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Skrillex, Diplo, Steve Aoki, & A-Trak play a Rave Cruise called HOLY SHIP. Was it the Electro Titanic?

Photos by Rony's PhotoBooth
holy ship haircut
What if I told u that there was a magical ship that was filled with the most relevant DJs in the world: Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Diplo, A-TRAK, and MORE setting sail, heading towards destination: PARTY ISLAND, but then while u were on the journey to PARTY ISLAND, u realized that PARTY ISLAND was in fact a destination that lived inside ur heart? Would u jump on board this ship with the opportunity to bronoodle with premium nip slipping bikini BBs, dubstream tatted up bros, relevant DJs, hot altbagettes, and the most relevant ppl in the world? What if I told u that the entire ship was a metaphorical VIP area?

This was Holy Ship, some sort of 'electro rave cruise' that happened last weekend. It was an 'epic hang', although it could have ben widely referred to as 'the day the dubstep died' and/or 'Electro Titanic' if there was some sort of iceberg-wave tragedy.

Did u go 2 Holy Ship?

'Pick me up on Monday, mom.'

'Behind me, we will make DJ/dubstep history. Molly dealers will arrive to the ship in tugboats.'

Me and my best dubstream altbros were prepared to die on Holy Ship.

True or False: This is a picture of the most relevant DJs in the entire world.

Such SICK glowstick moves could only be legal in international waters...

How many Skrillexes can u carry?

Me and a Wizard! #selfpic

One thing I love abt Diplo is that he is always willing to expose the Western World to the 'savage, sexual dance moves' of foreigners and ethnics.

The Dubstep Guy from Korn and the guy from the Pamela Anderson sex tape were both there trying to improve their DJ careers

'One time I made a sweet sex tape with my wife, Pamela Anderson Lee on a boat. This boat is not as fun.' -Tommy Lee, future dubstepper of America association.


It was 'cheat day' at the Carnival Cruise buffet.

Steve Aoki and his usual 'Yes, I am paid to be here. You are not.' face.

Ray Liotta was there.

NIP SLIPS & HOT B00BZ AHEAD! AHOY! ----------->


Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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Alternative Celebrity, DJ

A-Trak is a popular alt DJ who is also mainstream.

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DJ, Alternative Celebrity

Diplo is a relevant alt DJ and producer.

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"CMON RAVER BRO... That just doesn't even make sense... I am going to put on ur own bracelets and pummel you to death with them"

Photos by the cobrasnake

The Identity Festival came to a close this month, so there were tons more rave photos in miscellaneous locations around the country. We are continuing to monitor the proliferation of electro culture. Yes, 'electro music' has been around for a long time, but we are witnessing history as it continues 2 'go mainstream'. The modern rave is a threat to the traditional music festival because Generation Z kids might not care about Generation Y's boring ass indie music.


R u going 2 go 2 Identity Festival next year to laugh @ all the ravers?
Or will u be there 2 RAGE LEGIT DUBSTEP?
Do u <3 or h8 RAVES?
Is MOLLY the official drug of the 2k11 rave?

Goo Goo Gaa Gaa Rave Rave! [via massive amounts of molly on my pacifier]

THIS IS HOW I ROLL [via acid / molly / xtc / mdma]

Electro music caused me 2 have a face period. #face_periods

'Ever since grandma died, grandpa has been trying to find himself. My grandpa became a raver.'

U still call it HOUSE MUSIC, bro? I thought the generally accepted term 4 the vague genre of popular electro is currently 'dubstep'?

'I only leave my grammy's basement when there is a rave within a 400 mile radius of her home.'

Raving is an equal opportunity experience

Why is ur ear blue? Why is a home improvement project dangling from ur ear?

Aoki, some dog in an Aoki shirt, and the dude from Breaking Bad

Is rave rafting more dangerous than 'white water rafting'?

Big Ole Rave Ass up in my face

sh0w m0ar b00b

'I'll take a double raveburger with dubfries and a small molly milkshake.'

If I tackle this bro, do I get a 1-UP / extra life?


The Cobrasnake

Alternative Celebrity

Mark Hunter is the Cobrasnake, some bro who travels around the world taking pictures of alt shit so now he has a lifestyle brand.

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Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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Bebe Zeva

Alternative Celebrity

Bebe Zeva is a model for the I AM CARLES brand.

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RAVE OR DIE 4EVR & EVR: The Middle American Commercialization of Rave

Photos by thecobrasnake

Apparently, 'raves' are totally hot right now, and there is some alt music festival going across the country called Identity Festival. Basically, they are taking the high-end marketed commercial rave vibes to Middle Americans who like to vibe out to LEGIT DUBSTEP like effing ROCKSTARS with SWAG who like to RAGE. SO CA$H. It seems like the spirit of high-end California wave marketed electro is sweeping across the nation thanks to acts like Deadmau5, Skrillex, and Steve Aoki. S0, S0 very CA$H.

It's great to see juggalos evolving beyond horrorcore to get into electro, dubstep, house-wave, and bangercore. 'It really feels like electro is the modern punk' -some bro who is really proud of being into electro

Have Middle Americans 'ruined' electro rave vibes?
Has 'electro music' become more popular than boring ass white man's 'indie'?


One of the creators of South Park, Steve Aoki, and Diplo share an intimate moment backstage 2gether.

i am JACKED on Rock Star Energy Drink!


Waiting til nite to pull out the glow sticks

This is groovier than Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza after a series of bong rips in my suburban apartment!

$11??? for Coors Light? What a rip off!

So blazed... SO CA$H...

Rave Devil Horn bro

My dubsteppy cool dad is S0 CA$H

Lookin good, bb!

I don't give an EFF... but I am kinda pumped that Steve Aoki autographed my head.

Save the hulahoop for Marleyfest, bb [via ppl who float between alt events just to do drugs]

I am safe from radioactive non-electro vibes

A keut lil rapegaze bb!


Go back to the Gathering, friggin Juggalos!

Go back to Myspace, friggin myspacer!

Not sure where yall came from, so can't tell u where 2 go back 2....

'Meet me in the bathroom, bb' -The Strokes


What ever happened to popular nightlife electro DJ Steven Aoki?

A lot of people email me from time to time, asking me, "Carles, what happened 2 electro?" or "Carles, what happened to that band/dj/dj duo that was so popular in the 2k7?" Sometimes, I don't even know how to respond.

