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Should I get a bowl mullet? [SUMMER LOOKS]

Photo via the cobrasnake

I'm searching mad hard for a summer look, yall. Just need to 'keep it fresh.' I am sort of looking for something that fits in with the modern world--not trying to copy aesthetics from the past several years. Thinking about getting some sort of bowl cut, but then also possibly having 'a lil tail' in the back [via mullet]. I just want people to know that I am 'willing to adapt' to trends, and that I'm not really stuck with just 1 mediocre look.

This summer, I think I want to be 'post-sexual', maybe a little bit like an androgynalt. Don't want people to know what sex I am. I want ppl 2 b attracted to me for 'what's on the inside' and not because of bullshit biological factors like 'gender' and 'sexual organs.' I just feel like we need to start realizing that you can make love with any1 if we want to have peace in the Middle East. We need to stop worrying about bullshit societal and biological norms.

But srsly yall, do u know any good summer looks? Wonder if gladiator sandals will come back--saw them selling some at WalMart.

Should I just go to the gym to 'get ripped' then buy some board shorts and get a summer job as a lifeguard?

If I get a record hat, will it melt in the sun if I wear it to a pool partie?

Yall I need yalls help. do u know any good 'summer stores' other than the local thrift store "The Old Navy"?

Checking in with Trapped in SuburbiaBro

In a previous entry, we discovered TrappedInSuburbiaBro. Today we will check in with him 2 see how 'life is going' before he moves away 2 design skewl.

[Photo via lookbook]

So tired of Mom's Spaghetti
No more meat in my diet
Tofu Balls instead of Meat Balls

When I move away
I will be in control
of my present and my future
Will always h8 the past

Parents just don't understand
What I am trying to do
My master plan

Asked for a Macbook for xmas
Will probably only get the white one
not enough memory to run the Adobe Creative Suite

My white Macbook
is major constraint/bottleneck
on my ability to self-express
kinda like suburbia

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Is Trapped in Suburbia Bro the new RCRD HEAD?

miss ur personal branding choices s0 bad. :-(

Can u relate 2 TrappedInSubBro?

A Conversation With a Record Hat Bro

Alt Girl: Hey. Is that a rec0rd on ur head?
RCRD HEAD: Oh hey. Thanks 4 noticing... ur kinda kute.
Alt Girl: I saw u on a blog called 'the hipster runoffs.'
RCRD HEAD: Yea. That blog is an ass hole. They just make fun of innovative people, whether they are artists, people who walk on streets in cool clothes, or even myspacers.
Alt Girl: So how did you make ur rcrd hat?
RCRD HEAD: It was actually a very time-consuming process. It started about a year ago when I had to apply for a permit to install my rcrd hat. About a week ago, I had the surgery to drill this RCRD into my skull. It's sort of similar to being 'a boy in a bubble.'
Alt Girl: This might be a personal question, but what record is it?
RCRD HEAD: It's a copy of Interpol's "Antics," one of the most important albums of the past century.
Alt Girl: Hmmm... I wuz always more of a fan of 'Turn on the Bright Lights.'
RCRD HEAD: That was too conceptual for me, but I am not a big fan of shoegazing.
Alt Girl: Oh.
RCRD HEAD: Did u see my shirt? I made that, too.
Alt Girl: Is it a tall tee?
RCRD HEAD: No. It is called an alt bro moo moo.
Alt Girl: Ohh. Not rlly my thing.
RCRD HEAD: Can I buy u a PBR?
Alt Girl: No. It's cool. I'm straight-edge. I only drink Coca Cola Classic out of vintage bottles.
Alt Girl: Did ur parents luv u when u were a kid?
RCRD HEAD: My father encouraged self-expression and individualism.
Alt Girl:
Seen n e good movies lately?
RCRD HEAD: I recently saw the movie 'Juno' about a pregnant American teenagers who has a child who wins an Olympic gold medal.
Alt Girl: Yea. I heard it won an MTV Oscar Award.
RCRD HEAD: Maybe we have more in common than we thought... will u be my long-term girlfriend? be continued?

RCRD HEAD: The Journey of an Alt Bro to Find His Inner-Alt, his Trophy Alt GF, and Build His Personal Brand
by Carles

[RCRD HAT photos by I can Teach U How To Do It]

What's gonna happen 2 rcrd head?

Part of the Record Hat Never Dies

I was worried that I would never see another record hat again. Fortunately, this bro has a rcrd hat & an elongated t-shirt/alt-bro moo-moo with pixel based art on it.

<3 innovation <3
<3 overcoming challenges of sustainability <3

Plz be on the lookout for the 7 inch model of the Record (Vinyl) Hat.

[via Appeal2theEye]

Uffie on the cover of some French Magazine wearing a sillie hat

Uffie is on the cover of Technikart, a French Magazine that I have never heard of.  I can't speak French, but if I had to guess, it seems like it would be about technology and cars. Possibly 'go-carts' or the 'karts' used in Super Mario Kart. The article is called "Is there life after the party?" It is probably some sort of 'puff piece' about how she is trying to 'recapture the magic' of the blog house era.

There are probably really serious questions about how she has 'evolved as a person + musician' + her commentary on how the scene is so different now. Do u think it is insightful? Feels sweet to live in an era where we just see jpg files of magazine covers on the internet instead of having 2 buy the actual magazine.

do u think she has a cute little record hat on, or is that a different style of hat?

Wonder if Uffie's album is going 2 flop.
Wonder how the alt media will accept her upcoming album "Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans."
Wonder if Pitchfork will review it / give it a 3.0.
Is Uffie a 'sex icon'?
Will Uffie's upcoming album 'crossover'?
Are French Magazines more authentic than US magazines?
What country generates the most authentic magazines / zines in the world?


Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Uffie is a French bloghouse rapper who is known for hanging out with her titties out.

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