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Classic Alt Literature: What is the Lasting Brand of ‘Catcher in the Rye’?

I recently read that popular pre-internet author J.D. Salinger passed away. He was apparently the author of the popular book Catcher in the Rye. The name sounded familiar, so I googled it to remember what the cover looked like. I usually remember books by their cover, because that is often a good way to judge if the content/brand will appeal to you. We must judge books by their covers in the modern world because of the rapid production output of the information economy.

I found the cover, then 'remembered the book' from elementary/middle school/high school. I mainly remember it because it was white, and people used to doodle on it. Some bro highlighted the entire cover neon yellow, back in the era of the 'school supplies arms race' [via Yikes pencils/uniball pens/mechanical pencils/erasable pens]. The book also reminds me of 'a book that some bro would list in their fave books section of their facebook profile.' Feel like I don't have very many positive experiences with the brand extension of Catcher in the Rye.

Apparently, the book is the story of some 'rich kid/misfit' who 'doesn't fit in' and 'sees thru all the bull shit in ppl.' His name is Holden Caulfield. I think he was meant to be some sort of character who enables people to 'project themselves' as the alt-protagonist. Think this is an important feature in critically-acclaimed/universally accepted works of art.

Holden Caulfield seemed like he was a 'snarky' bro. Unfortunately, they didn't have blogs back then, so he wasn't able to become a snarkblogger and escape from society by 'sitting at home on his laptop and commenting abt how sillie stuff/people are.'

Read the book a long time ago. Had to read wikipedia to find all this stuff out, but honestly feel like I got a 'good enough' experience by just skimming the plot + reading miscellaneous background information. From what I have read, the book was just sort of a long 'bitchfest' written in 1st person, back before every1 was into 'bitching about their own lives'.'

Catcher in the Rye seems relevant because it is 'classic alt literature.' Probably a book with semi-important ideas that was at a low enough reading level for developing alternative spirits to read. I feel like the only thing I remember about the book was that the bro 'went to visit a prostitute', and that seemed interesting to me since I was still learning about 'how to cum/make sex with other ppl', so the concept of paid sex professionals was very intriguing to me.

I am not sure if 'the brand' of the book was very marketable. Maybe a few decent ideas in there, but it never really inspired the rabid fan base that the Royal Tenenbaums did. Feel like the Holden Caulfield costume never really 'caught on' much like the Richie Tenenbaum costume.

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Some people say that the popular film 'Garden State' was just trying 2 rip off Catchy in the RyeRye.

Do yall think that books will play an important role in carving the 'alternative spirit of tomorrow'? Or will most tweens just chill on the internet forever?

Wonder which author will be remembered forever-er... J.D. Salinger or R.L. Stine?

I think the Goosebumps brand will never be forgotten, even by ppl who didn't read any of the books. They really built a brand--they even put tactile goosebumps on the cover of the book.

Do yall think book covers are better/easier to judge before they are made into a major motion picture?

Or afterwards?

I am not sure what today's 'classic alt' literature would be. Would tweens read Vonnegut or would they rather read Twilight/Harry Potter?
Is the Lord of the Rings trilogy still a 'good book series', or is it better to just watch it on HDTVblu-ray?
Has Catcher in the Rye turned into 'glorified required reading'?
Who is the greatest alt writer of all time? Ayn Rand? Tom Clancy? Tao Lin? Chuck Palahniuk? JGrish?
Are books only 'worth reading' if they have been turned in2 a movie?
Are books with alternative characters overrated/overvalued because they were written before web 2.0 allowed humans to follow other humans as if they were tragic/inspiring/interesting characters?
What books were u required to read in ur public/private school?
Should I buy a kindle/audiobook player?
Are books 'fun'?
Are books 'green'?
Are blogs the new books/magazines?

'Not to take away from the life of JD Sally, but Catcher in the Rye should have been re-made/adapted into a modern alt tween flick/MTV series in order to see if the elements of the story truly stood the test of time.'
-a progressive critic

Attempting to Understand Twilight without ‘actually reading it.’

It's kinda weird when some thing becomes a 'phenomenon' and u don't even really 'realize it', kinda like how all of a sudden the Kings of Leon were the new Nickelback. Then u sort of have to 'do a lot of googling' to figure out how/why something became 'culturally relevant' within mainstream tween consumer society. Kinda like High School Musical/Jonas Brothers/SpongeBob Square Pants/Pogs/TickleMeElmo, etc. It's just like 'damn... who are the people consuming this stuff?' Feel most alive when I am trying to understand 'WHY' something is popular.

//////Carles will attempt
////// to 'understand' Twilight

From what I understand, Twilight was a 'book', but then became 'a movie series.' I think most successful books are not really '1 book', but a series of books. Not sure if that is because of Lord of the Rings, or Chronicles of Narnia, or for some other reason. Think that in our modern world, ppl want to 'connect with a series.' Don't just want a 'one and done' experience. Also think that books/movies in 'series format' are 'more marketable.' You can make 'mad bank' off a 3 part series, and keep building a franchise with what seems like 'natural' buzz.

Here are the book covers. The artwork 'seems very shitty' but also like something 'very branded.' Like something that you see 'every1 in ur local highschool' reading and talking about.

N e ways... Twilight was written by some broad named Stephenie Meyer. She is apparently Mormon. She looks like this.

