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Is Real Estate ready to 'make the leap' to the top tier of indie alt fame & critical recognition?

Real Estate It's Real


Real Estate - Green Aisles by DominoRecordCo

Real Estate's new album "Days" is available to stream at NPR.

It seems like every one has probably heard an MP3 by Real Estate, Ducktails, Alex Bleeker or another member of their 'collective' that extends way deeper than the AnCo collective collective. It feels like Real Estate are in a similar position to Twin Sister, another likable New Jersey wave band that had a 'charming group of MP3s'/first album/EP, but then had to 'put together a legitimate product' that can be marketed on a mainstream indie label. Both artists released their latest albums on Domino.

I can't really tell if Real Estate is a band that 'every1 has kinda heard' or a band that 'not enough people have heard'. It seems difficult to be a band that 'garners authentic vibes from tastemaking audience.' Real Estate managed to do that, but then you big to wonder about scalability. Can their sound be memorable enough to carve out some legitimate indie marketshare, making them a 'must-see' act as they tour across the country, filling iPods where ever there are eager indie fans?

The latest album seems way more 'memorable'+listenable than the latest Girls album. However, Girls has a proven track record, and the latest album sounds like they are 'serious' and 'trying very hard to be great', which are both overvalued qualities when it comes to vintage sounding rock in the post-chillwave era. What should a band like Real Estate want right now in their career? Do they want a Girls-like jizzfest? Open for some overground bands like The National? Headline shows with forgettable opening bands that do a poor impression of Real Estate?

It's hard to be a buzzband. So many decisions. So many unknown variables that you may or may not be able to control. The tastes of the fans, critics, and buzz altering powers. Personal interest in success. Identifying a realistic goal for your own buzzband. Few buzzbands have the opportunity to become 'legit' beyond just a buzzband that blogs blog even though no1 listens.

May The Buzz Gods bless Real Estate on this Upcoming Album Cycle.
In the name of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost!

Can Real Estate become a top tier indie band?
Is it all just a matter of 'PR' and 'branding'?
Do u dig the new album?
Is it a lock for 'top 10' of 2k11?
How does a buzzband go from the comforts of lofi to scalable mindie without 'sounding like shit'?
Is Ducktails bro 'better off' in Real Estate or should he go 'permanently solo' after the success of "Killing the Vibe", better known as the last Panda Bear song that sounded like the Panda Bear that we once loved?
WHat will p4k give their album?
Is it a solid piece of work, or just 'another nice sounding lofi poppy thingy'?
Can they 'break thru' and what will their buzz status be after this album cycle?
Do we want bands like Real Estate to become more than just a name that recorded a few MP3s that we listen to?

Real Estate falls on hard times, forced to play buzz show at Chinese Buffet

Photos by Laura June Kirsch

Real Estate is one of the buzzworthiest bands of 2k11/2k12, touring across the country to 'raise their profile', and hopefully earn their way into the leather interiors of NPR-cool dad markets forever, grandfathered into our idea of 'indie that we pay 4' forever. Anyways, they played some show at a Chinese Buffet. I'm not sure if it is because they have 'hit rock bottom', living a life where they are addicted to needle drugs, inhalants, cock fighting and/or human trafficking in the industrial freezers of Chinese buffet restaurants, OR if this is some sort of 'kewl, new DIY scene', and having shows at ethnic restaurants will be 'big in 2k12'.

Do u <3 Real Estate?

Tonight, we were paid in #EggRolls, #SweetNSourChicken, #MongolianBeef, #SteamedRice, and a few 2-day old #sushi_rolls with mystery meat.

"It was actually a really good show. I got tons of premium buffet food."

"Yeah, it wasn't too bad. They even had duck!"

We had to be careful not to take food that we could not consume. We also did not generate buzz that we could not buzz.

"Ugh. All these alternative ppl keep spilling."

Keut alt Beer Girl is actually the CEO of the Buffet, a former Harvard MBA student, trying to save the business by letting buzzbands play shows afterhours.

'For $10, you got a show, and buffet access VIP wristband."

Who cares abt buzzbands when u r lathering your chinese food in duck sauce?

I'll never forget those times we shared at the Super Buffet. I will make sure to review it on Yelp, saying that it is a great venue with amazing acoustics.


