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Cuties worth tilting your laptop screen about

Don't u hate/love it when you can't tell if a blouse is see-thru, so you have to tilt your Macbook screen to see if you can get a view of some lovely nips. Then if they have areolas that match the skin, and a non-definitive nipple, you can't really tell if the shirt is see-thru. Tilting your screen is a great way to continue the search for the perfect alternative breasts.

I read a rumor on an internet message board blog that if you put on shutter shades, u can see through the clothes of any1 who is at least 50% alt.

An HRO intern submitted this pic just to point out that I have already blggd abt this hottie.

[by Glam Canny]

Continuing to monitor emerging trends

I had completely forgotten about the emerging trend of 'hypothetical creatures' on miscellaneous apparel. This bro looks happy to have a creature on his hoodie to declare, "My personal brand is a little bit zany. I am a free spirit. I do not belong 'inside of the box.'"

I wonder what he is listening to on his iPod...
Probably some Wallflowers?

[Foto By Just Glitter Lust]


OMG. I can't believe Paul Dano dyed his hair blonde and wears neon electro gear!

I wonder if he is wearing those clothes because _____________(reference to There Will Be Blood and/or Little Miss Sunshine).


When AZNs are under the age of 5, there is an international law that requires them to have a unisex bowl cut. I appreciate this AZN dude's rebellion against the AZN Bowl Cut Accord after World War II.

I have a phobia of AZNs in cloaks with bowl cuts and big glasses. Does n e 1 know the scientific word for that?


[Face Hunter]

AMILF (Alternative Mother I'd Like To Fuck)

Seen any hot old alternative broads lately? Romances with older women is always great because you can connect with them in new and old ways. For example, if they were into the Jesus and Mary Chain, you can give them an iPod shuffle pre-loaded with the latest M83 album.

<3 AltMilfs<3

What's the biggest age difference between you and one of your lovers? Was it when you were 15 and you had a 28 year old BF?

"The older they are, the stronger their tug muscles are."
-Chris Martin from Coldplay

[Dam Style]

America's #1 Street Fashion Blog

One of my new favourite street fashion blogs patrols the streets of the twin cities in Minnesota. The Minneapoline recently posted this old guy. I think he is as kute as he is confused that some one is taking a picture of him while he was on the way out of pleasuring himself in a movie theatre.

Cute boots. I wonder if he was fishing pennies out of a public fountain since he is out of work from his seasonal jobs as a Santa & in a Civil War Re-enactment brigade.

(Editor's Note: There is a reason why you don't involve people who don't 'understand the internet' with the internet. Whether it is your parents, old people, or young kids. When you take a picture of some one, you trap their soul in the photo. Sometimes, people's souls shouldn't be on the internet.)

[More kuties at The Minneapoline]


I would love to have a pair of this broad's Chuck Taylor boots. While most people can express themselves with the Chuck Taylor high top or the loafer, these boots are probably what I need to make sure my unique personal brand manifests itself.

I am also looking for a humble alt AZN to complete my summer look.

Basketball shoes have always been a good way to express yourself.

[Via The minneapoline]

Wanna get buzzed and make sillie hats out of records?

I am a big fan of self-expression, which is why I love fashion, music, and other alt stuff so much. I am an ardent support of the arts (& crafts). I wonder if it's cooler to make a hat out of a rare, highly coveted vinyl, or if it's better to just use a crappy one, since there's a chance that you might scratch the record.

Would you prefer the 7 inch model or the 12 inch model of the 'Record Hat'? I am considering starting a company that makes hats and caps out of minidisc players, cassette tapes, and Microsoft Zunes.

This might be my favourite female summer look so far.

[Photo by FCHNTR]

A Possible Summer Look for Girls...?

I heard that it's cool for girls to be quirky again this summer, and do stuff like wear skirts over their jeans. This phase of was kind of big before Natalie Portman singlehandedly changed what it meant to be a cliched alternative broad right around Garden State's release.

I feel like there's a whole crop of girls who used to wear skirts over jeans that weren't able to graduate to the 'wearing leggings and big t shirts' phase of their lives'.

What do u think about skirts-over-blue-jeans?