Many people email to ask me what happened to the popular DJ Steve Aoki?
Answer: Steve Aoki still has a popular DJ brand. He has moved into mainstream markets, which probably makes him more money than he was making in the bloghouse era. His record label Dim Mak continues to make hipster porn and produce banger albums.

Photo by the Cobrasnake

Question: Does he still pour vodka into people's moufs?

Answer: As you can see in the above picture, he no longer pours vodka into people's moufs. Instead, he usually opts for a cheap champagne, or possibly a wine. Something in the 8-12 dollar range that is usually sold at Wal Mart. In our current economic climate, giving Grey Goose to the audience just won't work any more. Club owners and promoters are on tight budgets, and fans don't like to see that kind of 'waste' happening. Sorta like how ppl stopped driving hummers so they don't seem like 'overt ass holes' n e more/are too poor to pay 4 the gas.

Sorta wonder if Franzia is the next relevant alt beverage.

Question: What kind of people are still into 'electro' music?
Answer: Bros.

Question: Why are bros so into electro music?
Answer: Bros will hold on to the electro spirit forever. It offers them an arena in which they can drink, grind on girls, show off their tattos+muscles, and act passionate about something--the hard beat of what they think is 'techno' music. Many bros have stopped following professional sports and started getting more into popular electro.

Question: Are chest tattoos still alt?
Answer: Not really. Tattoo-alts have evolved into 'a whole nother beast.'

Question: Are alternative bros still alive?
Answer: Altbros are generally dead. They either morphed into relevantmusicbros or bro-bros. Both still have some of the core insecurities that made them so unique.

Rlly miss u electro era. Rlly h8 u electro era. Rlly <3 u electrobloghouse era.

(Wish Grey Goose was still an economically viable alternative product.)

sometimes when I am listening to a modern mp3 and trying to evaluate the long-term cultural impact of the band/song, I start to miss the old days, back when music was 'fun', and it wasn't all just some sort of pitchfork rating + album sales contest.

do u ever miss electro music?
Do u still listen 2 blog house?
What ever happened to _____________?

What Alt Celeb will u be for Halloween in 2k10?

I have been doing a lot of thinking. I realize that now is the time to start thinking about my Halloween 2k10 costume, instead of waiting til the last minute. I have made the decision to be an altCeleb in 2k10, but I am not sure who will be 'relevant' in exactly 1 year.

Have no idea what 2k10 will be like... Feeling nervous/anxious... Might need some sort of anti-depressant.

Will Steve Aoki still be relevant?

Photo via every1 is famous

Maybe Steve Aoki will be a good 'ironic' costume in the year 2k26.

Photo via dirtypreston

I am not sure if it will still be authentic to be a DJ for Halloween in 2k10, since DJ+Electro culture may or may not be dead.

I still feel like M.I.A. deserves tons of alt points for her concept, craftsmanship, timeliness, and execution.

Photo via cobrasnake

Empire of the Sun bros seem like they also deserve 'mad props' for their dedication to 'the Aussie scene.'

Maybe I should just go 2 Halloween as 'the fat Jonas Brother.'

Photo via whoopthis

I feel excited about Halloween 2k10, but I just don't rlly know who I should commit to.
Will Animal Collective still be buzzworthy in 2k10?
Will the Neon Indian Bro be a bigger alt Celeb in 1 year?
Will Washed Out have a more developed personal brand?
Will Girl Talk still be 'relevant'?
Will MGMT ever 'come back'?
Is it still alt for mainstreamers to like Of Montreal?
Will Grizzly Bear's next album 'chart' at #1?
Is it still 'alt' 2 say that Phoenix is 'good'/'catchy'?
Is Owl City 'the new alt'?
What is the 'best album' of 2k9?
What is the 'best mp3' of 2k9?
What will happen when twitter dies?
What will happen when minorities stop using myspace?
Will I get a job after I graduate?
Is it cost effective to go to live shows/music festivals, or 2 just check the internet 3x per day?
R u worried abt the indie apocalypse?
What new genres will emerge in 2k10?
What genres will die in 2k10?
(Am I gonna die? Or will scientists discover a way 2 live 4ever soon?)
Is Obama gonna get re-elected?
Will Panda Bear release an album that makes it clear that he is both the 'John Lennon AND Paul McCartney' of Animal Collective?
What mediocre 'buzzbands' will emerge in 2k10 that major alt sites grant an unwarranted shelf life?
Does n e 1 know some bloggable music that has been released since the Chillwave Era?
Will the indie blogosphere be 'dormant' until an established indie band (Vampire Weekend/Arcade Fire) releases an early 2k10 album that every1 can 'talk about' again?
What popular blog will 'die' in 2k10?

...nervous abt the future....

Please use the comments section to 'reflect' on 2k9, and forecast what the year 2k10 will be like.

Went on vacay with my fam and Lindsay Lohan was staying at the same hotel/resort/casino as me!

Photos via wwtdd

I was dreading our family vacation to Las Vegas, but then we ended up staying at this really kewl hotel. It was called 'MGM Studios' and there were a lot of young people who u could really relate 2 there. We all just love listening to hiphop, 'laying out', and drinking fruity drinks/domestic beers. The highlight of the trip had to be running into famous person LINDSAY LOHAN at the pool.

I tried to take my pic was her, but she was being 'a total cunt', so we just got into a lil pool behind her, and snapped her pix. Definitely uploaded that shit to FB. So many ppl are gonna comment.

Here's a picture of me taking a picture of Lindsay with my digicam. Think she is posing to say that she 'sucked off' MJ or something.

I don't understand why Lindsay wouldn't want to hang out with me, even though I dress like her, except + 30 lbs. I feel like we'd both have a lot in common, and we could really party together. Don't understand why she didn't want to talk to me, but then some weirdo looking 'homeless hipster' guy comes along and she acts like they are bffs.

N e ways...trip 2 Vegas was amazing, yall. Went to a lot of cool clubs, hooked up with 2 guys, had a 4some with my sister + 2 guys, and even ran into Lindz Lohan+took several pictures of her using the digital zoom on my digicam.

Even titled my facebook photo album 'what happens in Vegas...'

Steve Aoki sings song to an azn crowd in a Foreign Eastern Land

I remember I blggd about Steven Aoki singing vocals on some BloodyBeetroots song a while ago, and always wondered how it would be performed live. Fortunately, Stevebro sang the song [via banger karaoke] on his Far Eastern Tour.


