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Meeting celebs

I met LMFAO.

Photo by the cobrasnake

He is my favorite band character
He makes me want to dance
He makes me want to shuffle

His name is 'Redfoo'
He seems like a more relevant bro than 'Taboo' from the Black eyed Peas
maybe more of a bro

'Party Rockers' might be the greatest song ever written
I know how to do the shuffle from that song
I also listen to 'Sexy and I know it'
and that 'shots' song with Little Jonathan

I love partying
I love being happy
I love being free
liberated thru the power and the feeling of pop music

It was great to meet Redfoo
He was shirtless
He was ready 2 party rock
He was nice
His sleeve was painted into a Party Rock arm

I can't wait to be 'of age'
and actually 'party' in clubs, casinos, bars
instead of just dancing to this at my middle school/high school dance
One time, I made my parents listen to the Party Rock anthem in the car

They were confused
but then they liked it.

The video uploaded to their #LMFAOVEVO account
has approaching 318,000,000 views.


This has 2 be 'the perfect song'
transcending space, time, buzz, charts
It will live forever
One of the greatest collection of sounds that our civilization will evr hear.

I just want 2 live in a world
where the party rockers are always in the house
every1 wants 2 celebrate
and every1 just wants 2 have a good time.

I got Redfoo's autograph.
I will not sell it on ebay

LMFAO are my favorite uncle-nephew duo in the world

I am laughing my effing butt off

I am a tween
I do not just listen to songs on the radio
I listen to songs on the youtubes
The Party Rockers will nvr die

I luv tween clubbin'!


We will sing it 4evr
On the streets
in our Honda Civics

The lamstreamers are in the house 2nite
We're gonna celebrate, drink fruity drinks and have a good time


Meeting One Direction's ethnic star Zayn Malik.

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

U've gotta be friggin kidding me. THAT BITCH met One Direction?

Zayn Malik is SO HOT. He has all the good looks and charm of an ethnic man, without all of the downfalls, such as abusive tendencies, bad credit, smelling like cheap cologne, and forcing you to stay at home and cook ethnic foods for them all the time. I would LOVE to M.O. with him! I think he is over 18! #Barely_legal_hottie_hunk

I'm sitting here in my studio apartment feeling PISSED OFF. Not because my entire apt sells of burnt mac and cheese because I tried to make it in the stove instead of in the microwave. It's because this EFFING BITCH gets to meet this band I've always wanted to meet and I'm stuck at home.

I mean, she wore THAT to meet the biggest band in the world? She looks like GARBAGE and should be ashamed of herself.

But honestly, cmon. THIS BITCH and Zayn? #GTFO!

Justin Baber who? #TeamZayn!
BSBNSYNC who? #Team1D!

Lucky monster meets Lady Gaga!! Whattabitch!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Are u EFFING kidding me!?!?!?!? While I'm sucking dorito cheese off my fingers, this LITTLE GIRL gets to walk down some stairs with LADY EFFING GAGA??!!

This is ABSALOTELY unfair! that fashionable munchkin doesn't DESERVE this!!! I DO! I:M SO JEAL! i hope she falls down those stairs and emberrases herself in front of al of america and lives with severe insecurity for the rest of her life. That happened 2 me once. Except replace 'down those stairs' with 'out of the second story window of my school building' and 'America' with 'most of the student body and some faculty members.' HOnestly it was embarassing bc my boyfriend at the time threw pudding packs at me, and laughed. The pudding was tapioca, which is NOT my fave.

i NEED 2 meet some1 famous before i die! Its my most important goal! next to having my dream bod and swimming in a pool filled with sprinkles. Honestly sprinkles can fix any thing. Ice cream. Cookies. Steak. Pizza. Vegetables. Coca Cola. What can I say? sprinkles are my achilles heal.

I should make a FUND! Ill call it 'The Fund 2 help me Meet A Famous person.' Then I"LL be the one in those pictures! Fashionable munchkin who? #teamMe!! Yay!

Nice hat Gaga BB! I NEED a fun new hat 4 Girls Nite Out!

