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nip slips

NSFW: Should I invent a secret handshake with my BFF where we press our nipples 2gether?

Photo by LastNightsParty

Sometimes I wish I could be young forever, having the energy to 'stay out doing blow every night', seeking out meaningful life experiences until the sun rises. Honestly my newly adopted 'chillwave' lifestyle is kinda a result of my body 'breaking down' since I recently got a job that sorta sucks a lot of time and energy out of me. Really can't do anything but chill after work because my body can't do much else.

Chillwave lifestyle has its positives and negatives. I chill super hard, but chills aren't as frequent. The chills that I do throw down are mad meaningful. I feel like I have 'a few core bros', but my SOCIAL NETWORK [via Zuckerberg] is diminishing rapidly. Wish I could go back in time, be young again, learn how 2 <3 again. Do fun things again. Be quirky, zany, let nights last forever. I wish I could invent a new 'secret handshake' with my BFFs where we exposed our supple nipples, then touched them together. This would represent the 'passing of milk' from one teet to another. We would be 'nursing' 1 another, sharing information, lifestreaming in the most authentic way.

Just want life to stream from 1 human to another
in an authentic social network
Just want some 'perfect alternative breasts'
in my face
helping me to 4get about my chillwave escapist lifestyle

Miss the days of 'perfect alternative breasts.' Wonder if I will ever find 'the perfect pair', or if I'll just end up settling for some 'cartoon-like mainstream breasts' on a mainstreamer.

Might go to my local drug store, purchase a disposable camera, and label it the 'boob cam'. I will rent a van, drive around trying to 'pick up chicks' and eventually 'bang them + photograph it' in the back of the van, starting a successful online pornography subscription service called "Bros Bangin Chicks in the back of a van."

I feel like the HIPSTER RUNOFF blog is 'really suffering' from the great buzz drought of 2k10. Since there aren't that many bloggable bands, blogs that blog bloggable content can't really blog. Really hurting us all right now. I feel like 2k9 was sort of 'the Olympics of Indie Music', and now we have amazing stadiums + infrastructure meant to spread memes, but now there aren't many memes to spread + share. Sorta like converting a professional speed skating arena into a place where 12 year olds have rollerskating parties.

h8 2k10 so bad right now. 2k10 artists didn't really 'open up a new artistic space' where we could debate + discuss + analyze their art. Seems like the criticism-sphere in 2k10 has sorta been a 'slow pitch softball game.'
Really 'losing it.'

What came first: the buzz or the band?

Just hope the nip slip economy can 'come back' and save the mp3 economy. Feel like nip slips represent 'promise', the opportunity of 'seeing something great' in the future.

Feeling depressed, like the only thing keeping the blogosphere alive is 'ravers killing eachother' and birds pooping on buzzbands.
R u sad abt the state of the blogosphere?
Is 2k10 really 'tanking'?
Does n e 1 care about the Arcade Fire leak?
Will Panda Bear let us down?
Can anything save 2k10?

What will we find first: the next bloggable buzzband or the perfect alternative breasts?

Miss the days of authentic nip slip theory.

Please note: This picture is not safe for browsing in environments which do not allow you to see more than 3/5 of a nipple.

Photo via the cobrasnake

I remember the 'glory days' or HRO when 'nothing mattered' except for alternative n00ds, nip slips, and bloghouse mp3s. Feel like the 'party' has died, kind of like that time that disco died, and people said 'disco sucks, yall.' But then in 2k8, people started making disco again since the internet created enough niches for a disco tune to exist+be consumed.

But srsly yall... nip slips might still be better than 'seeing a whole tit' because it leaves more 2 the imagination. like it is 'boring' when a girl puts out 2 fast, so u sort of need her to 'hold out' so you can get emotionally connected+obsessed with the eventual goal of 'cumming on/in her.' Then when it happens, u feel like life is meaningful, but eventually u 'get tired of it' and want some1 new.

Miss the search for the perfect alternative breasts.

Miss when altcelebs would 'show off their goods. Glad that the cobrabro is still willing to 'be himself' but wish more females would do the same.

Previous nipslip coverage

We’re all proud 2 b an American now that Barry Obammy is Pressy (NSFW)

[Photo by lastnitesparty]

God Bless The HRO


(to the tune of "God Bless the USA")

If tomorrow all the things were gone,
I’d kinda worked for all my life/went to design school 4.
And I had to start again, (transfer colleges)
with just my lil alt and my entry level alt GF.
I’d thank my lucky stars,
to be livin here today.
‘Cause the electro bolt flag still stands for altdom,
and mnstrms can’t take that away.