I feel like they always saw different parts of the world are several years behind American culture. Feel like this scene reminds me of the American BlogHouse era of 2k7. Every1 was down 2 partie, altbros wearing sillie scarves, crowd jumping, fist bumping. A swarm of party photographers on the stage with high level flashes+lenses, looking to get the most meaningful angle on a photograph of an altceleb getting beliggy on stage.. Girls in v-necks showing 'just the right amount of cleavage.' Miss those days. Just wish I could have been 'on stage' seeming V.I.P., away from the crowd, but managing to end up in 7-12 party pix.

Think my fave part is towards the end of the video where some sort of AZN man in suit starts removing bros from the stage. Miss the days of 'crashing the stage' with my friends after we got 'hella buzzed.'

Think HRO might tour Asia. Seems like a place where people 'relax' and have a good time. Do yall think SteveBro is a good singer?

Can u find Steve Aoki?

Photos via thecobrasnake

Can u find the reddest-faced AZN?

Can u find the keut white girl in the sea of AZNs??


I miss dualcoreAZN memes.

Just want 2 go back 2 the days when I could wear a purple v-neck, a palestinny scarf, and neon wayfarers without 'feeling ashamed.'

I am jealous of Steve Aoki.

Meme via hypebeast

I am jealous of Steve Aoki.
I am jealous of Steve Aoki's life.
I am jealous of Steve Aoki living in Los Angeles and me living in suburbia.
I am jealous of Steve Aoki's apartment.
I am jealous of Steve Aoki's massive record/vinyl collection.
I am jealous of Steve Aoki's custom black Macbook.
I am jealous of Steve Aoki's t-shirt closet
I am jealous of Steve Aoki's shoes.
I am jealous of Steve Aoki having a strong enough personal brand to wear sunglasses during an interview.
I am jealous of Steve Aoki for having a neverending supply of free vodka.
I am jealous of Steve Aoki for having an HDTV [meme via 2k6.]
I am jealous of Steve Aoki having an empty fridge, meaning he is 'rich enough' to always eat out.
I am jealous of Steve
I am jealous of Steve Aoki for existing before email and myspace existed.
I am jealous of every one for having things that I do not have.
I am jealous.
I am human.
I care about material things, and important immaterial things like 'status', 'fame', 'success', and 'authenticity'.

I watch Television shows like CRIBS and 'get insanely jealous' of things that I don't have, but think I deserve. I wonder if I will ever live in a space that is more than 500 sq feet in a neighborhood with a high property value. I feel doomed. How do u become an altCeleb, and more importantly, how do u effectively monetize ur personal brand after ur 'altFAmous'?

I am sad that Steve doesn't have a 'gaudy' new-money house that is filled with 'stupid shit' like rappers, athletes, and television stars featured on the show CRIBS. Sort of want to install some sort of 'sweet ass' waterfall with a movie theatre in my dream home. What would u put in ur dream home? Might put a stripper pole next 2 my vinyl collection.

I feel like I need to write more posts where like I 'admit' my 'insecurities' and 'deeper feelings.'

Previous posts about Stephen Aoksmith

Last nite a DJ saved my life.

miss u dim mak porn scandal.

Meaningful Music Video Post

This is a recap of popular recent bloggy/bloghouse/conceptual/indie rock music videos.

Music Video: Futurecop! - Karate Kids


Analysis: The song is repetitive and more tolerable than you would expect for a song 'that is rlly repetitive.' The video is an aggregation of meaningful 80s movies that make me wish I was born before 1990 so that I could remember these iconic movies. Kinda sad that movies these days are sooo ghey/predictable/not THAT great. Miss times when movies were 'larger than life' and not just a gimmick that ended up costing u $40 per person after snacks + drinks. The video ends with Jon Candy in 'Uncle Buck.' laters.

Music Video: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero


Analysis: I never really listened to this song, just kind of skipped around the video for a few seconds. I remember the YYYs came out with that song about some1 'not loving u like I love u' and it was kinda catchy and good enough to be mainstream. But this video kind of seems like they are 'pretending to be a really popular band' and also 'making music that is aggressive enough to feel like you have to take it seriously, yet unidentifiable for both alternative and mainstream consumers.' Never really got my attention and just felt like generalizing it and 'hoping that I am right.' Will they sell albums? Is Karen O authentic, or just a 'cookie cutter alternative diva'?

Music Video: Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone


Analysis: I remember when Calvin Harris was just a guy with a bloghouse single about 'having all of the girls' or something. I think this song seems like some sort of Euro-techno-bro-house music. While I could be 'impressed' with his 'epic sounds' and 'musical progression as an artist', I will probably not listen to this song again and probably enjoy a remix of the song by an authentic blogcentric remixer more than the original. The video is pretty 'whatever.'

Music Video: Winter Gloves - Let Me Drive


Analysis: I don't really 'like' this song or video or have ever heard of this band/will ever hear of them again. But it sort of just reminds me of alternative life before the internet really 'took over' the indie music landscape. I think a younger, more alternatively naive version of me would have thought that this video was 'cool' and that the song had all of the elements of an 'authentic indie band' (keyboards, bearded bro with glasses, aggressively earnest lyrics). Miss those days. Maybe we were more drawn to bands like this because there was 'less crap' to sift through, so it was less pressure on us and more time to find bands to be 'tolerable.' These days, I only want greatness.

Music Video: Bloody Beetroots (Ft Steve Aoki with original vocals) - WARP


Analysis: I think this song is a 'banger.' I think the brand of the song is supposed to be HARD. There is an angry AZN man yelling at the camera sometimes. I wonder if this new brand of bangerelectro is like the modern, niche version of 'slipknot' for kids who aren't as poor as the kids who got really into hardXcore rock. I sort of wish I lived in the greater Los Angeles area, and had the opportunity to be a slow-motion alt 'partying to this song' in the video. Feel like I probably would have twittered about how much fun I was having while I was at the video shoot. Not sure if I would put this song 'on my iPod' but might play it if I were a bangerrific DJ. For a more critical, well-informed opinion on this music video, visit Big Stereo, where the blogger uses phrases/sentences including "Slo-mo cookie cutter hipsters" and "Bloody Beetroots come off as a pale reflection of better times spent with Vitalic." One time I wrote a blog post about Steve Aoki that was 'epic.' Maybe I should read it again and react to it with my current state of mind. h8 being 's0 fickle/flighty.' just trying 2 stay relevant. but n e ways... I think this video is a 'mockumentary' or something.

