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What genre of music would u get tattooed on ur body?

Photo via @chocolatebobka

Was getting pizza the other day at a local Pizza Hut/KFC/Taco Bell combo joint, and saw this bro with a "lofi" tattoo, aligning his personal brand with the lofi genre of music. It seems like this tatty probably means he lives a 'lofi' way of life, using a home studio and minimal recording techniques, trying to capture

Just wondering what genre of music yall would get tattooed on ur body. I know there are a lot of good answers for the year 2k10, but tattoos last forever. By getting a genre tattoo, u have to make sure that the genre will 'be relevant' forever. Seems like a difficult decision.

What music genre aligns with ur way of life?
What genre would yall get tattied on ur body?
a) lofi
b) hifi
c) Arcade Fire anthem core
d) chillwave
e) Indie
f) indy
g) rock n roll
h) 'rap'
i) dreamy nostalgic pop-lectro
j) fuzzy buzzy
k) dank core
l) California-style dank-core
m) ethnic lady screaming in2 microphone
n) 'every mp3 made, except in the year 2k10'
o) Napster-wave alt rock
p) horrorcore
q) juggalo poopy
r) autotune
s) witchy woman wave
t) cum-in-pussie-core
u) rock rock
v) Lilith Core
w) poopoo peepee conceptual music
x) Jim Carrey talking out of his butt Ace Ventura
y) Bieber lil erect peen tweencore
z) Miley Cyrus's wet vajenga
aa) dronewave
bb) idosecore
cc) butt buddy bro indie
dd) cooldad indie pop
ee) bloggy houses
ff) Cody Simpson
gg) Unchill azn bro
hh) Zooey Deschanel
ii) erotic sketch of WAVVES and Best Coast making love while smoking spliffs
jj) Disney tweenwave
kk) Choose ur own response

What genre of music will represent ur personal brand 4ever?

Is the bro who tattooed glasses on to his head the human meme of the decade?

I was reading some mainstream snarky blogs and zany meme aggregators, and they showed off some guy who had a model of child predator glasses tattooed on to his face. Some people said that he is a 'hipster', but I feel like he might be more of a GenX-alt4lifer, who probably has a bartending job or something. Most people who have invested heavily in tattoos don't have a 'real job', unless they are an African American professional athlete.


It seems like people who get tattoos 'just want to bring more attention to their personal brand', but this bro took it a step further. After covering his whole body with tattoos, he needed something more than I.R.L. ppl looking at him like 'omg.' He needed to create a lil bit of social media that 'took the internet by storm.'

The process seems straightforward.

Have a 'tattoo artist' doodle/trace some glasses on to ur face/skull.

Make sure every1 is chill.

Make sure my mnstrm bro is filming it

Try not 2 'lol' cuz of the pain.

Reassure urself. Say 'when ppl look at my body during my open casket funeral, they will see an old man who had zany glasses tattied on to his face. They will truly understand me. This tatty is worth it 4 my long term brand goals.'

Get ready 4 the ink gun.

Bleeding a lil bit. Feeling pain.

Need 2 take a breather since it hurts so much.

Almost done... Wonder if a 'tattoo artist' has the same skills as a 'sandwich artist' [via Subway].

Does my GF like it? She will look into this face as I make love 2 her. This face will sit across from her parents at Thnxgvng dnnr. These bifocals will enhance the view of my son exiting her birth canal. This bro is me.

Feeling pumped about my new brand. Like I could get a job at some sort of rugged Gen X alt lifestyle magazine like Vice or Street Carnage and Television Boners.

Feel happy 2 b alive. Feel happy 2 have a girl who will support me no matter what.

Is this bro a 'hipster'?
Is this a 'hipster meme' that is as strong as 'the hipster olympics'?
Is this bro 'trying 2 hard'?
Is this bro 'fucking bad ass' and 'not a pussy like u' because he got a face tat?
What type of sunglasses would u get tattooed on to ur face? Wayfarers? Child Preds? Shuttershades?
Is this bro's brand enhanced, or 'in the shitter' with his new face tat?
Is Mike Tyson the ultimate face tat bro?
Do u think he could hold down a job in Corporate Middle America?
Do u think this decade will have solid human memes?
Does it 'hurt' 2 get a tattoo?
Is the only pain that hurts u 'emotional pain'?
Is there more 2 life than 'how kewl u look'?
Is the GenX alternative brand 'too raw' 4 u, like they don't value their own consumer power?

Do u ever miss 'the old u', before u transitioned ur brand into something totally new and different?

Ever just wish u could go back in time and chill with ur bros, back b4 everything got complicated?
Do u ever regret some of the personal branding choices/personal interests that ur personal brand implemented/absorbed?
Should I get a _________ tattoo on my _________?

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Should I get an 'M.I.A. tattoo'?