[Via Dam Style]

What Blipsters Will Look Like in 2010

Bow ties are really blowing up. I'm excited about this summer, and how shorts will be integrated into outfits. I wonder if baggy Old Navy Cargo shorts will be in style, or if men will have to convert Express Men formal pants into shorts. Would men rather wear cute shorts and argyle socks, or board shorts and Doc Marten sandals?

Time Will Tell.

Do u like it better when black people wear street wear?
Or do you prefer white women in street wear?

<3 blipsters <3

[Picture Via the BowTie Hunter


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Cute AZNs start global trends":

p0st m0re bowties

After the success of the bro in a bowtie & the AZN girl in a bow tie, there is a clear demand for bow ties in alternative markets.

Do you like that dude's bow (tie) necklace?

Does any body know if Urban Outfitters is already selling this?
Would you ever consider wearing that necklace, or would it be kind of like the equivalent wearing Kanye sunglasses when it comes 2 form & function?

<3 <3 various forms of bows that are tied which are worn by alternative people <3 <3

[Bow Tie by Gade Mode]

Getting To Know More of the World's Alternative Celebrities

Meet The Facehunter. He's more than just a street fashion blog. He's a real person (who dresses kind of like Willy Wonka).
Which do you think is a more difficult field: street fashion blogging or having your own party pix website?
Which is a more authentic field?
Which will get u on to more guest lists?
Which has a better chance of turning you into an alternative celebrity?
Which presents a better opportunity to create a sustainable revenue stream?



[Photo by Glam Canyon]
Tape is an effective design solution. I remember when M.I.A. made a shirt out of electric tape, and when skanks started putting tape over their nips. It's good to see that this dude was able to make an innovative pair of sandals using medical tape.

Do u like Arts & Crafts? (the activity, not the record label)
I think it's good to express yourself, but I don't think you should make your own shoes without the proper orthopedic support. You should definitely spend $80 or more on shoes to make sure you get ample comfort and support.

Just because you made your own shoes doesn't mean they are more relevant or meaningful than a pair of dunks a little AZN kid could have made 4 u.

Every consumer good was made 4 a reason: 2 Make Ur Life Better.

Do u wear comfy shoes?
Or do u just like kute shoes?
Are Nikes that comfortable?
If you wore Chuck Taylors for a year of your life, should you expect to have re-constructive ankle surgery by the time you are 60?

Clothing That Incorporates Creatures

[Picture by GadeMode]

What's up with the explosion of clothes that involve hypothetical creatures? I think Japan started that crap, right?

Do you prefer clothing that is inspired by animals that exist in real life?

Do you think designers have hyper-exposed the 'kutest' animals on the planet?

I feel like if I had to wear either imagined creatures or real animals for the rest of my life, I would probably go with the fur of endangered species.

What animals and creatures do yall like to wear?

[Via thefacehunter]

Have you ever been blogged-about on your way to your job at Wendy's?

The beauty in street fashion blogs are that the blogger/photographers are able to find beauty in any one on a normal day. Truly progressive street fashion bloggers are able to take some one in an ordinary outfit, and make them seem beautiful and/or culturally relevant. They are able to capture an entire era inside of one photograph of a human being.

Clothes that end up looking like uniforms: Big In 2k11?

Ever since Dave Thomas died, Wendy's has become considerably more alternative. Vanilla frosties and healthy menu items are pretty progressive.

Remember the kid in high school who ironically wore the uniform polo of a chain restaurant that he bought at a thrift store? Remember the kid in high school who wore the uniform polo of a fast food chain because he worked there?

[via Hel Looks]

I Love Girls With Innovative Bangs

I was pleasuring myself while looking at the popular street fashion blog, The Face Hunter, and I this girl really got my attention.

I really like the way her bangs are longer than any other section of her hair. It's kute. She could have gone for the straight-forward bowl, but she took it to another level.

I don't know much about fashion or retail, but I also just adore her black smock, which was probably part of the Spring Collection by SuperCuts.

Will I ever find a girl with the perfect bangs?

Hey did U hear abt the Baby With 2 Faces?

I really don't care about the baby.
I would just like to [HIGHLY REC] street fashion bloggers to travel to India to photograph these parents.

