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Vibing 2 some rape gaze

Salem King Night

Vibing 2 some rapegaze [link]
Really listening to this exciting new genre
thinking abt what it makes me feel

Do I feel 'dark'?
Am I ready to leave behind the vibes of chillwave?
Should I 'rage against the mainstream indie machine'
and only vibe out 2 rape gaze mp3s?

Sometimes worried abt the sustainability of rape gaze
like women's rights groups will get pissed abt it
and mainstream newspapers won't write abt it in their online blogs
because it is 'too controversial' in a backlashy way
Seems like a complex genre

Really hope it sticks around 4 a while
We need it

Thinking abt my sexual desires
Wondering if there is something 'deviant' inside of me
that makes me vibe hard to rapegaze music
like I can watch online pornography on mute
and listen to the dark sounds of salem

Should I vibe out to rapegaze, add it to my FB interests
become a Salem superfan
encourage a bunch of entry level alts to go to their concerts
sorta pretend like they are at a Crystal Castles concert

I feel like I will never go thru a hardcore drug addiction phase
Will never live in a shithole crack den meth lab apartment
Do drugs that involve needles
have sex in a graveyard
communicate with spirits
Have my bros crucify me just 4 shits
Sell my body for drugs
Contract some sort of infection/STD/terminal illness

Just dark ass shit

Feel like I'm always gonna be kinda mnstrm
and I won't ever be that dark
So maybe listening to rapegaze on my iPhone/Macbook is the only way 4 me
to sorta embed myself in that lifestyle

Do u <3 rapegaze?
Is there a high demand in the blogosphere 4 rapegaze mp3s?
Do u want more rapegaze coverage in the blogosphere?
Is Salem the world's worst buzzband?


Is Salem the world's best buzzband?
Do u buy in2 rapegaze or is it just an 'effing trend'?
Should chillwavers get rapegazey on album #2?



Salem is a rape gaze buzzband who sing songs abt dark themes. Many ppl say they 'suck' while others think they are 'brilliant.'

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RapeGaze pioneers SALEM make the most boring video of the year.

Don't get me wrong, I love me some rapegaze. I like hanging out in graveyards and cutting "†" symbols into my skin just like any other rapegazer as I listen to some gazeyrape sounds of Salem. But this video is really boring. There are like trucks driving around or something. Maybe it is a metaphor? Unfortunately, I didn't go to film school, so I can't really 'analyze and interpret' visual images, but as a casual observer, I ZZZZZZZZZed the whole way thru this one.

Maybe I should get more in2 'trucks driving around' aimlessly. I can go vibe out on overpasses, watch cars and trucks driving around, maybe listen to buzz tunes on my iPoddy.

They probably should have just had some famous broad looking all rapegazey, and Jack 'singing'. But I guess Salem doesn't really have any words in their songs. SPEAKING OF SALEM, remember this sweet video of Jack rapping?


Oh Salem...
There's something abt u that's so unbloggable...
But that's what makes u oh so very bloggable....

Do u <3 or h8 Salem?
Is this video 'mad boring'?
Should Jack start rapping more?
Is Jack Donaghue the 'Prince of RapeGaze'?
Do u ever go out at night just to watch trucks driving around?



Salem is a rape gaze buzzband who sing songs abt dark themes. Many ppl say they 'suck' while others think they are 'brilliant.'

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Justice's new album cover has a cross on it. Is the † symbol 'too rapegaze'?

Justice has a new album coming out called "Audio, Video, Disco". As yall probably know, they are really committed to the cross meme, which is why they put a stone cross on it. A cross was also drawn on the cover of their previous album entitled "†".

I sorta wonder if they need 2 ditch the cross gimmick because it is 'too rapegaze.' As yall know, tons of rapegaze bands are all abt "†", so now ppl might think Justice has 'gone rapegaze' when they are actually bangerwave. Do u think their black leather jackets are a bit gazerapey?

Are †es too rapegaze?
Who owns the † as intellectual property?
Are "†"''s for rapegaze ass holes?
Was Justice the founding father of rapegaze?
R u pumped abt their new album, or will it 'tank' hard?
What genre will last longer: bangerwave or gazerape?

Tween fashion blogger Tavi does SEXY rapegaze photoshoot

Tavi Gevinson is a lil alt QT who started blogging about her zany, whimsical, free-spirited, alt-tween-wave fashion sensibilities, then the entire fashionosphere was all like "She is SO FREE! I am CRAZIE 4 HER!" and started putting her in the front row of their fashion shows just to get coverage. Recently, she was spotted showing off her BANGIN BOD at Pitchfork Music festival. Now she seemed to have 'upped the alt ante' by doing a diy rapegaze photoshoot.