Photo via StyleClicker

I'm really not sure what's 'kewl' n e more. Seems like we are in the 'longest dry spell' in the history of independent music, or maybe I am too relevant 4 my own good. I am thinking of getting some tattoos that serve as tributes to 'The Most Relevant Times of my Life.' Maybe some stuff like Justice Crosses, MerriweatherPostPavillion arm sleeves, and miscellaneous Paper Planes flyin' around my body like krazie.

I am also considering tattooing the 'best mp3s of the decade' on my forearm, so that when I am in public, I will always be able to generate conversations in which I can thrive. h8 when people get a ton of unrelated tattoos, and don't realize that tatties are art, and they are meant to tell a story about your life on top of your body. It seems like if I had a 'Paper Planes' tattoo, people would know that I was sort of 'floating in the wind' and 'just trying to crossover.'

Much like the song, I am not sure if the tattoo will have 'staying power.' Not sure if my kids will 'get it' when they are teenagers. Hope they don't laugh at me. Worried that my kids will 1 day be 'kewler' than me. Hopefully I can just keep checking alt Websites until I die so that I stay 'in the know.' Always want my son/daughter to know that he/she will never be more authentic than me.

what did u do 4 labor day weekend? I had a lil sleepover and we made yewtewb videos.


Do yall think that M.I.A. is the female artist of the decade, since she was able to inspire mainstream lil girls to 'sing about issues' and 'make gun shot noises'?

If u had 2 get 1 tattoo that was a tribute 2 ur fave band/record label/lyric/music festival/alternative website/alternative concert venue, what would it be?


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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Et tu, Altbro? [bro betrayal]

Photo by Sam Hornine

Yall have probably heard of the popular Roman Emperor 'Julius Caesar.' He was a bro who was once on top of the world, but then lost it all. Apparently, he had some sort of clan of bros, but then his bros got 'mad jealous' and 'totally greedy.' They decided to kill him, and even his main bro, Brutus was in on it. When he was about to die, he finally figured out that BrutBFF was 'in on it', and he just said:

'Et tu, Bruté?'
aka 'even u, Brutusbro?'

Here is a picture I made of Julius being betrayed by his group of core bros.

Damn. Wonder if the bro with that tattoo was 'betrayed' by some1 close to him, like his parents, a girlfriend, or possibly his best bro. Can't imagine always wanting to remember that I was betrayed by getting a tattoo of it. Sorta reminds me of when Ed Norton got a swastika tattoo for the movie American History X, but then had to keep it for the rest of his life.

Also admire the bro's symmetrical 'Vietnamese execution bro' tattoo.

Seems like this bro is 'very in touch' with human suffering, and possibly 'outsourced his body' to be some sort of symbol or think piece to remind ppl that there are ppl out there who have it worse than us.

He seems noble. I srsly would never do that. I feel like I'd end up getting a tattoo that was 'simple and kewl' like a barb wire tatty around my arm, or possibly some sort of 'interesting tribal tattoo' that attracted females to me. Might just get a 'zany tattoo' for the sake of it being an internet meme.

Have u ever been betrayed by a core group of bros?
What do u do to remind urself that other people in the world are suffering?
Would u ever get a tattoo of an AZN being executed?


Photo via the cobrasnake

It's kinda weird how the modern indiesphere has made personal branding so complicated. There are just so many subgenres of music, and so many ppl trying to 'one-up' eachother when it comes to their historical knowledge of music that we have lost touch with core values of 'good music.' I remember when ppl used to unite around 'the best music in the world' instead of getting 'all divided' abt it.

I remember back when branding was all about 'peace, love, and music.' All three values were held 'equally', and all were just as important as the other. Kinda reminds me of 'Woodstock.' From what I understand, Woodstock was 'the first music festival ever organized', and often recognized as 'the most authentic music festival ever created.'

They are apparently making a 'new movie' about the Woodstocks called 'Taking Woodstock' (with my bros). I might see it, just 2 see what music festivals were like b4 they had sponsored stages and other 'corporate bullshit.' I feel kinda confused by the movie's aesthetics. Seem like they are trying to break into the 'college dorm room poster' market.

Just watched the trailer. Apparently the movie is done by the AZN bro behind Brokeback Mountain (miss u Heathbro). Feel confused by this trailer. It seems like some sort of movie that is trying to reach mainstreamers, becoming some sort of 'deep movie abt being a young adult during a cultural movement.' Also probably about 'hope', 'determination' and other vague ideals related 2 'the human spirit.'


Feel confused about movies with this Almost Famousy aesthetic. It seems like people honor them as 'being authentic' but they seem 'krappy' 2 me. Like something you would accidentally watch on TNT on Saturday afternoon, and think 'this was okay. I understand why old people/young people like it', but just weird that they are considered 2 be 'amazing.'

It's like the people who think these movies are 'awesome' haven't experienced the gimmick that is meaningfulcore music. Like they will never hear music that is 'better' than 60s + 70s music.