The father has a really progressive pink button down(possibly from Express Men or American Eagle), and disheveled hair. Where did he get his slim slacks? Probably at a thrift store... Wonder if he's in an indie rock band!

The mother really makes earth tones work for her. I'm not sure if she's covering up due to government requirement, or cultural custom, but she makes it work so hard! As some person who watches too much TV would say, "Loves it!"

Does any one else find it funnie when street fashion bloggers are in the non-Western world, and every1 becomes [HIGHLY BLOGGABLE] in their own foreign-y way??

I wonder if the pregnant man is going to have a baby with a vag and a peen... Never took biology, so I don't know how Punnett Squares work. What do yall think?


A hybrid representation of popular movie characters played by Daniel Day Lewis, on the popular street fashion blog, the Sartorialbro.

[Via There Will Be Gangs of New York]

Hey did U see WES ANDERSON on the Sartorialst the other day?

Did U see Wes Anderson on 'the world's #1 street fashion blog,' the Sartorialist?
While the picture is just about as interesting/simple as a Wes Anderson character, I was totally into the Wes Anderson Creamfest that went on in the comments. I decided to copy most of the comments into one long paragraph of 'People Who Are Really Into Liking Wes Anderson.'

Wes Anderson: His Films Are Pretty Good, But People Who Are Way Too Into His Films Make Me Like Him Less (For No Good Reason Other Than I Am An Ass Hole Who is Tired of Seeing Pictures of 'The Royal Tenenbaums'/'Rushmore'/etc. on Douchebags' Myspace Profiles.

