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Is Rebecca Black the next big tween sensation OR the next Final Placement?

As yall know, I am a huge fan of the following buzz topics:
a) tweens
b) tween stars
c) parents who enable their kids to become viral memes
d) cyberbullying
e) memes that expose the intellectual class/caste system on the internet.

The tween pop of Rebecca Black in her hit viral video "Friday" has really offered us a great opportunity to pull our head out of Justin Bieber's tween bum hole and think about what it means to be a tween pop sensation. Tween sensations are 4% human and 96% human memes gone wild. It's great to live in an era where we finally understand that no1 will be taken seriously, nor will they remain 'famous' 'forever' just because they were associated with something that won them widespread cultural notoriety. In fact, it is great to watch these super memes 'flame out', forced to re-evaluate their career + monetary decisions long after their [via the VH1 celeb reality theory]. Sorta wish we could go back in time and post-ironically consumer Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, and C. Thomas Howell in their meme primes.

The tweenosphere is one of the most interesting cultural spheres because the intellectual upperclass gets to witness horrible products/manufactured human beings being branded + marketed + sold to long tail tweens who would trade anything for a taste of 'fame' a.k.a. virality. I sorta wonder if watching all of these tweens broadcast their feelings on twitter, their vlogs on youtube, and their self-pix on dailybooth provide the ultimate 'birth control.' The fear of bringing a brain dead, lamestreamer, consumer-wave tween into this world, and sort of having to 'let them consume tween products' so that they can fit in at school. Just because our parents did it for us doesn't mean we have to extend the courtesy to our spawn.

I sort of wish I could be a rich parent with 3-5 kids, and enable my beautiful daughter to become a tween pop star. She will sing along to pop songs in the car, and I will take her to a regional talent scout + music + video producer. They will tell me if I pay them $5k-10k, they will produce a video that will showcase my daughter's talents, and give Disney and Nickelodeon scouts a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to see that my daughter has the talent, willingness, and drive to become the next big tween sensation.

I wish I had birthed Rebecca Black and let her know that she could accomplish anything, whether it was 'becoming a singer', 'becoming a viral meme', or 'getting a tween Disney contract.'

Do yall <3 Becca Black?

Sorta have a crush on her now...

Wish I could be one of her BFFs and cruise in a convertible with her...

She probably rlly knows how 2 partie...

I hope she can trust this African American thug rapper... Hopefully he has 'good vibes' to send like B.O.B. or Ludacris or another Uncle Tom-wave rapper who is friendly with the whites.

Sometimes I wish I could put myself in the shoes of a tween who sees that one of their videos has accumulated 1 million-10 million views on youtube. How do they rationalize it? How many hits make u famous? How many hits ensure that you will never be forgotten?

I remember when the hit buzzband Final Placement wrote a song and produced a music video that transcended both bro-rock, Christian rock, and the North Face fleece-wave genre. [link to original post]

It seems like this new band has totally 'transcended' the internet, creating a new model by which bands can reach a mass market of listeners. Maybe the goal needs 2 change from 'trying to make good music', but instead, making a laughable meme that appeals to millions of internet users.

Is Rebecca Black 'the new Final Placement'?
Or will she become a relevant tween pop star?
Do u think she looks 'ethnic enough' 2 appeal 2 Mexi markets?
If u were Disney/Nick would u offer her a mega-contract to capitalize on her memefied status, or has the meme only been consumed by the meme upperclass? (those who only consume memes from high-end content farms)
Do u think she is ashamed of her song, like she has been cyberbullied?
Or do u think that believes she has become a relevant tween sensation?

Is Final Placement still a better meme than Rebecca Black?
Did God create tweens as a way 2 say that the world is ending?
Have tweens 'gone too far'?
Are 'meme remixes' the sign of a 'beautiful/perfect meme'?


Are yall pumped abt Friday? What r u gonna do this weekend?

Where have all the Chili's gone?


It makes me sad
When the suburbs expand
and old sections of 1st wave suburbia
are no longer relevant
no long sustainable

The architecture becomes outdated
Consumers want 'trendier' parts of the city 2 drive their cars 2
Franchise locations can no longer attract
Shops/stores/restaurants/everything closes down

Sometimes my life feels like an empty 1980s mall
in the 2010s
Wishing I could be an upscale modern outdoor gimmicky mall
in the relevant area of suburbia

But I am stuck in 'the ass crack' of the suburbs
2 many apartments, 2 many minorities in the area now
Everything has gone 2 shit

Where have all the Chili's gone?
Where have all the Chili's gone?

I remember when I was young
This area used to be different
It was a 'trendy' part of the suburbs
I was proud 2 call it home

But now, all of the local businesses are rlly shitty
and I have to drive another 5 miles to get to the relevant areas of suburbia

Where have all the southwestern egg rolls gone?

Even my favourite Johnny Carino's closed down

This used 2 be where I would buy groceries,
but now some new wave Christian church turned it in2 a church

This vacant shopping center was turned in2 a charter school
4 gifted and talented kids
(who want to go 2 school in an old super market)

Where have all the Chili's gone?

Sometimes I feel sad that I can't be a part of the 'new development'
Cutting edge movie theatres
New franchise restaurants
Huge outdoor stores
Lowe's and Home Depots 2 serve as 'refueling stations' for contractors
doing work on new regions of suburbia

Makes me sad
Living on the inskirts of suburbia
Development has moved beyond us
Wishing I could be a rich tween who took immense pride in living in the most relevant part of suburbia
Basking in the riches of the uppermiddle class lifestyle

The Chili's by my house relocated to a newer part of suburbia
and I'm not sure how 2 handle it

Where have all the The Suburbs gone?
there's more than this
There's more than this
Fuddruckers, Arby's, Panera Bread
Chili's, Bennigans, TGIFriday's
Red Robin, Ruby Tuesday, Boston Market
I want u 2 be close 2 me
so I don't have 2 cook healthy food 4 my family
Where have all the Chili's gone?

Sometimes u just want more
than 31 flavors
so u go 2 a place with a cold stone marble slab
where they mix in ur toppings

-the Arcade Fire

Do u feel sad when u drive thru outdated parts of suburbia?
Are there any vacant lots in ur suburban area that have been taken over by weird businesses/entities/religious groups?
Is suburbia 'expanding' 2 much?
Should we demolish the 'dead' parts of suburbia before continuing 2 expand?
If you were an impressionable consumer-wave tween, would u rather live in 'the ass crack' of suburbia or 'the relevant, new part of suburbia', 'right next to the mall/movie theatres'?
Have 'apartments' ruined suburbia [via low cost housing for drug users, minorities, and other ppl who are stressing the natural order of franchise restaurants]?

Fat, Lazy Piece of Shit Human Meme

Fat lady
ur so fat
and ur so lazy
u eat bad food at Burger King
poisoning ur body.

Standing behind u in line at Burger King
I can't believe how fat u r.
Jesus Christ
Ur so lazy

U probably got fat
because ur so lazy
(maybe u have chronic fatigue syndrome
or recently had surgery to repair ur knee/ankle)
probs not, tho

LOLing hard @ u
ur fat
Kinda like Chris Farley,
except ur not funny
ur just sad

h8 u
because u represent everything that is wrong with America
U mother fucker
Ur so lazy
u probably have lazy kids on food stamps
feeding them fast food

I h8 u soo much
Srsly... u can't even stand up?
Jesus Christ, get some exercise
U don't need to be at BK
eating a triple cheeseburger

Gonna take out my camera
and take a picture of u
because u r a funnie meme
gonna share u on the internet
make ur fat ass go viral
because people on the internet will 'get' why this is funny

Glad I live on the internet
and not in Middle America
So I can share content with my friends
instead of eating myself 2 death

Dear lord
ur so lazy
i wish I could share u with u
so u could see what I see
and why u r such a funny, sad meme

Still LOLING @ U
because can't even stand up 2 wait in line
sorta wish there was just a trough of slop 4 u
to put ur snout in
oink oink
Fast food Nation
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Eating myself 2 death
Happy Meal

Still kinda loling @ how lazy that lady is
pulling up a chair
waiting in line
ur such a fat meme. hehe

Maybe u can't say in the Burger King Kids Club forever
cuz if u eat Burger King or every meal,
u will just get mad fat
then get diabetes
then die 4evr

I send my child to a school for the Performing Arts which specializes in creating kid memes that 'go viral.'


I want the best for my son. I want him to be happy. I want him to go to a school where they teach him about important stuff in today's world. Last year, I enrolled him at the Meme Institute for Gifted Children. I don't care about math, science, and dated skills of the common man, driven to get you a desk job for the rest of your life. I want my son to be an artist, an internet entrepreneur. I want him to be part of a meme that 'changes the way' grownups think about how kids can go viral on the internet.