Kinda glad that the scene has evolved 2 what it is 2day. There really is more to life than 'peace', 'love', and 'music', and they don't really have much 2 do with 1 another. In order to feel special, u must make 99.9% of the world feel unspecial. I am okay with the way things are 2day.

Will a Helvetty tatty improve my personal brand?

As yall know, I am a graphic designer for a cutting edge advertising and mixed media firm in the greater Tri-State area. I am interested in letting the world know what I'm all about, not only as a human, but also as a designer. It's important to let people know what font I will use if I have to design a logo for them. Just want people to know that I will make 'a perfect choice' by choosing 'the perfect font.' Might be a good idea to choose an ARIAL tattoo so that it is compatible on windows PCs.

Do yall have a fave font that u would want to chill on ur body for the rest of ur life?

Wonder if I should write the actual font name, or possibly something else sweet, like a Dave Matthews Band lyric.

Feel 'tired' of blogging about 'body art.' However, I think that tattoos are becoming a 'normal part' of our modern culture, and more mainstreamers than ever are getting 'shitty tatties.' Sorta wish I could be a mnstrmr, so I would just have to get like a 'barb wire tat' or a 'butterfly tatty' or something. Feel pressured to get a conceptually well-executed tattoo.

Just trying 2 be an individual. Might just let the world know that I 'h8' America.

Tattoo on Tao Lin's body

Do yall know of any sweet tatties that are more than just 'a doodle on a body'?

Should I regret my bloghouse era tattoo?

Photo via the cobrasnake

I remember back in 2k7, I was passionate about very different things than I am now. Electro blogs with neon layouts. 'Bangers.' Electro duos. I used to be a bloghousebro. Now it seems like 'the world has turned and left me here' since I got a tattoo of 'the Justice logo.' I'm not even sure if Justice are 'still together.' They are probably playing the 'theme park' and 'state fair' circuit with bands like Jessica Simpson/Bowling for Soup/Everclear/other bands that have 'gone out to pasture' 2 die.

These days, I only listen to Grizzly Bears and the Animal Collecting. It's just kinda weird how much things have changed. Considering getting 'Veckatimest' tattooed on the shaft of my cock. I remember when I got my Jousteeece tatty, I told my parents that it was 'biblical.' Can't believe I am 'just another bro with a cross tattoo' even though I don't even really 'get' God.

Back then, I assumed electro would 'be forever.' I assumed that bloghouse would eventually become 'mainstream' and get played on the radio, side-by-side with top40 radio. Now I feel like if I brought 'bloghouse' up in a conversation with a circle of entrylevelers, they would say 'what is that?' I feel like I am possibly a music purist for being so connected to the bloghaus era.

Are my glory days behind me?
Should I have my tattoo 'electronically removed'?
R u ashamed of the person who u used 2 b?


DJ, Buzzband

Justice is a popular banger house electro group from France on Ed Banger Records.

Read more>>>>

Should I get a tattoo 2 show the world that I am a good Christian?

Photo by the cobrasnake

Yall. Been going through a lot lately. Actually 'turned to the Lordbro' to get through in my time of need. I feel like there are 2 things I my life that I truly love--God [via The Lord] and 'sweet titties.' I decided 2 'kill 2 birds with 1 stone' and get a picture of Jesus, the New Lord, and put a pair of sweet lil tits on him. It is also kinda a metaphor about my relationship with Jesus, and how my parents forced His 'fairy tale ass' on me.

Sometimes I even 'jerk off' and I cum all over Jesus. I try to get my semen on his face, and sometimes I rub them on my tattoo's nipples. It's sweet. I feel like some people would tell me that I am 'weird' but they probably aren't in touch with their sexuality. I just want to test the limits. I want to cum so hard with a huge, erect cock. I just want to push the limits, kinda like the movie Eyes Wide Shut. Feel like David Carradine, also known as Bill Kill, knew what life was all about since he just wanted to get off.

Sorta hope I die in a hotel room with some AZNs, and have a rope tied around my neck/cock. Seems like the last thing I wanna do b4 I die is 'blow my load.'

Do yall have any dark sexual secrets/secret tattoos that u would like 2 share? [via getting a regrettable tatty on spring break back when u were a masintreamer]

Should I get tattoos under my armpits?

Photo by the cobrabro

Yall. Still searching for an authentic tattoo 2 get drawn on to my body. I feel like no matter what design I pick, it will be pretty 'kewl', but I just need to find a place on my body 2 actually put it. Think that I might have it done underneath my armpits. I feel like I'm in a lot of situations where I raise my arms, like at bad ass concerts and other places where u get pumped up like bars and sporting events. It makes sense 4 me to get one under my pits.

Does n e 1 know if u have 2 have ur hair removed before u get a tattoo somewhere? Not sure how body hair can interact with a tatty. Would feel kinda weird having to shave my pits so ppl could see my tattie. Just want to be natural.

Nervous about my first tattoo. I just want it to like 'make sense', ya know. Not just like 'a random set of tattoos like Marc Jakebros.