Music Video: Smashing Pumpkins - Today (Morgan Freeman + VISA remix)


Analysis: Can't believe the Smashing Pumpkins 'sold out' and let VISA use their song in their commercial. jk. happy 4 them. Billy Corgan seems like a chill bro who has been through a lot [via 1979 tonight, tonight]. Kinda sad how we're all getting older and music 'that was cool during our youth' is being used to encourage us to buy stuff with money that we don't have. h8 marketing. sad on the inside. Need to buy a flat screen tv to cheer myself up. Might also buy 'a wii' and 'some marijuana/lean.'

Have yall seen n e good music videos lately?
Just trying 2 stay relevant and identify

This has been a music video recap by Carles. Carles is a full time student at a high level digital arts graduate program. He is also a Teaching Assistant for Digital Media 101:Lessons in Photoshop, InDesign, and iMovie.


This is a post about housekeeping.
There are three items.

Item 1


The HIPSTER RUNOFF radio show airs Mondays at noon and again at midnight EST on Sirius XMU. Iff you’re an XM subscriber, you can listen to Blog Radio on channel 43, and Sirius subscribers can still find us on channel 26. If u really want 2 hear Carles Show, u can get a 3 day trial membership.

U can always listen 2 my podcasts if ur poor.

Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader
Port O'Brien - I Woke Up Today
Deerhunter - Wash Off
The Twelves - I Feel Fine [MP3]
The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - Young Adult Friction
Air France - Collapsing At Your Doorstep
Harlem - Good Bye Horses
Friendly Fires - Skeleton Boy
The Books - It Never Changes to Stop
Heartsrevolution - Ultraviolence (Ft Spank Rock)
Phoenix - Too Young
Animal Collective - Fireworks
Rye Rye - Bang ft M.I.A.
M.I.A. - Paperplanes (DFA Remix)
Vampy Weekend - The Kids Don't Stand a Chance (Chromeo Remix)
Miami Horror - Make You Mine
The Walkmen - Wake Up
Bullion - Time for Us All to Love
Chikita Violenta - Laydown
The Embassy - Some Indulgence
The Golden Filter - Solid Gold
College ft Electric Youth - She Never Came Back (Russ Chimes Remix) [MP3]
The Go Find - Dictionary
Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks

Item #2: A Party Worth Blogging About in Miami

This party is on Wednesday. R u going 2 come? If ur not able 2 come, u can always just IM me at the screen name HIPSTERRUNOFF.
The Gansevoort Hotel Pool Centre
Wednesday March 25, 2009
Photos by Miscellanous Alternative Photographers
Music by miscellaneous ‘relevant’ DJs

I will be wearing a t-shirt that says "I am Carles."


Did yall hear that popular nightlife DJ Steve Aoki was abducted by alien skanks from another planet who were sent to Earth to market a new product by showcasing their beautiful bodies?

Photo by Cobrasnake

p0st m0re Alien skanxxx

Is there life on other planets, and if so, do u know if they know 'how 2 TUGSTRONG'?

More alien sexie broads 'after the jump'. gonna tug myself to sleep yall. gnite yall [via green sp00ge]

This is a post about Teen Parenting

It's hard than ever to be the (proud) parent of a teen these days. iPhones, Myspace, facebook, text messages, and lolspeak are some of the things a modern parent might be exposed to on any given night. However, there's plenty that you can do to make sure you don't lose sign of your teen.

  • TALK to you teen/tweenage son or daughter about their life. They want to tell you. Be a 'chill parent' and be accepting. You know--you used to experiment too!
  • SPEND VALUABLE TIME with your teen. Plan weekend vacations, or even a special night of the week where they get to pick which restaurant to have a family pow-wow at.
  • BUILD arts and crafts with your kids. Learn what they are doing. Spend time with them and create a myspace profile. You can be like them too. It's okay to be your child's best friend. Building arts and crafts means building a relationship with them.

Most importantly....

  • NOURISH them. Feed them. Feed your tweens. Give them life.

Don't be afraid to let your teenagers have a little bit of fun. Your teen will make mistakes. You made mistakes, too.

If you are the owner of an AZN teen, understand that you only have to feed him once a week.

Your teen will experiment. They will wear zany clothes. They might even hit rock bottom. But U have 2 support them. Don't be afraid. They will fail. The test of your love will be when their 'friends' drop off his/her body in your front lawn. Your teen child will be unconscious. This is where you must love them.

[Photos by The cobrasnake]
Don't turn ur back on your teen/tween when they start experimenting.
Love them.
Try to understand them.
Don't push them away. Hug them. Be affectionate.
Even when they say 'ur a stupid bitch cunt. U don't GET me. My friends are the only people who understand me', you have to realize that their friends will abandon them, and u can be there for them 2 get vulnerable with.

This has been a post about teen & tween parenting.
(This was actually a post about popular night life DJs pouring vodka into the moufs of teens.)

The State of the Electro Economy

Sometimes I wonder how various alternative economies are related to the mainstream Wall Street Finance Home Lending Credit Card Economy. I worry that if the mainstream economy is doing poorly, then it will trickle down and affect the Electro Economy/Tugjob economy/Blogconomy/other alternative economies. Or sometimes u kinda get the feeling that the Alt Economy does well when the Mainstream economy is doing poorly.

I was worried abt the DJ economy and the Grey Goose economy bc I read a bunch of stories about the Lower Middle Class economy being in trouble. But I think everything's gonna be okay, yall.
Not s0 scared abt 2k9.

The AZN Economy is okay.

The Mexi economy will be okay.

The Party Photographer economy will be alright. Do

The Blip economy will be alright. Do not panic.

The 'lil fggt' newsie hat + pluggg economy will be alright. Do not sell your stocks.

[photos by thecobrasnake]

Still a lil bit worried about 2k9....
Does n e 1 know where I can take my Macbook 2 make sure that it is Y2K9 compliant?

The Electroest Couple Alive

How many electroProps can u count in this picture?

I feel like most of these electro props 'have been done b4' but I think the computerChip/motherboard necklaces that this electroBroad is wearing might be one of the Top 10 designs of 19k.91. I feel kind of bad for the girl in this picture for picking an alternative personal brand+lifestyle. If she had decided 2 be mainstream in 1997, she could have been an AlphaHottie in her circle of friends since she 'totes loox like Heidi Montag from The Hill Show.' Now she could be described as 'how an altBro would brand himself if he converted in2 a woman.'

