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Mainstream Vs. Alt Quiz

Having an IN RAINBOWS poster above ur bed is
a) mainstream
b) alt
c) mnstrmlt
d) maltstream
e) FGGT-core
f) xx goth xx stream x
g) he's probz gonna start a party pic site in 2012
h) a poster of 'Kid A' would be more authentic
i) He probz made a radiohead rmx for marketing purposes
j) entry level scene
k) entry level hipster circa 2002
l) he's probz friends with Thommy Yorke
m) he could only earn my respect if he was covering a Che Guevara poster with his IN RAINBOWS poster
n) Remember Radiohead? Weren't they an 'internet meme' in 2007/2008?
o) this poster is something a recently-divorced 'cool dad' would invest in to authentically connect with his entry-level-entry-level 11 year old future alt
p) Choose.Your.Own.Response

[The Selbie]

A Review of Radiohead's In Rainbows

I haven't listened to "In Rainbows" yet, but I think I've gotten a legitimate feel for it based on reading other blogs today.

Basically, it sounds like Radiohead. There's A LOT of experimentation and A LOT of reaching into the same bag of tricks.
Most of the tracks try to "out Radiohead" their previous albums, but still manage to tap into the essence of what makes Radiohead fans love Radiohead.
Some of the tracks sound like they could be on "Kid A," while some of them sound like they are on "In Rainbows." A few sound like they are from "Hail to the Thief." For the most part, a lot of them have elements that remind us of older Radiohead songs. Some of the songs are a little bit too out there for every one, but eventually, every one will adapt their perception of "good music" and learn to love every song. Thom Yorke also varies his vocal delivery, a lot. Sometimes he sings like that intense part of that one song. Also, the quality of the MP3s leaves us wondering if it would sound better if we had the opportunity to buy the CD.

Interview with Rolling Stone

Oh, and for you a-holes who value coverflow, check out these submissions for album art here. The picture used in this post is my favourite one.

MP3: Radiohead - Bodysnatchers(via Save File)

Oh and you should probably listen to this band, too, instead of just searching for Radiohead songs.
MP3: Health - Heaven (Pink Skull Remix)

Health's Myspace:

Search for In Rainbows at Amazon, even though it's not available there, and find a sweet tie die shirt.

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