My body is not a sheet of a doodle pad. It is a canvas/photoshop .psd file upon which art is generated.

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R yall ever gonna go 2 Africa?

I saw on a weblog that Pete Wentz, lead singer and keyboardist of the popular band the Fall Out Boys, went to Africa. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever go on some sort of philanthropic mission. Feel like that's when u can really learn 2 'appreciate ur own life.' I think u feel like a better person after u surround urself with 'the less fortunate', but I think u might get depressed if u stayed there 4ever. Not sure if I will get to go on a pilgrimage since I quit the Christian Youth Group at my local church since I abolished God from my life [via fighting with my parents when I told them I didn't want 2 wake up every Sunday morning 2 go 2 church].

It's kinda weird how ur supposed to go somewhere where ppl are 'less fortunate than u' at some point in ur life. Whether it is Africa, New Orleans, Detroit, or rural Missouri (the meth capital of the world), there are people who are less fortunate than 'us' every where. Just want to appreciate my family + personal social networks on the internet more than ever when I see people who are 'suffering', 'uneducated', 'hungry', and '0% self-aware.'

Pete Wentz is actually 1 of my biggest alternative heros. I think he embodies all of the best traits of 'being on the 1st wave of AltBros.' Kinda think most alternative people would trade their quest for an authentic life 4 a chance to be in a 'popular mainstream band that is marketed as being ALT' and 'making love to Jessica Simpson's malstream lil sister.'

Just want a healthy relationship where my significant other has the same 'version of reality' as me. Just want some1 who 'enables me' even if it turns me in2 less of a 'real person' and 'more of an unhealthy character from a modern indie film.'

see yall in Afrika. Hope JetBlue flies there in 2k10.

Miss u Am Appy Afrika

Remember the time that the cobrasnake went 2 Africa and gave kidz free tshirts, stickers, & crocs?


Need 2 get a quirkily dark tattoo in my pelvic region so that I can 'spooge' on it while I pleasure myself [via internet porn].
I wonder if Pete Wentz knows that tattoos actually originated as 'cave drawing doodles' in Africa and the Middle East while Pangea was still breaking apart.

Who would yall rather 'be romantically involved'/'intimate' with?

Photos via

A pair of mainstreamers who are showing off their kute figures at an alternative underwear partie? [via buzzed on wine]

or would u rather be sandwiched between 2 altbros wearing miscellaneous American Apparel undies?

This post is meant to question your sexuality.
This post is meant to question what u desire in a partner.
This post is meant to question if u want 2 settle down with a mainstreamer or an alt.
This post is meant to question the authenticity of Am Appy coloured briefs.
This post is meant to question who u r and what ur needs r.
This post is meant to showcase GEEK LIFE [via tummy tatty].

Maybe all ppl want the same thing. Maybe we're all attracted 2 the same features like 'facial symmetry', 'big breasts', a 'healthy amount of curves', and 'swoopy bangs.'

///All I ever wanted
///Was a handful
///of jug

Just want the tender touch
of another
'human being'
without the emotional responsbilities

The Search for the Next Big Tattoo Trend

Yall. Since I turned 18, I have been thinking of which tattoo 2 get.

I read on a tattoo blogspot that male tramp stamps are going to be big in 2k9. Not sure if I want my tattoo to be 100% 'sexie' or if it should be a little bit more conceptual and do more to differentiate me from 'the crowd.'

Image via cobrasnake

I have also been thinking about getting something conceptual that turns my body in2 a work of art, but also lets every1 know 'guys--i know i look rlly kewl, but I also know that I am a dbag [via mohawk].'

Might also get a tattoo that proves I am an internet bro who writes all of his memes 2 his twitter....

Maybe ppl will know that I am 'ready 2 fuck' if I get this 'spooging cum on my bro' tattoo.

Image via Village Voice

Does n e 1 have any good suggestions 4 an authentic tattoo?
While these posts seem zany, it is always important 2 remember that tattoos are like art, except on ur body. It's like a post-it note, except 4evr, and it gets 2 say something abt u until u die. Til death do yall part.

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which 1 is ur fave?

I love my dog

[Photo via thecobrasnake]
Dogs are meaningful bc no1 understands ur relaish with them. It's kinda like having a kid, except it is less serious, so u don't have to 'resent it' because u didn't accidentally have it. A lot of people don't go to a human society (aka Africa) to adopt a child, much like u can with a pet. Also, there is a trivial yet meaningful connection with ur pet. When ur pet passes away, while it 'meant a lot to you', it's more comfortable than losing something 'real', like a parent, sibling, or child. So while ur 'sad', u also kinda get to pretend that ur 'rlly sad.'

So when some1 who doesn't 'get' life loses a pet, they 'usually take it really hard', and u have to pretend that they lost a 'family member' and give them a month off from work. But it's still kinda sad, but I think the only authentic sadness might come when u lose ur parent who loved u through thick and thin, even when u went through ur alt-est, most rebellious phases. The parent who raised u, and paid for ur entire life from age 0-29. The parent who ultimately didn't expect much from you, but still remained proud of u.