And I’m proud to be an Alt,
where at least I know my mind is free. (from corporate bullsht)
And I wont forget the electrowarsoldiers who died,
who gave that right to me.

And I gladly stand up,
next to you and defend her still today.
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land,
God bless the Alt.S.A.

From the blogs on the hypemachine,
to the douchey clubs of LA.
Across the party pix HTML templates,
From meme to viral meme.

From Seattle down to Austin,
and New York to L.A.
Well there's authenticAlt in every American heart,
and its time we stand and say.

That I’m proud to be an AltBro/FGGT/authenticAlt/Altbag,
where at least I know I’m free (spirited/liberal).
And I wont forget the blipsters/AZNs who died,
who gave that right to me.

And I gladly stand up,
next to u and defend her still today.
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land,
God bless the Alt.S.A.

And I’m proud to be and Alternative member of society,
where at least I know I’m differentiated.
And I wont forget the cool/aloof dads who died,
who gave that right to me (via inheritance).

And I gladly stand up,
next to you and defend my personal brand still today.
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this blog,
God bless the HRO.


Should I buy male gladiator sandals?

[Photo by Style Sightings]
Yall. I got drafted. I'm going away to the electro war. :-( Am I gonna die? Is some1 going to knock on my free-spirited mom's door to tell her that I died?
<3 Saving Private Carles <3

I'd probably be okay with dying if I got to wear this keut pair of male gladiators sandals. I used 2 think that they were only for girls, but I guess hi-level alternative males are starting to get in2 them.

Does n e 1 have a Lenscrafters/EyeMart gift certificate lying around? I need 2 buy new glasses from the 'sillie section', which is where I bought my shuttershades and neon wayfarer frames with no lenses.


s00 intentional! h8 people who r tryin' 2 hard 2 be sexie (bowl cut).
[Photo by GadeMode]


[Photo by PregnantGoldfish]
I know that female nip slips really make guys/lezbos go crazie. It makes u wonder 'Will I ever get to see her complete breast/teet?' In a way, it might be sexier than an entire breast, because u have 2 use ur imagination. Imagination can turn some people on, kind of like when an older couple has to save their marriage by 'gettin creative' in the bedroom.

I know guys usually have NUT SLIPS, but this keut ErlendOye-ish alt makes u wonder, "will I ever make twink love 2 him?"

Do u know n e boys who mimic Erlend Oye's personal brand/style/big glasses & earnest look?

Sexiness isn't just about being cliched 'sexie' and direct. Sometimes u need to use ur imagination, take ur time, and make 'love' 2 ur partner.

What do U find sexie?
Is sexiness 'physical' or 'emotional' or 'mental' or 'Teen Angst'?

(m83 humor)

NSFW: Sky Ferreira launches nip slip album cover, shows off her teet

sky ferreira nip slip nude
Sky Ferreira is doing everything she can 2 be in the 'public eye' [via being posted about on a limited scope of stupid past-their-prime indie blogs]. A few weeks ago, she was caught in a major heroin bust that could result in major prison time. Now she has released her album cover, which features a keut lil nip slip.

Don't get me wrong, I believe all album covers by female artists should have nip slips. There's an old saying, "A nip slip a day keeps the soft peen away." Say what you will about Sky Ferreira's career, but at the end of the day, she realized that the best way to get 'the blogs buzzing' is by releasing a nip slip photo.

Let's be honest, all women in the music industry are only judged upon how they look. They all basically sound the same anyways. All they can really do is lose weight [via Jenni Hudson] or else they get fat and no1 likes them [Xtina Agoolerra].

Do u wish she had provided us with a lil more nip?
Do u <3 her nip slip?
Where does it rank on the nip slip power rankings?
Remember the time Grimes sucked on a titty?

R u hornie?
Is her music 'the bomb dot com' or just 'eh who cares whatever seen this shit ovr and ovr again since 4evr o clock'?


NSFW: Pharrell Williams GETS LUCKY as he watches his fiance NIP SLIP!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Pharrell BB! U r ToTaLLy up ALL nite 2 get lucky!

I see ur fiance's NIP SLIP! U really got lucky seeing a b00b! U look HAPPIE and HORNIE abt it, bb!