As yall know, rapegaze is a popular genre that the buzzband Salem is in. Totally dark vibes, yet at the same time, natural vibes. Like ur lost in a forest, and ambient music with heavy bass is still playing 4 some reason. She apparently went to Michigan just to do this progressive photoshoot. U have to wonder if she is done fashion blogging, and will move towards building a modern goth brand, coupled with some sweet dark noises to call a 'sound project.'

No matter how crappy her rapegaze band sounds, she will be successful bc she is a QT. Do u totally <3 Tavi's new rapegaze vibe?

Mainstream Harry Potter actress Emma Watson spotted canoodling with rapegaze hipster bro

I just saw this picture of Emma Watson 'canoodling' with some bro. My first response was 'he's totally ugly, why would she be with him when she could d8 a totally prime piece of 20something a$$.' But then I took a closer look at the bro.

Pasty skin.
Greasy Hair
See-thru black mesh shirt.
Signs of heavy drug use.

It seems like he is just a bro who just likes to party hard, rapegaze style. I can't confirm nor deny that he rides the needle drug waves, but wouldn't put it past him.

U gotta give him props 4 staying true 2 his personal brand AND bagging a mainstream, rich actress who will support his drug habit while he tries to craft an album that merges dubstep with rapegaze.

Is this the same bro that she was spotted canoodling with at Glastonbury Festival? [link]

Is Rapegaze going mainstream?
Do u have a rapegaze personal brand?
Is 'rapegaze' the modern 'goth'?
Is rapegaze a lifestyle or a way of life?
Is Harry Potter 'rolling over in his grave'?
Is Emma Watson going 2 be one of those serious actresses who gets naked every 4 years to 'keep ppl interested in her'/taking her seriously?

Have u ever dated a rapegaze bro/broad?

Romy Croft of the XX sings vocals on some rape gaze track

The XX is a popular 2k9 buzzband who is known for their minimalist guitar wave hit album. They are 'taking some time off' and writing a new album, so u can't help but wonder how it is going to sound. The lead singer broad, Romy Croft, just did vocals on some new RAPE GAZE MP3 by some band named CREEP.

Listened 2 it. Not sure how 2 feel.



Who the eff is CREEP? They don't really sound 'as dark' as Salem, so I am not rlly vibing to them. I guess all rape gaze bands have to have some sort of 'dark cross' in their gimmick.

Kinda wonder if the XX's next album is gonna ditch guitars and just be all rape gaze, thick ass dark shit with dubsteppy Jamie XX vibes.

Do u want to listen to rape gaze mp3s and be eyeball fucked by the XX?
Is this song 'good'?
Are all rape gaze mp3s the same bc they are dark and heavy?
Did Romy 'save this song'?
What do u want the next xx album 2 sound like?
Have u ever pleasured urself while maintaining eye contact with a picture of the XX?

The xx


The xx is a band from the UK that went kinda mainstream in 2k9

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Rape Gaze buzzband Salem 'kills it', gets positive NYTimes writeup

Video may not be playable in ur RSS reader

Salem is widely regarded as 'the world's worst buzzband', but are growing into 'mainstream indie darlings' by fans who want to </embed>

Just watched this video of Salem performing at CMJ on the New York Times blog page. It seems like after their disastrous SXSW, Salem has 'rebranded' and is becoming a 'hot indie commodity' and will probably open for the Arcade Fire / MGMT / Phoenix / Grizzly Bear / The XX soon.

It seems like the reviewer was like, "It sucked, but it was awesome. I finally 'get' Salem cuz I wanna vibe to rape gaze":

Salem is infamous for its alienating approach to the independent music business. So it was a little surprising to see the trio — John Holland, Heather Marlatt and Jack Donoghue — dutifully play a short set for their label’s humdrum CMJ showcase on Tuesday night at Santo’s Party House. But thankfully, the band returned to dissonant form with Wednesday night’s absurdly exclusive, secretive, hard-to-find, smoke-filled basement show at Ramiken Crucible, a narrow basement gallery no one’s ever heard of that sits south of East Broadway, deep in the Lower East Side.