I am going to start keeping track of a list of authenticity rules.  Not sure if I will keep it up, but maybe it will become an important document when it is all compiled.

Authenticity Rule #1
1) No1 with an audio equipment t-shirt, tattoo, or necklace is Authentic.


[Photos by The Cobrasnake]



"This is the teet through which electro shall enter your body."
-Stephen 3:16, the Blog Testament

Who Are The World's Best DJs?

Yall. I read at the Daily Swarm that some magazine called "DJ Magazine" came out with their top 100 DJs of 2k8. While I am not a big electroHouseDisco Music buff, I feel like I should know more people on this list.


I just don't understand why my BlogCentric view of electro music didn't make a bigger splash on this list. Does most of the world listen to guido+eurotrashCore 'techno' music? Am I an unEducated electroFan? Does the music that I listen to 'not matter' in the context of 'authentic electronic' music?

I have made the bloghouse/mainstreamLectro bands that appeal to me GREEN.
Everything is that is guidoCore/electronica/technoh0use/authentic techno is RED.

DJ Mag Top 100 DJs 2008
01. Armin van Buuren
02. Tiësto
03. Paul van Dyk
04. Above & Beyond
05. David Guetta
06. Ferry Corsten
07. Sasha
08. Markus Schulz
09. John Digweed
10. Infected Mushroom
11. Deadmau5
12. Carl Cox
13. Sander van Doorn
14. Paul Oakenfold
15. Richie Hawtin
16. Hernan Cattaneo
17. James Zabiela
18. Andy Moor
19. Eddie Halliwell
20. Axwell

21. Eric Prydz
22. Kyau & Albert
23. Gareth Emery
24. Sven Väth
25. ATB
26. Anderson Noise
27. Joachim Garraud
28. Bobina
29. Fedde le Grand
30. Dubfire
31. Aly & Fila
32. Judge Jules
33. Umek
34. Matt Darey
35. Ricky Stone
36. Ricardo Villalobos
37. Lange

38. Daft Punk
39. Benny Benassi
40. Bob Sinclair
41. Deep Dish
42. Mark Knight
43. Astrix
44. Marco V
45. The Thrillseekers
46. Laidback Luke
47. Danny Tenaglia
48. Menno de Jong
49. Marco Lenzi
50. Andy C
51. Offer Nissim
52. Martin Solveig
53. Adam Sheridan
54. Sean Tyas
55. DJ Feel
56. Yahel
57. Roger Sanchez
58. DJ Shah
59. Sander Kleinenberg
60. John O’Callaghan
61. Blank & Jones
62. Cosmic Gate
63. Steve Angello
64. Simon Patterson
65. Gabriel & Dresden
66. Richard Durand
67. Laurent Wolf
68. Matt Hardwick
69. Chris Liebing
70. Erick Morillo
71. DJ Hype
72. Signum

73. Justice
74. Dirty South
75. Wally Lopez
76. Magda
77. Lisa Lashes
78. Pete Tong
79. DJ Vibe
80. Bad Boy Bill
81. Tiddey
82. Greg Downey
83. Marcel Woods
84. Nick Warren
85. Solar System
86. Skazi
87. Mike Koglin
88. Mauro Picotto
89. Sébastien Léger
90. The Chemical Brothers
91. Steve Lawler
92. Fatboy Slim
93. Solarstone
94. Astral Projection
95. Leon Bolier
96. Nic Fanciulli
97. Ronski Speed
98. Tocadisco
99. Booka Shade
100. Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody van Eyden

Doesn't the amount of red scare yall? I'm just tired of the guidoTechno house DJs getting all of the attention. They play music like this:


I feel like it's my responsibility as one of the world's leading sources for Trivial Electro and Blog House music to make a list that does a better job of representing the world's most Bloggable Electro DJs who appeal to People Who Read 2 Many Blogs and have an Alternative Perspective on the World.

HRO's Top DJs of 2k8.
These are the World's Best DJs

  1. Justice
  2. Acid Girls
  3. James Murphy
  4. Xavier De Rosnay Solo
  5. Fred Falke
  6. Guns N Bombs
  7. 2ManyDJs
  8. Paparazzi
  9. Harvard Bass
  10. HRO DJ set
  11. Girl Talk
  12. Erlend Oye
  13. Royal Rumble
  14. Red Foxxworth
  15. Local Hero
  16. Diplo
  17. DJ AM (post-escaping death)
  18. DJ AM (pre-escaping death)
  19. Alice Glass Solo DJ Set
  20. Passions
  21. Drop the Lime
  22. Simian Mobile Disco DJ set
  23. Johnny Jewel (Glass Candy)
  24. Them Jeans
  25. Mark Hunter DJ Set
  26. Busy P
  27. brodinski
  28. yuksek
  29. Crookers
  30. Bloody Beetroots
  31. Holy Ghost!
  32. Surkin
  33. Para
  34. Digitalism
  35. Jokers of the Scene
  36. Treasure Fingers
  37. The Daft Punk
  38. The Juan Maclean
  39. Pharrell (Fluo Kids)
  40. SoMe
  41. Cut Copy DJ set
  42. Steve Aoki
  43. Sebastian
  44. The Twelves
  45. DJ Skeet Skeet
  46. Perez Hilton DJ set
  47. Matt Lauer
  48. Katie Couric
  49. Al Roker
  50. Anne Curry DJ Set
  51. Samantha Ronson DJ Set
  52. DJ Mom Jeans
  53. The Teenagers DJ Set
  54. HeartsRevolution DJ Set
  55. McDonalds employee DJ set
  56. Animal Collective conceptual DJ set
  57. Miss Toats
  58. Chromeo Interracial DJ Set
  59. Radio Disc Jockeys with morning shows
  60. GorillaVsBear DJs
  61. Stereogum DJs
  62. PitchforkTV DJs
  63. Franki Chan
  64. dudes who take 'being a DJ' seriously because the 'emocore' bubble burst and their band no longer tours.
  65. female DJs who think they are awesome but kinda suck
  66. DJs who talk about music too much
  67. DJs who play too many obvious hits from 2k7
  68. FEADZ
  69. Uffie DJ Set
  70. Ed Banger Belligerent PuPuPlatter DJ Set
  71. Danny Mastersons brothers' DJ set
  73. DJ Set by a Chili's bartender
  74. Ben Gibbard solo DJ set in his Toyota Prius
  75. James Tambarello
  76. Postal Service UPS commercial DJ Set
  77. Ratatat DJ set
  78. Prince
  79. impromptu DJ set at a house party by an altBro with an iPod touch filled with bloghouse songs
  80. J.D. Salinger DJ Set
  81. Kurt Vonnegut's corpse DJ set
  82. TRV$ DJ AM
  83. local altBag DJ set
  84. Miami Horror
  85. miscellaneous guidoDJ who plays cheesy techno songs from your youth
  86. DJ who plays Killers/Coldplay mashups
  87. Wilmer Valderramma 'Yo Mama' DJ Set
  88. The Cast of The Office DJ Set
  89. Fan Death
  90. Ryan Adams (DJ set)
  91. A-TRAK
  92. Erol Akan
  93. John Mayer
  94. Jerry Seinfeld authentic disco DJ set
  95. Madonna
  96. Alex Rodriguez/JoseCanseco (2Many Steroids)
  97. Michael Phelps DJ Set after extending his brand too far outside of his core competencies
  98. Smarter Child (DJ set)
  99. Joe the Plummer (DJ Set)
  100. Panda Bear (Noah Lennox)