Photo by Erez Avissar

That night, we waited in line not just 2 fill our hearts with pure buzz vibes, but to stuff our tummies with Chinese food.

Do u wish u were at this relevant Chinese Buffet show?
Are shows at 'non-venues' going to become the 'next big thing'?
Should I have a show at an Indian buffet [via riding curry waves]?
What kind of food would u want 2 be paid in?
Do these alts look happie at a Chinese buffet?
What's ur fave China buffet food?
Do u <3 riding MSG-buzz-waves?
Is it ur dream to one day see ur fave buzzband with the smell of fried ethnic food and miscellaneous sauces vibing in the background?
Do u take 'atomic shits' the day after eating at a Chinese buffet?

Real Estate & Girls spotted bronoodling, & 'partying like effing buzzstars'

Photos by Weird Biz dot Magic's Erez Avissar

Real Estate: You guys are awesome!
Girls: No, seriously, you guys are awesome! I love the latest album!
Real Estate: Dude, thanks! Your album is seriously amazing!
Girls: No, I swear, your album is MAJOR!
Real Estate: Well your album is huge!
Girls: I swear ur album is better than my album!
Real Estate: No, seriously beats the shit out of our album! Who produced it?
Girls: We got some guy who lives in a sewer in SanFran. How bout u guys?
Real Estate: Some dude who lives in a trailer in Jersey.

Girls: Dude. We HAVE to collab
Real Estate: That would be SICK
Girls: The blogs would go EFFING CRAZY for that shit
Real Estate: Dude, ur EVERYWHERE
Girls: What u guys got coming up?
Real Estate: Big thangs are poppin for both of us.
Girls: I KNEW u guys were gonna get big! IT was only a matter of time.
Real Estate: I knew YOU GUYS were gonna get big, it was only a matter of time.

Both: Let us celebrate this important moment. Tonight, the world belongs to us. Also, ur latest album was AMAZING!

Does n e 1 know what buzzbands talk abt when they are together?



Girls is a buzzband from the San Francisco Bay area that writes fuzzy buzzy pop songs abt how girls broke their hearts.

Read more>>>>

Real Estate make new snuff film music video, man tragically murdered on camera

Real Estate created one of the vibeyest albums of 2k11, and now they are promoting it with music videos and stuff like that. It seems like they wanted to 'go dark' in order to broaden their appeal to juggalos and hot topic goths.... u have to wonder if they took it too far. Some unidentified man was murdered in this video, probably to be sold in the sex trade / snuff film scene (both his dead body and the video tape itself). Although I am a huge fan of snuff films, I am not sure if this is for every1.

Have u ever killed a man in the woods in order 2 get a hard-on?

There is also a custom Real Estate van in the video, which is actually the van that the band toured in, and will be put on sale on ebay relatively soon.

Did Real Estate 'go 2 far'?
Do u vibe 2 snuff?
Do yall know who the guy who got murdered was?
Was this video too graphic?
Were they trying too hard to be like that one video where M.I.A. killed all the gingers?
Do u know where I can buy snuff films, or is there some site where I can just stream them?

Real Estate captured partying 'like effing rock stars' because of their indie status jump

Photos by

Partying like effing rock stars
Drinking Jameson out the bottle
Vibing in the 'green room'
Artists effing only
Groupies trying to bang us
Partying til we get liver disease

'Real Estate has arrived.'

-Rolling Stone Pitchfork SPIN Blogspots

We've made it
Jumping to the top tier of indie bands
with our hit album 'Days'
Now we can 'go on cruise control'
because we already had 1 great album
Time to just reap the benefits
Get pussie
Smoke dank
Snort blow
Heat up K on stoves
Vibe out to some brown tar
Ride the purple pony
vibe on molly 4evr

Real Estate
partying like the Kings of Indie
There's no stopping them
Every time they play 'It's Real', the make panties creamie
They make bloggers 'erect' and the heads of their penises become 'self-lubricated by pre-cum'

Real Estate:
Will they win album of the year in 2k11?
Did they 'take down' Girls?
Would u rather listen to their album 4 the rest of time instead of the M83 album?
Do they seem 'baller'?
Have u ever drank out the bottle [via Jameson]?
R u worried that they are 'celebrating prematurely'?

Real Estate makes new dogwave video for 'It's Real.' Is it the best MP3 of the year?