I will be most proud of my son when he creates a viral meme that gets over 1million hits and/or youtube views. I know he will never be a professional athlete, or a billionaire, but maybe he can find the sense of worth that I never found if he is part of a viral sensation that gives him a period of microfame for 1-2 weeks.

Want my son to reenact Scarface, using a pile of popcorn that represents a 'shitload of blow.'

My son needs to be smart, and understand what people want to see. What makes people laugh. How he can make mainstreamers all across the world say 'aww...that's so hilarious. LOL!' (then be inspired to share the link with others.

Enrolling my son in this gifted and talented program at the Meme Institute for Gifted Children has been the best thing that ever happened to him. He learns about marketing, business, the internet, computer programming, and participates in social media discussions. Many of the top advertising and branding firms in the world recruit directly out of the school. Even if he doesn't create something great on his own, I know he will get a job doing what he does best: getting attention on the internet + going viral.

Feel proud of my son for participating in this Scarface play. Most parents wouldn't 'get' why this performance was necessary, and even though it is cute, they would probably be calling for the Theatre Teacher to be immediately fired. At the Meme Institute, parents know that kids have to go above and beyond performing Shakespeare. If we really want our kids to go viral, they have to do something special / universally appealing.

Just want to go back in time to my youth, back when I watched Rushmore for the first time, then projected myself into Max Fischer's shoes, pretending I am some sort of jack-of-all trades quirky character at my high school.


Wonder if plays will replace bands/concerts as the authentic alternative live experience for the 2k10s.

Is Scarface overrated? Is Scarface a shitty movie that mainstream bros glorify because of the drugs and violence?

Should I buy a Scarface poster for my dorm room to put right next to my Bob Marley 4-20 poster? Is Scarface the 'Dave Matthews Band' of movies?

Is Al Pacino an overrated dramatic actor?

Should I just 'drug up' my kid and keep him in an altered state until he does something 'funny' that goes viral?


Really want this for him. More than I even wanted anything for myself.

When u have kids, will u be disappointed in them if they don't 'go viral'?
Do u want ur kids to be part of something special on the internet?
Should this production of Kids Scarface have used real cocaine instead of popcorn?
Was this viral marketing for a video game or something?
Should Obama pass a law protecting the rights of kids who 'go viral'?
Will u encourage ur child to try to be internet famous?

Does it make more sense to start a shitty band that goes viral, as opposed 2 wanting 2 change the world with 'good music'?

"Shine" by "Final Placement" (Original Video) from F.P. Shine on Vimeo.

I recently saw this video by the Christian Rock band Final Placement.  At first, the internet music fan is 'sucked in' because it sounds like Pavement/the Dirty Projectors, but then it degenerates into post-Modest Mouse post-Lifehouse Nickelback hopefulwave Christian High School rock.   It seems to have 'gone viral' because it is 'so terrible' and 'totally rips off the modern crappy rock band aesthetic.'  Since they are a Christian Rock band, there is also an added element of 'EPIC FAIL' according to mainstream internet users who process memes as either 'WIN' or 'FAIL.'  While this meme does a good job of tapping into elements of high-level unintentional comedy, it seems like the meme might have larger ramifications for the indie music sphere.

We find new music on the internet from a series of trusted websites, since we know that these sites will curate a content stream of mp3s that 'appeal 2 us.'  In recent years, this process has become exhausting, and the pressure to find a lifechanging mp3/band is higher than ever. This music video meme is an indie music game changer. Consuming this 'shitty band's' song + video will probably be imprinted in my head as one of the most memorable products of 2k10.   Maybe we need to 'shift' our expectations 4 new music, and accept low quality products that are failed imitations of previous products, as opposed to 'searching for something new and exciting.' Maybe the acceptance of chill wave into the indiesphere was the beginning of this process, except it was 'packaged' as a new+exciting wave of music/collective of artists.

It seems like this new band has totally 'transcended' the internet, creating a new model by which bands can reach a mass market of listeners. Maybe the goal needs 2 change from 'trying to make good music', but instead, making a laughable meme that appeals to millions of internet users.

Wonder if post-Lifehouse North Face bro Christian rock is 'the future' of relevant music.  It seems more realistic to consume 20-30 new shitty meme bands per year, as opposed to thinking you will find 20-30 new albums/bands that make u feel more fulfilled than 'having a good lil laugh.' It is also a convenient model, because you can also 'forget about the band' and not feel bad about it, as opposed to thinking u have to keep giving them another chance to 'recapture the magic.' It is a great consumer-to-band relationship, since we don't have to commit to a long term relationship with them just based on 1 good product, sorta like Interpol.

It seems like the pure spirit/core goals of a band are to:

  • create a project that u think is 'cool' with a universally identifiable message
  • 'copy' bands that u r 'inspired by', but then differentiate a little bit
  • reach millions of people, even if they don't pay for ur product, cuz u 'love the music, man'
  • spread the word of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ, the only Son of God

The band Final Placement has succeeded on all of these fronts, but possibly should have had some 'merch' ready to sell to die hard fans of the meme. Who would have thought that 4 teens from Midland TX could have 'captured the hearts of the internet.'

Sorta wish I could go back in time 2 high school, and watch shitty bands practice/perform/simulate 'being rock stars' based on the bands that they cite as direct influences.

Miss the days when bands just had to chill in abandoned warehouses until record labels found them and gave them a deal.

Miss the era of 'So Cold in the D', back when making fun of failed musical endeavors was more abt the racial divide of internet users vs. 'dumb black ppl.'


Wonder if whites are backlashing against the poor whites who 'believe in God' and give educated whites a bad name.

Just want a remixable meme.


Just want 2 be in a band that is heard by 1-5 million ppl.
Just want 2 find music that I can discuss with my friends that makes it clear that I 'get' 'it.'
Just want to share memes with the world.

Is North Face the most functional winter outerwear available in the current fleece marketplace, or was the brand just bolstered by the formative bro bag market?
Is Patagonia the alt North Face?

Do yall prefer 'good' relevant music or 'shitty' relevant music?
Which type of music is more fulfilling?
Do u feel deceived by mp3s, bands, and albums that are 'packaged' as being a 'good product', but are actually a shitty product?
Is Final Placement's "Shine" the most important song of the 2k10 decade?

Good Music == Shitty Music ?
Hella confused.

Should I marry a creative AZN and make a viral video 2 signify how meaningful our eternal union is?

view video HERE if above vid doesn't work...think they took it down from youtube bc of me. Worried.

The goal of any union between any man and woman is to prove to one another + the world that your bond is stronger than any other bond between any two other people in the history of the world. Your relationship must have a goal. It must generate a product, brand, or aesthetic that lets people know that your relationship is the most meaningful bond ever--even more meaningful than the bond between God and his cranky ol' wife. It seems like this relationship between 'Jeff' and 'Erin' is incredibly meaningful, and not just because they are breaking racial barriers.

Would u ever make a viral vid with ur soulmate about yalls relaish/eternal bond?

It really feels like we are entering the golden age of 'ppl trying to go viral so that they can feel 150% more meaningful' than the status quo of their lives'. I have always wondered what it will be like to 'plan my wedding', like if it will be stressful, and I will just say 'yes' to everything that my fiance suggests. But now it seems like the goal of a wedding has to be 'creating a crazie viral moment' that the entire internet can share. Then u end up being interviewed on the Today Show or something as a 'human interest' piece that inspires Middle American women 2 resent their non-creative type work horse simpleton husbands more than evr.


I feel like this video sort of documents the struggles of small AZN people, and their desire to be white. It also documents the struggles of plain white females, and their desire to have a creative identity. Just feel awkward when white people date 'outside of their race' in an effort to 'seem more cultured/less boring' or something.

Ultimately, I feel worried about their relationship. I am not sure if they will ever create anything more 'meaningful'/'viral' than this video, even if they create a child. It seems like they would probably have to make a viral video of their child's birth, perhaps something involving kittens coming out of Erin's womb. JeffAznBro is probably the 'creative' one, who can make 'sweet vids', but their end product kinda worries me. Even if this is supposed to just 'mock' traditional movie trailers, the ideas+brands+gimmicks that they have imported to represent their story prove that they have no identity. Like they have a vision of 'how they are supposed 2 feel', but have no ability to feel anything real. Seems like their whole relaish is just 'smoke and mirrors', kinda like Hollywood/Bollywood.

Do u think Jeff and Erin are going 2 'make it' because they are two like-minded ppl who created something beautiful?
Will their AZN + white identities keep them 2gether forever?
Is their movie not believable, because no white woman would go on a date with a tiny AZN man, even if he was 'AZN buff' [via karate + xtreme sports]?
Do u ever think they are on a date, and some1 thinks that she 'adopted' him from a North Korean adoption catalog of AZNs?
Do u think Jeff & Erin studios could produce my script for Garden State 2: Braffy's revenge that I have been working on?

r u gonna get married or be alone 4evr?
r u gonna go viral, or live ur meaningless small scale life 4evr?
Should I buy an HD cammy and upload some viddies into the yewtewb?
Are AZNs creative, or do they just listen to Linkin Park, watch scifi action movies with fast cars in them, and work on turning their functional Honda/Civic/Toyota into a rice rocket?
R u gonna die alone, or would u chill with a metaphorical Erin/Jeff 4evr?

