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Tween Fashion Blogger, Tavi, shows up on lastnightsparty

Tavi 'The Style Rookie' Gevinson is a tween fashion blogger whose blog 'went viral' in the fashion world because of her 'youthful spirit', 'honesty', and other generic positive elements that people in the fashion world use/value. She built a large readership, and is now in an era where designers must invite her to their shows in order to get 'authentic coverage' from her free spirited blog posts.

It seems like she attended an afterparty, where the renowned alt party pix photographer Merlin Bronques was able to 'snap a few shots of her. Bronques is famous for taking many nude photographs of women on his site, and we can only assume that his night was a failure after Tavi did not take off her top and show more skin.

Do u know how tweens handle hanging out with high level alts, or is she 'beyond her alt years' because of her critically-acclaimed blog?  Will 'grandma hair' on tweens be a relevant trend in 2k10

In addition, a post-Lady Gaga arts and crafts blipster was in attendance.

Whatever happened 2 the Misshapes?

Is Tavi 'overrated' as a human and as a fashion blogger?
Should tweens have to wait until they are 22 to get 'kewl, desirable jobs & opportunities'?
Do you wish you were more in touch with a relevant zeitgest when you were a tween, and had started a critically acclaimed blog abt a niche topic that flew you around the world?
Would ur parents be free spirited enough to let u pursue your blog?
Is 'fashion week' ghey?
Are party pix worthless when there are 'no tits' in the photos?

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