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the live concert experience

Do u remember when concerts used 2 be meaningful?


Do u remember back when you used to be 'totally pumped' 2 see a meaningful buzzband live? You listened to their mp3s/CDs so regularly that you wanted to know how their music would sound 'live.' You could stand in front of the stage and marvel at the buzzband, realizing that they are actually 'human', not just some foreign voice that sings to you in your iPod.

You used to get to the venue early, back before you had to hover at the bar to get 'completely tanked' to enjoy the experience. You'd stand at the front of the stage, watching everything that was happening on stage, even before the opening band came out. You'd search for members of your fave band lingering around the sidestage.

Perhaps you were alone, looking to network with other ppl who must be the same as you because they listen to the same music. Finally, ppl who live in the same world that you do. Maybe you came with friends who all 'mad hyped' the concert for weeks in facebook wall posts. You've been waiting so long to see this buzzband. You are so lucky that they came to your market. FINALLY, your scene is getting some cred, booking some REAL bands that are what music should be all about.

The show is amazing. Emotion. Lights. Movement. Dancing. Sweating. Chaos. Beauty. Losing yourself in the music. They play your favourite song. Then they play your other favorite song. Then you think their show is over, but your hometown crowd chants so loud that they play an encore. Second encore, too? You've been reading reviews from other cities, and there is no way that the band rocked out so hard in other markets. This was a once in a lifetime experience.

Yes. I grabbed the set list. I feel authentic, because I know that this is the ultimate collector's item for a true fan.

The show is over. Wow. Let's go buy some merch. I need a t-shirt to brand myself as 'into this buzzband' when I walk around my high school/college campus.

Could this be the moment where you would actually 'get to meet' your buzzband idols? You couldn't believe they were talking to you. There they were, talking to fans just like you right by the merch booth and/or behind the venue as they loaded their van/bus. So many ppl want their picture taken with the buzzhuman. So do you. Will you ever get your turn?

The buzz artist comes up to you with a smile. Immediately, you compliment them on their latest album. You let them know that their previous discography means a lot to you. You just purchased their vinyl LP although you don't have a record player...yet. But if you get it signed, it will be more authentic than a poster. The entire band comes over. You are standing in an effing circle with a relevant buzzband. They have accepted you. You look like you fit in with them.

Maybe they are going somewhere?
Maybe you can hang out with them?
Are they gonna invite you to a nearby bar where you can have a drink?
Will you get their contact information?
WIll you keep in touch via text, email, or twitter?
When they come back to town, will they remember you?

I have a feeling that I actually connected with the band. They 'accepted' me. I am not just another fan. I am a friend. We even talked about [something random abt their perception of the region that I live in]. He also complimented me on my [something 'fashionable' that I was wearing]. I have their autographs. I will not be putting them on ebay. They mean something to me, even more than the autographed Babe Ruth baseball that I hit over the fence of my neighborhood sandlot one summer before a dog ate it.

What is the 'end game' for being an indie music fan? Does every1 want to 'be friends with a band'? Hit up the 'afterparty' before the buzzband drives away?

I never. Want. This. Night. To. End.

I went to a concert.
But I experienced so much more.

R u jaded by the VIP experience?
Do u have any meaningul stories abt buzzbands?
Do u miss the excitement that came with 'going to shows'?
Do u still get pumped 4 live music, or is the experience 'less special' than it used to be?
Were u ever entry-level enough to get the setlist, have it signed by every member of the band, then purchase a frame 4 it?
Do u miss the days when buzz shows were 'meaningful' and 'special'?
Do u <3 or h8 the spirit of entry-levelers?
Is 'live music' special, or just a sponsored experience now?
Do we live just to broadcast how VIP we are?
If we can't be 'in the band', do we just want to be 'friends with the band'?

Do we authentically respect relevant artists/famous ppl for the art and media that they create, or do they just exist 4 us 2 commodify?
Do we have a warped/misguided perception of our connection with musicians & alt celebs?

Do u ever miss the days when u used to feel VIP without actually 'being in VIP'?


U, Me, And Every Concert We Attend: How We Grow Older With Concerts

Neon Indian


Neon Indian is a chillwave buzzband from 2k9 that rode chillwaves

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Watching buzzbands watch other buzzbands.

