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LANAMANIA hits Los Angeles, frenzied fans begin sobbing in Lana Del Rey's presence

Now that Lana Del Rey has sold 'mad albums', we begin trying to figure out 'who are her fans'? It seems like she will have to form an official name for her tribe, similar to Lady Gaga's monsters. Do u have a name for her fans? So far the best thing I can think of is "Lana Del R8trz."

At a recent in in-store signing at one of the last authentic record stores in America that hasn't closed yet, Amoeba Records, Lana Del Rey's fans WENT CRAZY for her. It seems like she has a tribe of 'lamestreamy alts', entry level alts, AltGays, and QT entry-level girls who have gone CRAZIE 4 her.

How can we STEREOTYPE and GENERALIZE her fans?

Photos by Lee Shaner

LDR has it all. Fame. Rivieras. Mad album sales. Fans who will die 4 her. Beauty. Dudes with face tats.

Everybody Loves LDR

'U look good, Lana BB!'


'I cried after taking a self-pic with Lizzy Grant Rey'

Yall r keut, but need more Lana inspired fashion gear

Just waiting outside, want 2 consume indie culture LIVE

'No, YOU go play your video games, bb!'

Will LDR begin wearing #tech_vests?

Born2Die, yall


Blipster <3s LDR

God Bless the Gangster Spirit of Nancy Sinatra

Me n the girls abt 2 see Lana!

Me n the girls abt 2 see Lana!

'Dude, I'm just here to buy some vintage records. Who are all these weirdo post-tween alts and alt gheys?' -child predator bro in the front

'Let's troll this bitch!'


'Ugh I just wanted 2 buy some prog rock vinyl but some BUZZ FLAVOR of the month had to ruin my shopping experience.'


We will remember this moment forever.

Photos by Lee Shaner

Does Lana Del Rey 'have it all'?
Does she have a core group of fans that will never abandon her?
Does this look like fun?
Will the Lana Del R8rz be with her forever?
How would u stereotype and generalize her core group of fans?
What markets does she appeal 2?
What is a good name for Lana Del Rey's fan tribe?
Is LDR the famousest person in the world?
Is #LANAMANIA the new #lisztomania?

Do u <3 her gold tooth?

Lana Del Rey used to have a teenage drinking problem, turns to soft UK press for sympathy + new image

Lana Del Rey is famous 4 tanking on SNL. Now she is in 'scramble mode' to create a narrative that protects her album from tanking. It seems like in an interview with the Telegraph, she took some time 2 'address the haters', and potentially create a sympathy-based narrative. Of course, leave it to some 'soft ass' UK publication to guarantee puff-piece treatment. Say what u will abt mean ass American blogs, but at the end of the day, Americans are better buzz manufacturers, buzz panners, and have better taste in music.

Is this the beginning of a new image 4 Lana Del Rey?
Has she clarified 'who she really is'?

Did u know that she isn't actually a 'rich girl'?

Her father is a real-estate investor, her mother an advertising account executive and, while they were comfortably middle-class, she snorts that, contrary to internet speculation, “they’re not millionaires. There wasn’t any money. It was just a life.” Despite the setting, it would appear that Del Rey’s inner life, at least, was anything but placid. “When I was very young I was sort of floored by the fact that my mother and my father and everyone I knew was going to die one day, and myself too. I had a sort of a philosophical crisis. I couldn’t believe that we were mortal. For some reason that knowledge sort of overshadowed my experience. I was unhappy for some time. I got into a lot of trouble. I used to drink a lot. That was a hard time in my life.”

Lana Del Rey is afraid 2 die... Then 1 day she realized that she was in fact #Born2die...

Anyways, she recovered from her serious teen drinking problems and volunteered in the community.

In her years in New York, working “odd jobs” and “helping out in the community, in alcohol and drug awareness programmes” and playing the singer-songwriter open-mic circuit, Lizzy Grant reinvented herself as Lana Del Rey.

While we have heard that she lived in a trailer for a while, the teen drinking + sobriety angle is a new one. I wonder if she just wants interviewers to ask her about overcoming teen alcoholism instead of being asked, "So... what do u think abt the internet and the things that ppl say abt u on it?'