After the dust settles and the indiesphere realizes that M83 was overrated and Bon Iver was boring, Real Estate's hit album 'Days' is a chill bro dark horse to win 'end of year' accolades depending on the editorial voice and mission of online websites that make lists abt what is relevant. The song 'It's Real' is so good that it gets annoying, but then you are like 'alright' it is chill, I guess I'll vibe to it again. Will it win MP3 of the Year?

Anyways, they decided to brand the song with some dog vibes. I guess that is chill. Sorta riding Marley & Me waves, making u feel all connected to the dog, then at the end the dog dies and you start crying, and ur all sad, and u think about how animals are kinda like mini-humans, except when a human dies, it is all heavy, and ur way sadder, but then u think about how much you loved the dog, a living, breathing organism, and u start to wonder what makes 'the human race' special, and ur like 'I swear my dog felt real emotions, real love', then u get all sad and wonder if ur gonna meet ur dog in heaven, and if it will recognize you because dogs have poor eye sight, sorta like the hit Eric Clapton song "Tears in Heaven."

Do u vibe 2 this song?
Do u like dogs?
Are u more into cat memes?
Do u want to live in NJ in a 4 bedroom apartment with a relevant buzzband?
Has ur dog ever died and made u sad?
Should Real Estate win 'album'/'song of the year'?
Or do they have to do a Kanye collab b4 they are 'taken more seriously'?

Real Estate gets 8.7 from P4k. Have they made 'the leap'?

Real Estate's new album "Days" might be the most vibeful album of the year, soothing our indie souls in ways that James Blake and Bon Iver could only dream of. Many indie insiders were unsure if the album would 'excel' or just get 'celebrated' in a lofi, yet forgettable manner that tends to happen to most buzzbands that end up being 'too nichey.' It seems like Real Estate's review was 'mad praiseful', and they turned every potential weakness in the album into a strength. The band scored an 8.7, which means it is better/most historically relevant than chillwave.

They srsly made it sound like it is the chillest/most beautiful album of 2k11. This is a MASSIVE day for Real Estate. Their high score + widely accepted critical acclaim means they are on the fast track to mad festival gigs, world tours, and . If they come out with a music video that promotes their personal brands to make them 'more alt famous' instead of 'some lazy lofi bullshit that they let their art school friend make', they will surely be on the fast track to handjobs from an alt girl of their choosing. Girls frontman Christopher Owens used a similar strategy with the video for "Hunny Bunnie."

But the band's celebration of the uncomplicated is less about how Days was written than about the beauty of life seen in retrospect, especially young life in small towns.

It is basically like the hit film TREE OF LIFE bc it is s00 beautiful in a simple way that celebrates the chill moments of life.

Like the stirring scenes of suburban Texas in Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life, these songs find meaning in daily mundanities-- in houses and gardens, phone lines and street lights, names carved in trees and leaves pressed by footsteps. "All those wasted miles/ All those aimless drives through green aisles," sings Courtney wistfully. "Our careless lifestyle, it was not so unwise." That sentiment was evident on the band's debut, but here they've honed it to its essence.

'It's not just simple, yall. It is beautiful. Because life is simple. And beautiful.'

The music bears a simplicity to match. These aren't minimal songs by any means, but the layers of cycling guitar, rolling rhythm, and gentle echo are always understated, more about conveying feeling than showing off the band's considerable chops. There's also a smooth efficiency in these rich tunes. No note feels wasted, and nothing happens at the wrong time or in the wrong place. Much of this precision comes from guitarist Matt Mondanile, whose nimble playing adds color to each song's shape.

They are also compared to REM, Pavement, and some other band that is probably regarded as 'authentic.'

It's a quality their music shares with the jangly hooks of early R.E.M., the breeziness of later Pavement, and the garage twang of the Fresh & Onlys. But their closest kin are New Jersey forefathers the Feelies.

R u feeling positive vibes? [via the review]
Is this a 'sleeper' 4 album of the year?
What's next 4 Real Estate?
Can they 'top' AnCo as the most authentic collective now that AnCo's stock has IMPLODED?
Is this better than the new M83?
Would this have received a 9.0+ 'back in the day'?
Does Real Estate soothe ur vibe?
Do they deserve alt fame and success?

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