Photo via Brooklyn Vegan

Going to see live music isn't really that interesting to me. I'm way past my alternative youth, back when I thought the live music experience was meaningful. But I am really interested in watching buzzworthy interactions, deals, and knowledge-sharing activities going down. When you are posted up in the VIP area of a relevant concert or festival, you can't help but notice buzzbands watching, scoping out, and analyzing other buzzbands. It is a natural stage before an act of 'bronoodling' can go down.

I saw this picture of George Lewis Jr. and the other members of Twin Shadow watching another buzzband. They look very focused, trying to retain as much knowledge and info as possible. The truth is, a buzzband is a lot like a human. A buzzband has hopes. A buzzband has dreams. A buzzband has desires. A buzzband has insecurities. Every buzzband wants to be the best buzzband that they can be, but tons of other buzzbands are standing in the way. Buzzbands want to be friends with other buzzbands. Buzzbands get in fights with other buzzbands. Buzzbands make up. Buzzbands eat, poop, live and die. Buzzbands experience high highs and low lows.

The act of a buzzband watching another buzzband encapsulates this entire range of emotions within the singular/universal buzzband existence.

Why do buzzbands watch other buzzbands?

a) To pay their dues -
A lesser known buzzband watches an established buzzband to 'pay their dues.' It is sort of like doing homework, and paves the way for a c-level buzzband to introduce themselves to an a-list buzzband. Then they can tweet about how 'at the end of the day, the Arcade Fire deserved to headline Coachelly for the 10th year in a row.'

Example: Some bro in a chillwave lofi project watching the Arcade Fire then going up to Win Butler and expecting him 2 know who he is because his mp3 was on Pitchfork one time. After the show, he goes up to Win and says 'great show.' Win Butler finds out who he was 2 years later.

b) To 'size up' their competition- Buzzbands are insecure. Buzzbands do want to be 'the best they can be'. Scouting other buzzbands is a great way to know how hard ur buzzband has to work to trick people into thinking your buzzband is amazing. Also a good way to analyze the gap between a buzzband's live performance and studio recordings.

Example: Going to see an LCD Soundsystem concert, and saying, "Ya. His voice isn't that great and the synths are pretty meh."

c) To 'intimidate' a weaker buzzband- This psychological move is usually done by 'pretentious' and/or outspoken A-list buzzband. They want to go to a sidestage at a music festival, and let an up and coming buzzband know "ur not welcome in our club." Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Example: Dave Longstreth of the Dirty Projectors hears about a DIY buzzband that has one mp3 and is playing their first show at a relevant Brooklyn art space. He goes to the show knowing who the buzzband is, gets hammered, ruins the show by chatting and laughing, then snubs the lofi frontman when he tries to make small talk.

d) A buzzband watching a mainstream famous buzzband - Buzzbands are just like you and me. Sometimes we are fascinated by mainstream acts and want to know if they 'live up to the 10.0 mainstream album sales hype.'

Example: Best Coast watching Kanye West and livetweeting about it saying something like 'Ye is The Truth!'

e) Doing some 'research' on 'gear'/'equipment' - Buzzbands are under constant pressure to stay relevant, and that sometimes includes the implementation of cutting edge instruments and meaningful on-stage visual displaying technology. Buzzbands are always 'looking to take the next step', building a more relevant, yet universal sound, and have a 'sweet live show.'

Example: A buzzband going to see Animal Collective and being like 'ya i can do that. pretty lame/easy. Gotta hit Guitar Center and buy a copy of Adobe After Effects.'

f) Buzzbands are friends with other buzzbands -
Some buzzbands knew other buzzbands before they were buzzhumans, like they went to college together, so they just vibe out in VIP and pretend to watch eachother even though they are probably a little bit resentful, and all like "I never thought they would make it this far because their college demos sucked."

Example: Deakin goes to an Avey Tare show.

Buzzbands do not watch other buzzbands because they 'like music.' People in buzzbands can no longer appreciate music. All they can do is analyze their competition. It's all a very intense war, and if you don't seize your moment and strategize to 'win' indie, you might become irrelevant.

