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I love my local DJ a lot. He plays stuff I like sometimes. He is a tastemaker.
However, if I were to get a tattoo that was a tribute to him, I would probably get a drawing of an Ableton Live setup, or a Macbook Pro, or maybe Serato.

What would u say if u encountered a DJ who had this lappie-sticker-setup?

Whose Macbook do u think this belongs 2?
a) Stephen Aoki and the Aokettes
b) [Miscellaneous Masked DJ]
c) DJ Mom "Masterson" Jeans
d) The French Justices
e) The Mastercraft
f) a European DJ in the process of filming a documentary about searching for parties/life being meaningful
g) C.Y.O.Response

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<3 More Tattoos <3

Let's stop talking about who is [HIGHLY BNGBL], and being critical of trends which may or may not be emerging. Let's just get buzzed, and get some zoo animal tattoos.

What's ur fave animal at the zoo? Remember when animals would be sad at the zoo cuz they had to chill on concrete all day?

What did you do for Earth Day? Did u drink green beer?

HRO: Slowly Turning Into A Blog About Science?

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Happy Birthday To That 70s DJ!

Danny Masterson a.k.a. DJ MOM JEANS a.k.a. DJ 'Transitioning from actor to DJ who is trying to gain credibility with the alternative kids after becoming business partners/BFFs with Steve Aoki' celebrates his 11th birthday!

[Pictures by OutWithMe.com]

Here's an excerpt from a fake interview that I just made up with Danny Masterson:
Interviewer from some 'alternative' magazine: So what's it like DJing with Steve Aoki?
Danny Masterson: I mean, we just have great DJ chemistry. It's like, our mixes just cream together. I'll be spinning something, and then Steve will say, 'We could really use a Bloc Party remix right now, and it will be soooo MONEY. And when he crowd surfs, every one gets so fired up.

Interviewer from some 'alternative' magazine: So what's life after THAT 70S SHOW all about? It must be great to get those syndication checks.
Danny Masterson: Yeah. It's good to be able to focus on my DJ & party promoting career. I mean, Wilmer had YO MAMA, and Ashton started banging that old broad, and Topher Grace was in that one movie...but I think I'm doing something really special with my DJ MomJeans venture. I mean, I like to party, so being a DJ really just allows me to do what I like.

Interviewer from some 'alternative' magazine: Is it tough to get credibility in the DJ industry? Or do other DJs hold your pre-existing fame against you?
Danny Masterson: Well, it's a mixed bag. We all know it doesn't take much to be a DJ, so they aren't mad at me about that, but once they see me spin, they're usually really impressed. I'm pretty aware of cool dance music. I looove Justice. Absolutely love those guys. I've also been listening to a lot of the Bloody Beetroots, who are on Steve's label. I'm also a part-time designer, and working on a new t-shirt unlike any other designer t-shirt ever made. At the end of the day, we all just have to realize that we're all the same--we're all just people who put stickers on our MacBookPros, looking to make people dance.

The Masks + Daylight Theory

Doesn't seeing the Bloody Beetroots in daylight make you want to have an intervention with them?

Something along the lines of:
"Cmon guys. I know you wear masks and all, but you can take them off this afternoon. They look cool in press photos, and in clubs at night, but you know... Seriously, though. We promise not to stop liking you, or taking your music less seriously, but I just want you to be comfortable. It's kind of warm and sunny outside, and it would just be alright with every one if you took the masks off. Just throwing it out there...but I'm not the CEO of DimMak, so I'm not really an expert on personal branding. Anyways, gotta go. Vampire Weekend is playing a secret show, and they took off their sweaters, but still put them around their shoulders."

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