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Google censors rapidshare, megaupload, & torrents because they leak 2 many albums

No1 buys albums any more, unless you are a tween or an overgrounder, so people just illegally download them by googling [album name] + [file hosting provider]. It seems like Google is trying to make that process more difficult because they 'turned off autocomplete' for these [file hosting providers]. The results still show up, but u just have to type it all out now. S000oo0o0o00oOO ann0ying, Google.

Searching for file-sharing information via Google is going to take a little bit more effort now, thanks to new steps taken by the search engine to remove all sorts of references to torrents from its instant search and autocomplete features.

Do u think the dude from Metallica who shut down Napster 'made this happen'?
Do u h8 the RIAA?
Have u been sued/served bc u illegally downloaded something?

It’s taken a while, but Google has finally caved in to pressure from the entertainment industries including the MPAA and RIAA. The search engine now actively censors terms including BitTorrent, torrent, utorrent, RapidShare and Megaupload from its instant and autocomplete services.

Why do u think they singled out these services, but let u autocomplete sweet services like The Pirate's Bay, Mediafire, and AlbumLeakedFreeZipFiles.net?

Part of the problem with this new implementation, as TorrentFreak noted when it broke the story, the list of banned terms is "seemingly arbitrary." No version of the word "torrent" will work for instant search - neither the software "uTorrent," nor "BitTorrent," the name of a protocol and a San Francisco-based company. But while the cyberlockers RapidShare and Megaupload are now forbidden, other sites like HotFile and MediaFire are not. Furthermore, you can still find the names of other popular torrent sites, including The Pirate Bay.

It seems like these companies are trying 2 pretend that 'legitimate users' use their services, not just people who are trying to illegally leak + share files. C'mon yall... It's chill. Accept what u r.

RapidShare is not pleased with Google’s new filter either, at least not with its current scope in today’s roll-out.

“We knew about Google’s plans for quite a few weeks now. We embrace that certain search suggestions will not put a wrong complexion on RapidShare anymore, but we are concerned that at the same time the legitimate interests of our users will also be affected. We believe it was the wrong decision to remove the term ‘RapidShare’ from the search suggestions,” RapidShare told TorrentFreak.

“RapidShare is one of the most popular websites worldwide. Every day hundreds of thousands of users rely on our services to pursue their perfectly legitimate interests. That is why Google has obviously gone too far with censoring the results of its suggest algorithm. A search engine’s results should reflect the users’ interests and not Google’s or anybody else’s,” the company added.

Is Google being 'totally unchill'?
Will they stop indexing these file hosts, or just do this autocomplete crap?
Is Google more useful than the Hype Machine now?

Is it gonna be 'totally annoying' 2 have to type out 'rapidshare' when ur looking for a relevant album to download for free?
Do u wish Rapidshare at least had 2 share their download numbers with record companies so that the DLs could be counted towards album sales numbers?
What are some great ways to download leaked indie albums?
How many leaked albums do u download per year and what is your preferred file hosting service?
Should Google just be chill and let us search 4 whatever we want?
What searches should google 'ban'?
Is Google 'owned by the Chinese/US govt'?
Will bing become the next big relevant illegal file hunting system?

Court rules that RapidShare is still legal, people can still illegally download leaked albums

Rapidshare is a service where you upload a file, then you can share the link with tons of other users for free. Theoretically it seems like a straightforward service that should help people share important files to make the world a more productive place, but Rapidshare has become branded with illegal album leaks + movies + television shows.

Do u still buy albums, or do you just download leaks before the albums are even officially released?
Do u ever worry that you will 'get in huge trouble' for downloading / sharing leaks?

Apparently a court ruled that RapidShare is still chill/legal, and the music blogosphere will continue to be able to download album leaks from it:

Yesterday, the online storage locker RapidShare announced that it triumphed in its appeal over copyright holders who demanded that the service take more steps to control online infringement. Because RapidShare does not make uploaded files publicly available (those who upload them can control access), the court found that it could not be held liable for distribution and that running filename filters on all uploads would produce too many false positives.

It's a huge win for the site, which suffered a major setback in the case before a Düsseldorf court back in 2008. In that decision, the court found for rightsholders, and it looked as though RapidShare would have to start prescreening all uploads by file name, IP address, and other measures to preempt infringement.

It seems like this was a 'huge day' for people who want to share and download digital products that they didn't pay for. Feels like our rights to remain anonymous and illegally download copyrighted material have been preserved:

According to the new ruling, RapidShare cannot be held responsible for actions of third parties, since it forces people to choose how their content should be distributed rather than making it automatically available to the public.

In addition, the appeals court took aim at several filtering schemes. Blocking all files of a certain type (such as RAR files) was deemed inappropriate, since a file type has no bearing on the legality of an upload. Scanning by IP address was also tossed, because numerous people can use a single IP address. File name filtering tells you nothing about the contents of a file, so that was tossed. Even content scanning was problematic, as the court noted that this would just lead to encrypted files. Besides, even if you could know that a file was copyrighted, it could still be a legal "private backup" not distributed to anyone else.

Feel like 'our rights' were excessively protected. Always wonder if these sites are gonna get sued big time for hosting so many illegal files, but I guess the will be 'safe' and the users who download from these sites are well-protected.

What is your favourite source of albums: rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire, zshare, or iTunes?
Do you still pay for albums, or do you just google "band name" + "album name" + "illegal file hosting company"?
Can you go to jail for downloading a leak?
Should all music / movies / tv shows / digital media be free?
Do you know any 1 who has been sued for downloading a torrent / album illegally?
Should artists be 'flattered' when their albums leak, because enough people want it to illegally share it?
Is there anything that can be done to prevent an album from being leaked?

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