today's trend has just reached a point where people are not even consuming it for the right reasons. Art. Progressiveness. Cultural innovation. Today's trend is hollow, evil, and must be seen thru. If we as a people don't stop today's trend, it is clear that things will not go well for us.

In a way, the way that today's trend leveraged social media to exploit the feeling of fear-of-missing-out was exploitative, creating a vacuous space of cultural emptiness. Sharing, liking, retweeting might be the only way that today's trend even resonates with every one.

When I was a child, there only used to be tv, print, and magazines. That is not the case now.

Take a step back and really think about the impact of today's trend on tomorrow. Maybe that's the sad thing about all of the success of today's trend. It's not good for the future generations, and I believe that if I am at the helm of cultural criticism, I will make that future a better place.

When tomorrow's trend comes along, we will all feel silly about today's trend. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Does Anne Hathaway want 2 be Lena Dunham or does Lena Dunham want 2 be Anne Hathaway?

Do u evr wonder
Who wants 2 be who?

Does Anne Hathaway want 2 be Lena Dunham?

Or does Lena Dunham want 2 be Anne Hathaway?

2 women
4 different reasons

but r we looking @ the same woman?

Does Anne Hathaway want 2 be Lena Dunham?

Or does Lena Dunham want 2 be Anne Hathaway?

Does Lena Dunham want 2 be Anne Hathaway?
Singing, dancing, being beautiful
in meaningful mainstream movies?

Or does Anne Hathaway want 2 be Lena Dunham?
Being 'real', gritty
naked & imperfect
anything but 'classic Hollywood beauty'?

Who is who n e more?
Who is 'real'?
Who is 'annoying'?
Who is who?
Who has short hair?
Who is 'authentic' [via acting art]?

Does Anne Hathaway want 2 be Lena Dunham?

Or does Lena Dunham want 2 be Anne Hathaway?

Does Anne Hathaway want 2 be Lena Dunham?

Or does Lena Dunham want 2 be Anne Hathaway?

Or does Lena Dunham want 2 be Anne Hathaway?

Does Anne Hathaway want 2 be Lena Dunham?

Do u evr just wish that Anne Hathaway was 'replaced' with the T-mobile BB?
Has GIRLS gone lamestream?
Are 'all Hollywood types' the complete 'effing same' via looking 4 warped validation in a dumb Hollywood game?
Does every1 want what they can't have?
Who is 'real'?
Is Anne Hathaway 'hot' or 'effing annoying'?
Is Lena Dunham 'hot' or effing annoying?
Are they both prettie?
Are they both ugly?
Does Anne Hatthyway want 2 be Len Dumbz or does Leen Dunhammies want to be LeAnne Hathaham?

Why all female bloggers & oversharers should h8 Lena Dunham

Since 2k8, the alt internet has been plagued by excessive oversharing masquerading as some sort of hyper-revelatory think-piece which serves as a larger metaphor for a Gen-Y existence. Young females write about 'feeling awkward' the first time they gave a blowjob. They write about how they slut around and it makes them feel empowered/empty. They write about how they feel about their gross, fat bodies. They write abt how 'omg i can't believe i actually want a relationship! That is so conventional for me 2 want true love.' They are like 'Relationships are SO DUMB but when they end I get SO SAD!'

BlahBlahBlahBlah. This note has 140 reblogs.

Bitches on Tumblr aren't interesting (unless they post naked pictures of themselves). In a way, Lena Dunham stole all the marketshare 4 female over-sharers on the internet. (by getting naked and shaming her own body)

She is not some1 that should 'inspire u.' She is not some1 that the market of female oversharers should praise. Unfortunately, female oversharers are boring, and don't really have progressive opinions worth sharing, so the idea of sitting around, watching TV, and saying, "I relate 2 that. That is so me" is basically all that they can do. I h8 when ppl claim they are a certain character on a show.

GIRLS will last for 3-10 seasons, and every year, more mainstream bitches will be all like 'omg lena. She is truly the Nora Ephron of our generation.' For some reason, all of the oversharing females on the internet are all like 'Yay!' They should all h8 her for marginalizing them.

Do u feel sad for that girl who u know who thought she had a 'writing career' but was just posting slutty stories and being emotionally sloppy on some blog?

In the way that the series GIRLS is like 'a really bad blog post' being acted out, it is a shame that Lena Dunham found a way to corner the market and fully monetize the spirit of the 'really bad blogposts' bc all those ppl who thought they would make a career out of writing 'rlly bad blogposts' will have to move 2 a new industry.

Do u care about GIRLS?
Is GIRLS 4 tweens and non-self-aware mainstreamers who live vicariously thru critically acclaimed television shows?
Did she take the niche of 'bitches oversharing on Tumblr' to such great heights that no1 else from the niche will ever 'escape' from only being a bitch who posts naked pix and dumb stories abt giving blowjobs (for free)?
Is Lena Dunham 'a genius'?
Is she the voice of the modern young adult?
Should she 'get an effing job' so she can relate 2 the true Middle American, instead of just rebelling WASPs and honkies who feel guilty abt privileged upbringings?
Are the days of making TV shows out of 'really bad blogposts' coming 2 a close?