She is just like U.

At 18, she moved to New York, studied metaphysics at college, and taught herself guitar.

Do u think listening to her leaked album 'Born To Die' is sorta like studying metaphysix?

Lana Del Rey doesn't want to disrepect God, so she cannot comment on internet hatred.

What the gossip-mongers and trolls of the internet haven’t seen is the effect all this cyber bullying is having on the person at its centre. Del Rey has made a record that deserves to be heard, but says she doesn’t want to tour, doesn’t want to leave New York, that she wants “to keep things small. All I wanted to do was make something beautiful, and I think I’ve done that.”
Her nervous appearance on popular US TV show Saturday Night Live last weekend led to more internet abuse. But the thing is, Del Rey is nervous, and with good reason. “I don’t want to talk about how it made me feel because I think it’s disrespectful to God to go to a dark place with this kind of thing. People just want to see me go off the rails. That’s the only reason they’re watching. They just want to see what happens.” Her critics have questioned her authenticity, but Del Rey seems all too human. I ask if she is afraid of what she has unleashed. “Do you think I am?” she ponders, voice trembling, hand dabbing at her eyes. “Well, you might be right. But I wouldn’t tell.”

Did u know that we are all human after yall?

Lana Del Rey wants u 2 know that she knows what u think abt her. She is self-aware, understands what is happening. Srsly though. WHY? Why are yall doing this 2 her?

It gets colder in the room as the interview progresses, as the New York chill penetrates. “I know what people think about me,” says Del Rey, pulling her suede jacket around her shoulders. “I don’t understand it, I don’t see why that’s the angle. And I’m a smart person. I mean, like, why that?”

'Get a new fucking angle, bloggers. I am a person.' -Lana Del Rey

Will Lana Del Rey rebrand herself?
IS it '2 late'?
Will she sell mad albums in Europe?
Can #LDR 'make it'?
R u starting to feel sad 4 her?
Can #LDR save her career?
Did u have a teen drinking problem, and did it eventually help u to become an internet sensation?

LA Times claims Carles in midst of MASSIVE BREAKDOWN, more outlets celebrate His brilliance

Last week, Carles turned his popular internet weblog into the Lana Del Report, getting 'mad hits' from that 'sweet, sweet Lana Del Rey traffic. It seems like blogs and news outlets are going CRAZIE4CARLES and his unique web brand, as he is finally sharing his #Brilliant_Mind with 'the lamestream masses' once again. However, he came under fire from the Los Angeles Times, and they said that he was having a 'Psychic Meltdown.' I'm not sure if that is related to the popular Neon Indian 2k11 album 'Psychic Chasms' or something.

Via the LA Times auxiliary content farm:

After Lana Del Rey's widely panned SNL performance, the savagely funny satire site Hipster Runoff has been staring into an existential abyss.

The popular news and review site, known for the doofusy textspeak of its pseudonymous founder Carles and a transparent obsession with its own "relevance," has been a kind of Pitchfork-era update of Beavis and Butt-Head since its inception in 2007. The site's blissfully blinkered worldview is a savvy illustration of today's twentysomething id.

But the subject of Lana Del Rey has apparently sent Carles into a kind of ultra-meta tailspin.

Has Carles 'completely lost it'?

But in a long, tortured essay, Carles comes to a bleak conclusion that essentially all culture and cultural criticism is a cog in an Internet hype machine whose sole purpose is to self-perpetuate. Money can be made, but it's not the point -- all of art and all of Internet culture is essentially an empty act of "content farming" and self-fabrication (or, as Carles would call it, "personal-brand-building").

Hipster Runoff has renamed itself the "Lana Del Report" and seems to express a genuine sympathy with Del Rey as a product of an esoteric media-industrial complex far bigger than herself. Lately, Carles has been tweeting some uncomfortably earnest cries for help.

In the words of Carles.... "Help."