Do u <3 ur pet?
Can u only authentically <3 ur immediate family?
Do u h8/<3/miss n e 1 rite now?
R u gonna stay home and get vulns 2nite?

[Image via HRO blog]

Take the time 2 let ppl know that u <3 them.
u nvr know when ur gonna lose everything that meant something 2 u (I learned this after HRO was hacked last weekend).

miss yall


Hey yall! Decided 2 'get back 2 my roots' and stop blogging about bands--instead I will blog about myspacers who are worth blogging about!

I just want to make it clear that these people aren't bands--they are just myspacers who deserve attention for changing the way we view the world. Myspacers can inspire u. I want 2 inspire u by blogging about them. Yay! Back 2 our roots, yall!

Meet Trace!

keut tatties

He's a Christian Alt

Here is his About Me section:

my name is Trace Dempsey Cyrus.
i was born feb 24th 1989.
im 19 years old.
i keep thinking of you.
i grew up in Ashland Kentucky until the age of 4 then moved to nashville TN.
at the age of 17 i moved to Los Angeles CA.
my dad was my main influence growing up and had me around guitars and music ever since i can remember.
I started a band called METRO STATION with my friend Mason Musso shortly after my move to California.
Not long after the band started i dropped out of high school and have been busy making music and touring ever since.
I love what i do and will continue to do it as long as there are people that love to hear it.

Follow yalls dreams! Any1 can be a myspacer worth blogging about!

Think he was rooting for the Confederacy/slavery in the Civil War

Think he took this on his macbook

Think this was taken a long time ago b4 he got all tattied. Like him both ways. what do yall think?

Vests + Scarves: big in 2k9?

Read on his profile that he's in a local band

Think he already has a GF :-( Maybe 'it's complicated.'

Seems like a real bro who I could chill with. He owns a couple of AZNs, yall! <3

Do yall like new myspacers? Or should I blog more about AnCo?

Don't 4get to show Trace some myspace love!

Previous myspacers worth blggng about (get in touch with HRO's roots)

"I've got the power" - a popular 90s dance song

[Photo via The Style Shark]
This tattoo is a metaphor. Yall don't realize how much energy it takes to get through a day. Much like an Apple computer, u have a POWER button that u have to [metaphorically] press to 'get goin' and 'take on the world.' It's kinda weird. Sometimes I feel like 'I don't have very much energy.' Might need 2 see a doctor. Wonder if something is 'wrong with me.'

My life has really fallen apart since Sparks disappeared. Used 2 drink 1 with a McGriddle n e more. Do yall know of any new stuff that will get me more power (emotionally and physically) in the future?

Don't know if I can handle the ups and downs of life. Might be 'depressed.' It's kinda weird how when ur a human, u have 2 worry about stuff that robots don't have 2 worry about. It takes a lot of emotional energy to be a human, yall. I wish robots spend more time thinking about WHY they want 2 be human. Is it really worth it? I'm sure the answer is probs somewhere in the middle. Sort of just want 2 'live forever' but only experience the joys of life. Yall know what I mean?

I need 2 identify the most important symbols+metaphors+quotes in my life to merge into an ultimate meme mural which will be screenprinted on to my body 4ever.

A Modern Version of Starry Night

Are yall familiar with the meme/painting "Starry Nights"?

Are yall familiar with the polygon tool in the Adobe Creative Suite? U can use it to make various shapes with more than 3 sides.

Just saw this modern version of Starry Night using the Adobe polygon tool.

[Photo by Hobogestapo]
Kinda interesting how tattoos are 'art', and how progressive modern artists put a modern spin on old concepts. This bro is pretty innovative, and I think I might try to get some modern versions of art on my skin.

Should I get a WARHOL EFFECT tattoo from the popular macbook program "The Photo Booth"?

Or should I get Deviant/darkhearted Mona Lisa on my chest?

Still looking for a tatty that expresses 'me.'
What r u looking 4?

Thinking about rebranding myself in 2k9 [via tatty ink]

I have always wanted to show the world what is inside of me. I want them to know 'who I am' and 'what I am made out of.' While I often approach this from a 'personality-based' perspective, maybe I should start trying to convey to the world what is inside of me (physically). If I can find a tattoo artist/doodler who is willing to tattoo all of my organs+skeletal system on me, then I will be 'transparent.' People will know that I am human after all.

2k9 may or may not be all about 'getting back 2 basics' 2 find out that 'we are all the same' from a biological/anatomical perspective because we don't want 2 seem like 'care about' 'material things' like fashion/trends/social status.

My other Rebranding option is getting a tattoo of all of the things I own on my body.

