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Is M.I.A. continuing to exploit her child as a meme?

I remember when M.I.A. had a baby, and it was a meme. She was pregnant, and people were trying to guess its name/what it looked like, even though she wasn't even that mnstrm famous. She also went moderately viral for wearing a zany ass dress that exposed her full belly.

I remember that she even went on to 'perform with Kanye West' at the Grammy's even though many said that she 'should have stayed home' to rest/not let her pregnant feet get all swollen.

Her son was born, and ppl were happy for her, and she enjoyed tweeting abt her son, but was also like 'leave my lil bro alone. just want him 2 b a normal kid.'

Feel confused about what she recently posted to her 'twitpic' account. Seems like she converted her son into a fashion/alt blog meme by dressing him in a similar onesie. Sorta wish I could be a homosexual celeb gossip blogger, and call him 'fierce' or something like that.

Lil bro seems lost, like he is unsure of what is happening, not confident in his lil personal brand. Looks like he seriously might prefer 'solids' and 'stripes.' He might be some sort of 'advertisement'/'model.' Based on the photo aesthetic, it was possibly shot by Terry Richardson or Dov Charney. Might be trying to sell me that onesie/encouraging me to share the gift of life with some1.

Feel bad for the kid. Seems like he is being branded to become an 'independent spirit', but u can't be independent if your parents make free-spirited decisions for you, particularly when it comes to zany fashion decisions. Wonder if he will 'rebel' against his mom by wearing Hollister/CrombieAberFitch. Wonder if this lil bro is the next Paris Jackson. Feel like we will see a picture of him at age 5 chilling at a music festival V.I.P. area with his mom, and decide to call him 'cool', like he 'knows whats up.' He will be wearing sunglasses. Can't believe his name is 'Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman.'

Should celebs refrain from sharing their lives' with fans [via twitter], or should they be even more open? I remember the time that Ed "Grizzly Bear" Droste and Feist shared a meaningful rollercoaster ride, then it got 'tons of blog buzz.'

Not sure if a moment turns into 'just another meme' when u share it with the internet.
Not sure if ur baby turns into 'just another meme' if you post pix of it on the internet.


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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Martin Luther King Day

Happy Martin Luther King Day, yall (to all yall blipsters and non-blips). I had a great day off and spent some time using wifi in Central Park. It was kinda meaningful, but my battery eventually died and I 'got a lil depressed' about how wireless internet is 'forever' but battery power is not 'forever.' Hope Apple solves this problem in the next Macbook.

Moving forward, I just wanted to talk about what a great guy MLK was. He seemed like a pretty passionate bro. Think he learned about viral marketing/community organizing/political activism from Gandhi. Unfortunately, these tactics would not work in the modern world. U have to be able to 'use the internet' 2 convey 'what ur all about' by building websites/socialnetworks/twitters/other gimmick web communication services.

I sort of wonder if Barry Obama 'could have made it' before the internet existed to proliferate memes. I'm just saying, yall. MLK JR is a true bro. Not sure if Obama will be able to go from 'being a viral meme' to actually 'leading a nation.' If yall think about it, it would kind of be like electing Tay Zonday 2 office. U need to be more than just an 'internet celebrity' to lead our world. There's more to life than Choco Rain Peanut Butt Jelly Time vlog candy vimeo youtube memes.

Sorry 2 get political on yall, just want u 2 realize that the internet has changed the way that we consume the world. Hope that our 'economy' gets better. What do yall HOPE 4?


Should we still be 'hoping' now that the campaign is over, or do we still need 2 'hope'? Just wondering. Kinda confused. :-(
I "feel stupid." - an insecure person


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Carles is one of the most important bloggers in the history of the blogosphere. His posts are consistently meaningful in a meme economy where memes are forgotten within hours of posting. His memes and posts digg deep into your alternative soul, and stay with you forever. It's difficult to do what Carles does--he's consistent, empathetic, and his writing transcends anything ever done by any other human. After every post, an army of entry level commenters leave comments like 'nice post' or 'this post sucks.' No other blog is critiqued like a work of art on a daily basis. HIPSTER RUNOFF is more than just a meme pooper.

As the year 2k8 winds down, we will take some time to celebrate the year behind us. We will help Carles to find out which of his posts made the biggest impact on the alternative eCommunity. While there is a sidebar full of 'memorable posts', only the readers know which posts are memorable. Help HIPSTER RUNOFF. Let HRO know which posts were memorable 2 u.