Elsewhere, the NY Post claimed that HIPSTER RUNOFF was one of the realest niggas in the LDR-authentic-criticism movement, proving that HIPSTER RUNOFF is THE premiere indie gossip rag on the internet. [link]

“Meet Lizzy Grant. She had blond hair, didn’t look very ‘alt sexy.’ Sorta like a girl from my high school who was a part-time hostess at Chili’s,” wrote “Carles,” the blogger behind Hipster Runoff, which has dedicated its Lana Del Report to “LDR News, Memes, Buzz, Opinions and Hate Coverage.”

The Guardian disagrees, claiming that Carles and his popular weblog HIPSTER RUNOFF has in fact turned LDR meme bashing into 'an art form.' [link]

Suddenly, many of the fans that had boosted Del Rey turned on her in spectacular fashion. Music blogs poured vitriol on her talents. Some influential music websites, such as Hipster Runoff, have turned insulting Del Rey into an art form.

In addition, some internet comedy blog about failed niche web comics also claimed that HIPSTER RUNOFF was 'eating it's own tail.' [link]. Last week was not just a 'Lana Del Roast', but more importantly, a Celebration of Carles and the purest form of blogging.

If you visit Hipster Runoff right now, its name has been changed to the Lana Del Report, and the site spent a day or two covering nothing but her. Carles’ wrote an explanatory piece, which is sort of about Del Rey, but more about blogs, the role of Carles, and what his website has become. And it proves that while watching Hipster Runoff write about a manufactured “indie” celebrity may be entertaining, watching Hipster Runoff write about Hipster Runoff is full-on fascinating. It’s one of the deepest and funniest things ever posted on a site that’s a treasure trove of deep and funny. In some ways, it’s the site’s creator owning up to the fictional nature of Carles. In other ways, it just makes the author more unknowable. In every way, it’s hilarious and vital for anyone who wonders how the internet is affecting our discourse.

With so much blog press, it is clear that Carles is 'on his A-game', managing to KILL IT, NAIL IT, and REAM IT in 2k12. Unfortunately for Carles, there is only one way to go now that he is on top--down the shitter.

Has Carles 'tanked'?
Has Carles 'returned'?
Have the anonymous HRO interns finally 'got their shit 2gether'?
Is Carles having the biggest meltdown in the history of blogspots?
Is HIPSTER RUNOFF better or worse than ever?
Is Carles 'as swag as it gets'?
Will blogs survive in the post-Lana era?

How long can blogs milk Lana Del Meme think pieces?
Has Carles turned into the #1 meme controller in indie?
Has Carles 'sold the eff out' by blogging about lamestream topics like #LanaDelRey?
Do u have a dream that 1 day u will trend on twitter, even if ur name is misspelled?


Meme, Blog, Alternative Celebrity

Carles is the popular blogger from the popular internet website HIPSTER RUNOFF.

Read more>>>>


Meme, DJ, Company, Buzzband, Blog, Alternative Celebrity

HIPSTER RUNOFF is a blog worth blogging abt, created by Carles that is trying 2 stay relevant. It blogs abt buzzbands, alt stuff, relevant topics, the end of the social web, and more.

Read more>>>>

Lana Del Rey EFFING TANKS on SNL. Is her career 'effing over'?

Even the most entry-level buzz market analyst knew that Lana Del Rey would COMPLETELY tank on Saturday Night Live. It happened right before our eyes like a trainwreck, except that the train was carrying tons of port-a-potties, and then everything got covered in poo-poo and they had to shut down an entire small town because of the toxic smelliness of the poo fumes, and then every1 got on twitter to say 'OMG THERE'S SO MUCH POO AND IT SMELLS SO BAD! EWIE MCGOOEY!' What was supposed to be Lana Del Rey’s introduction to Middle America turned into a nightmare, with even the lamest of lamestreamers turning to their social media network of choice to say, “Who be dis bitch, yall? She can’t sing 4 shit.” This has already been the perception of many critics, blogspots, and content farms who resent her rise to internet fame.

Where were u when Lana Del Rey tanked on SNL? It's a moment we'll never forget.

