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Maybe it's time
to retire the Wes Anderson film character costumes
It's ovr.
When was the last time Wes Anderson made a movie that resonated with modern society?
Maybe we have evolved beyond the indie era
and u r compromising ur authentic personal brand
by dressing like a Tenenbaum
a Max Fisher
A #TeamZissou
A Darjeeleng

Don't care if u had to go 2 a couples costume partie

It's time 2 retire
the Wes Anderson film-based costumes
It's time to get serious abt life
stop pretending u r in an indie movie

Ur life is for real
ur never going to be a character in a film
Stop living in an effing dream world
ur never going 2 slit ur wrists [via suicide]

Ur a mexi
Ur not even white
Jesus Christ
Cmon bro

We get it
ur alt
and u watch indie films
but just that vibe really doesn't resonate ne more

Also, ur AZN

Ur not the white/Jewish Max Fisher
Ur not in HS
Ur not a tragic overachiever
ur an underachiever
Forgettable, lazy, mediocre
Ur not interested in anything
and ur not interesting

Ur not as pretty as Gwyneth Paltrow
or else u would be married to the coldplay bro
I don't think u r a talented, yet cunty woman
ur just an effing hollow broad with no feelings

But I do endorse the concept of the female costume that is

R u addicted 2 drugs?
Do u want to be part of a brilliant family?
Escape from ur middle class past
ascend into 'tragic greatness'?

Did any1 even like the Darjy Limited
or was every1 'over it'

Not sure why any1 would want to go to India
Seems like there's a lot of ppl there
when there are so many ppl
it is hard 2 be an individual

Sorta just wish I had an azn sidekick
to integrate into my costume :-(

Would rather be Chill Murray [link]
than a second rate Bill Murray character

Never forget the time I saw 'Life Aquatic' in theatres
and was 'pissed' that it wasn't Rushmore/Tenenbaums set underwater

Kinda wish u'd just chop off ur finger
so u could feel 'real pain'
Instead of ur 'seasonal depression'
or whatever u r medicated 4

yall seem like real bros

Feel like u might as well 'vote 4 pedro'
instead of being a Tananbaum

So many Tenenbaums
So many Lamestreamers

Miss u myspace era

Really feel like when it's all said and done
and the world ends
we will be able 2 say
that Napoleon Dynamite had a bigger cultural impact than the combined effect of Wes Anderson films

I guess maybe we're all just lamestreamers
deep inside
and we're trying to brand ourselves
to be authentic

Maybe Wes Anderson relied 2 much on 'characters'
and gimmicky sets + costumes
and the human fabric of his films
have withered away

It's time
It's been time
I'm sorrie
Good bye Richie
Danny 'I'm too old 4 this shit' Glover
Jase Schwartz
Owen Wils
Luke Wils
Bill Murray
Adrien Broski
Wes Bronderson

I'm sorrie
dead end of halloween costumlization

Is the Wes Anderson film costume gimmick evr going 2 die?
Will people still dress like Wes Anderson characters in 2k10?
Are Wes Anderson films transcendent of time?
Were Wes Anderson films ever meaningful, or did u 'always see thru them'?
R u an entry-level or a lamestreamer?
Is there a 'huge backlash' against the meaningful indie film boom of the 2k0s?

Gnite bros
See yall in the suburbs
growing old
and handing out tricks and treats 2 spoiled kids

Fly Mordecai...




Wes Anderson

Actor, Alternative Celebrity

Wes Anderson is a popular indie filmmaker & director who directed the hit films Rushmore, The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tanenabombs, and Lost in Garden State.

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I send my child to a school for the Performing Arts which specializes in creating kid memes that 'go viral.'


I want the best for my son. I want him to be happy. I want him to go to a school where they teach him about important stuff in today's world. Last year, I enrolled him at the Meme Institute for Gifted Children. I don't care about math, science, and dated skills of the common man, driven to get you a desk job for the rest of your life. I want my son to be an artist, an internet entrepreneur. I want him to be part of a meme that 'changes the way' grownups think about how kids can go viral on the internet.