THE COMMENTS of People Who Are Really Into Wes Anderson

In terms of style, he could never do anything wrong. It's so nice to wake up to an image like this. His films and this outfit are all about the details. I love how he subverts a potentially serious look with a subtle touch of irony (the pin). Playful, thoughtful and anything but your average hipster. This man is my absolute hero; his style is impeccable and his movies are GENIUS. I LOVE YOU WES! Wes! I’m so happy to see his picture in this blog. He has such a wonderful style! I'd try to dress somehow like him if I were a man. He always looks so smart, even to go shooting, but always adds something personal, unexpected and original. He is like his movies. Great picture Sart! i love wes anderson! i am very excited to see him here too. he is delicious in every way. the style & taste of his films are intoxicating.. and he does the same here with his darling ensemble. You just ran into him in Paris? That's just not fair! My favorite director... looking dashing as always! Love his style! That grey is hard to pull off, especially for someone as fair as he is, but he does it. He also carries off a shock of hair very well! I love that he dresses like this while filming, too. Comfortable and stylish - my holy grail. The colours all work (as they do in the films), but he looks ever so slightly like a pear. I LOVE WES! I love his little-star tie, too. I adore the little personal touches that make this outfit his. The horse pin, the stars on the tie, adorable. I'm not that big a fan of the oversized jacket with the matching pants of corduroy. oh man. this is thoroughly enjoyable. I love wes!! Yeah! I love his little Trojan horse (or whatever) pin. Love, love, love, LOVE Mr. Anderson. You can tell a Wes Anderson film from a mile away, all thanks to his signature style and the same can be said for the man himself. He is a unique being, and isn't that what style is all about? It's funny how in every picture I've seen of Wes Anderson he's always wearing that suit and a blue shirt. The horse pin is, I should think, from the Stockholm Film Festival where he received the "Visionary filmmaker" award last november. The prize is a large bronze horse just like the pin he's wearing. I should know, I worked at the theater where the prize ceremony was held and took care of his statue for him. And yes, he was wearing that suit and a blue shirt. He looks nice. It's nice to see Wes rocking it in a corduroy suit. I wonder if he is a clandestine member of the CAC? It would be ideal if the jacket had a 3/2 roll. Awesome. I loved this when I first saw it on your blog, and I love it even more now. Definitely need to grab a corduroy suit. His demeanor is what makes this look work. A cocky man would make this style seem ridiculous. On Wes Anderson, it is endearing. Sometimes I want to roll my eyes at aging hipsters (my image in the mirror included), but this is completely charming! The clothes are nostalgic, ironic, and quirky in a somewhat typical Gen X style. But this brilliant artist and nerdy heartthrob makes it look fresh, unaffected and original. Corduroy forever and huzzah! Charming smile on a brilliant filmmaker. Nice.
Great look! Simple and classic but full of taste. The tie just rocks ;) together with the pin it adds the special detail. Thank you Scott and Wes! Oh crazy! Did you get any news about the Roald Dahl animated film he's working on? I can get over how much I love the tie. A simple star on a navy background just looks great! I love everything he does. Wish I could find Wes-style clothes for girls, I would just dress like that ALL the time. Go Wes!!! This is what I mean when I think "well dressed" for a man. What is the feminine equivalent of this look? That is how I would like to dress. Corduroy skirts, cashmere sweaters, silently fun indiviudal costume jewellery, what else? I will find out! I <3 Wes!! I love the little details of his outfit - the stars on his tie and the pin - genius, just like his movies!!! Very cool dude! this gent simply looks comfortable in his own skin and he obviously knows what he feels good in too. Good shot. Darjeeling Limited is currently spinning in my DVD player. Just happy to see a stylish movie is made by such a stylish gentleman. love the awkward smile. future husband indeed. Like the crooked smile. I love the look of his movies, but I think this is everyday fine. Cute pin, cute tie, handsomely worn suit - but hardly a sartorial inspiration... the only thing interesting is that he is relatively young to be in these clothes... wes, i love you. he looks just like a character from one of his movies! Wow. Perfect tailoring and perfectly put together. What else can I say about this look but that it's perfect? Just from this look you can tell he has character. Other people couldn't necessarily pull this off, but he does! There's really something to be said for such well-tailored clothes! well, i tried to contain my excitement at seeing this picture. i managaed not to squeal, but still smiled goofily, because mr anderson is the greatest.if i was a man, this is how i would dress. oh hell, i'll dress like this anyway.Oh how cool! He's my favorite of all the cool artists you've shot thus far! And he looks so idiosyncratically dapper, just lovely! wes is the best! love the star tie. i wish bill murray was zipping by in the background on a golf cart! that is a great tie. Does anyone know where to get that tie? I love the stars. You just happened to run into Wes Anderson? On the street...? If that was an accident then you've got to be the luckiest man in the world. I don't usually think this of men with long locks, but he's got great hair. one of my favorite texans. That smile makes me wanna hug him, not sure if it's his demeanor or the way the lines in his 2buttom draw my eyes into him, and I dont even have a crush on him. All the lines between his neckline-tie-vest-and intentionally open button work magic for me. now boys, take notes. People here seem to know him. I don't. Looks a very pleasant chap but his clothes remind me of a whacky Oxford university Professor. gets all his bespoke done @ Mr.Ned's on 5th ave and 20th...after hearing this, i recently had them do a very slim double-breasted 3 piece (think RL black label)...ridiculously reasonable pricing w/o sacrificing fabric selection, craftsmanship, etc...would get 1 leg of a pair of Brioni trousers off the rack for the same px. simply a delight.. he's adorable my hero. great tailor, beautiful cloth, can almost feel how soft and worn-in it is. beautiful smile, beautiful hair. sigh... Most men stray from corduroy thinking it will make them look too academic. I am not one of those men, and this gent looks great. I would like to see some linen in his pocket though. Regardless, I still like it! His personal style comes through very clear, just like his movies! i love wes! he's always stylish and so are his films. the suit reminds me of floppy pancakes. he does have a knack for creating stylish costumes and characters. As most have said, he is absolut
ely amazing. That crooked smile is quite endearing. I love every little thing about this ensemble right on down to the horse pin on his lapel. Would kill to see his shoes. My favorite director snapped by my favorite photographer? Just lovely! I adore the similarity between his films and his aesthetic. gorgeous! :) Oh, wes... darling outfit, amazing movies... what else could a girl ask for? i have a big celebrity crush on this guy. the art direction, music, and production design in his movies are utterly brilliant and reflected in his great style. is that a horse or a unicorn pin? i hope its a unicorn. i love you wes!!!

'This family reminded me of my dysfunctional family after my parents got divorced.'