Although 'Video Games' was the song that garnered the most per capita adjusted 4 inflation buzz, the song is a 'complete dud' live. She has had many opportunities to 'fix' her live show, which leaves us asking, begging, pleading, "Why Lana? Why?"

At least she looked good, bb!

There have been rumblings that the entire team associated with the current Lana Del Rey launch will be fired. Even at her first performance at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn where she was secretly billed as the Queen of Coney Island, she had a band that was intended to hide in the shadows [link]. There was already a disconnect between the universally projected image of LDR and her branded output. It never came together, and every1 must have been convinced that foreign press and TV appearances meant that 'everything was okay.'

This is LDR's fault.
This is not LDR's fault.

"Blue Jeans" was just good enough to be forgettable, but still sorta 'effing terrible.'

Lana Del Rey’s voice has been widely accepted as a gimmick, but her and her team never took the time to decide how it should be utilized when she was singing live. Obviously, she would have to turn down her wacky vocalisms, and learn how to gesticulate like that Florence + the Machine broad in order to make herself a viable product. Unfortunately, they just put her in a pretty dress, and figured every1 would all be like 'what a sweetheart, yall', but then they forgot that every1 just wants to h8 everything, especially when it looks like ur not trying, and u don't care.

Heads will be rolling this week on #TeamLDR....

What did u think of her performance?
Did LDR tank as hard as u thought she would?
How can Lana Del Rey save her career?
Is there too much negative buzz?
Was she 'not ready yet'?
Who is 2 blame?
Did we build her up just to 'tear her down'?
Did we 'buzz her up' just 2 'hate buzz her down'?
Is she indie's 'biggest failure of all time'?
Did she 'disgrace' the SNL stage/waste the time of Middle Americans?
Is she 'the Rebecca Black of indie'?

I guess Lana Del Rey was right... U and I... We were born 2 die...
lana del rey blood

EXCLUSIVE: Photo of Lana Del Rey (formerly Lizzy Grant) as a child emerge

Lana Del Rey used to be an entirely different person before she was famous. It's nothing new, many of our favorite alt icons have 'fake names', also known as 'pseudonyms.' However, every1 got all pissed at Lana Del Rey because 'she lied to us', but they weren't actually 'pissed', they just wanted an excuse to talk about a hot girl with mediocre music. Can't wait til her Grammy noms next year!

Anyways, this photograph of Lana Del Rey as a kid has been 'unearthed', which means some1 who went to school with a 'now famous person' probably scanned it to show off to their friends. As u can tell, she has always been a pretty princess. As kids, the majority of us are 'mainstreamers' though, so u can't really analyze her looks. It is good 2 see Lana happy... I wonder if she could sing back then. She probably ran around the playground singing 'GOOO PLAAY YOOO VEEEHDDEEEEOHYOO GAAYYHHEEEEMZ' and every1 was all like 'Can I have ur choco chip granola bar, bb?'

Does Lana Del Rey look good as a bb?
Do u wish she would return to her Lizzy Grant roots?
Do u vibe 2 her?
Does that bro seem 'hella lucky' to be vibing with an altceleb at such a young age?
Do u think she is in the VIP area of her pre-school?
Has the Lana Del Rey overexposure 'gone too far'?

More lost footage of lamestream Lizzy Grant [pre-Lana Del Rey] emerges, sounds lamestream


Lizzy Grant is a wholesome, talented singer with everything going for her. Good looks, legit talent, and a pure vibe that makes you want to turn on VH1 and listen to her. Then she had to go and ruin it and morph into the fictional character Lana Del Rey. Many ppl compare her vibe to the duality of Norma Jean and Marilyn Monroe, but it would be sad if she ended up banging baseball players then overdosing on drugs. #pray4lizzie.

Anyways, this video of her was uploaded 2 youtube. You better enjoy it before her label/'team' pulls it from the internet because they basically had to brainwash even Lana to think that there was no such person as Lizzy Grant. #pray4lizzie// Anyways, this apparently takes place at some 'talent showcase' in NYC for 'people who want to make it in the industry.' If you show up to one of these events wearing a suit, in possession of a fake business card that says ur an 'industry big shot', you can definitely get a few BJs from artists who think u can help them. Lizzie sounds unsure of herself and her brand, and just sings some songs that are probably as boring as Lana Del Rey songs.