I love ur new song with the robots! Those two robots are HOT. It is kinda true that technology is kinda taking over because I haven't made love to a man in years--i have only been able to use my lil rabbit vibrator that I bought at #SpencersGifts. I need new batteries soon, but I am also scared of the rise of the machines. But at the same time machines will never steal all of ur money, use ur kitchen as a meth lab or force u to live in a basement for 6 years.

But u know what? I was actually happy when I was trapped in a basement with 3 other women for 6 years. We were REALLY good friends, but I missed the POP CULTURE.

LOVIN the new GET LUCKY song, PharellBB! It sounds JUST like the music that I listened to when I was in my 20s. I can't believe how old I'm getting, but at the same time, I have a lot of wisdom from lots of heartbreak and painful shit that makes me who I am. But at the same time, I sorta suck at life. I wish I was Pharrels fiance! She looks SeXi and EtHnIc!

U rlly GOT LUCKY bb!

That's honestly a cute nip, tho! I wish mine weren't such ginormous saucers. Its emberresing. I wonder if they have nipple reduction surgery. #ashamed

Maybe u got NIPPY!

Rkelly who? #TeamPherrell
Chad Hugo who? #TeamPharrell
Slip who? #TeamNip

NSFW: Unchill AZN Bro returns with a nippy slippy

Photos by the cobrasnake

Unchill AZN Bro.
Where have u been?
Vibes have been kinda soothed without u around
I 4got who u were

in a way, maybe I 4got who I was
but there u r
u can't get up
(enough cloth 2 cover ur nip)

Oh Unchilly
I remember u used 2 be everywhere
U used to kill the vibe
back when every1 wanted 2 chill

but now what does every1 want?
Maybe in a way, u've gone mnstrm
U were once a thought leader
but now all the tweens are slippin, nippin, trippin


Do u know if alt even still exists?
What r u now?
Does ur employer match ur 401k?
What's it all 4, Unchill AZN Bro?
Tell me what it's all 4. :-(


Katy Perry has a SEXI lil NIP SLIP! Oh no BB!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Katy BB! U'll always be my fave #California_Girl! But that doesn't mean u have to go showing off ur cha-chas!

That's honestly #Emberressing. I remember 1 time I accidentally slipped my nip during an important office meeting. Every1 started pointing and laughing. I was humiliated, ran out of the office, grabbed the Egg McMuffin that I had in my desk, and ran out of the office, never to ever return ever again. But Katy has very respectable nipples, while mine are HUGE and look like DINNER PLATE SAUCERS. It is emberressing to take my shirt off when I am intimate with a man, but I guess that never really happens, so I hope the next guy I am with likes me for me and doesn't judge my body deformalities. #No_H8

Katy! When's the next album droppin'? Let's hang soon plz! <3 u gurl!

I really hope that Katy and Skrillex can be happie 2gether 4evr.

Larry Gaga who? #TeamKittyPurry
Whole b00b who? #TeamNipSlip


NSFW: Is this the Grimes nip slip we've been waiting for?

Photo via SUP MAGAZINE 25

Grimes is the new face of indie, some one who plays by all the rules of the Corrupt Indie Machine to ensure maximum coverage even though she makes a marginal/easily replicable product. We won't know if it is a sustainable buzz model until 100 blog years from now, but she's making as much money as she can right now, in case everything goes wrong. More importantly, a potential Grimes NIP SLIP photo has emerged. Is this the peak of her buzz career?

Is this all we've ever wanted from her?

As one of the leading NIP SLIP, BANGIN BOD, and SIDE BOOB sites on the web, I would like to mention that the nipple sighting is inconclusive. It seems as though there should be a theoretical nipple and areola showing thru this see-thru/mesh shirt. However, she is perhaps wearing a nude-colored bra/tube top, or the photographer edited out the nip. Additionally, she could have a 'colorless' nip that matches her skin tone, making it LITERALLY impossible to find any sort of nip slip ever.

We will do our best to uncover the TRUTH behind this photo. Please lend us your nip slip detector technology if u have some.

Can u see nip?
Did u use the zoom tool?
Did they use 'photoshop' 2 hide the nip?
Should Grimes show more nip 2 help her career?
Should Grimes show more nip 2 hurt her career?
Is this the nip slip we've been waiting 4?
R u hornie?


Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Grimes is Claire Boucher, a Canadian bleep bloop singer music project.

Read more>>>>

NSFW: Demi Lovato has a NIP SLIP at the Tween Choice Awards!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Demi BB! I can see ur cheechee! Oh no! #CoverUp

I am GLAD that u overcame bullying and are NOT afraid to show off ur lil nip! I wanna go to counseling with u! Maybe we can get a frappy before. They have 1 that tastes EGGZACKLY like a choco chip #cookie!

U defanately need to get some scotch tape or something to cover yr nips. Unforunately I have had plenty of nip slips in my life. It's easy for me because I have saggy, udder-like boobies that can slip out of any type of bra or support system. It's honestly not the end of the world, because my ass hole ex once told me that all men are just trying to see sideboob.

But ur b00bies are perfect BB! U look like u still have NICE, DEVELOPING b00bs, especiall from the side!

Let me know if u evr wanna go to rehab 2gthr so we can both find happiness, and even if we relapse and have a margarita and a cigarette every now and then, it won't be such a bad thing becuase we'll understand that we are under control.

Selena GomWho? #TeamDemi

NSFW: Lindsay Lohan shows off her JUICY, PERKY NIPS!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Lindsay BB! Is that u! Ur all grown up now, and a TOTAL BAD GIRL!

...but I like that about u, honestly...

BB! ur nips are showing! U've GOTTA cover up! I remember one time I wore this stretchy shirt that accidentally stretched out so much that it exposed my nipples and my areolas. Ppl kept making MOO noises as if I was a cow, because at the time I had a small growth on my breasts that made it appear as though I had multiple nipples. I was EMBERRISING. My BF at the time broke up with my by sending me a an empty milk jug with a note that said, "Have at it, bb. I can't do this any more. You have slowly killed me with all of your dumb musings and insecurities. I've moved back in with my mother until I figure things out."

Sigh. At least he left a note.

Maybe if I had Lindsey's PERFECT RACK and AMAZING NIPPLES that DO NOT resemble COW UDDERS, I would have some1 special in my life.

I think I'm lactose intolerant cuz i get nasty farts and poos when I drink milk, but whole milk tastes the best and I just CANNOT help myself.

Candace Cameron who? #TEamLindz
Vagine who? #TeamNips

NSFW: Madonna shows off her GRANNY NIPPLE with intentional NIP SLIP on stage!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Madonna BB! Ur a naughty old lady!

Honestly though, ur one of my inspirations because ur pushing 60 years old and ur body is PERFECT! U have HOT, MUSCULAR arms and u can probably beat up a body builder. I wanna do #yoga with u. I tried once, but I ended up tearing my stretchy yoga pants, exposing my entire crack and I was escorted from the gym. It was sad, and made me scared to step into a gym for the better part of the last 4 years, but I need to stop making excuses.

i LOVE ur nip, bb! It looks like u could still NURSE some children, or even GET OFF with erotic nipple play from a hottie male!

Ugh ur so old and ur body is SO perfect. How do u do it? Do u only eat raw foods? The only raw foods that I like are fried artichokes. #Yummy #smart_snack

Needless to say, I NEED to hit the gym, because i am not gonna be nip slipping any time soon. My nips truely look like huge coffee cup saucers with weird inverted nips. My ex used to call my 'Saucers', and it was hard for me to argue. He was an ass hole tho.

Lady Gaga who #TeamMadonna

Ur NVR 2 old to show off ur nips, bb! Ur the queen!

NSFW: Kim Kardashian shows off a SIDE BOOB NIP SLIP!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Kim BB! I love LOVE LOVe ur entire family! Yall give me strength that one day my big ass will be considered BEAUTIFUL and I will have my own EMPIRE of self-perpetuating fame where some1 loves ME for ME!

Is that a lil nip I see! U need to cover up, bb! I remember one time I had the MOST EMBERRESING NIP SLIP at McDonalds. The cashier started laughing at me, and said that my nip looked like a big gum drop. It was the first time in my life that I realized that I had big, bullet nips and since them, I wear a piece of tape over them to prevent myself from nipping out.

I CANNOT wait til your lil Jenner Sisters GROW INTO THEIR BODIES so that they can be as HOT and CURVIE as U! Bruce Jenner is so HOT, it makes sense that his spawn would have BANGIN BODS!