I've been around a lot of high-level buzzbands who have logged thousands of miles on tour, meeting tons of buzzbands and festivals, and buzzbands can be complex. Sort of like human nature. But like human nature, buzzband nature can be simple.

Like the buzzband Cults once said, "Go... outside." Buzzbands must venture out of their comfort zone in order to network, build alliances, and strategize to take down their competition.

Why do buzzbands watch other buzzbands?
Do u wish u were in a relevant buzzband or does it seem like too much social stress and pressure?
Is buzzband life just a big competition?
Is life 'just a game'?
Do u have what it takes to become an A-level or B-level buzzband?
Who are the meanest/nicest buzzbands in the game 2day?
Have u ever seen a buzzband intently watching another buzzband's show?

Twin Shadow


Twin Shadow is the 2k10 buzzband buzz project of George Lewis Jr. His hit album FORGET is 'highly bloggable.'

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My Alt Graduation. Oh the Concerts We Attended!

When I first entered college
I'll admit
I was an entry-level alt
Totally misguided
Because I was the alt-est person at my high school

I loved 'indie bands'
And I soon realized that they were mainstream
Srsly I liked some weird crap
Like totally weirdo alt bands
I thought 'all live music' was good
I thought u went to a concert to facilitate a meaningful experience

Oh The Meaningful Nights We Shared!

Then I went away to college in a relevant city
That had tons of relevant buzzbands that came thru town
I got involved at our indie radio station
And really learned what it was like 2 'get in2' music

I bought so many concert tickets
Sometimes I even got them 4 free when my friend interned at a local promotion company
Or when my friend interned as a bar back
Or when my friend interned as a social media strategist 4 a local venue

Oh The Meaningfulcore Moments We Witnessed In Our Local Scene!

Indie concerts became a place
2 begin our meaningful night
Getting so hammied
Singing along with our fave indie buzzbands
'Letting go' and dancing!
I finally learned what live indie music was all about

I was in touch with the spirit of indie
Feeling young, free
Like I had become the person I was destined 2 be
A relevant concert attendee

Oh the Buzzbands We Saw!

But here I sit
Listening 2 a lamestream commencement speaker
Wondering abt how my relationship with indie music will continue to evolve
How 'alt' will I get?

Will I 'go mainstream' and just be a mindie fan 4ever?
Or will I officially become a lost 20something?
Going back 2 my parents' house
Unemployed, spending all of my time listening 2 lofi buzzbands on buzzblogs?

I miss those days
When I was excited 2 go to a concert
I felt young, like maybe 1 day I'd be relevant
But here I am
Graduating from college
Will I ever be relevant?
Will I ever be a global VIP?
Will I ever be more
than that person who go really drunk at concerts
and danced with my friends
and thought we were really special because we knew the words?

Oh no
I just realized
I am just a 'lifestyle alt'
Making consumer decisions 2 brand myself as 'alt'
Projecting a pseudo-alt lifestyle bc I didn't know who I was
Should I have just been a mainstreamer?
I wish I could go back to high school when I thought
my entire alt life was ahead of me

But now all I have
are a shitload of ticket stubs
and a college degree in a worthless major
What am I supposed 2 do now?

Oh the Concerts We Attended!


You, Me, and Every Concert We Attended: How We Grow Old With Concerts

Is your personal brand compromised when you attend a relevant alternative event with your partner?

Check me out, bitches. I got the set list.

photos by Amanda Hatfield via Brooklyn Vegan

Check me out, bitches.
U see this shit? No, it's not just a word document with random words on it.
It's the set list 4 my favourite buzzband's show.

In case you are a complete lamestreamer
The setlist is a list of songs that the band uses a a 'guide'/'compass'
2 guide the show
2 keep the band on track
2 keep the shows fresh when ur touring every nite and don't want to use the same playlist back to back

There's only a few authentic souvenirs that you might be able 2 get from a live performance
Avoid the 'merch table'... Any1 can buy memorabilia in the form of a t-shirt/tote bag
Sometimes if you want an experience to be meaningful
you have to make it happen
u can't just show up and label it as 'meaningful'

Check me out, bitches.
I got the set list.