View the post at

Wes Anderson

Actor, Alternative Celebrity

Wes Anderson is a popular indie filmmaker & director who directed the hit films Rushmore, The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tanenabombs, and Lost in Garden State.

Read more>>>>


Yall wanna go swimming?


V-Backs: Big in 2009?

Does the DEEP V-back have a good opportunity to phase out the DEEP V-neck?

Design Challenges of the future: How deep can you make a V?

via StyleSightings


[Via the FaceHunter]
I saw this dress, and it made me yearn for a zigzagging striped shirt that represents the peaks and valleys of day-to-day life.

Do you think the zigzag pattern is too time consuming for the American Apparel factory workers to make?

I just want to express myself, and sometimes horizontal stripes just aren't enough.


Big in 2k8?

In search of the fashions that Forever21 will manufacture in 2009...


MEDALS: the next headband?

Girls in Davy Crockett-ish hats?

Via Glam Canyon (My Fave Street Fashion Blog)

Check out this broad

I will continue to scan the world's best street fashion blogs to bring you people who may or may not be worth taking seriously.

Meet Bethan

Glam Canyon says about Bethan:

Bethan works as a product designer and was just doing her christmas shopping. she's picked out the car you see below and some other toy as gifts for the family. in terms of fashion Bethan embraces the fact that she is short and so she likes to wear clothers that make her feel small. she gets inspiration from bjork and cracker toys. her advice for a happy christmas: "Buy cheap cracker toys." and why not.

What do you think about Bjorky chicks? I think they are a bit too post-contrived.

VIDEO: A bunch of 'effing hipsters' from LA's Echo Park brag abt their personal style


I just watched this video produced by the mainstream / alt clothing brand H&M. For some reason, they went to Echo Park, and they interviewed a bunch of alts from the area. For those of yall who don't know, Echo Park is a part of Los Angeles where a bunch of alternative ppl live. I don't know if they picked a solid sample size, or if they just had to get unemployed ppl to talk to them on camera.

First they talked to some crusty kid who looks like he lived in a dumpster. Probably had to pay him in day-old tuna sandwiches to get him to do the interview.

Then they talked to some lil azn tween bro.

Then they talked to some dude who was 'trying to get his name out there' by playing guitar at an arts & crafts fair.

There were some other people, but it was the typical 'boring girl alt' type of fashion.

Eventually they go back to shots of the crusty kid, and for some reason, they didn't interview the dude with the pet rat who he is bros with.

I / AM / The / Rat / King //of ECHO PARK.

I could have probably watched a 40 minute in-depth interview with the Rat King Alt. What do u feed the rat? Is the rat part of ur brand? R u scared that a cat will eat the rat? If a cat eats the rat, what will u do to strengthen ur personal brand? These are the kinds of questions that H&M really needed to be asking.

Hopefully H&M will start selling rats, gerbils, and hamsters in their store so that alts can finally have authentic accessories.

Do all of these ppl seem really alt + Authentic?
Is Echo Park the #1 alt part of Los Angeles, or is Silverlake 'the place 2 be'?

Should I move 2 Echo Park and get a pet rat?
Do yall 'get' crusty kids?
Do these alts 'dress well' or do they just dress like the rolled out of a dumpster/thrift store?
R u from LA/Echo Park?
Is it 'authentic' or just the standard 'gentrified altstreamer hangout'?
Are the LA alt neighborhoods more authentic than Brooklyn?

Blipsterette gets ‘street fashion blogged’, blogger chooses unflattering/racist background

Got dressed up super cute
to go to the Pitchfork Music Festival
An outfit that is vintage and sexie
but also functional to beat the summer heat

I was chilling, enjoying modern buzzbands
taking my post-blipster brand to the next level when a photographer+blogger approached me
he/she told me that they had a Street Fashion Blog
and I

I was flattered beyond belief
While I knew I was dressed alt/vintage enough to merit blog coverage
I never thought I would find some1
who had a relevant street fashion blogspot

They took my picture
It made my day
Felt better than listening

I logged on to my Dell Macbook the next day
Loaded up the street fashion blog website
and was mad pissed
that my photo was taken in front of some shitters

H8 u portapotties
Usually street fashion photographs are 'perfectly framed'
in the middle of some high end/vintage street

But I am stuck in front of some portapotties

I shoulda realized
and maybe coulda used my design background to suggest a different location.
Every1 could share the blame
but I was still mad pissed.