Please feel free to let me know how you feel about this list. I just want yalls input.
Who are blogville's most relevant DJs? Which DJs probably cost the most?
Are u tired of all of the guidoHouseTechno DJs getting all of the attention? (Are they more authentic than bloggy electro DJs who have capitalized on the entrylevel alt population growth spurt?)

But SRSLY, doesn't it piss u off when ur local DJ seems like he'd rather be any where else than playing at your local ElectroParty?

[Photo by Every1isfames]

If u could have a DJ set by n e 1 in the w0rld, who would it be?


DJ, Buzzband

Justice is a popular banger house electro group from France on Ed Banger Records.

Read more>>>>

Panda Bear

Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

Panda Bear is a member of Animal Collective. He wrote the hit album "Person Pitch" but failed to deliver in 2k10 with TOMBOY.

Read more>>>>

Girl Talk

Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Girl Talk is a laptop DJ who got big in the bloghouse era but really just produces generic, well-branded mix tapes.

Read more>>>>

Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

Read more>>>>


Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Uffie is a French bloghouse rapper who is known for hanging out with her titties out.

Read more>>>>


DJ, Alternative Celebrity

Diplo is a relevant alt DJ and producer.

Read more>>>>

Sorry to 'beat a dead AZN', but what should I b 4 Halloween?

Yall. I know yall are FCKNG TIRED of my quest to represent my temporary brand on Hallsoween, but it's just important to me. I'm sure yall have stuff that's important to yall, too. Put 'urself' in 'my shoes' and just stop being s000 alt 4 once, and just help out another human [after yall].

Should I be a creature from the electro jungle?

Should I be a sexie skeleton that bears mid-drift ?

Maybe a boyscout who has the body language of a 'snarky blogger.'

Should I be female sexie Gandhi Alt? Should I bring some Barry O-Bay-May/Communist Pamphlets?

Can I find a way 2 be an 'AltBro Witch'? Do I have to buy a broom + a cauldron of P.B.R.?

Maybe I can start  only drinking Grey Goose and get the Steve Aoki body type.

Should I be a self-aware post-entry-level alt?

If yall don't speak up, I'm just gonna be BLIPSTER JUSTICE.

[Photos by TheCobrasnake]


Think I might hire a famous designer like Marcus "Germs Scott" Jacobs 2 design my costume. Does n e 1 have their email addy, or can I just use ? Or should I try ?

Steve Aoki tries 2 install Microsoft Word on his Macbook

What do alternative breasts taste like?

[Photo by Lastnightspartie]

How do u install Microsoft Word/Garage Band/Mario Teaches Typing on a Macckintosh Lappy?

[Photo by Thecobrasnake]

Can any components of my new Macbook be used to make meth?

Should I be 'zany' Justice for Halloween?

[Photo by Lastnightspartie]

Should I be a character from BOTTLE ROCKET for Halloween to prove that I am an authentic Wes Anderson fan?

Or should I be the Jerry Maguires for Halloween?

Memoirs from an ElectroPrison

I never thought it would happen to me. I never thought I would become a prisoner of war in one of the first battles of the ElectroWar--the Battle of the Grey Goose River. We were part of an American contingent that allied with the European Electro Coalition (who had rallied around the French after a group of Australis assassinated the Daft Punks).

My name is Stephen. Not my birthname, but my Americanized stage name. This is my story.

Life in the electroPrisonCamp was difficult. We were given one meal a day, which consisted of a SXSWSTRN eggroll and an 8 oz mini can of Bud Light. We were tortured every day. They forced us to give up secrets, particularly about the technology we used to make bangers, and what popular beat matching software existed in our part of the world. They also demanded to know how we 'learned how to make filters that sounded eggzackly like Daft Punk's.'

We quickly learned that the Australian ElectroJihaadists were planning a terrorist attack on a weekly party in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There was no way of letting them know that the worst was yet to come [via hiptop/sent from my iPhone/sent from my AT&T wireless device]. They confiscated our mobile devices and laptops, which were sent to labs to extract data from.

I'll never forget the my best friends in Prison. There was a set of masked DJs and an electroDiva who was prone to nipslips. We did our best to make it from day to day, being held in underwater cages. We were even forced to play Russian roulette against one another. One time one of them died. Was kinda sad, but was kinda happy that it wasn't me.

N e ways, years after the War ended, we were released from the Prison Camp. The people who ran the prison camp were actually not affiliated with the Australian ElectroForces, and just kept their prison camp alive to maintain some form of 'control' over their lives' and others. Kinda sad, but what any trivial ElectroProducer would probably do.

Now we are left 2 find out who we are in a p0st-electroWar world. I am a veteran now. I question the whole direction of my life, and wonder how the horrors of war have changed my outlook on life. I will make a movie about adjusting to post-ElectroWar Life starring Tom Cruise as me.


(I am also in a wheel chair and will grow a CrazyDisgruntledVeteranBeard and become an anti-Electro Music Activist).

[Prison photo by The Prison Photo Snake]

Here is how the photo will look after it is run through an aging filter to make it look more authentic/'representative of pain & suffering that is associated with old photos from War.'

