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Lana Del Rey's publicist forces alt blog Thought Catalog to take down controversial LDR post.

Thought Catalog is one of the last successful content farms on the internet, crafting a voice that appeals to alternatweens and lost 20somethings by presenting a mix of snackable content in familiar web formats like listicles and sexual oversharing. With a dedicated readership, their editorial mission has a self-proclaimed 'positive tone' that often avoids traditional blog slutshaming. However, one writer is scratching his head because his parody post about Lana Del Rey's SNL performance was removed from the site.

Dave Schilling was informed by a Thought Catalog Editor that his post that put himself in the voice of Lana Del Rey was removed from the site after a secret correspondence between Lana Del Rey's publicist and an unconfirmed Thought Catalog editor. After a disclaimer above the post that indicated that the post 'wasn't actually written be Lana' did not work, Thought Catalog caved & removed the post.

This post used to reside at this link, and has been republished in its entirety here.

Publicists are known to correspond with members of the press in order to sculpt a strategic image of their client. No one can confirm or deny the strength of any relationship between PR reps or media outlets, but many industry insiders are scratching their heads at this recent development. While there is no confirmation that Lana Del Rey's label or management has ever colluded with outlets to manage buzz, this Thought Catalog has insiders scratching their heads. Others say that Thought Catalog's editorial stance simply 'folded' to suits and PR agents. This is most likely only a fraction of the scrambling that her PR team is doing to rebuild her tarnished image, but is this the way to do it?

Is all press = good press?

According to LDR's publicity company, Shorefire, there are three account executives managing her.

For more information about Lana Del Rey, please contact Marilyn Laverty (, Andy Silva ( or Matt Hanks ( at Shore Fire Media: (718) 522-7171

Is the Case of the Missing LDR Post something that is common in the blogging/writing/magazine industry? Do artists make websites take down posts every day? Have editorial standards been compromised?

The missing post's author David Schilling's reaction to the conspiracy/controversy:

Of all the bad press that she's gotten in the wake of her 'performance' on Saturday Night Live, I think it's amusing that she (or her publicist, or both) chose to attack my article. It was a clear piece of satire. Is the real Lana Del Rey like the 'Lana Del Rey' I wrote about in my article? I don't know. Probably not. I've never met her before, but I do know the public persona she projects, which I thought was fair game for parody in the United States. Apparently, that is not the case. Her publicist has not contacted HRO, Perez Hilton or any other pop culture blogger to my knowledge, yet I was singled out.

More to the point, am I to blame for people with bad reading comprehension skills being unable to separate fact from fiction? Especially when there is a clear byline attached to the piece? "BY DAVE SCHILLING" is as clear as possible, plus Thought Catalog added a disclaimer stating unequivocally that it was NOT written by LDR. I don't think I am to blame for that. I am still unclear how anyone in their right mind could mistake my article for 'truth.' I hope LDR bounces back from all the harm I've done to her career and sells a billion MP3s on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Napster,, and other fine retailers. She deserves it.

Have blog ethics been violated?
Was the post actually 'confusing' 2 readers or was it an obvious joke?
Who has gone 2 far?
Are blogs dying?
Is this a sad day 4 alt media?
Will LDR's PR team take down all the blogs that talk bad abt her?
Are they trying to manipulate the media?
Did Thought Catalog get 'bullied' and/or 'intimidated'?
Or did they 'cave'?
Is 'parody' mean and/or against the law?
When will we have 'the facts'?
Was this post 'even any good' / 'even relevant'?
Has a big deal been made out of 'nothing'?
Did Thought Catalog 'make the right decision'?
Is there a massive LDR conspiracy going on?
Will we ever know how the buzz is actually made?
Did #LDRSNL ruin the blogosphere, forcing every1 to compromise blog ethics?

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