[via wemadeoutonce]
I think the task of tattooing all of my personal belongings on to my body might be tedious. For example, will I still be using a Macbook in 1-10 years? Will I still have my Blackberry Razr? Will I still be ordering pizza from Papa Johns? Will my TV only be a 104 inch flat screen in 2k40? I need 2 figure out how long I plan on being alive, and then predict which products will still be in my life in 2k__. How dumb would I have looked if I had a can of SPARKS tattied on my palm?

If I am scared to get a tattoo because of the 'pain', I might just morph into a digital camera. This would make me a CameraBro. I think having the opportunity to be 'half-human-half-technology' would be kinda like being a robot, except without 'losing ur sense of humanity/emotion/feelings that humans experience.' There are a lot of movies that have robots who 'want 2 b human bc they can't feel emotions', but if I were just 50% camera and 50% bro, I think I could

I still have 2 decide whether I want 2 morph into a Point-And-Shoot Camera or a dSLR. Point-and-shoots are kinda entry level at this point. If I choose to be a dSLR, I think I will have more opportunities to implement other accessories, like flashes and lenses. However, being a point-and-shoot means that I will be really portable, and won't be a huge douchebag. I just need 2 make sure that I come with a pre-installed way to upload my photos 2 the web [via flickr/photobucket/ tinypic/facebook/cobrasnakeHTMLgenerator/etc.]

What do yall value in a digicam?

Do yall know what I should do to upgrade my personal brand in 2k9?

Trapped In Suburbia Bro + Fake Crystal Castles Fan Club T-shirt

[Photo via lookbook]
TrappedInSuburbiaBro has been named one of Barbara Walters' 10 Most Fascinating People of 2008. While other candidates like Barrack Obammy and Michael "Water Buffalo" Phelps are more famous than TrappedInSuburbia Bro, there are more tweens & teens on the planet who can relate to TrapedInSubBro. He represents an internal and external struggle 4 all moderately alternative ppl on our Earth.

Recently, TrappedBro created his own Crystal Castles Fan Club t-shirt, but in an effort to remain progressive, he let the world know that the t-shirt was 'fake.' The shirt is a think piece. What will HRO's Emerging Bro of the Year do next?

Previous TrappedBro Coverage


[Photo by Nicky Digital]
This picture is a picture that represents the power of branding. There is a common lifestyle brand called PUMA. One bro merges his personal brand with Puma by wearing their shoes. The other bro had a Puma logo tatted on the back of his neck. In order to strengthen your personal brand, you must be willing to take risks and make bold choices.

Should I get the Nike/AmAppy/HypeMachine/Sparks/PBR/Chili's logo tattooed on me?

Will 2009 be all about merging your personal brands with corporate lifestyle brands?

New HRO Gimmick: Twinks or Lezbos?

Twinks or Lezbos is a new HRO gimmick where the readers must decide if the couple pictured is a twinkCouple or a Tegan&Sara Lesbian Couple. Twinks and Lezbos is an experimental byproduct of the popular HRO gimmick AltBro vs AltBag.

[Photo by Icanteachuhow2doit]

Please justify your response:
For Example: 'they are lezbos bc the look like hardXcore Tegan and Sara.'
or 'They are twinks cuz they are lil and look like hardXcore Tegan and Sara.'
or 'Carles this is a trick question. They are pokemones.'

<3 androgynalts <3


I am still searching for the world's most authentic audio equipment tattoo.

Does ink make u m0re or less 'real'?
Am I a coward if I am afraid of putting a symbol on my body that will represent my personal brand forever? Does that mean I am not 'living in the moment' enough? Does that mean I don't have any pride in the cultural movement in which I am embedded?
Scared of forever. Not good at relationships. :-(

Should I get a tattoo that tells the world what I am after all?

For the past 100 blog years, I have been searching for the most authentic tatty that represents who I am. A tattoo will be on me forever, and I plan on living 4ever, so my tattoo will live forever.

Should I get a tattoo that tells the world I am human after all?

Did Electroma prove that we're all robot after all? (h8 that m0vie)
When we are captured by the opposing army during the electrowar, will they tattoo electro bloghouse catchphrases+lyrics on us to identify who we are? Hope I can be "I fucked my American Cunt" or "Lights and Music r on my mind" or "Ready to Uff." What do yall want 2 b?

Just wanna showcase who I am, yall.

[Photo via Whp Ths]



In the future, will all AZNs have fade mullets? (unisex AZN theory)

[foto via Azn Dan]

Should I get a tattoo that proves my life is more meaningful than every1 else's?

"Sum ppl nvr g0 krayzee. What truly hrrible lives they must live."
-Charles "Searching for Meaning" Bukowski (duet with Xtina Aguilera)

I have a unique lifestyle that most people can't understand. I live in a world of people who don't 'get' me. Throughout the years, I have identified a few ways to let people know who I am with a lil bit of an 'eff U!' tone.