Do u like her lamestream Capitol Records tee and her lamestream green khakis?

Oh Lizzie... U were so perf, bb...
U sounded terrible... but u were so pure...

Do u think Lizzy changed 2 become Lana Del Rey?
Do u <3 lamestream Lizzy Grant?
Which 1 would u rather make <3 to?
Has Lana Del Rey lost all her buzz?

LANA DEL REY: EXPOSED. B4 she was alt, she was a failed mnstrm artist without fake lips

Pitchfork writes pro-Lana Del Rey piece, foreshadows 'soft' editorial stance

Lana Del Rey is known as 'the fakest broad in indie.' She was a failed mainstream artist, but now she's invaded the indiesphere, and because the indiesphere is a) super boring, therefore desperate to ride and human meme until they burn out AND b) obsessed with attractive females, Lana Del Rey has basically already earned blogosphere tenure. Pretending u have an opinion of this broad is way more interesting than pretending you have an opinion on some lofi band's latest shitty mp3/video. Because 2k11 is a really bleak year musically, the indiesphere has resorted to the tactic of 'writing extensive thinkpieces about artists we know damn well aren't going to be around for more than 4 months', which basically explains how James Blake and Tyler the Creator became s00 2k11 famous.

It's just the era of hollow buzz, our last line of defense to hydrate indie lands as the buzz drought turns to a bonafide buzz apocalypse.

Anyways, this article is more relevant than the typical mailed-in Lana Del Rey think piece that leads us to question the modern definition of 'indie' and the perception of females in music because it indirectly functions as Pitchfork's 'official stance' on whether or not they will pile on the cyberbullying of Lana Del Rey, or if they will judge her based on appearance and gimmickry. They basically say, "We're gonna let her gimmick around, and we'll judge the gimmick. We just wanna be fair. Sorry. Nothing 2 see here. Move along. We're not just got to write abt her potential plastic surgery like other low-class indie blogs."

They had some writer bro 'jump on the grenade' for the team, writing some sort of vague piece that basically said 'Let's just judge the broad 4 her music' instead of riding literal pitchfork-waves and storming her metaphorical bastille and crucifying/cyberbullying her. Honestly not even sure what the eff the article is saying, but I can assume that because we can't really extract a coherent thesis from it, it was just meant to 'sidestep' important issues, and proclaim that 'the broad is okay by us.'

Here is some statement that explains her history, then ends in a metaphor abt how all bands are processed meat.

First, I noticed people arguing about her on Twitter, then I read articles and thinkpieces and features about her and the contested authenticity of her history/music/face. (Short version: She used to play plainer music as Lizzy Grant. She looked different then.) Only then was the YouTube clip for "Video Games" sufficiently buffered to give it a decent listen. This is how efficient our online music press is now: With a slow enough connection, you might actually see how the sausage was made (and marketed) before you even smell it cooking.

I sorta actually do wish I had Dr. 90210 style footage of Lana Del Rey 'being made' [via plastic surgery consultation vibes].

Lana Del Rey is a victim. She's just an artist who is dealing with bloggers being a-holes. It's not her fault she can't just make a sexi video on MTV any more. She has 2 go thru blogs bc she is a creative soul who wants 2 give more 2 the world than she would as a mainstream artist.

Del Rey has the ear and the ambition for a pop audience, and an aesthetic that makes an effective splash around the "indie" press. In another time, she might have aimed at a major-label contract, gotten a striking "buzz" video on MTV, and attracted whichever fans responded to it; as of 1996, that's precisely what Fiona Apple did with music not so differently pitched from this stuff. As of 2011, the closest thing we have to MTV's old "buzz bin" is music blogs-- entities with the exact same vested interest in mainstream cool-hunting that your television once had. The only problem is that the people who read, write, and obsess over them are hyper-aware of what a tempting audience they are: They're sensitive to pandering and "fakeness," wary of being used to piggyback toward another audience. Appeal to them successfully, and long arguments about music-industry machinations and "authenticity" are more or less inevitable.