How can you get the set list from a buzzband?
Well, you can't be an ass hole who steals it off the stage during the show
They'll get mad at you
and all of the authentic fans standing in the front by the stage will get pissed at you
(Partially because they wanted the set-list too)

I sorta wish we lived in the era where buzzbands didn't use computers to generate their set lists
and we could still see the handwriting
and zany shortened nicknames for the mp3s which are played live with real instruments.

It's sort of like a cryptic quiz for authentic fans
Can u figure out which mp3s that they have nicknamed on the set list?

Chek me out, bitches.
I got the set list.

It really wasn't that difficult
There were a bunch of dudes on the stage clearing the equipment after the show
and there were a bunch of entry level alts hovering around the stage
Hoping for the setlist
A lot of the keut alt girls got the set lists bc that's just natural selection
But I finally yelled "BRO GIMME THE FUCKIN SET LIST"
and a theatre tech bro gave me the final one just to clear the pack

I'm gonna hang this shit it my dorm room
Way better than hanging up a poster in my room
Way better than hanging up a vinyl record case in my room
The ultimate proof
That 'I was there'
That 'This happened'
That I am an authentic fan who stood in the front during a relevant concert.
And obtained an everlasting historical artifact
that on this day at this venue
my favourite buzzband played these songs in this order
(Way more meaningful than an iTunes playlist)

I got the effing set list
Now I will go home and reconstruct this set list in an iTunes playlist
to re-live my live experience 4evr.


Have yall ever obtained a set list from a relevant buzzband?
Did u 'ask them 2 sign it'?
Did it make u feel like you were an authentic buzzband fan?
Are 'set lists' worth anything, or are they just memorabilia for entry level alts?
Have you ever tried to sell a set list on ebay?
Do u <3 ppl who try to get guitar picks and set lists and water bottles and other random crap that litters the stage?
Is it funny when u ask a venue janitor for the 'set list' and they have no idea what ur talking abt?
Would u rather have a Beach House set list, or cut off a lock of Vicki LeGrand's curly hair, then make a doll using her real hair called 'Lil Vicki', inspiring an indie version of 'The Body Guard' starring Whitney Houston + Kevin Costner?

Beach House


Beach House is a relevant buzzband who has 'tons of indie cred.' Lead singer Victoria LeGrand is known as 1 of the sexiest women in indie.

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Are you still in love with the thrill of the live music experience?

In this video, a tween edits a video about her trip to an Owl City concert in Portland, Oregon. The video is titled "6 Reasons Why Seeing Owl City, Lights and Paper Route was incredible!" In the video, you can see how a meaningful day was built around a concert.


Do u remember when u used 2 feel this alive? When you were young, and you were 'excited' about going to see your favourite band play live. Excited about all of the predictable/unpredictable possibilities that might come your way

  • venturing to the city, or perhaps an 'urban' part of the city, and doing something meaningful that alternative grownups probably get to do every day
  • some sort of 'inconvenience' that you were able to find meaningful because you knew you had a purpose for enduring: seeing the live show of your fave band.
  • Waiting in line, but finding it meaningful because ur surrounded by other people who like the same band that you do
  • Being convinced that an 'opener' was meaningful / actually a 'good band'. Like you feel like you should 'invest' in them since you think that one day they will 'replace' the headlining band
  • standing 'in the front' at the concert
  • taking tons of pix
  • taking a vid of the most meaningful song so that other people on the internet can 'appreciate' ur experience
  • meeting 'members of the bands' and thinking 'wow. they are so nice and humble. they are really kewl, like just nice people. I have a feeling that we would get along if we knew one another in real life.'
  • walking away from the concert sweaty and satisfied, like u just had sex for the first or second time and finally 'came.'
    having the unique opportunity to buy authentic band merch, so that the show will last forever in the form of a physical product.

Sorta just wish I could be young again and connect with a network of hopeful, like-minded people in a live setting. Not being annoyed by so many entry levelers in Am Appy hoodies

Sort of get the vibe that Owl City concerts are like 'after parties' for Christian retreats + soccer tournaments or something.