But u gotta cover up, bb! At the end of the day, ur nip DOES look good, bb! I wanna hang out with u and Khloe! Khloe gives me #strength.

Paris Hiltin who? #TeamKimmyK

Did u see Madonna's wardrobe malfunction pussy lip slip at the Super Bowl?

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Madonna BB! Oh no! Is that ur pussy lip that I see while ur doing an AMAZING flip? U DEFANATELY have been hitting the gym, going to ZUMBA classes, haven't u?

I LOVED ur Super Bowl performance except for when that BROWN LADY flipped me off for NO GOOD REASON. That always happens to me when I'm driving! I hate people with road rage! I honestly just wanted to eat my Frito Pie made with Doritos IN PEACE, but NOOO. That lady had to ruin it with her middle finger! UGH I'm tired of people treating me like garbage. First my BOSS now that RANDOM LADY!

OMG BB! u were AMAZING on the Stage! Ur the Queen of Pop 4evr! U were flipping around out there like an 8 year old gymnast! I miss being young and flexible, but now I am old and I can't even touch my toes any more :-(

Is that ur CHACHA, bb?! Oh no! I can see it all if I turn my head 2 the side and tilt my compy screen!

Honestly though, ur private area is BEAUTAFUL. If I ever wore a swimsuit any time soon, I would be all brown, dirty, and cottage cheesey. Not gonna lie, it's emberassing down there. i might need to go and get cosmetically bleached if I ever want to be with a man again. #intimacy_issues

Madonna bb! I live 4 u! U WERE the Super Bowl, except for the hottie hunks!

Gaga who? Brittney who? #TEAM_MADONNA_4evr!


Photo via The Cobrasnake

nip slip
I go 2 raves
2 see the nips
of gurlz on drugz
Some call me the nip slip bandit
My eyes are like telescopes
infrared vision
searching for that white hot heat of a nip
slipping out from a bra, tube top, or tankie toppie

In that moment that I saw that nip slip
Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt
Everything Was Vibeful And Nothing Hurt▲▲▲▲▲▲
Everything Was Vibeful And Nothing Hurt▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
Everything Was Vibeful And Nothing Hurt▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
Everything Was Vibeful And Nothing Hurt▲▲▲▲▲▲
Everything Was Vibeful And Nothing Hurt▲▲▲
Everything Was Vibeful And Nothing Hurt▲▲▲▲▲
Everything Was Vibeful And Nothing Hurt▲▲▲
Everything Was Vibeful And Nothing Hurt▲▲▲▲▲
Everything Was Vibeful And Nothing Hurt▲▲▲▲

Goodnite, sweet vibes.

God Bless.

▲ ▲

NIP SLIP ALERT: Girl rides raft over rowdy electro crowd at Steve Aoki show, results in nip slip

Photo via Aoki Facebook

Steve Aoki always brings a raft 2 his shows, riding over the crowd, sorta like how Jesus used to kayak on white water rapids or something. Steve Aoki is a crowd rafting expert... However, if ur a premium alt baguette with a BANGIN BOD who is so premium and alt that u don't wear a bra and/or tube top to the show underneath ur provocative tank top, u have to be careful.

No Nip Slip Left Behind.
nip slip

Do u wanna ride in a raft over an electro crowd?
Are nip slips hotter than full breast shots?
Do u <3 electro nips and/or areolas?

Nicki Minaj lets her NIP SLIP on Good Morning America! BB!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Nicki BB! I can see ur teet! WTF were u thinking!

It started like any other morning, when I am flipping thru morning shows to learn news, recipes, dating tips, weight loss tips, and other really great lifestyle advice... and then NICKI Minaj comes on stage 2 sing 1 of her amazing songs. OBVI she has a bangin butt, but I got more than I bargained 4, and her NIP slipped the eff out of her bra and top! What a nip!

BB! No! This actually reminds me of the time my nip slipped out during a job interview. We actuallly have a very similar nipple color, but my cheechees are WAY bigger than urs. Like saucers. Trust me. I've had A LOT of humiliating wardrobe malfunctions, and my body is NOT bangin... :-( (NOTE: I did not get the job)

Honestly, Nicki, u LOOK GOOD, bb! Show what ur mama gave ya! Ur an ALL NATURAL hottie!

Jennifer Lopez lets a nip slip on TV!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

JJ WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? showing ur nipples 2 us!