Previous zany meaningful wedding memes

An Analysis of Cookies baked & crafted to Represent Various Lady Gaga Costumes.

Meme via Ohnotheydidnt

Lately, I have been really into people who create things &#39;for the sake of going viral on the internet.&#39; It seems like if I had a meaningless mainstream life that I didn&#39;t know was mainstream+meaningless, I would probably try to do a lot of stuff that &#39;went viral&#39; in order to inspire people to &#39;be interested&#39; in my unique creation for 5 to 60 seconds. Even though I would never be &#39;famous&#39;, I would still try to capture the attention of the internet for 1 magical day. I feel inspired by whoever made cookies that were made 2 &#39;represent various Lady Gaga outfits.&#39; I do not find Lady Gaga to be &#39;fascinating&#39; or &#39;inspiring&#39;, but I am fascinated by mainstreamers who are &#39;really in2 Lady Gaga.&#39;   Arts & crafts really enable Middle America to &#39;express themselves&#39; in a meaningful way.   The spirit of baking is a liberating one for most women, but they generally do not understand that they are perpetuating stereotypes by accepting their role in the kitchen. The truth is, few women are &#39;genuinely creative&#39;, which is why it is so important for so many females to rally around female pop icons.  The spirit of &#39;girl power&#39; lives on in every female artist.  This act of creating lil cookies of ur fave singer is something that the internet will remember 4evr. Believe in the power of Arts + Crafts + Baked Goods. ////IN DEPTH ////ANALYSIS ///OF COOKIE LADY GAGA VIRAL MEME BITES ///ARTS = CRAFTS = BAKING = MEMES = $$ = LIFE = &#39;Mad Hits&#39; So amazing how Lady Gaga&#39;s performances add an element of theatre + drama to her musical performance.  Can&#39;t believe she actually stabbed herself for a performance. It is so beautiful how one cookie can be &#39;more than just a cookie.&#39;  I feel like this cookie is &#39;more than just&#39; a choco chip or oatmeal raisin cookie.  Even more than a snicker doodle/Girl Scout Cookie. By representing Lady Gaga in one of her most definitive performances, this cookie exists on a plane of art that few other baked goods exist on.  The red blood makes me feel &#39;humanized&#39;, since the same blood runs through my body.  At an moment, u could get stabbed and ur life will end. If I took this cookie to my design school senior thesis critique, I would definitely get tons of positive feedback for this cookie.  The multicoloured sprinkles give the &#39;hair&#39; a unique look that few other edible goods could achieve.


Lady Gaga is a true fashion icon, since she is so willing to &#39;push the envelope&#39; and &#39;think outside the box.&#39; Many people say that her act transcends pop culture.  At some sort of fake awards show, she wore something that really made us think abt fashion by wearing something &#39;beyond belief.&#39; I believe this cookie has also transcended traditional frosting strategies. The red frosting covers the cookie, leaving us wonder what exotic tastes lie behind it.  All we could do is simply take a bite, and hope for the best.  True artists inspire your trust.  Once you take a &#39;free sample&#39; of a musician or a cookie, u might never let go.

A lot of ppl say that Lady Gaga looks weird. Like she has a jacked up face. Many have called her a &#39;horse face&#39; or a &#39;butter face.&#39;  A lot of ppl say that she hides behind glasses a lot cuz she has a schnozzy. I don&#39;t agree with them. I believe Lady Gaga is beautiful on the inside and the outside. I feel like this cookie captures her beauty well.  Even though all humans are imperfect, we can still find beauty in their imperfections.

Lady Gaga&#39;s music video wardrobes inspire the Halloween costumes for mainstreamers all across the world. I feel like this cookie is supposed to represent how few mainstreamers could look like Lady Gaga, since she is wearing such expensive designer clothing.  The entire cookie creative process is a &#39;futile&#39; one, but a necessary one.  Though no cookie will do her zany outfits justice, the important part is that the baker decided to create something beautiful. Maybe one day the baker will make lil cookies of herself.  Hope 1 day she can love herself as much as Lady Gager.

I feel like this cookie let me down. The three dimensional element of Lady Gaga&#39;s costume is nowhere 2 be found. I wish more top design and architecture programs offered courses that helped students learn more about progressive culinary techniques.  Sorta wish  I could go on the popular Bravo TV show &#39;Top Chef Cooking 4 yall in the Kitchen.&#39;

Sunglasses are always an important part of a personal brand. I think the &#39;blind person glasses&#39; are well represented in this cookie.  Even if this cookie was blind in whatever cookie world she existed in, I honestly believe that she would have a lot of confidence in her body image.

Lady Gagy&#39;s platinum hair is an important part of her brand. I feel like it must have ben fulfilling to make this cookie, but challenging to re-interpret the morphing animal print features of the original Lady Gaga outfit. The small drizzle of blue sprinkles ejecting from the cookie person&#39;s eye probably represents both a &#39;lightning bolt&#39;, but also a small trail of tears, probably for some personal or global tragedy.

Feel like I need to beef up my zany hat collection. I feel like the &#39;frown&#39; on this cookie is a misinterpreted &#39;pout.&#39;  The zany hat is poorly executed.  Probably would have used some sort of progressive frozen chocolate to achieve the same effect.

I&#39;ll never forget the time Lady Gaga performed for Queen Elizabeth, the President of the United Kingdom. It must have been an honor for Queen Elizabeth 2 get to see one of the greatest performers of our time &#39;in the raw.&#39; I feel like Queen Elizabeth would enjoy this cookie as much as she enjoyed a zany Lady Gaga performance.

It seems like Lady Gaga uses tons of progressive materials to make unique costumes. The bakers are also probably using progressive cookie decorating materials, such as sprinkles, organic frostings, and miscellaneous paints from their local Home Depot.

I feel really inspired by Lady Gagerton. I feel like if I ate this cookie, I would probably also eat a part of Lady Gaga, giving me the power & creativity to do anything semi-creative in the world.  Like it would give me the power to be a popular tween actor or actress, then I would get to star in a Harry Potter + Twilight movie.  In addition, I would get to write the lead song for the soundtrack.

If I had the opportunity to bake a cookie that looked like this outfit, I would be most excited about crafting her hat and her classes.  Seems like a chill ass mattress pad pattern. I think this cookie is a huge failure, since the cookie artist failed to use a burnt Dorito or a blue corn chip in order to create a unique hat.

She seems to be some sort of &#39;batman&#39;/devil/gremlin type of creature in this outfit.  Probably trying to inspire &#39;fear&#39; into ppl. Feel scared of this cookie, like it is some sort of juggernaut.  Possibly a large hornie woman, trying to kill u + make love 2 u.

When we reflect on Lady Gaga&#39;s career in 40 years, we will remember the classic Lady Gaga look. This must be a &#39;classic tasting&#39; gaga cookie.  Probably tastes like a ChipsAHoy or an Oreo or something.

This cookie seems kinda scared. Wonder what the &#39;real&#39; Lady Gaga is like on the inside.  What is she so afraid of?  Why can&#39;t she just be herself?  Why does she have this &#39;front&#39; up?  It must be nice to just have a Gaga cookie, instead of speculating abt the tons of problems/demons that the real Lady Gaga must have.

I love Lady Gaga&#39;s beautiful legs. She often chooses to showcase them in tights. I would love to lick her from her heel to her vagina. I would also love to lick this cookie&#39;s entire leg.  But I think things are different on a cookie.  Like I would probably rather lick some of the frosting.

Ultimately, all women want to look like Barbie.  Get all &#39;whored up&#39; in pink, wear cute jewelry and makeup, and colour their hair blonde, then have tons of men try to insert their peens into them. This cookie has a very &#39;pretty&#39;/&#39;beautiful&#39; vibe.  Like some men would actually cut a hole into it, and then attempt to make love to the cookie.

This see-thru lace body suit showcase Lady Gag&#39;s cute lil nipple. The random dabbling of red frosting on this cookie captured the same sexy aesthetic that see-thru lace can achieve.  I feel let down that there is no interpretation of a nipple on the cookie.

On a lot of these cookies, I feel confused by the amount of space dedicated to the shoulder area. Part of me wants to see breasts/nipples drawn on

&#39;Such a zany outfit...Can she even see out of it... Only Gaga....Loves it!&#39; - 2 mainstream girls watching mtv 2gthr Sometimes I wonder if cookies have souls, and when u eat them, u basically kill them. Wondering what type of beauty lies behind this white costume.  I feel like if I had a bakery, I would create zany cookies of famous ppl to appeal to &#39;kidz.&#39;  Might have the white frosting on this one taste rich & complex, eventually becoming a guilty pleasure of middle aged ppl on their way to getting diabetes.