Maybe every one goes through a 'meaningful-core' phase from age 13-18.2, and one band will captivate this audience no matter who it is that makes the era's best cheesy meaningful, emotionally, hopeful music. Some people had Deathcab for Cutie / Postal Service / Ben Gibbard products. Other tweens had Dashboard confessional. Maybe some tweens even had the Cranberries, the Goo Goo dolls, or Hootie and the Blowfish. Meaningful-core has so many different manifestations.

Just want to be young again, and feel like 'my whole life is ahead of me.' I want to go to a concert, and get the feeling that every1 in the crowd will fulfill their dreams. Want to feel like the concert I attended was 'the most meaningful show' of the entire tour, and possibly one of 'the greatest live performances of music in the history of the world.'

I've become such a professional at finding buzzbands that it's so hard to get excited. I know what is going 2 happen. I know that even if I truly love a band, one day they will probably 'go mainstream' because their music is too universally appealing to go unmainstreamified.

Do u wish u could be a meaningful teenager again?
What was ur favourite band of your meaningful-core era?
Is Owl City the 'worst band of all time'?
Does n e 1 know if the Owl City bro should be a registered sex offender based on the weirdo inspirational kids songs he writes?
Really feel scared, like he shouldn't be allowed to sing to kids who are still growing their first pubic hairs.


Is the Owl City bro the modern day Michael Jackson, since he is like a kid trapped in the body of a twinky thirty-year-old man?
Really feel like this video is supposed to be his 'fuck den' or something.

Not sure if I'd let my teenage son or daughter go to an Owl City concert.
If one of my kids walked out the door dressed in a purple Am Appy hoodie and a few headbands, I would make them feel like they were leaving the house dressed like a slut.

Does n e 1 know what concert is 'still worth seeing'?
Are standing concerts for people aged 12-24?
Are mp3s better than the live show because you don't have to listen to them with hundreds of inauthentic people?
Do u wish they had Macbooks / cheap video cams when you were a tween so you could have captured more meaningful moments forever?
What was your favourite part about going 2 concerts when you were a formative alt?

Will music festivals still be 'a fun, authentic, alternative experience' in 2k10?

I was just looking at the Coachella festival jpg lineup announcement, and I felt sort of underwhelmed. So many bands that appeal to a lot of different people. It seems like they are going for a sort of 'nostalgic'/'ironic' type of experience this year. Like our chance to re-live the past without leaving behind all of the pleasures of today.

I sorta wonder if 'music festivals' are still going to be authentic/fun/organic/exciting experiences. In the latter stages of the 2k0 decade, we saw music festivals morph into huge corporate events. So many mainstreamers showed up at formerly alternative festivals that by the end of the decade, festival curators were catering to maltstream audiences by booking headliners such as Coldplay, the Kings of Leon, and Jack Johnson Bro.

It seems like music festivals aren't even 'about the music' any more. Bottles of water cost $5. Plastic bottles of beer cost $15. Buying band merch costs 500% more than the unit cost of a blank tshirt. Feels like if I wanted to pay to 'gawk at famous people from afar', I would get tickets to a professional sports team. Really hope that microfestivals begin to pop up. Secret gatherings of young professional alts + 'trustafarians' who are willing to pay top dollar for a unique experience, limiting the amount of entry levs at the music fest.

Wonder if by the end of the decade, we will be dropping off our kids at Hanny Montanny music festivals.

Mind is truly 'blown' by the coachella lineup. Part of me wants to say it 'sucks' and 'all of those bands are old', but another part of me just wants to 'go have fun and listen to some awesome music.'

Which band r u looking forward 2 seeing the most at Coachella 2k10?
Which music festival will u attend in 2k10?
Will u stop going to music festivals this decade because seeing kidz/inauthentic ppl watching the same bands u like can put a bottleneck ur ability to enjoy a band/concert/mp3?

Previous Concert/Show/Festival Coverage

The Festival Bro

Who do u see when u go 2 music festivals?

Guess it is music festy season again.



Coachella is a music festival held in Southern California that turns into a gathering of the world's most relevant buzzbands, artists, designers, celebrities, and internet personalities.

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Should buzzbands integrate their band name into their live stage presence?