Lana Del Rey is okay, I guess, at some stuff, or something, but maybe not, but it looks okay, but maybe it is contrived, but I guess let's just keep waiting and talking about her, or something.

Watching the clip for "Video Games", you certainly see someone with a terrific visual imagination, someone who's created, and is executing, the kind of pop-star persona that expects her to actually be Lana Del Rey. But the music she's making is squarely in pop's realm; it's not as interested in sounding surprising as it is in looking and feeling that way.

I'm not sure what this closing line means. Maybe just like 'her music might be good, so let's stop talking about her obvious plastic surgery to look more indie.'

In that sense, these great videos are oddly terrible at their job: Instead of selling you the music and showing you how it can feel, they actually hint at what the music lacks, the places it could go but has chosen not to. That situation is a lot more interesting than anything going on with Del Rey's face, and it's a tricky corner to be stuck in.

Sorta wish they just had more of a vibe of like 'if ur a female in indie, and u get plastic surgery, we will boost our coverage and rating of your personal brand/art.' Then we could see artists like St. Vincent get 'b00b jobs', and more broads with big lips. Sorta hope this is a new era of indie, similar to the 'juiced' era of baseball, where we pretend that artists aren't creating an unfair playing field due to unnatural resources.

Overall, #LanaGate is already really boring, but we're going to have 2 keep sifting thru stuff like this for the next ~1 year. This is probably going to be one of the better 'formal blog entries' abt LDR, until magazine writers poop all over the toiler paper that they call 'magazines', reblurbing her story and the same ideas 4 the market of lamestreamers who are chilling out in waiting rooms.

Did P4k basically 'endorse' Lana Del Rey?
Did they 'cream their pants' 4 her?
Do u know what this bloggypost even said?
Is it clear that P4k is officially on #TeamLanaDelRey?
Was this actually a 'pan' or a typical 'mainstream publication sidestep-pan' where the meaty/interesting 'vitriol' is deleted by an editor?
Does this mean she is breaking the 9.0 barrier?
Is she the only reliable meme that the indiesphere has now?
Is she too hot not to cast a spell on indie bro bloggers?

In conclusion, this is a picture of Lana Del Rey in a bikini top, holding a cat.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO +PHOTOS: Lana Del Rey made SECRET live debut, dressed like a total lamestreamer.


Lana Del Rey is the most controversial broad in indie right now because she doesn't really 'belong in the club', but she engineered one song that sounds like a really good female indie song, and now we are watching as she and her team of industry experts try to 'trick the blogosphere' into thinking that she is authentic + relevant. I feel kinda bad for whoever she is on the inside (Lizzie Grant), but you have to blame the puppeteers who are behind her for exposing her to this intense scrutiny.

Lana Del Rey is about to start playing 'real shows' under her own name, but she had some 'secret show' at Glasslands, a lofi Brooklyn buzz space, last night. You can't really judge anything based on lofi youtube footage, but u can analyze her stage presence and personal brand. Apparently she was wearing lamestream jeans and had a bedazzled/bejeweled iPhone sticking out of her pocket. She clearly wasn't taking this gig very seriously.

If she wants to be 'alt', she's gonna have to figure out where to buy relevant 'jeans'. But I don't think alt girls really wear jeans.

R u gonna buy Lana style jeans?

Pitchfork was there, too. They took some pictures that really 'enable' her branded aesthetic, so I guess that means they will keep 'pushing her.'

Photos by Erez Avissar

The most shocking image of the night was one that showcases her 'backing band', which looks like it is filled with 'professional'/'hired gun' musicians. If she was a true buzz artist, she'd have emaciated altbros who she used to sleep with in her band.

Did the label hire the Roots as ur backing band, bb? I wonder if they were all like 'wtf are we doing playing in this Brooklyn shithole? I've played backup keyboards for Lady Antebellum/the Black Eyed Peas!'

Scary nails, bb! Don't claw me in our next cat fight!