This tattoo is an open letter to those people who aren't in constant pursuit of a more meaningful life. This is a tattoo for old people to read, making them wish they still had their whole lives' ahead of them. This is a tattoo to my mom, my dad, my uncle who served in Vietnam, and every one else who doesn't understand the essence of my generation. They do not understand what I am a part of, and that this tattoo is about something bigger than myself.

Sometimes, an act of expression is bigger than just 'self-expression.' It's a random act of kindness for all of humanity. Don't get a tattoo to look cool and start convo. Get a tattoo because it means something.

///Last Night a Tattoo Explained My Life ////

Should I get a tatty of my fave band?

[Photo via Flickr]

Should I get Barry Obama's [LEAKED] inauguration speach tattooed on my chest?

Previous Chest Tatty coverage

Searching for an Authentic DJ setup

Should I get an 8ball tat since I started buying 8balls of coke to sniffle off my iPoddy?

As yall know, I am looking to acquire more skills beyond 'blggng' and 'listenin 2 bloghause on my iMac.' I think I'm gonna start DJing. I've heard a lot about the Abletons and Serato computer software program app, but I'm just wondering if I need to buy some sort of retro gear in order to differentiate myself from all of these entry-level DJs.

Have yall heard of 'iTunes' or 'Winamp'? Can u DJ out of those platforms?

What type of technologie do I need 2 buy in order to become the most authentic DJ in the history of AZN DJs (even tho I'm not AZN)? Do I need to invest in CDs or 'Vinyls'? Which 1 will give me the Highest Quality bitrate? Do I need to get more stickers on my iBook to keep it from crashing?

Should I morph into a PC like Girl Talk?

[made by an HRO fan]


Monitoring Alternative Celebrity Tattoos

Yall are probably more familiar with CSS's lead singer LOVEFOXXX, or maybe even just the 1 kreepy moustached man in their band. However 2day, I couldn't help but notice an interesting tat on the guitarist from CSS (a.k.a. "Ana Rezende").
[photo via recovering on flickr]

<3 TIGER tats <3
<3 animal tats <3
<3 tattoos that have the 'temporary tattoo for kidz' aesthetic <3
<3 saving the rain forest initiatives before the general term 'global warming' became a better buzzPhrase to rally around <3

Should "Ana Rezende" change her name kind of like LOVEFOXXX to take her personal brand to the next level? Should every1 have a stage name, kind of like Brazilian soccer players?

Tattoos give people an opportunity 2 prove that they are an authentic fan of something. For example, here is a tattoo that proves some1 is an authentic fan of the Presets.

[via Modblog]
I never knew an electro-anthem could be converted into a post-emo-meaningful-core tatty. If I were that dude, I probably would have made sure that my tattoo was referencing the LIFELIKE Remix of "This Boy's In Love" [download] and not the regular version.

Post-Metaphoric Tatty of the Day

I was thinking of getting a tat that proves I am willing & ready 2 partie. Do u think if I get this tat and shave my pubey hair once every 2 weeks, girls will find me authentic & quirky enough to 'be in a medium term relaish with'/tug? I think this tat shows a little bit more progressive thinking than the standard symmetrical hip tattooz.

Or do u think the secret 2 his success is wearing a LIVESTRONG bracelet? Do u find people who Livestrong 2 b rlly sexie/compassionate?

N e ways, I was thinking of getting involved in my local community. In order to prove that I care about the world, I was thinking of buying miscellaneously coloured plastic bracelets with zany and/or meaningful words on them. Most people get involved by volunteering their time, or sitting at folding tables in folding chairs at community events, asking people to sign a piece of paper--but I will dedicate 24 hours of my day to a miscellaneous cause by wearing a coloured plastic bracelet. Wearing a meaningful plastic bracelet is a philanthropic personal branding decision. (If you had to pay taxes on your personal brand, wearing a plastic bracelet would probably earn you a write-off.) By wearing this minimal-yet-meaningful accessory, I will prove to people who I interact with that I am aware of global issues and that I can empathize with the struggles of people with real problems.


If ur personal brand had a customized plastic bracelet, what colour would it be and what would it say?
If ur fave alternative celebrity had a ____STRONG bracelet, what colour would it be and what would it sai?

P0ST M0RE Audio Equipment Tattos

[Photo by thcbrnsnks]
I never realized the drummer for the hit band that created hit songs like "all da small thangs", "dammit (yall)", and "What's my Zany Age Again?" has a BOOMBOX TATTOO on his tummy. People love getting audio equipment tats. I think it proves that they are genuine music fans. A lot of people think 'reading music blogs' makes them authentic music fans, but until u get an audio equipment tat, u don't truly luv music.

I don't think his boombox is as loud as this tat boombox. But some people don't like boomboxes and just get headphone tattoos. Some people with headphone tattoos also get turn table tattoos. Has n e 1 seen an iPod tattoo, or are people afraid to get those since they change them every 6 months? I guess we'll have to settle for people getting APPLE logo tattoos.