Photo by J Caldwell

As yall know, the goal of a brand is to create lots of synergies. Bands are brands which can evolve, or they can 'tank' and isolate their consumer base. As yall know, the relevant buzzband The xx has transitioned from 'kewl new buzzband with bloggable mp3s' to buzzband who 'delivered' on their debut album. Now they must go on tour, interacting with tons of fans/consumers/alts across the world, convincing them that they are worth supporting as a brand for the next 2-10 years.

As yall can see, the XX utilized on-stage illumination technology which highlights the name of their band on the stage. This helps to inform unaware consumers and pedestrian traffic in and around clubs that a band called 'the XX' is playing. In addition, the stage is a bloggable internet meme, letting party+concert+flickrBro photographers get an 'interesting photograph.' It is important to note that the XX stage logo is not completely superfluous--it integrates into the drum pad bro's setup.

The XX are in a position to expand quickly with this base technology. For example, the could insert multi-coloured lights into their console. In addition, if they were to start a fastfood franchise, they would already have a logo that they could use to extend their brand. It is important to remember that successful buzzbands aren't just good at making music, they also implement marketing strategies to become 'more than just a band' to a core base of consumers.

Wonder if The XX utilized the same technology that Justice used to create a glowing stage cross.

Do yall appreciate bands that have a sweet stage presence?
Should Animal Collective get a huge sign that says 'ANCO' in the popular font comic sans to play in front of?
Should Grizzly Bear have a real grizz bear on stage?
Should the Neon Indian band hire Native Americans, and make them use neon body paint?
Should Phoenix utilize the logo of the popular NBA team 'The Phoenix Suns'?
Should horrorcore bands murder ppl on stage?
Should Ricky Martin have a taco truck on stage, called 'Livin La Vida Taco'?
What are some good stage gimmicks that bands could use to enhance their brands?

Previous XX Coverage


Which XX fan art doodle is the most authentic?

"xx chillin bein Carles" by BebeZeva?

or "chillin, drinkin dos Equis, shooting lasers out of our eyes" by BuzzBandFan6969?

Do yall know if deep indie gazes mean that alt celebs can shoot lasers out of their eyes? Worried to look at one of them in the eyes, since they have such emotive/distant/dreamy/emotionally-scarred faces. Feel like making eye contact with them might be the alt equivalent of looking into the popular Greek mythological broad 'Medusa', known for turning onlookers into stone at the expense of 1 glance.

The xx


The xx is a band from the UK that went kinda mainstream in 2k9

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DJ, Buzzband

Justice is a popular banger house electro group from France on Ed Banger Records.

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In the future, will bands need ‘mascots’ in order to extend their brand?

Photo by Kurt Christensen via BrookVeeg

I remember when I was a young boy connecting with my father through mainstream interests, we used to attend professional sporting events. At these events, each team had a 'mascot' who intended to get fans 'fired up' about the home team. I'm not sure how much adults enjoy mascots, but I feel like they function as some sort of 'icon' who can get people emotionally involved/invested in the game. They are also to attract 'young fans', inviting them to become a life long member of the team's 'brand', even before the child 'completely understands the rules of the sport.'

It's interesting to see that the band WILCO got a mascot. I think that this means they are a 'huge' band, needing to reach new markets + demographics. A mascot will make Wilco shows more enjoyable, getting people on their feet, and doing things like 'starting the wavve.' I feel like the mascot trend might seem 'cheesy or lame', but I feel like the early adopters to this trend won't feel a backlash. Feel more worried about when indie bands with mascots reaches a 27% saturation rate, and people find it to be inauthentic, instead of whimsical and fun.

Do yall think that mascots are the future of independent music? Do u think that bands should accept their status as 'marketable brands' and create characters that might great assets when it comes 2 spreading their message? Are mascots 'cheesy and mainstream' or marketing tools that are more effective than twitter.

Not sure how 2 feel about the band mascot era. Seems like things are about to get 'mad crazie.'

Decided to 'brainstorm' mascots for popular indie bands. Let me know if yall have any feedback on these ideas. Some of these are metaphors.

Grizzly Bear

Neon Indian

The Arcade Fire


Girl Talks

Will Crystal Castles 'be a better band' now that Alice Glass 'plays guitar+bass'?

