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Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling goes shirtless at Lollapalooza.

Photo via Brooklyn Vegan

Ry Gos!
Dude bro!
Killing it at another music festival?
That's cool, broski!

UR not just an actor, ur a branded entity
who makes women's panties CREAMY AS EFF
Sorta like James Franco
or Joey Lawrence

We gotta fuckin afterparty with some bands.
Remember that time u went to FunFunFunFest?
U workin on a new Terrence Malick film abt the beauty of music, or what?

Ur the perfect bro
u play characters with emotional depth
and u go to music festivals.

Thanks, RyGos! U mind takin a pic with me?

Seeya next fest, RyGos!
U better headline, brah!

Is Ryan Gosling the ultimate music festival celeb sighting?
Are music festivals empty without celebs?
Is Ryan Gosling a HOT, SHIRTLESS bb hunk?
Is Ryan Gosling 's0ooo0oo 2k11'?
Does RyGos look swag?
IS RyGos actually a terrible actor?
Should RyGos stick to doing what he does best: Attending Music Festivals?

Ryan Gosling headlined FunFunFunFest, voted 'best new buzz human.'

Ryan Gosling has been trying 2 break into the indie music scene for a while now. He had a buzzband called 'Dead Man's Bones' that wrote spooky songs, and has often showed up to bronoodle with high-level indie bands like Grizzly Bear. It seems like he has finally found 'the magic formula' for getting authentic blog press: Show up 2 a music festival, get shot 'sidestage' by an artsy fartsy Terrence Malick snuff film, and have every1 on twitter tweet abt u because u r more interesting than all of the buzzbands at the festival and every1 is dehydrated+on drugs+ wanting to make it seem like they were 'relevant' instead of just buying $500 three day passes to sit in a dust storm for a weekend while they had spotty cell phone service.

Ryan Gosing was 'without a doubt' the best buzz human at FunFunFunFest, shattering records for twitter buzz, ending up on gossip blogs, microtumblr blogs, and twitpickies. Anyone who say him was immediately transported to buzz heaven, and any woman who touched him immediately 'creamed their panties' then cried [via the Notebook].

Anyways, here are a bunch of creepy stalker pix of him that ppl took, then posted on the internet to brag abt how special they are because they were 'near a famous person.' Maybe they should just move to LA so they can start wiping ur ass with mid-level celebrities.

Is he the hottest BB in indie?
Is he 'indie' or 'failed indie' or 'mnstrm'?
Does he make ur panties creamie?

Ryan Gosling hangs out with zoo animals to try 2 be taken seriously as an indie artist.

Ryan Gosling is an indie actor who is also trying to 'make it' as an indie musician, winning the respect of the blogosphere and having a fruitful, Arcade-Fire-esque career where his music is valued based on its artistic merit, not because he is a famous actor and people like what he does because he is handsome. Anyways, he seems to have gone to some private petting zoo / high end exotic animal hunting range to brainstorm relevant indie band names. It seems like a lot of successful indie bands are named after animals.

Which 1 of these indie band names sounds the best/most alt?

Penguin Bird

Lazy Sloth

Porky Pine

Elephant Bro

Bald Eagle


Rhino Gosling

Do u think Ryan Gosling can ever become a successful indie star?
Should he rename his indie band to sound more like some sort of weird animal name?
Do u have any good animal-based obscure indie band names?
Will his music ever be taken seriously?
Is Ryan Gosling the 'most handsome man' in indie?
Did yall cry at the end of "The Notebook"/"Blue Valentine"?

Ryan Gosling

Alternative Celebrity

Ryan Gosling is an indie actor that girls swoon over who also has some indie band called Dead Man's Bones.

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