...although i knda LOVE LOVE LOVE her for it. when my exboyfriend would take me to CCs pizza, and call me fat after I ate 2 much pizza. (dessert pizza.. OMG. #achillesheal) then i would spill marshmellow all over my fat cleave, and he said my cha-chas looked like a cow udder. BUT JLO has them, too. i h8 him. he would make pay because i would stay until they closed and the manager was A TOTAL DICKHOLE 2 me.

JLO made it OK for me to have my really wide ASS, AND she married a skinny mexican. to be honest my whole body is as wide as my fat cheesy butt, but i think with her as my role model, i can marry a rlly small cute mexican hombre(hehe). i LOVE marc anthony. (althouh i might crush him with my body :( )

JLO looks good and should be PROUD of her bangin bod!

Watch the performance!

NSFW: Ginger Spice goes swimming topless, shows off her nip & cha cha!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

if u wanna be my luvr, u gotta get with my friends, but u also have 2 get a look at Ginger Spice's sweet chacha's!

She has round, flawless breasts with perfect areolas. As yall know, I have massive floppy pancake teets with chee-chee peppuroni style areolas. The sad truth is, even if I hit the gym HARD, it wouldn't rlly help me to shrink my cheeches, it would actually just require a series of surgeries in order to reduce the pancakativity of my goodies and some skin lightening to minimize my areoles.

I am JEAL of the spice girlsbc they were THE FIRST of their kind AND they empowered me to be a lesbian. I used 2 be kinda sporty bc i wore loose jogging pants, but then i became just plain SCARY :-(

(ask my ex)

Check out these beautaful garganzolas! She looks young and BEAUTAFUL.

2 become 1.......

Lindsay Lohan shows off a BEAUTIFUL, PINK nipslip!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Lindsay BB! I think the waves think ur TOTALLY SEXI bc they knocked off ur top!

BB ur nipple is SEXI, pink, and FLESH TONED! I can hardly tell that it is a nipple! So sneaky, bb! Love Love LOVE ur bossoms. As I have said before, I have floppy pancake breasts, so I need to lose weight and hopefully do something about them and remove my loose skin. My exBF would make pig noises when I would take my breast out because they were pink and pointy, exactly like a pig's nipples. It didn't help that I had a rash that made it look like I had 10 nipples. #EMBERRASING

BB!! Ur BANGIN! I gotta hit the gym! I heard swimming is a GREAT full body workout!

I would honestly be lucky if ur tub top fit around my arm without snapping...

Paris Hilton who? #teamlindz

Lady Gaga shows off her wazoos in a see-thru outfit!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Gaga BB! U need to cover up! Well, maybe she doesn't with a body THAT Bangin'!

Honestly, I can't wear white t-shirts any more, because they stretch out and they ARE see-thru. Needless to say, you don't want the kids at Wal Mart looking at your flying-saucer areolas, then getting escorted out.
The majority of my shirts and pants are 'stretchy' but the elastic does get worn out if it is stretched too much. Do u know how emberresing it is to have your boyfriend (at the time) give you a pair of sexy panties that are as big as a table mat? #ugh

Anyways, Gaga LOOKS GOOD and proves that even if u don't have BIG, FAKE boobs, u can still look beuatiful... U can still be urself and rise above being bullied to become a pop star...

Maybe 1 day... that will be me.


Rihanna shows off her hot, hot nipple rings!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Rihanna BB! Put a big, baggy t-shirt on! (that's what I wear. I'll let u borrow 1 if u want).

I can see ur chee-chees! Not only ur nice, puffy nipples, but ALSO ur nipple rings! BB! I didn't know u had those!

I was actually thinking of getting some because my exBF was really into piercings and tattoos (and, unfortunately, needle drugs). He had his nipples pierced and he had a Jacob's ladder, and trust me... it was HOT HOT HOT. <3 Anyways, I was about to go get some piercings, and a matching butterfly tattoo on my other ankle. But then when the piercing artist asked me to remove my blouse, I got REALLY nervous because of all the weight I have gained. Plus my arealos are sort of massive.

Rianna LOOKS GOOD and is WAY MORE SEXI than Beyonce...
I hope she is HAPPY now that she is DONE with Chris Brown...
U look good ad SeXi, bb!

