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medical accessories

I h8 it when other people use gimmicks to cultivate attention

It's not fair when I come up with a neon-coloured fashion gimmick to instigate interesting conversations, but then some one else uses another gimmick to out-gimmick me. Like this guy used some sort of scarf cloth to make a sling. He's definitely not injured, but he's probably going to get more compliments than any 1 since he constructed such a creative sling.

It's not fair when other people use unfair gimmicks that exploit feelings of sympathy from others. Do u think his arm is rlly broken? Or are medical accessories the new shutter shades?

Used n e good gimmicks lately?
I wore American Appy to this [private party] and a bunch of people were impressed, and it started a lot of interesting conversation about art, philosophy, and the impact of the blogosphere on modern journalism.

[via Ev Said]

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