This cookie looks more like 1980s Madonna than Lady Gaga. Wonder if Lady Gaga ripped off Madonna.  Wonder if they will &#39;write a song together&#39; and the make out on stage + have some sort of sex tape.

Wonder if the black frosting taste bad. Wonder if Lady Gaga will die in some sort of plane crash, but no1 will believe she is dead.

I love Lady Gaga&#39;s sexy stare. I honestly believe she could make a man cum just by looking deep into his eyes. This cookie seems to have the same effect on me. I feel like if I ate it, I would have a long, hard orgasm, especially if we engaged in a lil bit of foreplay.

I would have loved the opportunity to take on this Kermit the frog zany outfit in cookie format. The cookie artist really &#39;choked&#39; on this one. Instead of going out of her way to &#39;create something beautiful&#39;, she sort of half-assed, and dabbed a few lil faces on a green background. Feel sad for this failed aesthetic. Ppl try to say it is &#39;cute and charming&#39;, but it just makes me sad.

Really just want the opportunity 2 create something beautiful.  Want the opportunity 2 bake.  Want the opportunity 2 create a meme that goes &#39;relatively viral&#39; on the internet cuz it is cute & charming.   I feel like I can imagine that &#39;any1&#39; did this.  Maybe like a 10 year old in St. Louis, or a class of special-needs-innercity kids in a rough part of Harlem.  Really feel like these cookies are &#39;more than just cookies&#39;--they are relevant commentary on the state of _________. Just want 2 express myself, whether it is in Adobe Photoshop, a youtube vlog, in a scrapbook of my memories, or on a baking sheet, decorating cookies.   I just want to create something that is my own, but also pay tribute to some of my most inspiring idols. Lady Gaga is a genius, and I honestly believe that these cookies are more than just an &#39;arts & craft&#39; project. More than just some Middle American in her parents&#39; kitchen.  They are a true reflection of the state of art & commerce in America.  I wish I could have a high-end bake sale, and sell these cookies for crazie amounts of money. Might auction them on ebay or something. Sorta want to make lil cookies of other famous people and alt celebs. Should I open up a store at the mall that makes cookie cakes? If I eat 2 many cookies will I get diabetes [via Nick Jonas]? Do these cookies look tasty 2 u? Have u ever had a mnstrm arts+crafts night where u made something beautiful with a group of friends? Do u think that Pitchfork will start reviewing cookies instead of albums? Does Lady Gaga have a beautiful soul and unique lifestyle brand that will live on forever? What is the best kind of cookie in the world, or are u more of a pie/cake/pastry person?

Lady Gaga

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Lady Gaga is the #1 modern slutwave artist of all time who tries 2 be all 'artsy' and mainstream ppl think she is 'interesting.'

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Meme Content Breakdown: "The Evolution of the Hipster."

Meme Content by PASTE MAGAZINE

As yall know, magazines enjoy covering 'hipster'-related content. Was reading Paste Magazine and saw some sort of scientific/sociological/cultural timeline that represents the 'evolution' of 'hipsters.' Sorta makes me wonder what alternative ppl are searching for. Humanity has a goal (trying to figure out how 2 live forever, and escape from the Earth before the sun explodes), so it seems natural that cultural subgroups have goals, as well. Maybe we just want to create the perfect playlist, and do other stuff that helps to express the real U.

It seems like mainstreamers who don't consume the internet and fringe alts who 'would like to be more culturally relevant' use exposes like this to plan their future adventures into the heartland of Altmerica.  Wonder if the world 'hipster' is even still relevant.

Seems like if I had a magazine, I would make sure to have at least one issue each year that had one of the following gimmicks:

  • Something about twitter
  • Something about 'hipsters'
  • '100 bands/people that u need 2 know about'
  • 'list of young ppl who are good at business/technology' (make sure that you pick an age, and use it in the gimmick, like '25 ppl under 25', or '100 entrepreneurs under 100 years old.'
  • Something about 'culture being dead' because of a demographic/generation whose influence is abt 2 get stronger.
  • something political/about a new, young politician who is 'different'
  • Some sort of list that reflects on the year

Carles will break down what each of the stages of alt in the 'hipster timeline' are attempting to represent.

2000: The Emo
Magazine Provided Blurb:
The proto-hipster’s white belt and guyliner make for a soulful combination.

Carles Blurb: Damn. Can barely even remember this era. Sorta glad that the internet wasn't very developed during this era so that it wasn't a strong foundation to build upon for the future of alt.  I feel like this sort of provided the 20 year plan for the popular goth/emo/punk tween retailer "Hot Topic."  Back then, I think most alts were true failures at 'being a functional member of society.'  Definitely closer to juggalos than 'relevant members of societ.'  Most alts were probably mistaken for homosexuals.  Even though modern authentic alts frown down upon this era, it was probably rlly important in forming how we are 2day.

2001: The Emo Redux
Magazine Provided Blurb:
The skulls on her tour-only Death Cab tee don’t match the skulls on her Vans, so it’s not like she’s trying too hard.

Carles Blurb: Back then, I don't think entry-level alts existed.  I am not sure if attractive females even considered being alt back then, so the pickings were thin.  Like portly girls wearing hoodies and van slip-ons.  I think the Starbucks cup is supposed to represent the consumerification of America/'the scene'/personal brands.  2001 was probably right on the threshold before the proliferation of Am Appy.  This is probs the last time is was 'kewl' 2 wear a band t-shirt. I sorta miss the early day, back when it was more difficult for people to find 'good music.' These days, inauthentic ppl can find buzzworthy music too easily.

2002: The Ashton
Magazine Provided Blurb:
His PBR trucker hat and faux vintage t-shirt reveal an obsession with “irony.”

Carles Blurb: A bro in transition. A bro growing up.  A bro becoming a bro.  A bro with a forgettable humble alt aesthetic.  Nothing about his wardrobe really tells u that he is worth getting 2 know.  Maybe we weren't worth getting 2 know back then.  Feel glad the the electro era happened to kill off this aesthetic/ship off this aesthetic to represent a more traditional bro.'  Not sure if iPods existed back then.

2003: The Scenester
Magazine Provided Blurb:
A gaudy tattoo appears on her chest, and she is never spotted without her iPod.

Carles Blurb: This is when music began 2 'really define' alt.  We were finally getting our content aggregations systems ready 4 hi-usage, and we could fill up our iPods with hundreds of songs, instead of carrying around Sony discmen.  Not sure if tattoos were happening yet.  Not sure when hi-life/pbr became 'the official beer of alt.'  Sorta weird how they used the term 'scenester', but now u would think a 'scenester' is a mexican pokemon alt tween with an asymetrical haircut and intense myspace photos.

Is #balloonboy the meme of the year?

It seems like the structure of the 'floating balloon' will allow photoshopping jpg meme producers to effectively memefy #balloonboy.

Feel excited, like a 'memorable blog post' is brewing inside of me, kinda like a South Park episode. Feel relieved that Balloon Boy is happening, since nothing else relevant was happening on the internet. Wonder if I should turn into a news blog and 'UPDATE:' this post with 'news developments.'

Seems 'mad relevant', like bigger than any buzzband in the history of music.

Plz use the comments section to say prayers for BallyBoy + leave a comment for him in case he reads HRO.

God Bless,

UPDATE: The Balloon Boy's body has been recovered in a Wal Mart parking lot. More info to come...

I Gotta Feeling... That 2nite's Gonna Be A Meme...


I got sad watching this meme because I will never have the opportunity to network with a group of fellow students to 'create something beautiful.' 'Don't get me wrong...' it was uplifting, but part of me gets 'insanely jealous' that these students still have their youth, and more importantly they 'still believe that they have a meaningful life ahead of themselves.' All of the people in this video believe that they will circumvent the challenges of entering the 'working class.'

Sometime I miss the college environment--it makes me sad to be a grown up and know that the 'best four years of my life' are behind me since I will never participate in a social experiment like 'college' ever again. U can have a meaningful college experience at any 4-year college that u attend, except if it is a 'commuter school' while u live with ur parents/a community college. University is the last time that you can really 'experiment' with ur personal brand while you are still technically a 'child' so you can still do 'zany stuff to get attention' without seeming like an ass hole who 'needs 2 grow the fuck up.' That's why it is important for parents to send their kids to college--not to learn a functional skill, but so that they will have 4 chill years where they got to exist in the last meaningful social context of their lives'. Sorta wish I could have been in this video so I could have sent it to my parents to 'let them know that I am happy, and having good, clean fun. Totes making the most of my college experience.'