Zooey Deschanel goes 2 an Oscar party wearing see-thru dress, potentially nips out

I just saw this picture of Zooey Deschanel attending the Vanity Fair Oscar Party... She is wearing some sort of fancy ass dress by a designer named Valentino... Unfortunately, I do most of my shopping at Forever21, so I don't really have a chance 2 ever wear fancy clothes unless I become a high class prostitute and fly to the Middle Easy and make love to miscellaneous princes who threaten to enslave me.

U gotta figure that Zooey Deschanel is pretty upset that she wasn't nominated for any Academy Awards and Natalie Portman basically made her irrelevant. Gotta be embarrassing to show up 2 this Oscar afterparty just to be like 'hey sup I'm here. No didn't really have a reason 2 go 2 the real show, but u know... Just trying to be more famous.'

Anyways, u notice the model wearing this dress seems to be 'showing nip', but then u can't tell if Zooey Deschanel's nipples are exposed. There's no way Ben Gibbard let her out of the house showing nipples... She is probably wearing some sort of nude body suit to make sure that she isn't branded as a 'slutwave' artist. Kinda sad for bros all over the internet, because every1 really wants 2 investigate her body, sorta like that dude in '500 Days of Summer.'

Does Zooey Deschanel look 'hot'?
Did u use ur zoom tool to see if Zooey Deschanel is 'nipping out'?
zoeey deschanel nude nip slip oscars
Do u think she just has really light nipples or is she wearing a modern Underarmour-wave bra?
Do u think she will have to 'get naked' and 'do some girl-on-girl scenes' if she really wants 2 be taken seriously in Hollywood [via Natalie Portman]?
Who has had a better career by acting in movies that Natalie Portman rejects: Kirsten Dunst or Zooey Deschanel?


NSFW: Lady Gaga does slutwave wet-tshirt photo shoot, shows off her juicy nips

I don't know what Supreme is. If I had to guess, it is some sort of progressive pizza that has a multitude of toppings on it. However, it seems like Supreme's brand has been taken 2 such great heights now that Lady Gaga did a slutwave wet-t-shirt photo shoot featuring a Supreme shirt. The photographs were shot by Terry Richardson. Not sure if he is a 'legit photographer' or if he just has broads 'get naked', but maybe that's what professional photographers are supposed 2 do.

Here she is showing off some nips. Saying 'have u done a wet t-shirt photo shoot yet, Katy Perry?" In addition, you can make out the outline of her vagina lips.

Here is Lady Gaga wearing some 'conceptual stripper shoes', showing off her bare ass, about 2 go skateboarding or something. Maybe needs 2 wear a helmet. Gonna throw down some Ollies/chill down the half pipe.

Doing the classic 'pussie rub', teaching tween girls that u can still have fun while ur abstinent.

Here is a good look at her areolas. Not TOO irregular or anything.

Should Larry Gaga 'get implants'?
Will Lady Gaga always be the #1 slutwaver?
would yall rather throw down a chill sesh with Dov Charney or Terry Richardson?
Is Supreme ur fave kinda pizza, or are u vegetarian?
Is this a great response by the pizza industry to the popular 'Got Milk' campaign?
Do u care abt Lady Gaga?
How do u feel 2 live on an Earth/planet where Lady Gaga is the #1 most popular human based on Facebook LIKES, Twitter followers, and youtube views?
Will Lady Gaga get a 10.0 now that we have learned that only mainstream artists can achieve 10.0s in the modern world?
Is a wet t-shirt nip peep the same as a 'nip slip'?

Lady Gaga

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Lady Gaga is the #1 modern slutwave artist of all time who tries 2 be all 'artsy' and mainstream ppl think she is 'interesting.'

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Terry Richardson

Alternative Celebrity, Alternative Entrepreneur

Terry Richardson is a photographer who takes pix of mainstream celebrities and naked alt broads.

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NSFW: Confused alt broad tries to make a telephone call with her breasteses

Ring Ring
Goes the telephone
'Hello' I say

No answer

'Hello? Who is this?? I have caller ID.'

No response.

'I'm giving you one last chance.'

I hear a slight murmur. The voice on the other end of the line says...



I don't know any one name Kyp, besides "Kyp Malone" of TV on the Radio.
I check my caller ID. The phone number is 713-NIP-SLIP.
The name says "NIP SLIP"

I hear a voice yell at me "It's me. Nip."

I don't understand.

"I am a nipple on a breast. I am calling you from a payphone."

I am confused.

"Hello? I need some help. My car died and I think it is the exhaust pipe. Can u bring some jumper cables? My car battery died and my owner doesn't know how to change a tire. I am in the parking lot of the local Old Navy."