I will be most proud of my son when he creates a viral meme that gets over 1million hits and/or youtube views. I know he will never be a professional athlete, or a billionaire, but maybe he can find the sense of worth that I never found if he is part of a viral sensation that gives him a period of microfame for 1-2 weeks.

Want my son to reenact Scarface, using a pile of popcorn that represents a 'shitload of blow.'

My son needs to be smart, and understand what people want to see. What makes people laugh. How he can make mainstreamers all across the world say 'aww...that's so hilarious. LOL!' (then be inspired to share the link with others.

Enrolling my son in this gifted and talented program at the Meme Institute for Gifted Children has been the best thing that ever happened to him. He learns about marketing, business, the internet, computer programming, and participates in social media discussions. Many of the top advertising and branding firms in the world recruit directly out of the school. Even if he doesn't create something great on his own, I know he will get a job doing what he does best: getting attention on the internet + going viral.

Feel proud of my son for participating in this Scarface play. Most parents wouldn't 'get' why this performance was necessary, and even though it is cute, they would probably be calling for the Theatre Teacher to be immediately fired. At the Meme Institute, parents know that kids have to go above and beyond performing Shakespeare. If we really want our kids to go viral, they have to do something special / universally appealing.

Just want to go back in time to my youth, back when I watched Rushmore for the first time, then projected myself into Max Fischer's shoes, pretending I am some sort of jack-of-all trades quirky character at my high school.


Wonder if plays will replace bands/concerts as the authentic alternative live experience for the 2k10s.

Is Scarface overrated? Is Scarface a shitty movie that mainstream bros glorify because of the drugs and violence?

Should I buy a Scarface poster for my dorm room to put right next to my Bob Marley 4-20 poster? Is Scarface the 'Dave Matthews Band' of movies?

Is Al Pacino an overrated dramatic actor?

Should I just 'drug up' my kid and keep him in an altered state until he does something 'funny' that goes viral?


Really want this for him. More than I even wanted anything for myself.

When u have kids, will u be disappointed in them if they don't 'go viral'?
Do u want ur kids to be part of something special on the internet?
Should this production of Kids Scarface have used real cocaine instead of popcorn?
Was this viral marketing for a video game or something?
Should Obama pass a law protecting the rights of kids who 'go viral'?
Will u encourage ur child to try to be internet famous?

Meaningful Music Videos

I think music videos for modern electro are kinda funnie cuz they only rlly exist on the internet. I wonder what sort of 'returns' most artists get on their music video if u were able to quantify how many sales u made due 2 a kewl video posted on a blog. Realistically, modern bands shouldn't spend more than $_00 on a music video.

Music Video: Frankmusik - Better off as Two


This is a music video about 'being in love' with some1 and convincing them that u r better off as 2. In the video, u get 2 see Frankmusik with his zany hair getting his dance on. His music has some pretty serious feelings/emotions in it, so I think it appeals to Europeans more since they 'take emotions more seriously' and 'explore them.' Americans are afraid 2 get vulnerable.

Music Video: MSTRKRFT - Bounce feat. N.O.R.E & Isis


I watched this video on mute and didn't really hear the song, but I think a casual observer would think that this is a 2nd rate rap video. MSTRKRFT are trying 2 brand themselves or something, and I think that this is inspired by some sort of generic mob crime druglord internet ponzi scheme, kinda like 'Goodfellas' meets 'Smoking Aces.'

I read that the MSTRKRFT album leaked. Is it 'any good'? I have only really listened to remixes by them. miss u 'bangers'. Would u chill with MSTRKRFT bros?

Music Video: Company of Thieves - "Oscar Wilde"



This is probably the first and last time I will listen to this band. But they have a music video that 'rips off' Rushmore, and makes it meme-able. I can't tell if the music is 'good' or 'relevant' or not, but I just know that I am 'alternative', therefore, this music video 'appeals 2 me' and should 'make me smile.' I guess now that I think about it, maybe it has always been a fantasy of mine to 'cum with' Max Fisher in Rushmore, so I think now that I see a female alt dressed as him, it kinda meets my altSexual needs. Do yall ever fantasize about indie movie characters? Kinda wish I got that girl in Juno preggers [via Michael Cera 'cumming'].