Standing in front of the shitter
looking down, ashamed

Not sure if this is some sort of 'racist metaphor'
about how African Americans were once segregated
and forced to use different restrooms and water fountains
Feeling like I let every1 down

All I wanted to do was showcase my vintage looks
but now I am involved in something so much more complex

Can u look deep/fashionable in front of portapotties?
Can u see any bros taking shits in front of the portapotties?
Who is to blame for this portapotty shot?
Do u think the portapotties provide racial commentary, or do they represent 'the music festival'?

8 Year Old Lil Alt creates Lookbook profile is a popular alt social network where users come together to create a 'global fashion scene.' From suburban Middle America to suburban UK to suburban Korea, every alt who doesn't live in a relevant alt city can bond with a network of alts, feeling 'together' as they look at what they are wearing.

Some altbros are known to 'pleasure themselves' while browsing lookbook, since it features many barely legal alt sluts [via hipster porn]. Not sure if that is 'legal' or if u can go to jail if they find out.

It seems like alts are getting younger and younger. This 8 year old alt from Portugal named Nana S created her own lookbook profile. When I was 8 years old, social networking, 'the alt internet', and blog buzz didn't even exist. Feel amazed that this lil alt coordinated her own photo shoot, uploaded pix to her computer, touched them up in photoshop, and then uploaded them to Lookbook. Feel like this alt is a 'baby genius' or something.

How alt were u when u were 8 years old?
Will this alt get a modeling contract with Baby Gap/Baby Am Appy?
Is this lil alt a Baby Genius?
Should I move 2 Portugal to raise an alt kid, kinda like Noah Lennox?
Do yall have any other tips to make sure that ur kid grows up to be alt?

Lead singer of former buzzband the jj shows up on street fashion blog, seems to be taking eyelash enhancing drugs

Do u remember the popular 2k9/early 2k10 buzzband known as jj? It seems like they have fallen out of the buzz cycle after they were part of 'the SXSW massacre' when a few former-buzzbands were exposed as underdeveloped live acts that take away the mystique of 'random ass lil bands from the internet.'

It seems like Elin, the lead singer was 'chilling hard', and got her photograph taken. I am not sure if she is from Iceland, or maybe some sort of cutesy Scandinavian country. Feel worried about her eyelashes. Maybe she is on Latisse, the popular eyelash growing drug/steroid/growth hormone endorsed by famous person Brooke Shields.

Do yall want longer, fuller, more buzzworthy eyelashes?
Are eyelashes an underrated part of a personal brand?
Do u think eyelash enhancing drugs should be banned within the indiesphere?

Do u think Elin [via the jj] looks cute?

Photo by Pimpumpam

Do u think she is fashionable, or some sort of Scandinavian Stevie Nicks?

Was jj 'ever good' or were they a forced buzz band?
Do u pronounce it 'jj' or 'the jj'?
Do u have long, full eyelashes?
Is having no eyelashes 'alt'?
If I grow my eyelashes super long, will my band get more buzz?
Is Brooke Shields 'hot'/'depressed' [via child actors]?
Is this jj girl going to be the next Bjork?



jj is some indie band that remixes popular mainstream hiphop songs and sings weird lyrics over them and for some reason is 'critically acclaimed.'

Read more>>>>

Deep Picture of Kanye on The Sartorialist.

Kanye West goes to Paris Fashion Week and meaningful street fashion blogger takes an 'emotive' picture of Kanye West.

I know Kanye a little bit and that portrait captures something in him I haven't seen before. Whether you like him or not is up to you. That shot is just a simple portrait of a man in a difficult moment in his life and as a artist I would be crazy not to react to that moment (especially if it falls within a mood I'm feeling). I love the contrast that these two portraits create. And lets be honest, we can't assume that this woman is any more or less refined or graceful than Kanye. I think the not really knowing makes portraits all the more fascinating

-the sartorialistbro

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