I have heard mixed reviews of the live Crystal Castles experience. Many tweens have found the concert to be 'fucking amazing', but older people and electro purists think that the set is 'fucking garbage.' Many times, the band plays sets that are 15-30 minutes long [unverified statement]. The band is apparently is really 'moody' and 'difficult to work with' [via internet rumors from miscellaneous people who 'know important people']. It is basically just 'flashing lights', 'pre-recored electro beats', and 'Alice Glass yelling into a microphone.' [unverified statement] Sometimes they also 'get in fights with fans' and other edgy, bloggable stuff like that.

I am interested in this new era of the Crystal Castles. I thought that they were just going to be 'irrelevant' for 1.2 more years, then 'release an overhyped+overblogged' followup album that altNewsOutlets covered more bc of 'familiarity', and less bc of 'artistic merit.' But now it seems like they might be interested in becoming 'the best Canadian band since the Arcade Social Fire Scene.'

All artists are trying to 'be authentic' and 'provide an inimitable live experience', and many bands achieve this by displaying their musicianship. I think 'playing live' might be a good idea for the Chrystie Cashes. Think all bands are ultimately trying to 'look cool' by looking like a male rocknroll band. 'Playing guitar' makes consumers feel comfortable watching ur band play. They don't want to see bandmembers 'hunched over a laptop' or even just 'playing tambourine'. A live audience needs to be 'captivated' by ur performance, and enable the much-blogged-about phenomenon of 'word of mouth' advertising to take place [via twitter].

I am interested to see them on tour, and see if Alice can play some mad 'riffs' on the guitar. If CC comes out to your area, let me know how 'the Alice on Guitar' experiment works out.

U, Me, And Every Concert We Attend: How We Grow Older With Concerts

Lately I have been attending numerous live concerts after 'going on a break' from 'going to shows' since the audiences got too tweeny. I have been going through a very concertially existential crisis, and really thinking about 'why am I here?' 'Why did I make the extra effort to see this band?' 'Am I trying to connect with a group of like-minded people?' 'Do I really 'get something' out of seeing a band's music performed live?' 'Should I just listen to things on headphones while staring at a computer screen?' 'Do I not like going to concerts because of people who have a personal brand that says I<3music, but don't really 'get' what it means to be alive in the modern world?'

As I have grown older, I have started to see 'the larger picture' about 'the concertgoing experience.' The truth is that concerts are 'always the same' but the only thing changing about the concert is U. You are growing older, moving from demographic-to-demographic. The way you feel about 'life' is constantly changing, and based upon the version of 'loneliness'/'fulfillment' that you feel, you will interpret any experience differently--concerts are an essential part of the modern human experience.

These are the general age demographics who 'attend concerts' and a synopsis of 'their general conscious experience.'

Ages 12-17: The era of idealizing 'the modern indie concert experience.'

You don't really understand what 'indie rock'/etc. usually is, and experiences like Warped Tour, Coachella, and Regional music festivals are 'lumped into a category.' You see music as something that brings people with similar interests together. You are going to graduate from high school soon, and after that, who knows what might happen? Maybe u'll be able to go to famous clubs, see famous bands, meet internet-famous people, and live the idealized life that is somewhere between 'Almost Famous' and 'Gossip Girl' or some other tv show/movie.

This is just an era of 'being naive' and 'not knowing the correct websites to view' in order to stay relevant.

Do bros only go 2 concerts in hopes of rubbing their erect penises on girls?

Sometimes I wonder
'Is live music REALLY that special?'
'Why do we care abt seeing songs live?'
'Do we even rlly want 2 see bands?'

The answer is most likely, "NO."
to all of those questions
but we go 2 concerts not 2 be lonely
and we only fight loneliness
bc we are hornie.

