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Is the bro who tattooed glasses on to his head the human meme of the decade?

I was reading some mainstream snarky blogs and zany meme aggregators, and they showed off some guy who had a model of child predator glasses tattooed on to his face. Some people said that he is a 'hipster', but I feel like he might be more of a GenX-alt4lifer, who probably has a bartending job or something. Most people who have invested heavily in tattoos don't have a 'real job', unless they are an African American professional athlete.


It seems like people who get tattoos 'just want to bring more attention to their personal brand', but this bro took it a step further. After covering his whole body with tattoos, he needed something more than I.R.L. ppl looking at him like 'omg.' He needed to create a lil bit of social media that 'took the internet by storm.'

The process seems straightforward.

Have a 'tattoo artist' doodle/trace some glasses on to ur face/skull.

Make sure every1 is chill.

Make sure my mnstrm bro is filming it

Try not 2 'lol' cuz of the pain.

Reassure urself. Say 'when ppl look at my body during my open casket funeral, they will see an old man who had zany glasses tattied on to his face. They will truly understand me. This tatty is worth it 4 my long term brand goals.'

Get ready 4 the ink gun.

Bleeding a lil bit. Feeling pain.

Need 2 take a breather since it hurts so much.

Almost done... Wonder if a 'tattoo artist' has the same skills as a 'sandwich artist' [via Subway].

Does my GF like it? She will look into this face as I make love 2 her. This face will sit across from her parents at Thnxgvng dnnr. These bifocals will enhance the view of my son exiting her birth canal. This bro is me.

Feeling pumped about my new brand. Like I could get a job at some sort of rugged Gen X alt lifestyle magazine like Vice or Street Carnage and Television Boners.

Feel happy 2 b alive. Feel happy 2 have a girl who will support me no matter what.

Is this bro a 'hipster'?
Is this a 'hipster meme' that is as strong as 'the hipster olympics'?
Is this bro 'trying 2 hard'?
Is this bro 'fucking bad ass' and 'not a pussy like u' because he got a face tat?
What type of sunglasses would u get tattooed on to ur face? Wayfarers? Child Preds? Shuttershades?
Is this bro's brand enhanced, or 'in the shitter' with his new face tat?
Is Mike Tyson the ultimate face tat bro?
Do u think he could hold down a job in Corporate Middle America?
Do u think this decade will have solid human memes?
Does it 'hurt' 2 get a tattoo?
Is the only pain that hurts u 'emotional pain'?
Is there more 2 life than 'how kewl u look'?
Is the GenX alternative brand 'too raw' 4 u, like they don't value their own consumer power?

Do u ever miss 'the old u', before u transitioned ur brand into something totally new and different?

Ever just wish u could go back in time and chill with ur bros, back b4 everything got complicated?
Do u ever regret some of the personal branding choices/personal interests that ur personal brand implemented/absorbed?
Should I get a _________ tattoo on my _________?

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Et tu, Altbro? [bro betrayal]

Photo by Sam Hornine

Yall have probably heard of the popular Roman Emperor 'Julius Caesar.' He was a bro who was once on top of the world, but then lost it all. Apparently, he had some sort of clan of bros, but then his bros got 'mad jealous' and 'totally greedy.' They decided to kill him, and even his main bro, Brutus was in on it. When he was about to die, he finally figured out that BrutBFF was 'in on it', and he just said:

'Et tu, Bruté?'
aka 'even u, Brutusbro?'

Here is a picture I made of Julius being betrayed by his group of core bros.

Damn. Wonder if the bro with that tattoo was 'betrayed' by some1 close to him, like his parents, a girlfriend, or possibly his best bro. Can't imagine always wanting to remember that I was betrayed by getting a tattoo of it. Sorta reminds me of when Ed Norton got a swastika tattoo for the movie American History X, but then had to keep it for the rest of his life.

Also admire the bro's symmetrical 'Vietnamese execution bro' tattoo.

Seems like this bro is 'very in touch' with human suffering, and possibly 'outsourced his body' to be some sort of symbol or think piece to remind ppl that there are ppl out there who have it worse than us.

He seems noble. I srsly would never do that. I feel like I'd end up getting a tattoo that was 'simple and kewl' like a barb wire tatty around my arm, or possibly some sort of 'interesting tribal tattoo' that attracted females to me. Might just get a 'zany tattoo' for the sake of it being an internet meme.

Have u ever been betrayed by a core group of bros?
What do u do to remind urself that other people in the world are suffering?
Would u ever get a tattoo of an AZN being executed?

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