(What other logos should this bro get to represent his personal brand? Mountain Dew? Hot Pockets? Halo 4? )

N e ways...What's the deal with Travis Barker? He gets to 'remix' a bunch of songs by drumming over them. I think that if he lived in Blogville, he would be executed in public because that's what happens to teen-electro remixers who just put electronic drumbeats over mp3s and call them 'remixes.'

Do u remember the days when Blink182 was able to jump on the bursting Boy Band bubble and give mainstreamers a product that helped them distance themselves from taking boybands seriously?

'say it aint s0,
I will n0t g0,
turn the lytes off,
carry me h0me.'


When the electro war starts, can u rip ur weapon tattoos off ur body?

[Photo by ICnTchUHw2Dit]
I remember in an old post, we talked 2gether abt how we would get certain weapon tattoos in order to prepare for the electro war. Some people said they would get bazookas, mustard gas, ninja stars and even some ElectroWarRadicals wanted to tattoo suicide bomb vests on to their chests.

It just makes me wonder how dedicated I am to winning the electro war. Is electro something worth dying for?

What is worth dying 4?
a) ur freespirited mom
b) ur cool dad
c) ur lil alt
d) a 'cause'
e) Hillary Clinton/Barry Obama: who will win the president war thingy?
f) JFK
g) Kanye West & the Daft Jousteece Punks
h) miscellaneous minorities/people in 3rd World countries
i) ur #1 alt bro
j) an entry level alt broad who will tug u if u chat with her until next weekend
k) Choose.Your.Own.Cause

Monitoring Audio Equipment Tattoos

U might remember the DJ with the headphone tatty or the broad with the turn tables tatty OR EVEN the bro with the boombox tat... however, I think this bro's soundsystem is probably able to have the awesome-est partie. I know a lot of party promotes require soundsystems with deep bass in order to throw a successful dance party.

I think this bro's personal b00mb0x probably has just enough 'OOMPH' to make sure you can hear every decibel of a banger. Hopefully that stereo system can handle [HIGH QUALITY] mp3s, and not just 'krappy mp3s that krappie mp3 blogs post.'

Speaking of tatties....
Should I get a swarm of butterflies flying up my hip? Would it make me overtly ghey or just 'kinda bi'?


Double headbands: the new way to separate yourself from female entry level alts wearing AA headbands for the first time?

HEADBANDX2:Big in 2k9?

[Photos via ICanTeachUHowToDoIT]

Save America. End Obesity.

[Photo by HipsterDBag]

Is America really a FAST FOOD NATION? Is it ruining our great country? Does our country need more reality shows that help people lose weight since people can only lose weight if they are on TV?

Does n e 1 know if people outside of America are fat, or if only Americans are 'gettin a lil chunky'? I remember when NME tried to write an article about how American bands are awesome, but I think it is harder for all Americans because we have to do more to watch our weight. This is why we aren't involved in the Electro War--we are busy consuming, and not creating enough. There's more to life than McGriddles and reading blogs, yall Americans... Let's save our nation b4 it's too late and we run out of whatever that liquid they use to cook fries is called.

On every corner in America is a McDonalds, Pink Berry, Chili's, or Wendy's Frosty Stop. We drive cars a lot. Do we need to get exercise? Is America in trouble?

What can we do to save ourselves before our lives' end without ever proving that life is meaningful?

kinda scared...hope this doesn't ruin my Friday night...


What r u doing this weekend?

r u gonna have some PBRs, or r u just going to get some tattied on to your wrist?

I am a DJ--which tattoo would enhance my personal brand?

Have you ever experimented with 'being a DJ'? While u were a DJ, did u ask ur self 'WHAT CAN I DO TO ESTABLISH MY UNIQUE PERSONAL BRAND?' I know that a lot of DJs have utilized masks to establish some sort of dark, enigmatic personal brand. However, I think headphone tattoos showa higher level of dedication to ur DJ brand.

Other tat options for DJs include

  • turntables on your chest
  • ableton setup on your back
  • Serato on your arm
  • your favourite record on your lower back
  • 'angel wings' on your back to represent that u r a fallen Angel DJ

I am a normal person, so I have considered getting a simple iPod tattied on to me, complete with earbuds that extend into my ears. Not sure what type of iPod I'm going to get tattied on to me. Shuffle, nano, or iPod touch, or iPhone nano-shuff?

[Photo via HotChixWithDBaggies]

I also eat food, so I am thinking of getting some sort of item off the Chili's menu tattied on to me. I might just get symmetrical hip tattoos of the Chili's chili logo on my hips.

Send ur CHILI's pics.

Monitoring Emerging Hip Tattoos

A while ago, I blogged about some broad with symmetrical hip tattoos of birds. It is important to note that birds aren't the only hip tattoo options. Usually, people tattoo little guns on they selves's.
This bro opted for huge pistols on his hips.

This is probz my fave gun, but I don't know where to get it tatted on 2 me.

What weapon tat r u thinking of getting?

[via I Can Teach U How To Do it]

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