Music Video: The Fall Out Boys - Sugar, We're Going Down


I think this band called the Fall Out Boys will change the way that we listen to music for the next 20 years. They have completely redefined the post-Blink182 era, and this music video reaches out to tweens who feel like 'an ugly bro with antlers and bad teeth.' It's a music video about hope. Think they're probably like 'the next Nickelback meets Beck meets Deathcab' or something like that. Hope MTV doesn't find out about them.

Music Video: Sebastien Tellier - Roche


This is a music video by the zany French guy who released his album through American Apparel stores. I wonder if everything in this video is from Am Appy. I think that the video is supposed to feel 'sexie' and help people who want so badly 2 believe that there is truth that love is real. Do yall wanna study abroad and make love to a hairy French man on the beach? In the video he rides a horse on a girl's curves, and it kind of makes me yearn 2 'be with/inside' of a beautiful woman. Kinda like that scene at the beginning of 'I am Lost in Translating to AZNs' with ScarJo.

Have yall seen n e bloggable music videos lately?
Are yall getting tired of music videos? Can yall remember the last time u watched a music video in it's entirety? Just want 2 stay relevant. Just want to blog about bloggable bands.

Has my life improved since Obama took office?

I saw this meaningful, pro-GHEYs altbro cuddling with Obama, and it made me a lil sad & reflective. Now that Obammy is chilling in the Oval Office, it's like I have nothing to look forward to. Maybe it means I've 'grown up a lil', but I just don't look forward 2 anything n e more. Am I depressed?

When I was a pre-alt, and an entry level meaningfulcore bro, I used to look forward to things. Movie releases, new album releases, 'shows'/concerts, going back home 4 the holidays to prove that my life was more meaningful than the other people I went to high school with who hadn't found meaningful existences. These days, I feel like there's nothing to look forward to. Maybe I'm scared of growing up. Am I 'losing my edge?'

I used to have a Rushmore calendar in my room that I would highlight important days of album/movie releases. Never 4get the day that I lined up at midnight to see the Royal Tenenbaums at 2 pm the next day. Or the Meaningful Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ( a movie about 4getting about the quirky girl who u r s0 0bsessed with, but every moderately alt guy wants a piece of her ass). To me, new indie films are kind of like Star Wars/Lord of the Rings/Matrix/Beethoven releases.

//Just trying 2 figure out 'The Science of Sleep' ///
//Closing my eyes// Opening My Heart ( <3 )

Do yall know 'what the deal' with Obammy is? Why does he want 2 'go viral' s0 bad? Did he not have a 'traditional post-y2k childhood'? Are these lil vlogs the only way to reach the tweens of America who will be critical in his failed re-election in 2012?


[via zany Saturday Night Live sketches that blogs feel like they have to 'recap']

Kinda scared. Read in a blog magazine that Barry Obama is a smoker. Does that mean he does blow off his blackberry?

R.I.P. GEORGE 'vonnegut' BUSH

Mainstream = Alt: TenenbaumZissou Edition

In this installment of Mainstream=Alt, Carles attempts to capture what it means to be a Wes Anderson fan. It's a widely known fact that 79% of persons who classify themselves as 'alternative' have had a Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, or The Life Aquatic poster in the room.

The Wes Anderson Zeitgeist has had a big impact on the filling of the Mainstream-Alt chasm. This eArt gallery is intended to provide a space in which we reflect upon Wes Anderson's quirky, yet meaningful brand.

Title: My Family & Friends Are Special Enough to Be Portrayed in a Major Motion Picture

Title: I Used to be a Horny Teen Searching for Meaning/a tugjob

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Title: <3 Wes + Cumming + My GF <3

Title: Bottle Rocket 2 Hell: Owen Wilson's Impending Suicide

Title: Groundhog Day Caddy Shack Zissou Stripes

Title: I Respect Jason Schwartzman only bc I pretend he is Max Fischer grown up

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Remember the time Wes Anderson got Fashion Blogged about?

Wes Anderson

Actor, Alternative Celebrity

Wes Anderson is a popular indie filmmaker & director who directed the hit films Rushmore, The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tanenabombs, and Lost in Garden State.

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