Would U Bite The Hand That FEADZ?

Have yall heard of a popular DJ who pours Grey Goose into the moufs of his adoring fans?

Don't rlly feel like blogging, so I'll just re-use the text from a nearly identical post from May 3:

Steve Aoki is a giver of life (when it comes 2 partying), willing to give any underaged alternative partier a suckle from his Grey Goose/Absolut/Finlandia filled teet.
The Party starts and stops in accordance with Aoki's will to party. His custom-distilled vodka is similar to the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ's step-cousin who was known around Bethlehem as an 'alternative bro who was always willing to have a good time.'
We all want to be the bro being fed by Aoki, not the bro next to the bro being fed, frantically begging for the opportunity to 'find out what alcohol tastes like 4 the 1st time.'

Are yall okay with me starting to be 100% open about recycling gimmicks to the extreme? I might start reusing old posts 2 see how many of yall are even authentic HRO fans. Have u been there since [THE BEGINNING]?

<3 blipster entrepreneurs with DSLRs & turbans/ electroAuntJemimaheadwraps <3

[Photos by Thecobrasnake]

F.A.N. A.R.T. B.E.S.T. I.N. S.H.O.W.

After sorting through a lot of Justice fan art submissions, I decided 2 determine the prizes. I know yall h8 when I type m0re than 4 sentences in a p0st, so here r the winnrs.


Prize: a concrete statue of a fist to put in their front yard

3rd place
Prize: a lifetime supply of Virginia Slims--the Official Cigarette of Gaspy and the Jewstices

2nd place
Prize: A copy of "Microsoft Paint" for Macintosh

1st prize
Prize: A trophy of Jesus Being crucified on Justice's Performance Console

Tie: 1st Prize

Which 1 do yall think should win the Chili's Gift Certificate?
Which 1 should I take on a flash drive 2 kinkos & ask them 'how big can yall make this to go on my wall?' ?


We live in a world where things change every day. One day u r famous, the next day no1 knows who u r. One day u r a viral internet meme...the next day ur just another person who uses the internet too much and understands the concept of a 'meme.'

I just wanted to know what happened to stuff from the past. Some of the stuff we should miss. Some of the stuff we shouldn't miss 2 much.


The band that dressed up in suits (the Interpolice)

The Zany Female Jewish Comedian

The Postal Services

Uffie 1.0

Girls who were attracted to Jared Leto's personal brand

The guy who played 'The Terminating"

Mark Hunter, Photographer for, before he 'changed'

Conan O'Brien style humor

The song with the whistling about not caring about young people

What happened 2 the days when we used 2 all get along and only care about partying 4 the sake of partying? Back before money, reputation, and personal brands were on the line. Will things ever be authentic again?

The guy from the band ZanyTown (Crazie)

The nice guy from Friends

The Fat guy from SNL who was on drugs

The modern philosopher/minimalist web designer/human internet meme, Jakob Loadwick

The Flight of the Quirk-chords

Girls with personal brands that emulated Lisa Loeb

The sillie bass player from The Fred Durst Band (FDB)

People who go to music festivals 2 see Jack Johnson

SRSLY yall...what ever happened 2 all of this stuff?
Is society getting better or worse?
Does the internet make things less meaningful?

What DJ sets will sound/look like in 2k12 [Forecasting Our Progressive Future]

[Video may not be viewable in ur RSS reader]

I know a lot of yall don't get the opportunity to be an impressionable, 17 year old entry-level Mexi-alt living in Southern California, so I thought this video did a good job of capturing what the future of "fun" is. The modern DJ will have to do more than just spin records/press buttons. He will be a true showman, taking 'crowd participation' to the next level. The modern DJ is somewhere between a priest in his pulpit, and a rap super star.

Fave Parts of this video:

  • kute karaoke performance
  • seas of entry level alts searching for meaning/for a DJ to save their life (last nite)
  • Air guitar
  • head banger hair twirl
  • Belligerent Crowd surf
  • Opportunity to view party pix bros mastering their kraft

What's ur fave part?
Who is the best DJ in the world?
What makes a DJ simply the best (better than all the rest)?

Name That Alternative Celebrity! (AZN Edition)

What famous alternative Electro Mogul does this kute AZN look like?

1. It's a DJ.
2. He's AZN
3. He is basically a lifestyle brand
4. He owns a company that makes t-shirts with Shutter Shades on them
5. Photo hint!

It makes me happy to know that I inspire yall...

While most bloggers are bombarded with music from startup bedroom producers, I'm lucky enough to get emails from readers and interns. Whether it's a tip, a pat on the back, or a piece of hate mail, it inspires me to keep going.

Here's a rlly kute email that made my day!

I wonder if this video is going to go 'alternative viral.'

What is censorship?
How far is 2 far for HRO?
What's wrong with a little bit of Farley foaming mouth death pix?
What's wrong with a little bit of pierced nip?
What's wrong with a little bit of electro?
What's wrong with a little bit of obvious partie pix posts?
What's wrong with celebrating how crazie the world is before it all ends in 2012 :-( ?
What is a meme?
Are memes even important?
When will Justice release a new album?
Who will win the 2008 NBA Championship?
Seen n e good movies lately?
Why are there so many questions, but not enough answers?
What is a lifestyle brand?
Is everything okay at home?
Is France better than Australia?

...things get crazier in HROville every day. Maybe we'll never find absolute truth, but we can still try 2gether.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "HRO PRESENTS: Bold Mainstream Predictions":

I hate to deconstruct what makes this blog so funny, but general irreverence is one thing, and usually hilarious; posting something as undignified as that photo is something else entirely, and not appropriate for any of the points you're attempting to make. The shock factor, much like irony, is for suckers.
It's also past the point of acceptable indecency.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "HRO PRESENTS: Bold Mainstream Predictions":


Is there a demographic of HRO readers that 'get' HRO more than HRO 'gets' itself?
Plz let me know how to make HRO better. Or start a better blog and I will stop blogging if the coveted 12-32 alternative unisex demographic says ur blog is better.
Love yall no matter what happens,
HRO [via Carles]

Alties Using Mainstream Party Tools

Is it cool to use stuff like beer bongs, or play games like 'beer pong' AKA 'beirut' AKA 'the Kanye West Beer Ping Pong Ball Game' even if you are alternative? I know we all just want to party, but is it cooler to just get buzzed while listening to electro-blog hits with a group of your closest friends while talking about Wes Anderson movies, life, and how Wes Anderson movies and life are a lot alike?