It seems like we all just want to 'find ourselves' and 'find a core group of friends.' We all want to 'create something beautiful' and 'make the world smile. It's kinda weird how this 'viral video' managed to make the entire world happy. Kinda intense how the power of pop music enabled this group of university students to 'make something beautiful.' Sorta wish I had become more involved on my university campus instead of 'getting fired from my job as a College Radio Station DJ.' Feel like if I had gone to this University in the radical part of Canada (Quebec), then maybe I would have found more ppl like me to remind me that 'life is worth living.' I feel like I would have become involved if there was some sort of 'viral video makin club.'

Wish I could go back to college, get 'buzzed in a meaningful kind of way' with a group of people who are living the same life as u and who all still believe that they will 'go on to do great things.' There is still 'hope' in a college student. 50% of the people shown in this video believe that being a part of this video is a 'worthy of being included on their resume.' If I had the opportunity to star in this video, I wonder if I would have 'looked natural' or if I would be 'overwhelmed by the opportunity of viral internet fame' causing me to choke and miss my queue.

Just want to be part of a relevant meme that is 'remembered forever.'

I feel sad when I watch the news, and they have a segment where they 'report on internet memes.'
I wonder if being a newscaster is still a 'respectable profession.' It seems like 'stupid people who need a false sense of importance/fame' would want to be a newscaster. Feel sad for local news ppl and off-peak hour 24 hour news bros. I feel like they are trying to hard to be some sort of 'voice of humanity.'


I feel sad when my parents/aunt forward a viral video to you 2-56 weeks 'after it was relevant', and their sense of delight in the opportunity to share makes u feel ashamed of ur position on the front lines of modern internet culture. It makes me want to stop paying my youtube bill so that I won't watch so much web junk.

Feel sad when elaborate viral videos that were made for the 'spirit of togetherness' ultimately just drive iTunes sales.

Really bummed out. Seems like I am such a spectator and I am not doing anything to make more memes that inspire the world. Even if I made art/memes, it doesn't even matter since people would just watch them, link them, then forget about me. I want to make something that lasts forever. What if the internet stops working? Will books + film be 'back'? Just wish I could be in college again, making viral vids with the Communications Students and trying to 'find the right thing 2 say' to that girl who u thought was 'keut' in the video.

I gotta feelin
that 2 nites gonna be a meme
that 2nitez gonna be a meme
that 2nites gonna be a real good meem

Previous Uplifting Viral Meme that Ultimately Made Me Sad

The Memefication of Your Band

I've seen a lot in my days as an mp3 blogger. I've seen the rise of buzz bands, the backlash against bands, mediocre bands become 'great', and even bands that are 'good' get close to no coverage. Sometimes I wonder 'how does the modern music industry work?'

If you were starting a band today, what would you do to make sure that you 'made it'? Do you feel like you have to 'make the best music possible' and expect a solid network of followers to automatically warm up to you? Or do you feel like there is a 'game' which must be played in order to 'make it'?

In our modern world, 99% of 'bands' could be defined as groups of people who created a myspace page and uploaded 1.5 songs. These people have no vision of the modern landscape, and do not understand what it takes to grow into a 'band worth following.' While the 'live performance' is eventually a critical element in a band's rise to prominence, there is a game which can be played on the internet to achieve success.

Your band must invade the Perception Economy. Your Band must no longer be a band. Your band must be a meme. A Meme Which Generates subMemes. These memes must be compelling, intriguing, and interesting enough for people to 'follow' or at least think that you are 'worth following.'

Your band is a meme is based upon these principles:

  • A meme is a unit of information.
  • A meme is consumed piece of information.
  • Memes are exchanged from human to human.
  • There are ways to tap into a meme economy in order to make your memes seem 'more important than they really are.'
  • Your band can be 'good' or 'bad in a good way', but it must be a followable meme.

The modern band is not just about 'music.' The modern band must successfully win over fans by finding effective methods to generate themselves into a meme-source worth following. You are more than just your music. You are an aesthetic. You are the news that bros every where need to read about. You need to picture a world where you have at least 20K twitter followers who are eager to follow your lifestream on a meme-to-meme basis.

How do bands get successful? Are they 'smart'? Is it chance/luck? Is there a general template, or steps towards success for creating a highly 'relevant' band in the modern world?

There is an opportunity for your band to do this. You must take each step slowly, remember above all that your band is a meme. Some of these steps can be interchanged, and not every step is for every genre of music. However, this is generally how things work in the alt-indie genre.

Your band is a meme, which slowly injects the meme economy with new memes that make your band seem 'more important.' While your band will always be a group of friends/bros, the perception of your band will grow as the memes which you generate continue to seem 'more important.'


While the music meme economy may seem like a daunting place to enter, if you have confidence in your band's product, and one hit single that syncs up with the current popular & respected aesthetics, your band can invade the Music Memesphere.

You must understand every force that impacts the music memesphere, and how these economies interact with one another.

click to enlarge

These are the Elements of the MUSIC MEMESPHERE:
....continue reading....

I want to move away to the city, dress like an altBro, and become a Pizza Alt


I have always wonder what makes 'the perfect woman.' I think she needs to be alternative, creative, endowed with a treasure chest of electro accessories, and she must have similar interests as me. She must 'like alternative music and culture' and 'enjoy eating pizza.'

Do yall think my expectations 4 a woman are 'too high'?
Ppl say that 'there's plenty of women in the sea', but just feel like I might be asking too much.

Sometimes I wonder what people did 'before the internet could handle videos.' I feel like people were still making 'shitty music and rapping over it', but I feel like now that you can make a zany video to go with it and more ppl will have 2 hear your zany song while watching your zany video. Feel bad about the attention economy.

What's yalls fave kind of pizza? [via Dominos advertising to alternative demographics]
Do u yall still think that altbros are evolving in2 pizzaAlts?

Previous Pizza Alt Coverage

Not sure if this an advertisement for the band CUT COPY or some sort of meme/’dance sensation’

Memehijack via Swissmiss by Justin David Cox

Yall. Was just browsing the internet and saw this flyer thing. Does n e 1 know if Cut Copy has a new album coming out? Did they create a flyer to promote their upcoming album IN GHOST COLOURS? Kinda confused. I h8 the internet because nothing has an authentic context. u just kinda have 2 guess what everything means. The internet would be better if there was some sort of unified wikipedia tagging system that gave everything a bit more 'meaning'/'context.'

Does any one know what the key on the bottom left corner is? My Dell desktop keyboard has a "C" and a "V" key, but there isn't one with that weird symbol on it. Might have to get a USB keyboard attachment or download a 'weird characters' app. I hope that some1 makes an 'app store' for PCs. Personal Computers could use some of the functionality that iPhones have. Does n e 1 else agree/want to start a 'startup' with me?

I have a lot of ideas about technology and user experiences, but need to go to technical college to be able to execute them. Might regret going down the 'design school' route. :-(

Humans that might just be memes.

Sometimes I see a picture of a bro which has 'gone viral' on the internet, or a picture that is 'inherently funnie' to some1 with a 'morbid/sardonic sense of humor.' Then I wonder if I am trivializing their existence. Or if they have some sort of physical deficiency, I might be exploiting their flawed existence (according 2 me) on my lifestreamweblog to 'make people laugh' with me 'at some one who hasn't been as fortunate as me.'

This bro is battling morbid obesity. This battle might 'just be a meme', at least to 90% of the readers of this blog. However, the other 10% are probably 'arm chair commentators' who feel like the fact that this meme exists is 'wrong.' The meme exists--there is no right or wrong when something is 'going viral' in the memesphere. Even if the viral rate is not high, some memes can be 'timeless' and trickle down to the furthest reaches of the meme sharing universe.

It's just kinda weird how my life is important to 'me,' but to other people, it might just be a meme.
Searching for a way to live my life authentically without making things seem 'like I am trying too hard to be a bloggable meme' aka 'some ass hole who just wants attention.'

These are memes that comment on the fatbro meme, creating a memecosystem.

[Via Human After Yall]

Sometimes humans who turned into memes are kinda sad, but then I just 'lol' at them and find another meme to absorb into my stream of consciousness.

(WTF is a meme?)


Self Expression is the most important thing ever. Inside of 'you' is someone. You need to do what you can to express this some1 to everyone else.

Does n e 1 have any good ideas about 'what 2 make'? Just wanna make some new fashion/memes/paintings/ etc.

Should I make a dark-hearted tattered & torn hoodie design that looks like a skull / a miscellaneous dark-hearted creature?

[Photo via lookbook]

Should I make a zany meme quilt of the Tetrises?

Should I make a sweater that is a tribute to my favourite soft drink ? Should I join an Icelandic cult?

Should I make a bloggable painting meme that defies gravity/pixel properties?

Should I start a "Street Team" like a band from 1999?