So scared. Is a nipple actually talking to me?

I ask "How can u talk? How can u hear me?"

The nipple then says, "You might not know this, but breasts are capable of most aural, vocal, vision, and auditory skills. Nipples are sort of like insect antennas. Can you help me out?"

I ask, "How are you listening to me?"
Nipple: The phone is strategically placed so that I can talk out of one of my nipples, and listen to u with my other nipple. We are situated on top of a nice, round pair of alternative breasts."

I had the nipple describe the size, texture, and 'hardness' status of the nipple, and instantly I was hooked.
I went to my garage, picked up my jumper cables, got in the car, and drove to help this pair of breasts, hoping that they were in fact

So confused. Just dreaming of nip slips.
Every time my phone rings
Hope it is a breast / nipple / vagina / peen / Shannon Gaga
Feel like I am learning more abt females every day
Nipples + breasts can do amazing things
feel like u can be blind + deaf
but still 'feel it all around' with ur nipples
and make ur way thru life

Does n e 1 know how nipples work?
R u turned on by 'the telephone bra'?
Can a nipple use a robust API 2 login 2 facebook/twitter?
Do women 'feel/see/talk' with their breasts?

NSFW XXX Photo: Steve Aoki nip slip

It seems like the Cobrasnake bro just tweeted out this picture of relevant alt electro DJ Steve Aoki. Seems to be chilling hard on a flight to a high paying DJ gig, flying in first class. Seems relaxed, chillin hard, looking kinda sexual. What do u think he is dreaming about?

R u turned on by this nip slip?
Does it 'count' when a bro has a nip slip?
Are nip slips only 'hot' when there is a perfect alt tittie on the horizon?
Was it unchill of the cobra bro to take this pic of his bro?
Do yall miss Steve Aoki?
Do yall miss nip slips?
Are nip slips 'sexier' than seeing 'an entire tittie'?
Should bros wear huge t-shirts to prevent nip slippage?

Avril Lavigne goes swimming in douchebag cap, lets her lil nip slip

Avril Lavigne is a popular alt punk rock hipster bad ass female singer who sang the hit songs "Why are yall making shit so effing complicated?" and "Sk8r h8r bois putting their peens in my lil vag vag.' N e ways, it seems like she went to the beach to catch some chillwaves and decided to wear some sort of 'douchebag hat' with a graphic zany print. I don't think this is Ed Hardy shit, but probably one of those Ed Hardy for Alt brands that people like Pete Wentz wear/design.

Do yall go swimming with a cute lil baseball cap?
Does it make u swim as fast as Michael Phelps [via Shark Week]?

N e ways, the waves seemed to chill so hard that they 'ripped off' her bikini top, exposing a lil bit of nip. Seems like those wav(v)es truly understand what it means to be a bro [via wanting to see lil alt titties].

Do u think her nip looks good? Would u be interested in seeing her entire breast?
Do u wish u were her sk8r boi?
Should I get a mainstream buff bro to 'toss me around' and 'put me in my place'?

Did yall used to think Early Avril was 'mad hot'?
Did u want to use her tie as a cum rag?

Should Best Coast follow the Avril Lavigne model and sing about how 'boyz suck'?
Is Avril Lavigne 'mad alt'?
Is Avril the most influential alternative female of the past 1000 years?

Agyness Deyn nip slip at Coachella

Wonder if Agyness Deyn strategically wore this dress without a bra because she knew her nipple would slip out, and she would cause more 'blog headlines' due to hornie bros 'clicking thru' to inspect the nip. Feel like this is a some what underwhelming nipslip, like you wish you could see a little bit more. But maybe that's what makes nip slips so great. 'The element of the unknown.'

Does n e 1 know if members of the paparazzi go to Coachella just to take pix of celebrities looking alt? Not sure how Los Angeles works. Feel like I would have 'creamed my pants' if I were a 16 year old bro at coachella, and saw an international super model with her nip exposed.

Seems like she is looking at the camera with a face that says 'Why r u invading my space?' but doesn't realize that she has a nip slip going on.

Do u think Agyness Deyn is pretty?
Do u like her nip?
Should famous people be allowed to 'chill' at music festivals?
Should I start drinking Sprite so I can be a super model?
Will Agyness Deyn 'crossover' after she dates John Mayer?

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