As you can see, she is 'sorta chubby, yet confident.' This personal brand is critical in establishing Twilight's 'niche.' Twilight is apparently about some Vampire bro, or something, and this regular girl falls in love with him. I think it is supposed to be 'somewhat sexual', but also romantic. I think it is supposed to tap into 'the lonely teenage girl' demographic.' U must understand that the story of Twilight are the dreams/subconscious desires of this 'pleasantly plump, mildly pretty, sweet heart' of a woman.

It's weird to think that 'kids/teens actually read books' still. I feel like cliched 'good parents' have to encourage their kids to 'read' even though the modern 'literary landscape' is probably 'pretty terrible.' Don't have 'first hand knowledge', but I would just imagine that every is trying to become 'the next Harry Potter' or something, or possibly 'the next Devil Wears Prada.' Seems like books are probably 'fucking garbage', particularly in the teen/tween market.

I'm not sure how I feel about 'reading.' Feel like it is something to do when you are in elementary+middle+high school, but you can build a 'more rewarding intellectual life' build around social media + blogs + the internet + the NYTimes. Unless you are reading 'really good books' that are probably from a long time ago, seems 'not worth it' to even bother reading 'a NY Times best seller' or some other gimmick book. Feel like my brain can only really handle 'a wikipedia entry about a book' as opposed to 'actually reading the book.'

Just funnie to imagine a female whose parents 'don't let her date' and 'are pressuring her to go to a good, yet affordable university' finding some sort of 'dream world' within these books. One where love 'seems real', but is also 'just 4 fun' since it is with a Vampire bro, or something. Feel like while these parents are 'raising a good kid', they are also probably 'buttering them up' to be 'mediocre' and never really 'get' important 'global concepts.' Sort of like being 'lazy parents' when it comes to 'letting them fit in' but at the same time, emphasizing 'positive stuff' like reading, participation in 'the arts/community/team sports', and other 'stupid shit.'

Seems easier to raise a bro than some girl.

n e ways... think that Twilight is trying 2 tap into this 'lonely girl' zeitgeist. Think that lonely girls 'chill on the internet' but also have 'an internet curfew.'

I guess 'being a movie' is helpful in creating an opportunity where 'being a Twilight fan' is something that girls can 'be a part of.' Sorta like how bros are into sports, I think girls are eager to prove that they have 'something of their own' and often get 'too into it' or something.

Think it is also important that they have a 'hot bro' who is the main vampire. Not sure if he is 'hot.' Seems like a teenager who 'just started to learn how to use a hard cock', and has a face of 'being over eager to stick it into some tight lil teen pussy.'

I think the lead girl in the movie, Kristen Stewart, is supposed to be 'edgy.' Like sorta alt, but pretty mainstream. I think that she is the embodiment of how 'fat girls think that they look' when they put on a ton of makeup + eye liner + have a sexie gaze into the camera.

Think that this greasy teen bro is also in it. Not sure what he does/what the story line is, but he is possibly supposed to be a heart throb.

Twilight has also 'branded itself' with the type of music that the band PARAMORE makes. I feel like 'lonely girls' think that this type of music is the only art that can express their sense of darkness+hope. The lead singer is a female, and she also 'dyes her hair zany colors', so I think that is something that sheltered girls do to 'express themselves' while still 'promising to make all A's in school.'


Can't believe this book series is 'culturally relevant.' Think it is one of those things where it is an 'interesting topic' so you'll get 'mad hits' if you cover it, and before you know it, every outlet 'feels pressure' to cover it. I'll bet the book 'reads really easily' or something, so it doesn't isolate teens who have a low reading level. Guess it is just important to 'understand ur audience' so that u can write words + stories that they relate 2.

Maybe everything is the same. Maybe we're all the same.

Does n e 1 know if this book is good?
Are vampire bros capable of 'loving' or do they 'just wanna fuck'?
Should I read Harry Potter?
What book represents U?
When people read a 'popular book' and tell u it is 'actually really good', do u tell them that they need to 'grow the fuck up'?

Wonder if Twilight is the new Catcher in the Cradle (Fight Club--A Seppy Peace).

All Modern Authors are ripping off Bret Easton Ellis / American Psycho?

This article states that all modern authors are greatly influenced by the work of Bret Easton Ellis. Any emerging Gen Y author with a concise tone that describes sensational, detail oriented elements in an underwhelming/disaffected tone may or may not be ripping off the bro who wrote American Psycho.

It's no wonder, I think, that it's influencing a new generation of writers. The simplicity of the prose, the precision of his imagery, and the atmosphere of menace and cultural oblivion are invigorating even at this remove. The scene where Clay leaves a party at which they're showing a snuff movie is a masterful evocation of true horror; the erection visible in the pants of his friend as they walk to the car an image it is hard ever to shake.

I wonder if Gen Y authors are ripping him off bc they read him, or because they saw the sweet movie starring Christian Bale before he went mainstream.

Not sure if the movie Am Psych is more relevant/well-known than the book American Psycho, at least with Gen Y ppl.

Is Bret Easton Ellis the last great American author?
Are modern authors 'worthless'?
Is the movie American Psycho have a wider cultural reach than the book?
Should I just read the DaVinci Code?
What will Christian Bale's legacy be?
What's ur fave Bret Easton Ellis book?

Tao Lin’s New Book “Richard Yates”

Alt novelist/poet Tao Lin's 'dramatically' blogged his new book's cover art.
Richard Yates will 'drop' in September. Not sure if 'book releases' are the same as 'album releases.'
Will this book's title be as 'catchy'/meme-worthy/alt-appealing as Shoplifting from American Apparel?

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