At the end of the day
everything we do is motivated by sex
[via Freud_bro]

Concerts are no different
Bros go in hopes
of getting their peens hard
and rubbing them on females

Maybe after the concert
they will go home
and he still stick his hard peen
in her wet vagina

and they will say
'i am glad the music brought us 2gthr'
But probably not

I guess the only point of 'concerts'
are just 4 bros 2 get their peens hard
and try to rub them all ovr the girl in front of them
And hope they find a girl who will 'turn around'
by the end of the nite
and 'make out with them'
then they will be the girl who was like
'I can't believe I made out with a random bro
at a _______ concert'
acting like they are some character on @HBO_GIRLZ

Maybe in a way
we only evr do n e thing
bc we are looking 2 rub up on some1/something
2 feel a lil bit 'less alone'

Why do u go 2 concerts?
Have u evr 'rubbed up' on some1 during a 'set'?
Can u find <3 in a hopeless place at a concert?
Can u see that bro's erect cock?
Do u miss being a teen who could only 'get sexual' in public places?
Will u evr be as hornie as u were ages 12-17?


NSFW: Hornie teen bro fingerblasts his GF right in the middle of Lollapalooza

Some d-bag at #SXSW watches a buzzband by holding up an iPad

So there I was
standing at a relevant, sponsored fort/shed/tipi/igloo/alternate structure
Drinking a complementary beverage provided by a regional texas distillery/brewery
Just trying to enjoy the relevant buzzbands

But it was hard 2 see the buzzband
S0 many ppl
They aren't even there 2 enjoy the music and search 4 buzzbands
They are just there 4 the free drinks, totally killing the vibe :-(

I guess I just have #SXSWproblems
[via Shit South By South West Ppl Say]
Maybe I should be more appreciative of this AMAZING opportunity
Or maybe I should integrate MUSIC and TECHNOLOGY 2 find a solution 2 my problems

I brought my iPad 2 the show
Since I need on-the-go app functions to RSVP 4 relevant events
and track #Twitter for any of the relevant hashtags
I decided 2 utilize the #camera feature on my iPad
2 watch the band

It was a beautiful moment
Where I felt like I was watching a sponsored LIVESTREAM
in the comfort of my own home
except I was actually AT the event
integrating the best of IRL with the internet

I turned myself in2
a human meme
who represented technology ruining society
who represented the integration of music and technology
who represented the science of music discovery and tastemaking
who represented the ultimate #SXSW bro


Alternative Event, Company

SXSW (South By Southwest) is a relevant music, technology and film conference/festival that takes place in Austin, TX.

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iTunes going 2 start selling digital concert tickets + drink coupons

Apple apparently 'took out a patent' on some sort of device that will replace paper concert tickets. I think the point of this is to probably 'go green', 'reduce ticket counterfeiting', and encourage people to buy tickets bundled with mp3 albums. Feel sad that concert tickets are going to be 'replaced.' Guess it is good for the consumer to be able to buy products released by bands in a bundle. Sort of like shopping at Costco / Sam's Club and buying in the bulk.

Feel like Apple is just trying to 'take over' the music industry or something. Like one day they will control the rights to every thing any band produces if they upload their music / album art to iTunes. R u excited about the era of digital ticketing? Less headaches. No more standing in line 4 'will call'?

The latest Apple patent to hint at its future music plans is for a service called Concert Ticket, which would take the form of an iPhone and desktop application.

It’s described as an “iTunes based web service for tickets that will naturally enhance the iTunes music empire”. It includes e-tickets distributed to the handset, maps to the event, song lyrics, the ability to buy a live recording of the gig, virtual coupons for free drinks, and social features to find other fans at the concert.

Do u think Apple designers will 're-imagine' the concert ticket in the same way that they 're-imagined' personal computing / cellular phones?

This sort of reminds me of when 'records' / CDs were replaced by MP3s, and then they started a retro holiday called 'Record Store Day' to celebrate the antiquated concept of a physical album. I wonder if in the future bands will issue 'paper tickets' just to try to be 'vintage' and get their fan base to 'reconnect' with paper tickets from back when music 'meant something'?

Would u rather have ur ticket on ur phone, or a piece of paper?
Is paper worthless /non functional?
Can u use iTunes gift cards on concert tix?
Will Live Nation + Apple control the music industry in 0-5 years?
Is Apple the 'most innovative company' in the history of the music industry?
Will digital concert tickets ruin the live concert experience?
Will people who like books more than pdf files really 'h8' this trend?
Have u ever made a fake copy of a ticket?
Is Ticketmaster 'fucked'?
Should I buy an iPhone to save money on concert tickets?

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