Or should I build a Puzz3D of a city that I want to move 2 instead of actually moving to it?

Should I get a job at Circuit City? Should I ask to be paid in only flat screen TVs?

Or should I have a child, and then 'get him fucked up' so that he goes viral? Can u sell ur child after he or she 'goes viral'? Or does it help them 2 get into college if they put that they 'went viral' on their college resume?


Just want 2 express myself, yall. Sorry if my gimmicks aren't 'new and exciting' but I still think I'm searching for the same thing.
Miss yall. Wish we could have a bro-chill-session where we just 'talk', 'reflect', and 'make things that will last forever.'

Is Giovanna Plowman the ultimate embodiment of tween fame perception? [The Girl Who Sucked Her Tampon]


One of the disorienting aspects about 'growing up' is how your perception of 'fame' evolves. If you are relatively smart/self-aware, you begin to deconstruct the contextual mechanisms that create and sustain 'fame.' Eventually, you find yourself feeling a little bit silly for worshipping athletes, singers, and humans with notoriety. You understand that the majority of 'famous' people aren't always living great lives', and aren't as rich as 'really, really rich people' anyways. The idea of being 'famous' as a means to have your entire life 'taken care of' seems to be absurd. Every one has problems, and 'having people know who you are' doesn't necessarily mean anything. In fact, it can eventually just add another complex layer to personal and financial problems.

Then the internet came and created hyper-microfame, where a single meme can propel one human to 'human meme status.' It is clear that these people will 'go viral', be processed by the mainstream newscycle which 'uses' the internet to poach for 'oddly enough' stories, and eventually become a 'well known' talking point of the day, usually illustrating some sort of generic 'lapse in morals' in the current iteration of our 'failed society.'

God Bless Giovanna Plowman.

In a way, she perfectly embodies the perception of how tweens perceive 'social media fame' as 'fame.' Judging influence, relevance, and reach by perpetual engagement on Twitter. I feel like as a child, you saw a television or newspaper and thought that if some one was 'in that', they had become successful [via 'fame']. Since many of us have grown up alongside the internet's media evolution, it doesn't feel like the internet is an absolute space. The single pages of HTML don't really 'mean anything' besides knowing that a content farming monkey was ordered to write a post about it. We've seen internet trend cycles come and go for years now.

But next comes the Giovanna Plowman generation. Those who do not know what life 'without the internet' was like. #Trending 'means' something to them, it's not just an added feature to Twitter to improve real-time value. Tween-fame-perception has an increased valuation of the perpetual need for that realtime engagement. 'Being in Google' means that they are in an exclusive, relevant database. Follower counts 'mean' something to them, whether or not they are actually have a monetizable skill or gateway into an emerging industry.

Giovanna Plowman's conceptual art masterpiece provides relevant commentary on the physical maturation of the evolving female because her 'tampon sucking experiment' was used as a means to achieve 'fame.' This teen female forfeited the privacy that most of us want as we are sexually maturing. Experiencing our first menstruations, erections, ejaculations, and orgasms. Plowman's sexual exploration by way of sucking on her own tampon could be processed by some as hyper-sexual fetish porn, but in reality was motivated by a rather naive desire for 'fame.'

She perfectly uses technology to create a meaningful viewing experience, complete with the use of a 'smart phone', and her decision to play a buzz rap song, "212" by Azealia Banks.

Giovanna Plowman seems to be self-obsessed, a stereotypical 'overweight teen' who is 'fortunate' enough to have big enough breasts to give her a heightened sense of self-confidence. The simplification of her sexual identity is not entirely her fault, nor is her simple perception of 'the fame acquisition process.'

Does this look yummie 2 u?

How far would u go 2 achieve 'fame'?
Do u think she will be able 2 get a relevant career?
Will she be able 2 get in2 a top tier college or University?
Will she be eternally #bullied?
Is she 'the new Honey Boo Boo'?
Do u think Honey Boo Boo will eat her tampons for 'the love of the game', not 4 fame?

In the wake of the Plowman Tampon controversy, she has taken to Twitter (@ItsGiovannaP), actively using the social network to scold all of her 'haters' and bask in the praise of all of her fans, who have celebrated her. It is interesting to think about the Bieberfication of the tween fame perception. One must first upload video(s) to Youtube. The video will be viewed by many people. Convert them to Twitter Followers and Facebook Likes. Then 'fame' will work itself out. You will be 'covered.' You will go on a Press Tour. People will love you. There will be haters. You say that the haters pay ur bills. You will be remembered forever.

Will Giovanna Plowman be 'remembered forever'?
Do __% of girls do their own 'off camera' tampon tasting at least once in their lives'?

Do all tweens just think 'getting on Ellen' will make them rich & famous?

At the end of the day, do we all want the same things?

Don't we all want 1 last oportunity 2 shine bright like a _______ [via a tampon]?

Was this video 'real'?
How do u feel about 'fame'?
Is the idea of 'being famous' appealing 2 u?
Do tweens 'get' fame?
Who is 'truly famous'?
Can ppl 'be famous' in the internet era, or is the idea of 'niche fame' more clear than evr?
On a per capita basis, are people who are 'famous' in 2013 actually 'less famous' than some1 who was 'famous' in 1983?
Is Giovanna Plowman 'effing hot'?
R u on #TeamGiovanna?
Did she get everything that she ever wanted?
Does 'internet fame' mean more or less than evr?
Do u miss the days of innocent memes Chris Crocker/Tay Zonday?
Have tweens and AZNs taken over the internet? [via PSY]


INDIE CONSPIRACY THEORY: Is Grimes = Keyboard Cat?


Keyboard Cat was a viral meme from the FAIL era... but what if I told you that indie insiders are starting to believe that the spirit of the dead keyboard cat has inhabited the body of Grimes? All signs point towards it. Cuteness. A keyboard. Progressive Bleep Bloops. Right now Grimes plays on stage with only a few keyboards, and it would be safe to assume that after years of playing a keyboard with its paws, a cat finally inhabited the body of a human, and went after bleepbloop fame.

What do YOU think about this CONSPIRACY THEORY?
grimes keyboard cat

As u can see, the on-stage mannerisms between keyboard cat and Grimes are VERY similar.


Is it possible that the spirit of the dead keyboard cat meme has invaded the body of Canadian bleep bloop songstress Grimes?
Do u miss the Keyboard Cat 'playing him off'?


Do u wish Grimes would 'play u off' if it meant u got to spend 7 minutes in heaven with her? <3
Does Grimes have more musical ability than the Keyboard Cat?
Has the Keyboard Cat reinvented itself as a relevant buzzworthy human, taking full advantage of the Corrupt Indie Machine?
Do u <3 Grimes and is she even keuter than a cat meme?


Is Grimes the next BIG Indie Diva, or an overhyped product of the Corrupt Indie Machine?


Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Grimes is Claire Boucher, a Canadian bleep bloop singer music project.

Read more>>>>

Lamestream local news anchor has a stroke on-air because the Arcade Fire won

I just watched this local news coverage of Serene Branson, some local news reporter giving 'the scoop' on the Grammys. It seems like the local news anchormans were like 'Take it away Serene Branson' then she totally got lost and was unable 2 speak.

If I had 2 guess, she is probably all like "Arcade fire Who? The won what? Huh? Ble blah bloo blaarg. Stage fright. Boom goes the dynamite. Nvr heard of them. 2 indie. Lady Gaga shoulda won. Or maybe Sheryl Crow. Can't even talk. The club can't even handle me rite now."

Do u think she really 'had a stroke' or was she just 'going viral' 2 help her career?
Were tons of mainstreamers 'speechless' abt the Arcade Fire victory?
Or did the majority of lamestreamers 'speak out against' the Arcade Fire?
R u worried abt Serene Branson?
R u glad that she didn't have a stroke and was just 'speechless' bc of the Arcade Fire victory?

A statement posted on her station's Web site Monday reads, "Serene Branson was examined by paramedics on scene immediately after her broadcast. Her vital signs were normal. She was not hospitalized. As a precautionary measure, a colleague gave her a ride home and she says that she is feeling fine this morning."

If u listen 2 her closely, can u make out the words "Regine", "Win", "Ginger Bro" and "AnCo 2k12"?


Some AZN flight attendants try 2 go viral by flying the slutwave


The slutwave is an exciting new genre of music featuring artists such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and even Rihanna. They are all basically trying to wear the least amnt of clothes/make the sexiest dry humping/blowjob dances possible while still appealing 2 tweens and Christian Middle America. It seems like these airline flight attendants are trying to 'calm down' their customers who are abt to fly in2 the air by dancing around to some slutwave music by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. They are giving the customers safety instructions in case of an emergency, but at the same time, they are making it interesting, engaging consumers by making them 'a lil bit erect'.