Do u know of any alternative drinking games? Have you ever had your AZN friend put on a wig of long black hair and pour vodka into your mouth? (This is called the Steve Aoki Game).

[Picture by Oh Snappy]

How You Know You are an Alternative D-Bag

Lately, I've been really into slavery and/or indentured servitude.

Alternative d-bags are people who have a great deal of pride in their personality and social projection. While alternative d-bags usually find a way to differentiate themselves within crowds of alties, it is easiest to identify an alternative d-bags in normal situations.

They go out of their way to show that their reality is not in accordance with the reality of the every-day-lives' of mainstreamers. Alt D-bags try to make it clear that they can't believe they are doing a standard task, like grocery shopping, going to the post-office, or renewing a driver's license.

For example, most people at the airport are traveling for traditional business purposes. They are baffled when they see an entourage of 'under-dressed people who aren't famous, but sure act like it' surfing on a baggage cart being pushed by a live human.

Alternative d-bags find a way to throw out social norms, tact, and the minimal skill set of manners that their parents taught them. They are also likely to claim that 'they have A.D.D. real bad.'

I feel like it's one of the things where it's less disappointing when you are 5 years old, very disappointing when you are 15 years old, and EXTREMELY disappointing when you are 25+ years old.

[Photo by The Cobrasnake]

Who do U support to be the nxt President of the World?

Pop singer and member of the world's most popular Goth-shoegaze-no-wave band, Joel Madden openly shows his support for the black guy who is running for President. Steve Aoki openly shows his support for scribbles, geometric shapes, and modern cave drawings.

[Photo by ShadowScene]


[HIGHLY RECCD if you think that girls don't like boys, that they only like cars and money]

I read on a blog that Nicole Richie knew that she wanted to be with Joel Madden for the rest of her life after she saw this music video.

<3 <3 True Love? <3 <3

The best DJs in the world are willing to POUR DRANK IN2 MY MOUF

Steve Aoki is a giver of life (when it comes 2 partying), willing to give any underaged alternative partier a suckle from his Grey Goose/Absolut/Finlandia filled teet.

The Party starts and stops in accordance with Aoki's will to party. His custom-distilled vodka is similar to the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ's step-cousin who was known around Bethlehem as an 'alternative bro who was always willing to have a good time.'

We all want to be the bro being fed by Aoki, not the bro next to the bro being fed, frantically begging for the opportunity to 'find out what alcohol tastes like 4 the 1st time.'

[Photo by The Cobrasnake]

Steve Aoki &#38; Cobrasnake Play Grab Ass on an Australian Beach

See more videos at

[This video may not be viewable in your RSS reader.]

Watch this video that does a good job of documenting Steve Aoki's personal brand of 'the DJ who takes off his shirt and crowd surfs, and has a bottomless selection of war stories from the greatest parties of the past __ years.'

I think he does a good job of selling Dim Mak as more of a charitable community-service organization than a traditional 'we're trying to make money' business. Steve Aoki didn't have to start Dim Mak to improve your alternative existence. As he says in the video, "I could have bought a house and lived a very comfortable life." STEVE AOKI GAVE UP HIS PERSONAL COMFORT FOR YOU.

You also get to hear that Jimmy Eat World played at Steve Aoki's college apartment, and experience the always enjoyable lighthearted comedic relief of Mark "the CobraGuy" Hunter. You know, he's kind of like Chris Farley in TOMMY BOY. Steve Aoki = David Spade?

View More Videos at Pedestrian.TV

The Return of TOSS THAT AOKI

Spotted: DJ and heir to the Benihana fortune, Steve Aoki being held up by a sea of Mexican children in a remote Mexican city at a party sponsored by Nike, so that Nike can appeal to seas of Mexican children in remote Mexican cities.

RACISM IS DEAD, YALL. If a sea of Mexican children can hold up an AZN man, then there are clearly no problems--there's no such thing as skin colour. Every one needs to chill out and listen 2 more remixes, and just have fun, and wear Air Force Ones.

The Global Economy will end racism.

-the topic sentence of HIPSTER RUNOFF's thesis before he had to drop out of NYU to partie, 2005

[the Cobradank]


Cory Kennedy: She stands in front of stuff and looks BLOWN/like she wants to give you a tugjob.

If you were founder of Nike, Phil Knight, would you do everything in your power to keep this picture from weakening your global brand?

Find out more about Cory Kennedy at her Myspace 3.0 page

Happy Birthday To That 70s DJ!

Danny Masterson a.k.a. DJ MOM JEANS a.k.a. DJ 'Transitioning from actor to DJ who is trying to gain credibility with the alternative kids after becoming business partners/BFFs with Steve Aoki' celebrates his 11th birthday!

[Pictures by]

Here's an excerpt from a fake interview that I just made up with Danny Masterson:
Interviewer from some 'alternative' magazine: So what's it like DJing with Steve Aoki?
Danny Masterson: I mean, we just have great DJ chemistry. It's like, our mixes just cream together. I'll be spinning something, and then Steve will say, 'We could really use a Bloc Party remix right now, and it will be soooo MONEY. And when he crowd surfs, every one gets so fired up.

Interviewer from some 'alternative' magazine: So what's life after THAT 70S SHOW all about? It must be great to get those syndication checks.
Danny Masterson: Yeah. It's good to be able to focus on my DJ & party promoting career. I mean, Wilmer had YO MAMA, and Ashton started banging that old broad, and Topher Grace was in that one movie...but I think I'm doing something really special with my DJ MomJeans venture. I mean, I like to party, so being a DJ really just allows me to do what I like.

Interviewer from some 'alternative' magazine: Is it tough to get credibility in the DJ industry? Or do other DJs hold your pre-existing fame against you?
Danny Masterson: Well, it's a mixed bag. We all know it doesn't take much to be a DJ, so they aren't mad at me about that, but once they see me spin, they're usually really impressed. I'm pretty aware of cool dance music. I looove Justice. Absolutely love those guys. I've also been listening to a lot of the Bloody Beetroots, who are on Steve's label. I'm also a part-time designer, and working on a new t-shirt unlike any other designer t-shirt ever made. At the end of the day, we all just have to realize that we're all the same--we're all just people who put stickers on our MacBookPros, looking to make people dance.

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