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Need yalls help in making a huge life decision.

As yall know, I am turning 18 soon, graduating from high school, and going away to design school in The City next Fall. For my gift/graduation gift, I get a big gift. I'm not sure what exactly to get. Please help me as I list all of my options, and perhaps yall can give insight.


Should I get a Macbook Pro?

I am going to be in a rigorous design program, and this would be helpful so I don't have to take my Dell Desktop, and I won't have to use computers in the Mac lab all night. I could work in public spaces, and probably be more productive/creative. I am not sure if I will have enough money to afford all of the programs I need, though. I will need to check on student discounts. It would also be cool

Should I get a Vespa/scooter?

As yall know, scooters are 1 of the kewlest ways to get around town. I am not sure if public transportation has been safe since the London bombings, so my parents are very nervous and pushing for this, but made me promise to always wear a helmet. I am not sure what parts of town I will need 2 travel 2, but I think it might come in handy, especially if I get a boyfriend. I think it would be kewl to have a scooter, but I don't want to seem arrogant. Riding the subway might make me seem 'more humble' and get more friends.

Yall. I can only get one. Unfortunately my parents are in massive amounts of debt, so I already feel bad enough that they are paying for my college. For the first time in my life, I have to make a good investment. I'm worried about buying something dumb that I won't use. Help me yall. Worried.

Which 1 should I get for my BD+graduation gift?

h8 gas prices s0 much ryte now

Yall. I'm scared abt the future. Right now gas prices are like $10 a gallon in my suburban area/major metropolitan area, and if things keep up, it'll be $20 per gally by 2k9. Sux s0 bad ryte now.

So is the RAZR Scooter the Toyoto Prius of the future? Since our economy is so bad, and gas prices are so high, we're going to see a lot of people save money by making their gender ambiguous/riding scooters for 8 year olds. I think this guy is also representative of the PERSONAL BRAND RECESSION that we are in right now. There just aren't enough unique personal brands to go around, so u have to search for something zany to make u feel unique. For example, this bro is wearing a hoop earring AND a dangly earring. If we weren't in a personal brand recession/depression, this never woulda happened.

I know that people are worried about emissions and relying on the Dark Side of the World that is home to a lot of oil/Texas Tea/'brown drank'/etc. I think our world would be a lot easier if we found a way to get all of those natural resources into America. Then we wouldn't have to 'go2war' with the Dark Side. Iraq was kinda bloggable, tho. Remember Saddam Hussein's sons? (don't miss yall)

N e ways. Should I buy a HybridJetta or a segway? I am bad at parallel parking, so maybe a seggy might help strengthen my personal brand. It will really bring out the 'mall security guard' in me.

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