They dance around, shaking their perfect AZN booties 2 "Just Dance", a 1990s hit by Larry Gaga and "California Gurlz--We <3 2 give BJs" by Katy Perry. So exciting, so modern. Really helped me be 'less afraid 2 die' in a huge airplane crash. Started 'carrying on' my own parachute bc I have a fear of flying :-(

Are yall afraid of dying in a plane crash?
Do yall h8 when they tell u how not 2 die when ur plane is abt to crash?
Do u think u will ever end up in a water evacuation?

Just wish I could be a flight attendant who 'goes viral' by offering a unique customer service


Just want a job where I have the ability to show off my 'talents' + personality that exist beyond my 'boring ass job.'
Want to be part of a brand that encourages

Will the airline industry continue to 'bleed money' unless they jazz up in-flight entertainment with topless dancers + mobile bath houses?
What is the most authentic airline experience? Jet Blue? GoGo in-flight internet? Southwest Airlines? Virgin Consumer Space Flights?
Do yall wish these flight attendants 'stripped naked' and let every1 'motorboat' them 2 go viral?

What is it about the flight attendant personal brand that is 'so sexie'?
Do they just seem like 'easy women' with no sense of home who just want to 'make love' to business travelers?

Crappy alt rock band OK GO keeps trying to 'go viral' even though no1 likes their music


"They've done it again. The Ok, Lets Go Yall are simply brilliant modern visionaries who truly understand how to market their products on the web using viral videos to go viral and generate organic buzz." -a tween who is analyzing social media

Not sure what the deal with OK GO is. They went 'viral' one time because they did a zany dance on some treadmills when youtube first started/allowed videos to go viral, so now their whole career is all about 'trying to re-capture the magic again' and 'go viral.' Seems like they don't even spend much time 'writing music' any more. Instead, they are just all like 'let's poop out an mp3, then spend 6 months training dogs/figuring out zany dance moves + video effects so we can go viral.'

Might become a video director and charge them $1 million for the 'golden' viral idea.

Do u think the treadmill video was 'overrated'? Do u think OKGO helped youtube 'go viral'?

Does OKGO need to 'stop trying to go viral' all of the time?
Do they have a core group of fans that 'like' their music, or does every1 only really pay attention to them when they watch 1 of their new videos, then they are like, 'ya, not as good as that first video. Also just so many memes these days that u really gotta step up ur game if u wanna go mad viral.'

Will never forget the time me and my bros 'went viral' at our high school talent show by performing the OK GO viral video 'live.' Since every1 uses youtube, they were able to immediately identify, and connect with our art.


Is OK GO the epitome of lame 'mainstream indie rock'?
Do u h8 marketing strategists who are obsessed with 'organic buzz marketing' + 'going viral'?
Should OK GO release a 'sex tape' 2 go viral?
Should OK GO 'mutilate' their sex organs to get people to buy their music?
Is being in a buzzband all abt 'making memes' or 'making music?

Chillwave hipster politician gets young people ‘jacked up’ about voting 4 him


I remember when I voted 4 Obama
He promised me so many great things
Free Macbooks
Free money
Free college
Free debt
Jobs where u just get to chill on the internet all day and waste time

But that didn't pan out.
He really let me down
Feel 'disenfranchised' abt the political process
Like all politicians are liars

Wish they understood me as a 20 something
Helped to 'fire me up'
'get me off my ass' [via my angry dad]
and tell me to do something with my life

So many politicians try to brand 'change' as something organic/chill/hopeful
The truth is--change doesn't come easily, or naturally
and u need some1 with multiple master's degrees to bring about that change
U want some1 to inspire u

Want some1 who 'gets' me
Some1 who uses his hands to communicate, not just his mouth [via yelling]
Want some1 who is there 4 me thru the good times + bad times
Want some1 who quotes Albie Einstein

Feel like Phil Davison really speaks to me
Going to move to Minerva Ohio and ride chillwaves with him
Maybe make sure that bars stay open until 6 am or something
We can really make change happen.

R u going to vote for Phil Davison?
Does he seem like a chill bro?
Did Obama 'let u down'?
Do u hope Phil Davison rides 'going viral' into becoming the next Sarah Palin?
R u a Republican because Obama let u down?
Is Obama gonna be 'booted' from the White House?
Do u wish ur angry unchill dad ran for local office and 'went viral'?
Is this bro chill or unchill?

UK hipster bashers make viral viddy song abt how ‘hipsters R dickheads, yall!’


Not sure what the UK alt hipster bashing scene is all about, but I think this viral video is 'brand spanking new.' I think maybe they are 2-10 years behind America, just learning about how 'effing hipsters' are 'full of shit', 'only care about image/consumerism', and are 'fucking ass hole dickhead slaves.' I guess 'hipster bashing' is moving into tween youtube markets or something. People from the UK are generally 'slow' to adopt American trends/aesthetics, so I guess it makes sense. They are still a few years ahead of Mexico/South America in terms of trend adoption/aesthetic replication.

Are hipsters 'dick heads'? Did u 'LOL' @this_video cuz it was toootes true?

Do u find 'hipster bashing' videos to be 'funny', or do u feel sad abt the people who made them and thought they were being creative/original/funnie?
Did this video 'make u laugh'?

What are UK alts like?
Is the American alt more authentic than the UK alt?
R u from London? Is it 'more alt' than Brooklyn?
Is England sooo behind on trends/exploring obvious ideas?
Is 'hipster bashing' still 'cutting edge comedy'?
Do u think the Lonely Island bros are 'pissed' that they didn't write this song?
What does the head of ur penis look like [via dickheads]?

Buzzworthy 7-year old blipster rapper gets profile piece on local news


Sorta wish I could work at my local news station instead of being a blogger. I would make about $22k per year, and have the opportunity to 'express myself' using telejournalistic techniques. Would have 'huge dreams' of either being 'called up to the big leagues' [via network/fox news/cnn], or maybe if I made post-ironic enough pieces, I would be recruited by the Daily Show.

This is the story of P-nut, a Memphis rapper who is 'tearing up the game.' He seems mad alt, like some sort of blipster. His swag is unbeatable, and the pain he has been thru in life is so complex that his rhymes really have multi-layered emotional depth. U really feel like he has already achieved 'greatness' even though he has only existed for 7 years. Depressed that I wasn't on the local news giving heavy interviews at age 7.

Do yall like P-nut?
Does he seem like a 'legit star'? Is he a good rapper?
Do u think his dad should end his rapping dreams and just sign him up for youth soccer?
Do u think his dad has a 3rd grade reading level, so they get to 'collab' on writing lyrics?
Do u feel bad for the adult 'journalist' who put this piece together/did a 'serious interview' with a 7-year old?
Do yall ever have to 'blow off steam'? What do u do? Rap?
Does P-Nut have mad skills?
Will u be happy when the local news 'dies', or will u be sad that they can't produce 'heeelarious internet meme videos' any more?

Might adopt a child and make sure he does mad viral shit.


Would "David After Dentist" have been as successful if David was white? Would we have laughed at him for being a 'dumb and drugged up' if his skin was black? Would we see his father as an 'irresponsible black man' who cared more abt drugging his son than 'driving him 2 safety'?


Do u prefer white memes or black memes?
Are memes abt black people 'inherently racist'?
Will P-nut become the next Jay-Z/Kanye West?


Does racism still exist, or does the memesphere make every1 equal?
Will Antoine Dodson enter rehab in the next 2 years, kinda like Tay Zonday?

Is the internet a Ameri/Euro-centric world where we can laugh at every1 who is a minority/from a different part of the world?
Will 'The Bedroom Intruder Song' be remembered as 'the only bloggable mp3 of 2k10'?


What is the frontrunner for mp3 of the year: P-Nut or Bedrom Intruder song?
Wish more ppl in 'the projects' vlogged. Guess maybe the local news is a liason between the white world and the "poors" + minorities.
Do ur parents/grandparents still watch + value the local news?

Snarky JPG Meme emerges ‘making fun of’ the ‘hipster fashion cycle’

It seems like some1 designed this picture to create a 'snarky take' on the hipster fashion cycle. The JPG photo, possibly designed in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator seems to try to 'analyze trends.' Assuming that 'hipsters' are on the cutting edge of culture, this photographic tries to 'give in depth analysis' on how 'effing hipsters' try so hard 2 be individuals, but don't realize that they are 'just part of a fickle cycle.'

Really opened my eyes, and made me feel like I wasn't unique [via Fight Club/Tyler Durden/Brad Pitt].

Do yall think this meme is 'insightful', 'duh', or 'just plain wrong'?
Are there any problems
Do yall feel like every phase of the fashion/trend cycle is sorta ironic/post-trendy?

So many mainstreamers trying to go viral with 'hipster memes.'