I feel kinda sad that they didn't talk about the controversial genre name 'rape gaze.' It seems like if Salem is going 2 'break thru 2 the chillwave indie mnstrm', they need mainstream critics to talk abt what their music sounds like. Maybe the NYTimes would face backlash if they used 'rape' in a genre name

Just wish I coulda been in the smokey club, vibing out to some rape gaze

Around 1:30 a.m., Salem finally crept out onto the stage. Shrouded in billowing smoke and lit by an eerie tractor beam of green light, Holland opened with blistering, droning guitar. When it was all over, rapturous cries begged and pleaded for an encore. There was none.

Would yall have 'begged' 4 an Encore?
Do u think Salem is becoming a mainstream indie force?
Is Salem 'effing terrible', or 'so terrible that they are the best band in the world bc u know u can go to their concert and lamestreamers won't invade'?
Has Salem opened up a new authentic artistic space?
Is Salem 'too dark' 4 u? U just wanna vibe out to MGMT's "KIDS" or what?
Who is the sexiest member of Salem that can be turned into an indie sex icon?
Do u hope bubblegum indie magazines like Nylon do 'sexie' photo spreads of Salem?



Salem is a rape gaze buzzband who sing songs abt dark themes. Many ppl say they 'suck' while others think they are 'brilliant.'

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Pitchfork 'backpedals' on the implementation of the rape gaze genre. Is it 2 late?

Salem is known as the world's worst buzzband after they had some 'effing terrible' performances at SXSW sometime between 1-20 blog years ago [link]. Time moves so fast that it is difficult to remember when exactly memorable event happened, but here is a video of Salem performing live so u can 'recapture the magic' [via crappiness]. Do u vibe out 2 them?


Anyways, they apparently have some new album out, and Pitchfork decided to give them a 7.5. Apparently, the whole gimmick with them is that they are 'brilliant' in the studio, but 'effing blow' in the live setting. Wonder if they just need to adopt a Crystal Castles type of setup and hide behind lights + loud noises. Overall, this is a 'pretty boring meme', but what made it juicy was when Pitchfork dropped the sweet baller ass genre name "rape gaze" into the review. Unfortunately,

Seems like 'rape gaze' has a huge opportunity to become the next chillwave, since it is way more hardcore than the term 'witch house'. Unfortunately, Pitchfork 'retracted' the use of RAPE GAZE in their review, and totes backpedaled, even though the name is hella sweet.

Editor's Note: This review contains a list of the various names that have been used to describe the music of SALEM and/or other similar artists, among them "drag" and "witch house." It originally also listed "rape gaze", a term coined by Michigan band CREEP, as formerly listed on their MySpace and reported in the New York Press. The band today disowned the phrase and will no longer be using it, expressing to The Village Voice, they "would never want to advocate sexual violence against any human being. It was a play on words which we never expected to be used as an actual genre."

Are yall sad that RAPE GAZE might not catch on?

Did Salem deserve a 7.5

Salem trade in apathy. In an article for Butt magazine last year, band member John Holland copped to a past lifestyle of heavy drug use and teenage prostitution-- then he offered the interviewer some speed. The band was featured in The New York Times Arts section's fall preview this year, but one member couldn't be bothered to wake up on time for the interview. When Times writer Ben Ratliff pressed the band on the lyrics to early single "Trapdoor", Holland replied, "It doesn't really matter to me whether people know what the lyrics are or not." Even when XLR8R's Brandon Ivers recently asked Salem about their much-blogged-about disaster of a FADER Fort appearance at last year's SXSW-- a performance that could be featured in the dictionary as the definition of "not giving a shit"-- band members Heather Marlatt and Jack Donoghue claimed not to have seen the video, while Holland later stated about the band's live presence, "I don't even care. I totally don't."

Damn. Mad Rape Gaze.
Seems scary.
Afraid of this dark world.

Anyways, here is another performance where they 'effing kill it'


Does this band sound 'rape gazey' 2 u?
Is it unchill that Pitchfork 'backpedaled' on the rape gaze genre?
Is Rape Gaze the new chillwave?
Is 'Snuff Gaze' a chiller alternative since not that many ppl know what
Was Pitchfork 'right' 2 take a stand against female violence?
Is it unchill that music writer bros can just 'make light' of sexual violence and throw around terms like that just to 'get bros talking'?
Does Salem 'effing blow' or are they better than Best Coast/WAVVES?
Should [act of sexual violence] + wave OR gaze be the next big musical genre?
Should we lump Crystal Castles into the rape gaze genre just to 'keep this meme going'?
What happens when the rape gaze and slutwave genres merge?

"Shame on u p4k, Shame on all yall."
-the female indie blogosphere



Salem is a rape gaze buzzband who sing songs abt dark themes. Many ppl say they 'suck' while others think they are 'brilliant.'

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