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making fun of hipsters

Does 'alt' even exist n e more?

Sometimes I wonder
Does 'alt' even exist n e more?
What happened 2 'counterculture'?
Did it die bc we thought it was a global scene connected on the internet
and now the internet is mnstrm?

How do we survive being on the last chapter of a trend cycle?
Will the next generation of 'self-aware tweens' be interested in 30 year old 'indie' bands?
What will their definition of 'alt' be?
Where will they find channels of 'independent' music
that isn't just some FGGT on youtube posting lame ass shit?

Where have all the alts gone?

I'm not sure where & when this 'diagram' is from
but it feels like it is some Forever 21/Hot Topic shit

Do bros like this even exist in the wild n e more?

Has 'the cultural movement' that is 'the internet' just turned into tweenbashing
& producing meme lists that make us say
'I can't believe we are so old, yall!'

Do all bitches dress the same now?

I guess this is just how bros look.

Where did all the bros who dressed like this '4 real' go?

In 2k13, can we rediscover how 2 be alt 4 the love of being alt?

Is 'indie' / alt = over?
Is 2k13 the last year of indie culture?
What happened 2 pure alts? Are they homeless?
Is it time 2 give up on the myth of 'the creative class'?
Did indie 'officially' end in 2k12?
Do u evr wonder what's left 2 document abt the indie/hipster/alt era?
Do u have good or bad credit?

'Is this it?'-The Strokesies

Are media outlets abusing the word ‘Hipster’ in headlines 2 get hits?

In the linked article, the writer bro discusses how the word 'hipster' doesn't really mean anything, but can be used as an interesting / generalized term 4 'young people.' From what I understand, putting 'hipster' in a blog subject or newspaper headline can make a story 30-50% more interesting. As opposed to saying 'young ppl', 'hipster' provides a more compelling angle.

Why? Because media outlets have learned that anything with the word "hipster" in it is a pretty great ingredient in the murky dark potion-making of SEO, or search engine optimization, as evidenced by the rising number of search queries above. Long story short, news outlets (present company included) figured out over the last year or two that using words in headlines that people are more likely to search is better for their business than a great headline without those magical words. And one of those magical words is "hipsters."

The article uses Google Trends to demonstrate that people searching 4 'hipster' is at an all time high. This is probably tweens learning how to use bing to find out about new trends.

Is n e 1 under the age of 30 a 'hipster'?

Do yall like reading articles about 'hipsters'?
Do yall like reading blogs about 'hipsters'?
Do meme blogs abuse the term 'hipster'?
R u a hipstar?
Is the mainstream media / large blog outlets abusing the term 'hipster'?
Will tweens evolve into 'hipsters' or will they get their own genre of human?

Several New Meme Blogs 'Making Fun of Hipsters' Attempt 2 Go Viral

In the past several weeks, several lil blogs that 'make fun of hipsters' have launched. It is safe to assume that any blogs that 'make fun of hipsters' are 'attempting to get book deals' or something. Do internet users still feel 'delighted' to stumble_upon snark micro meme blogs that 'make fun of modern culture'?

Blog #1: Hipster with Puppies

This blog seems to try to appeal to people who are into puppies, and 'making fun of hipster culture.'  This meme seems to have originated on HRO in 2k7, with the original Alt Dog, Minnie.

Blog #2: Unhappy Hipsters

This blog probably appeals to people who work in design + architecture, since it utilizes meaningful pictures of people in sitting in meaningful space, then makes a 'snarky comment' about them. This meme blog has come under fire, since most of the people pictured are 'yuppies' and 'yupsters' as opposed to the traditional 'hipster' archetype.

Blog #3: Hipster-Kitty

This blog attempts to 'make fun of hipsters' by making fun of cats with different accessories that make them look like hipsters.

General Meme: The 'Hipster Kitty'

Utilize a meme generator 2 create a sillie meme abt hipsters. The meme image + text combo gives the creator an opportunity to comment on modern culture.

Not sure if this cat will 'catch on' and get a reality show on MTV, or if it will fade away into the meme oblivion.

Which of these meme blogs is 'the best'?
Are meme blogs that 'make fun of hipsters' way too 2k6?
Are 'lolcats' still relevant?

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