Foreward by Carles, CEO, CFO, COO, Online Editor of HIPSTER RUNOFF

What was ur favourite post of 2k8?
What was ur least favourite post of 2k8?
What does Carles need 2 change in 2k9?
Is HRO 'too formulaic now'?
Should Carles post a suicide vlog on vimeo/youtube?
Will HRO die in 2k9?
What does HRO mean 2 u?

<3 u / h8 u / miss u

O.J. Simpson is the most alternative man alive.

Today, O.J. Simpson will go to jail. Many people believe that he is responsible for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. A lot of blacks don't think he did it. A lot of whites know he did it.

I remember when I was a kid, I was watching the NBA Finals, and the O.J. interrupted the game because he was in a slow speed Bronco chase with his BFF, Al Collins. It was at that moment that modern news journalism was born. O.J. Simpson used to be a sports player meme, and then he was a movie star meme, but now he was ready to be a Master Meme. A Meme around which news networks were created (Court TV, CNBC, etc.). A Meme around which journalists aligned their personal brands. A Meme around which America became "America."

This is a post about how I would like to be O.J. Simpson.

All I ever wanted to do was 'open the world's eyes' and make them think about relevant issues. While I couldn't change any one's minds, making them think, and making them discuss important topics is all that art can do. O.J. Simpson is performance art is O.J. Simpson. The Juice has helped America to examine some of the most important topics in modern society. The Law. Class systems. Racial divides. The War in Iraq. Parenting Tips. Interracial Couples. O.J. Simpson has made America what it is today.

When I saw O.J. in the courtroom today. I saw a broken man. A man who has done so much for our society does not deserve to spend his last days in prison.

O.J has inspired many meaningful memes that people are probably very proud of. For example, this is an example of modern art. You can see that the artist used modern film and video effects to convey his unique take on a complex situation.


O.J. Simpson was an inspiration.

He opened the door for Kim Kardashian's fruitful career.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He was an author and a poet.

He was a pioneer. He broke down barriers. He had a dynamic personal brand.

O.J. Simpson is one of the most important memes in the history of mankind.

O.J. changed the way we create, consume, and interpret information.
O.J. Simpson transcended objectivity and subjectivity.
O.J. Simpson challenged society's laws and norms.
O.J. Simpson polarized the world.
O.J. Simpson stood for more than just O.J. Simpson.
O.J. Simpson has had a bigger impact on your life than 99% of the people in your life.
Your life will not be as meaningful as O.J. Simpson's.

///We can all learn a lot from O.J. Simpson.

We all want to change the world.
O.J. Simpson changed the world.

This is a film clip that represents humanity and/or society.
No filmmaker will ever make anything this relevant. No artist will make any thing as significant.


I miss my entry level alt daughter. Love, Cool Aloof Dad

Kinda weird how we represent more than just 'ourselves.' Personal branding goes way beyond basic shallow stuff. We're all part of society.

These lyrics are s000 true. No matter how much some1 looks like an alt/mainstream celeb, u always gotta remember that they are somebody's daughter/son. Let's get vulnerable/raw/real.


[Reverse meme hijack via Steez]
[Photo by thecobrasnake]

Just felt like posting a meaningful meme.

When HRO memes come 2 life.

Yall. I remember 1 time I wrote some [MEMORABLE POST] about Girl Talk, and then made a meaningful GIF abt it.

Then I was reading a popular BrooklynHipsterNewsBlogAboutVegans, and I saw my meme come to life on a post-self-aware post-entrylevel meaningful alt having post-post-meta-ironic fun at a Girl Talk concert.

[Photo by Nilshot]

I feel rlly happy when one of my memes comes to life, kinda like a Progressive High School Teacher who feels gratified when students 'extend concepts' outside of the classroom.

<3 yall.
"Yall make my memes come true."
-to the tune of Hall and Oates' "You Make My Dreams Come True"


Where did Disco Come from?

I am a bro who 'found out about disco' after I heard bloghouse, so it's gonna take me a while to understand 'where it all came from.' Even though I have heard that it 'used 2 b around in the 70s', I am still convinced that authentic disco is a new genre that has nothing to do with old disco.

I found this 'clifnotes doodle' of where disco came from. Does n e 1 know if this is the accurate history of disk0?


[Meaningful meme made by Manuel Buerger]

Did yall know that Chromeo was disk0?

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