Do yall think this cycle applies to every hipster fashion/trend?
(Yes/No) Mom Jeans
(Yes/No) Shuttershades
(Yes/No) Fixed Gear Bicycles
(Yes/No) Twitter
(Yes/No) Facebook
(Yes/No) Skinny Jeans
(Yes/No) Vintage thriftwave shopping
(Yes/No) being Richie Tenenbaum for halloween
(Yes/No) being Margot Tenenbaum for Halloween
(Yes/No) Record Hats
(Yes/No) The XX
(Yes/No) chillwave
(Yes/No) Animal Collectives
(Yes/No) masturbating
(Yes/No) Child Predator glasses
(Yes/No) Palestinian Scarves
(Yes/No) Fedoras
(Yes/No) Duvets
(Yes/No) working at a coffee shop
(Yes/No) working at a starbucks
(Yes/No) going vegan
(Yes/No) going to Six Flags
(Yes/No) wearing khakis
(Yes/No) drinking soy milk
(Yes/No) memeing on the internet

Just trying to 'break down' this meme, and see if it is 'truly insightful' or if

Do yall think this infographic is 'correct'?
Do yall adopt trends or do u transcend them?
Do u h8 'effing hipsters'?
Do all alternative trends turn mainstream, and all conservative mainstream trends turn alt?

Some alt hipster drunkenly rolls around in mud like a pig at a music festival


Oink, Oink
The Festival Pig
Covered in mud
sticking my snouth in the trough
to consume slop
drinks, drugs, mp3s in live format

Oink, Oink
Rolling around in filth
2 drunk 2 stand up
I am the embodiment of the downfalls of our modern society.

Help Me
Fuck Me
Love Me
Push me down
back into the mud
and take a video of me
turning me into a viral festival meme

oink oink
fat ppl
looking like pigs humor
making fun of ppl on the internet
when she is probs just going thru a tuff time
and needed to 'escape' at a buzz music festival

Does n e 1 know what '7fest' is? They say it takes place in Ohio, so I am not sure if it is the Coachella of Middle America or what.
Do u feel sad for her?
Is this human meme 'effing pathetic'?
Should some1 help her get up, or should they let her roll around in slop forever?
Do u ever feel like this (metaphorically) when there aren't enough new buzz mp3s being released?
Is this girl a 'hipster' for transcending society so hard?

HRO Quiz Meme: Stock symbol OR sillie HIPSTER RUNOFF jargon?

Editor's note: Writeup written from the year 2024.
Some bro with a tumblr made a fun lil quiz that asked users to guess if certain words/combinations of letters were official stock symbols, or zany HipsterRunoffisms. HIPSTER RUNOFF is a now irrelevant weblog from the early 1990s which used many different zany words and phrases to build their brand. At first, many readers 'loved' these phrases, then the blog became an 'old and repetitive' cycle of memes.

The quiz is a 'throwback meme', celebrating the fallen blog, which completely sank after the implosion of the chillwave genre when the blogger Carles made a series of off-base predictions about the indie music scene.

Are these terms stock symbols, zany HRO branded words, or BOTH?

Quiz: (Answers below)

1. goog
2. bro
3. alt
4. amappy
5. rlly
6. mee
7. blg
8. azn
9. kno
10. authentic nipple slip
11. dre
12. aapl
13. rlly
14. anco

What's ur fave/least fave HIPSTERRUNOFFism?
Do u know any alt stock symbols?
Have u ever made money in the stock market?
When will HIPSTER RUNOFF die?
Have u lost tons of money in the stock market?

Meme Analysis: Sillie Flyer Makes fun of Music Festival Lineups & Branding

Some bro / designer made a parody flyer of a music festival, trying to 'make snarky commentary' abt how all music festivals are 'basically the same', and the same types of bands perform at different music festivals. Also feel like this is trying to provide commentary on the commercialization of indie bands, the mainstreamifcation of buzzbands, jam bands, white people who pretend to enjoy rap, weed culture, rave culture, drugs at music festivals, and other music festival cliches.

Do you think that festival flyers are just inauthentic marketing gimmicks?
Do all festivals basically book the same lineup just to appeal to mainstreamers?
Do u like to pay for bands in the bulk [via festivals] or pay for them a la carte [via solo shows]?

The meme post went on to 'brand' this event, providing commentary on the state of the modern music festival and the 'hypocritical consumers' who pay $200-500 for 3 day event passes. Seems like they are 'making fun' of under-prepared druggies who attend festivals.

Are these memes 'funny' and 'true', or are they entry-level analysis of music festivals?
Does what happens at Coachella stay at Coachella?

Are all music festivals the same because they book the same artists?
Are music festivals too crowded?
Are mainstream bands ruining music festivals?
Are buzzbands that sound like poop live ruining music festivals?
Are people attending music festivals ruining music festivals?
What is the best music festival in the world?
Do u know how I can get a job booking music festival lineups & designing the ultimate flyer?

UNCONFIRMED RUMOR: Apple is upgrading all iPhones to iPad hardware.

My Meme
It's Me. It's Me.
I made a meme
capturing the zeitgeist of the modern Applesphere

This bro is me
magnifying glass on my head
demonstrating how 'sillie' iPads are
when u have an iPhone

they are the same product basically
except 1 is bigger
so u can attach a magnifying glass 2 ur head
and use it
pretending my iPhone is an iPad

want ppl to say 'lol' and also say 'duh.'
I am an Apple hater
using a Dell laptop
from 2001
that has an external wireless card

This meme was just an idea
then I went to purchase a magnifying glass to make sure that the photo
was visually coherent
also bought a huge rubber band that fit around my head
all just 2 make
a meme that could be shared on the internet

I am the meme

Might upgrade my iPod shuffle to an iPod
using a magnifying glass
turning it in2
a blggbl product meem

so zany
feel like if this meme goes viral
my blog career will finally start
and i will get a job
leaking iPhones
for tech blogs
making memes
and launching ad campaigns
for huge brands that 'want 2 go viral'

Festival Bro Meme goes viral: Drunk Guy Can’t Put on his flip flop at Coachella


It seems like this video of a drunk bro in a Hurley shirt struggling to put on his flip flop at Coachella has 'tore up' the internet, since it was released on April 19, getting 'tons of youtube views.' I am not sure if his struggle to put on his flip flop is similar to the universal struggle that all humans must endure. Maybe people can relate to him since he is just a bro in a Hurley shirt, wearing some flip flops. Not sure if it is a Jansport or a North Face backpack.

Not sure why it went viral. Probs not even funnie. Lame music on in the background. Maybe people just want to say 'look at those effing hipsters at music festivals.' Maybe it's because tons of cute festival girls walk by in their revealing, breathable clothing. Do u feel like this meme was 'barely watchable' and 'definitely not sharable'?
Not even sure if he is on drunk. Do u know what kind of drug he is on?

Is this video truly worthy of 'going viral' or were you sorta let down by how 'lame' it was?
Would u rather see videos of intoxicated people almost killing themselves instead of just struggling to put on a flip flop?
Wonder if this video should get a 'record deal' since it got so many youtube views.

Have u ever been 2 drunk 2 put on ur flip flops?



Coachella is a music festival held in Southern California that turns into a gathering of the world's most relevant buzzbands, artists, designers, celebrities, and internet personalities.

Read more>>>>

Beyonce releases official 'fuck doll' to appeal to more male fans

Beyonce is the wife of popular rapper Jay-Z. Beyonce's ass has been branded as 'bootylicious' after she wrote a song with the same name. Part of becoming a popular female pop star means branding yourself as a sex object. Beyonce has mastered her personal brand and is one of the greatest sex objects in the industry right now (especially after she collaborated with Lady Gaga).

The upside of this doll is that she is branded as having '3 holes that love to be filled.' (You can simulate oral, anal, and vaginal sex with this doll.) Many men find themselves in relationships where they are lucky to have 2 holes to fill. In addition, you 'don't have to put a ring on this slutty siren', meaning you don't have to marry her even though you cum inside of her, because she can't get pregnant.'

"This Single Lady Has All the Right Moves." This doll seems genius. Some bands create cool websites, others make viral videos, and some bands even make iPod apps to reach their fans. But if you really want to be connected to some1, you have to let them 'make love to you', so that they can look into your eyes while they cum and establish the most personal connection

Is the Beyonce Sex Doll a good idea to extend her brand to more male listeners?
Will men be paranoid that Jay-Z will h8 them if they make love to this doll?
Can you either be a Jay-Z fan or own this doll?
Would Jay-Z make love to this doll if Beyonce was away on business, or would he just cheat on her?
Is Beyonce still the 'hottest black woman on the planet' or did Jennifer Hudson / Whitney Houston replace her?
Are fuck dolls the future of 'band merch' / band brand extensions?
Do men appreciate female artists, or do they only care about how 'hot' they are?
Should I buy a sex doll?

Which other female artists should look into creating a sex doll?

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