What do u think of her LIVE DEBUT?
Is she still 'alt'? Was she ever?
Will the indiesphere 'let her in the club'?
What do u think of her personal brand?
Does he bejeweled iPhone on stage mean that she doesn't take her performances seriously?
Why do her backing band members look like such 'dude bros'?
Is Lana Del Rey 'indie' or not?
Should we just 'focus on her music', or is her commercialized existence 2 heavy 2 ignore?
Do u feel bad 4 Lizzy Grant?
Who are the forces behind Lana Del Rey? Do they know what they are doing?
Can u see her 'getting big' or is this like 'watching a train wreck'?
R u on #TeamLana or #EffLana?

LANA DEL REY EXPOSED!!! B4 she was alt, she was a failed mnstrm artist without fake lips

LANA DEL REY: EXPOSED. B4 she was alt, she was a failed mnstrm artist without fake lips

lizzy grant lana del rey young before famousYesterday, Carles penned a piece of the 'up and coming' 'indie' artist named Lana Del Rey [link]. She is one of the most controversial figures in indie, especially as we begin to uncover her past. She was basically a failed mainstream artist who is being 'rebranded' behind major label dollars. Her songs appeal to indie blog bros who can catapult her towards relevancy + NPR-wave album sales ---> mainstream success. Should Interscope Records be applauded 4 signing her, and throwing mad $$$ behind her in order to try to take her to the mainstream thru the indiesphere?

Lana Del Rey will be the most divisive indie artist in years, and she will put the blogosphere thru many of our biggest challenges. Who will choose to 'cover' her? What blogs will be 'simple' enough to hype her manufactured indie pop sugar? Who will 'pan' LanaBB? Who will be a coward and say "It doesn't matter where she comes from and what she looks like. She makes good music, and that's all that matters"?

Meet Lizzy Grant. She had blonde hair, didn't look very 'alt sexy'. Sorta like a girl from my high school who was a part-time hostess at Chili's.

Here is a song by the artist formerly known as Lizzy Grant. As u can see, her gimmick of using 'shitty footage' and mediocre clips of herself singing were already establish, just not 'perfected'? She accidentally looked like too much of an amateur youtuber back when she was Lizzy Grant.

NYC songstress Lizzy Grant makes her debut into the music world with a video for her single, “Kill Kill”. Armed with her three-track EP, devastatingly retro-sexy look, and haunting, soulful voice, Lizzy is one to watch for ‘09.

Is Lana Del Rey more 'DEVASTATINGLY RETRO-SEXY' than Lizzy Grant? <3 <3 <3

Do u feel 'pissed off' by the manufactured buzz surrounding Lizzy Grant Del Rey?

Do u just want her lips?

Here is Lizzy Grant hanging out with an 'industry insider', probably scheming to 'trick' the indie blogosphere.

Canoodling with industry insiders
lana del rey before she was famous lizzy grant

OMG u got to hang out with Miley???!?! #jeal

Lana Del Rey: Did she have fake collagen lip injections?

In a world where Best Coast is celebrated for being 'pro-women' and 'empowering', Lana Del Rey is a massive step back for the anti-cyberbullying feminist movement within indie rock. Her career works against the indie ideals that if you are 'talented enough', u can make it. She repackaged herself as a brunette with collagen filled lips packaged as a lofi diy broad.

Will Lana Del Rey continue to fool the indiesphere, or will blogs protect our tastemaking voice and rally against her?
Do u h8 her or <3 her bc she is hot?
Who was she marketed as before? Little Boots, Lizzie Allen or some shit?
Is 'tricking the indie blogosphere' the fastest way 2 indie?
Should the blogosphere 'banish' her from indie instead of 'hyping her in2 the club'?
Is any blog that 'hypes her' totally inauthentic?
What type of cosmetic enhancements / plastic surgeries has she had in order to look 'more alt'?
Should we not judge her based on her packaging, only on her 1 decent song like we do with all other mediocre artists?
Who is the real Lizzy Grant/Lana Del Rey?
Does none of this matter bc she 'looks good in a bikini'?

Is Lana Del Rey the next overrated, marginally talented but TOTALLY HOT female in indie?

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