Saying Goodbye after Lena Dunham quit GIRLS

The new GIRLS Season 2 trailer looks hella boring. Ppl only watch 2 #FatNakedShame Lena Dunham

Every1 knows that the whole 'online hipster culture' is pretty effing dead and played out. #MillenialProblems are becoming middle aged now that the tweens are becoming self-aware, so I'm not sure why every1 pretends that GIRLS is a great/funnie/innovative tv show. It's on the same level as a failed late-night MTV teen sex drama, except it is on HBO so people watch it to jerk off 2.

Is Lena Dunham an 'effing genius' or is she basically like the star of a 'scripted docu-drama' like 'The Hills'/Laguna Beach?

Here's the Season 2 trailer, and it looks about as tired as 'The Hipster Olympics' vintage meme.

That's the thing about female creators. They aren't really 'that talented', they just bitch abt having a period and wondering why so many guys use them as cum receptacles as if there is some 'sense' 2 make of it. They eat, cry, laugh, love, pray, dance, and do other shit that seems 'euphoric', but it is all just a temporary distraction from the eternal sadness inside of all women. The idea of being a 'GIRL' just means that u haven't given up ur will 2 live just yet.

Props 2 Lena Dunham for 'exploiting her tribe' of 'empowered women.' I'm more of a Dr. Laura guy myself bc at least she h8s stupid women and isn't pretending to be part of the 'creative class.'

Do ppl only like Lena Dunham bc they 'fat shame' her naked body?

Is this show 'mad overrated'?
Is GIRLS a band or a tv show?
R u hornie 4 Lena Dunham?
Is GIRLS like reading a shitty Thought Catalog post, except in 'tv show format'?
Are ppl who like GIRLS kinda like the ppl who share a shitty Thought Catalog post on Facebook as if it is 'meaningful' and 'pertinent' 2 their own lives, like it CoMpLeTeLy UnDeRsTaNdS them?
Should GIRLS be cancelled and Entourage brought back eternally?

Would u 'hit dat' doggie style?

Saying goodbye to Lena Dunham now that she quit HBO's GIRLS

This article was written by Holly Davenport, blogger and contributor to many female publications since 2007. She is a pop culture fanatic with an undying love for pugs and Arnold Palmers.

I'll never forget that first Sunday when I turned on HBO and found a hidden gem that was GIRLS.

Finally, a show for a girl like me, which was coincidental, because the show was in fact called GIRLS. As a journalist, I approach everything with a unique, challenging perspective. But after a few minutes of the quirky, realistic dialogue of Lena Dunham's beautiful characters in her realistic world of Girls, I was hooked.

I even set my DVR. I watched religiously every week. A lot of people said that those girls were cunty racist bitches, but in a way, ALL white girls ARE cunty racist bitches who just want to get their pussies slammed, but also find meaning behind that process. That's why I love GIRLS, and Lena, for telling the TRUTH.

And now, its all over. Lena Dunham has quit Girls to pursue more challenges. Some say it was over money, others say it was for more creative control. Knowing Lena, she probably has a brilliant new project lined up.

That's what makes Lena special. Women have few opportunities to have their opinions heard in this world where Mad Men celebrates hate sex, and Breaking Bad is about cooking meth and killing people. Girls was a place where we could talk about having sex with guys, and the emotions that go behind casual hookups.

Nora Ephron.

I was dating this guy, and he would only come over after 11 pm, then he told me he liked to choke girls out, and it got him off, so I let him do it, but I didn't really like it that much, but I still thought it was hot. He told me he had mommy issues. Out of nowhere, he told me that he didn't think we should have sex any more, and I was totally pissed because he was the first guy who ever came inside of me. I had to go to a women's clinic, and thought I was pregnant because I my nuvaring was sliding out of my snatch, but it turned out I just had some diseases, and I was PISSED that he rawdogged me when he had chlamydia, but I guess I should have been able to tell because of the green discharge.

Plus I hate my friends and love them at the same time, like all GIRLS.

But that's why Lena is brilliant. Real stories for real women like me. I feel like I'm just a girl sometimes. UGh what do I want to do with my career? I have this voice, just like Lena, but I need to make things happen. I just want to love my body more, like Lena.

Lena Dunham: Gone too soon. She really told the truth about spoiled white bitches who think that their shit doesn't stink and expect bros to worship their vaginas that they will give to any random bro who tells them that they are pretty or interesting. Sigh...

This is the worst news ever. What am I gonna do on Sunday night now?

Lena Dunham: 1979-2012. Goodnite.

This article was written by Holly Davenport, blogger and contributor to many female publications since 2007.



Girls is a buzzband from the San Francisco Bay area that writes fuzzy buzzy pop songs abt how girls broke their hearts.

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