Meeting Miley Cyrus

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

r u effing kidding me? All of these ppl are getting prime meetngreet time with Milesy and i'm here stuck in my cubicle licking the cheeto dust off my fingers

(No, not flaming hot, just some PUFFS)

i rlly wanna meet Miley bc I have ideas 4 her clothing line, specifically aimed at plus size women like me. I really need 2 find a way for stretchy pants 2 hide my cottage cheese! i'm sure some 1 at NASA has talked 2 martians and can find a way 2 do it. my ex bf srsly told me that i had small and large curds all over me.

h8 him

I need 2 meet Miley bc i am 100% certain that we would HIT IT OFF.

i need a bff. #eff

Meeting Nick Jonas.

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

R u effing kidding me? R u EFFING KIDDING ME? I'm sitting here at my deskjob, and this EFFING BITCH gets to meet Nick Jonas?

This is DEFINATELY going to ruin my early morning choco pudding snack break, even if I mix in lil Oreo crumbles.

Nick is a HOTTIE WITH THE BODY and I would DEFANATELY pudding my pants if I met him in person... By the end of my previous relationship, TRUST ME, there was DEFANATELY no pudding in my pants, and the only pudding that was happening were the $20 handjobs that my exBF paid for in the champagne room. That a-hole never even bought me a bottle of Lite Cranberry juice, much less champagne! a-hole!

Yay 4 Nick! Boo for this EFFING BITCH with her smug smile.

Joe Jonas who? #TeamNick I hope to meet u soon, bb!

Meeting Miley Cyrus.

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Um. Jeal.

Not only of Miley's bangin bod and amazing talents, but also for that other girl for havign a banging bod and meeting Miley! I swear if I met Miley, we would hit it off because I kknow her entire wikapedea article, and am very familiar with her brother Trey and sister Noah and father Billy Ray.

Honestly, the only moderately famous person I will run into today is the manager at Subway. and YES, I do want my sammy toasted, bitches! #TeamToasted

If I can't be famous, I sure do want to meet some1 famous.

Meeting Nick Jonas

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

U lucky SOB
U got to meet NICK EFFING JONAS?

Joe who? Kevin who? My ex used to wear blazers all of the time. Well, he worked as a manager of the Olive Garden, so I could have fettucheenny alfredo anytime I wanted it. But at the same time, I gained a lot of weight, and he got mad at me for abusing the free salad and breadsticks for 10 hours straight one time. The restaurant ran out of breadsticks and ice berg lettuce. Needless to say, our relationship was never the same. I can't go back to that Olive Garden location and have to drive 30 minutes when i am having cravings.

nick is a HOTTIE with a BODY
Joe who? #teamnick

Meeting Miley Cyrus

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

I am JEAL JEAL JEAL of this girl who GOT TO MEET Miley... I hope u ACTUALLY TALKED TO her like a FRIEND instead of acting like a fan.

I would LOVE to run into Miley... ask her about her family, her career, her love life... U know, how I used to with my ex-bff before she got together with my now-ex. I REALLY need to move to LA so I can start my youtube channel AND be around HOLLYWOOD, which is my passion. I could also run into celebs at Starbucks and become they're friends :-)

Miley LOOKS GOOD... but I am prettier than the other girl... Well.. maybe not... but I will be when I move to LA


Meeting Nick Jonas

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

I am JEALJEALJEAL of this fan for getting to meet Nick Jonas...

Even though they were separated by a chain-link fence, there is still something IMMENSELY ROMANTIC abt this picture.

It reminds me of my exBF who served time in jail, but I would still visit him. One time he had me bake him a cake and put a knife in it so that he could try to escape, but the guards found the knife and I got in trouble. It was sad to see him in so much pain inside of the prison, but then when he got out, he stole all of the money in my savings account that I was saving for Beauty School, and left the country. #asshole

Nick Jonas LOOKS GOOD, 4 sure <3 <3 <3

U look good, bb! Diabetes who? #TeamNick
Ur WAY hotter than Joe and Kevin ;-)

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